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I was just browsing and found these as interesting to share for H1B seekers who wish to look for a potential sponsor or transfer between consulting companies. Supposedly, couples of these sites that I list below are very popular and were quoted in CNBC article of “America’s high-tech sweatshops”.

Goolti and Desi Crunch

The reviews are mostly anonymous or given a Tom, Dick and Harry name… Some might be misleading, but something to check out! There is no guarantee that the reviews are right or wrong, the websites disclaimer is clear on this…Good motto by the desi cruch to bridge the gap among various H1B visa desi consultants.

Note :  Most of the below comments about H1B Sponsors are negative.  Please be aware that these are comments added by individuals of companies, competitors and many others that may hate such companies. We do NOT vouch for any of the comments made as they are not made by us.

Under federal law (Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act), our Blog is NOT legally liable or responsible for information posted by public, general users or third parties that contains remarks that are defamatory for a company or individual.


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Comments ( 745 )

  1. Allen

    Hi Friends ,

    Please dont go with Revisitontek [].Definately your money will gone.. I can guarantee you that. As i lost mine.

    1. john

      Hi Allen,

      Yes, Allen you was right i even took training from lot of companies but they left after the training after that at last i found other consultancy located in Florida
      Name : Specit Solutions they help me to get h1B finally i got H1B i recommend to try once in that you may get a chance to find a right consultancy site

      i definitely recommend try it once if any one interested.

  2. Manju

    Planning to apply H1b through Prosoft IT Services ,rochester ,NYand in Andrapradesh they have branch .Giving them money too .. Any one have any i loose my money??

  3. Priya


    I would like to know does anyone have an idea about UNICORN TECHNOLOGIES. Are they good to process H1 B visa? Please help me.

  4. H1b candidate

    Hi guys ,

    Dont pay to Revisitontek [], They will take your money and wont answer .Please dont go with them… People have paid last year and still not getting the answer about their status and money.

  5. SAM

    Any feedback on Vquest Techlogies LLC for fresh H1B Visa ?
    1) What are the things to track when going with a consultant
    2) what are the documents to ensure that the consultant is processing my case

  6. RamJK

    Lost Hope, am not trying any more pretty sure i will fall in to hands of wrong guys.

    I will only try if the companies have a good report in myvisajobs.

    Am getting calls from frauds again and again, lets see if US introduces the merit VISA as in the CIR. Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

  7. linsen

    I got a call from cosmic i llc and they told they will process the H1B. Any opinions on this? Also, i need to give a security deposit of 1.5 lakhs which will be refunded if i serve there in their company for 1 year.

  8. Manish Mehta

    Hi, Any idea about Max consultancy, Hyderabad. They call me H1B visa sponsoring. For interview with client they are charging 22 K. I try search there review but not found anything. And try to contact on however no response.

    1. xyz

      Couple of ppl have asked about it here and the latest post (somewhere on this blog) talks about them being frauds. Couple of ppl have also posted that they are legit but don’t have any projects in US so even if they file, the success of approval is very low.

      hope that helps.

      1. Aruna

        Hi Arun ,

        How r u so confident in saying that Max consultant by Kalyan is a fake company. I myself have visited their office and found it quite decent . If u have any confirmed source of information about the genuinity of Max …then please let me know . Do u know the concerned person personally ??? will appreciate your early reply.will be really helpful.

        1. RashmiRanjan

          Hi All,

          I am in USA since quite sometime and know this kind of fake companies… When someone contacts you regarding such requirements, ask those companies if they are eVerified by USCIS or not and get the details… also ask them regarding which company would provide the LCA for any such opening and go to and check for the entire history of that company like since when they are filing LCA, how many LCAs per year etc….

          And lastly if they are saying that companies like Delloit, IBM etc would provide the LCA for the requirements, they are completely fake as these kind of MNC companies never recruit H1B candidates for their requirement…. If they need also, then they would go through their own offices in India not through any such fake consulting companies like Max consultant.

        2. Sunil Kumar

          I have the same question on maxconsultant. I did not find any reviews on internet, nor any details in I read on the forum that it was set up on Dec 2013, hence no past history. I have been in contact with them for processing my H1. They are saying that their attorney is advisor to their client companies (they have DTCC, Citi, ebay etc in the list) and an interview will be set up directly by these companies. I am not sure whether this will really be the case, as such companies can hire in US or outsource to other companies). They are also saying that petition will have the client company name. However i am not sure about this. It may just be XYZ company they have set up which in turns works for the client companies. They also say that after petition is approved, based on willingness of employer, employer will file visa (stamping). Which means even after petition is approved, i will be dependent on availability of projects and other documents(like client invite letter) for stamping. What if they don’t have projects at that time. Thru the forums, I also came to know that the owner of the website was caught in a visa fraud case in 2012. This creates more doubts.
          If someone has more information about this consultancy, please post in this forum for the benefit of everyone.

