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USCIS H1B Visa 2014 Regular Processing Time? Premium Processing ? FAQs ?

Many of you who have applied for H1B Visa for fiscal year 2014 might be wondering regarding the H1B Visa processing times. Some common questions are like below:

  • What is USCIS Regular Processing time for H1B Visa 2014 petitions ?
  • Is there any SLA for USCIS to process the H1B Visa 2014 petitions ?
  • What is the processing time for H1B petitions filed under  Premium processing ?
  • How has USCIS done historically with H1B Processing Times ?
  • Where and How can I look at the average processing times for H1B petitions ?


Let me take some time to address some of the above most commonly asked questions around H1B Visa petitions processing times and how USCIS has done in the past. If you have already received a case number for your H1B petition, you can read this article: Understanding H1B Visa Case Number, Track Status

What is USCIS Processing time for H1B 2014 petitions filed under Regular Processing ?

Well, the typical adjudication (decision making) time for H1B visa petitions filed under regular processing by USCIS can range anywhere from 2 months to 6 months. There are cases where the decision was mailed by USCIS in less than 2 months and there are cases where USCIS took much longer than 6 months too.  Every H1B case is different and the time taken depends on various facts and factors tied with a petition…

Is there any set SLA for USCIS to process petitions filed under H1B 2014 Regular processing ?

There is NO set SLA for USCIS that stipulates them to adjudicate a H1B petitions filed under regular processing within certain amount of time.  So, you would just have to wait for USCIS, there is nothing you can do. Unlike,  USCIS has SLA for premium processing H1B petitions, but it comes with a cost.

How long will  USCIS take for H1B Visa 2014 Premium Processing petitions ?

USCIS has a standard 15 calendar days SLA for premium processing petitions.   Typically, it starts from the day USCIS receives the petition and they issue a case number.  But for FY 2014, due to expected high volumes they have pushed the premium processing clock  for H1B petitions to start from April 15th. So, you can expect a response from USCIS on your case by April 30th.  It can be a decision or an RFE, if something was missing.  Read article: H1B Visa Statuses – Approval, RFE, Denial

How has USCIS done historically with H1B petitions processing times ?

Again, as mentioned above, it has varied from 2 to 6 months. The current national average for processing times that USCIS publishes on their website is about 2 months and it seems to be varying depending on how busy USCIS gets with processing at a particular time.  You have to remember that the reason processing times can vary a lot is because USCIS constantly receives other H1B petitions that are not part of FY 2014 quota, which are extensions and change of employers, cap-exempt petitions, etc. that they would have to process as well. If  some of these mentioned are filed under premium processing, the priority changes from USCIS perspective.

Where can I look at USCIS processing times for H1B petitions ?

USCIS publishes the processing times on their website. The only trick is that that, you have to watch for date that processing times correspond to…All you need to do is select the processing center and it will show the approximate processing times. You can check at here at USCIS website

You can check out some of the processing times at our  H1B Visa Tracker.   Don’t forget to add your case.

What has been your experience with USCIS processing times ?  How long did it take ?


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  1. 2GO tracking pick up delivery number with letter A and F and 7 numbers like -A1234567F (sample) could I request
    since my tracking number is in 2go manila embassy and I have my passport,visa and ticket for USA after ..thanks

  2. I couldn’t file an application for H1-B Visa this year. Is there any chance I can still apply for the same now ? Can I apply for a H1-B premium Visa ?

    • You can use the receipt number to track the progress of your application on the USCIS website. If you need/want to call into USCIS customer service, it is used as a way to identify you and will take the representative directly to your case.

    • Guys if I didn’t received anything until now I am more likely to receive a rejection letter?

      Thanks in advance for your help,



  3. Good morning !

    I applied under AD/PP/VT and still waiting for an answer. Even though many PP applicants received receipts last week, there were few who received receipts yesterday. Hence, we (PP) still have hope. Let’s retain hope until Apr 28.

