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Websites for reviews of H1B Sponsoring Consultancies in USA. Desi Consultancies /IT Consultants

I was just browsing and found these as interesting to share for H1B seekers who wish to look for a potential sponsor or transfer between consulting companies. Supposedly, couples of these sites that I list below are very popular and were quoted in CNBC article of “America’s high-tech sweatshops”.

Goolti and Desi Crunch

The reviews are mostly anonymous or given a Tom, Dick and Harry name… Some might be misleading, but something to check out! There is no guarantee that the reviews are right or wrong, the websites disclaimer is clear on this…Good motto by the desi cruch to bridge the gap among various H1B visa desi consultants.

Note :  Most of the below comments about H1B Sponsors are negative.  Please be aware that these are comments added by individuals of companies, competitors and many others that may hate such companies. We do NOT vouch for any of the comments made as they are not made by us.

Under federal law (Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act), our Blog RedBus2US.com is NOT legally liable or responsible for information posted by public, general users or third parties that contains remarks that are defamatory for a company or individual.


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  1. Hi All,

    Max consultant is guanine, i have not faced any problem with them.
    On time communication
    All guanine documents
    And i am agreed for all the condition of the max consultant.

    Normally in H1B visa, it will take time, we have to wait for that.
    Finally it is the best.

    • Hi Prasanna,

      Lets be realistic. Just calling up regularly over phone and or sending emails and giving updates isn’t called on-time communication. For the trust to be maintained, we should be given with the copies of the i797, filed petition and any documents from the client which indicates the genuineness of the H1B visa being processed by Max on behalf of candidate in question and the employer.
      For the year 2014, Max staff collected documents in the month of December of 2013, and till date, they have not provided any formal communication (EAC number, i797, employeer offer letter) to the candidates on their H1B visa processing.


      Vivek Verma

      • Hi Vivek,

        Did you go through the process with max consultant, just wanna know if everything is ok or stay away from them as i’m also trying to get through there process?

        • Hi Sudheer,

          In my personal opinion, stay away from Max and do not pay them anything until they show you at least a single candidate’s H1B visa processing document who applied for last year.

          I bet you they wont provide it.



    • All the guys who have visited Max for checking their I-797 copy, are you able to make a note of your H1b receipt number. Please make a note of it, can be useful in some situations.

        • are they covering the case number on I-797 copy with something, if not it is easy to remember. Need to remember only last eight digits

    • Either you are displaying peaks of positiveness or you are one of the Max consultant fraud group. If it is the first one, hats-off for your patience. If it is the other one then your max consultancy is at the end of lifeline and very soon will be seen in media

  2. Hi Friends,

    I Challenge that the Kalyan Rascal will dont give the i-797 document , becoz it is the fake document .
    Please trust me , he is the A1 culprit .

    All the best guys..

    • I am also the victim of Max consultant, even paid the premium amount. I think the time has come to file a case against kalyan so that he cannot run away with our money in this moment and also prevent him from trapping new H1b aspirants. Tomorrow i will be visiting the Panjagutta Police station and explain the H1b process that the Max consultant is following and how many are trapped by them since one year. I think they can give us a clear picture about these kind of consultancies and how to proceed

  3. Dear Friends,

    Yesterday I got mail that they have received my I-797 approved copy and also they called me to see the copy of I-797. Today I visited the MAX office and I saw my approved photo copy of I-797 petition.

    I know that it has been long time we have waited to hear this, but at last I think our dream will come true to work in US.

    Guys hope for the best, they have received around 70 copies of approved petitions. Rest will also hear new updates soon.

    All the best!!!

    • If they are ready to show the photocopy to us then they could have just mailed it us. Why are they asking us to come visit their office and see it. if their process is genuine then they have to handover the original to us at the time of visa stamping. What is harm in giving a photocopy now and moreover some of us has already given them a written agreement

  4. Guys,

    Be Cautious with MAX and Kalyan Specifically. They are the BIG Fraud and soon will be visualized in the News Paper and Social Media Sites.
    As we are the victims and already lost money, its should be our vision to guide other folks not to fall under their trap and waste their hard earn money. Most importantly, they are playing mind games.

    Deep !

  5. Dear Friends,

    Please dont believe the max people until you see the orginal documnet ?
    whether the showed orginal copy or the photo copy or the photo in a mobile just like EAC Number ?

    Please dont believe in max and suffer and also dont pay a single Rupee.

    Kalyan as he given the final date as 31th Jan , he just showing the 1-797 that to not original (it is just a biscuit i guess)


    • All the H1B aspirants be aware of Max, they would first promise that they will refund money then would say will not refund and then will waste your whole year and will give you new dates every week, months. As per my experience pls dont fall in thia long waitong trap untill you see atleast somw no. Of original docs of their previous candidates.

      Im having serious concerns now over them as they have not fullfilled their promises. And not shared a single original document to show their genuineness. Believe me im a neutral member of this forum. And telling you this my heart out. Its better to apply for australia or canada PR then going with max. Or Pls wait till somw geniune people tell that they got stamped through max consultant.

    • New Update from Max: May take a month or more for our interviews to get scheduled. The Client has not even generated offer letters it seems. As soon the client finds a right project for H1b applicants, he will generating the offer letter. Don’t know on what project basis they have filed a H1b petition for the applicant. I think we will lose a chance to apply for next year H1b also by the time we get to know the fraud of this Max consultant

  6. Dear Friends,

    Yesterday I got mail that they have received my I-797 approved copy and also they called me to see the copy of I-797. Today I visited the MAX office and I saw my approved copy of I-797 petition.

    I know that it has been long time we have waited to hear this, but at last I think our dream will come true to work in US.

    Guys hope for the best, they have received around 72 copies of approved petitions. Rest will also hear new updates soon.

    All the best!!!

  7. Hi Folks,
    i applied for H1B through MAX Consultant for 2014-15 and today they called me to office to show I-797 doc,i saw my approved copy, more than 60 clients got their I-797 copies and I think you can trust this firm and go ahead with your visa process.

    I too experienced the delay but one thing i can say that they are trying real hard to make my USA travel come true. I would recommend anyone aiming to have a smooth free process to go to MAX consultants and get their H1B without any hassle.


  8. Hi Folks,
    i applied for H1B through MAX Consultant for 2014-15 and today they called me to office to show I-797 doc,i saw my approved copy, more than 60 clients got their I-797 copies and I think you can trust this firm and go ahead with your visa process.

    I too experienced the delay but one thing i can say that they are trying real hard to make my USA dream come true.
    Reach me @9700453297
    Cheers !!!!

    • Hi Liyakhath, after reading your review it seems i can trust MAX, i wanna apply for me and my wife. I will wait for your process to get complete. Plz post me with latest update on ur process. i tried calling you but u said u are in some meeting. Plz do call me i wanna discuss.

    • Hi yesterday i met max people and they are saying 14 feb as last date but i am not fully convinced as not a single person is stamped yet.
      plz update me with your status by 13feb..plz..based on that ill take decision to go for max or not

      • Hi Guys,
        Isnt this odd to see same kind of reply from the people who got a confirmation from Max on their I797 copies ? So the question is, if these guys had got their copy of I797, why all 4 of them would have a same kind of reply as mentioned below ??

        Here is the reply from these users
        [ Sidhartha
        Nilesh P. Patel
        Mithilesh pindi
        Liyakhath ]

        Hi Folks,
        i applied for H1B through MAX Consultant for 2014-15 and today they called me to office to show I-797 doc,i saw my approved copy,
        more than 60 clients got their I-797 copies and I think you can trust this firm and go ahead with your visa process.

        I too experienced the delay but one thing i can say that they are trying real hard to make my USA dream come true.

        • Hello Folks, it’s been a long time that many of your are been cheated from MAX Consulting company. If they have your petition approved they should give it to you so you can go to a US embassy to get your visa stamped on your passport. It’s as simple as that. I’ve been through H1B process in the past, so I know how it’s work.

        • Hi Vivek,
          You got the point. Looks like there are not genuine people . It is just an copy of the same content with name change. Any dumb guy can understand it is written by single person with different names. I dont know if i have to proceed with these MAX consultancy or not.


  9. Hi Friends,

    It’s been more than 2.5 months since my H1-B petition got approved and It’s been close to 2 months since my employer received an approval notice, but I’m still waiting for H1-B approved notice and other supporting documents from my employer. My employer has not sent any documents yet. They just informed me that my petition was approved and they are working on it for stamping process but after that there is no more response from their side. Can anyone please throws some light on this kinda situation? Is this wait normal?

    Thanks & Regards,

  10. Hi everyone. I am reading your posts for the first time and notice a lot of questions about consultancies that are requesting money from you first, and then promising to refund it if you are not selected in the lottery or if you are not approved.

    I have been doing research to start my own consultancy one day, so my answer may not be correct. But from what I read on many websites, including the USCIS website, the employer CANNOT charge you any money for processing your H1B application. It is ILLEGAL. It is the employer’s responsibility to pay all fees associated with it, including the FRAUD fees.

