8 Reasons to plan study MS in USA 2 years before graduating BTech BS

8 Reasons to plan ahead to Study in USA as International Student ?

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One of the things that I have noticed with international students is NOT planning ahead of time. Students decide to study MS or MBA in US in the eleventh hour and say I do not have time. They start googling “ How to prepare for GRE in 1 monthHow to prepare for GRE in 15 days ? One month or Two months”. You can see the adjacent screenshot as google suggests the most commonly asked questions. Let’s face it, do you think you can really prepare for GRE in 15 days ? You are not trying to cram a bunch of words and vomit in the GRE test. I am just giving an instance of GRE, there are so many things. Let me share some of my thoughts and key reasons to plan ahead.

Why Should you plan 2 years before graduating from B.S or B.tech to Study in US ?

Many students are not sure what they want to do until final year of Graduation, they tend to rush at everything. The chances are some succeed and some fail…there is very less margin for error. Here are the top 8 reasons to plan before 2 years.

  1. Passport Name issues : Many students underestimate the issues of mistakes of names in Passport. Though it seems minor, it is important to apply ahead of time. If you do at last minute and you get mistakes, you cannot even book GRE date.  It just creates more pressure on you. Read Apply for Passport, Issues
  2. Preparing for GRE / TOEFL : GRE is not about cramming bunch of words…It is about learning English language, learning good vocabulary that can help your ability to read complex subject and get the gist of it. The whole point of GRE is to make sure you have the abilities for Graduate school life and career. If you start late, you have no idea what to do and you just Google, some survive…but not the optimal choice. Same is the case with TOEFL, listening skills, language, etc. You need time. The sooner you realize, the more time you have to digest the things and learn good things.
  3. Preparing for Statement of Purpose(SOP): Significant number of students do not spend time on writing SOP. They do not realize the importance of SOP. You need to have goals for studying MS or MBA. Take time to review your goals and then write SOP. If you do not have time, you write a bad SOP or copy it, which is NOT good and you can even be denied admission for plagiarism.  Read: What is SOP ?  Importance and  Why NOT to Copy SOP
  4. Research About Grad Schools in US : This is probably the most important part.  If you do decide to study in US in the last minute, the chances are you do not have time to look up schools, their programs, life at school and interact with current students and ask their opinion, funding, etc. The chances are you either go to education consultants or seek advice from someone, which may or not may be the best idea…So, early decision and planning will give you sufficient time for researching schools and validating others opinion.
  5. Funding like TA, RA, GA or Scholarships: If you decide and apply in the last minute, you do not have time to communicate with professors for funding your Masters. You may miss the Scholarship deadlines…if you can plan ahead, you know whom to contact and when to apply to reap the benefits. Read  : How to Email Professors  for Funding and  Scholarship Deadlines
  6. Recommendations, Transcripts, Bank Statement : Many of the students underestimate the time it takes to get transcripts, recommendations and Bank statements as proof of funds for education. You need to plan for these things ahead of time…You cannot do these things in last minute.  If it is a small University and you have full knowledge of system, you may get away, but most of the times you need time for these things.
  7. Re-take GRE, TOFEL- NOT good scores : Sometimes, you may not do very well during first attempt and you may need to re-take tests like GRE and TOEFL. You cannot do this if you do it at last minute…I have seen students waste one year just because they did not had time to re-take the test. Remember, this is very critical piece of your application for admission and funding decisions. You should give some buffer time to retake test if needed.
  8. Unforeseen Issues : All of us hope to get everything done without having any issues….but unfortunately, in real world, it does not work that way…some things are unavoidable…your application process can be impacted by many things like issues in family, your health issues…anything that is unforeseen, you need some buffer time or backup time to deal with these.

Recommendations for Planning to Study MS or MBA in US :

  • Take some time, when you are two years away from graduating from B.tech or B.S, and decide what direction you want to go in your life.
  • Put everything on paper, your goals, vision, what you want to do.
  • Seek a Mentor. Ask your seniors, friends, family, cousins, and professors for advice. Talking to someone about your thoughts is the best idea.
  • Formulate a rough plan and think through it, share it with family, friends and seek their advice

The reality is, everyone will support you if you tell then what you want to do in career. It is best for you to have a good plan rather than rushing in last minute and betting on something like lottery.

Read Plan to Study MS in US from First Year B.Tech to Final Year 

Do you think planning 2 years ahead of time is important ? Should it be 3 years ?

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Comments ( 61 )

  1. Abhijeet Khandekar

    Hello Sir,
    I am a second year graduate student in India, I would like to pursue M.S from a decent university in the US. How should I plan my journey?
    What other things apart from my grads at engineering are essential?

