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US Visa – Annotations : Clearance Received or Department Authorization Meaning ?

When you go for US Visa stamping and it is approved, you get your passport with US visa stamp foil glued in it. Sometimes, you may see some text in the annotation section like company name, or other details… But, it can be confusing when you see some text that says “Clearance Received” or something on that lines in the same annotation section. Also, when you are applying for visa and filling out DS-160 form, you also may also encounter questions like below:

In this article, we look at what that means and how to answer DS-160 questions, including samples with screenshots.

What is the annotation field in US Visa ? No Annotation ? Samples ?

Annotation field in US visa stamp is for the US Consular officer to put in additional notes related to your visa. Depending on the kind of visa, it could have details like University Name, employer name, work visa petition number, etc. Also, it could include restrictions or checks done so that it can help CBP officers at port of entry. Below are some samples.

Sample US B1/B2 Visa Stamp in Passport without any annotation

US Visa Stamp Sample Without Annotation - Blank

Sample US H1B Visa Stamp in Passport with Employer Name and Petition Number.

H1B US Visa Sample with Annotation of Employer Name and Receipt Number

US Visa Stamp annotated  “Clearance Received” or “Department Authorization”

Some of the US visa applicants get “Clearance Received” or “Department Authorization” in the annotation field. It could happen for few reasons as listed below:

  • The US Consulate officer, while reviewing the applicant’s file, found some issues with the applicant’s records, but they believe that the applicant is eligible for visa.
  • It could be for reasons like name mismatches, security checks, etc.
  • Also in some cases, it indicates that they may have contacted other agencies like USCIS and got it sorted out.
  • This annotation is an indication to CBP officer at US Port of Entry to make sure, if something shows up in their system to review as needed and allow the applicant to US.  It looks like in below screenshot.

Sample US H1B Visa Stamp in Passport with “Clearance Received” Annotation

US Visa Annotated Clearance Received - Department Authorization Sample

Filling our DS-160 form, question on “Clearance Received” or “Department Authorization” – What to Answer ?

When you are filling out DS-160 form, you may come across questions tied to annotations like ‘Was your prior H1B Visa (temporary occupation, temporary worker or trainee) annotated “Clearance Received” or “Department Authorization”? ” ‘ or it could be same wording with other visas like H4 Visa or B1 /B2 Visa. 

First thing you need to check is your US Visa stamp on your passport, if it says any of these words “Clearance Received” or “Department Authorization”, then you would answer “Yes” for that question. If annotation section is blank or just has employer name or school name, then you need to select ‘No’.

You should answer it truthfully as the US Visa stamp says, you cannot select wrong option here. The US Consular system already has this information captured, so you should not try to answer this incorrectly. If you do so, you could be penalized for stating wrong information on DS-160 form.

US Visa Dropbox Eligibility with ‘Clearance Received’ or ‘Department Authorization’?

If your visa stamp in passport has “Clearance Received” or “Department Authorization”, then you would not be able get US Visa renewal using Dropbox Stamping or Interview Waiver Option in the future.

When you are filling dropbox or interview waiver questionnaire, you would be asked the question ““Was your prior XXX visa (visa details XXX ) annotated ‘Clearance Received’ or ‘Department Authorization’?“ and you need to answer “Yes”, here, if you have these in annotation section. It looks like in below screenshot for H1B Visa Dropbox Questionnaire and the moment you select “Yes”, the system will automatically exit you out of the wizard and ask you to schedule in-person interview.

Was Your prior H1B Visa annotated Clearance Received or Department Authorization
Was Your prior H1B Visa annotated Clearance Received or Department Authorization

Should I worry, if my US Visa stamp has “Clearance Received” or “Department Authorization” ? Will it impact Future Visa Applications ?

In general, it should be fine and would not directly impact your future US Visa stamping chances. Having said that, what it does indicate is that there was some issue with your name or any other details in their systems, you may be subject to few more questions or screening in some places. So, be prepared with all the documentation, in case any questions arise. Also, as mentioned above, you may not be able to get the US Visa renewal using Dropbox option.

