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News: Over 236,000 Petitions Received for H1B 2017. Lottery Done !

Wow, it has been a crazy day with some surprise news from attorneys saying that they received H1B Receipt Notices for their premium processing cases. It clearly indicated that lottery was done and we were just waiting for the official press note from USCIS.  Anyways, as you know, the H1B cap for FY 2017 reached on April 7th and finally, we have an official press note from USCIS. Below is the quick summary of the details.

Summary of the USCIS Official Press Alert on H1B FY 2017 Lottery, Cap Completion

  • Total H1B Petitions in Lottery: USCIS received a staggering number of over 236,000 petitions for H1B FY 2017 Quota during the standard 5 day filing period between April 1st and April 7th, 2016.
  • Masters Quota : USCIS received more than the cap of 20,000 set aside for US Masters degree quota. We do not have any split on how many were filed under masters quota and regular quota, all we have been updated by USCIS is that the overall number is over 236,000 petitions for FY 2017 quota.
  • Lottery Process for H1B 2017 : USCIS indicated on April 9th, that they conducted computer generated random selection, popularly called as H1B lottery for the total over 236,0000 petitions received to pick the required petitions for regular cap of 65,000 and masters cap of 20,000 petitions.
    • Masters Quota Lottery : First a lottery was conducted for the US Masters degree H1B petitions to select the 20,000 petitions. The petitions that were not selected in this first round were added back to the regular quota pool of applications and lottery was conducted on the entire pool of applications to pick the required 65,000 petitions required for regular quota. This is no different from previous years and you may read H1B Lottery Process
    • Petitions Not Selected in Lottery: USCIS indicated that they will reject and return all the petitions that were not selected in the FY 2017 lottery with the filing fee, unless they identify that the petition is duplicate filing by same employer for same or related job roles to trick the system of lottery selection for better odds.
  • H1B 2017 Premium Processing Details : USCIS indicated earlier that premium processing will begin no later than May 16th, 2016. It means that, if your petition is filed under premium the clock of 15 calendar days starts from May 16th.  As we have already seen many attorneys getting receipts, they may process the petitions earlier as well, but the 15 days SLA for premium processing starts from May 16th, that’s the idea.
    • For FY 16, they said that it would be no later than May 11th ( later moved to April 27th after lottery) and for FY 15 it was April 27th. You can see that the initial forecast of the dates are further pushed for this year by 5 days…it tells us that they are anticipating more petitions. You should read H1B Visa 2017 Lottery Predictions Analysis
    • Cap Exempt H1B Petitions: The current press alert is only for FY 2017 H1B cap quota stating that it is completed. As always, all the H1B cap exempt petitions will be accepted all year long, which falls under the below categories :
      • Changes in H1B employment terms, contract
      • Previously H1B cap counted Applications
      • H1B extensions
      • H1B Transfers
      • Concurrent working second H1B petitions

Our H1B Predictions for FY 2017 – Actual Results : We have indicated in our H1B 2017 predictions article couple of things, first one is that we expect lottery and second one is that we expect about  230,000  to 250,000 petitions.   We are proud to say that both of our predictions are correct.   Firstly, USCIS had lottery for FY 2017 quota and secondly, they received about 236,000 petitions. Hope our predictions, let some of you plan ahead !

What can you expect in next few weeks or months?

All I can tell you my friends is that it is going to be a very long wait for many of the H1B Applicants, who filed petition for FY 2017 quota.  With our experience, we can tell you one thing, stay calm and continue to focus on what you are doing…you may feel the pain and anxiety, when others report that they received case number and some post indicating that they got approval… As we have an active discussion always on H1B Visa 2017 Page, I suggest you all not to hurt anyone with your comments or post rumours misleading people. Please do NOT get into fight or write hate speech ! Let’s keep the forum friendly and help one another as everyone goes through this tough waiting period.  I suggest you add your H1B case to our H1B Case Tracker and keep it up to date, so that everyone get some high level info and take necessary action as needed.

What are your thoughts on this FY 2017 Quota and Lottery ?

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Various Steps, Case Status and Flow on what happens after H1B Lottery – Read Whats Next After H1B Lottery and Flow Chart


Official USCIS Tweet on this with press release


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  1. Why lottery status checking is not online and so confidential? Just to check if selected or not selected .. I am sure before random lottery process they would have entered First Name, Last Name, DOB etc. and triggered lottery. It means all status is known in last week. Why it is not disclosed online? Is there one more round lottery in case … to REFILL lottery selected petition rejected ? I am not sure .. Just wondering in this computerized world .. we all waiting like 18th century. Any thoughts?

