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USCIS H1B 2022 Registration, Lottery Dates – March 9th to 25th

If you are planning to apply for H1B Visa this upcoming H1B Visa 2022 season, it is critical that you know the exact dates. Today, USCIS announced the dates for registration, process, and other details. In this article, we will cover all those details.

Summary of USCIS H1B 2022 Registration and Lottery Dates News

Below is the summary of the news alert by USCIS and summary of all the updates they have done to the H1B registration, H1B filings pages.

H1B Registration, Lottery, Results Timeline

Below is the high-level details of the dates and what H1B 2022 activity would be done or needs to be done by employer or attorney.  

DateH1B Visa FY 2022 Season Activity
March 9th, 2021H1B Registration process starts at 12 Noon EST. Employers, Attorneys can start to submit registrations
March 25th, 2021H1B Registration Period closes at 12 noon EST. This is the deadline for submission of H1B registrations. After 12 noon on March 25th, Eastern Time, you cannot submit H1B registrations.
March 31st, 2021USCIS announces H1B Lottery results. USCIS will notify the selected H1B registrants, if they were selected in Lottery.  The lottery will be conducted only, if there are more registrations than the required H1B Visa Cap of 85,000 are filed.  
April 1st, 2021The earliest date, when you can start filing the H1B petition for FY 2022 Season.  You need valid H1B LCA and all other required documentation to submit the H1B entire package
June 30th, 2021Deadline to file H1B petitions, if you were selected in H1B Lottery & notified to file H1B petition.  USCIS gives 90 days to submit the H1B registrations starting from April 1st, 2021.  
H1B 2022 Registration Dates, Lottery Dates

Lottery Selection Process – Random Selection:  USCIS confirmed that will be using random selection based H1B Lottery for the upcoming H1B 2022 season. Originally, they planned to use H1B Wage Levels for H1B lottery, but since Biden administration has taken office, they have reviewed it and announced that they are delaying the Wage Levels based H1B Lottery selection rule until December 31st, 2021. Read H1B Lottery – Wage Levels Based Delayed

H1B Registration Filing Fee : USCIS confirmed that employers need to pay $10 fee for each H1B Registration submitted on behalf of a beneficiary. This has not changed from last year and it is the same.  This fee is only for registration. But, the actual H1B filing Fee can range anywhere from $1,710 USD to $7,910 USD. You can read What is H1B Filing Fee – Who Pays for What ? to get full idea.

Applicant Details Needed for H1B Registration:  Below are the details that need to be submitted in the H1B registration tool online. No other additional information is needed for the registration process. All other details like LCA, other proofs is required for actual filing of H1B petition after getting selected in lottery.  You can read H1B Petition filing Checklist – What not to give

• Legal Name (First, Middle and Last name)
• Gender
• Option related to US Master’s Quota Eligibility
• Date of Birth
• Country of Birth
• Country of Citizenship
• Passport Number (If no passport, there is an option to check a box)

H1B Registration Process, Tool:  The H1B registration Process is exactly same as last year and no changes to the process. Employers & attorney are required to use the online H1B registration system to submit the H1B registrations. They will pay the required fee and submit the registrations as per the standard flow in the system. Read H1B Registration Online Tool – Screenshots to see how the screens look.

H1B Registration Process Flow :  The general process of H1B registration is same as last year. First, Employers or Attorneys work together and submit the H1B registrations online during the filing window and then they will be notified online on the status. There will not be any physical forms or notifications sent.  After selection, employer can submit the H1B petitions. For all details read Guide to H1B Registration Process End to End

H1B Confirmation Number:  USCIS said they will assign a confirmation number for each of the H1B registration filed in the online system. That number will be used for tracking registrations and it cannot be used by applicants to check the case status online. This is no different from previous year. You can check sample H1B registration selection notice that has the beneficiary confirmation number to get an idea.

You can watch the below video as well to get the summary of the news release on H1B 2022 dates.

H1B Registration Status, Lottery Selection Notification: Similar to last year, there will be below statuses that will be next to each of the H1B registrations submitted during the fiscal year, depending on the status of the registration like selected or not, or any issues.   The H1B registrants or employers will be getting the selection notifications like last year.  Below are the various status that will be shown and the details.

H1B Registration StatusMeaning of Registration Status
SubmittedThis status is set, if the H1B registration was submitted properly and eligible for selection. This status will also be seen after the initial selection round and if the registration is eligible for future lottery selection
SelectedThis status is seen, if the applicant was selected in the H1B Lottery process. If you see this status, you can file the H1B petition with USCIS.
Not SelectedThis status is set, if the applicant was not picked in lottery and not eligible to file the H1B petition anymore with USCIS for the season
DeniedIf there were duplicate registrations submitted for the same applicant by same employer, then they will show denied status. In this case, the applicant has lost chance and cannot file the h1B petition.
Invalidated-Failed PaymentThis status is shown, if the registration was submitted but for some reason the payment did not go through like it was declined.

H1B Registration Process Common FAQs : We have compiled all the common FAQs from previous year’s experience like submitting duplicates, LCA details, etc. and other questions. Read 29 FAQs on H1B Registration – Duplicate Filings, Results, Fee.

USCIS Public Engagements : USCIS said that they will do public engagements with all stakeholders to inform on the process and said the users should check the online USCIS.gov H1B registrations page for updates, FAQs.

Official News , Updates : Below is the H1B registration Alert that was circulated for the stakeholders by USCIS. You may or may not find it in USCIS news alerts website. But all the USCIS pages are updated, if you check them.

H1B 2022 - Registration News Alert - Dates by USCIS
H1B 2022 – Registration News Alert – Dates by USCIS

What do you think of the H1B registration Dates, process? Share your thoughts in comments.


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  1. Hi Kumar,
    I need some suggestion. I am currently working with employer A on L1B and visa expires in Dec 2021. I have got H1B approved with employer B ( COS denied and went into Consulate process and not stamped yet). Got some internal offer from employer A ready to sponsor i-140 and with good hike. Employer B haven’t shared he approved petition but I have half of the page from i-797B which contains the receipt number and validity info. My question is *, _Can employer A apply for COS from L1B to H1 with those information or not_* ? Thank you

  2. Guys, need ur expert advise on my case as it still shows “March 26, 2019 Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received”, Is there any chance for approval?
    March 26, 2019 Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received
    January 28, 2019 We mailed a request for additional evidence for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker.
    April 12, 2018 We received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker.

  3. Hi ,

    From your previous videos, I understand multiple applications are subjected to rejection of all the applications. When you say multiple applications ,are they from same employer or from different employers ? can we have multiple registrations from different employers?

  4. Hi Kumar,

    I applied H1 last year for 2021 and got RFE in Jan last week. Can I apply new H1 again this year for 2022 since My current H1 got RFE. Can you please suggest.

  5. How many people do you think will be applying for this year’s H-1B lottery? Will it be more difficult or less difficult to get selected compared to last year?

  6. Hi, How about the PERM process, is it still based on the new wage level which was set to begin this July for both H1b and PERM process.


      • Hi, kumar
        I am on STEM OPT extension. I work full time with 3 different employers and they are not related with each other. This year is my last chance to apply H1B.As far as I know that multiple employers can apply h1B registration for the same beneficiary.

        My question is what should I do if my profile pick up by more than one employer. Should I select only one employer and go through them or I have to go through both of them? How does that work? Please answer.


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