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H1B Visa Case Receipt Number, Petition Number – IOE, EAC, WAC – Meaning?

USCIS accepts various kinds of H1B petitions, such as new H1B cap-subject petitions, petitions for H1B extensions, H1B petitions for the transfer of companies, and H1B cap-exempt petitions. One thing is common: they all receive an H1B Receipt Notice from USCIS indicating they received the H1B petition.

When you look at the USCIS-issued Receipt notice for the H1B petition, it would have a receipt number or case number. This number can be used to track the petition’s status with USCIS.

If you are new to the process, looking at the long number and guessing what that number means can be puzzling. In this article, we will cover what the H1B Case Receipt Number or Petition Number indicates by looking at each of the letters in the H1B Case Number.

As a background, if you are a first-time H1B applicant, you will need to go through the H1B Visa registration Lottery process, and only if you are selected in the H1B lottery, then you would be eligible to file an H1B petition with USCIS. Also, the H1B petition can only be filed by a Company. As an applicant, you cannot file the H1B petition alone.

What is the H1B Visa Case Number? Petition Number?

USCIS sends a “Form I-797C, Notice of Action” after they receive the H1B Petition. This form is called the H1B Receipt Notice. It is a generic form used to notify the receipt of a petition or application, but the Class requested field indicates whether it is a receipt notice for an H1B petition or not.

As part of sending the H1B receipt notice, USCIS assigns a unique case receipt number for every H1B petition they receive. The receipt number consists of 13-digit alphanumeric characters and typically starts with three alphabets, like WAC or EAC, based on where it was filed.

This 13-digit alphanumeric number is called the H1B receipt or H1B Petition Number. It appears at the top of the H1B Receipt Notice (Form I-797C, Notice of Action), as shown in the screenshot below.

H1B Receipt Number on USCIS Receipt Notice
H1B Receipt Number on USCIS Receipt Notice

H1B Petition Number vs. Receipt Number

People sometimes use the term “H1B Petition Number” and ask for the “H1B receipt number”. This can be confusing if you are new to it. The “H1B Petition Number” and the “H1B Receipt Number” or “H1B Case Receipt Number” mean the same thing and are often used interchangeably.

On some websites, you may be asked to fill out the H1B Petition Number; in some cases, you may be asked to enter the H1B receipt number or USCIS H1B Case number. In all these cases, you would use the same 13-dight alphanumeric number on the H1B receipt or approval notice. If you are filling out the H1B Visa Stamping application, you will asked to fill out the Petition Number, which is nothing but the H1B Case Receipt Number.

Understanding the H1B Case Receipt Number, Petition Number

Of the 13-digit alphanumeric characters that are part of the H1B Case Receipt Number or Petition Number, each set of characters has a specific meaning. We need to break them out properly to understand them correctly.

We should break down the H1B Case Number into sets of characters grouped like below:

  • EAC—24—128—50345 ( example for H1B FY 2025 filed petition)

Now, let’s look at each of the groups of characters.

First 3 Letters of H1B Case Number: EAC, WAC, LIN, IOE, SRC

The first three characters indicate where the H1B petition was filed.

  • EAC – Vermont Service Center (old name: Eastern Adjudication Center).
  • WAC – California Service Center (old name: Western Adjudication Center).
  • LIN – Nebraska Service Center (LIN refers to Lincoln, Nebraska).
  • SRC – Texas Service Center (old name: Southern Regional Center).
  • IOE – IOE stands for Integrate Operation Environment(where the petition was processed); it is not a service center location but indicates that the petition was filed electronically or electronically scanned and processed. In the H1B petition context, it was scanned at a shared service center and then processed. The service center details will be at the bottom of the receipt notice.

Following 2 Letters of H1B Case Number: Year of filing

The following two digits indicate the year when it was filed. It is not the fiscal year but rather the calendar year when the petition was filed. Do not try to read something that says WAC2023XXXX to think it is related to the year 2023, you should only look at the following two letters after the first three characters.

  • For the H1B Visa FY 2024 season, it would be 23
  • For the H1B Visa FY 2025 season, it would be 24

Subsequent 3 Letters of H1B Case Number – Computer Working Day

The next three digits indicate the computer working day of the USCIS fiscal year that starts from October 1st. It indicates the computer workday does not include weekends and holidays. USCIS computers do not work on weekends and USA National holidays :-).

