Can you Apply to different Specialization or Major for MS in USA? Change Majors ?

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When I was planning to pursue MS in USA, I used to talk to many people. The most common advice that I used to get was “your Bachelor’s degree ( B.Tech/ BE) is in Computer Sciences, so just apply for MS in Computer Sciences.” I was naïve at that time and never gave it second thought. The reason is that in country like India, your specialization or major is decided at a very early stage of your career after you pass 10th or 12th grade. I was under the same impression that if I have in Comp Sciences, then I can only go for MS in Comp Sciences. But, my perception was wrong !  Education system in America works differently. To get an idea of some the differences check this Education in USA vs. India . Coming back to changing majors or specializations, Here are some of the very common questions.

  • I have B.Tech in ECE (electronics & Comm. Engg.  ), can I apply to MS in Computer Sciences ?
  • I have B.E in Civil Engineering, Can I apply to MS in Electrical Engineering ?
  • I have Bachelors in English, Can I apply to MS in Robotics ?
  • I have in Mechanical engineering, Can I apply to MS in Marketing ?

Many such questions.  If you are in such dilemma or do not know how it works with changing majors read along.

How does Specialization,  Majors work in USA ?  Can you change it in Masters  ?

In America, education institutions recognize your degree’s major or specialization based on the number of credits or courses  that you have taken in a specific subject area. If you want a Major in a specific field, say Electrical Engineering, after you are done with basic courses,  you will be required to take certain number of credits in that subject area. Once you complete so many credits, you get major in that field and your bachelor’s degree would state that. You can have two majors or as many as you want, all you need to do is take extra courses and get credits…If you have done Major in Biology and did not like it, you can get another major in Computer sciences, all you need to do is take extra courses and get enough credits.  I have had friends with double major of both Biology and Computer Sciences in Bachelor’s degree.

Now, let’s look at how that works for Masters in US…

Can you apply to different Major or specialization for MS in USA   ?

Yes, you can apply for different major or specialization, when you apply for Masters admission in US.  Because of the open education system in USA, you are free to apply for any specialization or major as you wish. You would need to articulate in your Statement of Purpose(SOP), when you apply for MS, why you decided to pursue a different major. 

For instance, let’s say, you have a in Computer Sciences and you want to apply for MS in Finance, you can do that. It is same for other degrees as well.  Your admission decision is not based on your Major or specialization in Bachelors. It will depend on your academic excellence and standardized test scores like GRE and TOEFL. You can watch below 2 min video as well on this topic.

How does pre-requisites work for my new degree without having any background ?

If you get admission for Masters in different major or specialization than your bachelors degree, then the school will include in your admission letter all the pre-requisite courses that you need to do for the Masters program.  The prerequisites are mandatory as you are switching majors and getting acquainted with a new specialization.  So, all your basics and foundations of any major or specialization are covered with pre-requisites and you can pursue your dream education ! 

The pre-requisites are done after you arrive in US and join the school for Masters program. You do not have to do it in your home country. In fact, when I did my MBA, I had to take many pre-requisites like Foundations of Marketing, Finance, and Accounting before I could start the MBA courses, because my degree was in Computer Sciences.

Check out How to change Majors in MS after admission  and arrival in USA

What was your experience ? Did you change Majors ?


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Comments ( 305 )

  1. Kavi

    I would like to pursue cs but I have got admitted in SRM university in btech civil.whether I can change my stream while doing Ms or mtech?what are all the jobs available if so..?job security is there in India or in abroad?

    1. administrator

      You can change your stream when doing MS in US for sure. Well, jobs is a totally different thing, there will always be opportunities, it is up to us how we work towards finding them.

  2. rounak

    I m right now doing mechanical engineering. To be completelycompletely honest, i dont like my field. So i want to change my field while getting an MS. Now m comfuse between Ms in finance and ms in cse. Both of these fields are appealing and i like them both. But i dont know which field will be gud for me in terms of job opportunities and settlement point of view..plz wid a suggestion. Thank u.!!

  3. Abhilash H

    I am Abhilash, I completed Computer science engineering I am interested in mechanical engineering. So can I do MS in mechanical engineering .