    Let’s see how many PP applicants are still waiting for an answer. Please reply.

  4. Hello All,

    I am an Indian citizen and will be filing H1B visa for the year 2014.
    I just wanted to know after filing the visa,Can I travel to India during the whole process.

  5. Hi All,
    I am Indian citizen attended the H1b interview at Singapore, but i got the 221g white slip and the case never move since Mar 2013. consular told me that case has been send back to USCIS for review. Post Decision Activity On Oct 2013 USCIS office received this case from the State Department with a request that we review it. its been 11 Months still the case is Pending activity review.
    Any one having the same issue ?

    On October 10, 2013, a

  6. My petition was approved in Sep 2013, applied for visa stamping in dec, got 221g, just check my status in uscis, my status was changed backed to initial review. is this normal for 221g cases.

    • My petition also changed back to ‘initial review’ from ‘post decision activity’. And my petition got approval last August and I got my I-797 from my employer. No idea why the status changed back to initial review 2 weeks ago. I asked my attorney but haven’t got any reply yet.

  7. After a long long wait my petition got approved. Thanks to Almighty
    rfe on july 9
    rfe rr submitted on sep 18
    petition approved on feb 10
    receipt no:wac1313453***

    • Hello Khan,
      After you submit your RFE on SEP 18th what is your petition status reflected on the USCIS site. I am having same situation with my RFE being submitted on SEP 20th 2013 and after a long wait, my petition status is again showing as initial review. Please advise. Thanks in advance and all the best.

    • Hello Khan

      Many Congratulations for ur visa approval.My case status is showing in RFE RR since sept17-2013….which is almost 5 month past.I am not able to derive anything out of this….also not at all sure when the decision will be made and how it turns out.During ur wait period did u try to contact ur employer/attorney and what was there response for ur queries in this regard.did u /ur employer/attorney opted for e-request or stuff like that or just it got processed by itself….The wait is really killing….almost lost patience…please advise if anything can be done to speedup the process or know the status…

      Thanks and all the best for ur further things in this reg.

  8. Hi Saurabh,

    I am an Indian Citizen and working in Singapore. So my approval notice has consulate as “SINGAPORE”. I would like to attend the VISA stamping at India with my family.

    I sent an e.mail to consulate & asked them whether i can attend anywhere.
    They replied – you can attend at any post.

    Now my doubt is – in the approval notice, there is a line mentioned like if circumstances change, your petitioner can inform us to notify other consulate.

    Does it means, is it necessary to notify USCIS for change the location of consulate for stamping or just fill DS-160 with india consulate and proceed.

    Please suggest.

  9. Hey All,
    Thanks for everyone who have been sharing their experiences on this website. I attended my H1b interview today. All of the questions were similar to the people mentioning here but my ending was a bit different.
    My Visa counselor asked for employment letter that i didn’t have and her reaction was not very happy about it. She said they need some more processing on my case but didn’t give me any color form or any tracking number to get update on my case.
    Have anyone else faced the same problem? I am worried what is going to happen. Should i keep my hope alive?

  10. Hi Saurabh
    Please help in giving some idea on duration of the approved petition …
    1). How many days will it take to receive the approved petition from USCIS?
    2). Will USCIS send the approved petition to Attorney or Employer?
    3). How many days will employer take to forward those documents employee?

    • 1. 2-3 Days
      2. Attorney
      3. When the packet received from Attorney then it will take one more day, if any documents needs to be added by Employer

      • Thankyou Saurabh for your inputs..

        Today, i have received my approval notice soft copy (just for my reference).

        In it they mentioned – Consulate “Singapore”.

        I am an Indian citizen and working in “Singapore”.
        Before applying H1B, i mentioned Foreign Consulate as “Chennai”.

        But in the approval notice, they mentioned as “Singapore”.
        As per this, do i need to attend stamping in “Singapore”?
        Can’t i attend in india “Chennai”.

        Please advise….

