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News: Over 236,000 Petitions Received for H1B 2017. Lottery Done !

Wow, it has been a crazy day with some surprise news from attorneys saying that they received H1B Receipt Notices for their premium processing cases. It clearly indicated that lottery was done and we were just waiting for the official press note from USCIS.  Anyways, as you know, the H1B cap for FY 2017 reached on April 7th and finally, we have an official press note from USCIS. Below is the quick summary of the details.

Summary of the USCIS Official Press Alert on H1B FY 2017 Lottery, Cap Completion

  • Total H1B Petitions in Lottery: USCIS received a staggering number of over 236,000 petitions for H1B FY 2017 Quota during the standard 5 day filing period between April 1st and April 7th, 2016.
  • Masters Quota : USCIS received more than the cap of 20,000 set aside for US Masters degree quota. We do not have any split on how many were filed under masters quota and regular quota, all we have been updated by USCIS is that the overall number is over 236,000 petitions for FY 2017 quota.
  • Lottery Process for H1B 2017 : USCIS indicated on April 9th, that they conducted computer generated random selection, popularly called as H1B lottery for the total over 236,0000 petitions received to pick the required petitions for regular cap of 65,000 and masters cap of 20,000 petitions.
    • Masters Quota Lottery : First a lottery was conducted for the US Masters degree H1B petitions to select the 20,000 petitions. The petitions that were not selected in this first round were added back to the regular quota pool of applications and lottery was conducted on the entire pool of applications to pick the required 65,000 petitions required for regular quota. This is no different from previous years and you may read H1B Lottery Process
    • Petitions Not Selected in Lottery: USCIS indicated that they will reject and return all the petitions that were not selected in the FY 2017 lottery with the filing fee, unless they identify that the petition is duplicate filing by same employer for same or related job roles to trick the system of lottery selection for better odds.
  • H1B 2017 Premium Processing Details : USCIS indicated earlier that premium processing will begin no later than May 16th, 2016. It means that, if your petition is filed under premium the clock of 15 calendar days starts from May 16th.  As we have already seen many attorneys getting receipts, they may process the petitions earlier as well, but the 15 days SLA for premium processing starts from May 16th, that’s the idea.
    • For FY 16, they said that it would be no later than May 11th ( later moved to April 27th after lottery) and for FY 15 it was April 27th. You can see that the initial forecast of the dates are further pushed for this year by 5 days…it tells us that they are anticipating more petitions. You should read H1B Visa 2017 Lottery Predictions Analysis
    • Cap Exempt H1B Petitions: The current press alert is only for FY 2017 H1B cap quota stating that it is completed. As always, all the H1B cap exempt petitions will be accepted all year long, which falls under the below categories :
      • Changes in H1B employment terms, contract
      • Previously H1B cap counted Applications
      • H1B extensions
      • H1B Transfers
      • Concurrent working second H1B petitions

Our H1B Predictions for FY 2017 – Actual Results : We have indicated in our H1B 2017 predictions article couple of things, first one is that we expect lottery and second one is that we expect about  230,000  to 250,000 petitions.   We are proud to say that both of our predictions are correct.   Firstly, USCIS had lottery for FY 2017 quota and secondly, they received about 236,000 petitions. Hope our predictions, let some of you plan ahead !

What can you expect in next few weeks or months?

All I can tell you my friends is that it is going to be a very long wait for many of the H1B Applicants, who filed petition for FY 2017 quota.  With our experience, we can tell you one thing, stay calm and continue to focus on what you are doing…you may feel the pain and anxiety, when others report that they received case number and some post indicating that they got approval… As we have an active discussion always on H1B Visa 2017 Page, I suggest you all not to hurt anyone with your comments or post rumours misleading people. Please do NOT get into fight or write hate speech ! Let’s keep the forum friendly and help one another as everyone goes through this tough waiting period.  I suggest you add your H1B case to our H1B Case Tracker and keep it up to date, so that everyone get some high level info and take necessary action as needed.

What are your thoughts on this FY 2017 Quota and Lottery ?

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Various Steps, Case Status and Flow on what happens after H1B Lottery – Read Whats Next After H1B Lottery and Flow Chart


Official USCIS Tweet on this with press release


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  1. Filled 4 petition this Time around(Duplicate to increase the odds)..Got the Receipt No for 1. Hoping that others will get Rejected..Feeling like I have Hit a Jackpot 🙂 🙂

    • You all petitions will get selected now, but they will be counted as one petition only.

      Selecting is lottery is different than getting petition approved.
      It may happen now that all are selected in your case, 3 will approved and 1 will get rejected.

    • Ok! This guy is trying to piss off all the desperate people waiting to hear their luck.

      He is just trying to get fun out of all the frustrated people.

