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How to prepare yourself for PhD in USA ? Eligibility, Credit Transfer

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One of our ardent contributors Swapnoneel, has volunteered to help the prospective PhD Students by writing a series of articles sharing his experiences. Thanks to him for such a kind act. If you have any questions for Swapnoneel, please leave a comment.

Background Info

This is my first article on this topic. Here I aim to tell prospective PhD applicants about how to prepare oneself towards the target of getting a full funding for PhD in the U.S. I’m from an engineering background, but while this article may be engineering oriented, it would help students of any field. OK so here’s what you should have in mind.

Eligibility for PhD after B.tech ? B.A, B.Com, B.Sc?

If you are an engineering student (B.E/B.Tech) you are eligible to apply directly for a PhD after you graduate. In case you are a general science or arts student, you need to complete your post graduation (M.Sc/M.A/M.Com) before you apply. For engineering students, if PhD is really your goal, I’d still recommend you get a post graduate degree (M.E/M.S/M.Tech) preferably from a good institute (IIT/IISc/NIT/IIIT etc). For IIT B.Techs, this is absolutely not required, but I’m targeting a wider audience. The reason for this suggestion is very simple:

How does Credit Transfer work in PhD ?

1. You would have some postgraduate courses done which you might transfer into your PhD degree (I transferred 12 credits from my IIT courses).

2. This means, the university won’t have to pay for those credits, and that will act as a positive ground for your application over other applicants without a postgraduate degree.

3. You are likely to have more research exposure which will be helpful and be a positive point on your application.

4. If you manage to get a postgraduate from a better institute than your undergraduate, you get better recommendations (from better known people).

So my first advice to the engineering students aiming for a PhD in the US is to get a postgraduate degree from a good institute before you apply.


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  1. priyanka pandey

    Hi sir
    I am currently doing my masters in anatomy from a very reputed university in India and carrying out a research work in genetics. I have two publications in a reputed journal. Do I stand a chance of getting a phd course in USA

    1. administrator

      Of course, you stand a chance. The admission chances depend on the choice of school. If you already have publications, that will add up a lot. It is all up to you how to position yourself for getting admission and funding.

  2. Wondimu

    Hi, my name is wondimu Musie a holder of MTech in chemical Engineering. I am currently teaching in one of my countries higher education. I tried my best to proceed for my PhD;but still i can’t get to success. please help me if there is a way to overcome this problem.

    thank you!

    1. administrator

      Well, did you get clarity on why you could not get in ? The only solution is to identify why you could not get in and try to fix that issues and keep trying to get there.


    Dear Sir,
    I am currently pursuing Mtech from Thapar university, Punjab with 7.8 CGPA and have B.tech from a state university with 71% in mechanical engineering. I am also working as a research scholar and have a research paper and recommendation of IIT Bombay’s professors. So in my case how GRE score effect my admission in Ph.d. ? Or is GRE is just eligibility criteria for me?

  4. Rahul Pandey

    Dear Sir,

    I graduated with a Btech degree in Civil Engg. from NIT Rourkela in 2014. My CGPA is 7.75. (Class 10th- 94% & Class 12th- 90%)

    I’ve worked in a construction firm for 2 years and from the past 1 year I’ve been working as a Junior Research Engg in Indian Railways. I don’t have any prior research experience. I want to pursue research in the field of Structural Engg (Structural Dynamics/Seismic Engg to be specific). Please suggest how to get a direct PhD admit from any average ranked US/European university in the aforementioned field.
    Earlier, I was planning to do get a Masters degree from any old IIT/IISc and then apply for a PhD abroad, but due to the job pressure I’ve been able to score well enough in GATE Exam to get admission into a Masters degree course in Structural Engg at any of the old IITs. Therefore, I’m trying to skip that step and apply directly for a PhD in US/Europe. Please help me out.

  5. Suchandra Nandi

    hello sir. i am pursuing masters of commerce from M.S Univ of Baroda, Gujarat(India). i have scored 1st class in the 1st year of M.Com. before that, i am a B.Com graduate from the same university with second upper class. again a 1st class in HSC Commerce steam. i am wishing for PhD in Economics from USA. what are the main requirements to apply for a good university of USA? and what should i go for either GRE/TOEFL/IELTS??