  4. Pavithra


    I am from India and have done my under grad B.E. in Production Engineering. But post my under grad, I took up an IT job and currently have 2+ years of experience in IT field.
    I have an equal amount of interest in both the fields stated above.
    I would like to get two things clarified.
    1. What are the chances of getting an admission for universities in the US for a Production/Industrial Engineering? If there is a high possibility, will my work experience be a hurdle in that case?
    2. Also, what are the chances of getting an admission for Computer Science? I hear from many people that, if you don’t qualify for the prerequisites, colleges do not consider the application at all.
    Please advise. Thanks in advance!

    1. administrator

      1. It all depends on scores, the schools you plan to apply.
      2. Again same answer as above.
      The reality is that the school will want to know why you want to CS, then they will pre-requisites. No, they are wrong. You can apply for any major and get admission. You will be asked to do pre-requisites based on your background degree.

  5. Dave

    I’m in 7th Sem Pursuing electrical Engineering. To be honest, i never liked my department, now that i’m getting closer to finish my degree, i am planning to pursue MS in CSE from US, do i need to know basics of CSE already? and could you please tell me if taking up GRE would have to do anything with the admission procedure? and does every college accept this type of application where we are changing deapartment? And my CGPA aren’t good, would that have to do anything with the admission procedure, would it be a problem?

  6. abhinav puri

    i have a btech in mechanical engineering , and i want to pursue my masters in physics ….. so what are the prerequisites that i must do?
    and are candidates form different courses easily acceptable??

    1. administrator

      It all varies by school, you will need to check with the school you plan to apply for getting the list of pre-requisites. There is nothing called easy, it all varies by applicant and their credentials and school standards.



    i am an biotechnolgy engineer i want to do ms in chemical engineering with scolarship from any europ countrys , how can appy for doing that ?, how can i get a job from there?
    Awaiting for your reply.
    Thank you

    1. administrator

      I cannot speak for Europe as I have no idea….You can apply in US for sure to change your major. Getting job is totally different thing and you need to look for the right roles and apply for internships so that you can get work visa later.

  8. prasanna.k

    I finished my B.Sc (comp) in 2009 and had 7 experience of in retail industry like reebok and shoppers stop as a store manager. Now i want to do MS in CS. Can i apply for the course? and how can i convey this to vo at interview time?

  9. Mukund

    Hello sir, I am in 4th semester of Mechanical Engg & I want to pursue my masters in CSE in US . Is it Good & Can I Get a Job equally to that of CSE people & Also can I get a job in India after My masters in CSE

  10. Sailesh

    Hi sir,
    i have completed B.Tech in biotechnology in hyderabad . But i always wanted to do computer science . So , can i do MS in cs And will i get the same jobs which the computer graduates get in the US ? If i can , Will i get a job in india after completing my MS in cs in the US in a good software company ?

    Thanks in advance .

  11. Rajat

    Respected sir , I am pursuing electronic and communication in india and i want to do MS in mechanical in canada ….. Will i ? And what is the proceeder for that? Will i have give ielts?

  12. Sailesh

    Hello sir,
    It’s Sailesh again . Will i get the same jobs which the cse grads get ? Are they going to offer us the same salary packages which they get ? Please reply . Which is better B.Tech in biotechnology or MS in cs . by which we get more money in the US ? Please reply .

  13. Shubham

    I did my btech in ece and plan to do ma in cs. My questions are
    1) Whether I should collect LORs from my professors in ece branch or cs branch?
    2)If ece, Would an LOR from ece professor be of any help for Ms in cs profile?
    3)If cs, then how would LORs from professors who haven’t even taught me matter?
    4)Can my 3 LORs be from managers at my workplace?


    I am planning to do ms in embedded system .But some of my friends tell that there is less job opportunity. Can I apply for ms in CS and take embedded as extra credit .
    1. Will the duration of the course increase.
    2. Dose the fee increase .
    3. How is the embedded market in US.
    4. Will I be able to apply for jobs based on my masters or can I apply for both my masters and extra credited courses.

    Thank You

    1. administrator

      You can apply for CS and take embedded for extra credit.
      1. yes, as they will be your electives
      2. Yes, you will be taking more credits, so more fee
      3. I cannot speak for that market, you need to do your research
      4. Well, it all depends, if you are getting a dual degree or not. Honestly, most of the jobs do not require masters…
      I suggest you be clear on your goals for MS in US and understand the H1B Lottery situation as well.

