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H1B 2023 Registration Lottery Results Out – Selection Samples

As many of you know the H1B Visa 2023 season started earlier this month with the H1B Registration Process starting on March 1st, 2022 until March 18th, 2022. This year, USCIS took longer than the previous years to give out results. Last year, we got results, within a couple of days. This year, results came after almost a week.

In any case, we have started to see the H1B Registration Lottery results come out and some are getting notified. We look at the current status, how it looks on the USCIS website, sample notice details in the below article. Thanks a lot to community users who shared the screenshots and notices.

H1B 2023 Lottery Results are out – No Official Update Yet

On March 25th, 2022, Friday late evening, some of our users started to report that they have been selected in the H1B 2023 Lottery. On March 29th, 2022, USCIS announced that they have completed the first round of the H1B Lottery for FY 2023.

Official USCIS Update or Press Relase on H1B 2023 Results

They did not release any press not over the weekend when the results were sent to users. Finally, on March 29th, 2022, USCIS announced that they have completed the first round of the H1B Lottery for FY 2023. Read USCIS update – H1B 2023 Lottery First Round done, Summary

Users updated H1B Lottery Selection Details

We have H1B 2023 Telegram Community and H1B 2023 Facebook Groups that have many users, who have applied for H1B this year. Some of them confirmed that they were selected in the H1B Lottery this year. Some of them were gracious enough to share the below confirmation screenshots and notices. Thanks a lot to them. We really appreciate it!

As you all, there are two steps, the first step is to submit the H1B registration and get a confirmation for the same. The second is to generate a selection notice, once you are selected in the H1B lottery. Below details are related to the results and the second step.

H1B 2023 Registration Lottery Selection Results – USCIS Website

There are questions floating around that how can I check or validate the H1B Lottery results. The fact is that you as an applicant cannot check H1B Lottery or Registration Details online. Only the employer/ attorney can check the results of the H1B 2023 lottery.

Employer or attorney needs to login to the USCIS H1B registration lottery tool or system to view the H1B registration lottery selection results. They can print the selection notice by clicking on the “View Notice” as in the below screenshot. That notice has all the details regarding the H1B selection like where they need to file, when they need to file, etc. Below are the samples of ‘Selected‘ results screenshots from the H1B Registration System shared by our community members for FY 2023 season.

You can see the “Selected” Status below that indicates the H1B registration was selected. If you look at the Beneficiary Confirmation Number below the ‘Selected’, it starts with 2023 and looks like 2023-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. This number starting with 2023 indicates that the H1B Registration was submitted for FY 2023 Season.

Check How to Check H1B Registration Lottery Results for full details on how it works

H1B 2023 Selected Results on USCIS website
H1B 2023 Selected Results on USCIS website
H1B 2022 Lottery Selection in USCIS System - 4 users
H1B 2022 Lottery Selection in USCIS System – 4 users

Sample H1B Visa 2023 Registration Selection Notice

The H1B Registration Selection Notice is an I-797C Notice of Action, that is similar to any other like H4 Visa I-797C Receipt Notice.  It would be of Case Type “H-1BR – H1B REGISTRATION”. Below is the sample H1B Registration Selection Notice for the FY 2023 Season that was shared by one of the users whose details were submitted for this year’s H1B registration selection process.  Let us look at the meaning of all fields and details on the selection notice below. 

Meaning of various fields on H1B FY 2023 Registration Selection Notice

  • Beneficiary Confirmation  Number :  This confirmation number is the long number that would have been generated when the H1B Registration was submitted by your employer or attorney. It cannot be used to check your registration status on USCIS website. It is only used for Internal tracking and lottery purposes. For FY 2023 season, it usually starts with 2023 as in below screenshot of the selection notice. It is a 16 digit number with numbers and alpabets.
  • Case Type : This indicates the case type of the form. In the H1B registration case, it will be “H-1BR – H1B REGISTRATION”
  • Received Date : This is the date when your employer or sponsor submitted the H1B registration online in the registration system. For the below sample notice, it is March 5th, 2022, which is the date when the employer submitted the same.
  • Priority Date : This will be blank as it is not applicable.
  • Prospective Petitioner  : This will be the employer name or the company name that is submitting the H1B visa Registration with intent to file H1B petition for the applicant, if selected in the lottery.
  • Notice Date : This is the date when the employer or sponsor was notified regarding the H1B Registration Selection. For the below sample notice, it is March 26th, 2022. It can be anywhere from 3/25/2022 to 3/31/2022
  • Page : You will see 1 of 2 on first page. There are two pages in the registration notice.
  • Beneficiary :  This is the actual H1B Applicant or Employee for whom the H1B visa registration selection notice was generated. Only the H1B petition can be submitted to USCIS for this person.
  • Company Name and Mailing Address : Below these fields, you will see a box with Company Name and address of the Company
  • Notice Type : It will say “Registration Selection”. It will be same on the official copy and the courtesy notice.