October 1st is when the fiscal year starts for USCIS. If your H1B was filed on October 1st, it would be 001. It is a little tricky with this number; computer workday indicates only working days and not weekends.

For example, if it is October 20th, it would be the 16th working day or something like that…For April 12th, it would be 134 as the weekends and federal holidays are taken out. You can use websites like TimeAndDate to compute that number.

  • For April 8th, it would be 128.

Subsequent 5 Letters of H1B Case Number – Actual Case Number

The following five digits is the actual case number and is assigned based on some internal USCIS logic. There is no guarantee that it would start with 0001 and go in sequence. Sometimes, it may start with 5; sometimes, it may be with other digits as well.

  • One sample number would be 51244

Below is a nice visual explaining the H1B Receipt Number format. It is the same as any other USCIS Receipt Number format.

USCIS Case Number Format - What they mean
USCIS Case Number Format – What they mean

How to Check the H1B Case Status on USCIS.gov?

After you receive your H1B Visa Receipt case number, all you would have to do is to track the status on USCIS website. Read How to Check H1B Petition Status on USCIS website.

Premium Processing for H1B :

If you were to file H1B visa petition under premium processing, you would have received the case number and a confirmation email that your petition was received by USCIS and it is under processing. Usually your attorney or your employer would get that information. Once your case is approved, similar email with approval status would be updated via email.  A hard copy would be emailed after the emails to the address specified in petition.

Regular Processing for H1B:

If you were to file your H1B visa petition under regular processing, you would not necessarily get an email from USCIS, rather you would get a hard copy receipt mailed to your employer or attorney.  Also, decision information would be mailed to your attorney or employer after the decision.

You can read Steps after H1B Lottery – Flow Chart to know more on the next steps

Did I miss anything?  Any other thoughts to add?


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  1. Hi Saurabh,

    I have been selected in lottery for H1b with Regular Processing and now i am in H4 visa, expires on Aug 2014.
    Now my spouse H1b and my H4 extensions are filed by my spouse employer.
    My question is, is there any impact on my H1b due to the H4 extension application?

    Thanks for help in advance…

    • There is a last action rule. So, whatever visa got approved last will be considered.So, if your H4 extension grts approved after your H1B, you will again become H4.

  2. Nina
    Hi; I got the receipt on April 21. But I cannot see status of my application in the USCIS website. Should I worry?? It does not even say the number is not valid or anything. ( My friend got her receipt on April 24 and her application is under initial review) 🙁

  3. Hi All,

    Finally i got the visa Receipt , i am soooooooo much happy …

    I lost all the hopes and then suddenly .. i got email stating my visa receipt …

    Thank you God .. all people of my family who pray for me.

    Best of luck to those guys who’s visa receipt is still pending .. Dont lose hope .. Just have faith .. still there is time till your case is not officially returned… Best of Luck and thank you all for your wishes …

    • HI All,

      My file was picked from Lottery , but my employer is not providing my receipt number if he gave it once how can check the status and how would i know that receipt number is mine or not and how to track that number pls help me

  4. Guys i am sooo soo happy that my visa is approved 🙂 got my receipt on apr 17 but still 5 mins back uscis website says case not found. But now it says post decision activity 🙂

    Thanks to god and thanks to each and every one who worked for my visa 🙂 just a great great relief 🙂
    Congrats to all who got their visa and best of luck to who are yet to receive the same 🙂

    NonAD/PP/EAC 🙂

    • do you have premium processing? Thanks for update. I am seeing my status “record not found”. DO you have date of birth on your receipt.?

    • Hi Nina,

      I also got my Visa status as Post Decision activity, but the message/language mentioned below status is very confusing, it doesn’t tell me approved or rejected. Can you please tell me what is message you got it.

      • Hi VK,

        Till yday My post decition activity message said like ” On May 5th we mailed you a notice that we have approved this i129 petition for a nonimmigrant worker.

        But now my status has changed to “decision” and message says ” On May 6th this i129 petition for a nonimmigrant worker was approved and we sent you an email notice”

  5. Hi guys,

    I am also anxious, I haven’t heard naything. Does it even matter is one is Masters program and STEM extension?

    Hope always!


    • Hi Nadi and all, I still cannot see my case in USCIS :(. Did you happen to get any updates? I think we should be able to see something by next week. Lets hope for the best!

        • Hi Guys,
          Today finally I was able to see the update but unfortunately its RFE. I haven’t received the exact description yet but hopefully it should demand some reasonable document. Hope for the best.

