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USCIS H1B Visa 2014 Regular Processing Time? Premium Processing ? FAQs ?

Many of you who have applied for H1B Visa for fiscal year 2014 might be wondering regarding the H1B Visa processing times. Some common questions are like below:

  • What is USCIS Regular Processing time for H1B Visa 2014 petitions ?
  • Is there any SLA for USCIS to process the H1B Visa 2014 petitions ?
  • What is the processing time for H1B petitions filed under  Premium processing ?
  • How has USCIS done historically with H1B Processing Times ?
  • Where and How can I look at the average processing times for H1B petitions ?


Let me take some time to address some of the above most commonly asked questions around H1B Visa petitions processing times and how USCIS has done in the past. If you have already received a case number for your H1B petition, you can read this article: Understanding H1B Visa Case Number, Track Status

What is USCIS Processing time for H1B 2014 petitions filed under Regular Processing ?

Well, the typical adjudication (decision making) time for H1B visa petitions filed under regular processing by USCIS can range anywhere from 2 months to 6 months. There are cases where the decision was mailed by USCIS in less than 2 months and there are cases where USCIS took much longer than 6 months too.  Every H1B case is different and the time taken depends on various facts and factors tied with a petition…

Is there any set SLA for USCIS to process petitions filed under H1B 2014 Regular processing ?

There is NO set SLA for USCIS that stipulates them to adjudicate a H1B petitions filed under regular processing within certain amount of time.  So, you would just have to wait for USCIS, there is nothing you can do. Unlike,  USCIS has SLA for premium processing H1B petitions, but it comes with a cost.

How long will  USCIS take for H1B Visa 2014 Premium Processing petitions ?

USCIS has a standard 15 calendar days SLA for premium processing petitions.   Typically, it starts from the day USCIS receives the petition and they issue a case number.  But for FY 2014, due to expected high volumes they have pushed the premium processing clock  for H1B petitions to start from April 15th. So, you can expect a response from USCIS on your case by April 30th.  It can be a decision or an RFE, if something was missing.  Read article: H1B Visa Statuses – Approval, RFE, Denial

How has USCIS done historically with H1B petitions processing times ?

Again, as mentioned above, it has varied from 2 to 6 months. The current national average for processing times that USCIS publishes on their website is about 2 months and it seems to be varying depending on how busy USCIS gets with processing at a particular time.  You have to remember that the reason processing times can vary a lot is because USCIS constantly receives other H1B petitions that are not part of FY 2014 quota, which are extensions and change of employers, cap-exempt petitions, etc. that they would have to process as well. If  some of these mentioned are filed under premium processing, the priority changes from USCIS perspective.

Where can I look at USCIS processing times for H1B petitions ?

USCIS publishes the processing times on their website. The only trick is that that, you have to watch for date that processing times correspond to…All you need to do is select the processing center and it will show the approximate processing times. You can check at here at USCIS website

You can check out some of the processing times at our  H1B Visa Tracker.   Don’t forget to add your case.

What has been your experience with USCIS processing times ?  How long did it take ?


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  1. RFE RR from oct 18th.
    when wiill get approve? god knows!
    No time frame to complete the process.
    Good luck to every one who are waiting

  2. Hi,
    RFE–31 July 2013
    RFE Review–17 Sep 2013
    Almost 90days it is in same stage
    My employer is not giving proper msg about this
    Please suugest me…if it is in same stage for long time..is there any chance of rejection

  3. Hey All,
    After loooooooooooooong wait my h1b is approved. Its been more then 9 months that people like are together on this forum and helping eachoher. I would like to thank everyone for their support and guidance. Wish everyone good luck with their applications and do pray for my interview. Thanks

    WAC 13138*****
    Receipt date 28th April
    RFE 3th September
    RFER 22 Nov
    Approval 13 dec

  4. Hi Friends,

    London embassy asked me to send new travel itinerary .
    Can you please let me know what i need to send to support new travel itinerary or is there any template?

    Many thanks

  5. Selected in lottery on 8th April
    RFE on September 12th
    RFE Responded on November 1st
    RFE received (Courier confirmation–>UPS Tracking Information – “Delivered and Received”) to USCIS on November 4th
    Status directly changed to Post Decision Activity On December 12, 2013
    Vermont Center, Regular Processing

    Thanks a lot to God and the member over here!!!

