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USCIS Online H1B Case Status Meaning – Detailed Screenshots

If you applied for an H1B transfer or you were picked in the H1B Registration Lottery and applied for H1B petition in the recent H1B Visa 2024  season, you may have received a case receipt notice. When you check the H1B Case Status online, you may see various statuses like “Case Was Received”, “Name was updated”, etc.. You may not fully understand each of these status meaning. This article is meant to clarify each of those H1B Case Status meaning and give a complete flow of the same.

H1B Registration Beneficiary Confirmation Number Cannot be used for Tracking

If you were picked in the H1B Registration Lottery, the registration selection notice would have a Beneficiary Confirmation Number. You cannot use that number to track your H1B on USCIS website.

That number is only for internal reference and to run the lottery. The USCIS case number has a certain format and the beneficiary confirmation number does not follow that as well. So, do not try to check online on USCIS website and be confused.

H1B Case Receipt Number – Check Online

After an applicant is selected in H1B Registration Lottery, the company or H1B sponsor need to file an H1B Petition with USCIS using form I-129. After the H1B petition is properly filed, USCIS would send out a H1B receipt notice to the employer/ attorney indicating that the application was properly filed on time. The H1B Receipt notice would have a case number and it can be used to track the status of the H1B petition. You can check article : How to Check USCIS Case Status online that covers the details on how you can track case status at  USCIS.gov case status website

What’s the H1B Case Number?  Processing ?

The H1B receipt number is a 13 character alphanumeric string that is given by USCIS. It typically starts with EAC or WAC. You may read Understanding H1B Case Number Details, to know more info.  For high level understanding of how each H1B petition is processed at USCIS, you should read the article H1B processing steps at USCIS adjudication center.

Also, in the past, USCIS used to assign many statuses like Acceptance, Initial Review, Decision, Post Decision Activity, etc.  Some of these have been changed with the new system this year. To get an idea of the past flow and statuses, you may read H1B Old Case Statuses and Flow.  Below information corresponds to the latest H1B statuses available on USCIS website for a H1B petition.

Various H1B Case Statuses on USCIS website

Below are the various Case Status that you usually find on USCIS website, when you Check Case Status on USCIS website.

  • Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed
  • Case Was Received
  • Request for Additional Evidence Notice was mailed
  • Response to USCIS’ Request for Evidence Was Received
  • Case Was Approved And My Decision Was Emailed
  • Case Was Approved
  • Decision Notice Mailed
  • Error : The application Receipt Number is invalid
  • Name was updated.
  • Fees will be Refunded
  • Withdrawal Acknowledgement Notice Was Sent
  • Case Was Transferred and a New Office has Jurisdiction.

Let us look at each of them in detail

H1B Case Status Text – Form I-129 Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker

If you notice any of the H1B statuses’ text below, all of them would say “Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker”. The reason is that, when you file a H1B petition with USCIS, you would use form I-129, thats why you see the status text to indicate the form number. USCIS does not explicitly tell H1B Visa petition in the status as the form I-129 is also used for other visa types as well. It can be confusing, if they put in all visa types in there, so USCIS intentionally does not put in H1B in there and only indicates the form type. Your receipt notice would have “Class Requested” as show in below screenshot, indicating it was a H1B petition.

H1B I-797C Case Receipt Notice - Class Requested shows H1B
H1B I-797C Case Receipt Notice – Class Requested shows H1B

Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed

USCIS emails receipt notices to petitioners, if they filed their H1B petition under premium processing.  The H1B case status “Case was Received and a Receipt Notice was Emailed” indicates to us that the petition with this case number was filed under premium processing with USCIS. A receipt notice with case number and details about processing was sent to the email of the attorney/ employer. Below is the screenshot for the described status.

USCIS : Case Was Received and A receipt Notice Was Emailed Status
H1B Case Status – Case Was Received and a Receipt Notice was Emailed

Case Was Received

USCIS only emails receipt notices for premium processing applications. For H1B petitions filed under regular processing, USCIS will send out the receipt notices via traditional Mail/ Post.  The H1B case status “Case Was Received” indicates is that the petition with this case number was filed under regular processing and USCIS has received the same. The receipt notice hard copy will be sent to the attorney/ employer’s postal address on how it will be processed. Check below for screenshot of the described case status.

