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H1B 2022 Registration Lottery Results out – Sample Selection Notice

As many of you know the H1B Visa 2022 season started earlier this month with the H1B Registration Process starting on March 9th, 2021 until March 25th, 2021.  Starting from March 27th, 2021, we have many users sharing that they have been selected in H1B Registration lottery in our social media groups and one of them (anonymous for privacy) was kind enough to share their H1B Registration Selection Notice and the submission details as well. Thanks a lot to our user who shared this with us for community benefit. We will review all of these details in this article.

If you are looking for H1B FY 2023 sample notice and lottery details, H1B 2023 Lottery Results are out, you can check all details with samples at H1B Visa 2023 Lottery Results Out – Sample Notice

H1B 2022 Lottery Results are out – USCIS Official Press Release

Starting from March 27th, 2021, we have seen many users who applied for H1B registration in the fiscal year 2022 season report that they are selected in the H1B lottery. It was shared all across our social media community platforms.  

On March 30th, 2021, USCIS released an Official press note that said initial H1B registration selection process is complete for FY 2022 Season. See below screenshot. They have not given out details on the total count of numbers or anything as such. They only said that lottery is done, and all employers are informed. You can check Summary of USCIS News – H1B 2022 Registration Lottery Results Out for complete information. We need to wait and see for the total registrations count and premium processing details.

H1B 2022 Lottery Process Completed News Release by USCIS
H1B 2022 Lottery Process Completed News Release by USCIS

There are two stages for H1B registration selection process, one is registration submission and second is H1B Lottery.   First let’s look sample of how the Registration submission confirmation looks like.

Sample H1B 2022 Registration Submission Confirmation

After the Employer submits the H1B Registration, there is an option for them to print the confirmation with details. Below is the sample H1B Registration submission confirmation that employer can print out and share it with the applicant. Not many companies share this, and they may only share a screenshot. But, if they do share, it will look like below. You can ask your employer to share the submission confirmation details that look like below, if they have not shared yet. 

Sample H1B Registration Submission Form
Sample H1B Registration Submission Form

H1B 2022 Registration Lottery Selection Results

H1B 2022 Registration Lottery results are out since March 27th, 2021. While, we do not have official press release from USCIS, it is confirmed by many users in social media groups. Some of them shared sample selection notices as well. We will review sample notice details in next section.

Firstly, if the applicant is selected in H1B Registration lottery, the online status changes in the registration system and shows as “Selected” next to the H1B registration as shown in below screenshot. Only the employer or attorney would get a notification of the same that the applicant they submitted for was selected in the H1B registration.

The employer need to login to the USCIS H1B registration system to view the H1B registration Selection notice. They can view the same by clicking on the “View Notice” and it has all the details regarding the H1B selection like where they need to file, when they need to file, etc. Let’s look at that below.

H1B Registration Selection Status on USCIS website
H1B Registration Selection Status on USCIS website

Sample H1B 2022 Registration Selection Notice from USCIS   

The H1B Registration Selection Notice will be a I-797C Notice of Action, that is similar to any other like H4 Visa I-797C Receipt Notice.  It would be of Case Type “H-1BR – H1B REGISTRATION”. Below is the sample H1B Registration Selection Notice for FY 2022 Season that was shared by one of users whose details were submitted for this year H1B registration selection process.  Let us look at the meaning of all fields and details on the selection notice below. 

Meaning of various fields on H1B FY 2022 Registration Selection Notice

  • Beneficiary Confirmation  Number :  This confirmation number is the long number that would have been generated when the H1B Registration was submitted by your employer or attorney. It cannot be used to check your registration status on USCIS website. It is only used for Internal tracking and lottery purposes. For FY 2022 season, it usually starts with 2022 as in below screenshot.
  • Case Type : This indicates the case type of the form. In the H1B registration case, it will be “H-1BR – H1B REGISTRATION”
  • Received Date : This is the date when your employer or sponsor submitted the H1B registration online in the registration system. For the below notice, it is March 25, 2021, which is the date when the employer submitted the same.
  • Priority Date : This will be blank as it is not applicable.
  • Prospective Petitioner  : This will be the employer name or the company name that is sponsoring your H1B visa petition for the applicant.
  • Notice Date : This is the date when the employer or sponsor was notified regarding the H1B Registration Selection. For the below sample notice, it is March 27, 2021. It can be anywhere from 3/27/2020 to 3/31/2020
  • Page : You will see 1 of 2 on first page. There are two pages in the registration notice.
  • Beneficiary :  This is the actual H1B Applicant or Employee for whom the H1B visa petition has to be submitted to USCIS.
  • Company Name and Mailing Address : Below these fields, you will see a box with Company Name and address of the Company
  • Notice Type : It will say “Registration Selection”. It will be same on the official copy and the courtesy notice.

