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H1B Visa Documents Checklist for Lottery, USCIS Petition? What NOT to give?

Applying for an H1B visa to work in the US could be a very lengthy process. Sending all the correct set of documents to your employer is very important. But, there are many employers, especially IT body shop kind of companies, that can ask you for stuff you to lock them with you. Also, if you are an F1 student on OPT applying for H1B, you will also require an additional set of documents from the school.

The documents needed for H1B Registration Process, which includes H1B Lottery, has even fewer document requirements. In this article, we will cover the list of documents needed for filing an H1B Visa petition with USCIS, including H1B registration and high-level cost of filing, and what you should not give to your employer.

If you are new to the process, read  How to Apply for H1B Visa: Process from Lottery to Stamping

H1B Visa Filing – Registration vs. Actual Petition Filing

USCIS changed its H1B Visa filing process starting from the Fiscal Year(FY) 2021 season. In the new process, they introduced the H1B Registration Process, where employers need to first register the H1B applicants or employees in the H1B Registration Online Tool, whom they intend to sponsor H1B to work in US.

If more than 85,000 H1B registrations are submitted in the online system, then USCIS will run lottery first on the registrations as needed and give H1B Selection Notices. Employer will file actual H1B petition with USCIS after they are selected in registration process.

Let’s look at what is needed for each of the processes.

Documents Checklist for H1B Registration Submission

Employers need very basic information regarding the employee or applicant in order to submit the H1B registration in the online tool. Below is the information required to be filled out online. All you need to submit is Passport details( if the applicant has it)

  • Legal Name of the H1B applicant – First, Middle, and Family Name
  • Gender of the applicant
  • Option to select, if the applicant is eligible for US Masters H1B Quota
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Birth
  • Country of Citizenship
  • Passport Number or Travel Document Number

So, technically, there is not much personal info or documents that need to be given for H1B registration process. Below are the documents you can submit

  • Copy of your Passport or Travel Document
  • Copy of Degree Certificate or Transcripts ( to identify regular or masters cap)

Now, let’s look at the second step after selection in registration.

H1B Visa Petition Filing Documents Checklist for USCIS

If an applicant is selected in the H1B registration process, then the corresponding applicant’s employer can file H1B Petition with USCIS. To submit H1B petition or application with USCIS, the H1B applicant needs to submit the below documents to the employer for preparing the petition and submitting the same to USCIS:

H1B Cap subject Petition Filing Documents Checklist

Below is the full list of documents that you need to submit to the employer, if you were selected in the H1B lottery to file a new H1B cap-subject petition with USCIS.

  • Copy of all educational certificates.
    • 10th Grade Certificates, 12th Grade Certificates
    • Bachelor’s Degree Certificate (Marks sheets as needed)
    • (if you have done Master’s) Master’s Degree Certificate.
    • (if you have done PhD) PhD relevant
    • Employers may do an education evaluation if you do not have a US Degree,
  • Copy of Passport – all pages
  • If your degree is from a US University, Transcripts and Degree award certificate.
  • If your degree was from a US University, the copy of your I-20
  • If you are currently living in US, copy of I-94 ( electronic or physical copy)
  • Your latest Resume.
  • If you have lived in the US and paid taxes, copy of previous W2 tax forms.
  • If you have lived in the US, copy of your driving license or state ID
  • If you have lived in the US and have an SSN, a copy of your Social Security Card.
  • If you have done an education evaluation, a copy of the education evaluations too.
  • Work experience certificates (if any )
  • If you have any evaluation reports from work, copy of them too.

If you are an F1 Student working in the US working on OPT or STEM OPT, you will need additional documents as listed below.

  • OPT Card Copy
  • STEM OPT Card Copy ( if applicable)
  • Copy of the latest I-20 from your DSO that show OPT authorization.
  • Copy of the I-94 ( electronic stating your student status)
  • Pay stubs related to your work on OPT
  • I-983 Training Plan for STEM OPT Students.

H1B Transfer Additional Documents Checklist

If the applicant is applying for H1B Transfer the below additional documents would need to submitted, in addition to the above listed documents under new H1B petition checklist.

  • Your most recent H1B approval, copy of previous H1B approval notices (I-797 form).
  • If you are transferring H1B, copy of recent 3 months pay stubs from your previous employer

What Documents you should NOT give to H1B sponsoring company?

Consultancies, aka IT Body Shop companies, sometimes trick you if you do not know the process. They may ask you for original certificates, like your actual passport, and all other originals of your education certificates.

You should NEVER give any of your original documents such as your degree certificates, mark sheets, passport, or any other original documents to anyone.  You only need to give scan copies of the same.

You will need to carry the originals only when you go for H1B visa stamping, but not for applying H1B Visa petition with USCIS.

USCIS will never ask for any originals, they may ask for education evaluation documents, but not the originals. There are always some exceptions and if they ask, please ask your H1B filing employer to show you exactly what they got from USCIS and then only submit if needed.   If you give the originals, you are stuck with the employer who filed. DO NOT give any originals.

How much does filing H1B Petition really cost?

The H1B fee varies by the size of the company. As of FY 2025 season, it can range anywhere from  $2225 USD to $7595 USD + the Attorney fee( if any).There are various fees components that make up this number range. For full details, check H1B Visa Filing Fee Details – Summary 

You should check USCIS website for correct H1B filing fee, as they revise fee every few years or so.

Who pays for the H1B Visa petition filing Cost?

