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H4 Approval Notices after Biometrics in 2019 – Shared by User

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Since the New I-539 form with Biometrics this year, many of you have been waiting for H4 Approval timelines and we absolutely had no data. Our reader community have been actively contributing their experiences in comments and many user directly to us, you can check all of it at : H4 Extension Biometrics Experiences with New I-539 Form . We have two approvals reported by two of our readers on H4 approval with their timelines. Upon request, our readers ( names kept anonymous for privacy), have been kind enough to take time to share a scan copy of the actual H4 approval notice after Biometrics. Thanks a lot to our readers for sharing the copy of the H4 approval notice and their experience with the community ! Really appreciate it ! Below is their timeline for your review. You can send your experiences to [email protected] or post in User Experiences Section

Experience #1 – H4 Approval Timeline with Biometrics

Only applied for H4 Extension. Have NOT applied for H4 EAD.

Service Center : Vermont

4/03 – USCIS received H1/H4 application in PP
04/08 – H1B Approved.
04/11 – Biometrics notice generated
04/18 – Received receipt numbers for H4
04/25 – Attended Biometrics.
05/16 – Received H4 Approval Notice along with H1 Copy.

  • H4 Approved after almost 20 Days after giving Biometrics or about 45 Days from filing H1B + H4 together in premium

Experience #2 – H4 Approval Timeline with Biometrics

Service Center : Vermont

  • H1B + H4 Filed in Premium : April 2nd 2019
    • Did NOT apply for H4 EAD
  • H4 Receipt Generated : April 3rd 2019
  • H1B Receipt Generated : April 3rd 2019
  • H1B Approved : April 8th 2019
  • Biometric Notice Generated : April 5th 2019
  • Biometric Notice Received : April 10th 2019
  • Biometric Appointment : April 25th 2019
  • H4 Approval Date : June 10th, 2019
    • H4 Approval took about 69 Days from filing date.
    • H4 Approval took about 46 Days after Biometrics were given
  • H4 Approval Notice Received in Mail : June 15, 2019
    • H4 Approval mail arrival took 74 Days ( 2 month 13 days ) from initial filing.
    • It took 51 Days to arrive in mail after Biometrics were done.
    • Still online status says “Case Received” after getting approval.
    • See below Copy

Word of Caution : I understand, this is a very nervous time for many working on H4 EAD with the H4 EAD Lawsuit, Removal Rulemaking things going on… The intent of sharing approval notices of H4 is to share that there is hope and at least couple of people got approvals. Please use this approval information with caution, do NOT assume that your H4 and H4 EAD will be approved with the same timeline and make your life decisions regarding your H4 and H4 EAD approvals. We only have two approvals info and this is not enough sample to make a generalized approximation. Please consider the maximum processing times that you see on USCIS website for H4 extension processing and then make decisions to be safe. Consult with attorney as well, before you make any decisions.

Please share your H4 experiences, approvals information with community for everyone benefit to get idea in comments as well. Let’s help each other…

Copy of H4 Approval Notice With Biometrics in 2019 – Experience #2

H4 Visa Approval Notice - Vermont - 2019 After Biometrics

Copy of H4 Approval Notice With Biometrics in 2019 – Experience #1

H4 Approval Notice Sample with Biometrics - 2019 - Experience

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Comments ( 43 )

  1. Dipak

    May 15: Filed H1+h4 extension together – PP
    May 17: H1 Approved
    May 17: Received Bio-metrics appointment notice
    May 23: H4-EAD Extension separately
    Jun 06: Bio-metrics appointment done

    Waiting for H4 + H4EAD approvals

  2. JH


  3. Sri

    Mar 29 – H1, H4, H4-EAD applied on PP
    Apr 2 – H1 approved
    Apr 24th – Biometrics done
    No update after that on H4 & EAD. Status shows ‘Case Received’

  4. Sk

    4/25 Applications shipped to USCIS. H1B, H4 and H4 EAD with PP.
    4/29 Received all three application receipts.
    5/3 H1B Approved
    5/10 Received Biometrics appointment dated 5/22
    5/22 Biometrics appointment done.

    Still waiting for updates. Both H4 and H4 EAD have status as “Case was received”.

  5. Argos

    Service Center : Nebraska

    5/22 – USCIS received H1/H4 application in PP
    5/31 – H1B Approved.
    6/5 – Received Biometric appt letter with appt scheduled for 6/10
    6/10 – Biometrics was done
    Waiting for H4 and H4 EAD approvals

  6. Rix

    Filed H1+h4 extension+ EAD – Apr 26
    H1 Reciept Date : Apr 30
    H4 Reciept Date – Apr 30
    H1 Approved – May 10
    Received H4 Bio-metrics appointment – May 15
    Biometrics appointment completed – May 20
    H4 EAD Reciept Date : May 22

    Waiting for H4 and EAD approval.

    1. Rix

      Even though the H4 Biometrics have been completed the status of the H4 case on the USCIS website still says
      “At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case. Please contact the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283 for additional information.”

      This has been the status since the day we received the H4 case number. Anyone else in the same boat?

  7. Ramya

    We filed H1+h4 extension+ EAD – May 1
    H1 notice sent – May 2
    H1 Approved – May 6
    Received h4 + EAD receipt – May 2
    Received H1 approval notice – May 6
    Received Biometrics appt – May 7
    Biometrics appt done – May 21
    Waiting for H4 + H4EAD approvals

  8. AnH4

    Applied for h1 transfer + h4 ead+ h4 in premium

    Received date for all three may 10th
    H1 approved on may 17th
    Got biometric appointment for june7th— completed
    Now waiting for approval.. will keep you guys posted

    Let’s stay postive and hope for the best.