Under the boxes, it will say Fiscal Year 2022 Selection and has below information.

  • Company ID, Name : You will see the details telling that Company XYZ  with Employer ID number ABC submitted a registration for XXX ( Date of Birth XXX)  and it was selected for FY 2022 H1B cap, …It will have conformation number 2022-…
  • Filing Dates – It will indicate the filing dates for H1B Petition from 4/1/2021 to 6/30/2021 and tell the location to file H1B
  • Service Centre Details : This is the service centre that you need file H1B petition in the dates given above. They indicate that you need to submit a copy of this notice as well along with the petition. It is important to file it at the same location listed in the registration notice. For the below sample, it is Texas Service Center.
  • Validity of the Registration : It clearly would tell that the registration for h1B is valid for FY 2022 season and for XYZ company. It will also have applicant name XXX with the passport and date of birth of the applicant in it.  It will also tell that you cannot substitute the registration for other or transfer the registration to others.  It will tell that they may reject the petition if not properly filed.  

Below is the actual H1B Selection notice for Fiscal Year 2022. Page 1 has most of the information that is important.

H1B Visa 2022 Registration Lottery Selection Notice Sample - Page 1
H1B Visa 2022 Registration Lottery Selection Notice Sample – Page 1

Page 2 of the Registration selection notice with information for people with disabilities.

H1B Visa 2022 Registration Lottery Selection Notice Sample - Page 2
H1B Visa 2022 Registration Lottery Selection Notice Sample – Page 2

You may also watch the below YouTube Video that cover the summary of the article

Comparison with H1B Selection Notice from FY 2021

This year’s H1B FY 2022 selection notice looks pretty similar to the H1B Visa 2021 Selection Notice Sample.  There is one extra piece of text that is added at the bottom. It reads like below.

“Ensure that any information provided during the electronic registration process matches the information provided on the petition. If any information does not match, you should provide an explanation with your petition and supporting documentation as to why there was a change or why the information does not match. If the information on the registration and petition does not match, USCIS may reject or deny the petition.”

Let’s look at some commonly asked questions now.

H1B Visa 2022 Tracker

H1B Visa filing process with registrations and petitions can be lengthy and many unknowns with timelines. We used to maintain a simple tracker and it was not feature rich. To help the community and get better features, we have partnered with VisaGrader.com to build an Anonymous H1B Visa Tracker for FY 2022. You can add your case information anonymously and see the overall patterns, processing times, etc. with crowdsourced data. Add anonymously using below button

Common FAQs

Can I check status of H1B FY 2022 Registration as Employee or Applicant ?

No, only your employer can check that using their login info online on USCIS website. Read more at H1B Registration Vs Petition – Check Status Online ?

I have not heard anything on H1B Selection until now, am I not Selected ?

If you have not heard anything in first round by end of the day March 31st, 2021, then you are very likely not selected in first round. Your registration would be held in a pool and maybe used for Second round lottery, if next round happens. We do not know, if there will be a second round…Last year, they had second round.

Do the H1B 2022 Lottery Results arrive at once to all or in batches every day ?

No one knows this for sure on how the process of notifications work for H1B registrations selected in FY 2022 lottery. Based on experience from previous year, we have seen that some users got their H1B registration selection notification on March 31st as well. So, you need to wait until March 31st to be sure, if you were not selected in Lottery or not. Check with your employer or attorney.

What is the H1B Registration Beneficiary Confirmation Number?

That is something USCIS gives to each beneficiary for tracking. It cannot be verified online, it is only used by USCIS for internal purposes to run the lottery selection.

Will there be Second Round Lottery Selection for H1B FY 2022 Season ?

No one knows at this point, if there will be second round lottery. The concept of H1B registration was introduced last year and we only had second round lottery once and that too it was in August of 2020.