As an employee, you should not pay any fee for an H1B petition filing with USCIS. it is H1B Sponsor’s expense and their responsibility to pay for all the expenses regarding H1B filing…Overall, do NOT be tricked by your H1B filing employer/ IT body shop company.

Understand H1B Visa Holder Rights – US Department of Labor Assistant

If you are a new H1B seeker or an existing H1B employee, it is important for you to understand the rights of an H1B worker. The US Department of Labor has put up a nice assistant for you to give guidance on various aspects like Immigration fees, bench pay,  wages, etc. Read H1B Holder Rights Assistant by the US Dept of Labor.

What has been your experience? What is the checklist?


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  1. Hi,

    While submitting education documents, do we need to submit 10th & 12th marksheets ?
    or Only BE marksheets sufficient ! ?

    above specified::
    Copy of all educational certificates of your Bachelors (also Masters if applicable) degree including mark sheets.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hi
    I want to apply H1 visa. I have 2 years experience in pharma industry. i have studied masters also. So am i eligible ??? Please provide me details how to apply???


  3. Dear all, recently i got one job offer from Tusca Hospital Escandido CA USA. They asked me to contact Julia Wright, Esq.Equity Law FirmVisa Department529 N. Broadmoor TrailOrange County, CA 92869, United StatesEmail:visa@equitylawfirm.netWebsite:www.equitylawfirm.net for processing my H1B visa. I paid around 4000 plus usd to them. Now they are telling me that, I need to show funds in my account for entering into usa. Tusca hospital is issued a cheque to Starlight Bank for 50400 usd by mentioning my name. They insisted me to contact bankmanager for transfering the amount to my indian account. Bank manager is asking me to pay 7500 usd as funds transfer charges. This is my first experience and i do not know the process. Kindly help me regarding this issue. I took loan from my friends and now i am suffering. It is mandatory to show the funds in my account? They are not told all this process at the time of issuing offer letter. If this is fraud, how can i get back my money? I ttansferred money to their representative who are having account in SBI, gwalior. I have all the documents with me including their address, pan number, account number. Kindly help me.

    • Sushma Nagaraj,

      You are being duped. Few things:

      1. For H-1, the fees need to be paid by employer and not you.
      2. There is no requirement to have funds in your Indian account for H-1B

      Do you know what happened to your petition? Was it ever filed? Was it ever approved?

      You should stop paying them anything more and start working on recovering your money.

  4. Hi All,

    I have applied for H1B and having all mark sheets and certificates except “Degree Convocation letter\certificate” and applied it recently for the same. I do have its receipt with me.

    Can any one suggest if there is any trouble or having maximum chances of rejection 🙁 (because of convocation letter of Degree) or else can i submit the receipt which i had received from university?

    Please suggest…!

  5. Hi All

    My case is picked in 2015.
    1. While applying for H1B , I did not submit degree certificate.Remaining docs like mark sheets, provisional submitted.

    2. Now I got degree certificate.

    3. There was spell mistake in provisional and in degree certificate.

    Will be any problem while documents verification process? Please let me know what can be done.

  6. Earlier i posted about max consultancy , but i was not truth. This was my mistake misleading you all. My dd was not encashed, it was cleared.By listening to bank manager words, without knowing anything i posted like this. i’m very sorry to u all and max consu;ltancy people.
    heartfully sorry to u all

  7. Hi All,
    I got a mail from E-nolimits Consulting Inc, USA stating that they can sponsor H1B visa after I clear their technical round of interview.
    They have not asked for any money from me till now.
    I’m not sure if that consulting firm is genuine or fake. The address mentioned in their website is McLean, Virginia.
    Did anyone have any idea about this consulting firm??

  8. Hi,

    I am having 6+ years experience as software developer and having BE degree from VTU karnataka.
    I am planning to apply H1B visa.
    Unfortunately I am having few backlogs in my BE (CSE)

    Will this affect my H1B visa processing?

    Please help


    • All your educational documents should be in order to file H1B application. It is a visa issued to exceptional talent and your not not proving the basic question if there is gap in your documentation.

  9. Hi All,

    I am in US on H4 right now and looking for H1B sponser in California-San Jose.

    Please share the details of employers who can help me out. I am having total 9+ years of experience in an MNC in India.

    Please share the details at: [email removed spam alert]

  10. Hi,
    I have 4 years of IT exp and i am planning to apply H1B visa.. Can anyone provide me the list of genuine consultant for processing H1B visa for 2015 in Hyderabad location.

  11. Hi Friends,

    Can anyone provide me the list of genuine consultancyies for processing H1B visa in Hyderabad Region….

    Thanks for support and help.

  12. Hi All,

    Can anyone provide me the list of genuine consultant for processing H1B visa for 2015-16 in Hyderabad Region……

    thx for your help

    My mail id :guru2guna@gmail.com

  13. Hi, I am UX/UI/FrontEndDev/WebMaster with 10+yrs experience and Distance Education B.Com (No Marksheet) and MBA (due of Originals) Can I apply for H1-B Visa? Please guide. Thanks

  14. Hi Guys,

    Is it necessary to have/submit semester wise Mark list for H1B Visa filing?
    I have Convocation Degree, Provisional and consolidated marks memo.

    Please share your comments.



    • Sravan,
      Typically, the final degree should be sufficient. Having said that, I have seen that few employers may ask for individual mark list, it does not hurt to provide that as well.

      • Hi Kumar,

        Thanks for the info.

        Can you please share the link to check for the SPONSORS for H1B.
        And also, can u tell me how to check if a consultancy is genuine or fake, do we have any such database?
        As I see many fraud posts from consultancies in LinkedIn and various sites.