  11. Hi Sourabh,

    Do you think this year also we might end in lottery or its going to be a with out lottery. I think we might have some clues by this time.

  12. Hello All,
    My H1B petition is in RFE Response Review phase since August 18th,2013. So, after consulting with my employer in November end, he told to convert to premium on Jan 9th, 2014. He submitted the petition and he told that it got received by the USCIS on Jan 18th, 2014 as per the email received by him from USCIS. Now the date is 25th, 2014. Should I be getting 15day clock period started by now or will it not be moved until the 15 day period is over or will it stay in the same RFE RR even after 15days? Please help me out with your views I am really tensed here


  13. Hi. My new employer filed H1 transfer (in Premium Processing) which got RFE. USCIS site shows that I got RFE on Jan 8th, and we submitted required docs (as per attorney is saying) on Jan 14th. Till today the status is not changed from RFE to “RFE response review”. Is my attorney correct in saying that he sent all the necessary docs to USCIS, or why RFE status is not yet changed to confirm that they got the docs to review?

    • Yes, Sometimes it may happen that your status took long time to change from REF to RFE response review and sometimes directly change to PDA instead of RFE response review. Find the below status for mine case:

      Selected in lottery on 8th April
      RFE on September 12th
      RFE Responded on November 1st
      RFE received (Courier confirmation–>UPS Tracking Information – “Delivered and Received”) to USCIS on November 4th
      Status directly changed to Post Decision Activity On December 12, 2013
      Vermont Center, Regular Processing

      • Thanks. Does is also happen in Premium Processing? How long does it take from the date they received the RFE response? Mine is still showing RFE 🙁

          • hi saurabh, finally i got the approval. now i am in a dilemma, i have a flight in 2 days and i have opportunity in new company as well but without approval letter as it takes some days to come. what should i do? if i go from company A then i will have to work there, but as company B visa is approved i want to go there, is it possible? please advice. thanks

  14. Hi. My new employer filed H1 transfer which got RFE. USCIS site shows that I got RFE on Jan 8th, and we submitted required docs (as per attorney is saying) on Jan 14th. Till today the status is not changed from RFE to “RFE response review”. Is my attorney correct in saying that he sent all the necessary docs to USCIS, or why RFE status is not yet changed to confirm that they got the docs to review?

  15. Hi Friends,

    Today (22nd evening), my status has been moved from RFERR to PDA.
    It has given me lot of pain & also it causes some personal problems. I can not explain the pain in this waiting period in words.

    Good luck friends.. You all have to come out of this stress with early approvals.

    • Hi!
      Good Luck! Can I know your first 4 digits of our case number with the Service Centre and your case has been in RFE RR since when?

      • My details are below..

        RFE RR – Nov 15th
        PDA – Jan 22nd
        Case no# – EAC1314452XXX

        As per my understanding, they are not going by case number during RFE phase.
        Looks like going by random.

        Else how few people got approval after 1-2 weeks of RFE RR.

        Its purely depends on luck. Nothing else. If our fate is not good. We have to go by this heart burning pain. No choice.

    • I converted the petition to premium from regular. Will the receipt number be same for both or will I get a new receipt number after converting to premium??

  16. Hi Saurabh,

    Probably you have answered this question before but can you re -confirm
    – My petition is still pending and I was wondering is USCIS bound by law/ other etc to finish all applications before filing season (Aprl 1) starts for the h1b 2015?


  17. Hi Saurabh,

    I got the petition approved for H1B. But the date mentioned in the petition is for 1 year. ? I feel H1B visa is for 3 years which is again extendible to 3 years. My question is the dates mentioned in petition will be my visa validity dates or it is different ? Kindly suggest me on it.