          • Hi awaiting case result

            Congrats as ur case has started its processing 🙂 can you pls provide us ur service center and first 8 digit of ur receipt number as we can check for the series number.

          • Haha, I am worried and you are congratulating me ;), well mine is Vermont/PP and the receipt no is EAC14135527XX. What about you? Did you get any updates?

          • Hi awaiting case result,

            Just congratulated as your case has atleast started processing but till yday morning our case were not found in uscis tracker. Sorry if its hurted u 🙂

            Yday evening i too was able to see my status in uscis website and it was approved 🙂 from case not found to post decision activity 🙂

          • Nah am not hurt, it was just a humor buddy and I totally understand so don’t feel offended, I am good…congrats you got your H1B so now you can be relieved..party!!

          • Yes, same with me.. Hoping for the best.. Are you working in the same background as your MS Degree? I am not working in same one.. That might be a reason for ne though..

  6. Hi Saurabh

    My employer just forwarded EAC receipt number via email (AD/RP/VT). It shows initial review. How would I know that this receipt belongs to me? Any leads how you can find ?

  7. I checked my status this morning and a decision has been made; approved. It’s now on post decision activity now.

  8. Hi Saurabh,
    I am curious to know, why my case which is in “initial review” stage has following message

    “On April 18, 2014, your Alien Registration Number was changed relating to your I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER.”

    What does this message mean?
    I am AD/RP/VT applicant and I have an valid OPT until July 2014. I do have a “A*** *** ***” number on my OPT EAD notice. Is that an ‘Alien Reg No.’? Do they generally assign a new “A” (Alien Reg No) number to I129 case, and so is the message? If yes, then that msg does make sense.

    So if I am not mistaken, this must be true for all AD folks who have a valid EAD/OPT and applied for H1-B I 129 petition. right?

    Thanks in advance for your efforts.

    • Curious,
      This message popped up for lot of applicants last year and most of the times it was a USCIS glitch. It may not be relevant to your case and should change to something else soon.

  9. Hi Saurabh/Anyone
    Can you please answer my question below.
    I am currently on L1 but my employer is asking me to come back at end of July.I have L1 visa and I94 upto 2016.I have filed h1 visa this year and it got picked in random selection and currently under initial review.I have filed my h1 with Change of status from L1 to H1.Now if i go back to my country i know that my change of status will be denied.I have chance to convert to h4 in July.If i change to h4 then also my COS (L1 to h1) will get denied,but in October can i just file change of status from h4 to h1 or do i need to go for stamping?

    • lc,
      If you file for COS from L-1 to H-4 and same gets approved before Oct 1, and assuming H-1 gets approved anytime before Oct 1; then your eventual status will be H-1 from Oct 1.

      There is something called “Last Action Rule” which means that most recent decision will determine your status in US. H-1 will have a start date of Oct 1 and H-4 gets activated sometime before Oct 1. So you will move to H-4 status from H-4 approval date and then LAR will change your status to H-1 from Oct 1.

      Does that make sense?

  10. Hi Saurabh,

    Got the receipt number from the attorney. The school DSO says the i20 will be updated with cap-gap only after H1b approval. my opt is expiring mid june… I am regular processing/AD.. What is the probabilty my case will be approved by then… Should i be concerned about my cap-gap period stay here? Should i upgrade to PP?

    • waiting4mybro,
      The DSO is wrong. Cap-gap should be updated soon after you are selected in the lottery. The cap-gap remains in place until Oct 1 or H-1 denial date (whichever is earlier). It is not required for H-1 to be approved before cap-gap can be applied.

  11. Hi All,

    I got my receipt number this morning selected on April 10th. Mine is EAC141415**** and its RP.
    Checked uscis site and i could find my case status.


  12. Hi All,
    I wanted to know when will the employers come to know about our visa status or lottery result, when i checked with them they are not ready to disclose even receipt number and they are asking me to wait till June End which is very difficult.
    Please let me know if anyone received receipt number for regular processing of h1b.


  13. Hi, i applied for non AD/PP/EAC and i got the receipt number on thursday morning around 9:40. But till now i dont see my case status in uscis tracker till now. When ever i enter my receipt number it says ” case not found” pls help me.

    • Nadi,
      That’s a common problem with other cases filed w/ EAC. Try after few days or keep following this blog when others’ start reporting successful tracking of EAC numbers.

