Sample Spring 2012 Plan for Applying to MS or MBA in USA

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Students planning to apply for Spring 2012 would be wondering what would be an ideal plan to apply for next Spring….Last year, I have spent quite some time trying to explain the deadlines and give a sample plan. You must read this article :Application Deadlines Spring, Plan – MS in USA . Uing the same plan in that article, I have revised the dates with year 2011 to reflect for Spring 2012.

Activity for AdmissionMonth & Timing, Complete By
GRE and TOEFL PreparationJan, Feb, March, April 2011
GRE TestApril 15th , 2011
TOEFL TestApril 30th , 2011
University Selection listFull  Month : May , June 2011
Scholarships Prep and Apply.May and June 2011
Online Applications CompleteJuly 1st 2011
SOP and Scholarship essaysAugust 1st – August 30th 2011
Transcripts& RecommendationsJuly  and August 2011
Bank Statement PreparationAugust 1st – August 30th 2011.
Draft of application setAugust 15th , 2011
Final Check and mail / Post application materialSep 1st – September 15th 2011.

Should I follow the exact plan for Spring 2012 MS Application ?

Well, you do not have to follow the same plan. The above plan is just based on experience and it helps you plan ahead. Some of you may be behind and some of you may be forward…All you have to do is look at the deadlines and pace yourself. If you are behind, you just have to squeeze in other tasks to apply for Spring 2012 at right time…

Are you on track for Spring 2012 ?


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Comments ( 34 )

  1. piya

    hello! i will be completing my B.E in Computers this Summer.I’ll get an honors and my CPI will be approx 9 out of 10. I have many extra curricular certis as well. I want to do MBA from top US university . I have also got a job in a leading IT company. Some say go for work ex and then apply for MBA. but i wanna finish my studies in a shot.So i’m caught in a dilemma what to do. Most people are suggesting GRE over GMAT. I’m totally confused what to do when to give exams when to apply etc. I have very good communication skills and i want to be in a field where this skill would be handy 2 me. If there’s someone out there who can help me then please do so.THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

  2. loverate


    I am once again here with my queries , as i have told you that my petition for H1b was approved , i got my 797 , appeared for interview in Dec-11 , got issued 221 G, submitted the required docs, got rejection letter , my petition sent back to USA to USICS
    Now my employer wants me to come to USA on F1 visa,
    So please let me know
    Is this ok, where my H1b petition is already sent back to usa and i am applying for F1
    What are the chances to get F1
    Can i take my family with me also?
    Do this effect to my H1b petition appeal /response
    And if my H1b approved again can i change my status from F1 to H1 and cont. my studies

    1. administrator

      What’s your employer interest in getting your F-1 visa filed? F-1 visa is primarily for studies and not for employment. You can apply for F-1 only if you have I-20 from an accredited university and plan to study after landing in US. Using F-1 as pretext to land in US and then move to H-1 is a misuse of F-1 visa and may lead to future rejections if USCIS feels the same.

      Regarding your other questions – Yes it’s possible to take family members on F-2 when you are travelling on F-1. COS can be filed to H-1, but it’s better to do so after staying in US for at least 90 days.

      1. loverate

        Dear Saurabh
        Thanks for your quick reply, yes you are right and i am also thinks as
        you said , but employer says you will come to US on F1 and then study
        and then he will file H1in next year cap, in this case he do not seems
        to have any rejection chances, but my concern is :
        1.If i will go for F1 then what are the chances as my I-129 has been
        sent back to USICS.
        2. What will happened to my returned petition ?
        3 If my returned petition will get approved again within few months
        (2-3) then is there be any problem in COS

        1. administrator

          1. By filing H-1, you have already shown your immigrant intentions (as H-1 is a dual intent visa), while F-1 is a highly non-immigrant visa. So you have to be careful when going for F-1 stamping as you might be asked if you would return to home country or not etc. H-1 rejection will not impact your F-1 processing, but the fact that H-1 was filed might.
          2. USCIS will review it and either reaffirm it or deny it after their process.
          3. Once it gets reaffirmed, you can file COS to H-1 either through the same employer or through different employer. There won’t be any problem in COS as long as you have maintained the status, the job is still valid and USCIS doesn’t determine that you misused F-1 visa for any other purpose but education.

