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News: Over 236,000 Petitions Received for H1B 2017. Lottery Done !

Wow, it has been a crazy day with some surprise news from attorneys saying that they received H1B Receipt Notices for their premium processing cases. It clearly indicated that lottery was done and we were just waiting for the official press note from USCIS.  Anyways, as you know, the H1B cap for FY 2017 reached on April 7th and finally, we have an official press note from USCIS. Below is the quick summary of the details.

Summary of the USCIS Official Press Alert on H1B FY 2017 Lottery, Cap Completion

  • Total H1B Petitions in Lottery: USCIS received a staggering number of over 236,000 petitions for H1B FY 2017 Quota during the standard 5 day filing period between April 1st and April 7th, 2016.
  • Masters Quota : USCIS received more than the cap of 20,000 set aside for US Masters degree quota. We do not have any split on how many were filed under masters quota and regular quota, all we have been updated by USCIS is that the overall number is over 236,000 petitions for FY 2017 quota.
  • Lottery Process for H1B 2017 : USCIS indicated on April 9th, that they conducted computer generated random selection, popularly called as H1B lottery for the total over 236,0000 petitions received to pick the required petitions for regular cap of 65,000 and masters cap of 20,000 petitions.
    • Masters Quota Lottery : First a lottery was conducted for the US Masters degree H1B petitions to select the 20,000 petitions. The petitions that were not selected in this first round were added back to the regular quota pool of applications and lottery was conducted on the entire pool of applications to pick the required 65,000 petitions required for regular quota. This is no different from previous years and you may read H1B Lottery Process
    • Petitions Not Selected in Lottery: USCIS indicated that they will reject and return all the petitions that were not selected in the FY 2017 lottery with the filing fee, unless they identify that the petition is duplicate filing by same employer for same or related job roles to trick the system of lottery selection for better odds.
  • H1B 2017 Premium Processing Details : USCIS indicated earlier that premium processing will begin no later than May 16th, 2016. It means that, if your petition is filed under premium the clock of 15 calendar days starts from May 16th.  As we have already seen many attorneys getting receipts, they may process the petitions earlier as well, but the 15 days SLA for premium processing starts from May 16th, that’s the idea.
    • For FY 16, they said that it would be no later than May 11th ( later moved to April 27th after lottery) and for FY 15 it was April 27th. You can see that the initial forecast of the dates are further pushed for this year by 5 days…it tells us that they are anticipating more petitions. You should read H1B Visa 2017 Lottery Predictions Analysis
    • Cap Exempt H1B Petitions: The current press alert is only for FY 2017 H1B cap quota stating that it is completed. As always, all the H1B cap exempt petitions will be accepted all year long, which falls under the below categories :
      • Changes in H1B employment terms, contract
      • Previously H1B cap counted Applications
      • H1B extensions
      • H1B Transfers
      • Concurrent working second H1B petitions

Our H1B Predictions for FY 2017 – Actual Results : We have indicated in our H1B 2017 predictions article couple of things, first one is that we expect lottery and second one is that we expect about  230,000  to 250,000 petitions.   We are proud to say that both of our predictions are correct.   Firstly, USCIS had lottery for FY 2017 quota and secondly, they received about 236,000 petitions. Hope our predictions, let some of you plan ahead !

What can you expect in next few weeks or months?

All I can tell you my friends is that it is going to be a very long wait for many of the H1B Applicants, who filed petition for FY 2017 quota.  With our experience, we can tell you one thing, stay calm and continue to focus on what you are doing…you may feel the pain and anxiety, when others report that they received case number and some post indicating that they got approval… As we have an active discussion always on H1B Visa 2017 Page, I suggest you all not to hurt anyone with your comments or post rumours misleading people. Please do NOT get into fight or write hate speech ! Let’s keep the forum friendly and help one another as everyone goes through this tough waiting period.  I suggest you add your H1B case to our H1B Case Tracker and keep it up to date, so that everyone get some high level info and take necessary action as needed.

What are your thoughts on this FY 2017 Quota and Lottery ?

