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What is USCIS ? Info on USCIS Forms, Visas, Statuses, EAD, Rules

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services ( USCIS) is the US Government agency that is responsible for all US immigration and naturalization-related activities. USCIS is part of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  USCIS is responsible for various kinds of activities related to lawful immigration.  Some of the common activities that USCIS performs are :

  • Process various Temporary Work Visas Petitions like H1B, L1, etc.
  • Process Dependent Visa petitions like H4 Visa, L2, etc.  
  • Issue Employment Authorizations Document (EAD) for H4, L2, F1, etc.
  • Renew all applications related to immigration.  
  • Process Green Card (Lawful Permanent Residence ) applications.
  • Enforce various work visa program guidelines, and conduct site visits.
  • Process US Citizenship applications, conduct naturalization activities
  • Process visa petitions related to  US Family-based Immigration

USCIS provides various electronic resources related to all the US immigration and citizenship activities, and status reports and provides disclosure data related to all immigration and naturalization for public review.  USCIS implements the public laws passed by US Congress in the form of regulations. It works very closely with the US President and the ruling administration to enforce and implement various executive orders passed by the President.

Below are some of the common topics, and questions on Forms, Visas, Programs, Processing, and Statuses from USCIS.

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