          1. loverate

            Dear Sorabh
            Once again i am here with my quarries
            As i have already told you above that i got 221 g green slip, i submit the required docs, then i received letter from embassy that my petition has been sent back to USICS and now today my employer has received one approval notice I 797C which is as under

            Notice Type : Approval Notice
            Class: H1b
            Valid from : xxxx to xxxx
            Consulate: xxxxx
            This courtesy notice is to advise you of the action taken on this case. The official notice has been mailed to the authorised representative. Any relevant documentation included in the notice was also mailed as part of the official notice.
            This is to advise you that we have reaffirmed our previous decision on the above application or petition which the Department of State had previously returned for review. We have forwarded the case back to the Department of State for action.
            The small Business regulatory enforcement and fairness act established the office of the National Ombudsman(ONO) at the small business administration. The ONO assists small business with issues related to federal regulations. If you are a small business with a complaint about regulatory enforcement , you may contact the ONO at
            Notice:- Although this application /petition has been approved, USICS and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security reserve the right to verify the information submitted in this application, petition and or supporting documentation to ensure conformity with applicable law, rules, regulation, and other authorities. Methods used for verifying information may include, but are not limited to, the review of public information and records, contact by correspondence, the internet, or telephone, and site inspection of businesses and residence. Information obtained during the course of verification will be used to determine whether revocation, rescission, and or removal proceeding are appropriate. Applicants, petitioners, and representatives of the record will be provided an opportunity to address derogatory information before any formal proceeding is initiated.”
            My questions are:
            1 What this approval notice means , is my petition which had been sent back to USICS after 221g rejection has been approved again ?
            2 if it is approved then what would be the next course of action ?
            3 should i contact embassy or VFS for the next step ?
            4 Do i need to pay the Visa interview fees again ?


          2. administrator

            1. This means that USCIS has confirmed that petition needs to remain approved and has notified the consulate.
            2. Ask the employer to send this letter to you, and then call VFS and tell them about this. They will then let you know how to proceed further as each consulate has a different process about re-affirmed cases.
            3. Read (2)
            4. No, you don’t

            Make sure you carry all the documents when going to the consulate including this 797C, employer’s letter to USCIS and a more recent offer letter from the employer.

          3. loverate

            Dear Sorabh

            Once again i am here ,with my concern
            As i have already explained you that my petition was re-affirmed and today i appeared for re interview again VO has asked some questions and i replied them then VO asked for my re-affirmed approval notice, i handed over , then VO asked for I129, i handed over, then VO asked for LCA and i handed over and after some time she issued me yellow slip marked as ” YOUR APPLICATION REQUIRED FURTHER ADMINSTRATIVE PROCESSING. WE SHALL CONTAC YOU AS SOON AS THE PROCESSING IS COMPLETED.”
            And kept my passport and all the docs i.e. I797-C, I129, LCA.

            Please tell what could be the next step,
            What dose this mean
            How long this process takes
            Is this a positive sign coz VO had took my passport.

            Warm Regards

          4. administrator

            It’s a positive sign that they have kept the passport. They might be waiting for PIMS, which can take few weeks to get approved.

    1. loverate

      Hi Sorabh
      I am once again here with some another questions
      As in our last conversation I have told you that after my re interview VO had kept my passport, I797C, I129 & LCA and issued me yellow slip for which you said that, might be they are waiting for PIMS but now after two weeks I received mail form vfs asking me to submit the followings
      1List of petitioner’s employees
      Provide a notarized list of all employees with each employee’s name, specific job title, yearly salary, immigration status, and employment start and end dates

      Please tell me, for what they required the same now after two rounds of interview ?

      And where as I have already submitted my ALL EXPERIENCE LATTER AND EDUCATIONAL DOCUMENTS during RFE

      I am not able to understand their process.

      If you could tell me about the same , I will be highly obliged
      And pls also let me know what are the chances now

      Warm Regards

      1. administrator

        From the documents asked it looks like they are reviewing two things – how many employees w/ the employer on H-1 and L-1, and whether you qualify for the offered position or not.