  2. Sai shanmukh

    Sir, I am reading your posts they help me a lot. Helping the youth to know about the difficulties that we face by. Sharing your experiences. I want you to write a post which tells the which are best to go to or which of them will be worth of applying

  3. Nikita

    Currently I am working in good mnc company in networking field and I am having 2 years of experience. I want to do MS in vlsi field from usa. so, will this experience count in vlsi field to get job after MS? Is it worth to do MS in vlsi field?
    Please suggest your answer.

  4. Ashwath

    Hi…I am working in IT company for 8 months..did my b.tech in eee and now intrested in doing MS in eee..I am an average student with 10th-90 % 12th-94.33% and in b.tech-7.72…..Surely if i go for ms i ll invest around 20 lacs…my fear is that what if i am not landing up with any jobs…it will be a worst nightmare right…is getting a job after doing ms in eee so difficult?

    1. administrator

      It can be tricky decision. There is never any gurantee in life about getting job, you need to work for it and get it. There are some issues like the H1B lottery and luck factors you need to consider. If you are really passionate about higher education in US and would like to learn and experience, I suggest you go for it…but, if you are just looking to go to America, then I suggest you think twice. Read Apply for MS with H1B lottery

  5. Shubhra Sinha


    Although I’m not a graduate student and working as a java professional. I want to pursue the MS from US to open up new possibilities for myself globally and want to start afresh from the best companies.
    My finances are not yet so strong as I’m having a home loan and other responsibilities which my spouse is now ready to take off. In start of my job I invested some 15 lacs so that I can pursue my dream of higher studies which is now of worth 25 lacs.
    Could you please suggest me whether I should go for MS in CS or data science? I don’t have any experience in data science yet but my friends from US I came to know its quite in demand. Also, please suggest me some universities which are best in these streams and economical as well.

    Seeking for you guidance.

    1. administrator

      Shubhra Sinha,
      While studying in US gives you good options, honestly, it is not as rosy as it sounds, unless you really pick up a good school and in the right place to make the transition. It is all about getting your internship, getting some experience and then taking it further. Also, you need to be aware of the H1B lottery situation. I truly believe that higher education should be adding value to your career goal or should be driven by passion for higher education. Studying is significant investment of time and money and I suggest you take time to think about everything…Also, you should pursue something that you are passionate about, rather than picking something that is hot in the market today.. We do not advise on schools here, take time to think about everything and make an informed decision.


    hello sir,
    I am doing my BE final yr and m interestd to do my masters in US..can u plz tel me how ll i able to know d dates of examination for GRE, TOEFL n wat n al should be prepared by me? is it too late for me to apply for MS? ll i be able to attend the exam this yr?

        1. administrator

          It totally varies by school. But most good schools require both. You need to check ETS website for the latest fee. I suggest you write in proper English when you communicate or ask anything, we cannot get what you want…

  7. Deepak

    Hy kumar,

    It is very good article. It is clear all my doubts for MS. Just now I was completed my 5th sem and enters in 6th sem of B.Tech and today only I have decided to do MS in US and I am little confused is it time for MS or I am late for taking decision. Plz guide me Can I will crack exam or not. Hope so fast reply.

    1. administrator

      No, you are not late. You have taken the decision at right time. Just you need to prepare a little hard for and spend more time for GRE and TOEFL. In fact, it is very common for students to start thinking about career around this time… Read Study in US plan from B.tech first year to Final year for full details, follow the plan, just need to squeeze some steps of first and second year’s.

  8. Srinivas

    Hello! Am doing my BE…3rd year!
    I don’t know about MS…
    Can u plz tell me about MS..
    To which carrier it take us..
    Can I do MS.. Guide us?

  9. sarvan Choudhary

    I’m complete my Bsc in mathematics from Rajasthan university in 3 yr….
    so can I paripair for ms??
    plzz..give me some advise…

  10. ram

    Hii sir iam completed b.tech recently iam going to us to porpus of Ms soo pls instructions wch university best and how to apply the scholarships

  11. Abinash

    i completed my grad in engineering from IIT kgp in Mechanical engineering and working in a MNC corporate and have professional experience about 1 year. i wanted to do something new and go to research line. please send information’s about gre

  12. Bhannu


    I am Harshini. I completed B.Tech in 2009. Had work experience in IT company from 6 years. I am married. I wanted to do M.S. Am I eligible for it. My Spouse and children can come with me as dependents. Please guide me.

  13. Rj M

    Dear sir/mam , i completed my B-tech and I ll ve soon joining GRE classes. I needed to know top universities for software engineering in us and scholarships. Kindly let me know soon.
    please ad\/ice !

  14. rashmi

    I’m in 2nd year. information science. I ll ve soon joining GRE classes. I needed to know top universties for software engineering in us and scholarships. Kindly let me know soon. Thank you.