        Thanks & Happy Weeknd!

  15. Hi All,

    Can anyone provide me the list of genuine consultant for processing H1B visa for 2015-16 in Hyderabad Region……

    thx for your help

  16. hi friends,
    i got one offer from one of the us based company. they sent their rule and regulation ad agreement too. but in that they said that the visa fee should taken by me. the clause explaining about that added here below. is it going on like this.can i believe this?.plz give me a replay.

    Moreover, you are expected to follow the company’s traveling policy. So for this reason you should take care of the Visa Fee. Your readiness with the Visa Fee will enable the US Attach and US Visa Officials to facilitate the immediate processing of your visa application forms and other traveling documents without any delay. We have changed our system of employing foreigners as this is due to the fact that they derail or cancel their trip after we have sponsored them. We then came up with a solution that all foreigners from Asia zone pay for their visa fee why we reimburse them when they resume their duty because we cannot ascertain if the staff we actually show up after we have sponsored them. We have run at losses following issues like this and the administrators will not like that to repeat itself again.

  17. Hello,
    I have a doubt that, I will be graduating in March 2015 and the company where I did my internship on CPT is ready to file H-1 B on April 1, 2015. So if I graduate in March 2015 can my company apply for my H1 in April 2015. Please help me out.

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  19. Hi,

    I have postgrduate in Agriculture from tamilnadu agricultural university, India ( credit system more or less look like US based education) in regular after my schooling (10,+2,UG-4 years, PG-2 Years) and around 8 + years of experience. Do they consider my H1B application in post graduate quota????

    • Hi All,
      Can someone help me to understand. I have 16 Years of Education (B.SC 3 Years / PG Diploma – 1 Year from a Reputed University called Bharathiar Coimbatore) and I have 12+ Years of experience. Am I eligible for Filing H1B ?

      Please reply


    • hi anjali i got informed that i was selected in lottery.
      did you get any information? if you get any information please pass a mail to me email id [email hidden-spam avoid]

      • Congratulation Shankar , did you get receipt number from them and for which company?

        Good luck for your journey toward US.

          • Hello Sir, I am in contact with h1base-india for next year h1b filing. They asked me bunch of documents and ~18K fee to schedule the client interviews. Are they reliable to approach? I am in difficult situation and I don’t want to miss H1b filing this year because of these kind of issues. Please help me with your information.

            Thanks a lot.

        • Hello Anjali, I am in contact with h1base-india for next year h1b filing. They asked me bunch of documents and ~18K fee to schedule the client interviews. Are they reliable to approach? I am in difficult situation and I don’t want to miss H1b filing this year because of these kind of issues. Please help me with your information.

    • Hi Anjali,

      I’ve received a mail from someone called Rublee from H1Base-India, asking me for a processing fee of Rs 15,000+tax in advance. It seems that you would have already gone through this process, could you please suggest if it’s safe to pay them this processing fee. Do they really do a H1B consultancy, or it’s just a way of earning money by making people fool. Please advice me, and you may drop me your suggestion at ganpati dot jha at gmail dot com as well.


  20. Hi,

    One of the consultant from Hyderabad processed my profile and said I got selected without interview and asking for a DD in name of U.S citizenship and immigration service for $500 as Fruad check. I am really confused what to do with this guys. Generally cheating guys ask for processing fee or deposit etc. But I think this guy is smart cheater who showed his innovation and doing in different channel or really what he saying is true?

    you guys can reach me at aregupathy at yahoo dot com

    • Hopeless guys he wasted my time and emotional by saying some stories everyday for past three month.

      When I ask for offer letter he is not disclosing till today, he is curious to get DD from me. I also cross checked with US embassy and the company who he mentioned that offered me and the interviewer name every things are fake.

      May be he will convince you be saying some prank about me the same he did for me by using someone name in this forum.

      So guys try to convince by your self and see what is next. Good luck guys.

  21. I had done MCA from Osmania & had around 6.5 yrs of experience. I am planning to file for H1 through a consultancy. I had Consolidation Marksheet (which is given at end of course will all subjects/sem marks)& Convocation for my MCA. Were these are enough for H1 filing or even I had to submit individual sem wise marksheet (Memorandum of Marks) which I get after each semester exams. Why I am asking this is I lost these sem wise mark sheets but have Consolidation Marksheet & Convocation for my MCA.

  22. Hi All,

    I have a query on one of the supporting documents that is “Detailed Employment Proof”. I read that the candidate with prior experience (Say, IT Professional) should provide the documents withe details of the projects he/she worked in, the role handled by the candidate and the skill/technology on which the candidate worked. In my case my previous employer provides only experience letter which states my duration with the company and my designation in the company while I resigned. Can any one please confirm if this certificate is enough to prove my experience with previous employer. Also I have only 15 years education (10+2+3)

  23. A Consultant sent me an offer letter and he is asking for $3575(Visa+Attorney fee), he is also asking me to sign a contract for 2 YEARS,how i can verify that he a genuine consultant? Is it safe to trust him?

  24. Just a query, if a consultant is listed in myvisajobs.com that they filed LCA in the year 2013 and 2012 and their ranking is also mentioned, is it a genuine consultant?

  25. Hi,

    I’m in a situation where I have done my Undergraduation, BCA and I have Marksheets for all years and as well as I have provisional certificate. I don’t have my Original Degree and Consolidated Marks Memo yet, which I overlooked upon as I’m doing an executive MBA now.