  6. Selected in lottery on 8th April
    RFE on September 12th
    RFE Responded on November 1st
    RFE received (Courier confirmation–>UPS Tracking Information – “Delivered and Received”) to USCIS on November 4th
    Status directly changed to Post Decision Activity On December 12, 2013
    Vermont Center, Regular Processing

    Thanks to God!!!

  7. HI ALL.


    • 221G shouldn’t be a problem based on my experience..I once got a 221G blue slip as my passport was bit damaged..
      we will receive the 221G only when the visa can be approved, bu additional documentation is required.If you get the documents and submit it to them, it sud get approved. Gud luck..

  8. Hi all,
    I applied for H1b this year and it got denied in June. I applied MTR on June 13 and today exactly after 6 months, the status on my old H1b receipt changed to:
    Post Decision Activity

    We reopened this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER on December 12, 2013, and are now reviewing our earlier decision. We also mailed you a notice describing the next steps in the process. Please follow any instructions on this notice. Our review should be completed within 30 days. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address or call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

    If anybody is in same situation or have seen this message before, please let me know the time it took to receive a decision and if it was positive/negative.


        • Hello h1b mtr status

          i too have the same status since 45 days. on aug 5 i got RFE and my employeer replied it by aug 26 it turned to RFERR since then upto oct 30 it was the same. on oct 31 when i saw the status changed to PDA and case reopened. dont know what has happned.. employeer is not telling any thing..

          • Finally my H1b is approved. My employer got I797C notice of my approval on dec 16th, status online is same as reopened. Good luck to all who are waiting for their approval..:)

          • Hi All
            My petition got refiled in jan (MTR) petition got approved in April. and visa approved in july


  9. Can anybody help me with their valuable comments for my case –
    I want to briefly share my experience with regard to H1B processing ,which I am goning thro’.

    Here are the series of events in this regard
    ->H1B applied — Some where in April 1st week
    ->Selected in lottery and informed about this by employer in April last week
    ->got RFE on july22nd-Employer says they replied for the rfe in the next couple of weeks only without delay
    ->status changed to RFERR on sept17th(close to 2 months later)

    Since then I have been waiting and waiting and waiting, checking the status everyday…the status still shows RFERR even after almost close to 90 days.
    Is anybody in the same situation as mine?
    Does this in anyway mean my H1B is rejected?

    Also the online status states that “you should expect a written notification with in 60 days from the date we recieved the RFE”

    When I contacted the Employer they say everything(process) should be done with in the Christmas vacation.
    Also I have been observing that many cases(even just adjacent to my file number,infact the very next file number) are moving to PDA from RFERR with-in 1-2 weeks of time or max 3 weeks ,for that matter.I am not able to understand whats going on.Its been very frustrating to still wait to know the status of H1 even after close to 9 months of the application.

    I appreciate your patience to read such a long comment from my side,I hope u might understand my situation.

    Please….Please advice…

    Thank you very much

    • My petition Still in RFE Status

      RFE on September 12th
      RFE Responded on November 1st
      RFE received (Courier confirmation–>UPS Tracking Information – “Delivered and Received”) to USCIS on November 4th
      Vermont Center, Regular Processing

      And still the status is RFE 🙁

    • Keep faith!! You will see through. Many along with me are waiting for final verdict. Yes it test your patience but not much we can do. You try asking your employer’s attorney to call USCIS and get the status on the application or as per some comments raising a e-receipts also works some time.

      Wishing you a very good luck and others who are waiting, like me 🙂

      • Hello All
        Thanks so much for your comments,I can see many people in the same situation…I hope everybody’s visa gets approved who have been waiting.
        @Namh-4: I did not directly contact USCIS any time,however I am in touch with my Employer for this.
        BTW my petetion no is WAC131435*

  10. Hi All,

    My H1b Petition got Approved yesterday. I really appreciate your Inputs and supports.

    RFE: Aug7
    RFE RR : NOV5
    Post Decision : 9th Dec :you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION
    Vermont Center :
    Best of Luck to All of you who are still waiting for the Approval.

    I really appreciate if someone can share their Visa Interview Experience.