      • Hi Saurabh,

        Mine too is the same case where I got the receipt no on April 15 but still the status is showing: case cannot be found. I understand that it may take some time to update it online but I have one question. My petition is filed in PP so when should I expect the result? After 15 days when I got the receipt number( April 15) or after the same gets updated on USCIS case statues website?


        • Awaiting case result,
          PP cases will be adjudicated by May 12 (15 calendar days from April 28). It can be approved or issued RFE anytime before that date.

      • Thanks Saurabh,

        Hey Nadi..did you happen to get any updates on it yet? Mine is still showing the same status..

          • still “case not found” for me…I’m hoping to see something this week. I got the email with the receipt from my lawyer + scan of the mailed receipt (I’m PP)

          • Hey Guys, any updates? I still cannot see my case on USCIS and I tried to call them but couldn’t get connected. Any luck with you guys?


          • I called uscis customer care today afternoon as my case status is still not reflecting in uscis website as i received the receipt number on Apr 17. Customer service person checked my status and said “case not found” in her system as well 🙁 and forwarded my call to immigration office and i waited for 1 hour to talk to an officer and she simply said like only employer can call to immigration office to check the status and said like as an applicant she wont provide me any details 🙁 🙁

          • Anu,

            We dont have any dashes on our receipt number. Receipt number exactly says: EAC14136***** thats it.

            Got the receipt on apr 17 till now it says case not found 🙁 (non AD/PP/EAC)

            Soo worried and second round of tension started 🙁

            Any updates for u guys??

          • Nope, nothing yet..dont worry am sure it should reflect by next week. fingers crossed 😀

  14. Hi have applied for H1B (premium) through Kfocre(employment agecny) for april 1 2014, but i have not received any reply or receipt so far regarding my application.
    Now i dont know whether they have received my file or not and whats gonna happen next.

    • Ramu,
      It’s a hectic time at USCIS as the new fiscal filing also started on April 1. Check with your employer if USCIS indeed received the package. If you don’t hear back in 30 days, then ask your employer/attorney to follow-up w/ USCIS.

  15. HI,

    I have got H1b approved in 2008, but the employer didnt send me the documents in order to get visa stamped, the company now its closed and no contacts, let me know if there is any possibility to reapply my case, as the status is still showing as .

    On September 16, 2008, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283

    • contact USCIS for getting approval notice but you have pay for this duplicate copy and you can use for your H1b transfer to other employer.

  16. Helo

    My rferr status on December 13 since two months passed not yet any information.

    Raised request to uscis they told to wait more 30 days .

    Losing hopes please pray for me.

  17. Is there anyone whose decision is still pending with USCIS? Mine hasn’t moved yet since beginning though have lost all hopes but wanted to confirm the game is already over for this year? My employer have even appointed ombudsman but still no decision yet.

    • Hello KT
      I am in also sailing in the same boat…no decision yet …My case is in RFERR since 17thSept2013,more than 5 months.Though is is really really frustrating waiting for such a long time and you are not even sure whats going to come up,however still want to be optimistic and keep hopes.
      What is your employer or Attorney saying about this?What are the next action plans?By the way what is ur case number…..can u share?
      My case number is WAC1314350*…
      Are there any other folks who are in the same status and still awaiting decision?What is ur next action plan in this regard?Please comment.

      @ Saurabh : What can we do in such a situation?any advise is highly appreciated….

      I wish all the best for those who are awaiting decision

      • Hi Saurabh, Frustrating_Waiting,

        My case number is EAC1314251***

        It has been in initial review status since day one. Never moved an inch. Sometime I think did they ever receive my file or probably have lost it somewhere as at least it could have moved to RFE to give some sort of light. At this moment it all dark and there is no light at the end if tunnel. Had updated to premium processing 3 months back but even that didn’t make USCIS move it a bit. It remained in a Acceptance status since then and the clock never started.

        The employer say that they are waiting for attorney to get back. Attorney has told that they are following up but not sure if they are doing that for sure.

        No hopes left. Don’t think they will do all cases of last year before moving to next year which is just 1 month away now.

        Thank you.

  18. Hi All,

    My long wait is over and my H1 got approved thsi week Monday. Waited for long and I started preparing for next season with current employer. I did lost hope and came as surprise to me.

    Thanks everyone.

    My employer not sharing any information other then mail communication. What are the document I should ask him? He requested to complete the joining formalities as soon as possible. Any advice much appriciated.

