Yellow Slip – H1B Visa Stamping Experience – Approved – 2013 – Chennai, India

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Recently Mani attended H1B visa stamping interview at Chennai along with his wife. It is an interesting experience as the petition is filed for someone who works in India for a US company, who do not have an Indian office.  Congrats to Mani and his wife on the H1B Approval ! Thanks to Mani for sharing his experience. You can …

Why NOT to return to India from US – Reservations in Education System, Govt Jobs

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One of our readers, Vivek, has written a guest article series “Why NOT to return to India “. It is very interesting … Vivek has presented some real data with lot of research and reference links….I believe that this is very controversial discussion….Lets not fight over this, but look at the facts and his perspective.  In this first article, the …

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Passport Seva Kendra Experience for Passport Renewal – Mumbai, India, 2013

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One of our readers, Vishwanth, posted this experience of applying for passport renewal in Mumbai, it is a good experience and gives a lot of positive hope and changes in the system. Thanks to Vishwanth. Background – Appointment – Passport Office The experience is fantastic. I just am unable to believe it. I applied for renewal of my passport on …

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H1B – H4 Booking Visa Appointment, VAC Process, Interview – Mumbai for FY2014

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One of our readers, MSG, attended H1B Visa stamping interview along with his wife and kid this month in Mumbai, India and got their visas done. He wrote up his experience in very detail manner, it is very insightful. Congratulations to MSG and his family for getting visa and Thanks to him for taking time to write up  a nice …