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Websites for reviews of H1B Sponsoring Consultancies in USA. Desi Consultancies /IT Consultants

I was just browsing and found these as interesting to share for H1B seekers who wish to look for a potential sponsor or transfer between consulting companies. Supposedly, couples of these sites that I list below are very popular and were quoted in CNBC article of “America’s high-tech sweatshops”.

Goolti and Desi Crunch

The reviews are mostly anonymous or given a Tom, Dick and Harry name… Some might be misleading, but something to check out! There is no guarantee that the reviews are right or wrong, the websites disclaimer is clear on this…Good motto by the desi cruch to bridge the gap among various H1B visa desi consultants.

Note :  Most of the below comments about H1B Sponsors are negative.  Please be aware that these are comments added by individuals of companies, competitors and many others that may hate such companies. We do NOT vouch for any of the comments made as they are not made by us.

Under federal law (Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act), our Blog RedBus2US.com is NOT legally liable or responsible for information posted by public, general users or third parties that contains remarks that are defamatory for a company or individual.


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  1. Any idea about BiSoft LLC company? It has lot of certifications listed on its website specially e-verified employer & helps for veterans and gets government projects.

    Has anybody filed from this company? Have they asked any amount of money for filing h1b?

      • They are fraud, Some Maheswari is doing the marketing this year. She has no clue about client letters, profile.. All she know is give me 5000$ in Priyadarshni’s account. and we will do the rest.
        These guy just collect from around 300-400 prospective people, file for limited 60-80 and then give fake rejection letters to the remaining. This time they are taking 5000$ and refunding 2500$ for not selected people. which is a huge amount.

        Guys beware. Bala and Priyadarshini are doing a big fraud. Rest it’s your money.. do what you want.

  2. All ,

    Intellitro is fraud company please be careful. They took my $3500 dollars. Karan Kumar first speak very nicely before filling the H1B, they ask you to transfer money in Indian company in Hyderabad and mentions to send to training company as JAVA training . They have few team members like Anurag, Ravi , Ajit who keep on communicating on email. They send me the Rejection Notice and the Rejection Notice looks fake. First they send me someone else with changing the Last Name and then send again the corrected one by editing the PDF document, When I ask for the documents and package filed with USCIS he mentioned come to his Santa Clara office and take a look. When I asked to refund the Filing fees for H1B from USCIS, Karan mentioned he cannot as he needs to fill the stomach of other team members. Karan is the guy who runs these body shopping company. This needs to be addressed to USCIS and ICE to stop other people being cheated.

      • I filled my H1B through Intellitro this year and I got rfe and content is – Additional internal information regarding the position and external support documentation. anurag said they need an expert advice on this and it may take – 1 to 2 weeks to get their advice. and other day when I spoke to karan about this inperson he said don’t worry we will take care you just be positive and confident, but I’m worried can any one let me know how critical is this case? can USCIS deny my case? please advice

          • Mine got approved and I’m working here in Ohio. I disagree with your comments and concerns posted about intellitro they are really nice and helpful.

          • Yes it is approved until 2021 🙂
            I’m deleting my account here in redbus thanks for the support. Small advice please do not spread false info without knowing the facts.

        • Hello Himanshu. I am thinking of filing via intellitro. I am still confused. Please can you let me know your contact or call me at 9008733111 or send an email nihar1213@gmail.com ? Need your help Thanks

    • Even I faced this problem as my H1 was not came through lottery they shared me the rejection notice and I doubted the document what they shared, I asked them multiple times and Karan asked me or my friends to come to office and take a look of my rejection notice as I’m in India and I don’t know anyone in that location one of my my friends suggested me to ask them to share the video clipping of my rejection notice and that confirmed me that my application not came through lottery. please let me know if you have any better idea then this. I wana recheck one more time.

    • Hi Karan this is Raj, they approached me and they said they will apply h1b free of cost..what do you think? Plz reply..your reply is much appreciated.

    • The government should crackdown people like you who pay some fraudulent Consultancy in Hyderabad for filing visas, You very well know that you are not supposed to pay money for filing visas. Coming here and shouting as if you are genuine, why would you send money to india and all this Java training Fake nonsense, Because of you people thousands of deserving candidates lose their chances year after year

  3. Varun,

    I have applied from Intellitro too,
    can you send me your phone number to kiggal111@gmail , we can have a quick chat then

    • KJ INFO LLC is a fraud company, They cheated me by taking money for my H1 and know they are saying my H1 is not picked and they are not ready to share any evidence for it. Rama Krishna Gande looks so genuine but he is a cheater. Avoid this consultancy I know few other people trapped in same fraud please help me how to get my money back.

