Yellow Slip – H1B Visa Stamping Experience – Approved – 2013 – Chennai, India

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Recently Mani attended H1B visa stamping interview at Chennai along with his wife. It is an interesting experience as the petition is filed for someone who works in India for a US company, who do not have an Indian office.  Congrats to Mani and his wife on the H1B Approval ! Thanks to Mani for sharing his experience. You can share your experience here


Thank you all for sharing your experiences on H1 visa in this forum. It has helped us to a great extent and it’s my time to share our experience.

Myself and my wife attended the interview at US Consulate, Chennai on 15-Jul-2013.

I am working for an US based product company from India as a contractor. They don’t have an office in India. Visited US on my B1 visa recently for 5 months (between Jan 2013 and May 2013). It is a small company of size 30+ employees. They are sponsoring H-1B visa for me. Will be directly working for this company in the US and no clients.

Visa Interview Questions – H1B Visa

Following are the questions from the visa officer (an American Lady):
1. Verified the passports, I797C approval, I-129 petition and LCA.
2. Where do you work?
3. What is your role?
4. Salary?
5. Company size?
6. Business of the company? Explained and provided a brochure of the company too.
7. How did you apply for this job?
8. Education?
9. How many years of experience?

H4 Visa Stamping Interview Questions
To my wife
1. How long have you been married?
2. How many people attended your wedding?
3. What is your husband’s favourite food?
4. What is his favourite show on television?
5. How old is your child?
6. Date of birth of your child?
7. At which hospital the child was born?
She told us to wait by giving an yellow slip which read “Please be seated until your ticket number is called”. After an hour, an Indian lady asked us the following questions:

Additional – Questions

1. You already work for them from Chennai, why do you want to go to the US?
2. Last visit to the US
3. What did you do in the business visit for 5 months?
4. On what project are you going to work?
5. How many people are working on this project?
6. How long is this project?
7. Verified my educational certificates and offer letter.

At last, the same VO came and said that your visa is approved 🙂 We collected our stamped passports on 17-Jul-2013.




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Comments ( 18 )

  1. sunel

    Hi All,

    This is sunil i am planning to go for the h1B visa interview , can you pleaple guide me in this, and some question which i way face with the consuler.

  2. priyanka

    Hi All,
    It has been nice experience reading the blogs since my h1b visa was applied.
    It was a smooth sailing but stressful jouney because was trying for three yrs.
    This yr got selected in lottery,petition approved without any RFE.

    on 14th july went for OFC which just took 15-20 mintutes(make sure that all ur details in DS-160 is filled correctly)
    on 15th July was interview with counslor–i was stressed like anything carried 5kg wt document.
    Questions asked were-
    greetings exchanged(in nervousness i said good afternoon but it was 11.45 and he replied good morning..was very embarasing)
    Upto my suprise he asked me in hindi aap kaisi hain??(he was a old english man and could speak so fluent hindi)-replied and reciprocated
    What u do here? explained in brief
    how much salary u get in india?
    aap ko usa mein kitna de rahe hain(again in hindi)

    he was very nice to me..took my passport and original approval notice..did not for a singal documents…and the golden word..i am approving ur visa and u will get a stamped one in 2-3 days.
    I was suprised that i got it with no questions.

    good luck to everyone for stamping…be confident,honest and be prepared..

  3. 221g london

    Hi Saurab,
    I attended h1b interview at London consulate. They issued me 221 g form saying she need to do some administrative processing. and asked to send below documents to email id mentioned in the form
    List of publications
    Invitation letter from sponsoring institution in US
    Employment letter .

    I m confused about List of publications .

    any one in the forum faced similar kind of issue..

    Please suggest me .

  4. [email protected] this time

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks a lot for the blog you guyz are posting, specially thanks to Saurabh, everyday i was checking this blogs really it helped me a lot, yesterday my H1 & H4 is approved.

    1st day biometric gone smoothly.
    2nd day interview @ consulate, annasalai near Gemini flyover

    I am not writing the complete process as it is not required, in visa center peoples are there to guide you.

    VO: Hi, Sir How R U?
    Me: Fine Thank you, How abt u.

    VO: Can i see your passport please.
    Me: Given.

    VO: Which company you are going to work for.
    Me: Answered.

