H1B 2015 Rejected / Not Picked in Lottery Packages Returned ? Still Any Hope ?

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As you know USCIS received about 172,500 H1B petitions  for  FY 2015 quota and there was a lottery conducted for this year by USCIS to randomly select about 85,000 petitions.   Many of you have been nail-biting and waiting for the lottery results.   Some of the lucky ones have already got the receipt numbers and some of the even luckier ones have their H1B Petitions approved….Some of you are still waiting for the receipts and rejected packages. Let me address some of the most common questions asked by our readers.

Have anyone received the Rejected or Not Selected in Lottery petitions from USCIS ? Do we have any proof ?

Yes, USCIS have started to mail out the petitions that were not selected in lottery.  Few of the attorneys blogs like Emily Neuman and Murthy.com , wrote it in on their blogs. Emily said they received about 28 rejected petitions from Vermont and California service centers.  She also have given a sample. Check out her article here.  Murthy.com has written an article indicating the same, check it out here.  Thanks to them for sharing all the info, it helps many get a perspective.  Also, some of our readers have updated their status that their case was Not Selected in lottery. Check out our H1B Tracker for some more stats.

Also, there have been many comments on our blog regarding rejected petitions received. You can browse our H1B Visa 2015 Comments pages for information. That’s the proof !

I have not received any update from USCIS regarding my H1B petition – Neither Receipt Number nor Rejected package – What’s my situation ? Are there still any hopes for me ?

Well, typically, if you were to be selected in H1B Lottery, you should have received at least the H1B Receipt number from USCIS.  But, if you have neither received the receipt number nor the rejected petition, then you still have to wait, you cannot conclude that you were not picked in lottery.   If you have not received the rejected petition back, you still have a chance.  The chances might be less, but you cannot rule out. Unfortunately folks, it can be very frustrating to keep waiting for this, but there is no go…If you have applied this year and have not received anything from USCIS, make sure, you are working on a backup plan…just to be prepared.

What do you get in the H1B Returned Package from USCIS ?

You will get the  H1B Visa Filing Fee Checks , your supporting documents sent,  and a  Letter from USCIS explaining the reason for rejection.   The typical text in the explanation letter summary is like below.

  • We are returning your petition, supporting documents and fee and it was rejected was the below reason:

o   All H1B 2015 cap subject petitions received between April 1st and April 7th , 2014 were subject to computer generated random selection process.  Your petition was received in this time frame, however, it was not part of the randomly selected ( lottery ) for processing.

o   If you wish to file a petition for H1B Visa 2016, you can apply for the same by sending application to us no earlier than April 1st , 2015.


While it is very disappointing to get a rejected notice from USCIS, it is life and we have to move on.  Hopefully, the Immigration reform for H1B Visas Cap changes  passes this year and we do NOT have a lottery next year.  If you are advising someone or planning to do Masters in US, you need to consider various factors. Read this article  Should I do MS in USA with H1B Lottery.

What are your thoughts ?  Do share your experiences.


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Comments ( 55 )

  1. Prit


    I havent received a lottery receipt number, so by this time I think I’ve not been picked. My opt ended on July 6th. Am I eligible to continue working till I get my application packet back? Just to reiterate, I didnt receive a receipt number. Any insight would be helpful. Thank you!

    1. administrator

      No, you cannot work, if your OPT was not extended based on cap gap by your DSO. You need to have I20 endorsed by DSO to work further.

  2. carmon hamill

    Savvy analysis . I Appreciate the facts ! Does someone know where my assistant could grab a sample RI CS-14 copy to complete ?

  3. Sangeeta Jain

    I was selected in lottery last year. I got RFE for my role and project description as informed by my employer. I submitted all information but rejected by USICS. Again, I got this news from my employer. Employer asked me USCIS not provide rejection reason. Is it ture?
    And if I want to reapply this year, what is the chance of selection in lottery and if selected not rejected again.

    1. administrator

      Sangeeta Jain,

      USCIS would have issued rejection letter containing the details. If not, your employer should demand one (which I doubt is the case). You can apply again. Chances of selection will be same as any other candidate.

  4. Jay29

    My employer informed me that, they received couple of RFE receipts directly this time. They did not receive any acknowledgement and also no checks encashed .. They mentioned this happened for the first time.

    Do you think i can rely on them telling the truth? I can no way check with USCIS on this since they dont respond to individual requests


    1. SameBoat

      They are most probably lying. How can a cheque not be en-cashed for an application that is being processed. The flow would be the get the cash first, the start processing and raise an RFE is needed. Did you ask for the receipt number?

  5. Abhinav Garg


    My application was filed under normal processing and I was informed around 30th june that it got picked in the lottery also I got a receipt number. All this while the status on USCIS website used to say “Case was received” and now from 15th July onwards it says “On July 14, 2015, we made the decision to refund the fee for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WAC15xxxxxxxx. We will mail your refund to the address you gave us. This refund does not affect the processing or location of your case. You should receive your refund within 30 days”
    When I call on the number it also says your form I-797 has been sent and we’ll update you once we make a decision on your application, earlier it used to say form I-797 has been approved. But this fees will be reutrned thing has made me really worried.
    Any updates would be much appreciated or if anyone else has faced similar situation.

    1. Unknown Status

      Me also in the same boat. I got reciept number and the status is saying “Fee refund was mailed”. This refund does not affect the processing or location of your case. You should receive your refund within 30 days. Status is same from past 2 months. My employer is also didnt understand the status. They are following up with concern.

