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How to prepare yourself for PhD in USA ? Eligibility, Credit Transfer

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One of our ardent contributors Swapnoneel, has volunteered to help the prospective PhD Students by writing a series of articles sharing his experiences. Thanks to him for such a kind act. If you have any questions for Swapnoneel, please leave a comment.

Background Info

This is my first article on this topic. Here I aim to tell prospective PhD applicants about how to prepare oneself towards the target of getting a full funding for PhD in the U.S. I’m from an engineering background, but while this article may be engineering oriented, it would help students of any field. OK so here’s what you should have in mind.

Eligibility for PhD after B.tech ? B.A, B.Com, B.Sc?

If you are an engineering student (B.E/B.Tech) you are eligible to apply directly for a PhD after you graduate. In case you are a general science or arts student, you need to complete your post graduation (M.Sc/M.A/M.Com) before you apply. For engineering students, if PhD is really your goal, I’d still recommend you get a post graduate degree (M.E/M.S/M.Tech) preferably from a good institute (IIT/IISc/NIT/IIIT etc). For IIT B.Techs, this is absolutely not required, but I’m targeting a wider audience. The reason for this suggestion is very simple:

How does Credit Transfer work in PhD ?

1. You would have some postgraduate courses done which you might transfer into your PhD degree (I transferred 12 credits from my IIT courses).

2. This means, the university won’t have to pay for those credits, and that will act as a positive ground for your application over other applicants without a postgraduate degree.

3. You are likely to have more research exposure which will be helpful and be a positive point on your application.

4. If you manage to get a postgraduate from a better institute than your undergraduate, you get better recommendations (from better known people).

So my first advice to the engineering students aiming for a PhD in the US is to get a postgraduate degree from a good institute before you apply.


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Comments ( 349 )

  1. AA

    Hi Kumar,

    I did my B.tech in Mechanical Engg from NIT Surat post which i joined an IT company.With 2 years experience there I did M.tech from NITK Suratkal in Mechatronics engg (a multi disciplinary course).Post that im working as an Asst. Prof at a top 20 Engg college in India (dont want to name it) fro 3+. I wish to do PhD(in multidisciplinary area) in US for two reasons: one inclination for knowing cutting edge technology and two PhD is mandatory now to continue in teaching field.
    Also at the same time i don’t have any noteworthy journal publications.
    What are the chances of me getting into PhD? And what are the chances of getting in a top notch US university?

    Any inputs from you will be of a great help.


    1. administrator

      I can definitely see that you have a goal in mind and doing it with a purpose, do articulate your passion and goals in your SOP, while you apply. While journal publications help, they are not the only ones that decide admission. You can offset some of that with good scores in GRE/ TOEFL and have a compelling SOP as part of your application. Funding can be tricky at times, but you need to position yourself well, work with the professors and see, if you can get full funding…

  2. navdeep kaur

    hlo sir
    I m navdeep from Punjab(India).I have completed my btech in electronics and communication branch with 9.05 CGPA in year 2014.now I m doing Mtech(part time) in same branch with average 75% marks till date .my Mtech will be completed in June 2017.after that I want to start my PhD in same branch in USA.
    so my question is….can I do PhD abroad fully funded and what are the procedures to do that.what I have to do for my better study…

    1. administrator

      navdeep kaur,
      Yes, you can do PhD. The funding part depends on the school and on your profile. You will need to position yourself for getting funding. The procedure is standard like taking GRE, TOEFL and maybe some other test depending on the school you plan to apply. You can check any of the PhD offering schools for exact process.

  3. rahul dev vasisht

    I have seen all the answers that you are providing. Thanks a lot.
    Please do help me also.
    i have 62% in 10th
    73%in 12th arts with economics
    60%in B.A. with economics and computer science
    and i am pursuing MBA HR from an indian university and will probably score approx 60% just 2 exams remaining and i will complete MBA.
    I am entirely eager for PHD or Mphil in management and organization in USA.
    but i am unable to find out whether my profile is acceptable for phd or mphil or not. I have contacted 3 professors in USA but still waiting for their response.
    i can score good in IELTS but problem would be in GRE or GMAT. But somehow i will manage it.
    can you please do me favour to suggest me what should i do.

    1. administrator

      rahul dev vasisht,
      From requirements standpoint, you are eligible, but from the academics, I feel they are on the lower side. You will need to prove yourself by getting good scores in GRE/ TOEFL and then put up a good case telling your passion for PhD. Usually, PhD is quite intense and they expect a lot from research standpoint. If you cannot demonstrate that you are capable of research, it may be a tough road for PhD admission. It is critical to have good scores and to put a good SOP for getting admission.