      Stop being so naive and think for a second before venting your anger at this guy.

      It is possible to shell $4500 * 4 = $18,000 to file 4 petitions. Even if its real, the applicant will not tell it out loud.

      Stop getting all hyper and think before you reply.

      Creating a petition and having 100 people sign the petition is not going to solve the problem. US has bigger problems to deal with.

      • A guy I know filed 3 applications through multiple employers ($4500*3 = $13,500) and two of his applications were selected in the lottery while other deserving people are still hoping to here good news.

        I don’t know if this guy is trying to pull desperate people’s leg but there are people who file multiple applications (3 or 4 or 6) to increase there chances of being selected. I don’t blame them as they are breaking the law legally and uscis is allowing them to do so.

        I just hope that there was a much better way to decide our career where the deserving are given first priority instead of conducting some random lottery.

        • @Hope

          how can you judge who is deserving and who is not. Say a guy from google files multiple petitions makes it right coz he is deserving ? Why will the consultancies accept to apply if they are fake ? If they get RFE , they will get audited and the company will loose reputation and licence. Its not that easy to file petitions.

  2. This is my second attempt Regular/PP/CA. Since the receipts started coming in from Tuesday.. Can I still hope that there is time for Regular/PP?

  3. My petition was picked in the lottery. This was my second attempt (AD/PP/VT). The wait was extremely unnerving but glad it came through.

    I really hope this broken system is fixed and is based on merit rather than numbers. Too many talented people not being able to make a life for themselves based on a lottery just doesn’t cut it.

    My best wishes to those who are waiting to hear back and congratulations to those who made it through.

    • I completely agree. I mine just got picked on the third attempt this time. I had to uproot my whole life and move to another country for this third attempt while my husband is living alone in US. Its an extremely unfair method. I really hope they do something about it.

    • Heard from my Employer’s lawyer…my AD/Regular/CA (processing center) application was picked. Received scan with WAC number.
      Notice date is the 20th, lawyer received via post on the 26th.
      Non-IT, Masters and Doctorate from the US.
      Good luck to everyone who is waiting to hear about the lottery.
      Hope the rest of the paperwork goes smoothly for those whose application is selected.

    • Its because of people like you (who file multiple applications) , genuine applicants are not getting selected. Thank you for corrupting the system.

        • If you have genuine offers from multiple clients then good for you, but I assume if that is true you wouldn’t have said that money is waste. Looser!!!

          • Rick is right, until multiple employers are ready to file for you its legal. I don’t think its an easy job to get multiple offers unless that person is highly talented, that’s what this country needs now. As per USCIS is concerned they get the fee for 85K applications, and employers would like to bet on a person from whom they get guaranteed returns.

      • Agree!

        My friend from China filed 2 last year, both picked in the lottery. He was rejected later for duplicate filing. As long as you’re using your own passport number to file, it’s very easy for USCIS to find out duplicates.

        • There is difference between duplicate filing and sending multiple applications from different employers. I have known atleast seven to eight who sent more than one petition from different employers. By the way, it is absolutely legal as per USCIS.

        • Rick, u seems a cute boy. But at the same time u are nothing but a grease ball. Well either u have a whirl wind inside your are to get approved for 4 applications u filed, u r just jerking of cuz u r stressed out n busting ur balls. Well either way good luck mate.

        • This guy is clearly bullshitting. Only AD PP results are out. 1) Companies do not do PP for first timers and 2) Probability does work.

          • I agree with you. I think this guy is make fun of our frustration. The odd of selection of all 4 is very low.

    • Rick

      Stop fooling around. Everyone knows here that all your petitions are not picked in lottery. I also doubt if you filed four.

      I don’t know how far it is true, what I heard from many people is that if a person files 3 or 4 petitions and if one is picked in lottery, USCIS cancels his remaining petitions even if filed from diff employers.

      • Your point is wrong.. Uscis can pick 4 lottery of same person.. It will not cancel .. And the emp can able to cancel after that but count does not change from uscis

    • you are not a rick /harry.You are someone from hyderabad/chennai for sure.people like you i know file 4/5 petitions and die to stay inameriica for dowry.You will lose all money…they will reject ur all 4 visa 🙂

  4. This is my third time AD/PP/VT
    Since the receipts started coming in from Tuesday.. Can we still hope that there is time for AD/PP. This is my last attempt. Each time I had a single petition and never went thru…

  5. Hi guys,

    Just got news from my attorney that my case was selected in the lottery this year!! 🙂
    This was my 2nd attempt – CA PP AD
    I wish you all good luck and hang in there, you will get good news soon. 🙂

    My warm wishes to each and every genuine applicant.

    • From April end to June…..