    1. administrator

      It all depends on the school you plan to apply. Usually it is GRE & TOEFL and may be more depending on the school. I suggest you check the schools you plan to apply to get full requirements.

  6. Gurwinder Singh

    Hello Sir
    I have completed Graduation in Agruculture with 69% marks and Post Graduation in Agriculture major subject Soil Science with 7.12 OCPA from Punjab Agricultural University, ludhiana, Punjab, India. I will want to Do Ph.D in USA.. Now I am working under the World Bank Project under NDDB NDP-1 ..please tell me better Suggestion.


    Hi SIR,
    i have m.e. (extc) with first class agg 67%,b.e.(elex)-agg 56%,12th-75%,10th-86%
    gre scores-312
    work experience-3.5years as asst.professor in extc and department of applied mathematics in private engineering college
    research/papers-4 international journal papers in antenna design(2 as main author) and 5th i will publish in january

    what are my chances of doing a MS or PHD in communications or networking course in decent (top 50) universities??

    what will you suggest MS or PhD??

  8. aisha

    Hello sir
    I have completed my master from IIT bhu in pharmacy , after that i have worked in seoul national university, korea for 1.5 yr in one of the pharmay research lab.
    Now i m planning to pursue phd in pharmaceutical sciences in US in different
    I have been to conferences in india and korea,
    I have qualified gate and gpat with good percentile.
    I have 77 % mark in undergraduate and 8.25 cgpa in master. I m able to get phd in US, can u provide me any suggestion.
    Thank u

    1. administrator

      Your profile is definitely good looking at your experiences. It is up to you to search and apply for the right schools to get admission. You will need to take GRE and TOEFL very likely and do well on them as well. Check with the school you plan to apply to get full details on the requirements.

  9. Apurva Godbole

    I am student studying in Third Year Chemical Engineering. My current gpa is 8.04 and and in the semesters before has been in the range of 7’s. I wish to apply for a direct PhD in the USA. I will soon appear for my GRE. Could I get admission in a good university with this gpa coupled with a good GRE score and SOP?

    1. administrator

      PhD admission depends on many factors and not just GPA. If you get good GRE, TOEFL scores and can articulate your passion for research in SOP, you have a fair chance.

  10. Alin

    I am a post graduate in Microbiology and also have HACCP certification. I have worked for 1 year in Kerala. Actually now i am planning to migrate to USA along with my parents (F4 visa).So i would like to know is there is any further exams for indian students to get microbiology job like RN exam for nurses in the USA? Can you please help me?

  11. Harshini

    I have completed my B.Tech from NIT Trichy ‘ 2013 batch in CS with CGPA – 7.2. And i am currently working with Cisco since then. But i have a research paper published during my 2nd year college. Also i have done research intern after 3rd year for two months. But both of them are related to network security. But currently for past 3 years I am working on 4G domain.. So i want to know what are the chances for me to directly apply for PhD in US? and also should I be applying in any of these two areas only for PhD or can i apply in a new area?

    1. administrator

      All the research work you have done will definitely help. You just need to highlight them in your application and share the same in application. It may or may not be related to the area of your current interest. You can apply for any new area that you are interested in, nothing will stop you. Just pick your passionate area and articulate on why you want to do in that area in SOP, it will help.

  12. Rick

    I did my B-tech in ceramic technology and now pursuing M.E in materials engineering from IISc and I have a great passion in astrophysics. I have been doing relevant courses from physics department and also started working a project in astrophysics with one professor of IISc of astrophysics department. Will there be any problem for getting acceptance in good astrophysics universities in USA??..I will also appear for GRE after couple of months. Thank you!

    1. administrator

      You should not have any issues as such. In fact, IISc has good brand value and it should help you with admissions and visa approval chances as well. Yes, you will need to take GRE and TOEFL as required by the school you plan to apply to.