  4. Gyayak

    Hi, I am a Chartered Accountant and an MBA from one of the top b school on India. I want to enter into the world of academics and hence want to pursue Phd. I want to know:
    1. How to approach the perfect university for me
    2. What are the tests I need to give
    3. How much stipend can I expect


    1. Sheena

      Hi ,I am Sheena , I have done masters in paediatric nursing , now I am willing to pursue PhD in nursing from US, but i want somebody to guide me regarding this so that I can apply for same and I really want to do it full time so that I can get stipend as well so can u plz help me

      1. administrator

        It is pretty straightfoward, you will need to find the school you plan to apply by doing some research and follow their process. You will need to take GRE, TOEFL and other tests as needed. Yes, most of the PhDs are fully funded…Usually the strength of the profile, research interest decides that. I suggest you check few universities websites to get some idea.

    2. administrator

      1. Well, you need to look at your research area interests and look at schools that have good research in that area. You can just look at research articles published in that area and identify the professors and schools.
      2. Usually, they would be GRE, TOEFL and maybe subject GRE, it depends on school. you need to check their website for requirements.
      3. It varies by school, your application strength. Most of the PhD students study with full funding as it can be very cost prohibitive. You will need to position yourself well in your application to get full funding.

  5. Krittin

    I want to be a theoretical physicist. I have great interest in astronomy and want to pursue the same. Because of lesser research opportunities in India, I want to move out to US in the future. I have just given my board exams. I intend to do my B.Sc. Physics Honours from India. I have read that most of the US universities don’t accept the India’s 3 year long Bachelor’s degree in comparison to their 4 year long degrees. If I follow up my B.Sc. Honours degree with a M.Sc. degree, can I apply for PhD from leading US universities? I have also read that in some countries Masters and PhD degrees are funded by the government (like Canada). So, can I take this route of pursuing my B.Sc from India, followed by Masters in a country like Canada? If I also do my PhD from Canada, what are the chances of doing research at a good place in the US? Your guidance will be extremely valuable to me.

    1. administrator

      I cannot speak for Canada. If you do well academically and also in standardized tests and have a strong application, you will get full funding for PhD. You can check with schools, if they accept 15 years of education as well…If not, you can always go for M.Sc. I always believe that doing PhD from the place, where research is at its best is important and you should not be cutting corners by going to different country.

  6. Ashish

    Thanks Swapnoneel. This is helpful. Well, if you can help me with below question that would be great.

    My background: I have done my engineering from one of the Maharashtra State’s Government College of Engineering in Electrical Engineering. And holds 8+ years of work experience in IT industry. (5.5 Years India, 2 Years UK, 0.5 years USA). Currently I am working on H1B visa.

    I intend to do phd if that is possible and feasible. I haven’t explored the area yet but mostly Computer Science related either in Security or Data Analytic.

    Now, I don’t want to leave my full time job. Also, I don’t mind spending extra years if it takes. So I want to continue working full time and do phd as part time, progressing slowly- slowly. SO, is this possible? If yes, how and what is the process, etc. Please consider me a newbie and advice. Thanks in advance.

    1. administrator

      It is possible to apply and study PhD on H1B, the requirement is to maintain your H1B status by working full time. It is up to the guide/ professor you work with on how you structure and take load of courses. You may take 6 to 8 years or so depending on the pace of your research and commitment. Usually PhD takes about 4 to 5 years with full time commitment.

      1. Ashish

        Thanks so much. Much appreciable. So where do I start it from to begin with.? Like finding University/ guide. Is it that first I will have to give GRE and apply for universities thereafter? Thanks.

  7. ComputerScience PhD aspirant

    Thank to the contributor and red bus forum for this topic. I was just searching for one. My aspiration is PhD, I am in the processing of preparation to pursue one. I am trying find more details, please provide your thoughts or information or suggestion on these.

    1. I had done my B.Tech information tech (Regular) and recently completed my Masters in software engg. (Online course provided by a reputed institution. This degree is through work integrated course)

    2. I have work experience.
    3. How to choose area of research/topic
    4. Process how to apply or find an university to do doctoral.
    5. Do i need to know what exactly i am gong to research or a fair idea on which area will do.
    6. It willl be helpful if i get complete procedure for preparation, apply and fees structure etc.


    1. administrator

      3. You will need to have some idea on what you like and which area you are interested in. Something to think about what you did in masters, which interested you and which would be your passion to work on for next 5 years to do research.
      4. You can check any schools website, they will have full guidance on the step by step process.
      5. Having passion and fair idea is good enough. You need to be clear on why you want to do PhD in that area
      6. it varies by school, you should check websites of the universities that offer PhD.

  8. K P CHANDru

    Dear sir
    my qualification is B E and M.Tech .I want to do Ph D in mechanical engineering .please guide me and send the details by return mail

    1. administrator

      K P Chandru,
      You need to first identify on what area you are interested in and then apply to right school that offers that. You will need to take GRE, TOEFL and other things required by school. You can check any of the schools for the exact process and step by step guide.