  18. Hi!
    My H1B case no: EAC 1313 9***** is with Vermont Service Centre
    Applied: April 1st 2013
    Lottery Accepted: 23rd April 2013
    RFE: 2nd July 2013
    RFE RR: September 24, 2013
    “You should expect to receive a written decision or written update within 60 days of the date we received your response.”The 60/90 days wait period is over.Its still in process. Don’t know what the decision is going to be…Anyone sailing in the same boat or any suggestions appreciated. Please help! what is the success rate of premium process?

      • Hi Saurabh,

        Please provide your comments…

        I have raised an e-request got below response, what is the meaning of this. My petition in RFERR state from Aug 16th, I got RFE for education documents missing I have submitted on Aug 16th.

        Your petition/application is still pending consideration. We regret that we are not able to give you a timeframe for when we will complete the review of your petition/application.

        What You Can Do
        Please see the “Online Services” below to check the status of your case in the near future. We apologize for the delay.

        We hope this information is helpful to you.

        Online Services
        We offer many online services and tools to help you find the information you need. Please visit our Web site at www.uscis.gov for information about:
        * Using our Case Status Online tool;
        * Signing up for case status updates;
        * Checking processing times;
        * Submitting an e-Request to inquire about certain applications and petitions;
        * Using our Office Locator;
        * Using InfoPass to schedule an appointment; and
        * Downloading forms.

      • I raised a e-request got below response , What does mean.

        “Your petition/application is still pending consideration. We regret that we are not able to give you a timeframe for when we will complete the review of your petition/application.”

        • Thanks everyone on this Forum .. I was a daily visitor of this forum. Each of experience/queries mentioned helped a lot. Finally after raising e-service request my petition is approved, but yet to petition in hand.

          I pray that all those who waiting for the petition approval , get them so soon.

          Finally now I understand the wait on approval for last 9 months was worth it.

          • After raising e-request, where did you get this mesage ““Your petition/application is still pending consideration. We regret that we are not able to give you a timeframe for when we will complete the review of your petition/application.”’ did they mail you this message or you were getting this when you checked the status on uscis ?

            and how many days it took to get the update after raising the equest?

            Thank you for your patience in advance.

          • I’m not sure about the current status. All I heard was from the attorney is that it is approved. they haven’t shared any further details and I don’t petition number to track the H1B status myself. 🙂

  19. Hi experts here.. I applied h1b visa through an employer.. they told me my application went through the lottery. Later got rfe.. now they its rejected after long wait… I have been waiting and believing them. Dint bother to even ask receipt number. I spent lot of money for taking their training course.. I feel so rejected.. I dont know the reason for rejection. Please advise on my next steps

  20. Hi,

    I got H1B petition valid till end of Sep 2014. This was my first H1B which was filed last year for FY-2014 and petition got approved in Oct, 2013 and also I had stamping during November 2013 and now my VISA valid date is end of Sep2014 which is same as petition validity date. Worst case is if I was not able to travel US before this, is it possible to apply for extension from India before petition validity expires from the same employer? When H1B extension is applied do we need to show the pay stubs and other proofs that I have worked in US.

    Thanks in Advance for the replies…

  21. Hi all!
    Finally my husband petition approved 🙂
    Long long wait…
    Petition: April 1st 2013
    RFE : Nov. 30 2013
    Rferr: Dec. 10 2013
    Approved Jan.8 2014
    WAC 1313751***
    Good luck

  22. I am one of silent reader of this forum. following from march 2013…
    My waiting period is over for now..
    my petition EAC13145**** is Approved.

    Next PA booking …..

    Applied = 8th April
    Receipt = 28th April
    RFE = 7th sep
    RFERR = 1st Nov
    Approved = 9th Jan


    • Congratulation!!! can u share your case number? I’ve case number is same series. Pl PM me if cant share on forum @ findlogin at gmail dot com

  23. Hi Saurabh,

    I have got my H1B visa approval dated 19-Dec-2013. Until now my attorney didn’t received the hard copy. It’s almost 21 days. Although in between there ware Christmas and New Year holidays. How many days it should take to receive the hard copy?
    Please let me know on it.. Any suggestion regarding it is highly acceptable.