  13. ramu

    I have completed my bachelor degree in (maths,physics,chemistry)MPC with 65%.
    now i am pursuing MCA(master of computer applications)
    I am planning to do my PhD in USA.
    what are the eligible criteria.

    1. administrator

      You should be eligible. Most of the schools require GRE and TOEFL…I suggest you check with the schools as the admissions requirements can vary.

  14. Vineet

    I am currently working as Academic Associate at IIM Indore.
    Have 10 months of industry experience.
    My scores so far-
    10th – 84%
    12th – 82.33%
    B.E. (E&TC) – 53.52% from Pune University
    MBA (Marketing & HR) – 75% from Nagpur University

    I have cleared UGC NET Dec – 2015 (Asst Prof Only)
    and SET – May 2016 (Maharashtra & Goa States).

    What are the chances for me doing Ph.D from foreign university, provided I do well at GMAT/GRE/TOEFL?

    Thanking you!

    1. administrator

      Well, it is very hard to tell just based on the scores. You will need some really good scores in GRE/GMAT and TOEFL. The whole idea of PhD is based on passion for research and the admission committee’s belief in your credentials for the same. It is a holistic decision. if you can get good scores and create a compelling SOP and apply to relevant school, you will have a fair chance.

  15. Asgar

    I did my BSC Biochemistry from a state university (Univ of Kashmir) in india & now i am persuaing MSc Biotechnology from the same university.
    I want to pursue PHD in USA in a similar life science area. If i take GRE exam do you think i can apply to universities in US?
    Do you think i will get admission right away?

    1. administrator

      You can apply. Well, admission is a very different decision and depends on many factors like the school you apply to, your scores, etc.

        1. administrator

          It all depends on the school and the value they give to your credits in the school in India. You will need to check with the school you intend to apply to.

  16. Raj


    I have been working for a government research organization since last 5 years. I have:
    10th: 67%
    12th: 53%
    B.E.(Computer Science): 69%
    MTech(Computer Science) IIITH:66%
    I have 4 years of teaching experience and 2 years of IT experience. I have two good publications . And One good recommendation from reputed guy in academia from IIT. What are my chances and how much GRE score I required.


    1. administrator

      Chances are very relative and depends on the school you plan to apply to and the research area you pick in that school. If you make the right school choices and apply to schools you have a fair chance. Good scores in GRE will be of great help, you will need to check the University for the average scores they require.

    2. Lalima Arora

      i am very confuse, very mean very confuse. i have no idea what i have to do and how to apply for phd. i have master degree from iit, n willing for Phd in USA. but here everything is entirely from India.
      please tell me how to apply exactly, and what is this number of hours etc.

      help me out.

      1. administrator

        Well, I am not sure why you are confused…If you are passionate about teaching or research, then PhD is a path to it. Think about it, take time for it and speak to few people. It does not matter, where your degree is from, if you have good academics and get good scores, then you have a fair chance to get admission anywhere…

  17. Chaitanya

    my Name is Chaitanya. I have done M.phil (Computer Science) from Bharathi Dasan University I am looking for PHD admission in USA Universities. Can you help me on the process and fees details

    1. administrator

      You will need to check on the Universities websites to get exact requirements. Usually you will be required to take GRE and TOEFL.

  18. sandeep

    My name is Sandeep Kumar and i done my post graduate in Electrical Power Systems, i want to know what will be the procedure to do phd in usa

    1. administrator

      You will need to take GRE, TOEFL and apply to schools. You can look at few schools websites on the exact requirements. Also, I suggest you be clear on why you want to do PhD and what area are you interested in for PhD.

  19. Ayush Shukla

    Sir,i have completed my BE in electronics and telecommunication engineering and my cgpa is not good at all as I developed interest in other field of fitness overall which includes areas of exercise science,nutrition in these 3 or 4 yeaes.my current cgpa is 6.0 and now as I’ve no background in Fitness so first of all I’ve decided to pursue PG diploma of 1 year in Fitness management,which is of 1 year and in this 1 year I’m going to get a feel of this field+ research work,projects etc,but I’m confused what should I go for(M.S. or PhD) and will 1 year of PG Diploma is enough for pursuing PhD from USA ? What other things I need to do ? I heard that PhD are fully funded in USA so I got bit attracted towards doing PhD in place of M.S. Or MBA.Please help regarding my queries.