  19. Hi,

    My H1B Extn got approved
    I had planned to go to India on vacation in April.
    Unfortunately my employer is not allowing stamping, which means I cannot come back to USA. Does anyone know if I can stamp in Canada?

  20. Hi!
    My H1B case no: EAC 1313 9***** is with Vermont Service Centre
    Applied: April 1st 2013
    Lottery Accepted: 23rd April 2013
    RFE: 2nd July 2013 2013
    RFE RR: September 24, 2013
    “You should expect to receive a written decision or written update within 60 days of the date we received your response.”The 60/90 days wait period is over.Its still in process. Don’t know what the decision is going to be…Anyone sailing in the same boat or any suggestions appreciated. Please help!

    • Ed!,
      You can go for stamping anytime during the petition validity period. Whenever you appear for stamping, you should have documents that are current and valid as of that date.

  21. Hi,

    After 3 months of wait from status “RFE-RR”, today the status got updated to “DECISION” but my petition is denied. Is there any possibility for Re-Appeal. 8 Months of applying and waiting and finally getting a denial is little hard to digest. Can any one gone through the same experience share what could be the possibilities ahead.


    • SKP,
      Talk to your employer/attorney about the rejection reasons. If you all think that it was in error and you have valid reasons to overturn it, then file the MTR. It needs to be done within 30 days.

      • Mine was same situation in 2009 and get suggested by most of them to apply a fresh case instead of Reopen the same, because 90% it takes more time to get updates on current compare to a fresh one.

        After two months again the session starts, so i suggest you to apply a fresh one instead of reopen the same

      • Hi SKP,

        I got RFE on employee – Employer relationship and i submited my response to USCIS and then i got denial decision on 12th December 2013. Now question was what to do. I Contacted my company and then onsite team has check the denial reason and it was MSA and SOW was not submitted. They have prepared huge draft to support the denial and filled my MTR on 11th of January 2014. On 29th January 2014 they decided to consider my case for reopen since the draft created by onsite team was strong and then on 4th Feb 2014 they approved my petition. So it all depends of denial reason so dont loose hope and just talk to your company to file MTR but it require to file within 30 days of denail notice so if you are still in this time you can go for and if you have crossed 30 days limit then you dont have any option but to refile in this cycle which is already started.

        I hope this helps and wish you all the best.

        • HI infyperson
          Mine (H1B) also denied on Dec 20 2013. i had a serious follow up’s with my employer for which he agreed to refile (MTR) my case and filled on Jan 15 2014. since then no updates from them.. just following it up. my question is will i get a new receipt #? or just the old receipt will continue?

          • Hello ALL,

            Finally my Petition got approved after re-file (MTR) .

            I came back to this blog to update the status. because i saw many people left in between without updating there status. i dont want others in this blog to be suprised like what happened?

          • HI All,

            My visa got approved on July 10. i would be flying to US very soon. thanks to my employer.

  22. Hi,
    I’m terribly worried about my petition for H1b visa. Mine got approved last July 2013 and until now i was not able to go for visa stamping because I don’t have my NOA yet the original copy. And when i check again my status online I was surprised because my status back to acceptance. Stating ;On December 12, 2013, a duplicate notice was mailed to you regarding a decision on this case, or describing how we will process the case if it is still pending. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your case is at our VERMONT SERVICE CENTER location. If this I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER is still pending, you will be notified by mail when a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you. If you move and this case is still pending, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address or call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.
    Can anyone help me explain or somebody who has similar case. Let me know and what to do next?

  23. Hi Saurabh,

    My case got denied last month due to client letter.

    My employer said that they will appeal.

    In denial notice they mentioned that we have appeal with in 30 days. And I am left with only a week for them to appeal. Not sure if they will appeal

    So what will be the status once my employer appeal. Will it move to initial review?


    • if they will appeal then USCIS will decide to reconsider your case or not based on supporting documents provided by your company. I was in same boat my petition got denied on 12th of December and we filed MTR on 11th January 2014. Since we submit proper proof to justify denial reason they reopend my case with same file number so i got update from USCIS site since i register myself for email update that my case is reopend on 29th January 2014 and on 4th Feb 2014 i got approval. so you can understand it all depneds on supporting documents. if you are from well known company and if they are saying that they will appeal then they will appeal for sure since i was also not knowing that they will appeal or not but they appealed. My last date for appeal was 12th jaunary 2014 and till 10th January 2014 i have been told that they are reviewing my case for MTR so i was not having any hope that they will reopen since 1 day left but they did everything in 1 day and i got approval finally. So dont loose hope thats what i can say…

      Wish you all the best.