  24. Hi All,

    Finally my petition EAC131385**** is Approved.
    Applied = 8th April
    Receipt = 24th April
    RFE = 9th Sept
    RFERR = 6th Dec
    Approved = 8th Jan

    RFE Reason = Employer Employee relation.


  25. Hi All,

    My status in RFE Review Response from Aug 16th, When can I get a response.

    My petition belongs Vermont service center.

  26. Got my visa approved FINALLY!!!!
    AFTER waiting for 9 (actually whole year) finally got my visa approved!!!
    cant believe now that it happened…THANKS god so so much!!!!!
    all u guys waiting …hang in there ….they are stll working….
    i understand wat it is to wait …i will pray that all those who waiting get approved soon …
    RP/WAC/13435* series

    #feeling good 🙂

    • Hi itsme,
      Can you provide some more detail, If you got RFE then when and when did it converted to RFERR. What was RFE all about.

    • Hello “itsme”
      Good and really happy to know that ur H1B got approved after a long wait.I can understand the relief/joy u must be feeling after waiting for so long.Mine is a similar case,I have been waiting since very long time.My case is showing RFERR since Sept17th 2013….its been nearing 4 months since then….I hope u can understand my situation.
      My file no is WAC1314350*
      My question for u is……
      did u get any RFE..can u brief about the various events when it happened.
      When I asked my employer they say the USCIS is processing the files “Employer wise” and there attorney’s are constantly working in this regard.They also are saying that the USCIS has promised to process the files by 2nd week of Jan2014.Though I know the fact that the employer cannot do much in this reg until there is some decision..I am almost loosing hopes day-by-day…….not sure about anything that is going to come in this reg.Most of the file numbers adjacent to mine are processed and as a matter of fact they were processed with in 2-3 weeks from RFERR status.
      Please comment…..


    Hello Friends,

    I need urgent help on below matter.
    2 months back I was working with Infosys and they have applied an H1B extension for me. I got multiple RFE and got confused. Meanwhile I got an offer from a consulting farm and processed a H1B transfer for me. The transfer got approved and I resigned from Infosys. Now I got the information that, the H1B extension that was applied from Infy is approved and the status in USCIS site is showing approved. Question is :
    As I am really interested to join back Infosys, is it possible to rejoin infosys with the visa extension that got approved? or do Infosys need to process a H1B transfer again?
    Kindly tell me what is the process and what are the risk for rejoining Infosys?

    • Hi,
      I think you can re-join Infosys, since as per ‘last action rule’, the petition which was approved last will be the valid one. so in your case the petition filed by infosys was approved last, so you are technically now working for Infosys.
      I am not an Immigration attorney. please contact an attorney.

      • Are you sure?? Infosys usually cancels the petitions when the employee leaves them. So extension approved or denied isnt relevant when the petition stands cancelled.

    • Better to work with your consulting company.Even if your extension was approved, Infosys may have well cancelled your visa once you left them. So that extension holds no relevance even if its approved . If you intend to work with them again, please ask them to file a new transfer petition. ANd make sure you have 3 months payslips with the current firm to be in the safer side.

      I also faced a similar situation. Infy cancelled the visa once i left them and personally I wouldnt go back to them , unless its for a differenct project or account . Professionally everything is fine, but personally things may be different if you go back to same set of people.

    • Rejoin,
      If Infosys has not withdrawn/canceled their petition, you can join them on the newly approved extended petition.

      If the extended petition has already been withdrawn/canceled, then they will have to file another cap-exempt petition for you before they can hire you. Until then work for the other employer and get paid.

  28. I am currently working on L1 B for a XX company. Company YY is applying for H1 B this year. Project in current company ends in August, 2014 and then I have to leave to India. But if I assume that H1 B is approved, can I stay after August 2014 until October 2014 legally?? Or will it depends on I-94 expiry date?

    Let me know. Appreciate your suggestions/comments.