    • My Location : Hyderabad, State – Andhra Pradesh

      Passport Issue location – Maharashtra

      Visa Biometric Appointment : 8 Dec , Mumbai OFC

      Visa Interview Date: 9 Dec , Mumbai US Embassy

      Biometric as eveybody mentioned no need of all docs, only passport, appointment confirmation and DS-160 Confirmation page print required.

      There was a bit long queue on Sunday as well, but it required just 15 mins to complete entire finger scan and photo capture etc. They do not allow to enter OFC before 15 minutes of actual scheduled appointment.

      Visa Interview scheduled at 10-30 AM.

      Reached by 10-00 AM, they allowed me in.

      I see one counter where VO has sent back continous two people with some notice. I was worried and was praying that I should not be sent to that VO. I was lucky and asked to stand on different counter.

      VO : Good Morning Sir, How are you?

      Me: I am good, Officer. How about you ?

      VO: Good. Thanks. What does your company XXX do ?

      Me: IT Services etc. (Explained in two short sentences).

      VO: What is your company size ?

      ME: XX (Number)

      VO: How much they are offering you ?

      ME: XX Dollars per year.

      VO: Who is your client?

      ME: I work for inHouse product YYY.

      VO: Who uses the product YYY

      ME: You mean clients ?

      VO : Yes.

      ME: Answered after a small pause (Got nervous while answering this question, as I could not recollect exact names of the consumers of the product, but VO was giving me enough time to recollect and answer)

      VO: Are you Single ? When are you planning to get marry ?

      ME: Gave true answer..

      VO: Your Visa is approved, you will get passport within 4 days at the mentioned address. Have a good day !!

      ME: (Smiling, Excited) Thank you very much officer. have a great day.

      (All ended within 3 minutes)

      I was so excited that, after two hours I even forget whether he really mentioned that my visa is approved or he said something else 😛 Tomorrow I will be collecting passport from Hyderabad location, so I am sure its approved. 🙂

  11. My L1b to H1b COS was finally approved after 2 RFEs.
    First RFE : Sep First week.
    RFE resp: Oct last week.
    Second RFE: Nov First Week
    RFE Resp: Mid Nov:
    Approved :Dec First Week

    This forum has been a great help during the waiting times. Thanks.

  12. Are the USCIS people still working on petitions? Mine status is Acceptance after upgrading to Premium Processing and its more than 15 days and the clock hasn’t started yet. Anyone please shed the light on this.

  13. Can I take one week vacation before I start my job. I got to usa with h1b but I want to travel for couple weeks, the company is ok but I am wonderong if legakly I have to start working as sooj as I get to usa.??

    • Jorge,

      First very important thing is enter USA at correct port based on the H1 client location mentioned in your project. Then you can travel anywhere. I have seen couple of cases who are directly sent back to home after paying for themselves, just because they entered US at different location.

      • Srkjos,

        Thank you for the infornation I entered the usa in the same city I am going to work, but there are no rukes to work right away or can I have couole weeks off before I start, I need to find a place to live, buy furniture, etc, is there a time frame for that???

  14. I got my petition approval on Nov 22nd and the online status said that approved petition has been mailed, after a week the status changed to Acceptance saying an amendment notice has been sent. I did not receive the approved petition yet. Does any one have similar experience, can you please let me know what happened in your case? Did you receive the approved petition or should we wait for the amendment notice..

    • Hi!

      Even mine went for amendment. Actually it was initially filed for RTP, but later due to certain change in plan.. my employer planned to commission me at San Jose. so they said they will be submitting amendment request, which take around 45 days to process completely..Still waiting!

  15. Finally my H1B – Regular processing approved

    RFE – 2 Sept
    RFE Replied – 5th Nov
    RFEE Status changed – 14 Nov

    Approved – 27th Nov
    Vermont center
    RFE was about educational evolution….

  16. At the 55 th day today my h1 got approved

    Rfe response date: oct 3
    Rferr : oct 7

    Visa approval:! Dec 2
    Rfe on : employer employee etc on jul 11 2013

    All the best to those waiting

  17. Hey guys,

    I have noticed that in my visa fee receipt , my surname is incorrect however passport no is correct.

    Please can any one suggest whether I should go ahead with same visa fee receipt having incorrect surname to interview.Will it have any negative impact?
    Is there any way to correct this in ustraveldoc website?