  20. Karan Patel

    Respected Sir,
    I am pursuing my Masters in Thermal Engineering
    So can you please advise me which topic to pursue as a PhD topic
    and is it possible to do so on the basis of MTech here?
    I have scored 88% in SSc, 86% in HSc, 70.60% in BTech and in Masters I’ve secured 60%

  21. suraj tiwari

    hi sir ,
    I am suraj tiwari and I want to do phd in usa with astrophysics . what should I do for taking admission in MIT , caltech, stanford etc..

    1. Srijita

      For admission in institutes like caltech, mit etc you really need to stand out of crowd.These institutes doesn’t just look for good GRE/TOEFL scores ,you need lot more than that ,like Good Publications ,Patents ,distinguished co and extra curricular etc .In order to stand a chance, where acceptance rate is almost 1% in Phds .Hope i cleared your question.Good Luck

  22. srikanth

    Hi I am srikanth, Did Post graduation from National institute of Technology with 8.58 CGPA, having 3 years of work experience as a embedded developer. I have 1 query, To do PhD is it required to have Money in bank account to show Funds at the time of visa interview if am looking for Full funding from university. Because i have home loan is this any problem at the time of visa interview. I am waiting for your positive reply.

  23. Kaushambee Dave

    this is Kaushambee Dave. i am pursuing my M.Sc. Biotechnology from IAR, Gujarat(INDIA). i am interested in doing my Ph.D. (genetics/biotechnology or any other subject related to my field) in the US. kindly tell what exams to give and what to prepare.

    thank u

    1. administrator

      It totally depends on the school you plan to apply. But, usually most of them require GRE and TOEFL. Check the schools you plan to apply for full requirements.

  24. Radhika

    Hi sir i am Radhika i have complete my M.Sc. physics with 7.69 c.g.p.a. from lovely professional UNIVERSITY
    B.Sc. with 6.1 c.g.p.a. from govt college.
    Am i able to get admission in Phd in U.S.A. or not
    i will wait for your respond and i will appreciate Thank you

  25. Vikram Sharma


    I have a M.Tech in Electrical Power Systems from IIT-DELHI. (2000 passout). Got CGPA of8.67/10.
    I have 15 years + of work experience in IT industry (Spent 14 years in TCS) plus 2 years of teaching experience.

    Now At 42 years I want to Go for a PHD in USA in Data Science . Majority of my experience is that of a database architect, database developer . I have worked with Clients like Apple Inc, and lived in USA for 4+ years as well.

    What are the chances of getting a funding?
    Who are the people who can give me recomemdations other than my Professors? Will letter of recommendations from my Client managers in Apple help ?Will letter of recommendation from my Bosses help?

    Please advise on how to make it to the best universities, get best funding as I have a family to support plus how to leverage the vast experience I have.

  26. Snigdha

    Myself Snigdha just completed my MSc. in organic chemistry with 84% and I want to do PhD for U.S.A.

    Someone told me that for PhD from U.S.A. SAT and TOEFL are required. Is it so?

  27. dillreet kaur

    Hlo sir,i am dilpreet..i am completed my graduation with non medical stream and now i m doing m.sc(hons.) Physics..its my final year in m.sc..i really want to research in space physics in usa but my parents cant afford the usa fee..plz give me advice what can i do to sduty in usa..
    My b.sc(n.m)% is 72%
    My s.g.p.a in m.sc 1 sem
    is 6.78

    1. administrator

      If you want to do research, the better option is to pick up PhD. Most of the PhD programs are typically funded. What it means is that, you will get full fee waiver and also get a stipend for your PhD. The trick to is get admission and get funding. If you can get good GRE and TOEFL scores and create a compelling SOP that can convince the admissions for PhD admission with funding, you can pursue your dream. You can get in touch with professors as well and seek their guidance and support. The first step is to identify where you want to do PhD based on your topic and look at their requirements and start working towards that.

