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H4 Visa Dropbox Experience India– Documents, Process, Photo – 2019

One of our readers, Radhika, recently submitted her documents for dropbox stamping in Bangalore in India. She was kind enough to take time to write up and share her experience with the community. Thanks to Radhika for taking time to write up her experience. You can share your experience to us here or post it on the Community User Experiences

 Choosing Day of H4 Visa Dropbox:

I had been to the VFS Dropbox facility in Bangalore in the first week of March 2019 to submit my docs for H4 visa. As suggested in the visa appointment website I avoided going on a Monday & went to Tuesday at around 10.30am to VFS.

H4 Visa Dropbox  Experience on the Day – Security Check – What’s Not allowed ?

There was no rush. After a quick security check, I was allowed inside. Water bottles weren’t allowed inside was kept near security & was asked to collect on the way back. Mobile phone was allowed but was asked to switch off.  The VFS people were pretty strict about mobiles and they didn’t allow anyone to use the mobile inside. It is better to switch it off.

H4 Visa Dropbox Documents Checklist :

It is better to have all the documents listed in the checklist

  • Old & New passport ( if you have multiple passports)
  • Copy of Passport H4 Visa page
  • H1B Spouse Documents for H4
    • Current & old I797 approval notice copy
    • H1B Visa stamp page from passport.
  • Old H4 petition copy
  • DS-160 confirmation page
  • Interview waiver letter which was returned back as acknowledgement with a seal ( also called as submission letter in the USTravelDocs Website)
  • Latest Passport Photo as per their standards.

Submitting Documents for H4 Visa Dropbox in Bangalore :

  • Collection Counters : Counters There were 2 counters for submitting docs and 2 counters for collecting passport. When standing in the queue a VFS person checked the docs.
  • Issues with Photo for Dropbox : My photo which was taken in US was not accepted as they said my teeth was shown a little. I had another photo taken in GK VALE as per visa standards & that wasn’t accepted as well as they said it had shadow. The person who verified the docs said I could use these photos, but it was risky & suggested taking a photo from a studio nearby. As I didn’t want to risk it I agreed to take a new photo. There is a photo studio next door to VFS & the lady there charged about Rs.118 for 3 photos. It got ready in 10 mins. I went back & had to stand in the queue again. This time no questions asked my photo was accepted.
  • Documents Submission Process : Docs submission took about 10 mins. I had to submit my old passport as it had an old visa.
  • Overall Experience, Photo : Overall experience was good but I wasn’t happy about the photo rejection. To me it felt the photo studio had a tie-up (official or unofficial not sure) with VFS. The studio didn’t even have a name. I saw most of them waiting to take their photo at the said studio. Probably VFS can make a rule that photos must be taken at the said studio instead of asking us to bring it & then rejecting it.
  • Received Passport : Got my passport exactly in a week. My husband collected it from VFS and he was asked all the docs that was listed in their website for passport collection by spouse. Ensure you carry all the docs. I guess the photo studio does Xerox/Photocopy services too but I didn’t use and not sure if it worked.
    • Documents Required by Spouse for Passport Collection :

      • Interview waiver letter with seal
      • H4 Holder’s passport copy & PAN card copy
      • Spouse( Person visiting to pick up passport) Original passport & copy
      • Authorization letter from H4 Holder indicating that their spouse can collect passport.


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  1. Hi, I’m eligible for dropbox now. Last time, I got my visa from Hyderabad through an interview.

    The appointment waiver confirmation says “Drop-off your listed docs at one of our 11 Document Drop-off location”.

    Does that mean I can submit my documents in Bangalore location? I live close to Bangalore. Or Should I do it in Hyderabad only?


  2. Very good information Radhika for the recent experience and the documents required. This is very much helpful. One information What is meant by ” Old H4 Petition Copy” because my wife does not have any petition for H4 all the times she is using my I-797 copy for stamping. Please suggest me because I need to send this document quickly to her where she will drop the documents on Friday ( 25th july ) in India.

    • If there is no H4 approval notice, it is not required, just attach the previous H4 stamp copy, that should be fine. If required, you can put in a simple letter stating that attended H4 interview in person using I-797 of spouse and attach a copy of the same.


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