      • Hello Wert, Man even I filled H1B with KJ info LLC after seeing Rama Krishna’s social profile, He demanded $3500 for my H1b, Now they are saying my H1B is not picked in the lottery. I asked do you guys have anyone’s H1B picked if yes, show me their receipt numbers or show me any proofs, And now they are saying some stories to me and not sharing the information since a couple of days no one answering my calls. what to do?

        • KJ Info is a big time fraud company. USCIS called back all its employees in US back to India due to immigration fraud in mid-2018.
          There is law suite filed against the company already so, DO NOT get involved with this company.

          • Don’t go with the reviews.
            This is not true. It’s look like someone is doing negative publicity for the sake of it. I know couple of folks and they are all happy with the employer

        • Hello, I am an employee of KJINFO for more than a year. They filed my H1 and I am still continuing with this employer, so you can understand this. I approached KJINFO, just by googling with out any leads or feedback. They did every thing as promised like H1 filing, RFE responses, extension, etc. They maintained 100% transparency between employee , vendor and employers. On time pay checks and W2 forms provided by this company. There is nothing to worry or bother.

    • Please connect with me. I filed with Bisoft LLC and they are not returning back my calls nor giving me any updates.

      • @GR

        Regarding Intellitro Inc , Did you file H1b by this consultant?

        because I am also getting calls from the same consultant.

        Please anyone can help me here.

        • GR & usdd, are you guys going through Intellitro? I was being contacted as well & from conversation looks good but just not sure whether they are genuine or not?

          • We got calls from this intellitro and got h1b applied this year FY2019
            Waiting for this firm to file H1b in first week of aprill
            They shared the lca receipt ( it is certified)

          • Hey we went through intellitro and no one seems to respond now that lottery is done has anyone got any confirmation ?

          • My H1b got picked through Intellitro and they shared the receipt too we are waiting for the updates.

          • Estege, Varun

            I have applied from Intellitro too.
            Please can you email your mobile number to kiggal111 @gmail.com.
            We need to discuss few things urgently. I have another 2 people with me who applied from Intellitro.

    • i also got call from easypay solns. and DW technologies for current H1B filing . anyone have any review for both of them or any Genevieve consultency for H1B sponsorship???

    • Avoid this id@#$%ts Easy Pay & DW Technologies both are unethical consultancies they operate by a bunch of recruiters to cheat people. I and my friend lost our hard earned money. Can we raise a compliant on this cheating consultancies please advice.

    • Not sure about Gemshpere , but i can tell you about EBS MINDS !

      This review is about EBS Minds and iEratech. Fraud companies. THEY TAKE MONEY FROM YOU AND DONT PROCESS YOUR H1B VISA !
      I have lodged a complaint with uscis and Department of Labor in USA so that in future companies like EBSMINDS (http://www.ebsminds.com/ & Ebs-minds It Inc) and iERATECH does not flourish in USA . The culprits are Man Mohan Akavaram, Brijesh Vyas and Raghu MUTUKULA. All these 3 people are responsible for taking the money from me (USD 4000) for processing the H1B Visa. After they took the mopney , they have not moved my Visa further and refused to send me for H1B Visa stamping

      even thought the visa was picked in lottery and Approved. I hope they are investigated by USCIS and DOL and procescuted. I am SO SO SO ready to be a whisteblower and provide evidence in any court of law. Please contact me in India at +91 709319 8849

      EBSMinds also goes by the name of ebs-minds IT inc, Advanced Info Tech, Siddhi, Zuritech, so beware of this fraud company

      • Hello Vineet,

        How did you lodge a complaint with uscis and Department of Labor for such fraud companies? I read somewher, it is illegal to ask money for h1b visa. both the person, the person who is filing and for whom he/she is filing might be in trouble if lodge a complaint. I know one more such company who took money from my friends and didn’t file his case.

        What happened after lodging complaint with uscis and Department of Labor ?

        Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi
    Any inputs for Cloud Big technologies . They have an office at banjara hills , Hyderabad. Getting emails for h1b 2017.