    • Probably computer selects only 1000 Lucky people per day 🙂 and intimated over e-mail in case of PP and others by mail.

      • Some times Lottery status is notified June-July … just to know lottery status … this indirectly affects personal commitment I believe.

    • i agree with you,they being so intelligent and automated in all the fields not sure,why they keeping it so secret process.

  2. Mine is AD/PP. What is the ideal timeline to know that you are not selected? When do we receive any official communication?

  3. Hi Guys,

    Just got word that I got selected. Regular Cap / Premium processing / Vermont. As of 18:30 UK time.

    All the best to everyone.

    • I just spoke to my attorney a while ago. He said they haven’t received a single regular petition. So just be patient and keep your fingers crossed.

      • Guys good news… just got an email from attorney that my case is selected…
        Best of luck for all who applied…

  4. Hi
    .it is premium processing from San fransico center. Haven’t received any email.

    It means that it is not selected in lottery?

  5. any body from LIN got receipt numbers…my application was from seattle, so I guess it has gone to nebraska service center…still waiting AD/PP

    • any body from LIN got receipt numbers…my application was from seattle, so I guess it has gone to nebraska service center…still waiting AD/PP

  6. Any one who is currently on F1 using OPT and waiting for lottery result?
    Wish everyone who submitted one application good luck!!!

    • Why are so many people so hypocritical?

      This is for all the people who are criticizing multiple filers.

      Straight question… If you had a opportunity will you still opt to file single application?

      So STOP ranting about the same thing over and over again and focus on something else you silly FOBs

      • Yes because I have a real job that I am good at and would like to retain. I’ve spent 9 years in this country rotating between F1s and OPTs so I do think I have a legitimate case to make for myself. Definitely not a FOB. I’ve seen many of those coming through fake multiple filings in NJ. For god’s sake.

      • Multiple filers are usually those using desi consultancies by paying them. There are so many genuine cases of people coming from top colleges and with top jobs who have to suffer because of these crooks.

        • This website is making me feel worse about my AD/PP luck. Especially since I see what my “competition” in this lottery is. I still think that loopholes are meant to be exploited so I put the blame on the flawed immigration system in this country. I hope those of us with bachelor’s and master’s from the US and working here on OPT can come back on L1. Yes, rejection rates are higher, but not if you work for a reputable company and have a reputable CV.

          • I agree immigration system is as stupid as it can be. Getting in people based on luck not qualifications. They increased the fee this time but everyone knows it will be returned if petition is not selected in the lottery. Stupid measures to limit IT companies and consultancies.
            Really frustrated with immigration system and these fraudsters filing multiple petitions.

        • @FootiKismat: I think you’re an Indian engineer so stop cribbing dude. Lottery is the only way they have to select petitions. You say “genuine cases of people coming from top colleges and with top jobs who have to suffer because of these crooks” what genuine people? what top colleges? How will USCIS differentiate between a topper from an NIT and a 5 pointer from an IIT?

          And what is a genuine case? Google needing an engineer is equivalent to Accenture needing one. Just because it’s Google doesn’t mean their case is genuine and Accenture’s is not.

          At last if you had the money and the option to file multiple petitions, even you would’ve done it so just pray that you’re petition gets picked up, relax and start to appreciate others.

          • Genuine means one who have a full time job, not consultancy. Genuine means OPT/F1 students from Real schools, not NJIT. Genuine means who doesn’t pay to file their petition.
            Everyone understand the logic behind the multiple offers. It’s not multiple offers, it’s multiple payment to multiple consultancies to file multiple applications. This proves how desperate and ineligible you are. If you would be deserving, you won’t have to go to multiple fake consultancies to file multiple petitions by paying yourself.
            For genuine Full time employees, companies pay their fees. Also, you are no good than ranting over internet.

          • @Fernando – Dude first stop being know-it-all. I’m not an Indian engineer and neither employed with these IT companies you’ve named. “Think” once before you comment for a change. I am an MBA from a top B-school in US and employed in financial services company. There is a whole world beyond these IT companies.
            Check USCIS website – they clearly mention that fee for H1B must be paid by the employer, yet those going with multiple petitions through desi consultants pay for their own visa. Isnt that illegal and unethical? No wonder several of these consultants are fraud and these people later cry on various websites/news sites after being duped.
            I think Rajeev clearly explained what a genuine case is! Its very easy to differentiate between someone graduating from a top college and someone with a fake degree from a college existing on paper in AP. Someone being hired by a top company vs someone coming through these shady channels.
            So please – Open your eyes and think logically before you comment. For once!