      • Hi
        what is the your current case status in uscis? my employer also said they refiled as MTR on jan 15 but still the case status has not changed.

  24. Selected in lottery on 8th April
    RFE on September 12th
    RFE Responded on November 1st
    RFE received (Courier confirmation–>UPS Tracking Information – “Delivered and Received”) to USCIS on November 4th
    Status directly changed to Post Decision Activity On December 12, 2013
    Vermont Center, Regular Processing

    Thanks to God!!!

  25. Hi,

    I have changed my organization, after receiving new H1B petition receipt no, I started working for a new employer B( in CA) from old employer A(in IL). My visa status is RFE from employer B.

    My dependent is traveling to US to SFO airport CA on my employer A visa valid up to June 2015, is it any problem of traveling at this time since my new visa status is RFE. and dependents are traveling to SFO airport instead of Chicago, any problem while immigration check at airport?

    What are the documents needs to be carried while traveling H4B visa?

  26. Hi ,
    My passport got re-issued from the time I applied for H1B . The re-issue is done recently as the validity expires in June2014 .
    In the DS160 which passport number shall I mention ?

    Second Question , While applying for H1B , I never mention about my travel companions . At that time , my wife wasnt ready to travel . But now , I want to get H4 for my wife and kid as well . Is there any problem in that ? What factors are important about h4 Visa ; what docs are important ?

  27. Hi All,

    Just want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to GOD and all in this group for keeping up the spirit for the past 8 months
    The discussions here have helped me a lot to understand about H1b process and kept me hoping for the good

    My Case got approved on Nov 18th
    Here are my details.
    Recieved date -8 Apr
    Notice date -25 Apr
    RFE: 8 aUG
    RFERR -1st week of Nov
    Approval: 18 Nov

    All those who have got approval Congratulations to you and the ones rejected, I pray that you find a way to re appeal and get through.

    Hoping to have a smooth interview and stamping.

    Can any1 tell me which dates are available for interview?

  28. Hello Everyone,

    My case got approved today finally after 8 months of waiting.

    Here are my details.
    Lottery: 18 Apr
    RFE: 11 Sep
    RFER: 10 Oct
    Approval: 26 Nov

    After my case moved into RFERR, I was tracking RFE’s and RFERR’s around my application. Some cases received approval within 10-12 days of RFERR and some took more than 2 months. The data I collected over the past few months in and around my receipt might give you some rough idea about RFERR to Approval timelines..

    Receipt# || RFERR Date || Approval/Denial/Withdrawn Date
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 22-10||WithDrawn 21-11
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 31-10||APR 19-11
    EAC1313952XXX||RFER 07-11||Converted to PP 08-11 then Denial on 20-11
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 10-10||ARP 30-10
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 30-09||APR 22-10
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 27-08||APR 22-10
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 25-10||APR 06-11
    EAC1313952XXX || Converted to PP on 17-10||APR 28-10
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 14-11|| Still in RFERR
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 26-09||APR 04-11
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 07-11|| Still in RFERR
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 18-10||APR 29-10
    EAC1313952XXX||RFER 05-08||APR 23-10
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 08-08||APR 23-10
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 28-10|| Still in RFERR
    EAC1313952XXX||Converted to PP on 17-10||APR 28-10
    EAC1313952XXX||RFER 26-09||Still in RFERR
    EAC1313952XXX||RFER 29-10||APR 13-11
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 25-10||Converted to PP 09-11 ||Denial- 15-11
    EAC1313952XXX||RFER 10-10||APR 26-11
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 16-10||Still in RFERR
    EAC1313952XXX||RFER 05-11||Still in RFERR
    EAC1313952XXX ||Converted to PP on 15-10||APR 29-10
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 09-10||APR 05-11
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 01-10||APR 07-11
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 07-10||APR 30-10
    EAC1313952XXX ||RFER 24-10||Still in RFERR

    Can someone let me know how much time will it take for my employer to receive the documents after status change in the online tool in case of Regular processing.

