Can you Apply to different Specialization or Major for MS in USA? Change Majors ?

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When I was planning to pursue MS in USA, I used to talk to many people. The most common advice that I used to get was “your Bachelor’s degree ( B.Tech/ BE) is in Computer Sciences, so just apply for MS in Computer Sciences.” I was naïve at that time and never gave it second thought. The reason is that in country like India, your specialization or major is decided at a very early stage of your career after you pass 10th or 12th grade. I was under the same impression that if I have in Comp Sciences, then I can only go for MS in Comp Sciences. But, my perception was wrong !  Education system in America works differently. To get an idea of some the differences check this Education in USA vs. India . Coming back to changing majors or specializations, Here are some of the very common questions.

  • I have B.Tech in ECE (electronics & Comm. Engg.  ), can I apply to MS in Computer Sciences ?
  • I have B.E in Civil Engineering, Can I apply to MS in Electrical Engineering ?
  • I have Bachelors in English, Can I apply to MS in Robotics ?
  • I have in Mechanical engineering, Can I apply to MS in Marketing ?

Many such questions.  If you are in such dilemma or do not know how it works with changing majors read along.

How does Specialization,  Majors work in USA ?  Can you change it in Masters  ?

In America, education institutions recognize your degree’s major or specialization based on the number of credits or courses  that you have taken in a specific subject area. If you want a Major in a specific field, say Electrical Engineering, after you are done with basic courses,  you will be required to take certain number of credits in that subject area. Once you complete so many credits, you get major in that field and your bachelor’s degree would state that. You can have two majors or as many as you want, all you need to do is take extra courses and get credits…If you have done Major in Biology and did not like it, you can get another major in Computer sciences, all you need to do is take extra courses and get enough credits.  I have had friends with double major of both Biology and Computer Sciences in Bachelor’s degree.

Now, let’s look at how that works for Masters in US…

Can you apply to different Major or specialization for MS in USA   ?

Yes, you can apply for different major or specialization, when you apply for Masters admission in US.  Because of the open education system in USA, you are free to apply for any specialization or major as you wish. You would need to articulate in your Statement of Purpose(SOP), when you apply for MS, why you decided to pursue a different major. 

For instance, let’s say, you have a in Computer Sciences and you want to apply for MS in Finance, you can do that. It is same for other degrees as well.  Your admission decision is not based on your Major or specialization in Bachelors. It will depend on your academic excellence and standardized test scores like GRE and TOEFL. You can watch below 2 min video as well on this topic.

How does pre-requisites work for my new degree without having any background ?

If you get admission for Masters in different major or specialization than your bachelors degree, then the school will include in your admission letter all the pre-requisite courses that you need to do for the Masters program.  The prerequisites are mandatory as you are switching majors and getting acquainted with a new specialization.  So, all your basics and foundations of any major or specialization are covered with pre-requisites and you can pursue your dream education ! 

The pre-requisites are done after you arrive in US and join the school for Masters program. You do not have to do it in your home country. In fact, when I did my MBA, I had to take many pre-requisites like Foundations of Marketing, Finance, and Accounting before I could start the MBA courses, because my degree was in Computer Sciences.

Check out How to change Majors in MS after admission  and arrival in USA

What was your experience ? Did you change Majors ?


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Comments ( 303 )

  1. Dev

    Hi I’m Dev,
    I’m Doing Master’s in Fashion Management 1st yr 1st sem. Due to some reasons, i would like to change my branch to Master’s in Project Management. So, Branch swapping option is there in Master’s Degree?
    Is it possible to change in second year and get Master’s in Project Management as Final Degree?

  2. abdul razzaq

    Hi sir,
    i am currently pursuing civil engineering from bits pilani,and i want to do MS in CS or EEE i mean courses in which both are interrelated ,so is there any chance to do that and how should i pursue it because i am very much intrested in that,and
    pre-requisites are to be done after the admission right?

    1. administrator

      yes, you can do that. There is no restriction as such. The thing is you need apply to schools for the course or degree you like, they will give you the admission and tell pre-requisites, you need to put in a compelling SOP for the same. Yes, it is after admission.

    2. Marupalli Komal

      Hi sir.
      I’m pursuing my btech in mechanical branch and I’m planning to do my masters in electronics and communication branch .. can I opt my branch from mechanical to electronics ?