  15. Sailesh

    Hello ,
    I have completed my B.Tech in Biotechnology . Can i do my MS in Computer science in USA ? If yes , will i get the same job which the grads from Computer science get ? Please reply .

    1. administrator

      Yes, you can. Yes, it is up to you how you position yourself and apply for the job. It is good to get an internship in the new area to back up your skills and help you prepare for the actual role.

  16. keyur

    helo sir,
    i have completed b tech in mechanical having 5+ exp in mechanical, i am married my wife is btech in computer having 1yr exp , i want to do master from US suggest me , what the chance of getting visa with wife ya we both have to applied seperate

    1. administrator

      Visa stamping is dependent on many factors and it is up to the discretion of the VO, you need to be confident and hope all goes well and take a chance.

  17. Bhavana

    Im in my 7th semester of communication engineering.
    I plan to apply for masters in data science in the US
    What are the prerequisites i will need and how long will it take me to complete that.
    Thank you

    1. administrator

      It is just like another MS, you may be asked to take some classes in Stats and Maths, maybe Computer Science…it varies by school and their program. MS degree can take about 1.5 to 2 years depending on how many credits you can take per semester…

  18. Sejal

    Respected Sir,
    i want to ask a query regarding MS .
    I have done in ComputerScience from a private engineering college.
    and then immediately after passing out started preparing for Public Services exam,
    So as of now its a total of three year Gap since i graduated, i want to ask:
    1) whether i am eligible to apply for a MS in USA, will i be able to get admission in a decent college considering this TIME GAP of three years,
    2)also i want to know if i should go for MS in computers Science or can you please list me some other options i can go for. Thankyou sir, your insights on this would be highly appreciated.

    1. administrator

      1. Yes, you are eligible, time gap does not matter.
      2. This is something that you need to decide based on your passion, I should not be telling what is good for you. Take time to think about what you are passionate about and then make a decision on it.

  19. Samdeep

    Hi sir,
    My name is D Sandeep Kashyap and I completed M.Tech in Electrical Engineering. Now I want to pursue MS in usa in the same branch.. By doing this, I will any problem in VISA??? Getting VISA is difficult in this case??? Kindly reply me as soon as possible.

    1. administrator

      Visa is a very relative thing and depends on many factors, your visa is never guaranteed. If you do everything right and can convince visa officer well in the interview, you have a good chance.

  20. Anusha

    Sir I have done Btech in electrical and electronics. I want to do MS in automotive systems. How hard is it to get admission in University of Michigan for the same course?

    1. administrator

      You can get admission, the big question you will be asked everywhere is need to have a good answer to that in the admission package as part of the SOP and same for visa interview.
      We do not advise on any schools here.

  21. Janardhan Rathikanti

    Hello Sir,

    I finished my Chemical Engg.. in Guntur RVR&JC College, have done Chemical Engg.. recently from IIT Roorkhee. I didn’t get job yet.

    I have some doubts about my further steps,

    1) can i do MS with specialization CSE , If possible what should i do ?

    2)If i want to do PHD in same specialization (Chemical Engg) , How should i try from india? What are the options do we have?

    1. administrator

      1. Yes, you can. But, why do you want to do it is the question that you will be asked at visa interview and admission panel. You need to have a reason for it.
      2. You have your M.Tech from good school, if you get good scores and get good recommendations, you have good chances depending on the school you plan to apply.

      based on what you asked, I feel that you are still not sure what you are passionate about either CSE or Chemical. Pursuing PhD in area that does not interest you will not help. Take time to think about it and then make an informed decision.

  22. Prachi Vakil


    Am currently pursuing BSc honors in botany and am in my last(third) year but i wish to do my masters in social work, but i want to do masters from abroad preferably United States or Canada. Recently i’ve been told that i can’t pursue masters in an Arts field without having any degree from there. Is it actually not possible because i would really like to pursue that course. Also if there is a chance(i hope there is), what can i do for it? Can a certificate from any NGO for internship help? And if i have to give pre-requisites which all would they be? and also is there any universities that can satisfy these options.

    it would be very helpful if you could help me with this dilemma.

    thank you.