    Regarding a refund for the lottery, look at this website: http://www.murthy.com/2013/04/11/h1b-lottery-understanding-case-selection/

    It states that if the USCIS cashes the checks from the employer fees that are submitted with the application, then that means your application is accepted into the lottery system for processing. If the USCIS does not process the fees that were paid with the application, that means that your application did not make it into the lottery. So if you are not selected in the lottery system, then your employer never has to spend any money. Therefore, they should never require any money up front from you at all. This is all fraud and ILLEGAL.

    I am very sad to hear about the abuse and exploitation of hard workers by greedy consultancies. This is the reason why I want to start a consultancy one day to help some of my friends, who are suffering from these companies. They do not help them find jobs, do not help them find housing, and take half their pay into their pockets, while my friends have no bed to sleep in. This is crazy.
    Anyhow, if you have any questions, I will try to research them to see how I can help, as I need to understand this process better as well to sponsor my friends one day. Good luck to you all!

  11. Dear Friends,
    One of my friend got offer from mobuz solutions company/consultancy. They are saying that they will initiate H1B -2015 process & will offer a job in US after the petition processed successfully. But they are asking to deposit RS 50k initially in their bank account & it will be refundable if his application is not picked in H1B lottery. Could you please me know if anyone of you (or) your friends know about this company, process & how much reliable they are.

    • You must not pay any kind of deposits. Legally, they can not ask for any deposit money for filling H1b in USA. They can collect the H1b visa fees from your pay check. If some one asks for money first, most likely a fraud company or not a good one. Ask them to bill it from your first paycheck after getting you a job. Usually H1b visa fess are $1500-4000 depending upon type which you can pay them easily in first one or two paychecks.

    • DO NOT PAY THEM! The USA law prohibits any company from charging you money to process your H1B visa. Even taking from your paycheck is illegal. The company must pay all H1B sponsorship fees. I have heard many stories of consultancies taking money from people and disappearing. So do not give them anything

  12. Hi Guys,

    I would suggest not to go with MAX. They have not provided any sort of formal communication and i hope there are many in queue still and awaiting for previous year H1B, then how would someone trust them for this year.


    • hi any update from Max for final interview dates.

      Did anybody go for interview or beend confirmed for interview.

      please say yes or no
      I’m still hopeful.

        • Not yet, expecting something to happen in jan.

          Please all keep praying that all our efforts yeilds a fabulous future for all of us.


  13. Hi Mohan,
    Whom did you receive that email from ?
    From what i know, no one who applied for H1B, last year thru Max, received any sort of formal communication, either EAC #, Employeer Offer Letter etc.
    I’d be interested to know who from Max sent you that email.

  14. Hi Guyzz,

    Few days back, I received an email from Max Consultant. I think that they started collecting docs for filing April 2015. I would like to know that Any one of you got H1B thru dis consultancy last year. Shal I believe and proceed with them?

    Waiting for your early response


      • Hi Guys..Heard that all the people who applied for 2014 thru max,will be going to meet Kalyan on 18th.Also heard that Vijay and aneesha have been sacked for question on behalf of candidates..

        • This is absolutely a FRAUD company. We are already experienced the process from January-2014 to till date. No Result…

          Be aware of this Consultancy and avoid paying single amount.

          • So whats up guys ..we have successfully completed 1 year together in this H1b boat(MAX).. Instead we should have aimed @ some thing else..I guess every one is in same situation since then..emails, phone calls for status(every one might have called at least 100 times to Max)..what kalyan n staff is getting out of this..Keeping everyone in dilemma..taking every one’s mental peace, literally killing the people by wasting the time..If they have issues with other people like attorney or employer ..they should explain us..what ever Kalyan is doing ..its not fair…its 1 year long long wait..atleast now he should speak

  15. Hi All,

    I guess Max consultancy & H1Base India are one & the same.

    Is Kalyan’s number +919989133327? if not could you share Kalyan’s number.

  16. If you want to waste your money pay for their “service”. I spent $200 on the pro service and haven’t received a SINGLE response for 3 months. I guess its worth mentioning that I have 2 master degrees, 3.9 GPA (finished with honors), speak fluently in 3 languages (including German) and have 2 years of experience. Oh, and I received tons of calls/emails from companies I applied through linkedin and other recruiting agencies. Apart from that they don’t provide any refunds!! H1base is WORTHLESS!!!

  17. Hello Friends,

    Has anybody appeared for an h1 visa stamping interview from H1base India or in a process of scheduling the same?

    Please let me know as I have also applied from them and not getting any response now.

    You can give me a call on 9890304131.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


  18. Hi Guys..Did any appeared H1 B visa interview so far from Max?.Heard that for people who have intw on 5th did not receive the docs.For they said intw on 17th and 19th..Not yet recd any docs as of now…Fingers corssed…..

    • None of the candidates attended the interview who had their dates scheduled for 17th and 19th Nov 2014. Reason being that
      if the candidates get their visa approved, then they have to start to USA the very next month and since December is a
      holiday season the employer will be unavailable, so their dates have been moved to JAN 2015. But he is not talking about the documents they had to get even if their dates were postponed.
      And for candidates who have their petition approved will have their interview dates in JAN 2015 for the same reason that the employer will be on vacation in DEC 2014.

      There is nothing good i have seen/heard till time from MAX CONSULTANT. They have never fulfilled anything they said,
      when i asked them if at least one guy had got the documents completely? they say promptly “NO”. And in return they say if
      you want you can back-out and your 70+k will be returned if you are premium candidate or wait till JAN 2015. Till time we are not aware if they have really filed our H1B petition or not and he does not want to prove it as well.
      I am soon going to get a case filed against these guys if I do not get a proper response or update.

      • Yea, what can you expect from them ? The least the could say is backout rather than fulfilling the promises they have been making from the time we started the paper work last year.
        Initially, all of the Max staff said that the interview dates cannot be cancelled or rescheduled and as of this date they couldn’t give any confirmation on the application status. No EAC number, No
        i797 copy, No offer letter from employer. They’re just buying time and wasting our time by giving us false hopes. I suppose there is no point in following up with them anymore, coz, they ain’t gonna be providing us any sort of formal communication or prove it that we have been thru in the lottery system and that our petition is filed and we’ve got the offer from the employer.

        • Hi Guys,

          I’m sorry to tell you this, but this MAX company is a fake company. A few years ago I’ve been through this H1 process and I know how it works. All the stories MAX tell you are BS. You should sue this company NOW!

        • Hi All

          I to have the same problem with MAX . They haven’t shown me any proof of getting selected . As i hold a B1 they ask me to travel on B1 and apply for change of status which will take 04 to 08 weeks of time and i cant work till then . I am kind of confused on what to do I am really not sure what’s the problem with documents . I am sure they are not fraud but this is not how they should be operating .


          • What do you mean they asked you to travel on B1 and apply for a change in status ? I dont think that there is such an option available. Can you give more info about the same ?

          • Hi Raj,
            Any further progress on the status of your H1B with MAX consultant. They have told me the same thing that you have mentioned, looks baseless to me. What are you thinking now?

            Guys, anyone know if Max Consultant have got H1B stamping done for anyone in this month or last month.


          • Hi Raj,

            It doesnt look all that simple as mentioned by MAX to convert B1 to H1b. Search in Google for COS (Change of Status) from B1 to H1b and you will find plenty of links with many pros n cons.
            Its not an advisable option to do as claimed by multiple posts.




  19. Hi , can anyone below please solve my problem .

    I am a b-tech graduate , got 3 years of work experience.

    Can anyone please tell me which would be the best option to go USA .
    1 –> To apply for H1 visa via some consultancy or

    2 —> to take GRE\Toefel and then go as a student , make a job like that.


    • Hi Sri90,


      I am a b-tech graduate , got 3 years of work experience.

      Can anyone please tell me which would be the best option to go USA .
      1 –> To apply for H1 visa via some consultancy or —-> if you have 3 yrs of Work Exp ,if you are still working in xyz company then whats the issue going though xyz for H1/L1…if you have not been able to get any opportunity in your present firm then ,i would suggest you to wait for your turn…if you still have confidence that you won’t be able to get an opportunity then the best possible option left for you is to wait for your turn..

      i would not recommend you to apply on your own ,since applying on your own is like trail and error and you will have 1000% hopes dreaming about it and you will end up chasing fraud consultancies…to make us/any one fool is very easy..so better dnt apply H1/L1 on your own at any cost………

      2 —> to take GRE\Toefel and then go as a student , make a job like that. —–> yes this will be the best channel ,but however below are pro’s and con’s

      US degree is the most valuable across the globe even if you come back to india you will respected well what ever job you take..

      suppose if you have applied for F1 this coming FY15 –> definitely you will get visa with minimum parameters…Good gre/Toefel/BE/BTECH — good acads…

      you will complete MS/MBA from abc univ …you will get work permit (OPT/CPT)….you will be trained in an consultancy with xyz technologies and you will get a job ..which is not a big deal….


      suppose you have plans to settle down in USA like every indian….you ever leaves india to pursue masters/MBA have seen any one returning…no chance (may be very less %tage of folks)

      after completing or during the OPT visa stay you will always have plans revolving in you mind ..yes now it’s time for me to think to get H1 ….yes as you have already done your masters from us univ and currently working in USA yes there will be a great chance of your application getting picked up,,with the above parameters…..

      now what if scenario — suppose if things/time didn’t favour you…then the challenges…

      suppose your H1 is not picked up in lottery..yes dnt get shocked i have seen many of my frnds application was not picked ….and you OPT stay is abt to end then you have the option is again enroll for some schools and you need to pay the tution fees and also need to attend the classes…which will drag you into depression…in us if you are in H1 along with Job then only you can chase your dream and plan you stay over there….

      if you dnt have any family problems in terms of financial crisis –> i would alwways recommend you to go through Student Visa (F1) which will always be a safe bet ,bcoz the tax will be very high on H1 wen compared to OPT when you are working..and more over you will get used to US work/education culture and you will have get to know all the pro’s and con’s…and Networking …will definitely fetches you…

      if you have family problems/Financial Problems—-> i would never ever recommend you to apply H1/L1 on your own through any xyz consultancy….

      dnt put your family in trouble by applying H1 on your own through xyz consultancies ..these xyz consultancies are here to fool/bluff ppl and cash on there weakness…my go ahead and take a right decision…

      All the Very Best……….