  29. Successful H1B Visa Stamping On 31st Dec Delhi

    The below question asked:

    VO: Good Morning
    ME: Good Morning! How r u doing today?

    VO: Good! How About you?
    ME: I am doing Good!

    VO: Your Passport and I797?
    ME: Given Passport and Xerox copy of I797 with DS160

    VO: How is your Employer?
    ME: Answered

    VO: How is your Client?
    ME: Answered

    VO: Working client side?
    ME: Answered

    VO: How do you come to know the Employer?
    ME: Through Reference

    VO: Currently working with XXX Company?
    ME: Yes

    VO: Your Visa Approved! Have a safe trip
    ME: Thanks and have a great new year ahead

  30. Hi Saurabh,

    Need your guidance here.

    My H1-B Petition is in Acceptance state after converting from Regular to Premium Processing on Nov 20, 2013. Before that it remained in Initial Review from April 8 2013 till Nov 19 2013. It seems it has been left untouched since it was filed. Is there any fixed date after which we can stop looking at their website? Something like March 31 2014 after which they will be moving for next year’s petitions and are assumed to be done with 2013 year petition. There is no RFE no denial no movement of any sort absolutely nothing. Have been in constant touch with employer and attorney and they also have no clue why such a peculiar situation. Upon attorney reaching out to USCIS, all they heard is its in “Extended Review”.

    Could you suggest what does this mean? Have you ever come across such situation? And is there any last date after which this waiting game is assumed to end so that life can move forward with something else? I don’t know if anyone else is in the same situation. I am neither able to raise an e-request as each time I try the page says that e-request can’t be raised at this moment.

    Please reply.


    • Hello Saurabh,

      My application is in RFE Response Review phase since Aug 19th, 2013. Upon regular follow up with my employer and attorney after the 60 days time limit, we got the information from USCIS is, the application is pending with the VISA officer which cannot be construed under 60 days time limit. So, I am planning to convert it to PP by end of next week if i do not hear anything. I am hoping a similar case with you in IR which made to ER for you.


    • KT,
      I remember few other cases in 2013, which weren’t processed within 15 day PP window and the reason was given as that the petitions required additional look/review etc. I don’t know how long it took for them to get processed. I suspect this to happen when they may be doing detailed background check on the employee or on the company. I think USCIS samples few cases every year for additional look and your happens to be one of them.

      They aim to process all these petitions by March 2014, before the start of next filing season. Even if the petition is not approved/denied, by that time, it will still be in process and will not be considered as automatic denial.

      Nothing much you can do, except asking your attorney to be persistent w/ USCIS.

  31. Finally after long wait of 8 months my petition got approved !!!.

    Acceptance: 8th April
    RFE : 8th August
    RFE RR: 29th October
    PDA :31st Dec

    It got reflected in the USCIS portal today (3rd Jan)
    My petition number series is EAC1313******. Regular processing. RFE was about employer-employee relationship and Educational evaluation , since I am Btech in Non IT.
    This forum kept me alive !!! Thanks to all.
    For those who are waiting , don’t lose hope , good news is around the corner.

  32. Finally approved
    Series EAC13143*****
    Petition : April 1
    RFE about Project details
    RFE : Aug 27
    RFERR : Oct 18
    Converted to PP – Dec 27
    Post Decision Activity – approved – Dec 31

  33. Hi ,

    I got my Petition Approval on 6th December but still my employer haven’t received the Hard Copy. Can any one please tell me how much time it will take to get the hard copy.


    • Hi Jordan,

      Could you please confirm if you have received your VISA receipt? I am also in same situation and planning to contact attorney for the same.

  34. Hi Saurabh,

    I have a question to you. Can we have multiple h1b application from multiple employers.
    Lets say employer 1 is ready to file H1b and employer 2 is also willing to file H1b for same employee. Will this be allowed or only one H1b application is permited.
    Please clarify! Thanks in advance.