  3. Mrugank Asalpara

    I am currently a student from india pursuing Mechanical Engineering and currently i am in my 2nd year of engineering and i am planning to do my MS in Computer Science so , i was wondering what are the pre-requisite to apply for the same , also do suggest me which country/university are my best chances.

    1. administrator

      There is no pre-requisite to apply, there are pre-requisites for you to take after you get admission. When you apply, you only indicate your degree of choice and why want to pursue it in Statement of Purpose.

  4. Vaishali Singh

    Hi, i am planning to go for masters in data science program in canada and i did my graduation in CSE. I got overall 6.5 in IELTS (L-7, R-6, W-6.5, S-6.5) and GRE score-310. In my graduation i scored 83.9% and i have also made many projects related to artificial intelligence and data science plus i also have 5-month experience in same. Will my IELTS score affect my admission process or not? Or I want to switch to ECE program with specialisation in AI. Will that be possible?

    1. administrator

      Vaishali Singh,
      You should pursue something that you are passionate about. I do not think you should have the mindset of changing majors, if you cannot get in…..In the long run, going for Masters, I suggest you think in the long term and do what you like… All the admission decision depends on many factors and not just the scores…

  5. Akshath

    I am an aerospace graduate student. Now I am planning do masters in industrial automation. I would like to know whether it is good decision or not. someone please help me.

    1. administrator

      Good or bad is relative to what you want to do and what is your passion. If you are passionate about it and see yourself working in that field, then go for it…You need to have clear idea on what you want…take time to discuss with someone studying in that field or do online research.


    Hi I know it is a difficult question for you to answer i am from civil engineering I got admit in mis management in information systems in us if I change my stream now in my masters there is a roomers going on if it is completely irrelevant from your bachelors then while applying to h1b we will face rejections is it true or not will they look at our bachelors and masters and job role all together or will it be fine if I do in mis and working in it sector will I face any rejections

    1. administrator

      They look at it in totality of the application for H1B, your experience and education….for example, if you study in Mechanical and work in Computer Science related job, you need to justify that, this is where education plays a role. It is not a rumor, it is a fact. Now, coming your situation, it depends on what you want to do after MS…if you plan to work in MIS or CS related area, then you need education supporting that…If you have experience and MS supporting the same, it will help…alternatively, if you want to work in Civil, you should stick with the same degree…

  7. Ganesh

    I have completed my B.E in AERONAUTICS and I have dedicated one year for Computer courses like WEB DEVELOPMENT which involved FRONT END AND FULL-STACK developing, as I did not get into any IT jobs in INDIA. I want to pursue my MS in Computer Science which I realized this was my field of interest after finishing my bachelor’s. Is it possible for me? to switch and get admission in the USA , considering I have a prettty good score above average in GRE AND TOEFL. Please write me back.

    1. administrator

      Yes, you can for sure get admission in the field of your interest. Have a good Statement of Purpose indicating your passion for Computer science and your experience regarding the same, you should be able to get.

  8. Janish


    I have done ME in Computer Engineering in India. Can I do MS in Data Science in USA? Will it be treated as same Major as both are related to computers?

    1. administrator

      Well, the names are used differently in different country. I suggest you review the programs of both and then decide. In anycase, you can change majors as needed. You will need to justify in SOP on your decision to do another masters, etc.

  9. Saurabh


    First of all, thanks for providing such wonderful info.
    Query- I completed my bachelors of engineering in E&TC engineering(with distinction) and having 2 years of experience in well know MNC IT company(done lots of computer programming). I am planning for fall 20 admissions for MS in computer science and preparing for GRE exams, will I face any difficulties while applying for admit (because of changing of stream)? Do I need to do any computer science related course in parallel?

    1. administrator

      No, you will not face any difficulty, it is pretty common to change the stream. You have a compelling case that you are working in IT and you are passionate about it, so you should be fine. Make sure you communicate that in your statement of purpose the same info. No need to do anything. You are already doing a lot of it at work, communicate the same in SOP and other communication.

      1. Spandan

        I am pursuing btech 3rd year student in computer science engineering from a nit ,India.But I love space science and aerospace and it was my passion.however ,I couldn’t fulfil my passion. Now can I do MS in aerospace studies in reputed foreign universities though I have not studied Aerospace engineering.please give me a helpful answer

        1. administrator

          You can for it, if you are passionate about it and can do well in the required tests for admission. You do not need to have the same background degree, you can apply for different specialization, so go for it.