Also, one of the reasons they had second round lottery was because many employers with selected registrations did not file H1B petition for the same due to bad economy with COVID situation and job losses. This year, it may be slightly different as H1B employers clearly know the hiring needs and would file the H1B petition if the lottery is selected for the submission. So, we cannot take it for granted that there will be second round lottery for sure this year as well. We need to wait and see for USCIS guidance on this.

I am on OPT that is expiring soon, do I get OPT cap gap extension automatically with selection notice ?

No, you do not get OPT cap gap extension automatically with H1B selection Notice. You need to file the H1B petition before your OPT expires to get the OPT Cap gap extension. Talk to your employer and file the petition before expiration to avoid issues and continue working.  

Is the FY 2022 H1B Registration Selection Notice Physical Copy?

No, it is an electronic Notice that is generated online. Your employer can get it by downloading it online from the selected status location. You need click on “View Notice” to download the same.

How many H1B Visa 2022 Registrations count ? USCIS Official numbers ?

As of March 30th, 2021, USCIS has not released any official numbers on the total H1B Visa 2022 Registrations count. The press release from USCIS on March 30th, only talks about completion of the selection process, but does not give any numbers. As of now, you can check H1B Visa 2022 Lottery Predictions to get idea on the total number we may expect based on past history, economy, analysis of various factors. We need to wait for USCIS data.

If you were lucky and selected, you might wonder next steps, you can read Steps after H1B Registration Lottery ? Flow Chart – Process

What do you think of the Selection Results, What do you expect the number is going to be ?


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    • It’s officially published on the USCIS website. All the selected petitioners have already been informed. Better luck next time buddy!

    • One of my friend filed 4 application . he is non-masters and one of the application got selected. I am also hearing that one of my friends employer they filed 23 unique application and only 4 get selected. so looks like any where between 20% to 33% of the application got selected. This time application volume can be anywhere around 400k to 600k as registration fees was $10.

  1. From my employer,

    No updates for you from the first list. We are hoping that there will be a second round. Let us wait and see.

  2. Anyone see updates on the Sevis instead of waiting for employer confirmation. I checked with DSO and no receipt number found. I guess no luck this time too for me.

      • Hi Kumar,

        you mentioned that most of them get updated by 8th April, is their any rule USCIS will inform the employers by group wise. we are a group of people from TCS till now any one of us didn’t received update.

        • big companies like TCS Infosys wipro take longer time to update. they will collect all updates from USCIS and will release only after march 31 in one shot. just using common sense. people filing for handful of folks can update… Infy TCS apply for what thousands????? also if you apply via attorney separately you can get quick updates,,, infy tcs wipro only first week of april for sure

  3. any update from CTS global mobility team? yesterday got an email from CTS GM team asking to prepare documents for anytime submission but didn’t tell any lottery status. So, does that mean selected in lottery?


  4. I hear many folks file 2,3 or even more applications through different employers. What happens if more than one gets selected? If they choose not to file petition will there be a second lottery to fill in these vacant slots?

  5. Guys I filed though and got selected through all of my 3 sponsors. They all are very happy. Now I will process H1b though MLP LLC.

    • This year I guess most the selections are done for foreign firms not indian. MLP has good track record. I also wanted to apply through it but last mind mind change.

      • Re:HappyGuy,
        There is no preference as such given for the company…It is random. It could be just that less filings were done by the Indian MNCs.

      • I will not say any bad word as it is legal to file H1b through many employers but What will happen to remaining selection as he can only process H1b through one employer. Will there be second lottery or USCIS have 1k extra numbers selected for such cases during first round,

    • You people being indians doing great injustice to your fellow Indians who have spent lot of money to get masters and stealing their choice by filing multiple registrations. VERY GOOD INDIAN YOU PEOPLE ARE That’s why ex-president trumph is dead against this H1b visa. Enjoy picking up others choice also

      • Sudha dont be a stupid Indian. he said his employer filed only 2 visas for “2 different candidates”, not 2 visa for himself… please apply common sense in understanding atleast before complaining others

        • This comment is for many persons who are selected eg happy guy Ravi etc.. I have sense and I believe only in straightforward actions If u go through many comments you can realise the reality

      • Just before trolling me. Have you read my message correctly before cursing me.

        I have said that two H1b COS applications were submitted by my ’employer’ for two employees.