      Since Ad/PP receipts notice are in progress, after that nonAD/PP…. Regular/PP and lastly regular/NP…

      Premium processing will end around may end…. Regular processing may start from June…

      Eventually Ad/PP receipts are in process than the above mentioned date….. There is a good chance of getting an update anywhere between may – June..

      • Update :

        As of 12:30 pm central time this afternoon, USCIS started sending non-AD/PP receipt emails from Vermont. This does not mean it is over for AD so please do not panic!

    • With the speed USCIS is moving this year, I assume AD/PP receipts may start coming out any time in a week or two from now.

  6. I still haven’t received anything does that mean game over or how long till I can accept than fact I didn’t get it? I am AD/PP

    • I think this is just the very beginning even for AD/PP! The notification period for AD/PP could be at least 2-3 weeks!!

          • Does this mean if they dont cash out you were not selected? I thought they would not return Premium fees even if you were not selected..

    • USCIS is pretty fast than last year in responding. I assume for PP we should come to know our status by end next week, definitely not more than that.

    • My lawyer received notification this morning that my petition is picked in the lottery.

      Second attempt – AD/PP/ Vermont. Filed from Florida

      I know how terrible the waiting would be as I experienced last time.

      Good luck guys.

  7. Why USCIS is keeping it so confidential just to check our lottery result by entering First Name, last Name, DOB etc. … as all applications are entered in computer system prior to random selection the lottery Anyways …
    This way we know if consulting, company, sponsorer applied or not. USCIS has to provide a facility to check the lottery status . What is your view or thoughts?

  8. Do our attorneys receive an email even if our PP application was NOT selected in the lottery? Or are the email receipt notices just sent to ones who were selected? In sum: say I wasn’t selected in lottery. When will I know?

    • Again last year many of us those who were not selected were informed at June timeframe. I am not sure if premium case people will be informed earlier even if thier case is not selected in lottery.
      I am not sure why this kept so confidential just to check our lottery result by entering First Name, last Name, DOB etc. … as all applications are entered in system to random selection the lottery Anyways … finger crossed !

  9. On Case Tracker I see there are 14 lottery winners. Is this true? So your attorneys did get the case number already? Was it by email or mail?

  10. Form my circle, It seems they already started sending approval e- mails for PP cases irespective of AD/Regular.
    If something good happens it must be end of next week.
    Mine is PP-3year row.

    • same here. a colleague (AD/PP/VSC) just got an e-mail that she was selected from the lawyer a couple of hrs ago. I think good news travels faster than bad news in this case, so the longer we get no news, the dimmer the hope unfortunately.

      • Please don’t discourage. I’ve got my h1 picked in the lottery last year and got the information very late. I’ve resigned on July 2nd 2015 and got the good news on July 3rd 2015. Taken my resignation back, got my visa stamped. Unfortunately, the project didn’t get materialized and I’ve moved to another organization and getting a new petition filed.

        • thanks for sharing. i wonder if last year you were waitlisted or something, because that is a very late date to receive a notification of selection in lottery. were you under pp or adv last year?

          • Yes, that’s true. Very late to get it. Even I thought that my visa didn’t get picked and my employer was fooling me around. So, have gone for a resignation. I’ve got my petition filed by the largest Indian IT firm which does take a lot of time in updating the status back to the associates for many reasons, one of them being holding the associate back from moving out of the organization.
            Mine is definitely not PP and adv. And I came to know that the update was a genuine one from my employer because of the validity of the petition (July 2015 to June 30 2018).
            I hope this will be of help to someone.

          • Half of your guess was correct, I moved form.
            Almost all the organizations does the transfers, not just CTS.

  11. Friends, could you please update the H1B tracker so that we all can see how many petitions have been approved so far. I think everyone who is selected should make an entry on this site so that others can see how things are moving forward.

  12. Quick question: lets assume someone filed 5 petitions and all of them get picked in the lottery. What happens to the other 4 H1B visas the person obviously can’t take up. Will they be thrown back into the lottery pool?

    Btw, I only filed one petition but was wondering what kind of harm all these people are causing filing multiple petitions.

    • If all the five from same employer they will reject it and wont refund the fees also. But No emplyer file duplicate applications as they loose money.
      If all thise five are from different employers , yes he can choose one and he is screwing 4 other ppl life by wasting them.

  13. In the press release USCIS said that USCIS will reject and return all unselected petitions with their filing fees..

    Does it mean it that USCIS start return from today onwards to Attorny / Employer intimating who are rejected H-1B petitioner?

    • @suresh, its going to take a few more days before unslected petitions start coming back. At present USCIS will be concentrating more on premium processing applications. Looking at past years, below seems to be priority for USCIS
      1. Process premium processing applications and send reciepts
      2. Process normal petitins
      3. Start sending unselected applications, it may go till early July
      4. Start sending RFE’s or approved notices
      5. Complete 90% of all processing by Oct 1st

  14. they are saying that H1B premium will start on or before May 16th. What does it mean? will it start the process from that date or will get the result after that date.