    VO: Who is your client?
    Me: Answered( along with client name mention the client location)

    VO: What is your current salary and US salary.
    Me: Answered

    VO: About Marriage date
    To My wife: Answered

    VO: What is your highest qualification
    To My wife: Answered

    VO: Where are you going to stay in USA
    Me: Answered(In my client location mentioned in LCA,nearest place but intially my employer will arrange the accomodation).

    Finally the golden word came: Your visa is approved, Sir, have a nice trip to USA

    He smiled at me and and chatting with my wife, Maa’m you both are going to a great location, really you will enjoy this city, very nice city.

    Then handed over , know your rights pamphlet.

    Surprising thing is, he didn’t ask much question and didn’t asked a single document rather than passport.

    Then we both thanked and left the counter and paid premium courier fees and came with cheer..(hmm,,,when you will come out auto guyz will come by seeing your face and charge you heavy amount for little distance beware of it).

    Note: Guyz its depends on their mood they might ask more question or less, but be prepare with all the document.
    while standing in interview Que don’t get nervous by seeing other candidate rejection.
    Because I have seen almost 6 rejection especially all B1 & L1, only one h1 221g issued because that person US salary was 37k$ , Vo repeatedly asked that person are you sure about your salary.

    Be calm and confident, just speak the truth, don’t worry it is H1.

    Thanks All,,

    1. Cd

      U have to send the response after which it will become RFE RESPONSE REVIEW. Then it takes 15 days to 2 and a half per my observation.

  5. Ivanovich

    Can anybody please share their visa stamping experience ???
    What type of questions asked at the Consulate ?
    My employer gave all the fees , I just had to give the Attorney fees. Should I tell this at the visa interview if asked ?

  6. sri

    Hi Saurabh,

    Should I undergo medical test before the H1B interview.?
    Also please let me know, if I need carry “photographs of the inside and outside of the employer’s place of business, brochures, prospectus, and annual report. ” as I found this when I googled for H1B list

    1. administrator

      Medical test is not required for H-1 interview. If you can get those photos (especially if it is a small employer), then it will be helpful. It is not mandatory though.

  7. ven0612


    I’m working on H1 for the last 1.5 yrs.I may need to go india near soon.That would be my first H1 stamping and H4 for my wife.
    I have these questions.

    1) what is the chance of getting H1 stamped? I’m working on E-V-C model and I will have client letter for my stamping.

    2)I belong to Hyderabad.Based on the current trend is it advisable to get stamped at Hyd consulate or chennai? I heard that there are many 221gs issued at hyd when compared to chennai?

    3)In case I receive 221g, how long it will take to get decision on my case? Of EVC model is the reason for the 221g can I get my H1 transferred to vendor(big company) from india and appear for my stamping again?

    Any tips/suggestions before going to stamping
    Appreciate your reply.

    1. administrator

      1. EVC model stamping is generally riskier. In the end it depends upon officer’s discretion and your case details.
      2. You can go to either consulate
      3. There is no set processing time. Some take few weeks, while others take months.

  8. H1

    Hi Saurabh,

    My residence address while H1 filing was Gurgaon, which comes under Delhi consulate. My employer says the approved visa is ONLY for Delhi consulate & I cannot go for visa stamping in other cities. Please clarify if this is true. I am currently in Chennai & wondering how to handle this.!

  9. Vikas

    Hi Mani,

    Congratulations on your stamping and thanks for sharing your experience.

    More or less I am also in same boat. Working for a US based company from India and they do not have presence in India.

    If you dont mind can you please share your answers for the some questions.

    1. Verified the passports, I797C approval, I-129 petition and LCA.

    Did you carried Original I797/I129 and LCA?

    2. Where do you work?

    Did You mentioned about your US company or you mentioned about the name of the
    company which might be processing your payroll from India

    1. You already work for them from Chennai, why do you want to go to the US?

    How did you justify your case?


    1. administrator

      Original I-129 and LCA is submitted to USCIS. So you or your employer will not have. Copies work. It is better to have original 797 although some employers do not share that.

      1. Vikas

        Thanks Saurabh,

        My Attorney telling me as Approval copy is now available through PIMS consulate will not have problem with copy, I am hoping that is true and will not create any problems at consulate.


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