        1. administrator

          You can do that in Undergrad with multiple majors. If you really want to study, you can study for sure, you may or may not get it on the degree, that all depends on the school. Check with the school you plan to apply.

  10. Nusayer

    If I change my major after graduation to CS ,do I have to complete prerequisite courses within First semester with other core courses?Will I be able complete ms in 2 years then?I am confused about how will the courses be distributed.

  11. Rohan

    Please read my 1st comment that I have posted if you are not aware of my situation.

    Thank you so much !! You can’t imagine how much you have helped me. I can also pay you for your advice but I need a honest help from you end . Moving to US is not an option at the moment .

    One last thing . So will just focusing on my current major (Civil Engineering) and doing minors + online courses (certificate) be enough to get into elite US universities i.e., Stanford, CMU, UCB etc. for CS masters .

    So I don’t need no LOR’s, publications, research experience and Internships to switch to CS for my masters ??

    I am willing to take an extra year after graduation to build my profile for CS admission( This is the last option I want to keep if things don’t go as planned ). But I really don’t want to spend an extra year .

    Please think and provide a genuine advice . I have 2.5 years in hand . I am determinant to work like hell . Your words will shape my career .

    Thank you once again .

  12. Rohan

    Hey Kumar ! I would be grateful if you could give your advice.

    I had opted for Civil Engineering because I had got into a great university. But I always loved computer science and loved AI since I was in high school . As it turns out I am having nightmares studying in Civil and have no passion for it . I don’t feel like touching the books at all. And I am unable to change my branch . I have 2.5 years left to graduate . Also I’m studying in India where it is very hard to change your branch after 1st year of engineering .

    I am currently taking Minor courses in CS and working very hard on my own and putting a lot of efforts in learning CS from home .

    So my question is do I have to publish papers , do Internships , research in CS in my undergrad or should I just do minors ?? I want to do Masters in CS from a college in USA . Do I need research experience in CS to do Masters in CS ??

    I am confused what do I do ?? How do I build my profile to study Masters in CS while studying Civil at the same time . I am willing to work very hard .

    Kindly provide me the details of what I should do so that I can switch from Civil Engineering to Computer science .

    Thank you so much in advance .

    1. administrator

      Don’t worry about it much now. You continue to take your minor in CS…research papers are not really needed for Change to CS. For now, the best thing to do is focus on your current degree and complete with Good GPA. You can always have a good Statement of Purpose or Essay that explains your passion for the same. If you have time, try to do online courses on Coursera or Udacity with certification and submit them with the application to indicate your passion for CS and your thought to switch branch in Masters. Other option is, check if there is an option to transfer your credits and continue in US for CS in Undergrad. Some schools have provision, where you can transfer your credits done so far and move to US for Undergrad, there you can do CS as needed…If moving now to US, is not an option, just focus on your current things and some additional coursework online to build up your profile.

  13. gm

    Are the pre-requisities notified by the university after acceptance need to be certified??
    if so, can you suggest any exams or courses needed to get my certification within the available duration before admission day??

  14. gm

    hello!I pursued my btech in ECE(electronics and communication engineering) ,Now i want to do master’s in Genetic engineering. I read your replies to others…what if the universities ask for Recommendation letters during the application process? I do not have any study background in core biology ,except for biology i studied till my 10th standard. where do i get recommendation from?? are recos from my engineering college professors acceptable??

    1. administrator

      Recommendation does not need to tell about your expertise in Genetic Engineering, you can get recommendations from your professors in Engineering college.

    1. administrator

      It depends on the school and what they look for, as long you get the admission. In general, it should be possible. You can write to the school that you are interested in.

      1. Geetanjali Gote

        Hi My daughter is a EN& TC engineer. She wants to do MS in Data Science
        Is it possible for her to do MS in Data science
        What’s the requirements about that pl tell me

        1. administrator

          Yes, she can do it. The requirements are pretty same as applying to normal data science degree. The University will give the pre-requisites that she needs to take after the admission.

  15. prasannakumar

    Dear sir,

    I am prasanna kumar .Done my graduation in chemical engineering .Currently I am working as process engineer in Amaron batteries .I want to purse the MS in data science engineering in USA.Will i get admission there?

    1. administrator

      You can get admission, if you meet their requirements and have a good profile. You maybe required to take tests like GRE, TOEFL, etc. and then apply. You will very likely be asked to do some pre-requisites as your background is different after joining the school. Check with few schools on the requirements.