    • Krishna,

      They said that PP cases will be started at most by May 16. So they can start working on them anytime b/w lottery date (Apr 9) and May 16.

  15. If you check https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/mycasestatus.do the last Receipt Number you get is EAC1613453354 .

    I checked the previous receipt notices as well – i guess they started with EAC1613451101 and are currently on EAC1613453354 .

    So total 2000 notices have been sent AD PP from Vermont Center. (i noticed some numbers in between are blank.)

    • i checked receipt no WAC1613352527 it is showing WE RECEIVED ON 12TH APRIL what does that mean, i think this should be cap exempted

    • That means nothing all the petitions will get number in the same way regardless of the class. If you file immigration file or anything else. That number doesn’t mean its a H-1B notice.

  16. If you check https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/mycasestatus.do the last Receipt Number you get is WAC1613352527 .

    I checked the previous receipt notices as well – i guess they started with WAC1613351743 and are currently on WAC1613352527 .

    So total 784 notices have been sent AD PP from CSC.

    • My L1B got rejected 3 times, for h1b this is my second time. I tried my level best, hoping some good thing will happen. Almost struggling for US visa from than 5 yrs.

      • if you have crossed 9 yrs go and get L1A Blanket or Individual.. i know few lucky ones are getting GC within 6 months in L1A

          • That’s not true.. if your offshore pay is more than 16 lacs INR your chances for getting L1A B and L1A Ind is more but only 10 % is getting rejected.. But most companies wont file because you can get GC within a year and its not legal to employ people in client location with L1A.. its one of the reason for less H1b petition this year

  17. Third time application through premium processing. If I don’t hear anything by the end of next week, I am going to pack my bags and say goodbye to America.

  18. Second time undergoing this process. Last year got selected in Lot,but RFE denied due to the consultant.Worst Desi – US (Continental technology solutions inc,Texas)consultant.

    Lot is the first step and we have many more to go.Stop worrying and concentrate on your regular work.All the best guys.

  19. Kumar,
    236000 applications received this year and lottery also completed by USCIS already???

    In that case , they will announce results by May 1st week ???

  20. Hi,
    I want to know if anyone had applied under the Masters quota last year, and was not selected in the lottery. Could you please share what are the alternate options to stay and work in the US?

    • my english nothing very good but i believe any in this world nothing very important big education big money and will be seeing i am very clever its wrong any in this world all country goverment should be cheek this goverment employ on non goverment employ many educated degree false because many many boys girls out her home but many of nothing going college he/she is time wast park and fun how he/she pass examination but her hand many of big degree all so recomment mp,mla ,higher othority than working high post i am not expect because my honesty my big power but i am muslim

    • I have a Master’s from an US university and was not selected in lottery for past 2 years! I ran out of my OPT as well so I decided to work for H1B cap-exempt employer.

      Good luck!

    • Hi There are couple of universities which offer full time CPT. Your employement is treated as a course.

      Its all legal.. Look for universities in Calif and West Virginia.. This may not be accurate but I heard from a friend of mine that only these two states allow for a full time CPT. I would double check this.

      But there are good options like ITU.edu which offer some masters programs with full time CPT. I have heard that there are other universities especially in Calif that offer PHD programs with Full time CPT which would allow you to work full time.

      Donot mistake these to an easy way out as the manytimes the DSO / academic head etc should approve the CPT.

      Good luck.

      • CG and All,

        Even if a university claims to issue fulltime CPT, do not fall in that trap. Universities are authorized to issue CPTs as they feel relevant, but some of them break the rules this way. In future, if ICE and USCIS go after the university and students, you cannot claim that university issued I-20 and CPT and so its not your fault.

        For example, search for TVU.

      • Seems like 2 different links going around. I saw the below. However, the number seems to be official.


        • You still look g at the old details posted on 04/07 but everyone is talking aboit latest news posted yesterday night 04/12. Did you see the post date of the link you are looking at.

    • my only one thought honesty both of respect no unrespect others religion or people i do not care educated uneducated rich poor fare unfare only honesty making and create good humenbeing no honest no good humenbeing he/she bad guy in this earth

  21. I heard about you can ask your DSO to check the SEVIS status to determine of the case was selected or not. But does anyone know if the status is updated automatically right after the lottery? Or it only updates once your case has been processed?

    • Hi RC, Can we know the status of filed application any where , one of my friend applied but doubting that consultant applied or not. how can we can this..

  22. Hi does anyone could answer this, my husband applyed for H-1B, can at the same time apply for the student Visa for myself?


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