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GRE Old vs New 2011 Pattern, Comparison of Verbal, Quant, AWA & Samples

GRE Old vs New Pattern 2011 Verbal Quantitative Analytical ComparisonI have recently written an article explaining 10 things to know about New GRE Pattern 2011 . On the same lines, let me try to do a side by side comparison of both the patterns New 2011 and Old GRE. It gives a bigger picture and birds view…The comparison also includes the links to GRE Test questions and material released by ETS for 2011 pattern recently.

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GRE Verbal Section Old vs New Pattern

New GRE Pattern 2011

Current/Old GRE Pattern

Scores Range130  —170200  — 800
Types of Questions
  • Text completion Questions
  • Sentence Equivalence Questions
  • Reading Comprehension Questions.
  • NO Antonyms
  • NO Analogies
  • Analogies
  • Antonyms
  • Sentence Completions
  • Reading Comprehension
Sample questions GRE Verbal New Pattern 2011GRE Verbal Old/Current Pattern
Score Increments1 Point increments10 point increments
Sections2 Sections1 section
Question per sectionApproximately 20Exactly 30
Time Allocated30 Minute Per section, total will be 60 Minutes30 Minutes

GRE Quantitative Reasoning Section Old vs New Pattern

New GRE Pattern 2011

Current/Old GRE Pattern

Scores Range130  —170200  — 800
Types of Questions
  • Multiple Choice questions
    – Select One answer Choice
    -Select One or more answer choices
  • Numeric Entry questions
  • Quantitative comparison Questions
  • Quantitative Comparison
  • Problem Solving
  • Data Interpretation
Sample questionsGRE Quant Reasoning 2011GRE Quant Old/Current Pattern
Score Increments1 Point increments10 point increments
Sections2 Sections1 section
Question per sectionApproximately 20Exactly 28
Time Allocated35 Minute Per section, total will be 70  Minutes45 Minutes

GRE Analytical Writing Section Old vs New Pattern

New GRE Pattern 2011

Current/Old GRE Pattern

Scores Range0—60—6
Types of Questions2 Questions2 Questions
Score Increments0.50.5
SectionsOne SectionNo Section Concept
Question2 Questions or Tasks

– One Analyze and issue task

-One Analyze an Argument Task

2 Questions or Tasks

-One Issue task – Choose from two

-1 Argument task- No choice.

Sample QuestionsAnalytical Writing GRE 2011Analytical Writing GRE Old/Current
Time Allocated
  • 30 Minutes per task
  • Total 60 minutes for two tasks or questions
  • 45 minutes for Issue task
  • 30 minutes for Argument task
  • An unidentified Unscored section is same in both old or current and the new GRE pattern. This section may be included or may not be, it depends…if included, it will not counted towards part of your score
  • An identified Research section is also the same case, it will be at the end of the test in both new and old/current GRE.

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Reference: All the information is taken and summarized from the ETS GRE website


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  1. I got 156 in quants and 135 in verbal ….score -291 and my aggregate is 77% .should I retake the exam or can I apply with these scores..plz suggest me

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  3. i wrote ma GRE today and i got quant – 130 and verbal – 150.

    130 means its equal to zero in 130 – 170 range.. I’m really worried abt this quant marks.
    i’m pakka sure i hv written atleast 10 correct ans.. leave 10, i’m pakka sure i hv written atleast one Q right..

    are they going to recalculate the ans’s once again. before publishing it on website .

    • This website had taken the entire pool of GRE Analytical Writing topics, removed all duplicate topics, and sorted them by how likely they are to appear on your test. Check it out. It’s pretty helpful.


  4. Your grade depends on test, sometimes when you get 160 means 750 sometimes means 650. When you get your official grade, they will tell you what is your grade in old scale

  5. Guys this is what i found: “So, obviously, colleges won’t have minimum or average scores for the new GRE yet, but you can still get a rough idea by looking at what they have posted on the old GRE scale. Here’s a rough equation you can use to figure out the approximately equivalent score for a section on the new scale:

    ■(Old score (out of 800) + 1750) /15
    So, a 560 on the old scale would be about a 154 on the new scale. Keep in mind, this is just an estimate”

  6. Hi,

    I have scored 153-quant, 142-verbal, toatl-295…really worried regarding my status…i have an agregate of 65%(no KT) in BE-EXTC, have two years exp…and want to pursue MS in telecom..m i eligible for applying…will i get good colleges in USA?will i face problem in getting visa?Pls reply

    • Anita,
      The score can be rated good or bad depending on the universities you opt. But if you are applying for masters then your main concern should be quants. The universities are graded. If you trying for A+ colleges, then getting in may be very difficult with the current scores. However you do stand a chance in B grade universities, You can easily crack C, D, E grade universities but i’d not suggest that for you. Well so far i’ve mentioned only about admission and getting visa is a different league.

      I’d always suggest to think twice before you apply for universities cause application fees, mailing documents and visa application fee’s prices have gone up due to fluctuation in dollar rate. I hope you are aware of the success rates of visa. All in all the cards are on your table and its your call.

      This goes to you too Anbarasu.


  7. hi,
    I have taken the NEW GRE on sep 16. on exam day the score range that I obtained is 1020-1210 (quant- 710-800 , verbal 310-410), And the new score I have recieved is 300/340 ( q-157 , v-143). My question is, what is the old pattern scor that is equivalent to 300 in new pattern?

  8. hello sir i got scaled score 134 in verbal,146 in quants.total was 280 out of 340..may i know is this the good score?plz do reply.