  16. Sailaja

    I am currently pursuing my btech in computer science engg. I wanted to change my majors from engg to Ms in clinical reasearch. Please tell me sir will that be possible . Because many students might just change their subjects in engg itself while doing masters but is it possible to change the majors from Engg to health Sciences.

    1. administrator

      It is possible. But, you will be asked to do many foundation courses to get the foundation by the school before you begin your MS in Clinical Research. As long as you are fine with it, you should be fine. Also, you need a good SOP to state the reason for change.

      1. Sailaja

        Thanku sir. Do u have any idea how ling would the foundation courses be for . Like how will it take to conplete my msc in clinical research along with the foundation courses

        1. Sailaja

          Sir i meant do you have any idea how long will it take to complete the msc course in clinical research along with the foundation courses. Like how much extra time does it take to finish the foundation course
          ( sorry for the mistakes in the before query)

          1. Sailaja

            Sir apart from the Sop , what are the other extra things that i will need inorder to increases my chances of admission into the msc course. Like since its a change in major , what extra things should i have to make my chance of getting addmission stronger

        2. administrator

          It varies by school, you should check with school you plan to apply, I would not be able to tell. Nothing more, be truthful and tell the reason. All the school want to know, why you want to change…Rest of the things like academics, good scores in GRE, etc always common for admissions. You should check with schools you plan to apply on this.

  17. shree

    hii i have a unique doubt i have got MS admit(received i20 also) but i want to change it to MBA…but i want the same ‘major’ .there is no change in major ,the only change is from MS to MBA in the same b school.will get affect all my process like i20 n all??n NOTE i have gmat only(got admit for MS with gmat).

    1. administrator

      I am not sure how you get same major in MBA…you usually only have emphasis in MBA. Anyways, you can check with the school and get New I20, if they offer you admission. In general, they will ask you to apply again for MBA as it is a different program and needs different application.

  18. parikshit mishra

    i have a btech in electrical and electronics engineering and i want to pursue my ms in data science. i have 6 months experience in IT firm and i am working on big data. all my projects prior to joining work were in electrical engineering domain. the interest for data science grew only after i started working. so my question is:
    how do i do the pre-requisite courses? will courses like coursera count?

    1. administrator

      The pre-requisites are usually given by the university that gives you admission and they will tell you where to take those. They are usually done in the same university where you will get admission. No need to worry about those details now.

  19. Haadi Farooq


    I have a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical And Electronics and have a 4 years experience some of which includes Automotive electronics, VLSI and Electronics Design Automation. But I have always felt that something was missing which is due to the fact that I wanted to pursue B-Tech in Automobile, but due to some unfortunate reasons I could not. But I have pretty good knowledge of automotive systems, particularly about Internal Combustion Engines. I want to pursue MS in Automotive Systems from any good college which is in close proximity to Automotive hubs across the world for eg University of Michigan or IUPUS etc. I DO NOT want to pursue MS in Automotive Electronics. I know that I am required to have completed certain credits in Automotive systems before applying for MS, which I don’t have. Now my question is this, Is it possible to do any Foundations courses that will ensure that I am eligible for MS in Automotive Systems in US or Germany (I am targeting these two countries as they have a very rich Automotive history a booming industry and good job prospects).

    Please help me regarding this. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance.

    With Warm Regards,
    Haadi Farooq.

  20. Yashwanth T

    Hello, I had complete my bachelor’s in civil engineering. But my designation is software engineer. All my resume is build with coding related work experience. Can I apply for Ms in computer science?


    Hi I am from BE civil with 70 percent Can I get a admission in Computer Science for masters and what are my chances of getting into top 50 universities in USA and cannada

  22. Sukriti Das

    Informative article. My doubt is little off the topic but have a link with the topic. Could you please let me know what details do we need to include in our SOP when there is such change in major. I have gone through a lot of SOP writing tips and everywhere it has asked to mention the subjects we have gone through and the final year project we did in Bachelors however my aspiring domain for MS is totally different than what I read in college. Do i still need to mention these details and how descriptive they have to be. Please help me with the query.

    1. administrator

      SOP is very personal and it should reflect your true purpose and view on why you want to do MS. Many try to just read others and re-use the content, but it is not the recommended approach. State your reason candidly in the SOP, it should be fine. Authenticity of your application would be reflected in SOP !