    1. administrator

      Yes, you can pursue that. I cannot speak for Canada, but US schools allow that. You will need to do the pre-requisites for sure when you change your degree major. You will need a proper SOP as part of application why you want to do it…You can email admissions at few schools to get their inputs as well.

  23. Shrey Atre

    Hello Sir,
    I m Shrey Atre a student of B.Tech in Mechanical and Automation Engineering 3 sem,I really need to know how to study and what to focus on to get a chance to do MS.I m keen to know about the exams and how may I choose my area of interest to persue MS.I would be glad to know your advice!And please also tell me about the statement of purpose and letter of recommendation.

    I will be thankful if you will answer my queries.

    1. administrator

      Shrey Atre,
      One of the ways to look at what you want to study is to understand what are out there and what you want to be doing in 10 years time and then use education to help you get there. Try to speak to few seniors or anyone in the area of your interest and then seek their advice. As far as tests are concerned, you will probably need to take GRE, TOEFL or GMAT based on what you choose. We have few articles on the blog that cover this, check study in US section.

  24. Vikram

    I have done B Tech in Mechanical engineering.

    When applying for MS in Computer Science, will the universities ( especially the top Ivy League universities ), count this as a negative in my case, or will I be considered at par with those applying with a B Tech in CS?

    1. administrator

      It will be considered on par. They will always look for why you are applying for change. You need to have a compelling SOP indicating your reason for change…

      1. Vikram

        Thank you sir.

        Can you give a rough estimate on how much time is required for completing the prerequisites?

        Would it require me to drop an extra year?

        And are the prerequisites done at the university that grants admission, or through a different source?

        1. administrator

          It totally depends on the school and how many they give. It may be for a semester or two, hard to tell now. They should be done at the University you join to avoid issues.

          1. karthik

            I have some queries about visa interview
            1)I have b1/b2 visa from 2008 to 2013 In between I went to usa once and I stayed there for one month After 2014 reapply and I got 2014 to 2024 10 years of visa
            2)And one more thing is my sister completeed her ms and now she is doing job in opt.Now I applied for same university where my sister studied.
            3) I have 5 backlogs total
            4) I am changing electricals to computers in ms. For this question give me rough answer. Then I will frame my answer.

            Can any one suggest me how to answer these questions during visa interview

            Thanks in advance.

          2. administrator

            You should never frame any answer, it will miss the conviction.You should state the reality and answer honestly, why you could not make it. Many students try to fabricate answers and get in trouble as it does not sound genuine and Visa officer will read that. The best thing that I can advice is that you state the truth and say that with confidence, you will be fine.

    2. Prince

      Sir My name is Prince,,I have done my btech in civil engineering. Now i want to apply for MS but i am confused which area should i choose for specialization. I want to take admission either in transportation planning but don’t know its scope and carrer.Plz help me regarding this.

  25. piyu

    I am an electronics and communication engineering student of 7th sem. I want to do ms in biomedical engineering. Do I need to do some additional courses like learning programming languages or learning about various microcontrollers or anything for getting additonal skills in biomedical field before applying to the universities? If yes, then please suggest me the courses.

    1. administrator

      No need to worry about any of that. if something is required, the school will mention them as the pre-requisites and let you take that courses. If you do some courses here and there, they may not count…You may still study for your knowledge…

  26. Kritika

    Dear Sir,
    I’m currently pursuing Bsc. Life sciences in University of Delhi. Over the course of 2 years I found chemistry to be the subject of my real interest. I’ve some doubts regarding graduation courses.

    My first question is : Am I eligible for a chemical engineering course for masters ?
    I’m confused because I’m doing a regular course and wish to switch to engineering. I’m apprehensive if it’s possible. Please elucidate.

    My second question is : Could I get into an Ivy League college if I score exceptionally well in my GRE general, GRE subjective and TOEFL ?
    I’ve published some research papers too and I’m an active candidate in all the research and ECA going on in the university. Please guide me to boost my chances(if any) further.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. administrator

      1. Yes, you are eligible.
      2. Yes, you can.
      As you have B.Sc, some schools may ask you for 16 years of education and you may need to do M Sc or any other one year course that can be counted towards your 16 years of education. Some schools may not ask you for that. You will need to check with schools that you plan to apply, if they consider your 15 year education as equivalent. Yes, your research would definitely help for your admission. Also, you may be asked do some pre-requisites depending on the school and you may have to do that at school.