H1B Case Status - Case Was Received
H1B Case Status – Case Was Received

Request for Additional Evidence Notice was mailed

If USCIS wants more information on a H1B petition, they will ask for the same information. The H1B case status “Request for Additional Evidence Notice was mailed” status indicates the same that USCIS wants more info. As part of the adjudication process of the H1B petition, the USCIS adjudicator of this petition, with this particular case number, needs more information to make a decision on the case. The adjudicator issued a Request for Additional Evidence notice, which is commonly called as RFE (Request for Evidence).

The employer/ attorney will get an RFE notice from USCIS indicating what documents they need to submit for further processing the case.  It has an expiry date and employer/ attorney has to respond to that request by that date. USCIS will NOT process this particular case until they receive a response from the employer/ attorney with the requested information.  Below is the screenshot of described status.

H1B Case Status - Request for Additional Evidence Notice Was Mailed
H1B Case Status – Request for Additional Evidence Notice Was Mailed

Response to USCIS’ Request for Evidence Was Received

After USCIS receives a response to the RFE, they will update the same in their online system for the H1B case. This H1B Case status “Response to USCIS Request for Evidence Was Received” corresponds to the same. All the status tells us is that USCIS has received the response for the issued RFE Notice on the particular case with that case number from the employer/ attorney. 

The response from employer/ attorney could be either documents or any other supporting material that was requested by USCIS supporting the H1B petition. If your petition is in this status, it means that USCIS will start processing the case as they have received requested documentation. The status also tells the petitioner that when you can expect a decision/ update on this case. Check below screenshot for RFE response status.

H1B Case Status - Response to USCIS Request for Evidence was Received
H1B Case Status – Response to USCIS Request for Evidence was Received

Case Was Approved And My Decision Was Emailed

Usually, if you file in premium, you would informed by email. This H1B case status “Case was approved and my decision was emailed” indicates the decisions of approval that is sent by email to the attorney/ employer. This case status only appears for the H1B petitions filed under premium processing. Below is the screenshot of the status.

H1B Case Status - Case was approved and my decision was emailed
H1B Case Status – Case was approved and my decision was emailed

Case Was Approved

The H1B case status “Case was approved” is self explanatory. It tells that the the H1B petition with this particular case number was approved and they plan to send out the approval notice to the employer/ attorney by traditional post/mail. This case status appears only for petitions filed under regular processing.

USCIS Case Was Approved Status
H1B Case Status – Case Was Approved

Decision Notice  Mailed

Not every H1B Application gets approved.  Typically USCIS will issue an RFE and then review the evidence before making the final decision. If USCIS is not convinced with your petition’s supporting documents, they will deny the H1B petition and the case status will be shown as ” Decision Notice Mailed”. Your employer will get a notice indicating why the petition was denied and they can act on it as per the instructions, if they want to challenge the decision by providing additional documents, etc.  Below is how it looks.

H1B Case Status - Decision Notice Mailed
H1B Case Status – Decision Notice Mailed

The application Receipt Number is invalid

Error H1B Case Status entry on USCIS website
Error H1B Case Status entry on USCIS website

If you do not enter a valid 13 character H1B case receipt number, USCIS case status website will give you the above error message saying that the application receipt number is invalid. All it means is that, either you have taken the receipt number wrong from your employer or entered it wrong in the box…or maybe your employer did not give you the correct case number.  Below is the error screenshot. 

Name Was Updated

This is one of the very confusing statuses that USCIS online system gives, when there is some activity happening on your case. The H1B Case status “Name Was Updated” can be very confusing and misleading everyone at times. It may be genuine that the name was updated due to a clerical error, but not always the case.  