  28. Ankita khajuria

    Hi Sir,

    I am Ankita Khajuria. I have completed Msc. (Hons.) physics in June 2016 from Khalsa College, Amritsar (punjab) affiliated to GURU NANAK DEV UNIVERSITY.
    I want to do Ph.D from american college for better study . I have got 63% in Msc.
    Suggest me how to apply in american university plzz. Its my request.

    1. administrator

      You need to first find the area of your interest and find school that offers that. Once you have that, you can start to look at the university website to get info on the exact requirements. Typically you will be required to take GRE and TOEFL.

  29. Himani sharma

    Hello sir, i am a student of central university of punjab currently pursuing my mtech in cyber security in 2nd year and till now my sgpa is 6.7 and i have completed my btech in computer science from a normal college with 72%. I am preparing for gre and tofel. I have visited various universities sites for admission in phd and the minimum average requirement for phd is cgpa > 3.0 but the highest marks in my university till now is 7.6 so should i go for it. As i need full scholarship support for admission in a good uni or college in usa. Can u please guide me ?

    1. administrator

      Admission and scholarship decision depends on many factors and not just scores and percentage, having good scores will always help, but nothing is guaranteed. All I can suggest is try to get good scores in GRE and TOEFL so that you have better chances for funding. You can start your research and start to write to few schools to get advice.

  30. kushi

    My self kushi , I am doing masters in food technology . And i am d tooper in my college with 85% . i hve a pln to do my phd in food biotechnology. whch all exms i shuld take .?

    1. administrator

      You need to first check the schools that offer you PhD program and then look at what they require for admission. Usually, it is GRE and TOEFL for normal MS programs…again, you need to check with the school for such information.

  31. harsha

    I have msc in computing from university of south wales UK, B-tech in computer science and work experience about 3 years . What are the chances of getting phd offer in us universities.
    And what the steps I need to follow since i heard i can get full funding for PHD in US.
    Does phd candidates get J1 visa after allying since full funding will be greater than 51% right.
    They said recommendation letters are needed can you give me some examples like people that I can ask for recommendations like employer etc. What aare the tests i need to take.

    1. administrator

      PhD admission depends on various factors, your option of school and hard to tell. You will need good scores in GRE and TOEFL as well. You really need to have a compelling SOP indicating your interest for PhD and you will probably need good recommendations from your professors, previous employers to back it up. I suggest you do some research on the schools and speak to admissions at few schools to get to know your chances.

  32. Jayaram khanal

    Hi I am jayaram khanal from nepal I did my master degree from india in indian classical music so I want to do phd from usa so plz.can u help me what should I do

    1. administrator

      I suggest you find the schools that you are interested in and then look at the process described in their websites.

  33. raja


    Im currently pursing my M.tech in computerscience from private university .i would like to do p.hd in usa .what are the requirements should i neeed to get a seat over there…

  34. Kritika


    I have completed my BCA and MCA in India, MS in United Kingdom. I have also worked as a Business Analyst for more than a year. Now since I have an international degree, do I still have to take TOEFL or IELTS?


    1. administrator

      You can always get a waiver for TOEFL, if you articulate your details to school and about your foreign degree. You may still need to take GRE for PhD.

  35. sindhu

    Im going to USA on H4 visa next month. As im going on H4 , im not supposed to work. So im planning to study further. I have completed masters in india.
    B-tech – Computer Science
    MBA from Osmania University.
    So can i apply for PhD programme ?
    In case if im eligible , what is the procedure to apply from USA on H4 visa ?

    what are the pre-requisites ?
    how should i choose the professor and how should i approach them ?

    waiting for appropriate response

    Thanking you

  36. Shimna

    I would like to do fully funded PhD(in Image Processing) in US. I have

    10th:- 92%
    12th- 83%
    M.Tech: 8.2 gpa(From NIT Calicut)

    I have published 2 papers in International journals.
    Can you please suggest whether I am eligible for getting admission with scholarship?Can you please suggest some good universities to do PhD in Image Processing?
    looking for PhD admission abroad. Suggest me plzz

  37. Saunak

    HI, My profile is shown as below
    BE Electrical Engineering-8.69 CGPA(2nd in Collage & 65th in Gujarat Technological University).
    M.tech Specialization is Power Electronics, Machines & Drives
    My M.tech will be completed in July 2017.
    I am doing my M.tech Project in Indian Space Research Organization.
    So will it help for Phd in USA?