        RFE is issued by USCIS, while stamping is handled by DOS – two separate government agencies, who have their own processes. So in the end, a person may end up sending same information to both agencies.

        I cannot say what the chances are. It will depend upon the documents you submit and their review. Check w/ your employer/attorney as well. At times, the employer is not willing to share the list of all employees and their salary.

  3. Vishwanathan

    hey folks,
    am so glad that we have your expertise guidance for people like us. I am already an MBA holder in India. Wanted to also pursue an MS program in US.willing to take my GRE this December. Could you please tell me any viable course in Finance for the MS program and also suggest the best universities i could apply to, and their prerequisites. heard Finance engineering is fast catching up course at present. Any other courses apart form this, that you could suggest ?????

  4. surekha

    I went to US in 2009 as dependent in L2 VISA.In 2011janauary my huband changed his job and visa to H1.So now my visa is H4 DEPENDENT.Currently i am in india from april 2011for vacation and i am planning to go back by november,after stamping.I have MBA from kerala university. I want to do some HR RELATED courses in US.What are the options avaliable to me and which institudes,prefer near atlanta.Will i get in state fees ?will that must physical stay in US FOR 1 YR FOR THAT?PLEASE REPLY.

    1. administrator

      It’s not necessary to physically stay in that state to become eligible for in-state tuition fees. If you are on your house lease w/ your husband or were on past year’s state tax returns, you can argue w/ the university to qualify you for in-state tuition fees.

      1. surekha

        Thank you very much for ur reply.One part of my query is not answered, an MBA holder from KERALA university..what are the options for me in HR for higher studies in US.

        1. administrator

          I don’t know about it, as I am not aware of your university’s reputation in US. What you can do is search for schools in your areas, and then look at pre-requisites. If your past education/experience makes you qualify them then that’s a good indicator.

  5. Raj

    I have been working as a s/w eng for the past 4+yrs, now i am planning to go abroad as my family stays over there, but my cousins say H1 has been tighten up, so am planning to take up the GRE and thinking to apply for spring 2012, i have 2 questions :
    1) If i take GRE exam on aug, would i be elgible for spring 2012, as the score card will only be available in Nov only, any university is fine, good or average .
    2) Is it the right choice, of going through MS, if not please suggest me of the appropriate course, when considering MBA (GMAT), the fee is claimed to be at a very high rate comparitively, please suggest me

    Your reply would be very helpful ,as i am not in a position where to approach for these questions.


    1. Pratik Patel

      For 1) I am pretty sure it will be. My friends just gave GRE, some will be giving now. They’re going for spring 2012. And the scores are sent directly through ETS.
      2) It depends on you. I am going for MS. Friends for MBA, Advanced diploma and a few others. And yes, the fees for MBA is high.
      Here is a pdf i had:

  6. prince k gautam

    hi kumar,
    i have done my in 2007 in field of electrical & electronics, now i am working with up govt. power sector and my experience is 31/2 yrs , i have a passion for doing MBA from us top university, please send me full details regarding GMAT, universities details, scholarship, expanses in fee n living in USA, and about placement.

    1. administrator

      Gautam, You need to basic research on programs, schools and pick your choices of schools… Browse the blog categories, you should find lot of useful information.

  7. Shyam

    Hi Kumar…

    I have just completed my BE degree in May 2011 … my GRE is 1280 (800 Q – 480 V) ..
    I havent given by TOEFL as yet.. but i m planning to give it within June … Plus i definitely need some scholarships …
    So according to your schedule, i m seriously lagging …
    Can U just give me a modified schedule so as to proceed from now considering i want to apply for some good univs ….


    1. Pratik Patel

      Hey shyam,
      If you are considering admissions for Fall 2011, you are very late. If you’re lucky, there might be a few universities left. For Spring, you are not late. You can cope up with the process even if you start now. Check the planning I mentioned below.

      1. Shyam

        Hi Pratik,

        I am applying for Spring only.
        I have booked my toefl for July 9th. My toefl score can be expected in July 3rd week. So U say that I have to start preparing SOP and applying as soon as I give toefl ?

        1. Pratik Patel

          Its up to you. You’ll need the SOP when you fill the online applications. Prepare when you get time and do submit the applications as soon as you can. You’ll have an advantage.