    I have already booked the interview date.
    P.S. Surname is correct in DS160 confirmation page.

    Please let me know your views.

  18. My petition Still in RFE Status

    RFE on September 12th
    RFE responded on November 1st
    RFE received (Courier confirmation) to USCIS on November 4th
    Vermont Center, Regular Processing

    And still the status not yet changed to RFERR

    Last date for submitting document is on Dec 7th 2013

    God Knows! what happen! to my Case

  19. Finally my H1B approved after long wait
    Case no-EAC13136*****
    RFE-MAY 16
    RFERR-AUG 15
    UPGRADE to Premium-Nov 23
    Approved-Nov 27

    • @h1bapproved
      Hi can I ask u a question ?.when u reply for rfe did ur status changed from IR after that RFE response review and acceptance and approval because in my case it happend like that and Iam waiting for my approval and I also upgraded my status to premium and one more thing is is there any way to find whether my employer upgraded it to Premium or not.plz help me with this
      Thanks in advance

      • When you upgrade to premium your status will change to Acceptance from RFE Response Review.Under accepatance you can see we have received your case and will let you know by email or mail something else like this.Sorry for late reply.

        • @h1b approved
          Thanks that gave me hope .cannot do any thing just praying god and waiting and all the best for future.once again thanks for responding.

  20. HI Saurabh,

    I have got my RFE response review on Sep4th and mostly the response by USCIS is sent within 2 months window. But for my case it has been almost 2.5 months and still the case is in RFE review status.
    Can you please share your thoughts on what could be the reason for this delay and if this is usual case?


  21. Hello Everyone,

    My case got approved today finally after 8 months of waiting.

    Here are my details.
    Lottery: 18 Apr
    RFE: 11 Sep
    RFER: 10 Oct
    Approval: 26 Nov

    After my case moved into RFERR, I was tracking RFE’s and RFERR’s around my application. Some cases received approval within 10-12 days of RFERR and some took more than 2 months. The data I collected over the past few months in and around my receipt might give you some rough idea about RFERR to Approval timelines..

    Receipt# || RFERR Date || Approval/Denial/Withdrawn Date
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 22-10||WithDrawn 21-11
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 31-10||APR 19-11
    EAC1313952XXX||RFER 07-11||Converted to PP 08-11 then Denial on 20-11
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 10-10||ARP 30-10
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 30-09||APR 22-10
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 27-08||APR 22-10
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 25-10||APR 06-11
    EAC1313952XXX || Converted to PP on 17-10||APR 28-10
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 14-11|| Still in RFERR
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 26-09||APR 04-11
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 07-11|| Still in RFERR
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 18-10||APR 29-10
    EAC1313952XXX||RFER 05-08||APR 23-10
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 08-08||APR 23-10
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 28-10|| Still in RFERR
    EAC1313952XXX||Converted to PP on 17-10||APR 28-10
    EAC1313952XXX||RFER 26-09||Still in RFERR
    EAC1313952XXX||RFER 29-10||APR 13-11
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 25-10||Converted to PP 09-11 ||Denial- 15-11
    EAC1313952XXX||RFER 10-10||APR 26-11
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 16-10||Still in RFERR
    EAC1313952XXX||RFER 05-11||Still in RFERR
    EAC1313952XXX ||Converted to PP on 15-10||APR 29-10
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 09-10||APR 05-11
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 01-10||APR 07-11
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 07-10||APR 30-10
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 24-10||Still in RFERR

    Can someone let me know how much time will it take for my employer to receive the documents after status change in the online tool in case of Regular processing.

  22. Hi,

    Are there anybody whose case status is still in IR..?

    M Just waiting and its been so long…:( 🙁

    Service request also raised by the employer and the processing for service request is around 60 – 90 days as suggested by my employer…:(

    Not sure how long i have to wait more.

    No hopes at all..

    Anybody in similar situation..?

    Kindly suggest..

  23. hi suarabh and all

    my case is changed from PDA to Acceptance after got approved . i am shocked why this status is showing like this describing

    an ammended notice in this case was mailed you describing how we will processing in this case.

    please tell me will it approve?

