USCIS Official News : H1B Visa 2016 Cap Reached – Will have Lottery

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Well folks, the wait is over, all the H1B visa 2016 predictions as many anticipated have come true,  USCIS received more petitions that required for the yearly cap, we are yet to know the exact number though.  USCIS released an official press note earlier today on the H1B cap reach news. Below are the details.

Summary of the USCIS News Release on H1B Visa 2016 Cap reached  : 

  • H1B visa cap for FY 2016 is reached as USCIS received enough number of petitions for this fiscal year 2016, also enough number of petitions for the master’s quota are more than 20,000
  • As there are more petitions received by USCIS than required for the H1B cap, USCIS will conduct a random selection process, aka H1B lottery, to pick the necessary count of 65,000 petitions for regular quota and 20,000 for master’s quota to fulfill the 2016 cap.
  • Lottery will be conducted for US Master’s students quota first and then the unselected petitions will be part of the general group to conduct lottery for the selecting the remaining 65,000 petitions. You can read How does H1B visa Lottery work
  • USCIS will consider all the H1B petitions received from April 1st until April 7th for  conducting this lottery.
  • Due to the high volume of the petitions, USCIS cannot announce the date of H1B Lottery at the moment, as they need to do the initial paperwork so that lottery can be conducted for the petitions filed.
  • USCIS will NOT include the cap-exempt petitions, aka who already have filed earlier and counted towards H1B cap, in the lottery selection process.
  • USCIS will continue to accept all the cap-exempt petitions that are filed with USCIS that fall under the below categories
    • H1B transfers, H1B extensions
    • H1B petitions for changes in employment terms
    • Second H1B petition to work concurrently for those who have been part of cap.

As far as I can see, there is nothing new in the press release, it is pretty standard and in-line with the H1B Visa 2015 Cap reached press release .  The big question still remains on the lottery date. To get the details based on last year, Check out the article on H1B 2016 lottery date and other info 

What are your thoughts ?

USCIS Official Tweets with Links to their articles :


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Comments ( 389 )

  1. 1stTimeapplicant

    This was my first attempt for h1b and i got through the lottery, received reciept on first day. I am shocked to see the comments from people who had 5-10 applications and even got 3 or more receipts. Shame on you guys ! Someone who deserves it will be left out because of you. May God bless you with concern for others.

  2. Bobby

    Hello.. Has anyone tried to crack the lottery selection algorithm by using the history data of selected.

    Can anyone share the link for the good h1b tracker avaliable.

      1. fakeyourresume

        Just Smart. now days you have to file 10+ applications to be selected. its a must. anyone not doing this is the true idiot.

          1. fakeyourresume

            Shut your ass! dont you date talk to me..i am on H1 now..your just a H1b packet. behave as per your status

    1. sid

      There has not been even single receipt so far from USCIS..based on info from one of the largest law firm which files for most of the large companies here in US

  3. original Bob

    Guys I’m very happy to inform I got the email from my consultant about receipt of my selection today at 5 pm eastern time.

  4. GoodLuck

    Hello Guys,
    Wishing you every one all the best to get selected in Lottery among 233,000 Petitions.
    Number is considerably increasing year over an year…..
    Tough Luck …(Y)

    1. nervous guys

      Guys I’m very nervous about my girlfriend s h1. If she gets it then only I can go there on H4 as my current company doesn’t apply h1. Once I reach there then I can do some baby sitting job until I get h1 from someone shady consulting firm

  5. Need H1B

    USCIS has just completed a lottery to pick 85,000 application out of nearly 2,33,000 aspirants.. I am bit nervous about outcome of my application.. Fingers crossed!

  6. Jean

    Why doesn’t USCIS release the number of Master Cap apps received? Maybe the lottery thing is making me paranoid (eh, stress…), but am I really the only one who finds this odd?

  7. Stephen smith

    I read several predictions with very few the number being that high. Starting to wonder if that’s the lawyers way of thinking you have a chance. I feel nothing more than a gambler now instead of a skilled employee. Well hold on to hope and dont put all your eggs in this basket is my advice.

  8. ZYUAN

    “USCIS will reject and return all unselected petitions with their filing fees, unless the petition is found to be a duplicate filing.”
    So this is USCIS’s solution against duplicate filing? They are not screening at all before lottery! Simply punishing them by not returning the fees will not cast them away… Now this is really gonna get screwed up, next year it will be a cash game. Throw more money for multiple petitions and you will get your H1B, worst case you could get is losing money for dropped petitions. You can officially buy chance from now on. So screwed up.

    1. Happy

      The term”duplicating filing” used by USCIS refers to petitions filed for the same person by the SAME employer. USCIS allows petitions filed for the same person by different employers… I wonder those ppl who pay to file multiple petitions will have high chance to be RFE and rejected… But to be honest Idk.

      1. RandomScientist

        Agree — by duplicate filing, they mean the same employee applying under the same employer twice. This as you said, almost never happens, probably.

        Same person applying under two different employers is legal…..sadly.

        1. AK

          Yes, but here might be applicants who file with different employers and same end client. Such applications will also fall under the duplicate/multiple filing category and will be rejected.

  9. curious desi

    When are we going to starting hearing from uscis about non ad regular processing.

    And also does uscis send any formal letter saying that they received the petition, just want to make sure consultant is not fooling .