  9. Hello everyone….
    I m doing B.E. Mech. 5th sem with percentage of 85.6%….
    I want to go for MS ….
    How to start studying?
    When to give GRE?
    which course to do after mech.?
    Which books to buy ?
    How much scholarship can I get .?
    Which college to go for?
    PLZ tell me….I m really confused

    • Vikrant,
      Firstly i’d suggest to ask yourself why you want to go for MS.(cause this might help u in visa interview too.)In case you can have a valid reason to that then secondly ask which course or specialization should i opt and why? of course if you can even includes which college and why too…? but as you are looking out for college’s ,i’d say the criteria’s for selecting a college varies on many factors like financial constraints, educational back ground, score reports etc. In case you cross all these above mention hurdles then you may start preparing for GRE.

      I’d suggest kaplan or barron’s would do the trick. But even before that start buildin your vocab. Try setting some short term goals…both in Verbal and Quant. check your status by taking a mock test.(you may find in the disk of those books or you can surf online too.)

      Gre has 5 years validity(as mentioned in ets site) so you can take any time you are comfortable with.And lastly regarding the scholarships you can check online for the universities which you are planing to apply. If you meet the criteria’s you will be eligible for the scholarship.

      But before you do start friendly advise. Taking up Gre is a process which consumes quality time and also investment. Think wisely before you act.

      Note: If you made up your mind for US, i’d suggest you have a back up plan say masters in canada or europe or may be a job.

      All the best for your further endeavors


  10. Hi,
    I have given the new GRE and got a range of 290-390 in verbal and 480-580 in quants.
    Could you please help me estimating the exact score out of 340.
    How many points have i scored?

    Waiting for your reply!

    Thanks & Regards

  11. Hi,
    I would like to ask that since there are no more analogies and synonyms in the exam pattern ,does that mean we do not have to study the word list???

  12. Hi i want to go for PHD in management. I have scrolled down many schools website, they dont prioritize among gre or gmat. Can u plz guide me on which exam i should take. i really find GMAT tough

  13. Sir, I am a student of 4th yr. b.arch. I want to apply for fall 2013.
    – What all exams do I need to give, to apply for a good university in the USA?
    – When is the best time to give each exam?
    – And does a 2nd attempt maximise the chances of increasing the 1st attempt score for the GRE?

    • Tejashri,
      -You need to give GRE and TOEFL.
      -Ideally, you should give it in June 2012. Check out this article: < a href="http://redbus2us.com/sample-schedule-fall-2011-when-to-apply-for-ms-or-mba-in-usa-deadlines-international-students-plan/"> Sample Schedule for Fall 2011 , it will give you an idea. I will post a schedule soon for Fall 2013 as well.
      – Not necessarily. It would be good to take time and give one best shot.

  14. hey,
    my major is hr and minor is psychology. however, i want to do my masters in psychology. possible admission? i have enough credits? what is a good gre score?

  15. Hi I would like to what is a good score for the new pattern of GRE. A 1300 score in the old pattern is equivalent to what score in the new pattern.

  16. I am 4 years into the I.T company as a software engineer. I have done my BE in mechanical. Now I want to pursue MS in Computers. First question is
    1. Will I get admission in any good university for a good score in GRE.
    2. What are the probable hurdles which I will have to clear.

  17. i have finished my be in june this year and am planning to take admissions in sep 2012.so by when should i give my gre and tofel test.plzzzzzzzzzz reply me as soon as possible.

    • Priyanka,
      Do you mean to say, you want to apply for Fall 2012 ? If so, Now is the time…sooner the better. Most deadlines for good schools are around December 2011 for Fall 2012 admissions.

    • prepare well and give gre in december and toefl in jan and start ur processing in march. if u can give gre and toefl in this year ending means it will also be good;

    • Hi priyanka, even i have given ma GRE and TOEFL. .and expecting to get admitted for FALL 2012(Aug-Sep). Please drop me a mail to [email suppressed] on what all universities you ahve applied and your scores if uhad got!

  18. sir i have done my m.b.a with finance and I.T .i want to do ms finance in us can i apply that any university ..tell me which one is better and how much i should i get score in gre ….i belongs to B.Com Computers with 76% and m.b.a 70% inter 81% i have ….which coaching center better in hyd

  19. i m a B.tec student of 3rd yr. my overall percentage till now is 67 .how i m start d gre new pattern preparation . plz guied me

  20. how to study for new pattern gre?
    which we have to study for new pattern?
    can you please tell me marks division in new pattern?
    is there negative marking in new pattern

  21. how to prepare gre?
    which author is best for preparation?
    how to crack gre?
    how is it negative marking?
    marking system
    is it true that all gre cracking students get scholarship and how much that salary?

  22. I just want to know which among the two , that is the old and new pattern is easier and how much can we score in new pattern

  23. please,can you send me about the distribution of marks in new GRE.please send to my email address.

  24. i like gre new pattern because no risc in life ther is nokick…………………………………………………….

  25. i have completed my B.Sc comp. i have only 55% in my graduation. i want to study M.S. in the U.S. can i apply for gre. can u please say me can i get admission into any university. please reply me soon.

  26. Can u people exactly tell me the marks allocation in new pattern gre n also can i know the good score in the new pateern gre scoreso that to have a seat in the better university

  27. It sounds like the new GRE is more like the current GMAT.
    I read some article saying that the ETS tries to make the GRE more like the GMAT so that they can have more b schools that accept GRE. So I am actually studying GMAT for few public affairs schools, and do you think it will also help me preparing for the new GRE a lot??

  28. hi,
    My cousin has only 57% average in his engineering he is still doing his 5th sem. He likes to go to US for MS can u please say can he get into any universities with this % as he will apply in aug or sep 2011 for MS in case if he improves his average.he has his %’s 1st SEM-62.94, 2nd SEM-65.94, 3rd SEN-46.44,4th SEM-52.7. due to few health problems during his 3rd sem exams he came down. if he gets an average mopre than 60 by 6th sem could he get into any of universities


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