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10 Things to know about New GRE Pattern 2011. Changes to Revised GRE.

GRE Revised  GRE test 2011 Pattern Better by designI was asked by few readers to write about GRE new pattern coming in 2011. As I have seen the pattern change couple times and my personal experience taking GRE, I will share my perspective on GRE 2011 with post all the information in future articles.

The team of new GRE pattern 2011 say “it is the largest revision in the history of GRE, which is about 60 years, ”. They say it is the “changes in the demographics of the test takers, technology changes, etc”, have lead to this revision and they are really excited about the changes to the GRE format. Some of them say it is “thoughtful, better by design and revolution”.  The below reasons are my thoughts after reviewing all the material and watching videos on ETS site by the New GRE pattern team.

10 Things to know about the New Revised GRE General Test 2011

1.Better Design:

The new design is Multi-State Design, where you can go back and forward in a particular section and edit the answers. You can mark and go back to a question and answer. It is different from the way the current GRE works. The goal is to create a more natural test experience.

2. Improved Quality of Data:

The quality of the data used for the GRE Test will be better in the new pattern. New GRE pattern is designed to measure those skills that are critical to graduate and Business programs.

3.New GRE 2011 Mark and Go back and Calculator Most revisions to Verbal Section :

The verbal section is the most changed section of the whole GRE. There will be more complex reasoning. No antonyms and analogies. No vocabulary out of context. New types of questions.

4. Quantitative reasoning :

They are including a calculator to avoid distractions in test caused my minor mistakes. They are interested in reasoning ability and not the arithmetic calculations. More emphasis on Data interpretation and real life scenarios.

5. Analytical Writing :

There are not many major changes here but there will be expectations for more focused responses and less generalization.

6. New Test Score Scaling :

Due to changes to verbal and quant sections the new scale for them will be 130 to 170 score scale with increments of 1 point instead of before 200 to 800 with 10 point increments. The analytical writing section will have same scale of 0 to 6 with 0.5 increments.  The new test is designed to give fair chance to demonstrate your reasoning skills irrespective of your background.

7. First New GRE 2011 Test Scores and Test :

The first day of test is Aug 1, 2011. The scores for the tests taken between august and October will be available in November 2011. Applicants who need to GRE Scores before November 2011, should take the current test before Aug 2011. The score reporting will go back to normal 10-15 day cycle after late November.

8. Paper based Testing :

If you are taking paper based test, then you have to take before Nov 2011. The test dates that are available are  : Oct 23, Nov 20 in 2010 and Feb 12, 2011. All the new changes to GRE will be available in the paper based test too after the launch.

9. Split Test Going away :

if you are in China, Hon Kong, Korea and Taiwan, you may be used to split-test. It is going away with new pattern.  The new test will facilitate faster reporting, offered more often on computer and can be done in same day and single sitting.

10. GRE Test prep Material :

The GRE Test prep material is available more than an year ahead of time for better preparation. In fact, it is currently available now at GRE website : GRE revised General Test Sample Questions

For side by side comparison of all three sections of old vs new pattern Check this article : GRE Old vs New 2011 Pattern, Comparison of Verbal, Quant, AWA & Samples

I plan to write articles related to New GRE Pattern 2011 with comparison of current pattern and other analysis stuff.  Stay tuned by subscribing through email !


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  1. Hi friends i have written my new gre pattern exam
    can u tell me what would be my score.the scores displayed on the screen were


    what does it mean.

  2. Taken the revised GRE in August,
    Scores displyed on screen were a range
    V 690-790
    What could be the exact score? Please help me calculate this!

    • Hi Praful,

      Your score might be in the range of 31-33…so this means you might get a score of 290 above…

      And hey how was the exam?Did you feel it was easy?
      And what have you gone through to prepare yourself?
      I will be taking the test next month.

      waiting for your reply

    • hi cngrats on your score. your score would as 158 and 166 respectively in verbal and quantitative if my guess is correct. once again congratulations .all the best

  3. Hi,
    I appeared for the revised GRE test and it displayed my score in a range
    V as 570-670
    Q as 690-790
    What is the correct score could anybody please help me calculate?