    2. Karthik

      I have alredy applied for H1B through Max Consultant, Hyd. I have already visited their office and had a word with Mr.Kalyan. He did explained me very clearly abt the process. I have cleared my interview with Diverse Linx & waiting for next update.

      Process is going clear as per my knowledge.

      1. Sunil Kumar

        Hi Karthik,

        Thanks for the info. In your case, would you be employed by Diverse Lynx, on their payroll and work for one of their clients? Will Diverse Lynx file petition for you? Would the client do any interview? Or Will they let you know about this only before stamping? And do you know if Diverse Lynx works directly with the clients or there are vendor between? (EVC : employer-vendor-client model). I may be asking lot of questions. Just want to get an idea of the staffing model involved. Would be great if you can provide info on this.

      2. Ravi

        Hi Karthik,All

        I have also applied thru Max and they have collected 500USD for fraud detection fee by way of DD.

        I had received an interview call for about 5 mins and was told employer was Cognizant. Currently, I’m being asked to pay the premium processing fee and sign other related documents to file LCA. I’m being told that, offer letter from client would be receibed after 10th Apr. Can you help with directions or provide your contact details. I will call you.

        1. Jonecir

          For those still seeking H1 sponsorship, please be aware that there’s no more time to file for H1B visa. Forget about it. The work now should be focused on 2015/2016.

        2. h1b

          Same here…i had a 10 min interview with someone claiming to be from Cognizant US. Not sure whats going on.They informed me that I have been selected in the interview and will let me know if I got picked in the lottery after 25th Apeil….

      3. Goutham

        Hi Karthik,

        Did you get your H1B visa through Max consultancy or not. Can you please let know that will be very helpful.

    3. Raj

      I have applied through max consultancy. I submitted DD of $500 on the name of USCIS. They told me that the employer will conduct interview in a day or two, and if selected then they would take it further. I did not get any call for a week or so from any US employer. Suddenly one day, they called that the employer has selected my profile without conducting any interview. Then they sent me a mail asking to pay $1225 payable to max consultancy for filing LCA petition. I asked them to mention the name of the employer who has selected my profile. They are telling that they don’t have this information and the attorneys in US are having these details. I asked them to get the details from their attorneys, to which they said that the attorneys are busy filing petitions, and they will give the employer details and offer letter in second week of April; so I am in a fix now whether to pay $1225 to them or not, as their chances of being fake or genuine is 50:50; if anybody is in similar situation or have any suggestions, then please respond to this post.

      1. Jonecir

        Hi, forget about it! Save your money for 2015/2015.

        All H1B applications will be mailed tomorrow to reach USCIS on April 1st.

  9. H1b

    Hi ,

    Please dont waste your money behind Revision Technolgies []. They dont have any projects in USA dnt provide any document. You will loose your money.
    Also , Most of these companies are Fraud. Risk is yours and they enjoy it. dont give them money. If they wann they will Sponsor you without moeny.

  10. Vijay

    I came across a company Virinchi Technologies, which is issuing H1B visa from its sister company KSoft located in USA. I would like to know if this company is genuine. It is asking for 250000 for the visa fee and other charges.

    1. Arun Reddy

      Its a big risk of loosing 2.5 lakhs if you dont get visa, beware of that guy named Tagore he will not return your money back even if your name doesnt come up in lottery

      1. ckh

        Hi Anand,

        Viranchi is promising to return 2.5 lakhs if it does not get picked up in the lottery. Do you have any valid info that they did not return the money? Any prior issues noted with the guy named Tagore? I am planning to go with this company.

  11. Sreya Basu

    I have 4 years experience in market research and SAS analytics. I am looking for an h1b visa sponsorer for this year. Please suggest what I should do.

  12. linsen

    I am from india and have got 10 years of experience in .NET. Can someone send me a list of valid consultancies who does H1B for April 2014?


  13. Ram J

    can any one tell about this consultant ?

    max consultant – hyderabad – panjagutta.

    Claim to do H1B ? Are they reliable ?

    Can some one help ? please i need a review on them no where i can find a review except their company website on internet.