    Now, My employer is applying for H1B for me and I have 3.2 years of Experience. I guess 10+2+3 and 3 Years of experience would serve the purpose of having 12 points for immigration.

    1) My Question, is Provisional okay for petition and Interview?
    2) I would apply my petition with provisional now and I will get all other markslist before filing and interview and I will present them on Interview, is that okay?
    3) My MBA will be finished by april, before Interview so Can I show that to them on Interview?

  26. Hi,
    Just a quickie.,
    As a part of the checklist
    Is it necessary to have a letter from the current employer something like a bonafide as part of the documents.(Employee letter)

  27. Hi

    My consultant from HYD asked me to give $500 for fraud verification.
    And the DD to be made in favour of “US citizenship and immigration services”
    1. Can anybody provide any link from USCIS website mentioning about the same?
    2. At what point in time in H1B process do this fee needs to be paid?

    Thanks & Regards,

    • @Vikas USCIS mentions about the Fraud detection fee of $500, which ideally should be paid by the employer.This is logically required when an employer is going to file H1B for an employee and is in a state where already offer is rolled out or going to offer for a position.

      • @soura and vikas

        “USCIS mentions about the Fraud detection fee of $500, which ideally should be paid by the employer.”

        Its not ideally …. it should only be paid by the employer. If during the processing/stamping of the H1b, it is discovered that the employee paid any part of the application fee, he/she will be blacklisted for any kind of US VISA.

        Be careful with consulting companies, especially from India! Its either a scam or a hefty risk that you may regret later.

        • @XYZ,
          can you please refer me to the link from where you infer that if the fees is found to be paid by the employee then he/she will be banned from any other US visas.
          I would really appreciate your help here.

          Am Curious

          • Except for premium processing, all fees have to be paid by the employer.

            If the beneficiary of the h1b is paying for them, then its violation of the 8 CFR gudelines (dont know the exact section) and the beneficiary is considered as misrepresentation of the employer and can be charged under the following statues:

            18 USC 1546 Fraud and Misuse of Visas, Permits, and Other Documents
            18 USC 1001 False Statements or Entries Generally
            18 USC 1028 Fraud in Connection with Identification Documents
            18 USC 201 Bribery of Public Officials
            18 USC 371 Conspiracy to Commit Offense or to Defraud the United States

            for more information, please visit the state department site:


    • vikas,
      consultancy is asking for 500 US $ in the favor of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, who is the beneficiary here? beneficiary should pay the fees according to uscis.gov please check the website.

    • Hi,

      I also got the same mail, can you pls share which consultant you are dealing with and if its going to be same then lets both of us escape from scam. Please reach me at aregupathy at yahoo dot com

  28. I tried to process the H1b Visa through one of the consultancy from india. Currently i’m in india. I have forwarded my profile and documents to them. Now they are asking me to pay DD of 500$ in favor of “US CITIZENSHIP AND IMMIGRATION SERVICES” for fraudulent verification. Please let me know how much i can trust or is it fraud consultant?
    Banks: Axis, HSBC, RBS, HDFC only.
    Below is the mail from that consultant:-
    We are here by requesting you to please send the DD on the favor of “US citizenship and and immigration services” for the amount of 500$ Once after we receive the DD we will get the Digital Signature and we will share even that to you so that you can even use it outside. Once after we receive the Digital Signature we will send to clients the same as requested and your interview will be scheduled accordingly. In case you are not selected in one company you also have opportunity to come across interview until April 1st and even that if you are not selected you can use the digital signature for 2015 financial year also

    • Hey Aakash,
      As per the rules of USCIS, the fees for H1B visa should be taken care of by your employer. Yes a deposit of $500 is required to be given to USCIS, but it is to be given by the employer not you. So, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to go through with this employer or not.

      • I too got a similar mail from an Org based out of HYD. This $500 for USCIS for fraudulent check was mentioned even before I applied. I too was not aware that this amount is also paid by employer. In any case can the Org fraud the $500 in Demand draft in name for USCIS and dupe us ??

      • hi pis,
        i was going through the USCIS website and also spoke to US Embassy In London because i stay here, They are saying that Fees should borne by Beneficiary in case, if they are not going for the same company which they are working now. So i’m planning to go with the DD and hope process should and will go smoothly.

    • I also got similar demand from Hyd based consultancy asking about Fraudulent verification charges of $500. Since this DD has to be made in favor of USCIS and has my names in Memo. Can this be misused by others on our behalf or any trap which can be suspected ? Please help

      • Hey Richa,
        Since the DD is being made in the name of USCIS, so the answer is No, the org can definitely not fraud it to take the payment for themselves. But again, I would advise not to do so as that is against the terms of USCIS.

      • Hi Richa & Soura,
        Did you got any mail, like got reply from clients and client details in PDF? and sample DD? & what’s ur decission? R u in India…?
        PIS: they have mentioned like below: “In case you are not selected in one company you also have opportunity to come across interview until April 1st and even that if you are not selected you can use the digital signature for 2015 financial year also” is it true?

        If yes please let me know whats ur decission.

        • @Akash – I infer that you are applying via some consultancy and the client for whom you would be working isn’t yet fixed. To answer your doubt- since Apr 1 is the earliest date for H1B application, so yes you sure can interview till then (however do remember that w/o a client letter you can’t file for H1B).
          I personally is against applying for H1B via consultancy [last year lottery was a real mess and I was/am against applying for H1B via consultancy or companies like TCS/Wipro etc, that’s my personal opinion]. However it’s your choice, so act with caution 🙂

          • PIS:Apart from consultancies what other ways can one try himself (keeping in mind one is not employed in the MNC’s like TCS, Wipro and working in a good product based organization based in India)

          • Apply to some good companies based on US. Apply in Google/MS/FB or tons of startups that’s looking for talents globally. About digital signature, I am not quite sure what they meant to say.