It definitely means that some activity is happening on your case and your case is being worked on by USCIS.  There is a perception among users that this status will lead to rejection/ RFE, but it is not necessarily true.  So, when you see something like this status, it is best consult your employer/attorney to check further on your case. No need to panic or get confused.  It looks like below

H1B Case Status -  Name was Updated
H1B Case Status – Name was Updated

Fee will be Refunded Status

One of the others status some of the H1B petitioners see is that ‘Fee will be refunded’. What it means is that the employer/attorney has filed extra fees that is not required and USCIS is refunding the same. It can be for a host of reasons related to the H1B fees. As you can see below USCIS would tell that it will not impact the processing of the case, so do not panic when you see this, work with your employer, it will be fine.

H1B Case Status - Fee will be Refunded
H1B Case Status – Fee will be Refunded

Withdrawal Acknowledgement Notice Was Sent

If your H1B employer plans to withdraw your H1B petition or for some reason you believe that you do not want to work for the company and resigned the job, then your employer would withdraw your H1B petition from USCIS. It is not really automatic process, your employer has to request for it. If your H1B case number indicates the below status “Withdraw Acknowledgement Notice was Sent” for I-129 petition, then it means that your H1B was withdrawn by your employer and USCIS is acknowledging the same with the status. 

H1B Case Status - Fee will be Refunded
H1B Case Status – Withdrawal Acknowledgment Notice was sent.

Case Was Transferred And a New Office Has Jurisdiction

Depending on the load of H1B petitions received and processing times at any service center, they are moved to different locations to expedite processing or balance the overall processing loads. If your H1B case was transferred to different location for some of these reasons, you would see a status like below. It tells the date when the petition was transferred and when you can expect a physical copy of notice indicating the same. It does not really change anything in terms of how it is adjudicated, it is just for processing times balancing, nothing to worry. 

H1B Case Status - Case was Transferred and a New office has Jurisdiction
H1B Case Status – Case was Transferred and a New office has Jurisdiction

Did you notice any other statuses for your Petition ?  Any other thoughts to share ?

Check out the next article that articulates the flow of the above statuses After H1B Visa Lottery Case Status Flow


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  1. HI FYI,

    My case was approved.

    Received date : 24-April-2015
    Approved Date ; 07-07-2015
    Major ; ECE
    Case Number : EAC1514453XXX

  2. Sri123,

    Sri your 100% right I too agree with you. Let me tell you my case he has charged huge sum and gave just scanned copy said u r case approved sir……if u want check uscis.gov site ?
    When I requested for rest of the document along with original he is absconding. I requested originals I129,LCA and offer letter to go stamping. He is telling now these document I 797c is partially valid u need to find new employer who does Transfer and will cost again lot of money for new offer from client. Again the process is same like new H1 B except u do not fall under Quota !!

    It will cost lot of money,time for finding new employer and then client offer letter…….and then his terms and conditions.The new employer again will have his own set of rules !! Right !!


    • Koushik,

      Even if you want to transfer your H1, you will need a real approved H1 case! So if you are unsure of the approval, you cannot transfer, irrespective of money it will cost.

    • Koushik, If your Employer is reluctant to give you the i797-C then he is not to be TRUSTED! If he is not giving you the Petition Copy then he is Certainly a CHEAT! If he is saying that it will cost you lot of money to transfer then he is INCOMPETENT!!!
      Without Entering the US you will not be able to Transfer your H1B.
      You will not be able to Transfer your H1B until Oct-1st.

      On the first place why is he even talking about Transferring the H1B ?

      Your Employer is LYING!!! Perhaps he is trying to extract more money from you….

  3. Hi All,

    Is it possible to track out based on Case Number EAC XXX xXX details like name,DOB and Employer and other details.

    Why I got this doubt just anybody can cheat by giving you some Approved case number EAC XXXXXXXX and tell you this is your number !!! bcoz USICS.GOV will give status only based on Case Numbers !! It does not provide details like u r name and date of Birth and other details.

    Plz can some one correct me to get those details like Name , DOB and Employer based on Case Numbers.

    Thanks in Advvance

    • You can ask the employer to share your I-797 C the acknowledgement notice, that document will contain all the details of yours. In that way you can confirm authenticity of the shared petition number.