  24. Hi All,

    Any one got Approval this week. My status is in RFERR since 4th Nov.
    By going through different Blog on web site my assumption is it will take approx 2 month for vermont center for processing.

    Please provide your inputs and also Share your experience with the us consulate.

  25. Hi There (Saurabh/All),

    my employer is under scrutiny by USCIS.
    And my application is still under initial review
    Can anybody let me know of my options
    Can I
    – I have employers who would transfer my application. Can the application be transferred at this stage ( it is still under initial review )

  26. guys,

    does e-request really works??

    my case is in rferr from 30th oct.

    i had to quit my current job as i had some issues. and this month end i have quit my company.

    and all my hopes are on my visa and i need approval badly and very soon if possible 🙁

    i will try to raise a e-request today.

    can any one tell, can i do it myself or do i need to contact my employeer.

    i only have recipet number, please suggest if i can do my self.

    Also, i hope everyone gets approval very soon…praying god badly for all who is waiting for approval.

    • If you have all necessary details, you can yourself do it online. Also, you can request your employer to call uscis and raise e-request through phone. i do think e-request will work. they should get back to you within 15 days. all the best

  27. hi suarabh and all

    my case is changed to acceptance after got approved 10days back. i am shocked why this status is showing like this describing

    an ammended notice in this case was mailed you describing how we will processing in this case. please tell me will it approve?

    • Hi All,

      Please update the details if any one gets approval today. my case is in RFE RR from sept 24th Vermont service center.


  28. Hi All,

    My H1 got approved today. EAC13144*****

    Filed date : april 1st
    Receipt Date : april 29th
    RFE Date : Aug 13th
    RFE response : Sep 9th
    RFE Response review : sep 16th
    Approval Date: nov 20th

    RFE reason was not shared by employer.

    Thanks for Saurabh and everyone in this forum.

  29. I’m still waiting after 90 days without a response from USCIS

    NO# EAC1314*****4
    RFE- 23th May 2013
    RFE Sent- 13th August 2013
    Changed to RFERR- 20th August 2013

    Does anyone have any advise on what I should do or is it just a case of sit tight and continue to wait?

      • Hi Srinivas,

        Thanks for your response. I sent an e-service request but the website states that my case is not yet pass the recommended processing time. My application is being processed by the Vermont Office. As from August 31st 2013, the processing time for the Vermont Office is approximately 4.5 months. Does this mean that I still have to wait until 4.5 months has passed or do you recommend I still call USCIS to enquire about the status of my case?

        • Hi Elizabeth,

          Currently Processing time for Vermont is 2 months from sept 30th. Yes you can call USCIS or raise e-request.

          My case is in RFE RR from Sept 24th and I raised e-request as today is 60th day from RFE RR.
          Even system has accepted.

          Hope All will get approval soon.


  30. Hi,

    I got a good offer from other company,if I change the job during H1B process (i.e my case is in RFE) will that effect to the visa.

  31. Hi Anil,

    My status updated RFERR on 5th nob but i have submitted to response on aug 27th.

    Mine is also vermont center dnt know how much time will it take.. I was in impression that once your status is in RFERR it will come to Decision within 15 to 20 days…

    Lets wait and post update here. any one got the approval in this week ????


  32. Saurabh and ALL,

    I will attend for H1B interview sometime in next month 2nd week.How tuff or easy are the questions by VO if we attend with Spouse and Kid(both for H4) simultaneously ?

    Is it advisable to attend along with spouse at a time? or is it Risky? because my spouse name is included in my passport?

    Please advise

  33. My case is also the same as many mentioned here. Still in RFE RR from Aug 19th 2013. Don’t know what to do. When asked to the concerned party who filed, he was mentioning that all the pending applications after 17th Oct are getting processed one by one because of shutdown. So, he asked me to wait for my turn. It’s really frustrating to wait. Mine also in Vermont Service Center

    • I dint see any approvals this week…Did any one get this week?
      Scream uh with frustration…yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi ,

      Mine is also EAC131******, Vermont Center.Its really slow. Please write here if someone has got petition approved from Vermont center this week.


  34. H1B- Amendment
    H1b approved – 16th August
    H1B- Amendment applied on Sept 20th
    Converted to PP – On Nov 6th

    Still it is in “Acceptance” stage ? What can I do?