  5. Could you please give some comments on R3 OVERSEAS CAREERS. They claim their counterpart in USA as “Orange Information Technology Solutions Inc.”

  6. Tis review is about EBS Minds and iEratech. Fraud companies.
    I have lodged a complaint with uscis and Department of Labor in USA so that in future companies like EBSMINDS (http://www.ebsminds.com/) and iERATECH does not flourish in USA . The culprits are Manmohan Akkavaram, Brijesh Vyas and Raghu MUTUKULA. All these 3 people are responsible for taking the money from me (USD 4000) for processing the H1B Visa. After they took the mopney , they have not moved my Visa further and refused to send me for H1B Visa stamping even thought the visa was picked in lottery and Approved. I hope they are investigated by USCIS and DOL and prosecuted. I am ready to be a whisteblower and provide evidence in any court of law. Please contact me in India at +91 709319 8849

    EBSMinds also goes by the name of ebs-minds IT inc, so beware of this fraud company

    • Tis review is about EBS Minds and iEratech. Fraud companies.
      I have lodged a complaint with uscis and Department of Labor in USA so that in future companies like EBSMINDS (http://www.ebsminds.com/) and iERATECH does not flourish in USA . The culprits are Manmohan Akkavaram, Brijesh Vyas and Raghu MUTUKULA. All these 3 people are responsible for taking the money from me (USD 4000) for processing the H1B Visa. After they took the mopney , they have not moved my Visa further and refused to send me for H1B Visa stamping even thought the visa was picked in lottery and Approved. I hope they are investigated by USCIS and DOL and procescuted. I am ready to be a whisteblower and provide evidence in any court of law. Please contact me in India at +91 709319 8849

      EBSMinds also goes by the name of ebs-minds IT inc, so beware of this fraud company

      • Hi cherry ,even my employer is not providing me a client letter even after getting approved.Kindly let me know cgerry that do u know any genuine consultancies which can take my h1 transfer…kindly reply

        • Only big companies r genuine ,
          iERATECH and EBS MINDS are fake companies. never pay them money
          Never pay money to Manmohan Akkavaram and Raghu
          They will cheat you
          They must have floated new companies with new names now to escape from USCICS

  7. Hi guys,

    I’am Ranjeeth, working as a Digital Marketing & SEO Analyst @ Tech Tammina LLC Group of Companies, Visakhapatnam.

    I Working closely with our company CEO and he does the H1B Sponsors directly from him own hands and even train people for various technologies in our office to sponsor them.

    Just check our company website and office. Feel free to reach me.

    Note: Not trying to promote this company.

      • Its not about the money lol and i’m not the person who deals with the transfers and sponsorship but i can forward to the concern persons in my company,

        Please provide complete details of you work experience and skill sets and a updated resume copy to ranjeeth@tammina.com

        i will respond to the mails and it you resume meets the requirements we will forward to further process.

        Have a nice day!

        • Hi Guys,

          This is Ranjeeth again, Hope you all are doing good!

          Small update regarding my above comment.

          We are not sponsoring H1B from this year, We are only doing H1B Transfers for people having work-permit.

          Thanks & Regards,
          Ranjeeth Kumar

          Digital Marketing Analyst – Tech Tammina

    • Hi. I applied for H-1B for my wife through ITEN Consulting, which says Bobby Shaib as the CEO. We depoisted money into his account once the Labor is approved and since last one month there is no response from him. Even not able to leave voice messages and no response via Phone or email. Did anyone has had the same issues with ITEN?

      • Hi,
        I m also in same situation. Have you received any response from them? Bobby is keep on saying about refiling the petition next year. I already told him that I do not need to resubmit and initiate refund, but there is no response. What’s going on with you? Did you get your money back?

    • Manmohan Akkavaram (972-876-6485) runs a big Fraud company and has cheated people like me by promising H1B visas.
      He collects USD 4000 from me and now refuses to pick my call – Beware of Fraud companies by name EBS MINDS (http://www.ebsminds.com/) iEratech.
      No Visa no Stamping nothing . All my hard earned money gone down the drain. I have lodged a complaint with USICS and Department of labor on this fraud company so that thye can take action.
      Please nbe aware of this , so nobody else pays any money to Manmohan Akkavaram and his family business for H1B visa. They are big cheaters in the IT industry in USA.
      I am stuck in India and I can give you more detaisl – +91 709 319 8849

  8. Please don’t ever apply H1B through the fake consultanct named Cogent Infotech Corporation. They cheat you by asking security deposit for filing H1B visa and never file your visa and does not your money. They are running business to cheat people by asking to deposit money

  9. Hi, I have applied H1B through Adeptmax in 2014 year cap.
    application got picked in lottery and unluckily got RFE.
    In March 2016 my status changed to application is denied.
    i don’t know what RFE it is till now.
    not even my employer is disclosing the RFE document.