      Sachin Tendulkar

      with out taking any daring step you will not succeed
      need to have lot of courage…

      if you have courage then choose your path…..

      • Hi Sachin,

        I am completed BSC Computers in 2005 then took one year break for MSC preparation by the time my father expired so could not able to complete MSC Computers due to financial problems. Started doing marketing jobs parallely learned few s/w courses finally I got a s/w job in 2010. Total I have 5+ years of experience now. I would like to apply H1B this year but my worry is lottery pick up again, can you please suggest me which one would be better either H1 or F1…….

  20. Hi all:
    I have applied my US Visa via a consultant in Hyderabad this year. As per request from them I sent them a DD favouring USCIS for $500 ( Fraud verification Fees). They initially told me this money will be refund if my application was not picked in lottery. Then my application was not picked in lottery. Now they are refusing to refund that money saying it isn’t refundable. I have 2 questions.
    1. Is Fraud verification fees refundable from USCIS?
    2. If yes, how do I get my money back from USCIS through the consultants?

    Thanks in advance

    • Niranja,

      I also appliedin MAX.. i am sure they told that the amount that we paid for LCA is not refundable. before itself.. not sure whty they told u otherwise…. whom did you contact to ?? Kalyan?? any more information let me know.. i can help…

      call me on 8333097410

      • Hi Jai,

        Apologies on delay man. Company name is H1base India. It’s not max. So do you mean every year USCIS take USD 500 from all candidates who apply for H1b and don’t refund that amount even if he/she doesn’t get selected in lottery. Thats hell lot of money they are earning from unlucky candidates.


      • Hi All,

        I have also applied through “MAX CONSULTANCY” – as i have scrolled down through all the posts from various people.

        even i have lot of doubts about this consultancy…

        imagine 25000 from each individual total 200+ people have applied through this consultancy.

        25000*200= 50 Lakhs

        if they trap us in a fraud it will be a big fraud.

        couple of questions/doubts i still have

        if they have applied for 200+ ppl they consider 10-20-30% ppl’s applications got picked ,then why are they not providing us the proof that they have applied.

        suppose if they don’t know the status of the applications which they have applied ,why don’t they have the status of at least one person??

        i am 500% sure ” Dal mein Kuch Kala Hein” ,folks let’s be alert with all the sufficient documentation proof what ever we have like the DD receipt/if you have transferred the Money over online get the Bank statement handy and collect the Phone numbers/names we have whom we have interacted with.

        Note : it’s really a big mistake from our end as well ,getting cheated in this way.

        before approaching Police need to collect all the documentation from our end as well.

        if any one is up to support me then it will be encouraging for us.

        if they have the rejection letter then fine no offences ,but if they failed to provide then we need to cautious and proceed further .

        Lets Unite and collect all your email address so that we all can fight for the answer from them.

        25k is not easy money man ,it’s hard earned money from each an every individual………….

        • Please let me know your mobile number I hv few contacts I can gather er r everyone to one place… What is the deadline that we need to give to them?

          • Hello All,

            I am also in to fight against Max. I have been enquiring with my cousin, who is in US, about the max process, he is sure that there is something fishy about this.

            By September end we all should come to a conclusion about what can be done.


          • Even I have applied through Max. Now the question is the amount that we have paid; that is to US government not to MAX. One thing is possible.. Max has opened a bank account in the name of USCIS and Kalyan has taken all the money. In that case, yes they are fraud and we have no hope. On the other side if this bank account is not fake then till now MAX has not received a single penny. They can offer us a US visa or may not. The matter still remains fishy. But I am sure they could have let us know something by now. How about all of us who have applied through MAX go to their begumpet office together. That will surely give him a serious threat.

          • MAX Fraud : everyone is just writing comments. Nobody is exchanging phone numbers. This way how can you guys really plan things I dont understand.

          • Hi All,

            As per Max all your Cases are picked in Lottory?

            In my Case we are 3 people you applied in Max, One of my friend Slot has been blocked in Nov they only paid 11 thousand change amount as well , Mine and my Friend cases are Approved .

            My question is if MAX was fraud ,we have paid the money in March now it is September itis (6 Months) , they would have gone long back.

            The thing is they need to clearly say whats the status so that we can wait.

            Dont loose the Hope Guys , it is the matter of Pacience .

            If they are really fraud , we can catch them



          • H1 Visa,

            We have patience, and sure we are not loosing trust.. but based on the feedback/comments that we see in this forum creates a big confusion.. so we want to have atleast one confirmation from anyone like you.. can you provide your number.. we would like to talk to you about the same.. Thanks

          • Hi Guys,
            Why don’t you check your consultants history on myvisajobs.com. You will be able to find all the application details of your employer.

        • Hi All,

          we are wondering we are already in the month of SEPT ,why the hell these guys are taking lot of time to give us the correct update.

          Step 1
          If the interview’s have been conducted initially ,then how many people have seen their offer letter’s

          Step 2
          sent the applications for lottery system

          Step 3
          out come of the applications

          Step 4
          Here is the situation…

          if xyz’s applications got picked in lottery ,the responsibility of the consultancy guy’s is to provide you the legitimate documentation as a proof

          Tracking number –> any one can bluff/fool you by providing any number…:)

          here comes the cock and bull stories

          abc – yourself
          consultant guy – any one from Max Consultancy guys – 123

          abc – hi my name is xxx what happened to my application
          123 – yes your application got picked in the lottery
          abc – thanks a lot for the good news ,can you please provide/show me the tracking number
          123- WAC-14-210-57363 – is your tracking number ,but they will only show you in thier mobile…:)
          abc – wow …my application got picked and they showed me my tracking number….
          123 – congrats…
          abc – can you please show me the Employee offer Letter ,I797 form please…..
          123- we haven’t received it yet we will let you know once we have received any further communication from usa/so called employer’sssss….
          abc – as a common aspirant we will buid our dreams ,we will attend the visa ,our visa will be approved ,we will fly to usa ……..in couple of months…
          123 – we are scheduling your visa interview on MMM-DD-YY date ,please come down to offic e once.
          abc – wow …sure
          123 – ok you need to sign on agreement ,post dated cheques and fill the DS160 word document form…:)
          abc – ok but ,before signing can you please provide me the offer letter /I797 letter and also show me the client offer letter..i need to check in the form i797 whether my name /passport number is there and also my petition duration..visa expiry date?
          123 – we will provide you all these details ,before that you need to sign the above mentioned documents.

          abc – then things look fishy….

          how many people’s applied for FY14 — 240 (Approx)
          how many ppl’s application got picked — 143 (approx) — speculated count- not sure
          how many ppl’s status not confirmed yet ?
          how many ppl have seen thier I797 copies /DS160?
          how many ppl have at least seen/received – rejection letters from USICS – stating you application is not picked in the lotery
          how many of you visited office in the recent past?

          let’s consider the positive side of MAX

          if they want to cheat any one of you ,they would have ran away once they have collected all the money
          if they are fake then ,why are they specifically insisting to accept only genuine work exp guys/gals
          suppose if they are angry about you that you are keep on calling and irritating them over the phone to find out the status on you application ..they can keep you application beside

          in the above scenario they can’t do ,if your application is picked up then they will get lot of money on you.

          here comes the Staff – Mr Kalyan – he is a very arrogant guy – he always gets irritated and doesn’t give proper response ,dnt know the reasons – we can assume too many things revolving around him – money – ppl – maintaining the office…blaw blaw

          next comes the staff – anusha/bharath/vijay – dnt know what they convey to the applicants ,but no one can keep faith on their talks.