  35. hi all,
    Mine is in RFERR since Nov 5th , EAC *******.Vermont center is really Slow.It might be possible it will take near about 2 month. so we cant do antyhing except waiting.

    Does any one got Approval in this week.please post processing time


    • Mine is in RFERR since Sep. 27, no update yet…..EAC131485****. Its really very frustrating.

      Don’t know what sequence they are following. My frineds got their approval within 15 days fron the same center.

  36. Selected in lottery – 8th April
    RFE – 11th June
    RFERR – 11th Sept
    Got Frustrated – 5th Nov
    Converted to PP – 6th Nov
    Went into Acceptance – 7th Nov
    Changed to “Request for Evidence” again on 13th Nov

    1. Does it mean it’s 2nd RFE?
    2. Checked with my employer, he did not get any email from USCIS – mine is PP shouldn’t we be getting email for RFE?
    3. If it comes via normal mail service – how much time does it take to get it to us?
    4. After responding to RFE – what are my chances of getting it approved?

  37. Hi Saurabh,
    My H1B COS is in process with status RFERR since oct 11, and my H4 is expiring soon.(Dec 1 2013)
    1.Do I need to file for an extension if H1 does not get approved before my H4 expiry date?

    2.Will I be out of status if my H4 expires, but my H1B COS is still in process?

    Please help me with this.

  38. Selected in lottery – 8th April
    RFE – 11th June
    RFERR – 11th Sept
    Got Frustrated – 5th Nov
    Converted to PP – 6th Nov
    Still in Acceptance Status since 7th Nov

    Hope it gets approved soon. Please pray for me.
    Wish everyone gets approved soon.

    • It went into “Request For Evidence” again, when checked with attorney, he says he did not got any email? does it mean it went into 2nd RFE? if yes, should they be getting email as this is PP?

    • Any Updates ?

      Same case here,

      RFE : 21st Aug
      Intial Review : 18th Nov (After responding to RFE)
      RFE Resp Rev : 18th Nov
      Acceptance : 19th Nov

      Employer is saying they applied in premium. How will I can confirm that it is in premium.

      • If your status changed from RFERR to Acceptance it means your case is upgraded to premium. Also check the text and it will clearly say that your premium processing clock has started..

  39. series (vermont): EAC13138
    RFERR from 05Aug.
    RFE abt: Education Evaluation and Project Details
    Regular Processing

    Finally approved on 12Nov13.

    • Hello ,
      Even I m looking for H1b from H4.Plz let me know whether you filed thru a Consultancy?? Plz Let me know the details of good consultancies who file properly.

  40. Hi All,
    My I129 got approved but COS got denied. the reason of denial is my I94 is invalid from August 2013. I checked online my I94 is valid till August 2015. I did see that the I94 expiry date is a little illegible in the paper I94 that I received. Could you please let me know if I have to apply for a MTR to USCIS or I need to apply for a new COS? If I apply for a new COS how many days will it take ?

    • CD,
      MTR has a longer processing time than COS. So you can discuss w/ your attorney, attach a print-out of online I-94 document and re-apply for COS. What is your attorney suggesting?

      • Hi Saurabh,
        Thanks for the reply.He was on a vacation because of Veteran’s day. I will speak to him today in after noon CST and will post his suggestion over here. Is there a wait time for the COS ? Do we have to file it with a H1 amendment ?

  41. Hi Surabh,

    my case is in RFERR.

    my question is, while applying H1 visa i was at house A, now recently we moved to house B.

    In passport, i have house A address, is it ok to attend interview with that address or do i need to change address on my passport to house B.

    Please suggest


  42. Hey Guys!!
    My petition Still in RFE Status

    RFE on September 12th
    RFE responded on November 1st
    RFE received (Courier confirmation) to USCIS on November 4th
    Vermont Center, Regular Processing

    And still the status not yet changed to RFERR

    How much time it takes to update the status?

  43. Hi,
    My case is in RFE Review from 17 Sep
    How many days it will take to get approval
    Every day checking the case and finally got frustration
    I seen most of the people got approval less than a month
    Please some body guide me on this

    • Hi Kris, the SLA for changing status from RFE response review is 60 days. however these days the change happens in 75 days. in any case, you will get it by month end. you must have waited for long, now just keep faith for a couple of more weeks.


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