        • Hi Aakash,
          Yes I am in India.No ,I didn’t get any client details in PDF.Yes I got the sample DD. I am a little suspicious as the site of the org is very young around 44 days as of today.Its leased for 365 days as done by many fraudulent orgs..:(. But the terms seem genuine and the Fraud Detection Fee is to be borne by candidates seems logical for a prospective employer.Moreover I am not sure if someone can dupe a DD on the name of USCIS .I have not decided yet and trying to evaluate whether the option is a viable one which I wont repent later.
          @PIS can u tell more about digital signature and its validity.??

      • I too received similar mail from Hyderabad Consultant. It is very difficult to take the decision either to send the DD or not. Because there is a possibility these guys can use our DD for other Applicants.

    • I have similar question and got same request from consultant to pay 500 $ DD for US Citizenship and Immigration Services” for Fraudulent Verification.do let me know what you think and went for and is it ok to go with.

    • I also got same kind of email from Hyderabad base consultancy. He agreed to me that I have to give $500 DD once I receive offer letter from his client. Did anyone of you received any interview call/offer letter from client of this company.


      • @Nisha -Did he agree to give interview call/offer then take $500 DD? Instead he asked to send the DD first then schedule for interview… Logically 1st interview shud happen, offer shud follow if we qualify then this $500 DD makes sense while filing H1B . Why did he ask me to send DD first even before interviews are scheduled ?…..

        • @Aakash ,Nisha..can u please share your mailID’s ..I would like to make sure whether we are talking about the same consultancy in question.You ppl can reach me on ksso_syndrome1 yahoo.co.in. I have been hearing lot of different versions from several forums and post and want to make sure the consultancy is a genuine one and I don’t land in a goof up ,if I ever decide to go for it.

          • I have similar question and got same request from consultant to pay 500 $ DD for US Citizenship and Immigration Services” for Fraudulent Verification.do let me know what you think and went for and is it ok to go with.

          • Hi Soura,

            I had to negotiate with him to agree with my demands. I was very skeptical about any form of payment before any client offer letter. I will not suggest to make any payments until you receive any solid outcome of your investment. Anyways, this is visa related fees, they are not going to use it until they are ready to file the visa. So, there is no sense of giving them DD without an offer. You can easily argue with them. I am also hoping to meet at least one person who has received any interview call/offer letter from clients of this consultancy


          • @Nisha Thanks for your reply. what have you acceded to finally ? Going ahead if some leads are given to u ? I mean Would you pay him the DD amount if you get to talk to some interviewer or only after the offer is rolled out. You can mail me on the mail id. There are 2 other guys who are in touch with me regarding this discussion. The way thing are turning out I am also getting skeptical as to what this guy is upto!!….Different versions for different people. Please Let us know before you pay….Rather keep up the same tone and DO NOT pay as u suggested until u get anything real.

          • I don’t understand why everyone keeps asking the same question over and over again.

            All application fee(s), whether it be the fraud and prevention or AICWA or base application, has to be payed by the employer – NOT THE EMPLOYEE!

            If someone is requesting you for the $ 500 DD for the USCIS fraud and prevention fee – it is A SCAM!

          • I too got the similier mail and they asking for 500$ Demand Draft.Is it geniune.I want to know one thing. if we take DD in the name of “US citizenship and immigration services” for the amount of 500$……will they misuse.Please advise me.As per my understanding whomever we put in the favor of that organisation only can able to transact this DD.Not all people right ?.

            Is it genuine.advise me if you can….my mail id is bvijaycom at gmail dot com

          • Dear All,

            It is fake.I just enquired with one person who got affected.Actually what they are doing is they are having tie up with IT companies (small companies) travel department.If you take DD and send it these people.

            In company 1 wants to send one employee to US and they need to take 500$ DD.these people is using these DD and this people and that travel department person getting benefited.

            Please inform all your circle and dont waste money.

    • Hey Akash
      consultancy is asking for 500 US $ in the favor of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, who is the beneficiary here? beneficiary should pay the fees according to uscis.gov please check the website.

    • Hi All,

      Can anyone provide me the list of genuine consultant for processing H1B visa for 2015-16 in Hyderabad Region……

      thx for your help

  29. Hi sourab,

    I am applying for H1B visa through my working company. I have 10 years+3 years diploma + 11 years of work experience.Recently I did my graduation.i have all the marklist but did not get degree certificate.Advise me is it better not include my graduation as educational qualification to avoid H1B visa rejection?

    • As per USCIS, the minimum requirement for H1B applicant is to have 10+2+4 years of academic qualification. For every 1 year less, it could be compensated with 3 years of work exp. As per your statistics, you have 13 years+11 year work exp, i.e. you should clear the bar (considering that diploma qualification is evaluated like other qualifications). In case you have any doubt you could pre-evaluate your qualification prior to applying (ask your employer to do so). I would recommend that get a provisional degree certificate and the transcript, so you could pass with flying color.

