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Indian Students Deported from USA – 2016 Latest News Updates

The below article is preserved for historical reasons and does not reflect the current situation.

Background : Some F1 Visa Students were deported back in Year 2015. The below updates and timelines are related to the same.

Summary of Timeline and news updates on the Indian Students deportations that started from early December 2015 would be tracked on this page, with all the news references.

Jan 3rd, 2016 :

  • Another batch of 30 students deported from US in the first couple of days in 2016. It is very sad and disturbing.  The airports students were deported from include New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Most of the deported students were heading to NPU and SVU, which is the case of many students deported so far, check Times of India
  • Han cuffed, Barred Entry to US : While some were just deported, some of the unfortunate students were hand cuffed and barred entry to US for the next 5 years. These students were termed as “Visa Waiver Pilot Programme violators”, which essentially tells that they tried to enter without proper documents into US.  Check out article on The Hindu News

Jan 2nd, 2016 :  About 15 telugu students were deported failing to clear immigration with CBP officer. Most of these students were going to controversial NPU and SVU Universities. The deported students claim that, only telugu students were signled out and deported, while students from other states with admissions to same universities were let in to the country.  It is also said that some of them were arrested. Check out Hindu News Article  and Indian Express News Article 

Dec 29, 2015 : Everyday, there is some sort of new that keeps talking about Indian students deported from certain Port of entry. Another news article today tells that there are over 20 students deported from Chicago. Check article . It is speculated that FBI has given information to immigration that many students are abusing the system and arriving in US to do part time jobs and not education as their motto…so, tighter scrutiny..

Dec 26th, 2015:  There were about 150 students deported in total as per airport authority in Hyderabad. Of the 150, about 70 of the students were deported based on their social media posts and conversations in Facebook, WhatsApp. They were asked by the CBP officer to login to their social media accounts and the officials would look at their groups, messages and make conclusions based on their conversations, their primary intent to US. If they find any conversation that is fishy and talks about working, attendance coverage, doing part time illegally, etc. they were all flagged and sent back.  You may read full article on Deccan Chronicle News 

Dec 25, 2015 : Besides NPU and SVU, it is reported by Deccan Chronicle that over 130 students have been sent back from US, including students from good schools like Colorado State University and University of Iowa, who failed to convince the CBP officials at the Port of Entry. Check News Article

How did it all get started ?  Why were the students deported from US ?

Read article – Why were Indian students deported at Port of Entry by CBP ? 


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