      • I have such a bad luck! This yeah I think I lost the lottery, but if next year I file multiple petitions, I am sure both would be selected in a lottery and I would have a rejection again. This is how it works, at least for me.

        • I can see your frustration. This is my story… came to US in 2007. Was from non-IT background. Switched to IT. Took up programming. Never knew how hard it would be to be a programmer until I started it.

          Applied my first H1 application for the year 2013, never got selected until this year.

          Maintained F1 status doing 3 MS degrees. The only reason I stood my ground is because I had no future if I go back to India.

          This year was crucial but I was determined to try one more time before giving up.

          I got it this time. It’s all luck.

          In my company, there are people who just finished MS and who got H1 approved. they are all around the age of 25 and me 32 and no H1 and still on F1 attending University and doing my assignments.

          Don’t lose hope. Keep doing your original routine. when you get it, you nailed it.

          • Hi Sid!

            Same here. I have few questions, it would be great if you could help me:

            – I am pursuing my 2nd Masters & working through my CPT, so far I have utilized 10 months.. Wondering whether I can extend my degree and use CPT until next year – so total consumption of CPT will be 24 months.. Would that create any problems ? Any idea / suggestion from your end.

      • Nothing wrong with me wishing people who submitted one application good luck! I’m not criticizing people who submitted multiples.

        This person Sid just wants to see what he thinks.

      • Well said SID, i aint a multiple filer but i see our people are so shallow in thought process, there is a saying in HINDI, it goes like this :
        Thum karetho chamathkar aur hum karetho Bhalathkar! ironically thats the situtation of our folks and it will be passed on to the next generations too. Well peace out folks.

    • Several of us! I just can’t bear the thought of a conversation about retaining me in another office…really hope AD/PP applications still have some hope…

    • Same here, PP from Vermont – no news from lawyer yet. I have a fear its over guys. 4 days is enough to send the emails in my opinion.

      • @fernando that personal attack shows your class.
        Anyway, I’m sure that my footi kismat is still better than people like you who have pay to get a visa filed (or multiple visas filed) because no employer is ready to do it for you.
        Let me also tell you that I don’t need your suggestion to fix my kismat. I work on wallstreet and in worst case scenario I’ll be moved to UK or HK. All I’m worried about disruption in my personal life in U.S.
        Anyway, if you have nothing good to say for anyone, better shut up.

  7. PP/AD has started to hear back. I am still hoping for some good news for PP/AD. Have my fingers crossed and good luck everyone!

  8. Finally received my H1b receipt notice!! AD-PP. I’ve been on this forum for 5 years (on&off) and I finally got a visa today. Thank you guys for the great work you do here. Good luck to all of you!

    And if unfortunately you don’t get the visa, I’d like to help out with an alternative. I recently successfully recieved a GC in Australia. I can help you navigate the process. reply and let me know if you’re interested.

  9. RP/AD has started to hear back. I am still hoping for some good news for PP/AD. Have my fingers crossed and good luck everyone!

  10. TCSer : Not sure petition filed or not.

    Neither updated in system nor sent an email reg. that.

    What is your case [TCSers]

  11. What would be the strategy for TCS this time to reveal the lottery results, Last time it has sent emails to employees who are not selected in lottery to keep patience and not to followup with visa cell asking for status.

    As always we have to keep following with manager’s to share the news (Good/Bad), Really hope the wait should not be long.

    @Keeping hopes alive until then…

    • even I am from TCS and my status is still showing pending with visa cell for petition filing when asked they say once we get update from USCIS will update you.

    • I am from infy, even they are sending emails like this. Don’t know the reason behind it. It is just another cheapbtactic to hold employee. The results will be out within this month/ mid may but these awholes will keep you hanging till July August.

      • Don’t worry guys.. We still have time, Lottery results for non Premium, Non Advance Degree will be announced at last.

        This is the sequence of results announcement:

        1. AD and PP
        2. AD and Non Premium
        3. Non AD and Premium
        4. Non AD and Non Premium

        Usually Indian IT companies do Non Premium filing so we will get news in between last week of April and 1st week of May.