  30. Sir,

    I have completed Master Degree(MCA) from India and having 8.5 yers of IT experince in india now i have plan to apply for H1 Visa but i have a doubt regarding some education document required

    i have all original certificates 10th,12th master degree(MCA) but 10+3 (Graduation) i have only marks sheet not original certificate so i would like know that 10+3 certificate is mandatory because i have master degree

  31. Hi,

    After reading complete blog, I understood that getting contacts of genuine consultancy who can file fresh H1B 2015(without asking money from Candidates) is crucial and legitimate approach.
    On similar lines, Can anyone help with such contacts for me to proceed.
    sagarcareer01 at gmail dot com

    Thanks in Advance !

  32. hello guys, i am prasad. i have a doubt. can i get H1b visa if i complete masters in dakota state university? is MS from any accredited university okay for H1b success ? and how r the chances for H1b if i complete MS in Information technology. i heard that H1b chances r more for CS. is it true?

  33. Hi
    So I’m currently pursuing my BS in civil engineering from Boston University and I’ll graduate next year. What I wanted to know is that since I’m already studying in the states will the application process be any different? I already have an F1 visa.

  34. Pawan,

    Hello ,

    i have few questions regarding to apply H1B visa for next year, I have finished my Btech in 2007 as electrical and Electronics after that i took some software courses in NIIT , then i went to UK for do my Masters in Information Technology in Sep 2008 , i need to finish my masters in Jan 2010 But some reasons i have finished my Masters in Jan 2012 from XYZ University and my certificate shows all modules got 50 marks like that, becoz i took semister break they have given only qalified marks. Preset i am in India for looking for job and i got Valid Tier 1(Post study work visa) UK visa till next year Auj 2014.
    Q1. If i apply H1B visa interview at that time . is they ask why you took long time for finish your master
    Q2. Is they check marks sheet ? If check why you got every module got same marks?
    Q3. I have already Post study work visa from UK , is it problem for me?
    Q4. Is it enough 3 months pay slips and Form 16?

    plz reply as soon as possible, its look silly to some people but i scared about all those things.

    • Pawan,
      They usually don’t ask about education backlog, duration etc when appearing for H-1 interview. They are more interested in what you will be doing on H-1, and whether your employer has the potential to pay you or not.

      Also, payslips from outside US and tax documents are also not usually asked.

      • Saurab,

        thanks for u r reply , Howmuch money do i need to apply for H1B processing and anverything in INR?
        Do we get rejection on interview ?


        • Pawan,
          Here is the breakdown for H-1B petition fees, which hasn’t changed for next year (yet).

          Most of these need to be paid by the employer.

          There is always a chance of rejection during the petition processing and interview phases.

  35. @ piss

    I think you have no right to talk to a girl like that. Her problem seems to be unique. We are nobody to point out others’ mistakes…

  36. @ Dude

    Jab Tere bache bachaye hue paise, bana banaya hua ghar,naukri ek jhatke main koi udake le jaayega na,..tab bolna ye saari baatein…

    kisike aukaad pe jaane se pehle apni aukaad ko jaan liya kar…. tere jaise do take ke kutte bahut dekhe hai maine

    • on how did you lose all this – bache bachaye hue paise, bana banaya hua ghar,naukri – just by not making it in the lottery and losing money to the consultancy?

    • Can you both knock it off now.

      You both have already put forward your opinions and there is nothing new being added now. So please stop rambling. The forum is for discussion of much more important things than to get into petty fights.

  37. @ Dude !!

    Khud ko samajhta kaya hai tu???
    tera level kya hai bol?? tera kuch level hi nahi hai..isiliye to ek ladki se aise baat kar raha hai…

    tujhe fluke mein mila hoga H1B ya job varna tere jaise log toh road par bhikh maangne ke laayak bhi nahi!!!

    • Lol, frustration pouring out now in native language. And play your final card – gender!

      Btw mera level jaanne ka bhi tera/teri oukaad nahi hain. Tereko fluke nahin mila ka ye matlab nahin ki sabko tu gaali dega/degi and sab chup bhaitenge!

      chalo anyway ab jaa and get on with your work on the road. Jis ke liye tu laayak hain

      • @ Dude

        Since wen people like u started gettin into this forum….looks like ur tooo jobless …

        tere jaison ko toh naukar banaa kar rakha hai maine apne ghar pe….lekin teri aukaad toh bhikhaari se bhi neechi hai…tu kisike ghar main naukar banne ke bhi laayak nahi….

        • I thot u just said bana banaaya hua ghar gaya? So naukar gone with that? Whr did your naukar graduate from anyway ? Harvard?

          Just give up already, since you have no retort except bark your brains out

  38. Hi,
    I applied through an indian consultancy for my H1B( 2013 lottery) n it did not get picked up in the lottery sadly :((((( n now the consultancy fellow is not giving back my money….

    My husband n I have been calling him everyday since May 15th( dat was when consultancy got my packet back) but no use. Please suggest some way we can get our money back!!!!!

    • You can lodge a complaint against that company to the DOL(Dept of Labour) but before doing so just drop a mail stating them your course of action… May b they give you the money back b4 going through DOL.
      Hope it helps

      • Oh really ????

        then how about u telling me some1 whu wud file H1B in my case widout taking money…or if u ever start a service to file H1Bs guarentee me dat u won’t charge ’em haha… dont simply blurt out words widout even knowing abot d situation!!!

        • Typical answer anytime someone points out that what you did was not right.
          Look , you should not be paying for a H1B .Period.It is illegal. There are thousands of people on H4 visa and they abide by the rules.This attitude of getting a job at any cost in the US is detrimental in the long run.You should either go back to your home country ,pursue education in the US or file a H1B through proper channels. H1B through Indian/Desi consultancy is not a solution.I need not tell you about their mode of operation(falsified resumes,money for H1B etc).