    1. administrator

      Yes, all of this will help. You will need to take GRE and TOEF and apply to the right schools that suit your interest in research and your scores.

  38. Ruchee

    Hi ,

    Thanks for the info!!
    I am an MSc then Mtech in comp science. I have corporate experience of 5 years in product based company.
    I am in USA right now on H4 Visa. And wanna take up Phd.
    I request you to please let me know if i stand any chance of being able to undergo a Phd program.

    1. administrator

      You can definitely pursue PhD for sure. You will probably need to take GRE and TOEFL for admission. Speak to schools near your area and get their advice on what they look for and then prepare accordingly.

  39. Khushbu

    Hi..I have completed my masters in physics last year.my percentage is 67%. now I want to do PhD in Canada. What is the process.

    1. administrator

      I cannot speak for Canada. The process is, you need to find the school you like and then look at application process on the university website…

  40. Sampan Chakraborty


    I have done my B.tech from a reputed university in India.My GRE score is V-143,Q-168,AWA-3.5,but I Will appear again on GRE.I haven’t given IELTS yet,but scoring around 6.5 in practice test.

    But problem is I do not have any publication.Do you suggest me to do an M.tech?I can do my M.Tech from West Bengal university of technology(not IIT).I want to apply for PHD in Quantum computing/computer science in USA.

    BTW I have one excellent letter of recommendation from my cousin inventor Arpan Chakraborty who is the youngest in US to cross 200 patents at age of 33.Do you think if he gives positive comments about me,it will be an edge?Or should I go for an M.Tech?

    1. administrator

      Recommendations can go a long way, they can get you admission, especially from someone like you mentioned. I suggest you focus on GRE and TOEFL and get better scores. I believe, you should apply without M.Tech. If you get good scores and good recommendations, you should go for it. Alternatively, you can consider dual programs in US with MS and PhD. You will probably need to do some research on schools and then apply.

      1. Sampan Chakraborty

        Thank you for your reply.Actually I am aiming for a PHD in Quantum computing at Caltech.Last time I scored 311 in GRE,but this time I am expecting to score 320 or higher with 170 on Quant.IELTS score of 6.5 is cut off for most US universities.But I am slightly worried that whether should I do an M.tech or not?I am not much interested in computer engineering,but rather in Quantum computing(requires Quantum physics & computer science).But as I mentioned you earlier I have good back up from my cousin who is world’s one of the greatest inventor and HOD of my dept. will also give positive feedbacks about me.

        1. administrator

          I really do not see any reason to do M.Tech, you might as well take up MS in Physics in US and then apply for PhD by taking up thesis option in MS. If your aim is PhD, then you should go with path of MS + PhD or directly PhD. If you are not sure about PhD admission, see if you can get admission for MS in Caltech for Physics or Computer Science…You can always speak to professors and then see what can be done for PhD, once you are in US.

  41. Neethi Chandra

    I completed my Masters at NIT, Rourkela with a CGPA of 8.3 (M.Sc Life Science), B. Sc 78%, GRE – 304, TEOFL- 114. I have 1 publication, and 2 more yet to be accepted. I intend to apply for PhD for the 2017 intake. I have 3 years of research experience (right from my Bachelors). My field of interest if Cancer biology, different from yours, but what are my chances of getting an admission? Do you think OhioSU, Baylor College of Medicine and UMD too ambitious for my profile?

    1. administrator

      Neethi Chandra,
      Personally, I cannot advise on the schools. I can see that you have good profile and experience. You can check the Average Scores for acceptance in those schools you listed and see, if you would be eligible. You can write to the admissions to get more info on your chances or more details. You can get in touch with professors as well, to know more on research and see, if you have a fit.