Under the boxes, it will say Fiscal Year 2023 Selection and has below information.

  • Company ID, Name : You will see the details telling that Company XYZ  with Employer ID number ABC submitted a registration for XXX ( Date of Birth XXX)  and it was selected for FY 2023 H1B numerical cap, …It will have conformation number 2023-…
  • Filing Dates – It will indicate the filing dates for H1B Petition from 4/1/2022 to 6/30/2022 and tell the location to file H1B
  • Service Centre Details : This is the service centre that you need file H1B petition in the dates given above. They indicate that you need to submit a copy of this notice as well along with the petition. It is important to file it at the same location listed in the registration notice. For the below sample, it is Texas Service Center.
  • Validity of the Registration : It clearly tells that the registration for h1B is valid for FY 2023 season and for XYZ company. It will also have applicant name XXX with the passport and date of birth of the applicant in it.  It will also tell that you cannot substitute the registration for other or transfer the registration to others.  It will tell that they may reject the petition if not properly filed.  

Below are actual H1B Selection notices shared by users for the Fiscal Year 2023. Page 1 has most of the information that is important. Below are three samples

Sample 1 – H1B Registration Selection Notice: The Notice Date is March 27th, 2022.

H1B Visa Lottery Selection for FY 2023 - Sample 1
H1B Visa Lottery Selection for FY 2023 – Sample 1 (Page 1)

Sample 2 – H1B Registration Selection Notice: The Notice date is March 26th, 2022

H1B Registration Selection Notice FY 2023 - Sample 2
H1B Registration Selection Notice FY 2023 – Sample 2 (Page 1 )

Sample 3 – H1B Registration Selection Notice: The Notice date is March 26th, 2022

H1B Registration Selection Notice  FY 2023 - Sample 3
H1B Registration Selection Notice FY 2023 – Sample 3

Page 2 of the Registration selection notice with information for people with disabilities.

H1B Registration Selection Notice FY 2023 - Page 2 - Notice for people with Disabilities
H1B Registration Selection Notice FY 2023 – Page 2 – Notice for people with Disabilities

Comparison with H1B Selection Notice from FY 2022

This year’s H1B FY 2023 selection notice looks pretty similar to the H1B Visa 2022 Selection Notice Sample.  There is one minor change for the sentence “If you do not properly file your H1B cap-subject petition within the filing period indicated above, USCIS will deny or reject the petition

They changed the sentence to say below

USCIS will deny or reject the H-1B cap-subject petition if it is not properly filed within the filing period indicated above at the filing location indicated

H1B Visa 2023 Tracker

H1B Visa filing process with registrations and petitions can be lengthy and many unknowns with timelines. We used to maintain a simple tracker and it was not feature-rich. To help the community and get better features, we have partnered with VisaGrader.com to build an Anonymous H1B Visa Tracker for FY 2023. You can add your case information anonymously and see the overall patterns, processing times, etc. with crowdsourced data. Add anonymously using the below button

Let’s look at some commonly asked questions now.

Common FAQs

Can I check the status of H1B FY 2023 Registration as Employee or Applicant ?

No, only your employer can check that using their login info online on USCIS website. Read more at How to Check H1B Registration Lottery Results

I have not heard anything on H1B Selection yet, am I not Selected? How Long ?

The H1B Lottery registration results do not come out at the same time for everyone. They can continue to come until March 31st, 2022. If you have not heard anything in the first round by end of the day March 31st, 2021, then you are very likely not selected in the first round. Your registration would be held in a pool and maybe used for second round lottery, if next round happens. We don’t know at this point, if this will happen or not. Last year we had 3 rounds of the lottery.

Do the H1B 2023 Lottery Results arrive at once to all or in batches every day ?

In general, based on users’ feedback, they do not come out at the same time. It comes in batches. Some have got it on March 31st evening as well. So, there is no pattern as such. So, until March 31st end, you cannot say.