  29. Today my status changed to RFE to initial review .what does it mean .i thought it moves to RFE response review but went back to initial review .plz help.even I requested my employer to upgrade to premium and I didn’t know what’s going on with my case .if any one have idea about this plz respond

  30. Hello Friends,

    My H1b 2013 got denied yesterday. I dont know the reason for denial.

    i called my employer, even he is not sure and waiting for denial notice.

    its very very very diffficult to take this pain, after waiting for almost 8 months day and night, infact each minute.

    i am from lower middle class family and the only hope was h1 and now my dreams are shattered.

    good luck to all friends who are waiting for approvals.

    i am sure all u guys will get ur visa and have a happy and safe stay in US

    good bye friends 🙁

    • Don’t worry. Its just a minor setback . If you have the skills and the will there will be several more opportunities as long as you don’t give up.
      There are several other countries with good job opportunities and, even for US there is a next time.
      As Chulbul Pandey says in Dabangg “There ij always a first time, and there ij always a next time ” 🙂
      Cheer Up!

      • Thank you jojo for ur words

        As you said May be I will apply for next year and I will get it

        Good luck for u mate…god bless you!

        • Is there any chance if I can still fight for visa..can I still appeal for it?

          Please please anyone suggest, if I can do anything even after case moving to denial.

          Or else, is this end of road for me?

          • cheer up end of my dreams!
            there is never a end of road for those who tries hard.
            You can opt for other countries also..like Australia etc.
            Good luck buddy!

          • Hi END OF MY DREAMS

            Don’t worry still we have chances to reopen the case. There is option called MTR. Get the information for denied reason from your employer and ask him to reopen. My case denied due to client letter 🙁

          • end of my dreams.. i can understand ur pain.. mine too denied 1 month back.. still i feel very sad thinking why God punished me like this..
            u can reopen it , Motion to Appeal or Motion to Reopen.. dnt go for Appeal as it will take 1+ year.. U can go for MTR if you have valid word order or so..my case i dnt have work order, so i didnt do anything..

          • Hi All,

            One thing i would like to say is dont get penic.. I also get rejection of my H1B. Its all about luck and time… If you are keen to go US then there is always chance to reapply for next year quota. you just have to convence your employer to refile for you which is bit tedious task if i know but dont disappoint its not end. you can keep trying yes now if you want to apply then you have to wait for again 1 year and then if everything works well then you will be in US. so just think about moving on and ask your employer to go for refiling in 2014 and forget what has happened.
            I can say its never end of your dremas till time you are alive. believe me this is nothing i have seen many set backs but that makes you fighter and you will come with bang. Think alwyas positive and it will work for you.

            Keep you hope alive and think about 2014 forget about what has happened for your this year H1b. I wish all of you all the best who got denial and keen to go to US.

            God bless you all.

  31. How long it takes to change status from RFE to RFE response review.this waiting is killing .did any one get approval this week plz help.
    Thanks .

    • In Some Cases its changes directly to Decision from REF

      IN MY CASE:
      Selected in lottery on 8th April
      RFE on September 12th
      RFE Responded on November 1st
      RFE received (Courier confirmation–>UPS Tracking Information – “Delivered and Received”) to USCIS on November 4th
      Status directly changed to Post Decision Activity On December 12, 2013
      Vermont Center, Regular Processing

  32. Hi Saurabh / Guys/

    Below may be a repeat question for some of you but nevertheless if anybody can point out the answer ?

    If I am under RFE can i change my employers and transfer h1b to new employer?

    • If you are still under RFE, technically means you do not have an H1B yet. So there is no question of transfer. If your current employer is the one who has sponsored you H1B, then after getting to know your plans to change the job, he/she may withdraw the H1B petition. If your H1B sponsor is not your current employer, then still you may want to wait till the petition is approved to apply for transfer from the new employer.

      • so “WhatsInANam”
        can i transfer /edit my application after lottery
        FYI: My application is still under initial review.
        so the question is : can i transfer / edit my application to a new employer who is much more better and hence lower chances of RFE ?

        • No.. You can only do that after your petition is approved with a copy of approval notice submitted with a cap exempt petition(known as transfer) from the new employer..

          • Hi

            My H1 got approved on Nov5th. I need to go for stamping in India.
            My employer in US filed 2 H1s. He gave us a Vendor letter from a Vendor.
            The other guy went for stamping in HYD and got rejected. When I ask my employer about my stamping he is saying “Do not go for stamping with that vendor, as we have one rejection case in the Data base your Visa also will be rejected for sure. He is asking me to wait until we get a new Vendor, then only we’ll have chances for approval.