    1. administrator

      You can apply to schools by taking required tests like GRE/ TOEFL and position yourself well. You will need some really good GRE and TOEFL scores. The publications will help.

  42. Pranav Kant Gaur


    I have been working for a government research organization since last 5 years. I have:
    10th: 82%
    12th: 83%
    B.E.(Computer Science): 78%
    I have one IEEE conference publication. I have contributed to CGAL open source software and also presented my work at INRIA, Nancy, France last year. I have also worked for computer department in CERN for 3 months under deputation. I wish to apply for PhD in the area on which I am working since last 1.5 year. I am also developing an open source software in that field. I am planning to give GRE next year. Specifically, I wish to work under a professor in Ohio state university for PhD as he is working in my field of interest.

    I am unsure about how much research output is required in order to have good chance of getting an admit?

    1. administrator

      You have all the plan laid out. Do not worry about the output. Get in touch with the professor you are interested in and share your research details, it will be quite helpful to have that connect. You can share your publication details and seek advice as well.

  43. Dipika

    hi i am dipika..i have completed mastars degree..on botay subject from.bangladesh ..now i am living u.s.a.i want to complet phd degree..bt i dont know what i will do first ..pls give u any suggesion..help for me

    1. administrator

      If you want to do PhD, you need to look at requirements and take required tests and apply. As you are in US, you can speak to any nearby school that offers PhD and then get their advice.

  44. Selvi


    I have a MCA from a moderate university in Tamilnadu.
    My 10th and 12th scores were around 65% on average. Also my bachelors degree was in computer science and i got 70%. In masters i scored 75%. There were backlogs which i have cleared and got both my bachelors and masters degree. I have not published any papers during my college days as we didnt have the exposure to all those things.

    Now i am in USA and here on a H4 Visa. I am very much interested to do a Phd in Computer science. I have already given my GRE and got 278. Toefil score was 67. Please suggest where i stand in getting a phd admission in computer science.

    1. administrator

      I am not sure, if you are scores are good enough. As you are in US, one of the things I can suggest is that you schedule an appointment with a nearby University Admissions and Academic department to understand their requirements and scores they usually consider. Looking at your profile, they will give you guidance as well. Just email or call them for admissions counselling.

  45. Ayonina Das

    I’m Ayonina Das. I’ve completed my undergraduation in physics from Lady Brabourne college under Calcutta University. Currently I’m doing my masters in Instrumentation Science from Jadavpur University. I want to do my Phd in something related to instrumentation or renewable energy. my scores up till now are:
    Class 10: 94%
    Class 12: 92.3%
    B.sc: 65.88 %( In CU the highest marks is between 70-80%)
    Unfortunately my masters 1st semester results were not very good because of health and personal issues but I’m trying hard to make up for it in the following semesters.
    I regularly attend workshops and seminars and am undertaking a course in computer programming. I plan to do an internship from an instrumentation based company. I will give my GRE next year. Am I qualified enough for doing a Phd in any of the universities in USA? Any suggestion and guidance would be very helpful. Thank you.

    1. administrator

      Ayonina Das,
      Absolutely you are qualified to apply, but admission decision depends on the school and your application. You probably need to put in some effort to show some credentials for research as well like presenting papers along with your professors at conference, etc. Also you will probably need very good GRE scores as well. You can start reaching out to schools to get some of their inputs as well and advise on how to get admission at their respective school.

  46. NC

    Hi,I have completed my masters in biotechnology.I am planning to do my PhD in either Biotechnology or Microbiology the next fall in US or Germany.My scores are 10th:90%
    Post graduation:7.5 gpa ( I had some health issues during the examination)

    I have 4 published papers. I have been to conferences at my college and outside to present papers and have been to workshop conducted by IITM.What are my chances of getting into US universities.I have decided to apply in places like Purdue,Texas A and M,UCSC etc.Is it too ambitious or will I be eligible?

    1. administrator

      I feel you have very good chances to get into a good university, if you back your current achievements with good GRE and TOEFL scores and write a compelling SOP on your dream for PhD. It is hard to judge the changes of any school as they have their own criteria…you can reach out to the schools and write to them for advice, they can guide you…

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