      • Sri123,

        Your right but with scanned copy only they provided and what is the gaurentte that copy true, can be duplicate, as I said earlier with Approved case number they can photoshop and add u r name and employer details as well then show this is u r approved copy !!


        • Your thought process is funny and at the same time cautious. I never heard this argument “photoshopping” the petition document. I wont say doing that is tough, but the employers may not go to that extent to fool the aspirants.
          All we can do is trust the document they shared at the max.

  4. My h1 was picked up on last year’s 2014 lottery. There was an rfe on h1 and employer responded to that on sep 2014. We raised couple of online queries. And the status change d to decision was mailed. But it doesn’t say it was denied. It just says we would let you know the decision. H1 no is wac***. I am not sure what is to be done. Even the attorney had appmt with USCIS but even that did not change anything. What should I do?? I am currently on h4.

    • Harry… You said you had applied last year 2014 ? And you haven’t received an update after that till now 2015 ?

    • You have to get the original approval notice from your Employer.
      Along with that all the documents should be printed like I-129, LCA, Client Letter if any, supporting documents.
      Once u got everything, schedule an appointment for interview and then stamping.

  5. Ohh No, so sorry to hear that. What that means is that your visa is denied or rejected when they say “approved” it actually means “denied”. I feel so sorry for you dont worry there is always a next time. Tell your employer that you would have to apply again next year.Good Luck 🙂

  6. It is very clear you are here to brag 🙂 If you do not know meaning of the term approved, you do not deserve to work in the US.

  7. FYI , So far what I have noticed s that , all those that have got the approvals are those ,whose received their receipt in April …..
    Those who received in May lik me still have their case status as received.
    So its going in t order of case received date . Lemme know if am right !!!

  8. My current employer filed an H1B visa for me (Masters CAP & PP) and it got approved on April 18. I have all the necessary documents now (Original I 797 and all). The question is : Can I change my employer before October 1 ?? If yes, what should be the process ???

    Thanks in advance.

    • You can not. Because although your petiton has been approved, you are not in H1 status. Your H1 status will begin only when you join your employer on October 1st.

      So, after joining your employer, you can change employer.

  9. Hi All… It seems EAC series have not much case approved and still in case received status. I heard from somewhere that this service centre is bit slow compare to WAC.. let’s see.. I am also in same boat.. :-

    • I guess soooo , randomly when I tried different EAC series , soo many are still in the case received status.
      There are many , Guess we should all wait !!!

  10. I got my receipt on May 1st, and still “case was received” receipt series: EAC151445XXXX …. I think I’ll receive an update on this week!

  11. My Status got Changed to approved on 22nd June
    Regular Processing
    Got picked up this time after last two years unsuccessful attempts

  12. As of 29th Jun : reg non adv : status is still case is received. Got my receipt on May 1st … Anyone got approval in such scenarios during this week? Mine is eac154655xxx series Vermont center

  13. Its June end and my case status still says ” Case was received ” 🙁 🙁 This is really freaking me out . I tried with random nos with my series EAC1514952*** , case status still says the same for them as well.

    • Hi Nomita….Congrats…!! Could u pls share your detail.. like service centre, receipt no.series. and received date.

  14. Hello Kumar,
    What is the meaning of this Status

    At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case. Please contact the NCSC 1 (800) 375-5283 for additional information.

    Can you please Tell

    • Be patient and wait for some time.It means that they facce some update issue on the system.My case was in the same status for 20 days and changed to “Case Received”. So, dont worry.

  15. The following is my status on the H1B:
    Case Was Received At My Local Office

    anybody else got this?
    what does this mean?

    • Yes, I have the same status as yours. Any update on your status “Case shifted to a local office”? Mine is “received at local office”.

  16. – Anybody from Wipro GIMS got approved email? I got an email as selected in lottery on May 12th and no updates after that. Please let me know by when we will know the approved status. Last year by this time, my colleagues got the status.

  17. My status shows that “case was received ” on April 13th,2015. Whats the time period normally it will take to get approved..??

    My friends had same status with same date but been changed to approved. Does it go randomly or with receipt number order. Or any possibility for RFE ??