      May I know if you have some clue on this. I am nervous.

      1. Abhinav Garg

        I am sorry to break bbad news but this simply means that USCIS is not going to be process your case and they’ll return your fee. The reason qhich your employer may give you (basis on what I and several others got) is that USCIS says they picked this case by mistake in lottery. Now don’t ask what do they mean by picked by mistake in lottery…as lottery is lottery..well anyways all the best.

        1. h1b_clt

          @ Abhivan, this receipt number WAC1516851609 also had the same status as decided to refund the fee earlier. but now its in approved status.

          1. Abhinav Garg

            Hey this is great news, if that has also happened. Perhaps this is the first case I have heard have turned positive after this status, Congrats!!
            BTW since when you were getting status “Fee will be refunded” status and when did it change to approved. Meanwhile did you not get your fee back, because most of us have received back the fee already.

      2. h1b

        Any updates regarding this “Fee refund was mailed”status. Feeling very disappointed to know, even after getting selected in lottery our petition was not processed 🙁

  6. anon

    is it true that tech mahindra does not share the rejection status or h1b receipt number with its employees (h1b rejection)

  7. Sandy Dsouza

    How to verify if the H1B petition filed and the rejection letter is genuine cause many Indian companies hires employees with less hike compared to market standard 30%.

    Is there any place on USCIS from where one can verify?

  8. Antony

    Mine was not picked in lottery. I got the rejection letter from my consultant. but when I put that reject case number in
    It says invalid number. Any help?

  9. Suresh

    I am facing the same situation this year. No receipt, not confirmation / rejection letter and not received petition too. I like to know what happened with the petition of you guys who posted in this Comment chain…?

      1. Hari

        Oh hai am wating for update aswell…..why is it taking so long to give as an update?? Attroney said we might be under wait list …..
        but still they are trying to get information from USCIS so hoping to hear soon

        1. smridhi

          Hi Hari,
          Do you really think there is a chance?
          I have not seen any new receipt coming after mid may and moreover its
          mid of oct 🙁 🙁

          1. swetha

            HI Smridhi
            I see that you had posted this last year (2014) in October. Can you please tell me what happened to your case at that time ?what was the final word on your H1b application ?
            Thank you

    1. MANOJ

      Hi guys,

      It looks like in previous you guys were also in the same situation of not receiving the lottery results till october.

      Me too in the same situation now.

      Can you guys please tell me what has happened to your cases?


  10. D

    Last 2 days and there is no news from the employer and lawer. I know payroll has to start from October 1st. Does anyone know what happens now and is anyone facing the same issue?

    1. Suresh

      Hi, How are you…?
      I am having the same situation this year. No receipt, not confirmation / rejection letter and not received petition too. I like to know what happend with your case.

  11. Gaurav

    Still waiting to receive anything from USCIS. I understand it has been rejected otherwise I would have got the receipt.

    someone mentioned that there might be a v v v dim chance too still.

    In any case, is it normal for USCIS to delay this process of sending back the rejected application ?

    1. Sindu

      Even I am waiting for my Rejection Packet. 5 more business days until October 1st. Please let me know if you get any update. And I have the same question, if it is normal for USCIS to send the not-selected H1B packets this lately? Can someone help with this?
      Thank you!

    2. MANOJ

      Hi guys,

      It looks like in previous years you guys were also in the same situation of not receiving the lottery results till october.

      Me too in the same situation now.

      Can you guys please tell me what has happened to your cases?


        1. Manoj


          I applied through sunfix. my sister husband is working under the employer now as h1b. so, i trust him. but i don’t know what is happening with the case why the rejection package hasn’t come.

          My number is +91 9487253199. If possible call me.


  12. Lotterywaiting


    I wish someone let me know, how to find out if USCIS received my package? As i am not getting any update from USCIS regarding lottery results, i want to know if my courier is received by them.

        1. Kumar

          +1 same here
          What is your employer saying guys ?
          They can have a check if your filling fee has been en cashed or not.
          My employer said he will do it this week

  13. Believe It Or Not?

    After numerous call to employer and pitching situation to highest authority in my company finally got an email from HR that my petition was selected in lottery and they received a RFE. I don’t understand these Indian desi companies why the hell they don’t share the information about visa receipts with employee? Any way got the receipt number as WAC14144XXXXX and it shows that RFE was sent in June.

  14. RK

    Yesterday, HR received my H1B Rejection Letter.
    Last Year and This Year: my H1B application didn’t pick up in the lottery.
    Next year, I won’t apply.

    RQ/ RP

  15. jashmi

    Received no updates on my H1b application [Non-Ad/Non-PP].Did not receive rejection letter nor receipt number yet. My husband got H1B approval last week .I am on L2 I-94 currently.My husband might not go for visa stamping till mid next year.I am planning to travel to india next month.But in order to come back to USA in Dec 2014,Can i go for H4 interview in india with my husbands visa approvals even though my husband did not get his visa stamped by then .

  16. LuckItDepends

    Well I have never got anything on basis of “Luck”. I have always got things with hard work. Seems H1 lottery is not my cup of tea 🙂 I already had less hopes as soon as I heard there will be lottery and now that I have only 1 more year left to try, Lets see. Still awaiting on news for this year though.

    1. administrator

      Unfortunately, there are few things in life like General Lottery and in our case H1B Visa Lottery that are dependent on Luck 🙁 . Good Luck !

  17. Damodar

    It would really suck for us who had the last chance for H1 this year, if the Immigration reform for H1B Visas Cap gets through.

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