I-94 Extension or Update at Port of Entry Process USA

I-94 Extension or Update after Passport Renewal in US – Process, CBP vs. PoE ?

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Depending on the type of US visa you get, at times you get visa issued for longer duration than your passport validity.  When you enter US at Port of entry, your current passport details are captured by CBP officer and has the same details on your I-94 as well and most likely your I-94 validity is typically tied to your passport validity.   Now, when you are in US and your passport is about to expire, you will go to either your country’s high commission or embassy and get your passport renewed, but one step remains, which is your I-94 that you got at US Port of Entry still has your old passport information and its validity is still tied to your old passport. Now the question is how do you either update or extend your I-94 to reflect your new Passport details.  We will try to share few options to get the I-94 updated, when you renew or re-issue your passport.

Before you understand options, it is important for you to have all your documents ready. Below is check checklist

Documents Required for I-94 Extension / Update after Passport Re-issue / Renewal :

  • Passports : Both Old and New Passports
  • I-797 Approval Forms – Basically your H1B approval notices
  • Current LCA that is tied to your H1B.
  • Your Current Proof of Address in US like Rental Agreement, Utilities Bills
  • Your Current I-94 printed from I-94 Online System
  • Employment Verification letter from Employer
  • 3 to 6 most recent Pay Slips / Stubs showing your proof of employment in US
  • $6 USD Cash to pay for the I-94 update.
  • (optional ) Copy of I-129 from your employer
  • (optional ) Your Resume

What are the options to get I-94 Extended with Re-issued or Renewed passport ?

There are few options to extend your I-94. While there are mixed opinions and answers, we will try to give all of those so that you can choose what works for you.

Option 1: Cross Border by Land and Return Back  :   This one is probably the one that has little controversies and always works. All you need to cross the border at any of the border checkpoints by land and come back. If you have vacation planned for other country, that works as well. The goal is to exit US and re-enter. Many just try to go to their nearest border checkpoints  and get it done.  If you are going to Mexico border, you do not even need a visa, you can just go by land and come back. You will be asked to pay $6 USD fee for updating the I-94.

Option 2 : Visit Nearest SENTRI Enrollment Centres :  With this option, you do not really need to cross the border, but you can get your I-94 update done at the US side itself at the border checkpoint by visiting SENTRI Enrollment Centers. This option also probably works well all the time. The only catch is that SENTRI enrolment centres are only in states of  Arizona, Texas and California and you probably need to drive or fly to the nearest one. You can check for the nearest SENTRI Enrollment Centers at CBP Website .

  •  Process : It is very simple, you need to walk into the enrollment center and go to the Permits section. But, before that you can pay $6 USD at the cashier ( Carry cash ). Depending on the line, your name will be called by the officer and he may ask questions on your status and tell that you need to extend your I-94 as you got new Passport. They will ask for the documents, you show them and answer basic questions they ask and your I-94 should be updated. Many users shared their experiences in the past updating I-94 positively at “SENTRI / Global Entry – Otay Mesa Enrollment Centre, 2500 Paseo Internacional, San Diego, CA 92154 “

Option 3 : Visit Port of Entry CBP office at Nearest International Airport : This option has mixed opinion, some have got success, some have not got success. When you call the airport CBP office, sometimes they say, they cannot update I-94. While some have reported that I-94 was updated when they visited in person. It all varies by state and location.  You can look up for a Port of Entry on CBP website that is nearest to where you live and go to their office and get the I-94 update. As I said, there are mixed opinions here.

Option 4 : Ask your attorney to file Extension of Status : This option also varies and has mixed opinions, you can always ask your attorney to file extension of Status with USCIS or seek their opinion on if they can do it for you and file extension of status with USCIS as your passport has changed.  You need to speak to your H1B attorney for this option and make a call.

Tip : You can get your I-94 updated before the expiry anywhere like 6 months before expiry. So, the suggestion is to have your passport renewed at least 6 months before expiry and get your I-94 updated before it expires.

What has been your experience updating I-94  ? Share your thoughts ? Anything I missed ?

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Comments ( 5 )

  1. Sharma

    Hi, I have my i-797 valid till 2019 Aug but i-94 is valid till Nov 2018. I got my password renewed, so i would like to understand I94 extension and H1b extension are the same or they are different? What is the success rate if my employer would file the extension? Would i get new i797 with new validity or it would remain same till 2019?

  2. sriraj

    My visa (I94 and Stamping) expiring on march 31 ,I got new offer from different employer .
    now my question is :
    1) can i go for transfer in this case.
    2) any known issue if we transfer current visa and staying on 240 period.

    Note:i am already in USA.

  3. Ice

    How does this work for a dependant. I have filed a renewal of my current visa thinking that it will validate and extend my daughter’s I-94, but if the renewal is rejected i have some time on my i-94 that i want my daughters i-94 updated to match mine.

    is the process still the same?

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