  23. Aryan

    I am graduate in Information technology but would like to pursue MS in mechanical (preferrably) or mechatronics. Is it possible to switch from IT to mechanical?

    1. administrator

      Yes, you can do that. You will be asked to take prerequisite courses. This varies by school and you will need to check with school you plan to apply to.

  24. Rocky


    I am from commerce background and I want to get into STEM programs as I have 8 years exp in IT sales and marketing , my graduation is Bcom and I have done my PGDBM in Marketing & Finance. Will i be eligible to apply for the IT management courses and work in IT related job?

  25. Anirudh

    Sir, I completed my engineering right now but I got year back so finally I finished in 5years, pls let me know is it possible to take MS ?

  26. Ayush Shukla

    have done my bachelors in ece engineering and got admission in university of toronto, university of british columbia and montreal, all top 50 in world montreal is 120th, but now I’m concerned about getting my visa as few friends told me that you are changing your field so getting visa will be quite tough, please help me as i’m worried, IELTS SCORE IS LISTENING-7.5, READING- 7.0, WRITING AND SPEAKING BOTH 7.0 , OVERALL SCORE 7.0 , MY FINAL YEAR CGPA -7.7 BUT OVERALL CGPA IS 6.3

  27. J.Bharath

    Currently I am pursuing B tech in Civil Engineering , but after coming to college I found out that my passion is in Computer Science and like in most colleges in India I cannot change my major,so I want to pursue MS in CS in The US. I understand that I can apply for it, but I did not understand how to prove my credentials(i.e. My knowledge in Computer Science). Can you help me in this regard?

  28. Tanay Kulkarni

    Can i pursue a masters in computer science after completing a bsc in IT + MCA/1yr msc in IT since education requirement of the US is 16 years?

  29. Mounica

    Can you please help with a good sop? Undergraduate in chemical engineering with 61.2% had backlogs but now i want to shift to computer science for masters.

  30. Himanshu

    I have done bachelors in chemical engineering but now i want to apply for MS in computer science in US.
    Will i be eligible for the same scholarships that a student from bachelors of computer science background will be ??

    1. administrator

      Yes, you can. Yes, you should be eligible. Scholarships always vary by school and the type of the scholarship, so you should always check the school.

  31. Rohan Banerjee

    Hello, I am currently pursuing a B.Tech in aerospace engineering and I want to switch my masters to CS. I have decent knowledge of CS and am doing some online courses on Coursera and edx. The prerequisite courses confuse me.
    1) Do I need to have all the prerequisite courses completed at the time of applying to the universities or is it after acceptance, when they will list down their specific list of prerequisite courses to be completed?
    2) Where do I do these prerequisite courses from? Most people are saying that online free courses aren’t very credible. So do the universities themselves offer these courses before continuing to the core subjects or am I supposed to complete these courses before joining the university? And if it is the latter, where do I complete the courses from?

    1. administrator

      1. The university that you get admission from will list down all the pre-requisites that you need to do. You do not need to worry about it, when you apply for the admission.
      2. You will very likely be asked to do the prerequisites from the same school that you plan to study/ the one that gave you admission. Sometimes, they will give you alternatives as well, if needed. You do not have to worry about all these at this point, when you are applying. Just ensure you have a good SOP on why you want to pursue CS over aerospace.

  32. Pavan


    I am a software engineer and would like to pursue an MS in automotive Engineering.

    What would be the duration of a prerequisite course? Is this part of the two years program ?


  33. Suraj

    Hello sir,
    I am working as an IAS officer in India
    I had done btech in computer science now i want to take study leave and go for masters in US but Indian government allows me to take study leave only once for 2 years but i wanted to do both, masters in computer science and MBA simultaneously . Is it possible that i can do both at the same time within 2 years ? Awaiting for your reply

  34. Vivekanand Chirputkar

    I am doing Btech in Chemical Engineering. Can I do my MS in Mechanical Engineering ? If yes what are the additional courses that I will have to do related to Mechanical Engineering ?

    1. administrator

      Yes, you can. It depends on the school you plan to apply. Usually the school that gives you admission will also indicate the pre-requisites that you will need to do.

  35. Abhinav chhabra

    Bro i am in final year of btech aeronautical and now after btech i want to pursue masters in computer science from canada. I have a low cgpa 5.75/10 in 7th semester. Can u tell me what should i do in order to get admission in some good college for masters. Plz help me yaar m so depressed due to this bro.