          • Wow what an insightful advise by a self proclaimed “always legally correct ” person!!

            I have 4 years of genuine experience in IT but my only mistake was to come to US on H4 n applying for H1B only to not get picked up in the lottery…n i am not the one who wud blindly agree to put fake experience cuz i jus dont even require it.

            U are welcome to share ur great knowledge about legal ways of applying for H1B wid all those hundreds of ppl out der whu hav shelled out thousands n thousands of dollars to consultancies n applied more than one petetion n increased their chances of getting selected.Tell “them” that its illegal to give money to consultancies while filing for H1Bs…..or y even bother , may b even ur one among them…

            If ur still jobless go ahead n post some more of ur overwhelmingly insightful thoughts about these consultancies n their mode of operations.

          • @lakshmi : It doesn’t matter if you have 4 or 40 yrs of experience in IT.. H1B is applied by your recruiting company…. consultancies can file for you, but only if you have offer from one of their client and all. But even in that case it should be the consultancy who should be filing it and paying for you. If you have a look at the rules for H1B, it has always been mentioned that YOU as an employee should never pay for it. Lastly, if hundreds of thousands do it wrong, it still is wrong.

            FYI: I am not jobless and an applicant for this year H1B… but due to such stupid consultancies and stupid IT firms [who applied for mass visas], one of my friend couldn’t make it through the lottery, and believe me that guy is actually worth H1B. So, stop taking out your frustration on ‘XY’, who is actually correct in making the statement.

          • my consultancy turns out to be Fraud no.1 .Neways, gimme some names of those consultacies which do not charge money for applying H1B…I’ll apply through them next year.

            id: spicemaster2013 at gmail dot com

          • @Lakshmi
            You cannot think beyond consultancies, can you? That shows your level really.

            Why don’t you show your “4 yrs” of experience to larger companies who will be overwhelmed by your exp, offer you a job and sponsor a visa too

          • I think Lakshmi is right….I know how frustrated i got when my H1 did not pick up in the lottery….You guys should not provoke somebody like this.My friends with no experience have got their visas approved. This person, with much better work experience has every right to share her experience with us. And from what I have read, her main problem seems to be her consultancy not giving her money back. Being new to USA, anyone might fall into prey probably to these consultancies. 99 % in this forum are associated with job consultancies and everyone is aware of their loopholes..There is no point in mentioning about them.

            One must take immediate action against the particular consultancy.

          • @riiya

            Intention wasn’t to provoke anyone, but lakshmi was being very sarcastic when someone pointed out a mistake. Instead of agreeing and moving, she is trying to defend and attack others – which is not right.

          • Miss ,

            I am sorry for what happened to you. It is ILLEGAL for the employee to pay for H1-B Visa processing. If you have paid anything, it means that you have been SCAMMED. Since you emphasized, having 4 years IT experience means that you shoud have known better than to just give away “Fees” to the consultant and then regretting for it when there is nothing you can do about it. You, Miss, must have did some research before you started the process.

            I am really sorry for what happened to you but there is no point in screaming at others who are trying to help others. Kindly have civilized and polite conversation with people. Thanks.

    • Lakshmi,
      Lot of people have already commented on what you should have done, so I won’t go there. Do you know the company’s office? If yes, then pay them a visit and talk to them face-to-face. Next, you can search online to see if there are other applicants from the company who are facing this issue. Lastly, as someone suggested, let them know that you are going to complain to DOL and then proceed w/ it.

    • Dear,
      I have applied H1 through consultancy and paid amount for processing. After rejecting the application(not picked in lottery), the consultancy not even return the money. please could any one let me know the charges up to “not picking in lottery’ case ?
      thanks inadvance

  39. Hi

    I recently applied for my visa extension. I had only a month left on my Passport validity. We still went ahead and applied for the extension after which i got my new passport with extended validity for another 10 years. Can i send a copy of my latest passport now even though it was not included in my earlier application? Will there be any issue if my passport shows only a month left?

    • pardhasaradhi telugu,
      IMO, you should submit copy of the renewed passport. Typically the I-94 is issued only until validity of the period. So even if your extension gets approved w/ old passport, accompanying I-94 will be valid for 1 month. It’s better to send them new passport so that you can I-94 for the correct duration.

  40. Hello,
    This might sound stupid, but please help out.
    I have already received the receipt for h1b 2014. Now I have received my passport under tatkal scheme around end of Jan. But, no police verification or anything took place yet. Does it take place at all and how to know about it ?
    Secondly, other than the visa interview, is there anything else like getting any clearance sort of thing from Indian govt required ? I have heard some guys talking about filling up some forms for visa related clearance when I was applying for passport in Passport Seva Kendra. Am confused.
    Please help.

    • Confused,
      There is no verification required. When you go for your interview, and if the officer has doubts he will put you in administrative processing and do their own background check. I have seen this happening with mostly people having common muslim name.

      • @Saurabh,

        Thanks. So, for the visa part nothing needs to be done.
        But, regarding the police verification for tatkal passport, do you have any idea of it ?

        • Confused,
          My understanding is that they will get it done before issuing the passport. So if the passport has already been issued, then may it was waived off for your case, or was done internally. Not sure, but I don’t think it should matter to your immigration.

          • @Confused, My brother in India applied his passport under “tatkal scheme”. He got his passport within 1 month but his police verification was done much later.
            He was not present at the address at the time of police verification as he was located in different city for job, his passport was cancelled.
            Later on he has to do the same processing again and it took him around 8-9 months to get his passport.
            So be careful, i would suggest that as soon as you get your passport you yourself go to the police station, explain your situation and get verification done within time to avoid any hassle later on.