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Various Steps, Case Status and Flow on what happens after H1B Lottery – Read Whats Next After H1B Lottery and Flow Chart


Official USCIS Tweet on this with press release


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    • @Krishna,
      I am in the same board, Non-AD/Premium/Vermont.
      I think we should not expect anything at this point. From what I read here, most of the attorney already got the positive emails.
      My lawyer keeps saying there is still a chance, but I guess thats her job. She cant just say “You Lost” until probably end of May.

    • They started processing for AD/RP from yesterday , so it may take another week for NON-AD/RP ….

      i think AD/PP and NON-AD/PP are almost done

      • Hi Satish, are you sure you got a mail from your attorney or an email? If you got a mail AD/RP probably started earlier than yesterday because regular mails sent from VT might take a couple of days to reach the different law firms.

  1. Hi!
    My employer gave a mail on 12.04.2016
    ‘We are pleased to inform you that your H1 application is been processed for USCIS under the 2016 quota’
    What does it mean.

  2. I had paid Premium Processing fee from my pocket but H1B fees was paid by my employer. And I checked my Bank account this morning. It shows a transaction of 1,225$ in processing with title “ACH HOLD CSC FIELD OFFICE DES:PAYMENT ON 04/19”.
    Does that mean my case is picked up? Is PP fees charged only when the case is picked up??? I have emailed my lawyer but haven’t heard from them yet. Never in my life I had hoped for my Bank balance to go down this desperately!!!!!

  3. Hello friends,
    I have been reading all your comments for the last 2weeks or so. It’s nice that see there are so many people in the same boat as I ☺. It would have been great if all of us who applied got our visas, but it is not to be. As I understand.,this is pure luck. This is my first time, yet I admit I have this side thought about H1b. I am amazed there are people who are applying for their third time!!
    If I don’t get selected, I guess I will be disappointed. But I have plan B and that is stay in my home country and try a other time.
    I wish luck to all of us. May all your dreams come true. And if did not this time, may be it will in your next attempt!!


  4. April 19, still no email from attorney. Non-AD/PP/Vermont.
    Lost hope when I had no news last Friday. Its obviously I lost the lottery, I would have known something so far.
    Congrats to everyone who won!

    • @Maria do not lose hope until May 15th. As i read here that USCIS is sending 3500 Applications daily. so you still have chance. Stay Positive

      • Thanks, but I am talking about emails to attorneys with Case number.
        If my case was selected in a lottery, my lawyer should have received an email with case number, and he didnt.

        • @Maria that’s true if your case was selected that way your attorney will receive email confirmation with receipt no. automatically and than your attorney will send you the mail confirmation.
          But this is also true that USCIS is still sending emails for selected candidates. So fingers Crossed…

          • Yes. I just confirmed this with my attorney as well. They’re receiving PP today.

            I don’t why PP people give up now when they’re still issuing receipts!

          • @Maria its not 30th April. You have chance till May 15th. So keep praying for your self and believe me soon you will get an email from your attorney.

  5. Hi, a half of my colleagues’ checks to USCIS have been cashed but the rest including mine didnt. Does it mean there is no chance for me, given usually all the packages from the same company processed at the same batch? I’m the rp ad. Thanks.

  6. AD/PP – 3rd attempt

    Received email from Attorney that petition is picked in lottery

    Attempt no 0 (FY14)- Contract got over in March2013 – couldn’t find the employer to file visa

    Attempt no 1 (FY15)- AD/PP – Didn’t get picked in lottery

    Attempt no 2 (Fy16) – AD/RP – Didn’t get picked in lottery – OPT over- Enrolled into IInd Masters

    Attempt no 3 (FY17)- AD/PP – FINALLY got lucky-

    I hope everyone who were not lucky earlier gets Visa this year. All the best!

      • @SK i can assure you that he might have got his CPT from UNNJ which is a fake university setup by homeland security. He is going to be in trouble very soon.
        Don’t even think of getting admit in such universities this my advice.