      1. Reshma

        I think I’m a bit late for this post. I did my btech in ece. After a year gap I did m.e in Vlsi design, which I regret now. It’s been 2 yrs I completed my m.e. Now I wanna do masters in biomedical in USA. I’m a bit in dilemma, coz wheather they accept me or not. Is there any previous requisite course needed before having admission. I have took Computer Science in 12th. If possible could you please reply.
        Thank you

        1. administrator

          They will accept you…Yes, they will give you pre-requisites when you actually apply and start the school. You need to articulate your reason for change and passion in your statement of purpose, so that they can give you admission. Go ahead and apply, if you are passionate about it.

  36. Akash soni

    I had done my btech in Electronics but due to Interest in the field of biology I took up a mtech in biomedical. Due to the bad market and lack of demand for this field, I am trying to get back to IT. Also I am planning to do a 2nd masters more related to information science. Also my cgpa in bachelors isn’t that great. Can you give some advise here

  37. Yase

    I am pursuing B-Tech in Computer Science and Engineering but after graduation, I wish to do Masters in Filmography and Television, is it possible to do Masters in it? Will it be difficult to cope up as it is different from CSE? How much will it cost? Which university is good as well as cheap?

  38. Piyusha

    I am a student of electronics and communication engineering and got placed in IT company. My cgpa is 7 and gre score is 320. Will working for 2 years in an IT company be relevant and helpful in getting good universities if I want to do MS in electronics side or should i just go for 1 year of work experience?

    1. administrator

      I cannot really speak for admission chances as it vary by school and also the requirements vary. You need to look at the average scores of the schools you plan to apply to have an understanding. Yes, your experience should help, when you apply to have a better SOP. Experience does not really matters as you will be doing MS and not MBA.

  39. Ashwin

    Hi Kumar,
    I have a bachelors degree in mechatronics engineering(SRM University) and a work experience in an IT firm for around 18 months.I want to do my masters in Computer Science or Networking in the US. How should I apply for this ?

    1. administrator

      It is quite straightforward, you look for schools, look at their requirements and apply. You will need to take GRE and TOEFL, if you want to get into decent schools. Check at the school’s website you plan to apply, it should be well documented.

      1. Ashwin

        Thanks Kumar.
        I am taking GRE in February and I just wanted to know my probability of getting admits in CS since i’m not from that background. My only CS thing in my profile is my work experience which is under 2 years.

        1. administrator

          You should be have equal chances like anyone else without a CS background. You need a strong SOP on your compelling reason to switch to increase your chances. Getting good GRE and TOEFL scores will always help. Yes, that work experience is good and you can use that to position yourself well for the admission.

  40. Simran

    I am Btech graduate in electronics and communication.
    I want to change my field ti theatre-acting to pursue my masters in the US.
    What all I have to do to get selected in the top universities?

  41. Balaji

    Hi Kumar,
    in short U.G in mech, want to do my Ms in CS. i have decided Canada is way cheaper than U.S. Or is my perception wrong? Can i get quality education in the U.S for the same cost? my spending cap is around 10 to 15 lakh INR(for both the years).

    1. administrator

      Well, I cannot speak for Canada…I would assume both would be about same cost, you should check few schools to get some idea. Quality is quite relative…you have Harvard in US, also you have some of the schools that are run out of no where…so, it all depends on the school…the structure is good most of the decent schools. You can read MS Education in US vs India . I am not familiar with canada. Again, your total cost depends on the school and there is no fixed estimate. Read cost of MS in US

  42. ronak

    hy .hi.
    .. I’ve completed my b.e in mechanical engineering and planning to do masters in computer science. so is that possible? is that possible in Canada too? or this can only done in usa?

    1. administrator

      Yes, you can. It should be possible in Canada too, as the system is pretty similar. If you want to confirmation for Canada, you can write to specific schools to get the confirmation.

      1. dinesh

        I have done my in civil engineering and now I am thinking to complete MS in cse. How much tough it’s going to be for me having no previous knowledge in cse .

        1. administrator

          It is not going to be tough, make sure you take the pre-requisites so that you are prepared and can handle the new courses. many do this and it will be fine…Just need to put in some extra hours to study.

  43. Rohit Paudel


    I am planning to do Bachelor’s degree from US. I wounder if I could apply for Robotics related field for MS right there in US? If yes will it be possible to join Robotics engineering in MS?

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