  9. Dhrumil Shah


    i completed my Mtech in CSE from well known university with Distinction.My academics are strong in UG as well As in PG. Currently i am working at IT organization.i am interested to do PHd in USA.what steps i have to follow to do the same ? Guide me.

    Dhrumil Shah

    1. administrator

      Dhrumil Shah,
      As I have written in previous comments, you need to take GRE, TOEFL and other exams based on the school. You need to first research the schools based on your area of interest and then apply to them. Check any of the school’s website to get some idea on the process.

  10. Ramya

    Hey Kumar,
    I’m done with my Master’s(Computer Science) here in USA from Bradley University in Dec 2015. I took GRE and Toefl for my masters couple of years ago! What are my changes to get into a PhD school? What else I need to concentrate on, to get an admit into a good PhD school?

    1. administrator

      Well, it is all about how you present yourself in SOP and articulate your passion for PhD. If you have thesis in MS, it could help a lot. If you feel your score is less in GRE, re-take it. As you are in US now, you have the advantage of visiting schools or calling the department for more details. Many of the students in US visit schools to get more info. You can try that. All in all, it boils down to merit, your interests and schools funding for that area. Speak to your current professors and seek their advice as well.

  11. Shukla Bhattacharya

    Hi, I have a huge gap in studies. But now want to start afresh. I am looking forward to pursue a bachelor and subsequently a master degree in psychology from IGNOU. Now my question is, will IGNOU, being an open university, will degrees from there be accepted by the universities in the U.S. and considered for M.S. or Ph.D? Though there is a long time to go, even before I complete two degrees, but since I earnestly want to research in Psychology, that too in the U.S. I want to prepare from now.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. administrator

      Sure, you can do that. Regarding the degree validity, it is best to check if the degree is accredited and recognized. You may write to few schools in US and check for the same. Also, you may directly speak to the IGNOU and get some more details.

      1. S.B.

        Thanks for replying. I’ll check with IGNOU first and then with U.S. schools. If any other question arises, may I take the liberty of posting it here?

  12. Haroon

    I have bachelors in English literature and masters in mass communication. I want to pursue phd I have the hand for creative writing, articles, poetry, short stories and currently working with an Islamic- wear brand. I did a quick stint into journalism after finishing media school and am also a budding film maker….pursuing phd in either English or mass communication would interest me…. can i know how do I go about it.
    I plan to take up lectureship in time to come…will it also help me gain a PR.

    1. administrator

      Very first thing you would need to look at is the schools that offer the program you are looking for and then look at the exact process. Usually you will need to take GRE and TOEFL based on the school details. You can reach out to professors as well at such schools for more information. Start doing the research on the web, yo will find more details.

  13. Pragya

    Hello Sir

    I have done my Bachelor in journalism and mass communication from amity Lucknow with a first rank. Now I am planning to complete my masters in the same field from Amity Noida. Generally, what reviews I get online about amity is very mixed. But my focus is to complete a PhD from U.S.A. I am still in the process of finding PhD colleges and start preparing for it. I have a query that is it ok if I do my masters from amity (2016-2018). Will it benefit me later on? It would be a great help if you could guide me.

    1. administrator

      Well, you are in tricky situation. Typically, if you had PhD plans from US, you could have applied it during last year of bachelors. I am not sure about your degree either 3 year or 4 year bachelors..if schools require you to have 16 years of education, you need to check based on the school. Ideally, if you were to plan ahead, you could have applied in final year and now be in US starting your PhD. Anyways, it is never late, if you need a year to prepare and apply, then you might as well, enroll in a masters program and do it…It would add value, if you do some courses that matter in PhD or your area of interest. PhD is about research, if you are able to present any papers, attend conferences, etc during Masters, it will definitely help you…Check out few schools websites to understand the process and deadlines and plan well. Good Luck !

  14. Resham Sethi

    Good afternoon Sir,

    Myself, Resham Sethi, have completed my Master’s in Social Work from Pune University and an Advance Post grad diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility. I want to apply for a PhD in Social work for 2017, and need a scholarship too. Could you Please guide me.

    Waiting for a positive revert.


    1. administrator

      Reshma Sethi,
      PhD Application process is pretty straight forward, you need to check few of the universities that offer PhD program for your specialization and then look at specifics on what they require. Most of the times, you would need to take GRE and TOEFL and then apply for it. Regarding funding, it all depends on profile and the university grants. Once you initiate application, you can get in touch with the department to get more info. You may also reach out to professors now and inquire your interest and options.