  27. aparna srivastava

    respected sir,
    i am a student of civil engineering,IIT VARANASI.
    i have just completed my 1st year and going through the whole year i have realised that my interests lie in other fields computer science to be specific.
    Now i really want to study CS.So the only way is through a ms in cse from usa.
    i wanted to know all the process and steps to be followed.
    apart from gre and toefl do i also need experience in field of computer science like projects and internships.
    do the universities demand for projects and internships in the field you are applying for?
    Sir please help me with this.
    i would be highly grateful to you.

    1. administrator

      You do not need any work experience. You need good scores in GRE and TOEFL to apply to good school. As long as you have a good SOP and reason to switch, it should be fine. If you can afford, you can even consider doing Bachelors in US by transferring some of the credits. Think about the options.

  28. Arefa Ahmed

    Respected Sir,
    Currently I am pursuing B.A honours in political science under Calcutta University. Can I change my field during my master course?Can I apply for Masters in pharmacy studies after my graduation in USA? What are the requirements and criteria needed?

  29. Souhridya Sarkar

    Respected Sir,

    I wanted to know that is it possible for a student without science background to persue for automobile engineering from abroad ?

    1. sukumar

      it is little difficult to persue for automobile engineering without knowing anything about subject .if u want to slide to cse it is an easy process but automobile engineering is difficult without knowing about mechanics

    2. administrator

      Yes, you may pursue. You will be asked to take many pre-requisites for you to get background and basics first. It can be challenging as well and you may need to work hard to switch from other area.

  30. Shwetha S

    I have an Electronics and Communication Engineering degree in but was always interested in Mechanical Engineering. Can I do a masters now in Mechanical Engineering without having any prior knowledge in mechanical ?

    1. administrator

      Shwetha S,
      Yes, you can do it. You will probably be asked to take the pre-requisites required for Mechanical. You need to have a good SOP around why you want to change as well.

    2. sukumar

      if u want to slide to mechanical it is difficult for an electronic engineer to have grip on mechanics without practice . if you are really interested you can go through basic mechanics and you can learn as much as possible about mechanics and now if u are perfect with basics then you can apply for masters in mechanical and my best suggestion is to attend coaching for cad if u r interested in designing .

  31. Zam

    I am pursuing my BTech degree in Ceramic Engineering.My question is will i be able to do MS in Aerospace Engg.If yes , wont they consider while selection that i have not studied Aerospace related courses in my BTech years or not, coz we dont have any such courses.

    1. administrator

      Yes, you can. Usually they look at SOP on why you want to apply for it and then give you admission and pre-requisites to get your basics for you to pursue your degree.

      1. zam

        I would like to know whether they will approve my application if i directly apply for MS after B.Tech i.e. “No work experience after my BTech years”.But yes Il do have a lot of projects and ceramic internships under me during my BTech.

  32. Snehanshu

    I have completed second year in BE Comp. Science and I am preparing for GRE. Can I apply for masters in arts or literature?

  33. piyu

    I am a student of 7th sem electronics and communication engineering. I opted for maths in 11th and 12th std hence i dont have background of biology. But for 7th sem i have taken biomedical engineering as one of the elective subject. I wish to do MS in biomedical engineering. Is it advisable to do so?? Can i expect a good university and a good job in USA even after such a change? I have a lot of interst in bio.

    1. administrator

      Yes, you can apply for sure, if you are passionate about it. Getting admission depends on your scores and other factors around your application. Job search is a very different ball game altogether. If you do proper planning, it should be fine. But, you need to be aware of the H1B lottery situation

  34. devi

    Hello sir,
    I have completed my bachelors in chemistry and I’m interested to do masters in international business management. I have work experience for 2 years as business development executive. Am i eligible to go for MBA.waiting for your reply

  35. Kavya Chandrika Hemmanur

    I’m Kavya Hemmanur. I have done my bachelors of engineering in biotechnology. Further I would like to obtain my Master of arts degree in biological sciences from US universities the reason being i can work for non core jobs incase i don’t get placed in core companies. My question will I have any problem with my OPT if i get my masters degree from biological sciences and work for an IT company later?
    Secondly, if there are chances for any issue with OPT i don’t want take risk so my option is MIS. Can a student with absolutely no knowledge in comp science or business take up MIS ? what will be the curriculum for MIS usually?