  4. Hi friend… I have completed my BE soon..
    I had class for GRE in my college dayz with old pattern.. My english so weak, I dont understand how to prepare for new syllabus.. I get frustrated due to this reason.. So many times i try to stdy.. But it dint get any positive respons for me… I hav juz 2 month to preapre for GRE.. I wil do whatever struggle for this .. Please help me .. Its so imp for me.. My dream is to take admission in US.. Pls…

  5. Dear Sir,
    I am a 2nd year b-tech student pursuing cse. I have just started preparing for gre (revised) and have a few questions:
    1) What practice material do I follow?
    2) Is GRE score enough in order for admission to ms courses?

  6. Hi, I have my Master degree in VLSI and Embedded, and wanted to pursue my Ph.d in US. Is taking GRE test for Phd admission fine. I mean will the US universities will accept the GRE score for Phd admission? And this new GRE pattern will be of how much marks? And how much score would be good enough to be self-satisfied?
    Waiting for your reply. Thanks.

  7. what is the minimum score should we get to apply to university if we are getting score in 4 months then when we should start the process if we are planning for spring intake

  8. I am takinn GRE new pattern in August this year..I am planning to go to US in
    JAN-2012,is there any possibility to get admissions in JAN …
    please reply me…..

    • You dint mention which course you are preferring to go for. anyways , if you are interested in m.s or other pg courses , USA offers admissions two times a year (fall and spring). i.e the intake for students in US universities takes place two times in November and August. Hopefully its not possible to get admissions in January.

  9. Hi, i wanna know how exactly the verbal section of the old n new GRE pattern differ? also, is it necessary to learn the Barron’s word list(about 3500 words) for the new pattern?

  10. hi..
    I m piyush..
    I m planing for GRE in sep month..
    I want to knw that can i get admission till next yr june..??
    Wht i need to do for it..??
    How i can plan for it n from my preparation point of view..??
    Plz give me some tips..n tell me about new format plz…

  11. I am takinn GRE new pattern in August this year.Please guide me as to how i should prepare for Sentence completion & Sentence Equivalence….plz guid me

  12. Sir,
    I am planning to go to US in Aug-2012. For that is it OK to give New GRE Test in November end. Since many universities require applications to be submitted before 15th Dec, will I get my score sufficiently in advance. OR is it that I can apply to universities in Dec & send scores in Jan or later?

    • Yatin, it depends on school. You should check with schools. Some schools are fine with it…but few might be uptight…

  13. Hi There,
    I am working in an MNC in Indian and wish to pursue my career further in the US and probably settle there .With 7 years of work experience @ the age of 32.I have a couple of questions as follows
    1.)Will it be a good option to go to the US initially for Studies and then continue working there rather than trying to search for a job through an employer ?
    2.) If your answer is Yes to question 1 then what is suggested MBA or MS (My current education is BE in Comp )
    3.) Will the work experience be a benefit in enhancing my chances to get admission in B-Schools or Masters?
    4.) In case the answer to question 1 is No then how likely am I to get My H1 approved either this year or say next year ?

    Awaiting your reply ..And keep up the good work Cheers !!

    • Finding a reliable employer from India is always tougher than finding one from within US. Having a US degree also helps in that search. Once you have completed the degree, you have the option to work on OPT and can have your petition filed under Master’s quota. Studying in US also gives you the opportunity to work as intern w/ a company and impressing them to hire you as a fulltime resource after the completion of your studies.

    • Hi Jiten@

      Saurabh’s direction holds good only for those who dont have any Work Experience. In most cases only the Freshers are allowed to apply for Internship. In that case your most valuable 7 years of Experience go as a waste. But after the completion of MS, you will be a hot cake for the companies.

      MS or MBA:
      It depends on your Personal Interest. MBA is also a good option for you. Usually BSchools in USA ask for a minimum of 3 years MANAGERIAL EXPERIENCE. For this, you need to take GMAT. With a good score and your various projects in the past, you can get into one of the Best BSchools.

      All the best.

  14. my gre score is 950 quant 720 and btech %69 can i get better universities OR SHOULD i take the gre exam again please respond i am not able to decide

  15. I am takinn GRE new pattern in August this year.Please guide me as to how i should prepare for Sentence completion & Sentence Equivalence.

  16. I took the old format GRE a few years ago and was able to see my verbal and quantitative scores as soon as the test was over. If I take the new GRE in August will I have to wait until November to see the outcome or does that refer only to the written portion?

  17. Hi,
    I am planning to write my gre exam in the month of august.Some of friends told me that there is negative marking in the new pattern.So,i want to know whether there is any negative marking.So,please reply me as soon as possible.