  15. Rohit Mangalekar

    Dear sir,
    I really appreciate you helping out prospective students from variety of backgrounds. This is a lot of good work. Thank you for doing such a nice work.
    I am Master’s student (Major Civil engg) at College of Engg.Pune. I have average academics both at UG and at PG. No work experience and not very strong research except M.Tech n B.Tech thesis and Mini projects. I appllied for 7 universities in US for PhD this Fall.I got Rejects from 2 and one MS offer. ( waiting for 4) My Career goal is to become a Professor. After 2 Rejects I am feeling insecured. How shall I proceed to My PhD goal in abroad Countries?
    Shall I have work experience to strengthen my profile for PhD and apply again?
    Or shall I accept MS offer in US and convert it to PhD? ( If it can be-considering uncertainties)
    Another problem is I have very interdisciplinary area of research interest but have no research experience in that area which brings me to back foot as an applicant. What could help me with this at this very stage for PhD ?

    1. administrator

      Well, if your goal is to become a professor, there is no rush that you need to do PhD right away. If you feel your current academic scores are not that strong, one of the things you can do is to start working at a college and gain some experience. With that experience, you can position yourself better stating your goal to become professor. Also, you can prepare well and get good score in GRE and TOEFL and make your profile stronger. Also, you can consider publishing some conference papers along with your students, or individually in this mean time…
      You may try the MS route, with thesis option as well.

      Think about all the options and take an informed decision.

  16. Sebastien jnr

    hello Kumar
    I am currently doing my MSC botany from pune university and will get over by may 2017 I’m planning for PhD at Texas university so what do I do to get admit,if I want to go through fellowship/scholarship do I have to apply for GRE

    1. administrator

      Sebastien jnr,
      Yes, you need to apply for GRE and TOEFL and maybe subject GRE, depending on the schools. Each school has different requirements, I suggest you check few schools websites for the exact requirements. Getting scholarship/ fellowship depends on many factors and hard to say. You need to have get good scores and have a compelling Statement of purpose for PhD to increase your chances of funding.

  17. Natasha Arora

    Hello Sir,

    I am Natasha Arora.I have done B.Pharmacy and Msc chemistry from Indian institute.Now I am married with US Citizen man.I want to ask from you that m i eligible for further study and all??What should i do for it.Please give me feedback as soon as possible.
    With Regards,

    1. administrator

      Natasha Arora,
      Of course you can. You may be even eligible for certain benefits, if you have got green card or citizenship. Check with any of the schools in your area, they will share the benefits.

        1. administrator

          It totally depends on the school. If have lived in US for sometime and can convince the admissions that you are well versed with English, you can get a waiver.

  18. neha

    Hi, Im currently studying at IBS hyderabad. I am doing my MBA. Im going to graduate in feb 2017. I am a fresher and id like to pursue a PhD program in the USA in the field of marketing. Could you help me out? Thanks

    1. administrator

      Great. Typically, you will need to give GMAT/ GRE + TOEFL and then apply as per process of the school. Check out some of the universities websites where they offer PhD and look at the process, you will good idea.

  19. Ashok

    I am Ashok
    I recently finish my Master’s degree (computer science) in USA And then i am planing to do PhD in computer science. I to start my process and how long it does takes to done PhD. My status is F-1.

    1. administrator

      I am assuming you are asking about admission, if so, it all depends on the deadlines and processing times by school. It can take few days to few months…As you are in US, you can speak to the admissions at universities you plan to apply and get their word on how soon they can give you a decision.

  20. Kamal

    Hi Kumar
    I have done masters in biotechnology and working in research and development from 5 years in a pharma company. Now I want to do PhD in US. Am I eligible if so What tests I should pass before applying and how can I find PhD fellowships.

    1. administrator

      You are eligible for PhD. Typically, you would be asked to take GRE and TOEFL and maybe Subject GRE. Every school has different requirements, I suggest you check few of the universities websites to get some idea on the exact process and requirements. Getting fellowships or funding depends on various factors like school funding situation for research, your overall profile, etc. Try to apply for scholarships and follow up with schools on options for funding…

  21. Mandar

    I am Mechanical engineering graduate from VJTI, Mumbai. I have also done part time MBA in Marketing from JBIMS, Mumbai.
    I have over 7 years of experience working in M/S Godrej as Marketing executive, Marketing lead and most recent Marketing manager. I am interested in doing PhD in marketing related sub topic. I have not published any papers till now. But I am interested in research.
    Please guide which university can be targeted? Is there any course available, How can I go forward.