  18. Hi Friends,
    I got the below status, I didn’t receive any mail regarding this. May be my employer got the details. today evening iam going to call my employer.
    Any suggestions on my status. What could be the reason?

    Request for Additional Evidence Notice Was Mailed

    • Srinivas, Your attorney/ employer would have got a letter outlining the information they require from your employer. The online status does not give you any of that.

      • Hi Kumar, yester day night i check with my employer. he also didn’t get any letter & he told may be he will get in couple of days.

  19. My employer says mine is picked up in lottery but got an RFE.

    What might be the case to get an RFE?
    He says change in the name like

    Family name – Appala Given name – Venkatesh

    But on Passport is it Appala Venkatesh, but in some certifcates and client letter as Venkatesh Appala.

    Will that lead to RFE?

    I applied from Texas.

    • Venkat don’t worry about Certificates, Normally from India they don’t mention your last name in your School / University Certificates unless you EXPLICITLY specify and this everyone knows including USCIS so I don’t think that would be an issue… My Eyes will be only on 3 Things to be neutral ” Name mentioned in Your i129 Receipt Notice // Name mentioned in your Passport // Name Mentioned in your Client Letter. Just have your Attorney to have it Neutralized so all the 3 Documents have the same name. If not that COULD be an issue for your RFE.

  20. I got receipt #.. I applied h1b without client letter, but specified the work location as IBM premise for an external client project.. will there be any possibility for an RFE here…

  21. FYI, one of my friend case was approved.
    Case was approved for the series EAC14753XXX.
    Receipt Date : 29-April-2015
    Approved Date : 22-June-2015

  22. Just to let all those curious people know, there hasn’t been an update on the case status.

    “On April 13, 2015, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WACXXXXXXXXXXXX”

    My petition was filed in California, and my designated Embassy is the one in London, UK.

        • Hi ambiguous, yeah.. From Case Received, status changed to Case Approved. Notice as below

          n June 18, 2015, we approved your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EACXXXXXXXXX. We will mail your approval notice. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

          • your employer received letter from USCIS or not yet. My status changed on 23rd june but employer didnt receive notice yet.

          • Thanks Sri. Helps to know the steps. Some said we should wait for initial review in between, since mine is case received since forever, I was thinking maybe they have’t even touched it. Now I know maybe not so. Things could be happening behind the curtain. Thanks again!

  23. im on the EAC series. my file status still says “case was received” though it was received on april 13. isn’t it taking to much time? should I b worried?

  24. since today morning. the USCIS website is down.
    yesterday i read the same on times that they are facing some technical difficulty.

  25. There was RFE was about educational evaluations and I was asked to send in my sealed transcripts. We replied to it.
    After that the lawyer received a notice asking for the sufficiency of my degree.
    Has this happened before?
    What is the possible outcome?

      • My Degree is in Elec & Telecomm but i have more than 4 yrs exp in Software field.
        Will this cause a problem?

        • Did your Lawyer attach a Credential Evaluation ? Explaining your Degree is as good as a IT Degree equal to a US – IT Degree ?

          • Even am from Electronics branch wit Software experience. Are they giving RFE for all Non-CS branches ???

          • Electronics is not necessarily a CS Degree. It would be better you check with your lawyer if they attached a Credential Evaluation along with your Application.

          • Just had a long chat with the lawyers.
            They said I require a detailed experience letter from my past companies?
            Has anybody got this?
            Do companies provide this?
            Pls help

          • Getting this type of Letters from the Previous Employers is pretty tough. However check with your lawyer if this can be drafted by your Ex Colleague and Notarize it by a Notary Public. That would work. Is your Experience IT related ?

          • I think whatever Manny said should work, because one of my friend did the same. notarizing from her colleague, but the notary is not for Visa purpose but for Job purpose.
            But How i see is, notarizing from ex-colleague holds some weight and may be that can be your last chance.

          • I am still following up with my preevious companies.
            may be if i m lucky enough i can get it…
            many posts online says that its always necessary and the USCIS always asks for this.