          This is not the first time we have this kind of situation we have so many numerous situations…

          once thing i can say positively …from the Management point of view – there are people working in the consultancy which is their bread and butter so i feel that they will also be in a dilemma where they will end up with this consultancy.

          so action items

          if you have no faith – please form a group and discuss among you self’s and come to a decision.
          if you have faith – wait patiently and believe in your destiny….

          why are they taking so much time?
          how can kalyan afford such huge amount to invest on any abc personal upfront? how do he has such trust on any personal?
          if you guys (Max) are genuine why don’t you speed up the process and come with a quick solution?
          as you know this year’s success will definitely give you a great edge for the next comming year.

          if you guide us with honesty and frankness ,we will definitely support you to get good business with our network…hope you have lot of watch dogs kept on these blog….

          as we know you will be watching/scanning all the posts daily …

          pls do good work ,if you give the good direction to ppl ,i am sure you will definitely reach great heights in future and your business/consultancy will be blessed with lot of name and money.

          • Priyanka,

            We really agree with all the stuff that you wrote here about max pro’s and con’s,,,, I was in the same situation till now .. was waiting for the hope that somebody who has seen their interview docs/any valid document from MAX… just now I have talked to a person who have the confidence on MAX and seen the valid documents…lets start trusting them instead of going in to a depression…even we do have spent enough money and time on this…. lets wait for two more months as most of the interviews are going to be conducted in the month of Nov….so we will get the big picture of it…

            As you have told.. I agree that if MAX can speed up the process/atleast if they show any proof to all of us that would avoid lot of confusions and will lead to the improvement of brand name of MAX …and also help to get more H1B applications next year…..

            Also as this is the first time for the MAX folks to deal with lot of applications, chances are high for undergoing confusions/providing updates very slow/organizing slightly different from other consultancies.. let hold all of us expectations tight.. and have a faith in GOD and MAX…..

            I hope they will fulfill their promises….

            Note: I am not a MAX employee….

          • Priyanka,

            I do understand all of the pro’s & con’s that you have stated here.. Till now I was under same impression like everybody here.. I had waited till this month and started posting here to get confidence if anybody will share their experiences about MAX…..recently I had discussed with one of the person who has seen their valid documents/interview form..I think we need to start trusting them and have a confidence…

            I do accept the MAX guys should little bit speed up the process/ at least need to show the valid proof to everybody who had applied H1 this year…

            Few of the applications are scheduled for the interview in the month of nov, so lets wait till then to get a big picture of MAX… as we had already spent money & time on this since a year… so lets not loose hope on the last minute of it…

            I agree that MAX started last year and this is the first time for them to deal these many applications so we may see little bit slow in the process.. but lets have trust on the GOD as well as MAX to have a bright career….

            Note: I am not a max employee…

          • Hello,

            People who have faith in Max process, how long u guys wanna wait?
            Any how we will come to a consensus decision.

            Please drop ur contact number and name at below we will form a whats app group and proceed further


          • Hi Anjali,

            We can get easily job. But the thing is we need to get H1B visa . Once visa is we get easily job. I have many friends in USA. I was was working 2 years there. If any want to job i can guide you. If any doubt please contact me below no.Please don’t believe MAX .


          • Hey guys,

            Anyone here whose H1B visa has been scheduled in the month on November thru Max?
            If so, pls share your contact details.


          • Hi Guys,

            People who are having Appointment on Nov 3 as per Max , didnot show the documents still(I-797 document and offer letter) , dont know

            whether they are playing with us?

            Dont know whether the Kalyan is present or not ?

            we are loosing hope on Max

            we should make the decision and met them

          • LOL. In one of the previous post, someone mentioned that Max will give the copy of i797, offer letter and all the visa related documents a week before the interview schedule, if the candidates have still not received there docs, then
            God Bless us all. 🙂

          • Hey guys,
            I am sincerely worried about consultants like these that are bringing down the reputation and reliability of the rest of the industry. If you need a smooth processing of your transformation from OPT/CPT/GC into a great job, kindly contact us at 2018991507.We will make sure you get your life sorted

        • Hi All,

          Thanks guys for active and legitimate updates form your end.
          this really gives us a bit hope about Max.

          please let’s all together wait patiently and see what happens ,since we have interacted with various people now at least we can sense a hope which is rising in a positive manner.

          people who all have seen their I797 or DS160 forms with their Last Names along with Passport numbers and the petition validy and the client/employer sponsors name and also if your visa interview is scheduled, need to speak up and lift up our hopes!!

          i know every one have Max hopes about the Max……!!!

          Note : we all know this is tough time to pass ,let’s hope for the best!!!

          any updates appreciate if ppl speak up!!!

          • HI Guys,

            We have waited for 6 months , cant we wait for another one month .

            some have slots in Nov 1 week and 3 weeks , then we will get clear picture.

            if we take decision quickly , we dont get our money back and we dont get VISA as well.

            be positive

            all the best

            i am not max employee

          • Folks,

            Quick Update,

            i have spoken to some of the ppl ,their visa interview’s have been blocked and now iam 100% sure.

            request every one to be patient and stay calm for couple of weeks ,i do feel this process is legitimate.

            since Max folks (Consultancy) guys have been processing for the first time ,it will be very difficult for them ,since they are also dependent on some other process back in USA.

            i will definitely take back my doubtful/frustrated/negative comments.

            i have done enough research on this.

            yes we need to wait for couple of weeks once the visa interview process is completed for the couple of folks whose interview is already scheduled in couple of weeks.

            this positive response i am expressing only after reaching out to all the folks whose applications have been processed for the interview levels.

            couple of important concerns

            why max folks are delaying –> since they are also dependent on USA folks (Attorney/sponsors/employers)
            no quick/appropriate response from max guys —> since they are in the process of streamlining the process going forward.
            why are they not providing the prooof(documentation) if the applications accepted/rejected—->as i told you they are in the process of stream lining the process.
            Money we spent on is it safe—> indeed this is tough questions to answer –> i have the answer for it—> if at all they want to cheat they would have done in an instant—> but it’s already been more than 6 months still the office is there and they are running the business.

            one good thing i have noticed —> they are accepting only genuine work exp from the ppl who are applying.

            yes i do agree i have made some aggressive comments —> after interacting with all the ppl and doing a detailed research on H1B visa process ,they are not fooling us.

            so guys be positive!!!

            i have only one doubt which is haunting me even in the sleep—-> there are lot of folks didn’t receive /missed –Technical Interview calls ,how they have processed those applications….???

            so rest of the things look clear for me…

            plz post your thoughts…….!!!

          • Hi Rakesh

            Good to hear some really confidence boosting news.
            Any idea for how many people decision got approved and out of which for how many people visa interviews have been scheduled!
            And how many people decision got approved out of total picked applications! pls share with s if u have any these statistics

          • Hi Guy,

            We can get easily job. But the thing is we need to get H1B visa . Once visa is we get easily job. I have many friends in USA. I was was working 2 years there. If any want to job i can guide you. If any doubt please contact me below no.


          • Sandh1,

            Do you have contact of the person who has interview scheduled on Nov 1st week… ?? I do have a contact for the people who has got scheduled for Nov 3 rd week.. If we try to get the contact of Nov 1st people we can get to know more information from them.. how the process is happening and all .. little bit early……

            what do u say guys??

          • Everybody,
            I am following all the updates since long time but first time I am replying on this forum… seems MAX is bluffing with all of us…. I Have restored my mailbox which we have asked to create initially…I have been told all of I797 forms/DS 160/interview letter/offer letters etc.. but I don’t see a single document there.. I would request all of you to restore your mailboxes and see if any stuff there.. If not, I am sure these guys are doing nothing.. just bluffing and playing with all of our careers….

            Please do it immediately and reply here whats the status.. if that is the same case with all of us.. lets go together and meet MAX before they shut down their office….

            Once we come to know it is fake company.. lets start informing new joinees also not to apply new H1 in MAX….

          • Hello,

            Just a thought, rather than having waited for such a long time in a hope that we will get a job offer thru this consultancy, i feel we all should have looked out for other safe and sure options, for ex, Australia and Canada PR, all you got to do is attend IELTS team, clear it, and depending on your preferred country, we can travel / stay on our own expense and look out for a job.
            And, if you believe in yourself, we can get a job easily.
            Atleast you have a citizenship for another country.
            The best part about having a PR for Cannada is after having worked in a company for 2 years in Cannada, we can migrate to USA easily.

            I feel this is the safe, secure and best option for all the people who are looking for overseas opportunity.



          • Hi Shilpa & All

            Please take little more time before coming to conclusions by understanding about my case.

            I have not paid any single penny since beginning to Max. I told them i will pay after processing later. They never asked me or insisted till now. My thought was to pay after clearing the process.

            But they have been timely informing through emails with my case status and when ever i check with them they give prompt response with whatever information they have pertaining to my case. They have also collected from me DS160 details without any payment and Mr.Kalyan and his staff Mr.Bharat & Mr.Abhilash were properly explaining with what ever information they have and told me to wait till November or December since my petition filed as general.
            Keeping my case in view please think little while why they should communicate me if at all they are such people who are waiting to collect money and run away. They shouldn’t have even told me in writing that my case has been picked up in lottery and wait for further process.

            I had even got call from US at the time of interview and it was 15 minutes interview. The questions i had faced were very valid and technically genuine as per my domain and experience.

            Please think that if at all assume that they are aiming to escape after collecting money from all , why they should inform me that my case has been picked up and why they should collect DS160 details and why they should promptly inform me the status with what ever information they have in their hand. ___ I request all to think logically before coming to conclusion on Max people.