    No consulting firm in US just they will process and send with H1B depute to client directly, they invlove attorney as well.

    1. Ram NP

      What should we do now am stuck,
      should we step in or step out of this max consultant.

      Not a single review about this company in the entire internet

      if we opt to go with them NP, we will be writing some review, which will be the first I guess

      1. Vaibhav

        Similar problem here..i also Googled fot Max info..
        I found only this link..please let me know if I get to know about them.

        1. ram hk

          We are all surrounded by frauds, why is usa not having stringent materialistic regulations for a country like India. Even the ambitious has to suffer along with useless resources, don’t know what and whom to believe ????

          hmmm, only god knows untill a proper immigration system in place.

          max consult is fraud i guess, some one wit new name, trying to steal initial 25000 from us ..,,,, pity on us we don’t find one single guy to sponsor properly

        2. some one

          I seriously feel this max consultant is a fake…His website content is pulled in bits and pieces from First Choice Overseas website.and he added some paragraph from Source code doesnt look something like a commercial website. No account in FB all the links in website are absolute fake..It wont take you anywhere…and I checked with my brothers no company will directly interview a candidate from US..

      2. hari prasad

        Hi, Even i tried callign the contacts in their website and those numbers are either switched off or never picked…..and they are not showing actual companies they are linked with…..donno what to do

  14. RamG

    They dont have a client data base but have attorney thru they will file and schdule interview on skype or technical rounds thru phone.

    Help me guys am so confused, i can make choices only before i make a step, later it will take its own direction. 🙁

    help me help me, some one pls

  15. Ram K

    All these SOAP To Manager guys went thru these BIG 5 Companies and did all politics closing the doors in all ways.

    Now we are suffering to find an opening for US.

    I bet if h1b had a mandatory rule of IELTS, 50% of current guys will not clear.

    Dont know why it was not there, many mechnicals/Chemicals/pharmacy/BA graduates are working in US for technical roles including mainframe engineers/like leads/ managers etc …

    I have a 6 Yr Degree with Post Graduation and researching on on on on and on, i could not get a single reasonable opening, if there was interview fine, not even that had happened.

    Hmmm, only god knows, when will this wheel of fortune rotate for us to US.

    This new bill has a option of MERIT Visa, and No DV for H1B, seems like they will never get it done, its stuck

    Am Pissed off, 🙁

    1. Ram K

      Here is how it is desinged :

  16. Raj

    Hi ,

    Many people can be victim of this company. Please do not file h1 with them.. They are not responding. dont give them the Money. Warn your friends not to file Visa.

    They talk good but at the end they dont respond….

  17. Raj

    Hi ,

    Please be aware of companies who are asking for money for sponsorship. Revision Technolgies [] do not have any projects.They will ask for money but couldn’t get the projects or send the usa and even do not reply properly.

    They don’t have the marketing Team , Talk well but at the end your money will go Waste.

    Dont pay the money to them they take your money .

    1. H1b aspirant

      You are absolutely right..i have got my petition approved from Revision tek.
      hardly they have a marketing team, am desperately waiting from past 3 months to get Projects and go for visa. They have not provided a single document till now.. Any out there already working for Revision Tek..please help

  18. Ram N


    WebSphere Administration – 7+ Yrs with IHS/Apache/NetScaler/Db2/WebSeal.

    3Yrs in US with L1B Expired. Now in India.

    Please let me know ? i shall send in my resume.

  19. Mani

    Mani,I am looking for H1B sponsors for the year 2014.Would you be able to help us out .If so please advise us on how to proceed on this

  20. Ram


    Any one there for H1B Sponsorship ?

    WebSphere Administration – 7+ Yrs with IHS/Apache/NetScaler/Db2/WebSeal.

    3Yrs in US with L1B Expired. Now in India.

    Please let me know ? i shall send in my resume.

  21. swathi

    I am swathi . I have 6.5 yers experience in SAP Basis. I am in US on H4 visa. I would like to file my H1 for this April 2014. Please help me out for the sponsors of H1.

    Thank you,

  22. Raghavendra

    My current location is India.
    I am looking for H1B visa sponsoring for the year 2014-2015.I have an overall of 7 years of IT work experience in the field of Datawarehousing, primarily on Datastage,oracle and Teradata.
    Just wanted to check out with the group if anyone can assist me with H1B Visa for year 2014-2015 or name a consultancy to contact and who can respond 🙂
    My mail id is : raghav(dot)prasad(at the rate)hotmail(dot)com

    Any help would be appreciated.