    Hoping for a positive reply.

    Thanks in advance

    1. administrator

      Kavya Chandrika Hemmanur,
      OPT is usually given to work in your area of degree or expertise. You may consider doing IT in the same domain that is relevant to your education and industry expertise.
      Anyone can study anything in US, provided you get admission and you fulfill all the pre-requisite courses that university recommends you to do.

      My view is that, you should do something that you are passionate about. You should not be just picking something random, just because you will get job. Take time to think about your passion and take an informed decision.

  36. Akhil Adapa

    Is it possible for me to compete prerequisites prior to joining university? if so please mention some of the options which officially provide courses of a particular stream and whose results are considered as credits.
    Thank you

    1. administrator

      Akhil Adapa,
      Well, it can be very tricky…Universities may or may not accept courses done from other schools. Doing it from other institutes may not work. I suggest you wait and do it as prescribed by the school you join.

  37. Nitin

    This was rejuvenating to read. I am planning to pursue my MS in Computer Science and have been very apprehensive about the decision owing to the fact that my BTech is from Electrical Engineering. Thank you for sharing this valuable insight.

  38. sami

    I have completed my bcom and planning for masters in usa or Australia .which specialisation is going to be best for me .PLZ SUGGEST

    1. administrator

      You will need to think about what you like and where you see yourself in next 10 years. Take time to understand your passion and then choose something that you like.

    1. administrator

      Any combination is possible as long as you have a reason to pursue it and you can articulate that in your SOP during application.

  39. esha

    Hello Sir,
    I want to pursue MS in computer science engineering and i have my undergraduate degree in electrical.Please tell me the courses which i can study in CS, because i m interested to take computer networks. Any other course that you can suggest so that i finally decide.

    1. administrator

      Your school will suggest the required courses for you, do not need to do any courses now. First apply and get admission, they will list the pre-requisite courses in the admission letter.

  40. Sarvagya

    Dear Sir,
    I have completed my bachelors in commerce and also pursuing Chartered Accountancy course. I applied for Masters in MIS in USA for fall 2016 and got admit from the university of Texas at Dallas for masters in information technology and management. From what I inquired, all my fellow batch mates are from engineering background. Though the curriculum is not so technical and is more management oriented. Is it right choice to pursue masters?
    Will it be difficult for me to get a job after completing my masters with decent GPA?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. administrator

      It all depends on what you want to do in future with your career. Check Masters in MIS career path and jobs. Getting job is a totally different thing, there is never a guarantee that you will get job, unless you put in effort and try it. Read Campus placement in US vs India . The decision comes to you taking the bold move and work hard to get the job. Also, you need to be aware of the H1B lottery system as well after you are done with degree and looking for a sponsor.

  41. Nikhil Teja

    Hi sir I want to study EE(MS) in USA.Can I apply for software jobs on OPT or do I strictly need to stick to EE employment opportunities only? Please update me as soon as possible…..Thanks in regards

  42. Mayank Agrawal

    I am pursuing computer science from bits pilani hyderabad campus.

    Is it possible to convert C.S. to Aerospace .

    What are the prerequisites courses that i should have for the above conversion?

    How to get these courses done?

    Which foreign universities allow these shifting?

    1. administrator

      Mayank Agrawal,
      You can pursue any major of your choice in almost all of the schools. The key thing to remember is that you will be asked to some pre-requisites for the same depending on your background and your previous experience with the subject. These courses vary by school and it is always advisable to do them based on the school’s recommendation. You can apply to any school…Make sure you articulate why you want to change majors in the Statement of Purpose that you send with application.

  43. Triveni k

    I finished my btech in computer science recently. I want to do MS in USA. But I don’t want to go coading side. Can you pls suggest which courses are available other than coading?

    1. administrator

      Triveni k,
      I am assuming you meant coding…Anyways, You need to first know what you like, take time to think about what you like and where you see yourself in next 10 years…then based on that you can pick up something that will help you get there.