            Regarding Shilpa’s query about collecting all email address, yes it is definitely raising a point of suspect. Even i have restored the email address but i have not found any information in that.

            Regarding her query this might be the case… Since they are newl processing H1B, initially they might have thought of collecting each candidate email ID to route all respective correspondence to their email IDs, But later once they pass on all the data to Attorney he might have used his own mechanism or his own email ids to route the information. Even initially they told so many things but in reality they have been changed based on convenience in the process.

            So i suggest all to wait some more time to see fruitful result and suggest to take time and think in different point of views before concluding on Max people.

            I am one of candidate just like you but based on my personal experience i would like to share with you.

            Ramakrishna Jampani

            I have applied through Max, my case was accepted on 6th May and still awaiting for Decision. I have come to know the process of decision itself will take from weeks to months time even 5 months. So all that we can do is to just wait and see.

          • Ramakrishna/shilpa,

            I agree what you say…

            whatever ramakrishna is correct.. they are not after money..but the only thing is about the process…. if it turns out something bad.. we loose our 1 year career .. that is what we all feel bad about ourselves… having all the hope throught the year and at the end if our turns the other way.. it won’t look good…. so as said… lets wait till Nov 3 to get to know the status of the person who is going to attend the interview..then everybody will be able to get the exact picture of MAX…..

            As always I said.. just trust GOD and then MAX…

          • Hi Ramakrishna & All,

            I too had lot of confidence on Max, but lost seeing all the suspicious comments going on, will wait for the result.

            Thanks for the reply it gives me some hope.

          • Hi,

            I am form pune and I have also applied for H1B petition via MAX CONSULTANT ,HYD. I did pay them 500$ USD to their account for fraud protection fee for USCIS. they did said that my case has been filled to USCIS and I have also received interview call before 1 Apr 14.
            After so many attempts they told me in the month of july/Aug that my petition is not picked up in lottery.
            After that I am asking them to send me receipt number which indicates that they have filled my petition. but I have not received any single information from MAX consultant. I am fighting still now to get EAC tracker number.

            Any one around with same case. Do we still trust MAX.

            Please whatsapp me on +91 8446136675

        • Hello All,

          Is there any one from max consultants who has attended H1 visa interview?
          Came to know from one of my source that Max haven’t applied h1b for all the candidates, they have collected money from 300+ candidates ranging from 20,000 upto 1,00,000rs and utilised the collected amount in filing h1b for 100 candidates only that too from small desi companies . It’s a new scam of utilising candidates money in filing visas and showing it as employer sponsor.Let’s assume 50+ cases got picked up in the lottery. After these 50+ getting the visa they are going the charge 2 months salary so imagine their earning 8 lakhs*50= 4crores

    • I also Applied through H1 Base India. I have sent emails so amny times and not getting any reply. my case was handled by Priyanka and Karthik is the Boss it seems.They didn’t come up with lottery results yet. Did you hear anything from them yet?

    • I mean.. is anybody who had applied from MAX .. got their chance to see their I797?? does your names on it?? I am just looking for one hope who can help me to confirm if they are trusty ??

        • Did not get your question.. are you asking me that my dates are booked?? In that case.. No.. they hv told my petition is selected in lottery.. No updates after that….

      • Hi Jai,

        I Applied from Max , and my Petition has beed Approved in USCIS.
        My slot has been blocked in Nov.
        Answers to your questions.

        1. They didnot show the I-797 Document,but they showed the scanned copy of DS-160 completed form, and the Appointment copy which we will take to Embacy.

        In the Appointment Copy it has Name , Passport no , and Barcode

        • Hi Raj,

          Thats great news really.. it avoids all of the folks confusion… who actually have a doubt on MAX… so you have seen your names on those forms right?? Can I have your mobile number… please want to talk to you personally.. or can u please call me @8333097410

          • Raj,
            Can u gv me a call on this number… Hope u r not a staff of max.. Making such comments and make people fool here… If u r really a h1b applicant call me on this number…. Let’s share our exp to these folks and let them get relief

          • Raj,

            Are you there?? Can we discuss over phone.. or post some more info…. so that really helps for all other folks who are really confused about Max process….

          • Hi,

            I have also applied for H1 through Max. But I was told (1 week back) that my status is still pending with USCIS. I really don’t know, how come this will happen, where decision was made on any one else’s petition.

            Also, I have recovered the mail account which I was asked to create at the time of paying $500 fee (I had given its password too. They told that they will use it on behalf of me later). When I checked that email 2 days back, I saw NO EMAIL conversations.

            Besides this, my company had filed L1 petition for me. Before attending the Visa interview, we need to file DS160 form. This needs to be done by the employee. Not sure, if they were really processing any H1 Visas.

          • Raj,

            Are you still checking the updates on this site?? If so, can you share if you have got any updates or call me on the number that I have given. would like to discuss with you on the info that you have got from Max as you described.. I am really worried about the processa nd updates.. plz

  21. Hello Guys,

    Got my H1B interview date on 12th and 13th of November. Did anyone else get any information about interview date from MAX ?

    • HI Sandy,

      Did Max People has shown any documents regardiing the interview ?
      Are they simple sent an email that your Interview has been blocked without any proof?

      Please confirm.

      • Hi Sud,

        I haven’t seen the document yet but also I haven’t sign the agreement yet.
        As per my knowledge, without the document we shouldn’t attend the interview and Max should provide the document before the interview then only I will sign the agreement and provide the cheque to them.

        • Hi Sandy,
          Can you provide your contact number to call you? Or just call me on 8446136675, I will call back as I am really need help to deal with MAX consultant.

      • Hi Arun,
        There are tow location where I have to go. For OFC I have to go to Hydrabad and for H1B interview, I have to go to Chennai.

        I think they intensionally have taken the appointment for Hyd because I haven’t submitted the cheque and signed the agreement with them.

      • Hi Arun,

        There are two location where I have to go.

        For OFC, I have to go to Hydrabad and for H1B interview I have to go to Chennai.

          • Dear All,

            Tdy i went Max Office and checked my visa appointment dates online…it is very clear they are very professional and they are very supportive team. i was believing them from the day one and they kept my confidence 100% always.
            i feel everybody shud believe them now….and wait for there turn and be POSITIVE. Now im free from all the background music.


          • DNR, Can you please provide your contact. would like to talk to you to get all my doubts clear.. I have also applied H1 through Max… I had the confidence on them initially.. but after reading all these reviews. i am slowly going in to deperession mode.. which i would like to come out of it.. need your help to talk….

          • Hi Jai and Sandeep,

            as per my case i need to wait till Nov first week (i have 100% faith on them). As per them they processed under Normal processing. i told u earlier we need to wait for our turn and don’t loose ur HOPE. all the the Best guys.

          • It seems that most of you don’t understand the H1B application process. As soon as your petition is approved, you’ll receive your I-797 approval Form, showing the visa validity, name of the sponsorship, etc….

            With that form, a job offer letter from the company that are sponsoring you, your passport, photo etc… you need to go a US Embassy or Consulate to get your H1B visa stamped in your passport. If you’re married, your wife will get H4 visa stamped on her passport as well. In some countries, you have to schedule an appointment before showing up in the US embassy or consulate.

            So to me, this MAX Consultancy company is fooling you guys.

          • DNR,

            Can I have your number please.. or can u call upon 8333097410 .. i would like to discuss with you on the documents that you have seen at MAX office… I need some infor from you please..

          • Hi Suraj

            When your application was picked and got in to acceptance stage?? and when did you get RFE stage ?? can you tell me…

            My case was in post pickup Acceptance but before initial review still since May 2015..

          • Hi Ven

            According to them my application is picked up in lottery and in acceptance before initial review. Since 3 and half months my application is in acceptance stage…. It is neither in REF nor Post Decision Approval stage.
            My application was picked on May 1st week according max !

            Can any one reply who is have similar status.

          • Hi Guys,

            Any one of you got the update from Max regarding EAC# or interview dates?

            Please paste ur email IDs here so that we can stay in touch if this Max really applied for H1 for us.

      • Hi Guys,

        Anyone staying in Hyd, who applied thru Max for H1B visited Max Office in person and inquired about their application status ?
        Also people who had their interviews on 3rd Nov heard back from Max about rescheduling of their interviews ?



  22. Hi All ,

    Did Max people has shown I 797 document to anyone of you ?

    Max people told me that my petition has been Approved on 08-july-2014 , and they have shown me my EAC number.

    We Cannot trust whether the EAC number is ours until we see the I 797 document.

  23. Hello,
    It is illegal to ask the H1B Applicant to pay the USCIS &/or LCA Amount.
    Some info about USCIS and LCA:
    – According to the U.S. Department of Labor, H1B workers can never be required to pay processing fees imposed by USCIS. Full information on this can be found at www.dol.gov/whd/regs/compliance/FactSheet62/whdfs62H.pdf (PDF 43 KB).
    – Any deduction for the employer’s business expenses that would reduce an H-1B worker’s pay
    below the required wage rate (20 C.F.R. § 655.731(c)(9)), including:
    • Any expenses, including attorney fees, directly related to the filing of the Labor Condition
    Application (Form ETA 9035 and/or ETA 9035E) (20 C.F.R.
    § 655.731(c)(9)(ii));

    I have not paid LCA Amount asked by MAX, and I wont be making any payment until and unless they produce Offer Letter or EAC Tracking number….