            Is it true that if there is a rejection, the next one also will be rejected. He is saying the vendor is not supporting us. Can I transfer my H1 to some other employer at this point??
            I have 4 years exp in ERP and the market for the ERP that I am working is good in US. How to get an employer in US who can transfer my H1. Please suggest…


  33. Hi guys!

    Could you please tell me what is the expected time duration from petition approval to stamping.
    Getting tired of this never ending wait.
    Please help!

      • @approval to stamping,
        It depends. Usually, it takes a month or so unless USCIS screws up your I797 approval document. In my case, date of birth went wrong in the approval form. Raised a service request. Waiting for amended H1 now. In cases like mine, it may take more than 2 months.

  34. Hi Experts,

    My given name in passport exceeds the total size given for given name in DS160. Can you please guide what to do. My ds160 is not submitted for this reason and my stamping getting delayed.

  35. Dear all/Sourabh,

    I have been patient for the H1B since April and this forum has been my daily routine along with my work! Its happy to know that I am finally able to share the following experience just like others :

    Q1 : Which company you are working for?
    Q2 : You are working for your company’s internal project or client?
    Q3 : Who is your client?
    Q4 : What is your US salary?
    Q5: What are your roles and responsibilities in the US?

    Be confident, just talk to the VO like you talk to ur buddy. Even I was very panicked but later realized its all a formality as already we have gone thro lots of hurdles like lottery , RFE, RFERR etc.

    All the very best to you all who are waiting! You l definitely get ur visa stamped soon:)

  36. Hi,

    I have applied for H1B in EVC model from India. Vendor gave me the letter saying that I am working for them in client place. I dnt have a client letter or any communication from End client saying that I am working for them. Before they approve my H1 they gave my RFE for employer and Vendor Relationship. I am going for stamping next week in India. What are the possibilities for getting Visa and is there any chance to put my case in administrative process or they will approve or reject directly without administrative process as they already gave me RFE.
    Is there anybody who got approval with same case?? What would be the best answer when they ask for client letter??

    Which consulate would be better to go for stamping in India?? Heard that in Hyderabad number of rejections are more, Chennai or Kolkata which would be better. Plz suggest
    Thanks in advance.

  37. My Petition approved , petition from Vermont office.
    RFE: Aug 28th 2013
    Documents Submitted : Oct 15th 2013
    Approved: Nov 18th 2013

    RFE on Employer/Employee relation ship and end client letter and about my L1 Visa status.

    My status was L1B to H1B

    All the best to whom ever waiting for RFE decision!

    • Happy to inform you all that my H1B petition is approved
      Initial Review from April 08, 2013
      RFE: Aug 05th 2013
      Documents Submitted : Oct 29th 2013
      Approved: Nov 19th 2013

      All the best to whom ever waiting for Approval!

      This blog really helped me a lot. Thanks everyone.

        • @Waiting!!! – Centre – Vermont
          RFE Response Review from October 29, 2013
          RFE – SOW, Client Letter, Employee – Employer relation ship, Organization Charts etc.

          • Hi Sara,

            Are you from infosys it seems. if yes can you please add me 627018 to IM i need some information. I got denial on same ground but was not able to submit MSA and SOW.

            Want to have chat.


  38. Hi
    I can see my status Approved 2 month before but my Consultant is not sending me Documents saying he is waiting for Client letter. Is this something need to arrange after Approvals.Is this something i need to worry?

    • Hi I I applied cos h4 to h1 thru a consultancy in US. And I got my papers soon after approval. Unless you are on another status, I I don’t see why a client letter comes in picture..he has to give you the documents. .

    • Your employer could keep a copy and give you the originals. From my knowledge i don’t think he needs to wait for the client letter in order to give you your documents. After approval a submission of client letter is not needed. If USCIS needed it they would have requested for it previously. Maybe you should take advise from somebody else as well on this.

  39. whie filling DS160 form, The given name column is not enough to fill my name as present in passport. DS160 accepts maximum 33 characters but my name in passport has 37 characters. Can someone please suggest what to do? has anyone faced a similiar problem

  40. mine still in initial stage.. god.. something wrong..

    On April 24, 2013, your Alien Registration Number was changed relating to your I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please check our website at www.uscis.gov for further updates on your case
    always same status..
    does this status move or get rejected???


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