  41. Hi,

    My H1 B Petition was approved last year.How much many my sponser will for H1 B petition approval.Can you pls give me the exact amount for H1 B Petition only.
    2.I can able to transfer the H1 B Petiiton to another Company ? if yes what is the process for that.

    • Pandian,
      There are articles on this blog which explain the transfer process. You can search for them from the Archive link at the top. Find another employer and have them file cap-exempt petition for you.

  42. Hi Saurabh,
    When I was in India, my H1B has been filed and after that I came to US on H4 and my H1B got approved on 17th Sept 2012, my employer asked me attend for the interviews meanwhile he applied for COS (H4 to H1) in regular processing. I got a job but the prime vendor asked for full SSN and BGV, which we could not provide then my employer converted COS to premium processing it has been filed on 22nd Feb 2013 but still i din’t get any updates.

    My Questions are
    1) How long it takes to approve in premium processing provided no RFE
    2) When i asked my employer he told me that premium processing also takes some times more than two weeks. Is that true?
    3) If it takes more time i am planning to go to India to get stamped. Is that a really good choice?(cause my employer is very small with 60 members)

    which process is better, anybody is having similar experience–> please share me


    • Srikanth,
      1. 15 calendar days from the day USCIS receives the PP upgrade request. AFAIK, there is no PP service available for the COS. Are you sure that your employer has filed for PP?
      2. No, unless RFE is issued. In some cases when USCIS wants to do mandatory background check (which can take more than 2 weeks), they will update the status to say that PP clock has been stopped on your case etc
      3. You will have to go through stamping process, chances of which vary from case to case. Ask your employer if they have other employees who went for stamping recently and that could be a good reference point.
      4. If COS is denied, then you can either go for H-1 visa stamping through same employer. Or have another employer file cap-exempt petition for you along w/ COS.

      • Hi Saurabh,

        I am more or less in similar situation, my wife has her H1 and she is traveling early next month, however I have not applied for H4 yet. I am rather looking for a consultant who can file H1 for me I understand its too late now, I was hoping my current firm in India would apply for me.

        Can you help me with all possible alternatives, I hold SSN, have masters from US and I have filed taxes in US earlier. Am look for some decent consultants who can apply for my skill set(Business Analyst) please do refer some, my ID is sridharpatel.g at gmail dot com.

        Am little clueless as most of the consultants I approached want me to have a job in hand and to have a job in hand I need H1B its a catch22 situation. I would appreciate you help.


  43. Hi,

    My Employer Wipro Tech has decided to raise an app for H1B visa for me.
    – 3 years experience. All with Wipro
    – B.E (Telecommunication) from VTU, Belgaum
    – Valid Tier II short term visa for UK.
    – I will be going for the role of Programmer Analyst. It will be a long term role, and will require me to do end to end software development
    Following are my concerns:

    – I have heard that off late large MNCs like Wipro are facing issues with H1B. Is this accurate?
    – Please can you list of do’s and dont’s for the application process?

    • Unmukt,
      1. My understanding is the opposite. Smaller companies face issues w/ H-1 while all companies face issue w/ L-1 (due to heavy misuse). Your employer is a seasoned H-1 filer and must be having a good immigration team to file the application properly.
      2. Do not lie on anything (resume, forms, experience etc). You should be qualified for the offered position, and push the employer to file H-1 as soon as the cap opens

  44. Hi,

    I am working in one of the top IT MNC in India. My company is filing H1B for me. I have done my BE and MBA. I have got my degree certificate for my UG but I have only provisional certificates and marksheets for my PG . Convocation is planned in the month of June this year. Whether USCIS considers applying for H1B with UG degree and PG provisional ? Please help.


    • To add more to the above info. My specialization in BE was Electronics & Commn. I have got 4 years of relevant work ex in IT. Please help.

      • hi Sri,

        I came across your comment here (posted on January 26, 2013). I am in a somewhat similar situation and am currently pursuing my MBA from Canada. I will be graduating in july 2014 and only have my unofficial transcripts right now to show. I have got a job offer from a silicon valley based company (SME/position presales IT)and they are wiling to sponsor me. I would like to know from you firsthand, what is the process of applying for H1B with a UG degree (same in BE ECE/2007/IT exp and now unofficial transcripts/MBA/canada).

        Thanks in advance.

        • Hi Vik,

          It should not be a problem if you have a official transcript (or consolidated marksheets for all semesters) for your PG. Fyi, in my case I got my degree certificate before the filling .
          All the best!


          • Thanks for your reply Sri.

            I am actually one step behind!
            I have only 2 semesters to show as completed for my MBA as I will graduate in july 2014. (The third semester starts in january, since i took a break for one semester) hence till the time my application gets filed i will have official transcripts for 2 semesters only. hopefully i will be able to get a certificate from my college here in canada stating my exact date of completion which i can file in with my application. In case an RFE is asked for by the USCIS, what are the repercussions, does it nullify the application and i have to re apply again next year or i can still proceed under the same application by providing the required evidence then ( i will get an official transcript for all my semesters by july 2014).

            thanks for help here..

            My future employer wants me to begin working in oct 2014.

    • Sri,
      Your MBA is really not related to the offered IT position. So it is ok to file the petition w/ your UG degree along w/ relevant work experience. You should still mention about your MBA and if USCIS asks for PG degree, then you can submit it later.


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