    1. administrator

      Unfortunately, we do not advise on schools. What I can suggest is that you can try to search on research publications from various schools and their ranking by research for your area. Kellog School of business is considered to be one of the top most school for marketing. As I said, you would need to do some research my friend…thats what you will be doing in future right 🙂 The process should be laid out clearly on the respective university website, just need to follow that…

  22. varun reddy

    I firstly appreciate you for the information you are providing

    I have several doubts regarding phd in us

    As of now i am pursuing my pg in thermal engineering from jntu university campus ,what are the chances of getting admission for phd?

    what are the basic eligibility criteria for admits?

    what is the process for getting admits?

    what amount of stipend is offered to students?

    i will be very thankful for your assistance

    1. administrator

      varun reddy,
      Firstly, PhD admission decision depends on many factors like your test scores, academics, research interest, publications, etc. It is very hard for anyone to say anything. The process is that you take the standardized tests as requried by the university and apply as per the process in the school. Every school is different, you should check the university website for specific information on the exact process. Your funding depends on many things, you may get full funding and stipend to cover your expenses. Read Funding Options in US like GA, TA and RA. Check few universities websites, you will get some idea.

  23. Nirvik


    I have received a PhD admit for Computer Science at Oregon State University. Nonetheless, I have not received anything regarding funding. My POI said that funding evaluations are going on and it’s possible that they will be declared by mid-September. Now, classes usually begin by September 21, which brings me to the point as to should I consider getting funded when I join the course? Or do you think that I might have to self-fund the PhD?


    1. administrator

      PhD admissions are not really given just like that. You getting an admission definitely speaks that they see good potential in you. I think, you still have time, dont worry too much, just try to keep in touch with the advisor and professors. If you hear from them even saying that they can fund you after first semester, you should go for it…I have never heard of anyone doing PhD without funding…some of them just miss first semester, but most of the PhD candidates get full funding after that….You can also keep backup options from other schools, try to follow up with other schools too…

      1. Nirvik

        My adviser contacted me to inform that I will be bearing the costs until I get funded. She is already trying her best to get me the funding. So, I am just being an optimist here and applying for an education loan. If the funding comes through on September, I would simply ask the bank to not pay the fee. Otherwise, as you said, I would simply try to get some form of funding by the next semester or whenever they become available.

  24. Sanchi

    Dear Kumar,
    Thanks for such amazing post.

    I am pursuing M.tech from VIT University Vellore. I have an 8.4 cgpa so far.

    For my final year project I am working in a research lab in France. I have no job experience so far to put on my cv.
    I have a fully funded phd offer from Uni of Bedfordshire in UK but I am planning to leave that and focus on a phd in usa instead.

    If I need a fully funded phd, what are my chances of getting a decent research course in USA?

    Also, Please tell me the difference between a phd in usa vs phd in uk?

    1. administrator

      You have a great chance to get accepted for PhD with full funding in USA, you need to leverage and highlight your experience in France. One of my best friends did PhD from UK and he said that it took him about 3 years for PhD. I think, it is one of the major differences in terms of duration. You can try to expedite your PhD to be done in 3, but in US, most of the schools expect 4 to 5 years for PhD. In terms of infrastructure, both maybe on par…having said that, all I can tell you is, you need to be really careful in choosing the school as you need to pick a school that has good expertise in your research area. For some areas, US is best, for some UK maybe best. You need to look out for research competency and professors in your area of interest and make a decision. Don’t hesitate to email professors in US or the admissions office…write to them and get more info on research in your area.

  25. Yash

    Hi kumar,

    I did my MTech from IIT Kanpur in CSE couple of year ago. I had the highest cgpa in the batch. I am currently working in one of the top and renowned government research organizations of india (sorry, can’t name it) for couple of years now. But now i want to move on. I want to apply in top US universities offering PHD in cse. Can you tell what are my chances for getting it along with scholarship? Also, whether my experience will help in getting it. What are expenses that are generally there? I have heard that studying in US for an indian is very costly. Will i be able to cover my expenses with the stipend .

    1. administrator

      Hi Yash,
      Your chances are very high to get into PhD program, just for couple of reasons. Firstly IIT Kanpur has tremendous brand value and it will get you admission to any of the top schools. Secondly, you work in research organization, your experience will add a lot of value for academic research and PhD.
      In terms of expenses, you will very likely get full funding for doing PhD. It means that you will have to pay nothing and you will also get stipend for your living expenses. If you are studying without funding, it can be costly, but for PhDs, it is different as you will get full funding.
      I suggest you get good recommendations from your professors and maybe from your workplace, write a good SOP that articulates your PhD purpose…success will be all yours. Good Luck !

  26. Prashanth RAO

    Hi Swapneel,

    Appreciate your kind assistance for the aspiring students.