        And remember our companies play a different ball game to retain employees, they don’t reveal the results untill they need it or we put our papers 😛

        Let’s hope for the best 🙂

    • i thing its possible to u s a going because to days world full fill chitter fraud i am honest non matric all so muslim how i am expect to going u s a no any recommondation how its possible permanent vise job accomodation because no any friend relative

    • Regular Premium processing, single petition. Got mail that my petition got selected from Califronia Service center on 14/04/. This was my second (was going to be my last) attempt. Finally I can get on with my life.
      Best luck for others who are waiting. For people who will not make it this year do not beat up yourself if you dont get through the lottery, its just dumb luck and has got not nothing to do with how able you are. I hope they revamp the system and ensure the best and the brightest get to chase their american dream.

  12. Got through lottery as well. Non AD/ PP, California Center. Email sent last evening at 9;18 pm. All the best to folks who are still waiting.

  13. I agree with your commens.Inmy 5 year stay at New Jersey,i am fed up of these fraudsters.they do not know a single line of software code and all would show 10-12 years of experience and fake certifications.Now ,i cna understand whhy they r so poor in knowledge.

    I know,they do not get job in india and its easiest way for them to get job here in US and good dowry..my friend in hyderabad got 1kg of gold as dowry,just as he was in US.

    • @jerry……
      Food for thought….

      Not all software developer are the same…. Example below


  14. My guesss about number of petiotions was almost close – 2.3L
    Here is my guess on timelines:
    95% lottery selected AD/PP receive emails by 25April
    95% lottery selected non-AD/PP receive emails by 30April
    95% lottery selected AD/non-AD/non-PP receive emails by 10May
    Return petitions by mail not selected in lottery – start from 10May till 15June

    Those who have not received emails, please don’t panic – you might be the lucky one among last 5%
    So cheer….keep calm.

  15. As of 12:30 pm central time this afternoon, USCIS started sending non-AD/PP receipt emails from Vermont. This does not mean it is over for AD so please do not panic!

    Source : immigration girl blog….

  16. 3rd time Non-AD/PP/CA.. Finally got the news from lawyer last night. Good luck to everyone waiting for good news. Don’t forget that things happen for good in life and always wish the best from God even in hardest times.

  17. Hi Guys,

    Newbie in this process. When should i expect the lottery results from USCIS around what date. I am a regular processing case.

    Thanks & Regards.

  18. Mine is a non-AD, Regular. Haven’t heard anything till now. Should I be worried. If No, till when can I expect email from attorney? Any help please since I am new for this scheme.

  19. No news from my attorney so far 🙁 I am Premium. I think if I dont hear anything on Friday then it means I lost the lottery.

  20. I made it last year. It was AD/PM-Vermont and received my receipt on 20th. So There is still one good week to go for so just wait

  21. This is my forth attempt. never got selected in lottery. Applied only one every time.

    Finally my application got selected in lottery. May all the genuine guys get selected.

  22. I didn’t receive anything for my regular quota. When can expect my receipt number? Do we get receipt number even if it is rejected? Basically when can I expect my status?

    • Hello HonestOpinion Sir,
      As Admin already said that do not get into fight or write hate speech. Please keep the forum very friendly.
      BTW, I am from Hyderabad. All the best.

    • Not only user ID should be Honest but also the respective person. Honestly can understand the frustration. All the best.

      • i can understand the pain,you might be going through..now that i am making the thing public..which so far was hidden here

        • Boss,
          Please post some useful information in the blog.
          I am repeating the same.. “do not get into fight or write hate speech”

          Fraud is everywhere. Don’t blame all Hyderabad professionals without knowing facts. Please stop posting such kind of postings. All the best.

    • My honest opinion is useless and fit for nothing people like you keep crying on others for ther entire life achieving a big Zero.

    • I think you are reserved person shouting from back home. We are deserved people that why we came here. If you have real skill set amerca will welcome you, no matter where you are from. You cannot stay here with no job or keep yourself secure with fake universities . Why cant you improve your sick mentality by the time when you try to blame on some one. If you see something say something , inform to uscis and dont cry in forum.

      This is my last lottery, and if i didnt get it i will go back to india next month and don’t even worry for it.. I may get a chance at later point of time or make my chance better of what im getting.

  23. Very happy .. just received info from employer that check got cashed .. AD/CA .. Best of luck everybody .. Receipt number WAC1612550500

  24. Just came to know from my employer that check got encashed. California center. Very Happy .. finally the wait is over .. Best of luck everybody


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