  44. Malkeet kumar

    Dear sir
    I hv done 3 yrs diploma in mech.engg.after 2002.I ‘ve completed my graduate in 2011 in art.I hv total 10 yrs workshop supervisor in truck repair workshops. Now I want to do master study in USA. Now i m 37 yrs old.plz guide me.

    1. administrator

      Malkeet Kumar,
      You will need to take standard tests like GRE and TOEL to apply to US schools. You will need to follow the process described by each of the schools as it varies a lot by school, I suggest you check the school’s websites to get some idea.

      1. Imran Ahmed

        Dear sir,
        I have persued biochemical engineering..but my interest is in automobile it possible to do ms in automobile engineering aftet btech in biochemical engineering..if yes then which universities accepts this conversion mainly of usa and germany.

        1. administrator

          Imran Ahmed,
          Yes, you can. Typically, most of the universities that offer your program should accept the change. You will need to have strong SOP on why you want to do it and you will be asked to do some pre-requisites for the same.

  45. Shashank

    I have 5 years of experience in Software Testing(including exposure to java programming in Automation). I graduated from Electronics and Communications branch in 2010. I want to switch my profile and want to work in US in the field of Aerospace/Astronautical Engineering(no experience in this field) by pursuing MS in this field. I have a couple of questions which I am listing below:

    1. Is it even possible?
    2. From my initial research, I found that it may be the case I will get tenure of MS completed before I can actually go through advanced courses in the stream as I do not have Astronautical background. Is it true?
    3. Is it possible to extend MS course by a few months to go through all the advanced courses?
    4. I heard there is a lot of security clearance related constraints because of which international students do not get jobs in US. Is it true?
    5. If I can get enrolled to such a course and complete my degree, will my previous experience be considered while offering jobs in any way?
    6. How should I go ahead to narrow down the universities/schools for the said courses?

    1. administrator

      1. Yes, it is possible.
      2. Yes, you need to do some pre-requisite courses.
      3. You can extend as long as you want and do as many courses as you want. You can plan all of this with your academic advisor after you start program.
      4. Well, it depends on the kind of company…usually as it is national security related, there are extra checks in place and some restrictions on some roles in Govt sector in US.
      5. First you need to identify the schools, then look at average scores to get admission on GRE and TOEFL and plan accoringly.

      It will take some serious planning and execution to accomplish your dream. You need to plan to do all pre-requisites and then try to get an internship in summer so that you can offset the work experience issue in that area. Then finally plan on how to get job after graduation. All these are quite possible, but you need to plan ahead and execute with passion. it is not an easy path, but if you have the passion you can do it. Also, you need to be aware of the H1B Lottery situation after graduation as well.

  46. Manoj

    Hello sir,

    I am a civil engineering student, just completed my third year. My parents chose civil engineering for me. I always wanted to study CS . can i pursue CS in MS. What do i need to do inorder to get eligible for that. I don’t know much about CS but it is my dream. My relatives are saying that i am just saying CS just because i am using smartphones,computers, Playing games. I want to prove them wrong. Please help me realize my dream. Another thing what are the options for a civil MS in india, because i heard that civil engineering in india is according indian standard codes. So, if we pursue ms in civil ,will it be useless in india?

    1. administrator

      You can do CS in MS. There is nothing specific you need to do, you will need to apply to CS Degree admission. You can mention your reason and why you want to switch to CS in your SOP. I do not know the prospects of civil and cannot answer.

      1. SR

        Hi Saurabh,

        I applied my H1b for this year and my application got picked up in lottery, waiting for my next approval (i-797). I’m currently working in india (MNC) and i was on L1B stayed in us close to 11 months. Question, my education is BSC (Physics) regular from india and i do have MBA in Project Management through distance education. I also submitted my education evaluation document which was done at the time of L1 visa BSC (Physics) + 7 years of experience at that time in 2013.
        is there any issue do you see that USCIS issue RFE w.r.t my distance education for MBA (distance education)?
        please let me know. i’m kind of worried of RFE.

        Awaiting for your reply.


        1. administrator


          If education evaluation doc was submitted w/ H-1 petition, then I don’t think USCIS will issue RFE related to it. I assume your attorney would have explained how you qualify for H-1 by using combination of education and experience.

          There can still be RFE due to other reasons.

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