  18. Thanks a lot Kumar for your reply!
    Welll Kumar,ive been looking for the july dates,but unfortunately im not getting any of them.So i was planning to go for the new pattern.Just hoping that it goes well!!!

  19. Hi
    I am planning to write gre exam in the month of august.So,i want to know whether there is any negative marking.Please reply me as soon as possible.

  20. Hi Kumar
    I ve completed my Btech in 2010 wid CSE and have given the GRE exam.But unfortunately i was unable to score well.And i was planning to give the exam once again in the month of july2011.But now im confused whether to go for the old pattern or should start studying for the new pattern.I ve gone through the barrons,done wid few of the online tests and done with the ETS cd powerprep.
    So could you please guide me a little bit on what should i do?coz im really confused after getting a low score and lost my confidence.So please help me on how and what to study.

    waiting for your reply.

    • Rizwan,
      There are two things to think about. First, Are you confident that you can improve your score, if you take old pattern in July ? Second, Can you afford to take it, if needed in new pattern ? The point is, you have only till end of July to take old pattern. You can never go back to that…so, if you are confident of your preparation for Old pattern, then go for it….if not, take the new pattern….

      Also, if you are not sure, but you can afford to take another time, you can take the risk and take old pattern…worst case, if you are not satisfied, then you can take New 2011 pattern exam…

  21. Kumar,

    Some business schools accept the GRE in place of the GMAT. Will the new GRE be so different that this may no longer apply?

    • no way!! depends on the university though..i dont think a b-school will discontinue accepting gre scores. but wy give gre if applying only to business schools.

  22. hello sir im studying 3rd bpharm 2nd se.Sir plz help when to write gre im nonmaths sir maths is difficult for me so im feeling stress to write current pattern that too im in semester process i hav sem exams in june to write current pattern i must slot a date in july but 1 mnth preparation is difficult for me also may be it is impossible to score above 1300 what if i prepare for gre after my ful completion of bpharm i.e after 4th yr can i score better? even im ready to do long term i want to score better in gre and to study in good universities plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me sir to take better decision plz get me rid from this confusion
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sugest me as soon as posible

  23. Hello from Ethiopia
    I want to take revised GRE paper based. what is the best score i am expected to get to be accepted for PhD appliocation?
    Thanks for your response.

  24. hi sir
    iam in third year of my engg and i want to take the new gre test
    if a score of 1400 is good in the old gre..what is considered good score in the revised gre?

  25. im pursuing 4th b.tech in the stream of electrical….. im planning 2 take GRE in july,,, but i want 2 know whether GRE score is must or TOEFL is enough, plz let me knw this info…. i heard that most of the universities in US r just taking TOEFL score into consideration… plz let me know this……….

  26. helo,
    Take for example i study hard for the current GRE pattern and i dont score well .
    will this preparation help me for the revised GRE with some small preparation for the revise pattern ?
    i will be graduating in may 2012, i have started preparing now(i am not concerned about old or new pattern ),i am just preparing from the current available books and i have also joined tutors,i should give the exam before march 2012
    i am confused please help me
    thanx in advance

    • Harish,
      Yes it will help you. It is worth a shot to give in current pattern (if you can afford), because…if you do not do well, you still have chance in New pattern.

      Do not just ponder on patterns, just prepare well on basics !

  27. HI ,

    I am preparing for GRE and is really confused whether i should take the test before or after august 1 2011.I think i will be more comfortable to take the revised test.will i be getting enough preperation material for the new revised version. where can i get the materials and full length practice test?

    • Nisha,
      Well, it is debatable about what test would be preferred. Let me write an article soon on this perspective. Check the Category GRE on top left, you should have articles with links to ETS website.

    • one thing u need to know… no matter in what year u take the test,, u will have to wait 1 year after the test , to take admission in following university abroad,, understand nishaaa

  28. Hi,
    I am planning to appear for GRE but i don’t understand why is it so important to learn all 4000 words. How much is alloted to these antonyms in the GRE?? If i don’t prepare for these words how much maximum will I be able to score??

    • Kapil, I am not sure if you need all of them…it is just a handy list created for test preparation. Ideal way to learn those words would be to learn with context, by reading novels, news papers and building the vocabulary. You cannot really measure how much you would lose…

  29. hii.. am persuing ma btech 2nd year in da stream of comp science… iam very much interested to do my ms in us .. nd i thought of taking da test in ma 3rd year…but i havn’t started ma preparation yet n i dont hav much idea about how to prepare for dat.. n which section should b given much importance… am very much confused n worried abt ma preparation….could u plz guide me

    • Pinky,
      There is nothing to worry, you have lot of time to prepare. You should work on stuff that you are not very good at. Best way to start is download Powerprep from ETS website and give a sample test. Based on your score, assess and then start preparation.