    • @Phani, multiple are fine. Only one employer can not file two h1 petitions for the same employee. In case of lottery those will be directly rejected.

      • @srkjos -Thx srkjos! in addition to that how do we need to manage it while stamping. if a question arouse that -“did you earlier applied H1b”? pls clarify this as well

        Thanks in advance.

        • @phani — They never question you about ongoing petitions, they only question if earlier visa stamping is denied and reason behind it.

          About number of petitions its not at all illegal you can apply as many through various employers. They will never question , but in case of such impossible scenarios – You can just mention like I had trust issues, or you got better offer these reasons will be fine as a reason for multiple petitions.

          This is as per my knowledge, I already have two petitions , out of which one petition is denied , one petition approved and for it stamping is also done.

        • @phani , wish you the same. 🙂

          About others, who might start blaming me for multiple petitions, I have filed multiple petitions not this year, the denied petition was from previous year.

          As some might say, because of you people some deserved ppl bla.. bla. bla.

  35. Hi,
    Its painful to wait such a long time. Still no approval..

    Will they update the RFERR status with in 60 days or 60 working days?

    Application date – Apr 1st
    Approval – Apr 24th
    RFE – August 20th
    RFE RR – November 14

    Still no progress.

      • Hi Khan,

        Very bad to hear. We can’t measure the pain that we feel. Horrible time..
        Atleast new year brings us luck…

        Since our approval is getting delayed day by day, is there any chance to reject our stamping after approval?


        • After a long long wait my petition got approved. Thanks to Almighty
          rfe on july 9
          rfe rr submitted on sep 18
          petition approved on feb 10
          receipt no:wac1313453***

  36. Hi suaraab!!!
    Just want to know from other applicants of h1b applied in the healthcarefacilities got approvedin their application by uscis or denied.Or the uscis focus only to those applicants for IT not healthcare facilities related. Im a registed nurse applying in the healthcare facilities. But to my dismayed the other day that my application got denied. From rfr rr last october 30/13.. My agency consultant advise us that theemployer want to appeal the decision of the uscis or to reopen my case. But what is in my mind, maybe my consultant is asking again another additional fee to reopen my case. Ive already doubt my agency consultant is only after of our money. We have already spent a huge amount in this application.

  37. Finally my long wait has come to an end.

    Case Number: EAC131485****
    RFE: Sep 5th – Educational Qualification Related
    RFE Reply : Nov 7th
    RFERR: Nov 14th (Normal Processing)
    PDA: Dec 23rd – Approved

    Thanks to this forum and the members who contributed with their inputs and insights.

    Good luck to everyone

  38. Post Decision Activity

    On December 24, 2013, we mailed you a notice informing you that your I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER, was reopened. If you have not received the notice within 30 days of the date above, please call customer service at 1-800-375-5283 for further assistance. If you move, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address.

    For approved applications/petitions, post-decision activity may include USCIS sending notification of the approved application/petition to the National Visa Center or the Department of State. For denied applications/petitions, post-decision activity may include the processing of an appeal and/or motions to reopen or reconsider and revocations.

    Any idea what is going on ..

    • @Shakthe – Dude, Clearly this means your petition was denied earlier and your employer has applied to re-open the petition to reconsider the decision. You may have to wait for indefinite period of time to get to know whether this reconsider decision will be approved/denied.

        • Ok @shakhte,This looks strage. You should have known decision before such motion to re-open. but I already have one of petition from past year in this re-open state. So maybe your employer/lawyer can provide you better explanation based on responses they got from USCIS.

      • @shakhte .. haha very nice newz. Hearty congrats to u. I never seen motion to reopen status before normal approval of any case. This must be definitely some kind of glitch in their system.
        I am sorry, I made you feel bit worried by the response based on what I knew. 🙂

      • Hi @Shakthe and @srkjos.

        my petition status was same as shakthe.. was RFERR on Aug 26. it changed to PDA reopen on oct 31. finally now it shows as Decision Denial dated dec 19 i am in a depression mood now waiting for employer to know the reason.