  24. Hi Guys,

    My name is Rahul, and i am working for the H1B visa thru Max Consultant and my case is being dealt by a consultant name, Anusha.

    I was asked to enter an agreement with them and submitt 5 post dated cheques. Following which Anusha, informed me the name of the employer who hired me, however, i do not have any details about the employment (No offer letter/ No email confirmation from employeer) nothing.
    EAC number would not give any details, saying this EAC number has been assigned to me, so the same was not given to me.

    However, I called last week and I was informed that they have scheduled my visa interview on 23rd & 24th October and they shall keep me updated about future proceedings and that all of the documents related to attending of US visa interview / i797, will be handed to us by their colleague in Chennai.

    This seems to be highly unusual as before you attend US visa interview, all the documents should be handy, with us and the visa application for should contain our photographs on the same.

    Anyone having additional information about US visa interview schedule/dates, kindly let post here, so everyone is aware.



    • Hi Rahul,

      Thanks for the information which you have provided. Anusha is also dealing my case. This is really weared that someone will provide us the required document in Chennai before interview. We are paying them a huge amount and they are not doing any favour on us. In one of the below discussion, I came to know that they have sent DS160 form to one of the candidate.
      Have you also filled DS160 form?

    • Hello Rahul,
      Did u attend the client interview in march 2014. Which company did u get selected? MAX ppl told me that, I got selected for a US company without any interview. It is very hard to believe that a US company selected a candidate without any interview. So I don’t trust MAX.


    • Hi Rahul,

      Have you got any confirmation on your visa Interview from MAX, as you have mentioned your interview dates have been scheduled on 23rd and 24th October.

      AS per whole conversation in this site, you are the only one whose slot has been booked in October, rest all candidates slots have been booked in November.

      So have you seen any confirmation from MAX like DS160 confirmation form. As they have the DS160 confirmation Form for those whose slots have been booked in November.

      If you have seen any documents then please reply, and what is your next step for the same. I went to MAX some days back, they have shown some around 13 DS160 confirmation forms whose slots have been booked in November.

      I dindn’t find any DS160 Confirmation Form for October. Could you please confirm with them and let me know.


      • Hi


        Did you received the documents. Please reply to understand the process how they are going to do.

        I think your interview dated on 23rd October which is 10 days ahead just.

        • Hi Ramkrishna,

          No, I have not received any documents, infact I have not received any details about my Interview Dates. I have enquired to MAX office, they have said there is no Interview Date has been booked in the month of October, all Interviews are going to start in the month of November only.

          Where is your state at the moment, did you visit MAX.

          Please let me know, what is your next step.

          • Ok
            Mine is also same no physical document seen… they have been telling me to wait.

            Since you have mentioned 23rd October in your previous posting.. i thought o buzz you to understand whether you got documents or not..

            I think people who got their interview schedules in November have no one got any documents. They were all told that docs will be given week days before interview date.

          • Anybody has contact number of the guy who got his interview scheduled on Nov 3rd 2014, As per Max they have the first date booked on Nov 3rd.

          • Hi,

            The Person who is having interview on 3rd, he still didn’t receive the documents. I have contacted MAX, they said his documents still have not received and Kalyan is not in India at the moment. But within one or two day all documents will come at MAX office then we can see.

            I hope they are not playing with all of us.

          • This is fun.
            Something is not right.
            Mr. Kalyan not being in India just around the corner when the interview dates are scheduled (if at all they have really scheduled) is really fishy.

          • The Person who is having interview on 3rd Nov didn’t receive the documents yet. I have contacted MAX, they said his documents still have not received and Kalyan is going to reschedule the interview if they don’t get bdocs by today..Any more hopes guys? Lets meet Kalyan once..what say??I’m going to meet them today..anybody will join? If anybody want to join leave message on whatsapp group..hope u guys r there in whatsapp group.

          • Do you really want to go to their office ? In one of the recent posts i read, someone mentioned Mr. Kalyan is out of India. And honestly, no more hopes from MAX, coz, rescheduling interviews are not easy as we think.

          • A recent post on FB

            City Crime Branch (CCB), Bengaluru City Busted Another FAKE JOB Consultancy…
            CCB busted another FAKE JOB Consultancy based on 1 more email input to DCP Crime. CCB F&M raided HUMAN RESOURCE PLACEMENT (HRP) SERVICES located at No. 28, 1st floor, Devegauda road, RT nagar. Bangalore.
            It has the same modus operandi. Collect data of unemployed job seekers from job portals & contact them over phone/email and promise guaranteed job in high profile companies for a Registration fee ~ Re 4000.
            Once registered, they would send the clients’ resume to fictitious companies. Fake email interviews were organised, in some cases none at all & obviously no one got the job.
            They made a partial refund only if a frustrated client made some hue & cry.
            A cursory check of records show that from August 2013 726 job seekers got registered by paying Re 30,80,000 and only 367 candidates were refunded a total of Re 12,29,000. Older data is being collected …
            In this regard Mr Abdul Ali, Accounts manager, Mrs Sayeeda Ruhi, manager, Mrs Tasmiya, Placement officer, Mrs Fatima, HR manager, Mr MD Meenhaj, p
            Placement & asst a/c officer have been arrested.
            Owner Mr Sayyad Gaus of Rajaji nagar is absconding. His search is on.
            Total 10 monitors, 8 CPU, 2 laptops, 15 landline phone sets, payment slips, company seal, cheques etc are seized.
            Investigation continues..
            Sri.Abhishek Goyal, IPS
            DCP-CRIME, Bengaluru City.

  25. My consultant told me as My Petition got approved. But they did not provide any document and suggesting to wait till July 3rd week. How I will track my H1B Approval.EAC No etc?

  26. Hi All,
    If you all search H1B tracker on this website.. Redbus2us then you will get to see how your case id looks. Ask max to show you details in this way. Please visit and click on view.

    • Hi H1B Applicant,

      Have you asked MAX to show your status in above mentioned way?

      Another question I have is that, Did anyone seen I797 or anyone got any update from MAX regarding the document?

      • Hi Sandy H1b,

        No I have not yet asked as I told them to show me the employer detail which I will verify and then sign any agreement with them. They have agreed to it as well. So I waiting. This tracker i saw and thought might help all as we all are sailing in the same ship…

        • Hi H1B applicant,

          Nice to hear that you haven’t signed the agreement yet. Even I told that once I will see my I797 then only I will sign the agreement and submit the cheques. Keep me posted, if you get any information from MAX regarding documents or anything.

          Take care.

          • Hi
            Sandy H1b, HIB Applicant,

            Did your petition has Approved State?

            Mine is Still in Intial review , How many days it will to get approved?

            Any idea.

          • Actually seeing the EAC no. is of no use as it does not have any other details. They can show your status to me and mine to you. I said I want employers details or I797 before I pay a single penny. There are few in this conversation thread who says that they have paid to max and signed agreement. I feel they are max’s employees who are trying to fool us by saying they have paid. We have to be very careful. Today in Times of India you can read a NEWS about a man offering job in Switzerland with office in Panjagutta got arrested. All the best to all…

          • Dear All,
            As my application got denaied from USCIS, applied through MAX and they themselves intimated us about my refund of $1225 of my Premium charges, which i paid for my H1B application. They asked me to visit the office to collect the Cheque. Any new information, please do inform me.

          • Yes I agree with you. I think Max employees are using female ids to provide positive feedback and to convince others to pay and sign the agreement

          • Hi Sud,

            I have not yet received my petition from MAX and they told me that they will not provide it due to security reason. 🙂
            I believe that Max might have shown you the petition number in there mobile phone. Please let me know if I am right or not.

          • Hi Suman K,

            Suman I want to know, did Max confirm earlier that your petition got approved and now they are saying that it got rejected?

          • I just got the update of my Denied decision only once. They are ready to refund the Premium charges of $1225 through a Cheque as per the agreement.

    • Hey Hi,
      Anyone have got any info about employers/offer letter from MAX consultant?? Did anyone attend the client[US company] interview in march 2014, as MAX consultant mentioned in their mail?


      • I got the information from MAX to fill the given word file of DS160. Filled and sent and given confirmation that they are booking my Visa interview appointment in Aug/Sept. Lets see till we get the confirmation. Did anyone got any appointment confirmation dates or any news………………..

          • Guys,
            Check the below link: http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/english/forms/ds-160–online-nonimmigrant-visa-application/frequently-asked-questions.html

            This might be helpful.

          • I had sent my DS160 some days back and i might be getting some confirmation by this next week itseems. Hopefully waiting………………………… This waiting kills…………………… When did you sent yours and wt update you got it?

          • I haven’t got any information yet. You are the first person who is telling that you have filled DS160 form from MAX.

            As far as I know, DS160 is an online form and you have mentioned that MAX has sent you a word doc. Can you please confirm whether you have filed work doc or online form.

