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Will GRE Old scores be valid after NEW GRE 2011 pattern? How long ?

Lately I have seen lot of students ask questions regarding their concerns about old score validity. There are myths among students that if you take GRE now in 2010, it will not be valid after one or two GRE Old vs New Pattern 2011 years after 2011 when the new GRE patterns come into effect. Let me try to clarify this in this article.

Are Old GRE Scores valid after New GRE 2011 Pattern ? How long ?

Short answer YES, they are valid. They are valid for 5 years from the Date you have taken the test. As you know, GRE test scores are typically valid for 5 years from the date since you have taken the GRE.  Let me explain with example. Let’s say you take GRE in June of 2010, then your score will be valid until June of 2015. That’s five years. ETS clearly states on their website in the instructions to the US schools that GRE Test scores will be valid for 5 years and it does not change with the introduction of the New GRE pattern in 2011 called GRE revised General Test. Check the Screen shot below.

GRE Old pattern valid after new pattern 2011

Will US Schools Accept old GRE Test scores if I apply after the new GRE 2011 pattern ?

YES, They will. ETS specifically mentions in the instructions to the US institutions that they should not discriminate between the old GRE scores and New GRE 2011 pattern scores until the scores expire.  But, they tell the schools that if a student has taken GRE two times and applies with Old and new scores together, then they should consider the new pattern scores.  You are not at any disadvantage if you take the old or Current GRE pattern test. Similarly, taking the new GRE pattern in 2011 not give you any advantages with admissions either.  Do not be fooled by any myths. You can see that below in the screenshot taken from ETS GRE website.

GRE old scores will be accepted with equal Preference after New 2011 Pattern

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Hope this clarifies some of the myths. Do NOT just believe in anything that anyone just talks. Ask them to provide references or links.  ETS administers GRE and you should check ETS website for any clarification rather than just believing anything someone just says. Check the original source : ETS GRE site for Scores Use and Decision Making with new Pattern 2011 for complete information and details.


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  1. I have taken the old GRE and am taking the revised edition soon. If I were to score less on the new edition, say in math, would my old math score plus my new (better) verbal score be used or would only the new scored be used?

  2. hey i wrote my gre on july 4th i got 900 and now i wana write new patern again to scre more marks…… If supose i get less marks in new patern exam can i prossed with my old marks i.e., 900???


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