        • @First Timer – You cant be sure- I am not from UNNJ, I went to Sullivan University
          – University has very strict rules
          – Student attend college without fail
          – You need have CPT agreement with employer
          – Authorized under federal law by the Department of Homeland Security – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (DHS-USICE) as an eligible institution for the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) to enroll non-immigrant students
          – recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation

    • Of course yes. That is what PP meant to be. Last year with RP i got my updates in July mid and this year with PP, i got my updates within just 15 days only.

        • last time i got an update that my petition didn’t get selected in july mid and this time i got an update that my petition has been selected. I got this update from my attorney but of course my attorney got this update from USCIS.

      • PP is for faster processing. If you are interested to know whether your application got picked up or not , you can always check with the DSO of your University as USCIS updates the SEVIS first with the receipt number even before the checks get encashed. Last year within 10 days of lottery i got my receipt number from my DSO .

        • @ChaltiKaNaamGaadi i don’t think this is true with all F-1 students… my case was picked up in lottery and got the receipt no. by my attorney but there is no update in my SEVIS records. I checked that with my DSO

          • Talking about RP, for PP Attorney gets the notification even before they encash the check. This is the general trend i am following for last 2 years atleast

          • @ChaltiKaNaamGaadi lets see what happens… waiting for approval. fingers crossed…
            Do you have any idea about Approval Ratio ? little curious to know about it

  7. AD/RP/VT
    Have you guys started getting receipt for RP .
    Last time was 233000 , now its 235,000 hahahahha . dont fancy much chances anymore.
    Ghar Wapsi ~~~~

    • Hi all,
      I have applied through an employer, he gave a fedex no as it belongs to my petetion, it’s showing delivered status but name is not there only from & to city names
      Kindly clear my doubt , does it won’t contain applicant name.

    • Home land/USCIS, should pass a bill stating all OPT Candidates should apply for H1 only during the end of their OPT term of the fiscal year. And they should have a system installed to track all the duplicate applications and return them even before the lottery. This way the number will go low drastically.

  8. I am in a training session but my mind is unable to get away from that H1B thing. Its my first time only but still very tensed, I can understand how people with third attempt feel. All the best everyone.

  9. sign this petition to block multi petitionersand add the body shopping company names if u know:-


  10. Friends,i am Non-AD/PP/VT and work for one of the top 10 companies of world.Going through highly frustrating time…as did not hear any update from my lawyer BAL Global.They r so frustrating..dont even respond on mails frequently.

    My wife is also going through same situation…and she is also Non- AD/PP/VT Sa,with fragomen…no updates for her as well.

    Seems our time is not good…as l1 going to expire soon and do nt want to go back.have some prayers for us.I think the body shopping companies are killing all of us..they adding so many of fake resumes and multiple petitions.

  11. Hi all,

    I applied through two different employer’s. I got picked from one of them. (Non ad /pp)
    So, what will happen to the other one.(non ad / reg.)
    1. If not selected, will I get my money back.
    2. If it get selected, what would be best option to do it. Should I have to tell him to cancel it. Though I have a preference of the employer.
    Any advice would help me a lot.

    This site is of great help on all my last 3 attempts.
    All the best to everyone who is waiting to get the receipt.. Keep cal m and keep trying guys. Your prayers will be answered.

    • Hi Raj,

      Answer1: Never say you will get your money back. It is ILLEGAL and if your post is some how monitored by authorities, you will be deported back to india. Employee should not pay money for the H1B. It is always the employer who has to pay. And yeah, you will get your money.

      Answer2 : you can choose which employer you want to work for .


      • people like you misusing h1b visa system.2/3/4/lottery petitions through paid fraud agencies,plz make your name public..i need to report to uscis.

    • I wish I knew you. I would have reported you to the authorities. Because of people like you who pay to get multiple visa filed through random consultants, so many genuine people lose out of in the race.

    • @ Nam- Mate u need to relax and get some sleep, H1 is not your life alrite ! You have better things to do in life other than worrying about this H-1 Mafia. Cheers mate, neways good luck.

      • Thanks Mac, like you said it is definitely not everything! But getting a Visa or not will have a huge impact on not only everything I do but the people around me too… When my GM says she prays for you everyday and my coworkers would ask about it every now and then, I honestly would feel like I let them down if I dont get it, even though its out of my touch. Never been this cliche, amazing how this H1B wait does to you!