          • Hi Shruthi

            Hi did you get message post decision approved message from Max or still in process of decision.

            For me they said my application was picked 3 months ago somewhere in May 2015 and still in post pick up acceptance stage and not moved further stage before final decision stage.

            But they have collected DS160 details,

            My question is my application is neither in rejection nor in RFE bu since 3 months it is in acceptance stage, any idea on this!

      • Hi Shilpa,

        Few days back, I received an email from Max Consultant. I think that they started collecting docs for filing April 2015. I would like to know that Any one of you got H1B thru dis consultancy. Shal I believe and proceed with them?

        Waiting for your early response


  27. Hi All,

    Just for your records please take secret photo from our mobile of the entire staff of max like Satya, Priya…. Etc , It will be useful during filing a police complain if they run away with our money.

  28. Hi Friends,
    MAX Consultant is keep forcing me to pay Rs.77, 515 for premium charge and also asking me to sign an aggrement with 5 post dated cheques. They are not ready to share any document related to H1B and they told me that we haven’t received the document from atorney yet.
    Has any one paid the premium amount and signed the aggrement with them?

    • Hi Everyone,

      I paid Rs. 77,175/- and also signed an agreement with 5 post dated cheques. The status on paper, they said they will show me apprx. July 1st or 2nd week. I am waiting for the same. What is there to worry that much !! I think no patience is the main prob for all the negative screen. I will always be updating you what is happening in Max Consultant. Anyone can follow…..

      • Hi Priyanka,

        Have you went to Max’s office and signed the agreement and submitted the cheque? or you have you sent it by posted.

        • Hai Sandy !

          Actually we are 3 friends applied through Max. I stay in Hyderabad. My 2 friends stay in Bangalore. My friends couriered the signed agreement, post dated chqs to Max office. I myself signed and submitted chqs to Max employees in their office. Any doubts in concern to this?

          • Seems it’s not genuine.better consultant police and file FIR.
            Without offer letter and EAC number do not any agreement.

          • Hi Everyone,
            I just got the information from MAX that my application got Denaied. Is there anyone got any status like this. Please do let me know.

          • Hi Suman,
            Are they going to refund you the amount which you have paid to them?
            If no then ask then to provide the rejection letter which they should have received from the uscis.
            If they are not providing the rejection letter then it will be a case of scam.

          • Hi Suman,

            I think you are the first one to say about rejection from Max. But what did they tell you earlier.. like all this while since March did they tell that you got selected and now they are saying that your application got rejected? Please ask for rejection letter and refund of money. Please keep us posted here..

  29. Even I have applied through max in hyd. Things look very fishy… .If anyone has any update from them. Please post it here. We can get together and find out what exactly they are planning to do.

    • hi,

      Me and 2 of my friends got a mail from MAX last week on 15th May that our case is picked up in lottery . But hey did not share any details like EAC/WAC numbers, I-797 etc.
      After that they sent another mail to enter into agreement and when we refused saying that why no details given. They sent another mail with threat that our cases will be withdrawn if we do not sign the agreement.
      Anybody with similar treatment?


          • Guys, even the website of Maxconsultant.in is not working. Is there anyone who got mail saying that their petition got rejected?

          • Why in the hell you guys insist with this MAX Consulting. It’s a “fake” business. Of course you’ll never get your H1 petition approved!

          • I think every candidate issued a cheque to MAX of Rs.20,000/- + taxes initially and MAX deposited those cheques. So this could be an evidence that MAX taken money from you. If no legal document is signed by you which says the money is non-refundable, you can claim for your money. I hope MAX didn’t share DD challan to any candidate, meaning MAX guys didn’t use the money to get DD in for USCIS. So candidate can go for a legal case. The challan should be in your name, otherwise they will share a single copy of challan to all the candidates and tell to everyone that “this is for you”. Max was suppose to share the employment letter after interview and before 31st March, 2014. As of now no employment letter or document shared by MAX. MAX communicated in written to most the candidates that they filed H1B. In the legal case you may ask them to prove it.

          • Priyanka P, How is life in MAX? Plz stop behaving like an applicant and be face of MAX..

      • Sharmi25: Here i got the same treatment from MAX. I am new to this, so dont no what to do. Can you share me few more details so that it would be good to communicate.

        • hi Kumar,

          i also got update from Max that my petition is selected but no further information. Did they share any details with you?

          please share your email address and we can discuss further.

          • Hi All,

            Any one received the notification from MAX saying that:
            1. Your case is NOT picked up in Lottery
            2. Your application is NOT accepted by USCIS.
            3. OR any other cause for rejection


          • Hi All,

            Any one received the notification from MAX saying that:

            1. Your case is NOT picked up in Lottery
            2. Your application is NOT accepted by USCIS.
            3. OR any other cause for rejection


      • hi All,

        anybody who applied through Max got copy of I-797? or EAC/WAC nos?

        how many of you have entered into agreement with them? do you all have paid post dated cheques to them?

        • Yes, we had an agreement and looking for any new update. Is there anything new from your side. Please do help me out.

          • it would have been better if you didnt do the agreement. we have told them we will not sign the agreement without getting our employment letters and I-797.

            the best you can do now is put stop payment on cheques you gave them. and insist on the copy of DD challan.

            no further updates for me from them. they are not telling anybody anything.

      • What is the guys name… Last year there was another consultancy from Hyd Maarkoverseas which did the same and wasted opportunity of many candidates. Finally all candidates together filed an complaint in Nampally police station and the guy was arrested. And candidates got 50 % of the amount back.

        • Guys, according to max , everything would be confirmed by june 1st or 2nd week. After that this is the only way we need yo follow. That is file a police complaint and fraudulent case against max.

        • I applied through maarkoverseas but I didn’t get my money back till now….bas***** praveen who had made us fool…..I had lost opportunity last year…

      • Hi Sharmi25.. they did the same thing with us. Even we have refused to sign a bond till they give the employer details. Max is playing games I think. Here we have lot of people who have applied through Max and no one has a positive feeling about them. Please share email Id to discuss in details.

      • In this thread.. i think all of us applied through Max. Sharmi2 RK Jonecir sandeep H1B_Applicant Kumar Ajay111 Kumar Ajay111 justhelping deep.. I say lets get together and fight it. To all they said the petition has been picked up in lottery and no I-797 or EAC/WAC nos are provided. Think before you submit cheques and sign a bond. The website for Max was opened for 1 year only. This implies it can be a fake company. Please share details to discuss more.

        • Can you please email me the details, even i am ready for it. They asked me to wait for June 1st week, as we are about to get the approved documents. Lets wait and see.

          • Kumar, wen did you had your agreement and wts ur status. If you have any information, please do pass on.

          • Kumar and Others !

            I think you already saw ur EAC tracking status in Max Office which u wrote in this blog. But y u r so tensed? when I asked them Max people said that they will show the proofs in July 1st or 2nd week. Let us wait !! If not I will also join u people…. As already said, I will keep posting abt this Max, Hyd. I hope this may be helpful.

        • Even i applied through MAX, got the same status. Need to wait till June 2nd week. Let me know if you get any new info.

          • Well… lets wait in that case. Or else we must fight it. Even they told us to wait. I have all my doubts with this company. For further discussion you can mail at [email removed spam]

      • Sharmi25, im not able to understand wt fishy is going. I just seen my tracking in the Max office and they asked me to wait till i get the approved copies. I signed the agreement and given the cheques of dates after Sept, 20th 2014. If i didnt get any information till Sept, then immediately i can stop the cheques legally. So, there is no point of risk involved in my case, hope so. Any suggestions…………………..

        • Hi Sruthi,
          So far in this thread, you are the only person with some positive feedback i.e. you have seen your EAC number tracking in Max Office, Please answer the Questions of most of the people following this thread:
          1.Is it USCIS website that have shown your tracking?
          2.Are you a H1B-Premium candidate or regular?
          3.Have they shown/Given employment letter?
          4.Have they shown/given DD Challan copy?

          • Hi Venki & all,

            I had seen my tracking status in USCIS website only. I have applied through Premium process and had paid the amount of $500 to Max for the DD to USCIS and they had shown me my DD copy also. The most important thing, i will get my approved copies, offer letter & client letter once the visa interview is booked. Hope, i clarified your questions. Any more suggestions………………..

          • Thanks Sruthi,
            You gave us a bit relief, I think your case is risk free as you seen your tracking already in USCIS, So hopefully those who got the mail”Picked in lottery ” will get their complete details by 10th-15th June as told by Max. Lets hope for the best..Please keep us updated if any news.

          • I also got update from Max that my petition is selected on May 15 , but no further information,some of my fds who also applied from Max got mail like your petition is select in the Lottery(RFE) and for some of them they did not got any email like selected on Lottery as they are saying like wait till June 15.

            Sruthi ,When tracking with EAC Number in USCIS site , Did you find any of ur detials like Name , or any thing that shows that it belongs to you?

          • Hi: i went max office checked personally my EAC Number, my petition approved in USCIS site…. i don’t thing we hv any problem with this people…. im a regular visitor and checking my statues regularly. As per them we will be getting all our documents my this month end and BE POSITIVE and don’t loose ur hope.