    I would like to jot down my doubts regarding PhD in USA

    Firstly, I am pursuing 2nd Semester M.com in Christ University, Bangalore
    I aspire to do PhD in the field of Commerce in USA. After wide research I see not every university offers PhD in USA in the field of commerce as COMMERCE is a wide subject which consists of subjects like Management, Finance, Accounting, Business Finance, International Finance etc. So, now… How do i go about it? I plan to pursue PhD in Commerce as available in India or my core interest lies in International Finance & Business Finance

    Secondly, what is the approximate cost and how many years do I need to pursue PhD in United States?

    Thirdly, is there any chance for me to get full funding for my PhD as like in Germany where your entire PhD is Funded or do I need to spend some amout on my PhD program. Also, am I paid any stipend for the same?

    Many Thanks for taking your valuable time in reading this and Appreciate your kind response

    Prashanth RAO

    1. administrator

      Prashanth RAO,
      PhD program at a school is very much dependent on the school’s professors and their research interests. You will really need to hand pick schools that offer the subject areas you are interested. One of the good ways to do that is find research publications in the area of your interest and find professors and schools around that. International finance and Business Finance must be a popular scope and decent number of schools should offer program around that.
      –In general, most of the good schools offer full funding for PhD programs either in forms of TA, GA or RA. If nothing, you would need to pay by credits per semester and it can vary by school like MS. Please check few schools for approximate cost. You need to count for 5 years. Personally, I do not know anyone who have done PhD without funding !
      — Yes, you have very good chance to get full funding, if you apply for PhD program. Yes, you will be getting nominal stipend to cover living expenses from $750 USD or less to $1200 USD or more.

      I suggest you do some research on schools, email schools, professors and take it forward.

  27. swar

    can anyone tell me that what is the qualification for doing m.phil from abroad(usa).and what is the normal procedure ? how should i processed ?

    1. administrator

      I suggest you check few University websites and search on the internet, thats the best thing to do. The application process is pretty standard for everything, type of degree does not matter.

  28. swar

    sir,i want to do my doctorate degree from usa.i am completed my graduation with 48%marks.and completed my masters with 71%marks.my masters in the subject education.but in graduation it was general.i mean my subject was bengali,political science ,education.

    may i eligible to apply?and may i selected in any university in usa with this marks or qualification ?

    if yes then what is the total procedure for doing doctorate from usa?i want to do my doctorate with financial support also.is it possible to do?
    thank you..

    1. administrator

      You can apply for PhD in USA for degree of your choice. Admission decision is not just based on your marks, it is a holistic decision. You will very likely need to take GRE, TOEFL and submit application along with other things like SOP, Recommendation letters, etc. You can check any University website for the actual process. We do not advise on schools here, you need to do your own research.


      hai sir,I am doing my post graduation in chemistry now. am i eligible for doing PhD in USA. can you pls give me the procedures for the same.

      1. administrator

        Yes, you are eligible for PhD. Most of the good schools require GRE, TOEFL. You need to check few universities on the exact requirements on application as it can vary by school.

  29. Saravana

    Hi Mr. Kumar,

    I am Saravana. I am very much impressed with your guidance on doing Ph.D in USA . I have 15 years of R & D/work experience (38 years old) in India’s premier research organisation. I have done by B.E (ECE) and I wish to apply for PhD in USA. Can I do Ph.D directly? Is master’s degree mandatory? Should I appear for GRE / TOFEL? Considering my age will I be eligible for PhD in USA?

    1. administrator

      Thanks for the nice words. Yes, you can apply for PhD directly. No, masters is not mandatory. Yes, you will need to take GRE and TOEFL for most of the good schools. Nope age is never a concern. Read Are you too old to study in USA ? . One of the things that many students do is take up a dual degree PhD program, where you have an option to get MS and PhD. Not all schools may offer it, but you can research. One of the advantages is, you get a Masters degree, if you do drop out for any reason. I do know one of my friends who dropped out of PhD as she could not handle it after two years, but ended up getting a Masters degree.


    Hi Sir, I am Madhurendra Madhukar looking for PhD program in Civil Engineering from US universities. Do I need to make contact to the professors of my research area for my thesis supervision, If I do not do so then? will I be able to get admission on the basis of GRE and TOEFL/IELTS score only?

    1. administrator

      Contacting University professors is not mandatory. It is just the of the ways to get started to build some rappo and show your interests for funding and other opportunities. Yes, you can just apply normally without contacting any professor and get admission…thats how most of the admission process work.


        Thanks for clearing my doubt Sir. Today asked same question (that I have asked to you) to one counselor (live chat), he said It is mandatory to have a supervisor (before starting of application procedure) and then you can proceed for applications.

        1. administrator

          Well, that’s not correct information, maybe it is specific to their school. You can write an email to admissions wing at few schools asking the above question, you will get to know that it is not mandatory. It always helps, if you get response from professors, but the odds of getting response is very low as the professors can be very busy with research. Read Email Subject to Professors MS in US . Think of it this way, firstly students have hard time identifying their right schools, how can admissions team expect them to identify the professors ? So, it is not a mandatory thing, it is a nice thing to do.