Also, sometimes Visa officer may stamp “Cancelled without Prejudice” on your old or valid US Visa, to understand on the details, you may read details on Cancelled without Prejudice – US Visa – Meaning

Did you get this annotation in your Passport ? What was your experience ?


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  1. I got stamped for H1B first time on 14 Sept 2017. I got an annotation saying
    ” not valid for travel until 21-SEP-2017″ . I am assuming this annotation does not fall under “Clearance Received” or “Department of Authorization” and I am eligible for drop box ? Please suggest

  2. I am egyption working in kuwait today i received my b1/b2 visa but with annotation : escort doctor kuwaiti mimistri of health
    i asked the visa for tourism with the family and using it as an escort doctor for kuwaiti patients to us hospitals
    Is this annotation consider a restriction to travel for tourism with the family

  3. Hi,

    I got my VISA in Nov 2020 and in that VISA stamp there is an annotation “Excepted From or Not Subjected to PP 10052 “. Is this mean am I not eligible for dropbox next time?
    Do we consider only the wording ‘Clearance Required’ or ‘Department Authorization’? or any annotation(like above) will not eligible for dropbox? Please advise.

    Thanks & Regards,

  4. Ossama
    I applied for US Visa in 2018 so I went the interview and it takes long time, and the consular took my old passport and go to another one into and then come back again took the letter that I have it from the University. Then he came back and kept continue asking me about some country’s I went before, then he told. Me that I deserve the visa but he can’t take the decision and will put my Visa application under administrative processing. Then I kept send email to US embassy each 3 months and ask about my case situation. And it takes from May 29, 2018 to February 2020 then they told me send my passport to work on your visa application, a month later they send my passport back with a visa B2 for 4 months will expire at the end of July 2020 with annotation ( the name of the University with date 2018)
    So can I travel as a tourist with visa? Or I gonna get a problems with the officer in port because the issue I took the visa for it, not any more because it has been in 2018 ??? Please I need an answer from your experience in this situation

  5. If you got approved for a 6 months b1/b2 us visa and when you received it under the annotation it say should fly by a certain date, does that mean you can’t fly after that date. The fly by date was only 20 days after the issue date. It is also has M right above the annotation

  6. My past two visa Interview story:

    December 2011
    I went for first-time visa stamping in Mumbai India. The VO asked me some questions and took an excuse and went to some senior officer. After 10 mins he came back and asked me if I have some documents that show my full name. I gave him my Degree certificates. He again left for 5 mins. He came back and said, “Your Visa is approved.” I collected my visa the same day in Mumbai.

    September 2018
    I went for a Visa Interview in New Delhi. There the VO asked me some questions and told me she needs some time and closed the window and called one of her colleagues. They both were staring at the computer screen and were discussing something. After 5 mins she said she needs some more time and asked me to sit. I was sitting in the lobby and after around 10-15 mins she called me and said: “Your visa is approved.”. This time I had “Clearance Received” in my Visa.

    I am planning to go to Mexico for my Visa Stamping in October 2019. I have a valid visa stamped till November 2019. Should I be worried?

    • Well, hard to say… Both were done in India…In general, there could be some false alarms or something in their system that flags your application, so they could be discussing and then doing a review before approving it….Be confident, but have a backup plan, if something goes wrong….not to scare you, but just to be prepared ahead. Do update, how it goes here with community.

  7. Also , to the term “Prior Visa” .It was a bit confusing as I had my last H1B visa stamp that did not have clearance received, but the visa stamp before that one had clearance received. I couldn’t get a clear answer from the customer support and I chose “No” for that question as i felt the question is for the most recent visa. I used the dropbox facility and got my Visa stamped in 2 days , no issues. So if any one has the same issue, you can go for the dropbox.

  8. I have 2 questions about h1b visa stamping/renewal (not 1st time stamping). The 1st visa was stamped with administrative processing and have the annotation “clearance received” on the stamp with a date on it.

    1) Does that date really mean anything? If i renew my visa prior to that clearance received date, would i get admin processing again? If so, that would be my 2nd question

    2) If my old visa stamp isn’t expire, can i come back to US if I do get administrative processing and VO didn’t take my passport? That way i can still work in US while waiting for the visa approval.


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