        It’s impossible to submit two H1b applications by the same employer for the same employee, automatically rejecting that person from the lottery.

        This year, my employer track record is 100% with two applications, with one application 0% last year.

        I (with Ph.D. in Biotechnology) got selected on the first attempt, and the other colleague (Master in Biotechnology) got selected after the fourth attempt.

        Be good to others, and God will be good to you someday. I will pray that you get selected on the following list.

  6. Has anyone received any selections today? I haven’t heard of people who exclusively were received emails today. This is my 4th time filing with no luck even this year.

    People have been filing numerous applications from different employers and because of these guys, the odds in the lottery go drastically down.I really hope there would be wage level h1b selection from next year

      • Some one can approach the court for the misuse and interpretation of rules and all the persons selected by multiple employers should be identified by their Ssn number and a thorough check to be. Conducted if there is any manipulation of rules and they should be denied visa and deported to their county

  7. Hi, Can anyone please suggest if the passport number can be rectified while filing LCA or I129.

    My attorney seems to have goofed up on the passport number and entered 7 digits instead of 8.One digit was missed in between and the registration has been picked in the lottery.

    Can someone please provide inputs on this.

    • Senha,
      If it was an honest mistake and all other details are correct, your attorney can file a requisition letter and ask to be considered. We do not know how USCIS will react to this. As long as the attorney can prove that it was your registration, they may consider it. Stay positive and speak to your attorney on this.

      They have added an extra clause on the notice this year to prevent people abusing the system….

  8. My employer just checked the status and it says ‘submitted. Does is means I should wait till 31st March if the results are rolling in and updated till 31st or should I loose the hope. This is my last chance.

    • Not sure if you are a troll. But if you are not, please reject one of the selections and proceed with just one. This will help others get through in the second lottery if it happens

      • I think we should look for the positive side because of such Ch***s.
        Anyway, such Chu***s will just be able to file a single application. So for all the applicants who are not selected, just hope for the best and wish that there are lots of Chu***s who got selected and there will be just one application from all of them. So there are higher chances of a second lottery for deserving and genuine candidates.

  9. Hi, my employer has been loging in to the “myUSCIS” and he does not see any case, no case status, no name of the beneficiary, nothing… He only has a registration number (13 digits) Does someone know what can be wrong?

  10. Though many of my friends from different states in India already got their lottery updates, I haven’t heard anything yet related to my profile. Not sure for how many more days I still need to wait?

  11. Is the lottery completed? I haven’t heard anything on my application yet. Does that mean that it’s not been selected?

      • Lottery might be completed but any idea whether all the results are out, or are they updating it batch wise? If it’s batch wise, what is the logic/funda behind this batch wise updates? or is it batch wise lottery? Can we loose hopes as we haven’t heard anything till now (or) should we wait till end of 31st Mar’21? Nobody is able to answer it correctly.

        • Venkat Reddy,
          Honestly, no one knows. There is no such logic or funda. Last year, few users even reported their status as Selected on March 31st. We do not know, if USCIS releases the results in batches. All we can say is, keep following up with your employer and you can be sure only after March 31st, if you were not picked in first round.

        • Venkat,
          Well from what I have seen from previous year there is a probability you could hear even on march 31st. Updates are done in batches which usually tends to be groups or employers or attorney firm. I personally received my update on 31st of march last year but notice date was earlier though.

    • Kumar, can you answer this ? Are there any batches to be announced yet so the unpicked folks can have some expectation ?

  12. I know many got an update and 797 already. But my consultant says no news yet. Which means not picked? Or How can i still have chance?

  13. How the lottery will work? USCIS conduct lottery and release the results by few cases per day until 31st March? or Will they release all at once?
    My application is filled but I didn’t hear back till now as few of applicants getting the status already..

  14. Hi,

    Another consultant (not my current employer) sponsored and luckily my case got picked. He notified me and shared the I-797C doc with me today.

    Now, I want to pursue the next steps through my current employer. Is this a valid approach, can you please guide the next steps.

    Note: My current employer has multiple benefits hence I want to pursue the opportunities without leaving my current employer.

  15. I haven’t received any communication from attorney or employer. Does it is because of weekends attorney office are not functional.

  16. Did anyone get an updated status after the 9am roll out? Starting to feel that if by this time I don’t get it, it’s pretty much done now…


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