            Any ways thanks for ur help Manny & Sri

          • No it is not Necessary “Always” unless USCIS has any doubts on your Experience. Almost 70% they will not ask this type of letters unless if they think that your experience doesn’t match with your qualification..

            What is your Degree & What is your Expertise Area of Experience…

            I can give you some Ideas / Tips…..

    • Check with your lawyer if a degree credential report was attached with H1B. it basically assures USCIS that the degree is equivalent to Bachelors in Engineering in the US. And No, please don’t have a perception that and Electronics grad cannot work in IT/Software.
      Which Univ are you from ? And was your application in the regular quota ?

  26. My case no. is EAC15147XXXXX. Can anyone please update if the 2 months of timeline begins from the received date or the notice date? My notice date is 28th April. So by 29th June my case should have some update.

    • same here ..Notcie date : 29th april .cali center .. no update ?
      did any of you from cali center got approvals recently ?

  27. I have 10 years of IT experience. Applied for H1 and got selected this time on 13th April. On 11th of June, status has been changed to “Notice Explaining USCIS’ Actions Was Mailed”. I am afraid what does it mean. Please anybody can clarify me. What is difference between RFE and this?

    • Alen don’t worry… This could be some additional updates sent out to your lawyer I believe. Since you have done your IT Degree with 10 Years of Experience I don’t see anything to worry… Just call your lawyer and ask him.

    • I dont want to disappoint u but i must tell. I got the same status and got a intent to deny letter in mail. My basis of denial are regarding my Masters degree which is not from a Public university. Did u apply on Advanced degree as well?

      • Al, I am sorry to hear your status was denied. I am not sure what degree does Alen hold. Perhaps once he sees this message he might reply. Let’s wait to hear from Alen from the message trailing.

        • I am having indian MSc in computer science and MCA. Also have been US many times by B1visa. My lawyer did not receive anything from uscis yet. My case is FRESH case.not like F1 to h1. Please let me if anybody has any idea.

          • Hi Alen,

            Is there any update on the status. My Wifes visa also in same state. She is applying from US. Is this status has any relation to applying from US

          • What is the major of your bachelors?
            Ask your employer did they do education evaluation? Is your education is considered equal to bachelor’s in US?
            You can get clarify of this. One of my colleague whose wife did BCA was made to do M.Tech to qualify for H1B.

          • Vinod, No this has no relation with applying from US. H1B is neutral be it you apply from US or Africa. I am inclining more on Credential Evaluation or more on some document which has not being attached by Alen’s Lawyer.

            @ Sri: Don’t worry BCA is very much accepted by USCIS, Just that you need to ensure that your wife has attached a 3 Year Full Time Experience related to her BCA Degree ( Computer Field or IT Field) Be it Storage / Backup / Windows / Unix or DBA Administrator and a Education Evaluation from a Recognized Governing body and she is good to go.

      • Anybody from H4 to H1 got “Notice Explaining USCIS’ Actions Was Mailed” and any updates you would want to share.

  28. Hi All,

    Can anyone of you please provide the inputs on the below H1B status

    On June 8th, 2015, We updated your name for your I-129 form, petition of non-immigrant worker.

    Thanks in advance.

    • This does not mean much.. Probably some officer updated your name in the case history or started working on your case. Mostly, wait till mid-July to get a result or probably sooner..
      P.S: I have the same status so do update once your status changes.

    • I also have the same status. I had an issue with my name in my I-797C and attorney has followed up with a request, after 15 days the status was changed to My Name was updated.
      Its been a month, there is no update yet on the case.
      Waiting for approval.

  29. How many of u are still in the starting stage : “Case Received” ?? Where the officer has not even touched t case..
    Anyone in t Same boat ???

  30. Hello All,
    Is anyone is knowing about the next step after accepting in lottery?

    What would be the tentative date of interview in embassy?
    What type of question we would expect from them?
    How much rejection rate we have seen in past at the time of visa stamping.

    I would also request redbus2us admins to come and share there experience so that every one would be aware on next process.