  8. Sch203

    Hey Kumar

    Nice website.
    I have done my bachelors in chem Engg. I have a job in my hand (refinery as well as good paying, considered best if one is a chemical engineer). But sometimes I do feel that I am interested in research. I will not have a research background if I take up the job.
    I have seen that there is a lot of difference between research in Engineering (esp Chemical) and the stuff which Comp Sci, Electronics engineers do (special mention to image processing ,signal processing etc).
    What I plan to do is to take the job continue for two-three years and then apply. Do you think it will be difficult to get into some fairly good universities if I work (without much research experience) and apply after 2-3 years ?
    Awaiting suggestions..

    1. Pratik Patel

      According to my knowledge it is just the opposite! The better the job experience, better your chances at great universities(given that the tests go well).
      I’m from the field of Information Technology. I’ve lost many admissions to guys who have work experience of a year and more with nice IT companies here.

    2. administrator

      You should be fine. In fact, 2-3 years work experience might help you in some sort of way to get funding after you get to the school.

  9. Srikar

    I don’t understand why Indian students come all the way to USA to study after doing their Masters or B.Tech in India. They already spent lot lot of time in their childhood and Secondary and Engineering studies, as if they are going to invent something.

    The sad thing is that …some students even don’t look out to apply local jobs in India. They just blindly apply to Foreign Universities taking loans from local banks. After landing USA, they do odd jobs to pay off their fees and fell into the hands of stupid H1B firms. Where is the effort going to? Just to find Job! This is what the pathetic situation of Indian Students these days. God help them.

    Everyone from India just wants a job, but will try discourage 100% if any one tries start startup company. Then from where will they get jobs? No idea for them .. they look into the air.

    Long time they were herd of goats and suddenly there was tree branch that broke and fell in front of them. The goats started jumping over and moving forward. After 10 years .. the goats were still jumping. Someone to the spot to find the reason, and then he found that they are jumping because of their ancestors were jumping. :-))

    1. NB

      True to some extent, but aren’t you aware of opportunities available in India; the pathetic corrupt system and collapsing infrastructure? If people are going towards greener pastures, why criticize them, nobody is stopping you to do what you want!!

  10. Pratik Patel

    Kumar, based on the preparation I’ve done for applying this fall [fall 2011], there are a few things that i’d like to change with the given schedule.

    The test schedule is good. After selection of universities, one needs to apply for scholarships and also complete the application as soon as possible. For the universities that I’ve applied to, there was a deadline for scholarship application which was a few months earlier than normal deadline. In a nutshell, you have to apply a few months early to be eligible for scholarship. No extra effort. Just the application has to be submitted early. Including the sending of documents.
    [Change: Apply as fast as you can. Reasons- Eligible for scholarship, better chances of admit, quick decision of admission by universities selected]

    Now you’ve said to complete online application and then prepare SOP etc. But almost all of online applications require SOP attached electronically. Only some ask for it in mail. So you cannot complete your online application without SOP.
    [Change: Prepare SOP after selection of university itself not after online application]

    After SOP is complete, online submission part is done. Next is transcripts, reco, bank letter. Now all these documents have to be sent via regular mail. Only some ask it online. So get these done while you are preparing for online application. After you complete the online application, one receives a ID no from the given university. Mention that in your package while you sent it via mail. It speeds up things to a great extent.
    [Change: Start preparing the above documents just after GRE/TOEFL. It takes time. Submit the online application, prepare the mail, then send it. Be quick with this process as your application will not be evaluated without these documents! If your deadline is given, complete this last stage well before a month or two. Also as I mentioned earlier, without these documents, your scholarship application will not be considered. This scholarship application has a deadline of a few months earlier than normal deadline. So, earlier you complete, better chances await.]

  11. Vivek K

    Hey Kumar,

    I have been looking all over the web for a mock – schedule like this; only to gauge the time i would be needing for each of these activities.

    Thanks for the help! Also, I am looking to do a Masters in Marketing in the coming spring. Is there any advice you would want to pass on? Regarding either schools or preparations? Would be really appreciated!


    1. administrator

      My two cents would be to just plan well and apply to the right school that fits your passion. If you have any question, you can leave a comment…we will respond.

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