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Step by Step Guide to Apply for US Visa in India

India is one of the largest countries that uses US Visas. In 2019, US Consulates in India issued about 0.8 million non-immigrant and immigrant visas. In general, if you plan travel to US, you need a US Visa. Depending on your purpose of travel, you would one of the non-immigrant visas or immigrant visas. This article will cover the step by step process to apply for US Visa in India.

The process to apply for US Visa is pretty much similar across the world with some variations in India like payment options, some fees. Below charts shows the high-level steps to apply for US Visa in India. We will look at each of these steps in detail below with screenshots as applicable.

US Visa Stamping Step by Step Process in India
Apply US Visa – Step by Step Process in India

Step 1: US Visa Category Determination

The first step for applying for the US visa is to identify the visa category type. The visa category depends on the purpose of your trip. There are many visa types that are available for visa stamping in India. Below are some of the common types of visas that are available for stamping in India.

  • Business / Tourist Visa – Visa Type B
  • Work Visa – Visa Type H, L, O, P, Q
  • Student Visa – Visa Type F, M
  • Exchange Visitor – Visa Type J
  • Other Visas  – C, D ( Transit, ship crew), R ( Religious Worker), I (Journalist), etc.

If you do not know the visa type, you should check Visa Types at ustraveldocs.com for India to get more details and determine your exact visa type that you are eligible.  You also need to meet the eligibility to apply for US Visa in India.

Step 2: Collect Info for US Visa Application, Pick US Consulate

Once you know the visa type, then you need to collect information that you need for completing the US Visa application online. The US Visa application form is “Form DS-160” for non-immigrant visas like B1/B2, H1B, L1, F1, etc. It is called “Form DS-260” for immigrant visas. The online application form is very detailed and you will need to fill in details related to personal info and your eligibility. Below are some of the common documents that you will need. These will vary by the visa type

General Documents Required for Visa Application

  • Passport
  • Your personal contact information
  • Your Family information of Spouse, Parents, Kids as applicable.
  • Your current occupation information
  • All your previous work experience history
  • All your education history (need from 10th grade on wards)
  • US Travel Itinerary
  • Details about who will pay for your US trip.
  • Digital Passport photo with white background.
  • US Point of Contact information
  • Your Social Media Contact information like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • If you have travel companions, their information.

Visa Type Specific Eligibility Documents

 In addition to above, you would need specific documents and information related to the US Visa type you choose.  For example, if you are applying for Work visa like H1B, you will need to have details about the USCIS H1B Petition approval notice.

Reschedule US Visa Appointment in India

You can reschedule your US visa appointment in India up to 4 times ( excluding the first time appointment booking). For all details, read How may times can I reschedule my US Visa Appointment in India

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