  23. Himadri

    Hi, I’m from India. Looking for H1B VISA sponsorship in 2014. I have 7 years industry experience in Java J2EE, hibernate, JPA, Spring, Weblogic, Websphere, Salesforce.
    Can anyone give me the consultancy name who can sponsor H1B in 2014?
    Please inform me in the email id himadri (dot) office (at the rate) gmail (dot) com

  24. Sunny Agarwal

    My employer is cosmic-i, they filled the H1B for me. I ve been working for this company for the past 1 months i m really happy.

    1. Kiran

      Hi Sunny,

      Can you share your experience with this company. As i am also planing to join this company for H1B visa…

      Thakns in advance

  25. Vignesh

    I am a Java J2EE Senior Developer looking for an H1B sponsor for April 2014.
    I am currently in H4. If someone has any good companies, could you pls email me at vvignesh2010 at gmail dot com

  26. vivek919

    Hi Guys,

    I have 11 years experience in Telecom experience and working in Indian MNC. i also have 2 years USA experience on L1B . M looking H1B for 2014. please suggest some good consultancy


  27. Maideen


    Do any of you know any consultancy in US who does H4 to H1 for non-IT. I have 7yrs of Exp in US and UK Insurance. Also, how good is Scopus Group, CA. Is it Good to Go with them or plz suggest some fair consultants who process H4 to H1.

  28. Jaimin Patel

    I am sorry to hear about poor treatments of my brothers and sisters during H1 processing. I am with a good company for past 2 years- AMG TECHNOLOGY. Please reach them at aparna at-the-rate amgtechnology (hypen) us dot com
    Thank you and Good Luck to all

    1. Jonecir

      It seems that AMG TECHNOLOGY does not sponsor H1B visas. On their site it says: “Must have proof of legal authority to work in the U.S”

  29. Shree

    Please share some reliable consultancies for converting H4 to H1B . I have 5 years of IT experience in India and 1.5 years in Europe. Thanks!

  30. trinster

    Hi everyone

    I am a US citizen and have several friends who have H1 visa but are being enslaved by their employers who sponsor their visa. They are consultancy firms that do not help them at all. I find that I am spending the time to help them find job postings, apartments to stay in, and listen to their problems while th it employers are taking half of their hourly pay! Even worse is that their employers send them around the country where they can get better paying contract, while my friend’s pay does not change. So I feel very bad for them and all of you who are working very hard away from your families and home, as someone else makes profit from your suffering.

    I was wondering, is it difficult to start my own consultancy? I want to be able to let my friends choose where they want to work, and get better pay, and ultimately, I can help them apply for a green card as their “employer”. I want the best for them and hate to see them being exploited. Would it be easier for MW to set this up and sponsor them, especially when they already have H1 status? Thanks so much for your help! Maybe if I can set this up correctly, I can help all of you too!

    1. ravinder

      Hi trintster,

      I am in topeka, kansas right now. Currently on B1/B2 till april 10th. I need your help as I’m looking to work and settle down in US.


      1. trinster

        Hi Ravinder

        Were you able to get some help? I have been studying the process more will start a serious plan to begin the consultancy. I feel very bad for all the Indian co-workers who are exploited by their employers.. It is so horrible. Let me know if I can help with anything! Good luck!

  31. Sweta


    This same case was happening with me. i was sent here and there for marketing and got nothing then i came across a good consulting firm HireITPeople. Surprisingly, these guys work 24×7 . Always accept calls and hear all problem weather personal or professional. I got good support from them so thought my friends may also get benefit out of this.

    Finally settled and happy.

  32. sandy

    Hi, I am associated with a consultancy who are marketing my resume, now they have sent my CV to another consultancy that new consultancy is scheduling my interview in a company.

    They say that i will be associated by H1b transfer to the first consultancy.

    I am worried should i change my job. The client i will be working for is not the direct client of the consulting i will be associated with.

    Please help……..

    1. administrator

      It looks like EVC model (employer-vendor-client) where EV have a contract and VC have a contract. Note that H-1s filed under such model have higher chance of rejection during processing and stamping phase. Try to go w/ a direct vendor (say the consultancy who has direct association w/ the client).

  33. Sammy

    Can anybody help me to find some reliable consultancies who can file H1b for2013.
    I Found IBS is it reliable to go with them. Any help will be appreciated.

    1. Sreelatha

      Hi Srini,

      I am from AG Technologies.
      We do file H1B with free of cost and even we have an option of GC also.
      If you are interested send me your updated resume to my mails sreelatha at agsoftco dot com or contact me on my number 214-256-5724.