  15. sai madhur

    guys, I am going to apply for MBA admissions in USA. I want to know which specialization in MBA has bright future and job opportunities in USA.

    International business
    general management
    pharma MBA
    human resources

  16. Gowri

    Thanks for your information.I have completed my diploma (3years) after my SSC(10th) and I am having IT experience in a MNC for 4 years whether I am eligible to pursue my MS in US ?.
    Thanks in advance.

  17. Jigar Shah

    Hey there, I am an IT Engineer, and I have done my MBA in Marketing. With a couple of years’ experience , I now plan to pursue my MS in MIS/IS?Digital Marketing, as that’s the career I want to go for.
    Is it advisable to go for MS in 2016, after completing my BE in 2012, MBA in 2014, and a couple of years’ work experience?

    Awaiting your reply.

  18. Anmol

    Sir I m MCA (computer) and working since last 6 yrs in MNC as Sr.Software Engineer. I m 31 Yr Old Unmarried..Planning for MS in computer from US.Is That right time to go for it or I m late. What will be the Job market in US after Masters. Which is better course MS or MIS or MBA.
    Pls Advise !

  19. balaadithya.u

    Dear sir/mam , Please help me to short list universities in US. My score details are as under : GRE – 296(V 142, Q 154) TOEFL – expecting above 90 B.E. ECE from pda college of engg.(vtu belgaum)gpa-8.95/10 12th – 78 % 10 Standard – 78 % I want to do MS in vlsi. Please assist me to short list good universities with this score. If you want me to send my resume , let me know. Thanks

  20. Syed MD Tamim

    A very thanks for this great information to u sir, i m in 4th year of mechanical engg, i havent started any process for MS n i want to do MS in USA,do still i have time …..

  21. Sadhana

    Hii sir
    I am second year computer engineering student I want to do MS in US
    I want to know about GRE and should we go for MS directly after BE or take a gap and get working experience

  22. sriram

    sir,now i finished my 6th semister in BE.MECHANICAL ENGINEERING i read your speach its too usefull to me if i start now could i able to clear GRE can you give me some guideness

  23. Bhagyashree Borate

    I am a computer engineering student. Now will start with my last year in June.
    I have got to know about MS in US in Jan-Feb 2014. As like your post me too thought that I will give GRE in this September and then will do rest of things..
    But as days was passing I got to know much things about GRE, its examination process and specially FEES.
    I am quite worried. Will you please guide me? I want to do MS in US. But not getting the proper guidance.

  24. ESWAR

    sir to completing ms in us !!! how much budjet should be required ??? now iam studying b.tech 3rd year !!! and how should i apply for completing ms in us !!!

  25. aarzoo

    Hi sir,

    I am aarzoo gupta completed my MBA(private) in HR with BA(private) and also i have Diploma in IT for 3 yrs.
    I want to know that am i eligible for MS or PhD in USA.
    I am also preparing for GRE . Please suggest me which course is beneficial for my carrer.

    1. ROHAN

      aarzoo i wanted to take some guidance frm u as well as i m doing b.com and wnna persue ms from us i wanted to ask u some questions like do u know what is course for ms and are we eligible to do ms from us and aftr tht wht is the expectation of job market for people who are frm commerce background nd hv taken a degree in commerece field if u can guide me with same it will b really benificial for me kindly plz reply me on my mail id which

  26. Abhishek

    Sir, how about doing an MS from a place like germany where the expenses are as low as it gets? Ultimately, i want an MBA but then, i would value more an international engineering experience!

    (please reply to my mail sir)

  27. Sachin

    Hey Kumar ,
    First of all thanks for such a great website ! Its really solved a lot of my queries . In one of your posts you said you regretted pursuing your Masters and advised us to go for the MBA directly instead . In fact I had a similar path you took in mind i.e , doing my MS in the US , work for 3-4 years or more then do my MBA . What do you think ?
    Awaiting your reply eagerly .

  28. Jai

    Hi Kumar,
    First I would like to say, it’s a really great blog,a job well done !!! The things you’ve written about covers all the queries,doubts and anything of any sort that comes into someone’s mind, who plans to settle or study in US.

  29. Raj Mohan

    sir, I was planning to do my M.S in EEE in U.S. By now i got placed in C.T.S. I am in a state of dilemma whether to go for the job or to continue my dream of pursuing my M.S..Please help me to get a good decision on that.. whether it is good to choose the software profession or to continue on my core area..Please respond to this question…I am expecting from u ..

  30. jini

    hi i am in my 4 yr second sem i want to do ms in usa(texas-austin) but ive not planned anything yet please help me out. i will be thankfull to u sir if u guide me in a wright way

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