  12. I had almost given up on this lottery especially after reading some comments on this blog. I would say be patient and wait until the very end, non of us here work for USCIS so any statistics and opinions you get here mean nothing! I got my receipt today for AD/PP/California. There is still hope!

  13. HCL INFRA – Does anyone have an update as to when ISG would start rolling out the list. iAura is closed not and GIS application does not have any data.

  14. Since I’ve seen multiple questions on this, I would like to get this clear.

    You can change employers before Oct 1. Its just not called “H1 transfer” because technically, a trasfer would be if you were already on H1 and changing employers. But since you’re on F1 while changing employers, it is a ‘new’ application instead.

    The only additional document you have to provide is the approval notice you received for you first petition. This is to prove that you were already counted in the cap for H-1B 2017.

  15. Hello guys. First of all I would like to wish all of you Good Luck whatever the result of this process may be. We are here, reading this comments, because we are Educated and Smart. I know it is hard but keep in mind that when a door closes a window opens up… I failed to get my H1B after I graduate with my bachelor and I thought it was the end of the world. I then enrolled in school again, may company gave me a scholarship, and the school gave me in state tuition. Now, out of nowhere I have a Master’s, something very important. All I am saying, there is a future for all of us, no matter what… I am AD/RP, I guess I will be waiting along time to know what happen with my application, but be sure if I get it there will be a huge party in my neighborhood. If not, I will go Vacation!:) Good Luck you all! Heads up

  16. Hi if the h1 is picked and approved, can we change the employer..after approval or do we have to wait till October. Please advise.

    • Hope this helps. If you are not in US and h1 is approved and you want to change employer after that, then it is very tricky. Most of the times USCIS doesn’t approve such transfers. You will have to run some payroll with the h1 employer and then go for transfer.

        • You can get it transferred before arriving to US. Just get a valid employer and do not pay for your visa. Try transfer only after Oct 1.

          • Hmm, I have known some cases of my friends which got approved for transfer and some of them didn’t. just recently happened to one of my friends. Maybe there are other factors that come into play like reputation of first h1 applied employer. I am not aware of them though.

    • If you are currently on F1-OPT visa status, it is always safe to change employer after H1B starts, which is typically Oct 1st. If you apply transfer before Oct 1st, USCIS may question that, how can you apply for a H1B transfer before you convert your visa status from F1 OPT to H1B.

    • You can even transfer before October, but need to have receipt copy..You need ot be in US..If you are not in US, it is little tought and apporval is based on VO.

      • @Maria don’t loose your hope. You still have chance till May 15th… I am also NON-AD/PP/VT Center… got email notification from attorney last Friday.

        • May 15th?
          I read all emails would be sent by the end of this week (April 22).
          So if my attorney did not get anything on Friday April 22 it means my case was not selected in a lottery.

          • @Maria as per latest update from USCIS says “As announced on March 16, 2016, USCIS will begin premium processing for H-1B cap cases no later than May 16, 2016.”

            so as per there email notification they will be sending email notification till May 15th

  17. Hi friends,

    i did apply for H1B this time with PP. This was my 2nd and last try and guess what. I got an email from my attorney on Friday to inform me that my petition has been selected 🙂

    Last year my result didn’t come upto July mid as it was in regular processing but this time i just got the update in just 15 days. Its really quick and good news 🙂

    I know waiting for the result is not good at all, it needs so much patience and at the other side, we even can’t do anything except waiting until we get any updates.

    Wish you all the best everyone here. Stay positive, stay blessed.

  18. Hello ..
    Can we still expect receipts for Non-AD/PP from CA service center… or are we done with PP processing receipts.

    I have seen fairly large number of receipts being sent out from VER service center.

  19. Am I assuming correctly that it is not game over for Calif./non-AD/PP yet? That this might be the deciding week? I am confused by the comment on the ImmigrationGirl site that she had already received 25% of receipts for this group (the total would be, based on the lottery chances, 30%) but at the same time I don’t think I have seen a single Calif./non-AD/PP success report on this site yet.