      • Kumar, that would be awesome. Please mention what documents may be needed, what are the few tips that should be followed etc.
        That will be really helpful.

  31. Hi , is there someone who’s petition has been Approved apart from a Computer science engineering branch ?? Like eg : Telecom , Mechanical , electronics branch …
    Please reply

  32. Hi Friends,

    I am having Valid H1 b Visa. we got this on 2014 quota. but my sponsor H1 company don’t have proper clients to get visa stamping. need your help to find new company who will take care of H1 transfer and visa stamping. Please help me to find proper companies.

  33. Hi Friends,

    I am having Valid H1 b Visa. we got this on 2014 quota. but my sponsor H1 company don’t have proper clients to get visa stamping. need your help to find new company who will take care of H1 transfer and visa stamping. Please help me to find proper companies.

  34. Hi Team,

    FYI: I have got my h1b case approved via consultant processing.
    Kindly brief me , whats next for me esp w.r.t timeline?
    what I should check with my consultant ?


    • congrates..!!!! could u pls share detail of which service centre your case assigned? also its PP or RP?

      your query: as per my knowledge, now USCIS will send docs to your employer and he will send to you for visa.. This is just my knowledge no any legal advice.

      • Hi,

        Its RP and from EAC series.
        Any idea when the visa application process may commence tentatively ?
        As I am planning to get my passport too updated with spouse details. Should this process time delay could impact my visa process ?


    • This is weird, The only thing we can comment on this when you see the notice. Check with your employer or attorney. By the way did you file this from US or from your home country ?

    • Hi AI,
      I also got the same status. Did you receive the notice? Do you know what should we do for this situation? I really appreciate it.

        • Oh No…Did USCIS mentioned the reason why they denied your case? I thought normally they will send out the RFE if they want to deny a case. Are you going to appeal? Thank you very much for your help.

          • it was denial based on the reason that the university i did masters from is not qualified for master degree exemption. I checked that with the university and they confirmed that. I applied in advanced degree quota. They asked for evidence but i have nothing to provide because university confirmed ineligibility already.

        • Hi,

          Could you tell me the name of the university as nobody in the future should take admission to avoid such hard result…

          • Strayer University
            But please note, UCSIS explicitly stated that masters degree from only non-profit university can be counted against Masters cap. That means only state universities qualify.

  35. Hi All,
    My H1B was filed as Premium processing. I got an RFE sometime back.

    Last week my employer sent the docs and the status now changed as “Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received”.

    My confusions are
    1. My case is Still under premium processing?
    2. If so, why USCIS said that it will take 60 days to make decision?

      • I would also suggest to check the same with your attorney. However, USCIS currently is not processing PP cases for H1 till July 31st due to H4EAD apllications. Though I suppose you do not fall under the category, as your’s is a fresh H1..

        • @DD
          What is the source for “However, USCIS currently is not processing PP cases for H1 till July 31st due to H4EAD applications”?

      • Hi rajesh , Mine is EAC1514952*** , is this the same series , i mean the next two digits after 149??? Ven did you receive your petition ??
        Mine is still in the case received status 🙁 🙁

    • Mine is also EAC15146###.
      Haven’t received anything yet. “Case was received” date is 13th April 2015. Isn’t 2 months over? Should we not start receiving the status update (Approval/RFE/Denial) ?

      • My case,showing,last updated on 4/27 and status is case was received
        Please update,till when we have to wait for any status update?I mean is there any dead line?

  36. My current company exp around 5 years and selected in H1b. But i don’t have previous company exp letter and the company closed due to financial crisis.will go to rfe? any idea.Apart from this everything is fine..Guyz Pls share your experience

    • In your case the letter from ex-colleague with his sign that you were working and what is your experience should be enough for the previous experience letter. That’s the common document even accepted during I-140 approval.

    • Don’t worry… Get your previous experience notarized from a Notary and have a Ex-Employee of that same company sign that in front of the Notary.. That document will not raise any questions.


  37. Hi all,
    Anyone from CTS chennai got RFE status. If yes, how much time it will take to reach the questionare, after your status change in uscis. could you please share the question as well…


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