  9. NG

    I am inclined towards the following strategy. Will keep you posted.
    ->Apply H1B+H4+EAD all in RegularProcessing.
    ->H4 biometrics dates gets generated
    ->Wife completes the biometrics at the specified center.
    ->Wait for about 2 weeks to make sure the status for H4 says “Fingerprints verified” (something like that)
    ->Upgrade the case to PremiumProcessing

    ->Hope that USCIS adjudicates all the applications at once (just like it was done before since biometrics process is already complete).
    H-4 – EAD delays and possible solutions.

    Start time : 1:54
    End time : 4:00

  10. Sonali Sengupta

    H1B to H4 cos timeline

    May 9 – Application received
    May 10- Biometrics notice generated
    May 28- Biometrics done

    Website status is still same as May 9 : Fingerprint fee received.

    Will update if there is a change. I-94 is valid till December.

  11. Jeff


    5/21 – My to-be employer filed for H1 transfer – Premium processing
    5/30 – received H4 receipt and biometrics notice for dependents
    6/14 – Biometrics appointment scheduled….

    I still dont know my H1 decision as my employer is yet to update receipt#/status to me.

    A couple of Qs if anybody here could help –
    1) Is the biometric letter received only after primary(H1) is approved?

    2) My wife is travelling to India on 6/15 (day after completing biometrics) and returining on 7/15 (valid visa stamped on passport – current company), will it impact the H4 application in process that my to be employer has filed?

    3) If her H4 is approved while in India with a new i-94 date, will it be overridden with the current i-94 date at port of entry when she returns? (last-action rule)

    I will be joining my to be employer only after my wife returns, until then we have current employers visa valid and stamped.

    Thanks in advance for the responses!!

    1. administrator

      1. It is not really tied to approval, it can come anytime.
      2. Well, this is a slightly grey area, if it was COS, would have been abandoned, but with extension the issue is, when you get approval, it will have different I-94 number that when you exit and re-enter, so need to fix that… Read Travel with H4 Pending and Biometrics
      3. yes, usually the one at the Port of entry is the one that will be on the application. But, this is not fully clear and grey area…

  12. H4Bio

    I guess this approval was a mistake that USCIS made. According to the timeline, this H4 was approved on the same day as the H1B approval (04/08), even before the Biometrics (04/25). Posted is I797A approval notice instead of I797C receipt notice, so the notice date on it should represent the approval date. The reason that he/she received his/her approval notices so late (05/16) is probably because these notices were delivered to the attorney address, which caused such a delay. I guess that particular USCIS officer might forget about the newly introduced biometrics, and directly approved this H4 together with H1B. Anyway, this applicant was very lucky.

  13. Anonymous

    This whole process making us very impatient. At least USCIS would have given us a clue in advance that they don’t consider H4/ EAD in premium like before so that we would have a backup plan like going back to h1b etc. Now we are going to loose hard earned jobs and everything around us became uncertain .

    After putting so much time and effort for 10 years by our families, i don’t understand why do we have to go through this torture in this country. From time to time we have been suffering with the new issue & rules. In other countries , the people are well settled so early with lot of peace of mind.

    Its unfortunate that we chose to come to USA in the early stages of our life , now i feel we missed the crucial time of our lives in waiting, worrying and dealing with uncertainty as always.

    Back in home country also we left with nothing, finally feel like we don’t belong to anywhere.

    1. administrator

      Yes, it is unfortunate that many of the H4 spouses careers are in limbo with the new Biometric process with delays. I wish they have given more guidance…. I can imagine, how it feels like…In life sometimes, we have to work with cards we are dealt with, where we cannot control things that are not in our arena…stay positive !

    2. Sam22

      Service Center : Nebraska

      5/13 – USCIS received H1/H4 application in PP
      5/17 – H1B Approved.
      5/26 – Received Biometric appt letter with appt scheduled for 6/4 near employer’s address.
      5/31 – Walked into nearest ASC and gave biometrics.
      Now waiting for H4 and H4 EAD approvals…

          1. Fran

            Hi! Can an H1B and H4 extension apply at the same time? My husband is planning to apply his extension first before we submit our application fo H4 visa extension .

          2. Fran

            Hi! My husband is planning to apply his extension first before we submit our application fo H4 visa extension . Can an H1B and H4 extension apply at the same time? Or the Do we need to wait for my husband’s I797? Thanks!

  14. Nero

    March 29 – USCIS Received H1 – I129 and H4 – I539 forms
    April 1 – Received H1 and H4 Receipt Notices
    April 4 – USCIS Generated Biometric Notice for H4
    April 11 – H1 B Approved – Received Approval Notice
    May 1- H4 Biometrics done

    Till today not yet received any updates on H4 – I539 Petition.
    Also, I am following up with USCIS to update address as I am moved to new location and not able to update address online. (Getting error “You must select the form number associated to your receipt number. The form number you selected does not match our records for that Receipt number”)

    Has any one faced this issue?

    1. administrator

      Thanks for sharing. So far, not many have shared such thing yet.
      Please try calling USCIS help line or talk to your attorney. If needed, setup an InfoPass appointment and visit one of their offices, if you cannot get it resolved using calls/ attorney channel.

      1. ~RC

        Kumar – Nowadays Infopass appointment are not given by walkin and need to be scheduled directly from USCIS. do you know any infopass center that allows direct walkin?

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