    Please be aware of this Adeptmax.

  10. Thanks for the details Manjunath. Many people would have already paid this consultancy by now. Why did you delay in posting this? When did you get to know about this fake consultancy?

    • Hey Hi,Thanks for reply and yes many people would have already paid this consultancy but iam trying to stop from here atleast as much possible as i can from their trap.you cant believe in a day too many mails asking me for more quiries and with in a week i saved alomost 6 applicants not to get betrayed.

      reason of posting this feedback now is ,I have given the consultancy people to answer my questions and show me the proof of what iam asking but they jus ignored me and my mails again and again.so i thought enough i need to get into online do as much as i can so here iam ..you know i wrote my review on their myvisajobs page on (Adeptmax,hiracle,hi techbangla,scorgconsult,sdlglobe,) ..few replied with their bad experiences too..suddenly from 2 days these consultancies hided the ”REVIEW ”column from their myvisajobs page.if they are genuine why would they hide the review button they can write a reply on my comment….which means they are jus a fruad..and good in taking money ..they plan a very silent game.

      I hope this msg will reach to right people..thanks!

  11. I’m been following this website for a few years. By reading most of the messages on this site, it seems it is a pure SCAM site.

    Never saw a message saying one has obtained his/her H1-B approval.

    • What exactly do you think the scam is about? No one is offering you a job here, it is a discussion board with no obligations.

  12. Hi All,

    I got RFE on 2 July ,2015 and my company addressed the same on 1 SEPT 2015 . But still no response. Everyone here saying , it will be denied as it is already 3rd Feb 2016 and USCIS needs to open its new H1B Filing FY 2016-2017 . I am really worried and disheartened , as I have every document clean and very good educational track records. Someone please clarify/help.

    Request for Additional Evidence Was Mailed
    On July 2, 2015, we mailed a request for additional evidence for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EAC151465****. The request for evidence explains what we need from you. We will not take action on your case until we receive the evidence or the deadline to submit it expires. Please follow the instructions in the request for evidence. If you do not receive your request for additional evidence by August 1, 2015, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request a copy. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address

  13. Hi everyone

    This is ashok i would like to apply for a h1 this year can anyone guide me the process and how to apply for h1b petition from chennai india

  14. Hi All,

    Am planning to apply for H1B this year 2016. I was ended up with below consultancies :

    1. Horizon Softech Inc
    2. Calsoft

    can someone please tell me Authenticity of these consultants for applying H1B.


  15. Hi Friends,

    I am planning to apply H1b this cycle, can you guys please suggest me the good consultancies information and pre-requisite .


  16. Can any one suggest me a better consultancy to apply for H 1B for coming year i have 7+ years exp. in JAVA .Net and Oracle. By seeing this comments i”m not able to decide who’s right and who’s wrong

    • I am ready to help any one willing to file 420 case on Kalyan. He has wasted our time and money . if he had really applied for H1B he would at least shared the petition number

      • those who are victims of Max consultancy contact @ victimsofmax@gmail.com email us your phone number and details rest we will take care,

  17. Till today I believed hat mr. Abhilash was saying and hat Mr. Kalyan was saying. I am getting the file ready for both of them.

    Incase you are reading this block please call me on my number immediately Mr. Kalyan boorla .