  31. Soumya.S

    Hi kumar sir,
    I am soumya. I completed M.Sc biotech last year (June 2015).I worked in a biotech company nearly 2 months then I left the company bcz guidance was a big 0. I m really interested in research. I’m a topper in my bachelor’s and master’s .. but I don’t have work experience. I’m preparing for GRE and TOEFL . Will I get an opportunity to do phd in usa without any work experience?

    1. administrator

      Absolutely yes ! Highlight your passion for research in your application SOPs, including your academic excellence as well in undergrad and masters. Focus on GRE and TOEFL and try to get good scores, all of that will help for PhD.

  32. jagan

    i’ve done my ielts with overall of 7 and my gre score is 295 and right now im preparing my base papers so what are my chances of getting admission and whom should i consult

    1. administrator

      We do not advise on schools here. You need to look at schools that have average scores around your scores and apply to them. Just go their graduate admissions pages of universities websites, you will have step by step process.

  33. Santosh Kumar

    Hi.. I am Santosh Kumar. I did Master in Applied Geophysics from IIT Bombay, Mumbai. India. My CGPA is 6.19 out 10 scale. Am i Eligible for PhD in United state.

    1. administrator

      Santosh Kumar,
      You are eligible for PhD. You will need to follow standard steps for PhD like taking required standardized tests like GRE, TOEFL and apply to schools as per their process.

  34. dinesh nath

    hi. my name is dinesh nath student of msc medical biochemistry 3rd year.. i am very much interested to do phd in biochemistry in usa .. can i do phd ? and if i can how i have to proceed further..

    1. administrator

      dinesh nath,
      You need to check the process at schools you plan to apply. Usually it is taking GRE, TOEL and other tests if any and then applying for PhD.

  35. jagan

    Hi sir I’m jagan pursuing my m.tech (vlsi&embedded) in an normal college which is affiliated to jntuh what are the requirements that I need to apply for PhD in US I’ve wrote Ielts and preparing fr GRE what things I need to keep in mind

    1. administrator

      Typically, you need to take standardized tests like GRE, TOEFL and maybe subject GRE depending on the school for admission. Having any paper submissions or conference papers would be of great help for PhD admission. You need to highlight your passion for PhD and why you want to do PhD well in the Statement of Purpose you write for admission. You can check any of the school’s admission web pages for full details on the process and requirements.

      1. jagan

        i’ve done my ielts with overall of 7 and my gre score is 295 and right now im preparing my base papers so what are my chances of getting admission and whom should i consult

  36. sathya

    I am Sathya , Currently working in Ethiopia. I am an Indian very much interested to do my phd in us. But my age is 36. Will I get any opportunity there to do my Phd. How should I proceed. I belongs to civil engineering department

    1. administrator

      Yes, you can. Age is never a concern for studying in US. I have had many students who were in their 50s doing their MS/ PhD. You need to follow standard process for PhD. Decide the area of interest, take standardized tests like GRE, TOEFL and then apply. You can check any University Website to get more information on the exact process.

  37. Mugdha

    Hello Sir. I am a third year student pursuing economic honors. Can’t I apply for a masters+PhD program in US? Is it really necessary to do masters from here and then apply for PhD? Also, would it affect my credits there? Like, would it be a problem in the transfer of credits?

    1. administrator

      You can apply for a dual degree program which typically includes MS and PhD. I do not think, it will affect your credits in your undergrad. You just need to find schools and apply. The requirements are pretty standard like the regular PhD Application.

  38. Amit Tripathi

    Hello, I’m Amit Tripathi. I’m about to complete my m.tech in Electrical (power system) in about 7-8 months Even i am working in Dharampal Premchand Ltd.(BABA) and I want to do PhD in Us,Canada or Germany. And may I know like how do I need to plan accordingly to apply for PhD and tests required for the admission and all. Because after my studies I don’t want to give gap for PhD and before I get married I just want to start PhD work. And would this one year be sufficient for planning for PhD, writing GRE, TOFEL and for the rest of the things?? I hope you would help me sir.
    Thank you

  39. Jagan

    Hi sir I’m jagan pursuing my m.tech (vlsi&embedded) in an normal college which is affiliated to jntuh what are the requirements that I need to apply for PhD in US I’ve wrote Ielts and preparing fr GRE what things I need to keep in mind

  40. Chinmayee

    Hello, I’m chinmayee. I’m about to complete my m.tech in biotechnology in about 7-8 months and I want to do PhD in Canada or Germany. And may I know like how do I need to plan accordingly to apply for PhD and tests required for the admission and all. Because after my studies I don’t want to give gap for PhD and before I get married I just want to start PhD work. And would this one year be sufficient for planning for PhD, writing GRE, TOFEL and for the rest of the things?? I hope you would help me sir.
    Thank you

    1. administrator

      It would be good enough, if you plan well. Typically the process is defined by the school yo apply to. I suggest you check the school’s websites that you plan to attend. if you are planning on PhD, you need to be first clear on what you want to do in PhD and then look at schools that can fit your criteria. Most of the US schools take GRE, TOEFL…I am not sure about other parts of the world. I suggest you check some schools’ websites.