What is the H1B Registration Beneficiary Confirmation Number on Selection Notice

That is something USCIS gives to each beneficiary for tracking. It cannot be checked online, it is only used by USCIS for internal purposes to run the lottery selection.

Will there be Second and Third Round Lottery Selection for H1B FY 2023 Season ?

No one knows at this point if there will be second-round or third round lottery. Last year we had three rounds of lottery, so we need to wait and see.

I am on OPT that is expiring soon, do I get OPT cap gap extension automatically with selection notice?

No, you do not get OPT cap-gap extension automatically with H1B selection Notice. You need to file the H1B petition before your OPT expires to get the OPT Cap gap extension. Talk to your employer and file the petition before expiration to avoid issues and continue working.  

Is the FY 2023 H1B Registration Selection Notice Physical Copy?

No, it is an electronic Notice that is generated online. Your employer can get it by downloading it online from the selected status location. They need to click on “View Notice” to download the same.

How many H1B Visa 2023 Registrations count ? USCIS Official numbers ?

USCIS released a press note saying cap is complete and lottery first round is done, but USCIS has not released any official numbers on the total H1B Visa 2023 Registrations count. We need to wait for their next update.

If you were lucky and selected, you might wonder next steps, you can read Steps after H1B Registration Lottery ? Flow Chart – Process

Are you still waiting for H1B Lottery Results ? Share your results, thoughts in comments below.


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  1. Hi All,
    I’m working for company A in India for the last 5years. Last year, I tried my luck for H1B using another company called B which is in the US (I’m still working with company A only).
    It got picked and however I couldn’t resign from Company A due to personal reasons, he shared the I-797C with me.

    Now, company A registered and it got picked. In one of the requested documents list, it says “copy of all previous Forms I-797 issued to you, if any.”

    Can someone guide me in this situation?

    Do I need to keep quiet and ignore that question as if I’ve never applied outside company A or should I share the I-797C that I’ve received from my uncle?

  2. Hello. My application got picked up in the lottery this year and I’m planning to do premium processing for my H1B petition as I’m planning to travel to India during July. My F1 visa has expired and my stem OPT expires in July. Can I apply for F1 visa again (since H1B starts only from October 1st) in July using the Cap-Gap i20 that I will be receiving from my University?

  3. Kumar, USCIS published lottery results are done. So do you think are there any chances till 31st or it’s done since USCIS announced

  4. My wife’s firm informed that she didnt get selected in the lottery. Can someone advise if both masters and general cap lotteries have been completed? OR is this just masters cap lottery?

  5. I got a call from Siri software solutions that my application is picked up in lottery but they didn’t share any confirmation yet and they are asking to pay the h1b filing fees . When I asked about I-797 C notice of action, She is saying that I-797 C will be generated after submitting the h1b filing. Can I trust this?

    • I think the lottery picking is complete for this march.

  6. I got notification that you uploaded video on lottery results, watched the video and checked my email. Got the confirmation from Sponsor that I got selected in H1B Lottery.
    Thanks to RedBus2US team.

  7. Hello Everyone, finally got my H1B – Masters quota selected after 4 long years. I’ve stuck to ethics and integrity and have used one legitimate company only, never tried to hack the system by submitting multiple applications. It always hurts me to hear people are trying to improve their chances by using consulting firms and what not. I hope this changes and we have a fairer and just H1B process in the future. Just have faith, and stay positive.

    • Congrats, Kim. You’re doing correct thing. It’s my second attempt this time with the same employer, haven’t yet heard back from them. Hoping for the positive result.

      Btw, people who try with “fake” consulting firms or multiple entries are doing harm to both other genuine candidates’ chances, and bringing disrepute to India. You can see many comments by other people on this thread, and all around the site. Some got selected, and don’t even know if their consultancies are genuine or not.

  8. I was informed by my lawyer that as of the morning of 28th, my application had not yet been selected. They said they will keep checking this week
    Based on prior years is there still a chance that my application could be selected or is it unlikely?

  9. My employer submitted my application as master’s quota, i got selected in lottery. But on the i797c form it shows selected towards regular cap, is it normal and did anyone see the same.

    • Vishnu,
      Where does it show the regular or masters ? I do no think it shows that info. Check the sample above, can you find anything where it says masters ?