        Shakthe congrats for approvals.

  39. Does it make sense to raise a e-request? or just keep mum till we get update from USCIS as my case is like more than 80 days from the day that USCIS has received my RFERR.
    Saurabh, your valuable thoughts are highly appeciated…..

      • Yes, denial after RFE. RFE is for Employment verification letters from the present employer and the previous one which we have submitted within 20days after RFE received.

    • Pallavi

      Yes there is an option available to request “Motion to Reopen” (MTR), where in you can fight back the descision of denial. The only issue with this is that there is no time frame so as to what how long would they take to get back to you, also there is no option of premium processing on this.

      If you have time(indefinite) to wait you can consider MTR. Could you please share more information regarding the denial, like was it after RFE or not. If so what was the reason for RFE and what was your service center.


      • Guys,
        Me too on the same boat.. Got denial notice after rfe response review on Dec 21st. My rfe was to get my tax details (W2 form) while I was in L1, specialized skills and employee employer relationship. Should I request MTR?

      • Thanks for the information. Yes, denial after RFE. RFE is for Employment verification letters from the present employer and the previous one which we have submitted within 20days after RFE received. Sorry will not be able to share the receipt number and the center because it is not shared with me by my HR team.

        • Pallavi,
          If “don’t have receipt number and the center because it is not shared with me by my HR team.” is true then how come you know that they really applied for H1 and then got RFE and now Denial..!

          I think you must push your HR team to get receipt number and RFE documents, thats how you can confirm that they really applied for your hubby’s H1.

          • Today we tried to check the reason for the denial with HR team. They told us that we checked the status in USCIS Site. We will receive the reason may be in another 15days to one month. Also they want to convince my husband that may be the reason is late reply of RFE to USCIS.

            Receive the mail of selection in lottery is 30th April
            RFE-8th August 2013
            RFE Response 20th September 2013
            Denial: 23rd December 2013

          • Pallavi

            I am sure USCIS cannot deny the H1B due to late reply, as per USCIS guidelines applicant and HR gets 90 days to reply back and looking at your case since you took only 20 days to reply I am sure that that is not the case. I have seen many cases wherein people took about 70-80 days for reply and getting the petition approved.

            As others suggested I would say that I doubt the application from your employer and the way they responded to RFE.

            Is your employer a big employer or a small consultancy. If the employer is a small consultancy then they need to have a strong attorney and they need to reply RFE in a well documented way, with as much genuine documentation as possible.

            Also it will be worth an effort to get a copy of RFE from USCIS to your employer to get the exact reason of RFE.

      • Hi H1B Aspirant,

        I have applied H1-B fresh VISA last year(2014).

        1) On 18-Jul-14 RFE received.
        2) On 10-Oct-14 RFE responded and received to USCIS.
        3) On 02-Dec-14 applied premium processing.
        4) On 04-Dec-14 Denial due to expired MSA and SOW.
        5) On 30-Dec-14 Filed MTR(Motion to reopen) with amended MSA & SOW.

        How soon I get MTR decision? And what are the chances to get approve?

  40. RS,

    Dear Saurabh,

    I am EAC1313951***.Last month my Visa got approved.Now my question is my recent company is not showing transparency so will it be possible if I apply for some other company before stamping or I can apply after stamping..

    Is H1b transferrable before going to USA??

    Waiting for your earliest response.

  41. It has been more than 2.5 months now that I am waiting for the update after responding to my RFE and since 1st Oct its been showing RFERR, unsure about the outcome and the time frame of when would I get to have some update…….

  42. Series EAC13146*****
    Petition : May 1
    RFE about Education evaluation
    RFE : sep 3
    RFERR : nov 29
    post decision activity – approved – Dec 17

    Gods Grace….
    All the best for all waiting members…wil get good result soon….
    Be Confident….


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