  30. hello sir,
    i m studying in 3rd year b.tech.i was planning to give gre before august 2011.i have not started my prep yet.i just wanted to know whether my score of old pattern will be valid wen i apply for universities,i.e after 1 n half year. or i should wait n prepare for gre 2011 and apply the revised score.

    would u plz suggest me,whether i should take old gre or revised gre.
    which will be more scoring and effective.

  31. hello sir,
    i came to know one thing here that,this upcoming 2011 gre, intrducing negative ponit sessions like gate is it correct?n i want to know that this 2011 gre is coming in difficult pattern?

    • Priyanka, I dont know where you got the information from about negative points …it is not true. About difficulty, it depends on how you look at it…it has its own merits. Check the sample questions link in above article…

  32. Respected sir,
    I am studying my b.tech third year i am not having much knowledge about gre..that’s why it is not possible to write the gre in this year to me.and here i came to know it is changinging in 2011,with a difficult pattern… what should i do in this situation.

    • Manikanta,
      It is very relative… The new GRE pattern may not necessarily be difficult…You still have time till August to prepare and take GRE, see if you can take it before that…if not, you can take the new pattern, no big deal…

    • Ashwin,
      It depends…the new test is meant to test your contextual skills of applying right word…Just cramming the words will not help as antonyms are not there anymore in new pattern.

  33. hi
    I am planning to take GRE in February. I am good in quantitative but not in vocabulary. Is it good to take the test during February or during the August

    • Sa, it is hard to guess how the new pattern would be. If you want to hedge the risk, it is advised to take the old pattern…if you do not do well, you can always try the new pattern.

    • Yogesh,
      It is very relative, it is hard to just say head on that one is difficult over other…things have changed and you cannot directly compare both…The newer pattern is more contextual..

  34. Hey I am trying to take my gre before august 2011, does that mean I will be writing the new gre format or the old one. Can u plz educate me on the new changes.

  35. hi
    i have appeared for my gre and toefl both in sept 2010 and got the scores. i was planning to go for fall 2011 but as of the moment i have got a job in a reputed mnc and i am thinking of getting some work experience which would improve my profile for getting admission in ms. Can u plzz tell me if my present scores[gre=1300 and toefl=111] will be valid and accepted by the universities if i apply for fall 2012 after getting sum work ex??? plzzz help me out

    • Arjoyita,
      Well, work experience may not necessarily add value to your profile unless you are applying to MBA…but, it would help you understand concepts better in MS from work perspective. Your scores must be valid for Fall 2012. It is your decision….think and decide…

  36. Hi brother,
    Now,I am studing engg 3rd yr and i complete my 4yr degree by 2012.
    i am planing to study in us.
    Is there any time to prepare for GRE in this yr 2010?
    If i suppose to qualify for the older pattern?
    Reply me soon brother.
    I m looking for ur suggesion.

    • Kiran, you still have a lot of time till next august. You can prepare for current pattern and give it before Aug 2011.

  37. i have completed my 2nd year..and am persuing my 3rd year…can i get an precise statement whether the old pattern is an better one..or the 1 to-be introduced pattern in 2011 is an better one to opt for….i am in an mere confusion…please state me your genuine suggestion.

    • Akshay, my personal opinion is, the newer test is better one as a Test than old one. But, the fact is it may be a little tough than the old one. The reason I say that is, the newer test is more context based rather than just cramming stuff like Antonyms. In the new test, you have to put them to context. Does that make logical sense ? Do this, download the power prep or paper based sample test for new one and take a sample test, also take a sample test of Old GRE pattern. See where you do best, then you can take a decision.

  38. 1.Which word book can i follow for GRE word Basis on GRE Revised edition?
    2. Please tell me the effective way for learning(memorizing) GRE word.

    • Sayem, there are no books out in the market yet for GRE Revised edition. I will write some tips to prepare in next few days for the new Revised GRE 2011.
      The effective way to learn a GRE word is put that word into context and create a meaningful sentence. For instance, take the work “paramount” . If you put it in context : Getting good score in GRE is of paramount importance for Graduate school admission.

      I understand it can be very hard, thats the best way to learn a word and have it with you for all you life and not just for GRE test.


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