  10. Anyone who got selected, just curious have you filed an application more than once. More than one company willing to offer an job.

  11. My new employer has said my name got picked up and they are asking money to proceed for next steps. They has not shared any confirmation? How do i trust? What is the way to find out genuine case of lottery and employer?

    • They have to show you the I 797 C Notice of Action . This doc confirms your selection. Otherwise it could be something wrong.

      • I got a call from Siri software solutions that my application is picked up in lottery but they didn’t share any confirmation yet and they are asking to pay the h1b filing fees . When i asked about I-797 C notice of action, he is saying that I-797 C will be generated after submitting the h1b filing. Can I trust this?

    • Well the lawyer is someone entrusted by your company so you will have to trust your lawyers. You could ask them for the receipt notice.

  12. One small consultant firm told me that I have got selected but how do i ensure that they are genuine as they have not shared anything with me. How to check if the company is telling truth and its genuine?

  13. My employer got an email from USCIS saying that:
    “We have taken an action on your case
    Sign in to your account to view your case status”
    Does this mean I got selected? They can’t log in since the HR person is on vacation but I was wondering if any of you know?

    • Halil,
      It tells that something changed. Most of the positive ones are selected. But, there can be other things as well, depending on how they submitted. Stay positive.

      • It was submitted like everybody’s else. I was just wondering if getting that email is a positive sign that it got selected. Like, do the ones that do no get selected get that email too? Thank you for the quick reply though!

    • I don’t think so this is one of the outcome of Lottery. Generally lottery shows three statuses, submitted, selected, not selected. What you mentioned is actually a status of submitted petition after lottery selection. Wondering how this is possible during lottery!

  14. Results came out last Friday night US time. Most of the attornies would have clsoed their business hours. Hence not much notifciations received. Attornies will notify the employers today (monday) during their business hours. Therefore we can expect much more notifications starting from 6 PM India time. Good luck to all aspirants.

  15. Finally after 3 years of trying got through H1B Lottery.

    Folks please help with few details what should be a decent comp in California for 10+ years into Software Development Java,Spring,AWS,Angular etc

    In India am earning around 50 fixed TC.

    • See. Cali has several companies so we cannot point names. However for 10+ exp, target annual package should be in the area of 120K, cos state tax and cost of living are the highest in US! Good Luck

    • You are getting a good package in India. Here you will get 10lak more from your current. Cali (Bay Area) is very expensive and now inflation is on high in USA. Everything is very expensive.. You can get max 135k Gross and after tax and all in hand will be approx. 85k-90k. Please take decision very carefully. Good Luck

  16. Hi,
    My application is selected in lottery. However, first name has a typo mistake. Is this a major problem? How to correct the issue? Please advise.

    • User,
      Well, this is upto discretion of the USCIS. If it was a clerical mistake and all of them meet, they may consider based on the explanation given by your attorney. So, speak to your attorney and let them handle it well.

  17. Hi,
    My application is selected in lottery. However, first name has a typo mistake. Is this a major problem? How to correct the issue? Please advise.

  18. Out of 65000 positions how many applicants have been declared successful so far?
    Will the results of remaining successful applicants keep coming on daily basis till 31st March or they will now be announced only on 31st March?

    • Ashraf,
      Usually, they select for all the 85,000 slots with some buffer during first round. Results are coming in and can come out in batches until March 31st, 2022.

  19. Hi
    I haven’t got my results.
    Can I check with my employer to share the screenshot of USCIS page or what could be the another way to see the proof of my H1B.
    As I am first time of this processes, and I am curious whether my employer has really submitted the petition or not. In order find the results what could be the best ways? Kindly help to provide me the suggestion?

  20. Hi,

    I got selected in the lottery. However, in the registration and notice my first and last name is switched.

    Instead of Last name, First name its entered as First name, Last name.

    Will this be an issue in filing the petition? Or can be corrected before filing?

    • Dhayanithy,
      It is up to the discretion of USCIS. Your attorney has to give explanation on the same. If the passport number corresponds to you and it was a clerical error, they may consider, but again it is discretion of USCIS. Speak to your attorney.

  21. I already checked the page that it still says submitted,is that mean I didn’t get selected this round?or it may change later?

      • USCIS has published a official notice for FY 2023 H-1B Cap Season. Doesn’t look like there will be any more status changes until the possible 2nd round of lottery. Meanwhile, any idea on the application stats? I am guessing more than 300K?


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