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10 Things to know about New GRE Pattern 2011. Changes to Revised GRE.

GRE Revised  GRE test 2011 Pattern Better by designI was asked by few readers to write about GRE new pattern coming in 2011. As I have seen the pattern change couple times and my personal experience taking GRE, I will share my perspective on GRE 2011 with post all the information in future articles.

The team of new GRE pattern 2011 say “it is the largest revision in the history of GRE, which is about 60 years, ”. They say it is the “changes in the demographics of the test takers, technology changes, etc”, have lead to this revision and they are really excited about the changes to the GRE format. Some of them say it is “thoughtful, better by design and revolution”.  The below reasons are my thoughts after reviewing all the material and watching videos on ETS site by the New GRE pattern team.

10 Things to know about the New Revised GRE General Test 2011

1.Better Design:

The new design is Multi-State Design, where you can go back and forward in a particular section and edit the answers. You can mark and go back to a question and answer. It is different from the way the current GRE works. The goal is to create a more natural test experience.

2. Improved Quality of Data:

The quality of the data used for the GRE Test will be better in the new pattern. New GRE pattern is designed to measure those skills that are critical to graduate and Business programs.

3.New GRE 2011 Mark and Go back and Calculator Most revisions to Verbal Section :

The verbal section is the most changed section of the whole GRE. There will be more complex reasoning. No antonyms and analogies. No vocabulary out of context. New types of questions.

4. Quantitative reasoning :

They are including a calculator to avoid distractions in test caused my minor mistakes. They are interested in reasoning ability and not the arithmetic calculations. More emphasis on Data interpretation and real life scenarios.

5. Analytical Writing :

There are not many major changes here but there will be expectations for more focused responses and less generalization.

6. New Test Score Scaling :

Due to changes to verbal and quant sections the new scale for them will be 130 to 170 score scale with increments of 1 point instead of before 200 to 800 with 10 point increments. The analytical writing section will have same scale of 0 to 6 with 0.5 increments.  The new test is designed to give fair chance to demonstrate your reasoning skills irrespective of your background.

7. First New GRE 2011 Test Scores and Test :

The first day of test is Aug 1, 2011. The scores for the tests taken between august and October will be available in November 2011. Applicants who need to GRE Scores before November 2011, should take the current test before Aug 2011. The score reporting will go back to normal 10-15 day cycle after late November.

8. Paper based Testing :

If you are taking paper based test, then you have to take before Nov 2011. The test dates that are available are  : Oct 23, Nov 20 in 2010 and Feb 12, 2011. All the new changes to GRE will be available in the paper based test too after the launch.

9. Split Test Going away :

if you are in China, Hon Kong, Korea and Taiwan, you may be used to split-test. It is going away with new pattern.  The new test will facilitate faster reporting, offered more often on computer and can be done in same day and single sitting.

10. GRE Test prep Material :

The GRE Test prep material is available more than an year ahead of time for better preparation. In fact, it is currently available now at GRE website : GRE revised General Test Sample Questions

For side by side comparison of all three sections of old vs new pattern Check this article : GRE Old vs New 2011 Pattern, Comparison of Verbal, Quant, AWA & Samples

I plan to write articles related to New GRE Pattern 2011 with comparison of current pattern and other analysis stuff.  Stay tuned by subscribing through email !


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  7. I am planning to take the new GRE. Can you please suggest me which books i need to study and any website where i can take the test and improve myself to get a good score

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