    • those who are victims of Max consultancy contact victimsofmax@gmail.com email us your phone number and details rest we will take care,

  18. Dear Max complainants,

    This is Abhilash (Max Ex-Employee) from Hyderabad. I worked for this Max Consultant for almost 1yr 5 months. On June 5th, 2015 i left the company by my own reasons and some doubt on Mr. Kalyan Boorla. I was earning 12k per month as a Salary every month from January, 2015. As Mr. Abhilash left the organization in the early year of 2014 and there was no scope to traine a new person for that position and create a new corporate email id for a new employee, so Mr. Kalyan Boorla informed me to take care of Abhilash emails and respond accordingly. Maximum candidates who are regular visitors of Max office knows that my name is not Abhilash. My roles and responsibilities are to enroll the candidates by selected them from the replies of the job postings through job portals. The rest of the process was done by Mr. Kalyan Boorla. By December ending 2014 only i had seen few I-797 C copies of the candidates and that information already been shared to all and maximum candidates who came to office to check their copies till Feb, 2015. Suddenly on March 8th, 2015 Mr. Kalyan Boorla flown to Malaysia informing that he had some personal work for few weeks and he will be back soon and settle the issue. With that word we were still in office till June, 2015. But due to mis-communication between Kalyan Boorla and we (the employees) slowly we lost hope and with our personal and parental pressure we came out of the office. We already intimated Mr. Kalyan Boorla that we are no longer staying in the office and no longer want to feel the pressure and disturbances in our life. Finally he said, you all can leave and i myself can takecare of the office and the candidates and no need of anyones support.

    We all left the office and starting our new career slowly but suddenly one the candidate XXXXXX came to my house and man-handled my dad and pushed my mom out of my own house by saying that he is a Police officer. As my parents dont no who is he and all my neighbors are shocked and waiting out side. Some of my neighbors asked him who are you and why you are forcibly entered into this house. But no answer from the candidate XXXXXX(so called police officer). After some time i came back to my house after my office at 8:30pm on August, 21 2015 and saw my mother was weeping outside and when i went into house and saw my father was sitting there silently with teared eyes and the candidate XXXXXXX came from my room and again pushed my mother outside and take me in and closed the doors on my mothers face. She was outside from the evening but the candidate has no courtesy on her. After some time he called police and 2 persons came and took me to Police station and at night around 12am they filled an FIR that im the MAX Consultant Partner and all the amounts which were transferred or deposited from the candidates are shared equally by us. How STUPID is that candidate XXXXXXX and he forcibly entered into my house and pushed my mother out from my own house. Manhandled my father (govt. employee) and kept false case upon me and sent me for remand for 14days.

    Is this you all are expected to get your money back? Dont you have your mother or father and if someone comes to your house with the same attitude will you be keep quiet? I was an employee there in Max consultant and you people have all the rights to ask me for any information i know. I am always there to support you people but this is not the right thing to do with an innocent people for their pleasure.

    You people have contacted me for your updates and i have responded everyone. Did i?

    Here, everyone knows that who is the cheater and who took the money and who run away with it. But what is my fault here. The candidate XXXXXX ruined my entire life and career. If suppose my father or mother’s heart stops with this drama from the candidate XXXXXXXX attitude, who is responsible for it.

    My God is there to protect us and he will be a shield upon us.

    Here, i request you all please dont target the innocent and fight for a good cause and please dont misuse your Right to Speech.

    I know you all are frustrated and even as a Consultant i know the Pain & Gain of the candidate.

    Today, i am here to express my views. If Mr. Kalyan Boorla checking this blog, ” Sir, we respect you and we dosnt want anyone to be hurt or harmed by your behavior. Come out of your hiding place and please settle their amounts. Dont be like a cheater. You roared like a Lion in the office on all the candidates and now hiding like a Rat in a closed place some where.”

    I dont have any personal grudge or any negative thoughts on anyone. I am sorry for posting at this point.

    But my prayers are always for you all and you people will get the best of all.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Abhilash (XXXXXXX)

    • Hi,

      Abhilash, can you reveal your true name here ??
      why are you still acting as innocent man. I know abt u man,, your real name , contact, address … everything……………….
      Praveen Babu (Alias Kalyan Boorla) is a cheater,, u ppl know it clearly.

      But dont know,, whom ur trying manage by this message.
      Be clear with you, first of all…..


        • I paid my money through priya from Max consultant. My name is Praveen kolla.I will file a case once I reach hyd.kiran u send us pic of kalyan Boorla.

  19. I have been a victim of fraud for the h1 visa. The company was IZONETECH.net. They promised me the visa and they charged me 1,000$. I got no visa and they deleted everything; phones, webpages, LinkedIn acct. I was contacted by AKhil, later on with Hans Martin. I don’t know what to do now. Do I have to sue them? Or just fill out a complain. Any help for this process or how to take legal actions, will be appreciated.

    • Hi.