  41. muhammed salam

    Hi Kumar
    my self muhammed salam,iam pursuing my MBA (major as finance)and I have hardly 6 months to complete my MBA .iam planning to do PhD in accounting and finance from US.can you please guide me on this ….like what will be eligibility, what all exams I have to go through,time span for completing it ,courses offered,cost incurred in do it and what will be the next step after completing it….I hope you will help me out and I ll be eagerly waiting for your reply.

    1. administrator

      The process is pretty straight forward, I suggest you check any university website that offers PhD, they would have the required steps. Usually, you would need to take GRE/ GMAT and TOEFL, followed by application process as required by school.

  42. Kamal

    Hi Kumar,

    My wife is currently doing her PhD on “Bio-Inspired Fault Tolerant System” in the are VLSI & Neural networks in Anna University, Chennai, India. She is almost in her final stages of completing her work. I am currently in US on H1B and she has an H4. Is there a way she can continue her PhD here in US or will it be good for her to complete it back in India.


    1. administrator

      I feel that, it may be difficult to continue her PhD, if it in last stages. Usually, transfers work for graduate school and Universities only transfer certain number of credits for PhD, I highly doubt if they would possibly do it…The reason is that typically Universities invest in PhD students for IP that goes under University…no Univ would be willing it give it back to others… If she is almost in her final stages, it would be good idea to complete it and come back. Also, PhD is very much dependent on the school and not many schools would have the same PhD options in US…You may try to research and local schools and find more info…but, I doubt it….One thing she can do after her PhD is do post doc in US, which would be good for her.

  43. Monojeet Banerjee

    Hi sir
    My self Monojeet, I have completed msc in 2010.
    I have 1year research experience nd 3 nd half years teaching experince in a UG college. I am looking for PhD in US. Please help me

    1. administrator

      It is pretty straightforward process. You need to take standardized tests required for PhD and then apply to schools. Read any university websites, you will get idea.

  44. Arindam Mitra

    Dear Sir,
    How much it costs for Ph.d in electrical engineering from US or German Universities ? Can I get full funding provided I have good GRE and TOEFL score?

    1. administrator

      PhD in US is typically fully funded, of course, it is changing these days. The fees varies by school. It is always based on credit hour and how many credit hours required for PhD. I suggest you check the school you plan to apply. Yes, having good GRE and TOEFL scores can help.

  45. Sarada Prasanna Nayak

    Dear Sir,
    I completed my PG from from power system engineering & i would like to complete my PHD from USA so please guide me.

    1. administrator

      The process is pretty straightforward, you need to take standardized tests like GRE, TOEL and then apply to schools. You may check any of the US PhD School’s website and then follow the process.

  46. Arindam Mitra

    Dear Sir,
    I am going to complete my M.Tech in power systems from IIT Roorkee and my cgpa will be approx 8(at the leat), also I dont have any publications till date but I am passionate about doing research in renewable energy sources……how can I apply for Ph.D in US?

    1. administrator

      Having publications help, but they are not mandatory. You have a great brand of IIT that you can use during your application process. Get good scores in GRE, TOEFL and then a compelling SOP with good recommendation letters will help you get the admission. If you plan it well, it should be quite possible to get admission in good schools.

  47. thirupathi

    hello sir,

    this is thirupathi, i did MTech Software enginnering . i would like to complete phd in USA please give me the necessary guidelines

    1. administrator

      Thirupathi, Well, first you need to decide why you want to do PhD ? Second, the are of specialization and then look at schools for the requirements and then start preparing for the same. Check out few universities sites, you will get some idea on the requirements.

  48. Karam Chand

    i get very good information from your site it helps me in making my career. please give me information aboute the top universitiese in world for Ph.D in physics and how to entre in these. thank you.

  49. Ram Varma

    Hi kumar,

    I am ramvarma,completed PG in eee branch.Now i am asst.prof in one of autonomous college with 6 years experience.I am intrested to do ph-D in USA.Plz give me suggetions for doing ph-D.

    1. administrator

      Ram Varma,
      I suggest you think about why you want to PhD. Are you passionate about research and teaching some day ? if so, then you look at few schools that offer PhD your interested area, check the requirements and then plan for the same…it is quite straight forward.

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