  20. Any News on Regular process from VC center? So far it seems AD and PP I can see picked, may be we need to wait till next week I guess, but I head from company USCIS sending mails to RP not able to see any comments

    • I think, till now i did’t see any RP receipts from multiple forums updates. we have to wait one more week for Regular process.

    • Any idea , when Regular Processing receipts will start by USCIS ??To know the result, whether its picked in the lottery or not??

  21. If my case is not selected in lottery then do they send mail after they are done with all the selected cases?? Expert advise appreciated..

    • No email will be sent to your attorney, it is a waiting game until the application packet is returned with all the checks and a rejection notice.


  22. You mentioned “USCIS indicated that they will reject and return all the petitions that were not selected in the FY 2017 lottery with the filing fee, unless they identify that the petition is duplicate filing by same employer for same or related job roles to trick the system of lottery selection for better odds.” – Does this mean USCIS will conduct another lottery, or how is this situation dealt with when there are multiple application for same person?

    • Jaspreet,
      No, they will NOT conduct another lottery. They will just reject all the petitions filed for that individual with multiple applications.

  23. To All Non-AD Indian folks,

    Those who did not make it Or desperately trying multiple times: I was in the same boat last year applying from an MNC. Did not make it thru the lottery.

    I’m now in Singapore. Happy. There are many countries in the world like Sgp, UK, Aus, Europe etc for opportunities. Search and go as there is less competition in these places. U just need knowledge. Not much luck is required like H1 B which requires lots of luck along with knowledge.

    Just a personal opinion from my experience.

    To those who did AD/Masters: You guyz have no option but to keep trying. All the Best.

    • I second you. This is my third and last try for H1B. I’m gonna move to non US account after next month within my company.

    • Well Said.. Only L1 Visa and Swiss Work Permit is tough to get and can’t be obtained by Money 🙂 All other countries PR can be easily obtained either through immigration consultant or yourself can sponsor visa on own or Move to non us accounts.
      Canada , AUS , Germany , Japan, SG , Malaysia etc has enough IT jobs and if people think only US gives Opportunity , life style etc ask people working in Scandinavian countries about the employee benefits.

  24. Good News Guys… Got an email from attorney that my case is selected in lottery.
    NON-AD/PP Vermont Service Center…
    Can anyone tell me that how long they will take to process the application now….

  25. No news yet…. It’s regular quota…if it is rejected then when can I hear about that?? Is there any deadline to get info about my lottery status?? If someone can help me on this…

  26. I am not completely sure about the difference of PP and regular processing in the lottery phase. As per my understanding the PP doesn’t count in the lottery phase and just speed up the process of visa approval for those selected in the lottery. Having said that, I thought curious why I see on this website the approvals in the lottery were only those who payed the PP? Can anyone clarify?

    • Thats my thought too.
      Regular or Premium should not make it faster to receive an email with a case number. This said, I think even if RP get emails, it doesnt meant that all PP were already emailed to the lawyers.
      I hope there is still hope for PP until end of next week.

    • Alex,

      When it comes to random selection, there is no difference b/w PP and non-PP. However, the notifications are sent to selected PP petitions first as they have an SLA of being done by May 31. That is why all receipts are currently being generated for PP petitions. Once they are done w/ PP, they would issue receipts for non-PP.

      • @Saurabh

        I see people here talking about a mix of RP and PP numbers from CA center today. What does that mean? Should PP people still have hope after today?

        Thank you!

        • Amituofo,

          It is difficult to say w/ certainty but I think they will start sending out only when bulk of PPs have been issued receipts. So you may still see few PPs trickling down, but most of the receipts now should be RP.

        • Few people received PP emails today also but they are very few. I think few more PP emails will trickle in next 1-2 days, after that it may freeze. This weekend people with Regular processing may start getting snail mails. By next weekend most of the people would come to know thier fate. Good luck to all….

  27. Hearty congratulations to all who are selected. Good luck and God speed. May be the force be with you.

    • It would take some time… Since we are getting mails for non AD/PP receipts, you can expect for regular receipts around April end


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