  34. dcarlos

    Can anybody through some light on thiss???

    Why desi consultants wants people those have US visa(B1/H4 etc) to filing H1. Any specific reason?? As far as I know if they file your H1b from US then still you have to come to india get stamped at US embassy..correct if I am wrongs…

    If somebody know …please share your views!!!
    Thanks in advance…

    1. administrator

      They prefer those people as then they can avoid the stamping. Usually consulates are very strict about issuing visa to candidates applying through these consulting companies. When the person is inside US on a visa, these companies can apply H-1 along w/ COS (change of status). Once approved, the person can start working in US and is not dependent on getting H-1 visa stamped until their next trip outside US.

  35. dcarlos

    Hi guys,
    Does anybody know about Revision Technolgies []. Are they reliable, I did not find any review or rating on internet about this company. Please suggest if any knows…


    1. dbak

      hi Carlos……were you able to find more information about RevisionTek. I too have an offer from them. But they are asking me to pay for the visa processing fee. And salary offered is not the minimum possible as per labor laws. Any information/suggestion will be really appreciated. Thanks.

      1. dcarlos

        Hi dbak,

        I did not find any review as of yet, but were asking me to submit document and $3000. I asked them if it got rejected…then that lady said we will refund after $600 which is there attorney fee or something. Moreover, I asked them to provide me in written they will return money if embassy refuses. but somewhere she ignoring that condition… if somebody find any info then plz let me know…

        1. D

          Hi Dbak,Dcarlos

          Even i am contacted by lady named Sreedevi. I surfed and found Raja Balan as their CEO. But this lady is based out of Bangalore. I am not sure out the credibility of this consultancy as we hardly find any reviews on net. Same with me as they asked $3000 . looking forward to know if you guys come across further updates.

          About Revision Technologies

        2. administrator

          Legally, the company is required to pay for the H-1 fees. They can only ask you to pay for attorney fees and premium processing fees.

          When deciding for a company, ask them about their clients. With consulting companies, it is very difficult to get visa approval w/o direct clients and the small consulting companies do not have that. You can also ask them about their past approval rate (you can also look it up online).

          These companies ask you to pay for the fees to shift the financial risk on to you. I don’t think they will even think of returning the money to you in case of petition/visa denial; and often the denial is b/c of a reason related to employer/job and no fault of yours.

    2. dbak

      ….(corrected my last comment)…

      hi Carlos……were you able to find more information about RevisionTek. I too have an offer from them. But they are asking me to pay for the visa processing fee. And salary offered is the minimum possible as per labor laws, quite less than the industry standard for my experience/skills set. Any information/suggestion will be really appreciated. Thanks.

  36. Rohan Reddy

    Please don’t join SML SOLUTIONS INC. They are not at all professional and will not do your H1B processing on time. Pay
    checks and pay stubs are also not delivered on time. Taking money from consultants for H1B. FOrging PO’s informing consultant less money.

    There is no dedicated HR person or marketing, running by only one person.
    Pay checks are never received on time.

    Fraud!! Cheater!!… Guys Beware of this company. They won’t pay you any balance salary amount held with them if you are leaving the company.
    No minimum eithics.

    1. Prasad

      I totally agree with above poster. SML SOlUTIONS is a big fraud company. Never pays on time, never answers your calls. Some how or other he will make sure to cheat you atleast 10K by the time you leave this idiot.
      He will never post salary checks to you directly, everything will be directed to his company address and you need to beg atleast 10 times each month to get your salary.

  37. Ex Employee

    Cosmic-I , Insigma Inc
    Fraud!! Cheater!!… Guys Beware of this company. They won’t pay you any balance salary amount held with them if you are leaving the company.
    No minimum eithics. They wont pick your call nor reply to your mails.
    The Owner and his wife runs the company with 1 marketing guy (works from india). Dont even ever think of joining them.

  38. First Tek

    Working for them from past 5 years and finally I saw the real face of the First Tek. The owner treats people like a slave and do all bad things at last moment of filing I-485. You never expect those changes…. Simply stay away……

    1. Sreelatha

      Hi Rajiv,

      I am from AG Technologies.
      We do file H1B with free of cost and even we have an option of GC also.
      If you are interested send me your updated resume to my mail sreelatha at agsoftco dot com or contact me on my number 214-256-5724.

      1. saritha

        sreelatha,I am looking for H1B sponsorers for the year 2014.Would you be able to help us out .If so please advise us on how to proceed on this

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