      I also got cheated by saazvat technologies…They got money from me 1 lak 89 thousand and they did not apply the h1b for me…
      i planning to give a police complaint…Any one cheated by saazvat technologies???

      • Hi,

        Saazvat got money from me…but they did not apply h1b and still now they are not returning my money….they are not picking my call…do not believe saazvat….i got cheated by saazvat technologies…i am planning to give police complaint…any one cheated by saazvat technologies?

      • I have been cheated by IZONETECH and I do not know how or where to make a complaint. Please let me know where are you planning to do it. Or what steps I need to take, since we were both a victim of this fake companies.

        • I am going to give a police complaint against saazvat technologies.Still now they have not returned my money back…..I can not leave them.They should not cheat any innocent people like me in future for H1B…

          • Saazvat is total fraud company for h1b , they are just collecting hard earned money from candidates.

            pls do not fall into their trap

  20. I have applied for H1 through Max in Jan-2015. They have taken from me 1.5 L. After reading the review on various sites abt Max, I sent an email to Kalyan asking him abt the status of my case ‘coz it was more that 3 months after the lottery and he didn’t turned up.
    Through an email he has accepted that he is a frud consultant.
    I tried reaching on all possible number but there is no use.

    • Hey Ramesh, Could you please forward the email to swathiedla2004@yahoo.co.in.

      I am collecting all the documents and preparing for an FIR.

      Why do not you guys are giving complaint against him?

  21. Hie
    do our university is shown or is important when we undergo H1b process
    or is it same studying in a top university and a low grade university like silicon valley
    please lemme know asap
    i am big confusion

  22. Hi,

    If we are not selected into lottery then max consultant should give us the draft which was taken on behalf of USCIS was given to max consultant as well, but what are they going to do with that, atleast they should return this to us. Isn’t it.

  23. Any news on MAX Consultant Manager Kalyan?Where is he now? Do you have any idea about Kalyan. Please help me with the contact number. All his landlines are not working, mobile is also the same

  24. how much do you have paid????

    do not waste time.Now almost all consultancies have declared the candidates and refunded the amount.

    if you wait further, you will loose the money like me.
    hurry to file FIR

    • Hi
      I applied from onsite , they are slowly barring the incoming calls to their phones. Better late than never to file a case. That fellow Kalyan boorla phone is also cut off.

      • Did anyone applied through Grey Parrot technologies?

        They are no providing the updates regularly regarding refunds.
        I really don’t want to loose money.
        I feel they are cheating.

  25. Guys who ever have applied from MAX, Just loose you hopes. They havd cheated everyone in 2014 and now they continued this year also. Not even single person got VISA, Its time to form as union and attack MAX

    • Guys,

      I am one of victim with max last year.Accordingto them i got selected in HP and i have got lottery.I paid 2 lacks.Till today no update.

      kindly let us assembe and will file aFIR against bugger,Kalyan

  26. Hi,

    If you people applied for H1B process for 2016 from MAX Consultant.
    Please forward me your contact to 8050776073.

    Better will form a whatsapp group to track the updates.


  27. Hi Guys,
    Has anyone applied through Gateway Group Tech? I applied through them and there is no update till now…

    • hello Friend,
      I think h1 results are out and there is no chance for other.
      where did you apply from india or USA.

      • yes I know results are out. I just wanna check if there people waiting to hear from them if there are any.I applied from India.

        • Hi, even i applied for H1B for 2016, through Max Consultant. But till now, they didnt declared my draw result. Waiting for the best.
          anyway all the best for you 🙂

          • Hi Uday Kiran ,

            if you are applied from Max consultancy Hyd, it is a fraud consultancy , last year they did not send even a single person , understand and take your money back.

            max Fraud

          • Hi,
            No, they are not responding to my calls, i recently sent a mail to them.
            after 5 days they responded, saying ” Even we are also eagerly waiting for the draw results from our Attorney . Hope we will get back soon.”

            I talked to the person – Abhilash , 2 Weeks back. Told will get results in one or two weeks. But no update from then.
            I dont know, what these ppl are cooking without declaring draw results. I am really frustrated, Not able to plan my future endorsements. But still having little hope.

            Hoping for the best


          • Now abhilash gone and thy r saying kalyan is gonna take care of all from now on and kalyan is asking to wait till October.

            Not sure wht thy r thinking but already started getting feel tat v have been cheated big time

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