          • Hi ,

            I Went to Max Office Today,they showed my petition Status , it is in ‘Initial review’ State . How Many Days it will take to be Approved. Any idea ?

            Getting tension , Please respond if any one has idea on this.

          • Hi DNR,

            MAX ppl are going inside their room and coming back with EAC number typed in their mobile phone and showing the status to us. they dont even allow to look at the number. this is highly unprofessional behavior. EAC numbers does not have any details, it may belong to someone else too. I-797 is the authentic document which is proof that application was genuinely filed for you. We should never sign agreement on basis of just EAC numbers. We should insist on I-797 and other documents and then only sign. All the best to you.

          • Hello Ajay,
            What ever they might be but i got the mail confirmation and got an agreement. I have my ways to track them. Lets see when will be the END for this process. Do let me know if you have any other updates.

        • Hi Sruthi,

          I have also even applied and signed the agreement. As you rightly said we have no fishy circumstances as if they dont provide us job and visa as they said they can not get money. From my point of view they look promising. Its all a try to take our career next level. Let us hope for the best. Please mail me to get synch with updates. Let us create a link with all of us who are in same situation.

          • Hi,

            There were no names or any other details in USCIS website. But hope for the best. As im eagerly waiting for my documents by this month end. I am on a positive side as i didnt pay anything to MAX apart from a DD of $500 to USCIS. As i already inquired with one of my known attorneys in US and i got the same answer that it may be delay in some times. So, i am relaxed and waiting for the update.

          • hi Sruthi,

            i think in USCIS website they provide a call center number. you can call that number and verify your details like name, pass port number etc. please try this.

          • Hi Ajay,
            Have you tried to call the Toll free number and whats your status. Is there any new updates from MAX. Do let me know if you have anything.

          • Hey guys,
            I got a mail from MAX regarding the spouse details as our employer is scheduling our visa interviews on this August or September. Do anyone got any update like this. Now im getting some hopes. Do let me know if anyone got the same.

          • > Who is your employer ?
            > Did you receive offer letter from the employer through MAX guys or directly ?
            > Did you talk to your employer on the same appointment ?
            Hope you are just assuming all the things here 🙂

          • Hi Kumar,
            Even i got the same mail yesterday. Did anyone got similar mail? Hopes are raising day by day. Thank god, my application is through. If you have any further information, please let me know.

          • Hi Deep,
            Max had confirmed me that ill be getting the offer letters and approved letter by this month end or by July 1st week max. Once its done, they will schedule my visa interview. Hope for the best.

          • hello ppl,
            I want to apply for H1B for next cycle. could any one suggest me consultants in hyderabad who can process H1B?

          • Hi Guys,

            Can you please give the Toll free number to call USCIS to enquire if this Max Consultant really filed H1b or not?

  30. Hi,

    I have valid VISA which is stamped from some company in India and I am not getting any chances from tht employer, so I was looking for transfer. I got a call from Braves technology regarding this transfer, they are asking 90K as security deposit.
    Can some one pls let me know whether this consultancy is good..? advisable to go ahead with them..?

  31. Hi guys,

    I am also trapped by max consulatncies. did any one got any update from them about h1b visa status.

    For me still they are saying that they will provide the info after 25 april.

    It is unbelievable as lottery had happened on 10th and now another 10 days are passed.But still they are not proving the visa status?in whatever case, it shall not take later than 20th april.

    they are tellings some junk answers while asking for update

      • Deep or anyone,

        Can anyone help me out with the solution as im also eagerly waiting for the results of my H1B application. Is there anyone applied through Max Consultant, Hyderabad please do connect me and guide me.

    • Hi Hari,
      Im really confused with the process. Even im worried. I was supposed to wait by this month end to get the information on my application. Can i have your email id, as im new to hyderabad and this is my first application for a foreign work permit.

      • The Max consultancy is Fake. They don’t have any information. just took 30k for each of applicant and rotating those money in the market.

        • Abbay, Can you please give me some more information on Max Consultant, Hyderabad. As i already applied and waiting for the result. Can you please share something more.

          • Hi Kumar,
            Even i have applied. They now told me to give them cheques and sign a bond with them. It seems that it is a fraud company. Please share email Id to discuss more.

        • Hi,

          That 30k is paid to US govt. They cant play with the money. But something is really fishy. Even i have applied. They now told me to give them cheques and sign a bond with them. It seems that it is a fraud company. Please share email Id to discuss more.

    • Hari,

      Is there any update on the status as im getting the same response from MAX Consultant, Hyderabad. Can you please guide me for further information.

    • Same with me. I have called them today and still they say that we haven’t got any information from attorney. They will let me know 2nd week of May.
      Has anyone got the tracking number atleast from Max consultant Hyderabad?

      • Same situation here.
        Called today to MAX and they keep on telling the result will be published by end of 2nd week of MAY that is (by EOD 12th May). Do not know but it concerns me on the trust ability on MAX now.

        • Hi Deep,

          What is the update now? Max is telling me to sign a bond with them. . can u update me with what is going on at your end.

    • Even i have applied. They now told me to give them cheques and sign a bond with them. It seems that it is a fraud company. Please share email Id to discuss more.

      • Consultants are supposed to get money from the employer for recruitments. Employer will sponsor for H1B visa if you get selected. You don’t have to invest a penny for that. The ones who ask you to pay money are all fraud. Never believe them.

  32. Hello friends..

    I need your help about the consultancy company i28 Technologies. I got the call from them regarding the H4 to H1B visa 2014. I need to pay them in cash.

    How much is the company worth taking risk of paying the money and how can i avoid the risk of fraud.

    Appreciate your quick help..


          • Do not get into this trouble. You can check out this website if you need to confirm.

          • i have tried to file my h1b with max consulatnts, Hyderbad.they are saying that HP,IBM,Coginizant like compainte are sponsoring for h1b and we can get job from them.But they are demanding the following fees.
            1. preminum processing about 1225$
            2.Fraud verification with USCIS $500

            After job confirm, they will take three months salary as their fees.
            1.first month—we need to pay from india
            2.other two month salary as four instalment s from US.

            can we trust this?please reply ASAP if anyone has clue on this

          • |Hi, forget about it. There’s no more time to apply for fresh H1B visas. Now, if you have a valid H1B visa, then they can do a transfer. The $1250 fee is correct if you want a rush service, in this case your application will be processed in 15 days or so. And the $500 fees is also required.

          • Hi jeeva…..i am also trying for H1 through Max….they have said the same process for me…can we trust Max..please advise

  33. Dear Friends,
    I am an Indian citizen,currently working in Luanda,Angola.I am looking for H1B sponsorship.Can you please help to find consultancies for Sponsorship . I would be very grateful to you.

  34. Tekrise is fake I agree. Venkat garikapati is fraud , fake H1 2014 consultant. Fraud H1b 2014consultant. Vimal chand as well pls 2014.
    How will you get back ur money …excellent question.

    • I agree, I lost my 2.5 lakh rupees with these guys, Venkat Garikapati and Vimal Chand are fake consutants in the area of H1B sponsors, your money is never returned , mostly they dont file your case, its all fraud

  35. Tekrise INC sponsoring H1 is fake. Venkat Garikapati & Vimal Chand from this company arefake.
    The big question is what is the guarantee they will return ur money back if your are not selected. Sign a deposit of 2,lakhs agreement. Paying for H1 is illegal so put it as security deposit and askk them to sign otherwise dont go , they are all fake guys and its fraud they do

    • I agree , venkat garikapati and Vimal Chand are fake guys and have some fake companies, Tekrise Inc, is just fraud, You have no guarantee from any one in this business if your money is safe?

  36. TekRise INC, Venkat Garikapati and Vimal Chand are two big fake consultants from this company. Companry land line does not work. hr@tekrise.net is a fake email id. Dont go its fake.

  37. Hello friends..Can anyone help me with giving some information about the company COSMIC-I LLC. I got the call from them regarding the H1B visa.

    Is the company worth taking risk of paying the money…

    Please reply soon..

      • I have given 2 round of interview, waiting for their reply for selection or rejection.
        Once i get selected i need to discuss about the salary and offer letter.
        After that i need to pay them Rs. 160000, before applying for visa.
        If visa gets cleared, i will be flying to USA and the money will be refunded after completion of one year.
        If i dont get visa, Rs 100000 will be refunded, and Rs 60000 will be deducted as the fees.

  38. Hi,

    I am looking for a desi consultancy located in the los angeles region. they have to sponsor my H1 B this april. i know i have very less time . so i would appreciate if u guys let me know the consultancies which have helped you or your friends.

  39. I paid 4000 USD to Stansource and Technoviz – two different companies for myself and my wife . Apparently they are fraud sister concerns . Took my money , did not file my H1B and now the company seems to be closed.

    I tried calling multiple times but no response . Raj Sundaram and Raj Sanghani are the two fraud operators whom I am trying to contact for last 6 months but to no use … Beware of these 2 companies. Now I am pursuing options to file case against the company.


    • By law, any consultancies who are filing H1B transfer cannot take money from you. They need to pay for the H1B transfer themselves. if they take from you, they are commiting illegal acts.


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