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Cancelled Without Prejudice Stamp on US Visa Meaning

One of the things that may happen to you, after you attend US Visa interview is get a stamp of “Cancelled without Prejudice” on your previous US Visa stamp. You may get it on valid or expired visas in passport like F1 Visa, B1/B2 Visitor Visa or even work visa like H1B or L1 visa. We cover all details related to that stamp, including samples and common FAQs

What is Cancelled without Prejudice meaning on US Visa ?

Sometimes, US Consular Officer would put a stamp like in below image that says “Cancelled without prejudice” on your valid or expired US visa that was already on your passport.  It may be stamped on a valid or expired visas such as F1 visa, H1B visa, B1 / B2 Visa, etc.   See below screenshot of the same on an F1 Visa.

US Visa Cancelled without Prejudice Meaning - Stamp on Visa Foil in Passport

Common Reasons for getting this stamp

  • Mistake or Duplicate : As per US State Department, you would get “Cancelled without prejudice” stamp on your US Visa, if there is any mistake on your visa or if the visa is considered duplicate.  
  • Visas No longer valid or usable: You could get this stamp on a valid US visas as well, if it will be no longer valid. Usually when you go for certain type of US visa stamping, Consular office may put this stamp on previous valid visas. For example, if you had F1 visa valid and you went for H1B Visa stamping, then Visa officer may put the stamp “Cancelled without Prejudice” on your Valid F1 visa and then issue H1B visa for you. 
  • Damaged Passport : If your passport/ US Visa is damaged or your US visa foil on the passport did not stick out well or damaged passport, then they could also get this stamp. US Consular officer would ask you to submit a new passport to stamp visa on new passport.

Impact of having cancelled without prejudice stamp

If you get the “Cancelled without prejudice stamp”, it does not really affect the validity of the other US visas on your passport. It does not impact your general US Visa or US entry profile. Also, it does not impact your future of applying for any US Visa. So, nothing to panic or worry.

Below is the exact screenshot from US State Department and what it means. Check Official Reference state.gov website Cancelled without prejudice from US State Department Official Website Guidance

Sample stamps types of “Cancelled without Prejudice”

Below are common samples of the stamp “cancelled without prejudice”, it can have any kind of font or look, but the text is what matters.

US Visa Cancelled without Prejudice Sample Stamps B1 B2 - F1 - H1B

Common FAQs

My US Visitor Visa was stamped “Cancelled without Prejudice”, does it impact me ?

The visa type does not matter. The stamp is just put by Visa officer, if they feel it is duplicate or other category of visa is given to the individual.  It does not affect you.

Does having Cancelled without Prejudice stamp on Visa deny me future visas ?

No, it will not. It does not impact your ability to get a new visa or impact you as an individual. It is given for administrative reasons to indicate wrong ones with errors, either old or duplicate visas that are not usable anymore.

Do I need to indicate Cancelled without Prejudice in DS-160 as Visa Rejected or Denied  ?

No, your visa was not denied or rejected by visa officer, if they put stamp that says “cancelled without prejudice” . You do not have to indicate anything on the DS-160 form during US visa application process.


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