    1. hjt

      I hope the consultant is fooling. We have all been fools to apply honestly I guess. IT clogging the system year after year. Enjoy…

  10. Ronkur

    233,000 H-1B petitions during the filing period, which began April 1, including petitions filed for the advanced degree exemption. On April 13, USCIS used a computer-generated random selection process, or lottery, to select enough petitions to meet the 65,000 general-category cap and the 20,000 cap under the advanced degree exemption. USCIS will reject and return all unselected petitions with their filing fees, unless the petition is found to be a duplicate filing.

  11. Sunny18

    USCIS received about nearly 233,000 H-1B petitions during the filing period, which began April 1, including petitions filed for the advanced degree exemption. On April 13, USCIS used a computer-generated random selection process, or lottery, to select enough petitions to meet the 65,000 general-category cap and the 20,000 cap under the advanced degree exemption. USCIS will reject and return all unselected petitions with their filing fees, unless the petition is found to be a duplicate filing.

    1. Sunny18

      Adv-Degree Regular Total P(AD) P(Reg) Effective-Prob-for-AD
      45,000 190,000 235,000 44% 28% 60%
      50,000 185,000 235,000 40% 28% 57%
      55,000 180,000 235,000 36% 28% 54%
      60,000 175,000 235,000 33% 28% 52%
      65,000 170,000 235,000 31% 28% 50%

  12. stopthenonsense

    Guys!! please please stop the non sense here.
    couple of weeks back redbus2us was a very informative site having all the immigration updates and US schools updates.
    But now this site is like for fun and people are visiting this site to just post some stupid nonsense crap.
    People, if you have any updates regarding H1, please do post them. If you want to post some crap please get the hell of out of here.
    everyone (all the indians, non indians)!! before pointing to some ones ass please check yours. so please stop this nonsense. calm down and wait to hear the good news.
    ADMIN, its your responsibility to keep this site clean. please ban the people who is/are posting some crap as they don’t deserve this place.

    All the best 🙂



    The numbers have been released.

    40K H1B Master Petetion.
    -20K Rest of the world,
    -20K Indians 15K of Indians are consultancy bodyshops and fake resumes.

    150K Regular Petetions.
    – 30K From Rest of the world, all seem legit.
    – 120K From Indians. Out of 120K, 80K are fake/multiple/consultancy/bodyshop applications.


    1. chaks

      What you would get by posting the fake news.. try to be honest whereever people are connecting globally as every one watching about indians behaviour

      1. NUMBERS OUT

        Honestly, it doesn’t even matter. No matter what the number of application is even 1 billion only a limited number will get them. So no point even looking at the application number.

    2. fakeyourresume

      please shut the F up. and put these rumors up yours. what are you achieving by posting this. does it make you feel a man since you really are a monkey? come on tell everyone..come out of the closet you damm monkey!

  14. True Indian

    I small request to our fellow Indians.
    Guys please stop this non sense here!
    I know that Indians are great experts in software industry and nobody can compete with Indian brains!
    because of Indian usa IT is running and getting economy!
    If no indian come out of India each and every software company will move their main branch to India! Small example: Microsoft warned USCIS if they dont increase the cap they will move to India from seattle!
    See how powerful we Indians are! so jealous people always talk non sense, just leave that crap to them only! USCIS legally said one person can apply with multiple companies! its a legal statement and my fellow indians didnt make any mistake and they are just following what USCIS said!

    Nothing wrong putting multiple applications with different employers!

    All the best fellas! 😛

      1. KARMA GOOD

        You Funny Gloria! i said indians are good in IT i didnt say that i am good at english! poor gloria! i am in India i wont go to any country! besides i am not from IT though! 😛

        1. Gloria

          Bullshit! If that is the case, stop commenting on these forum with fake multiple User IDs (worrying about multiple petition). I admire the talent of indian IT guys but i am amused by some poor guy like u.

  15. Ilana

    Hi,guys. We need to ask USCIS know what is going on. The white house petition has been setted up. Your support is needed! Since I cannot post the link here please use the key words to find this petition :’remove-and-ban-cheaters-who-sent-multi-petition-h1b-lottery-selection’

  16. Ronkur

    If you really want to get the attention from USCIS about the fake consultancies and issues with multiple petitions.

    You should flood the USCIS facebook page with your comments.

      1. Insider

        Pulled the definition from you.

        Fake Consultancy – A company usually run by Indians that falsifies a candidates information, allowing him to be eligible for H1B.

        Usual process followed by Fake Consultancy:
        1 – Remove Masters from Resume.
        2- Add 5 years of fake work experience
        3 – apply to jobs
        4- fake phone interview from an experienced candidate
        5 – get the job
        6 – send the experienced candidate to the job

        1. Johar

          Crap Definition, there is no such things as fake consultancies. If you have talent to compete without faking your shit, Please apply directly to many of the Non Profit company – so that you don’t have to wait for the lottery. Everybody is trying their luck for better future. If you can compete with them, do what it needs to be done to be selected. Survival of Fittest.

  17. AnGupta

    Hello Sirs, my friend in USCIS says total application number is between 200k and 205k. He is not sure about the advance degrees.

    1. Minh

      Can we trust this source? To many fake numbers recently already. And if the number is around 200k, why it takes much longer time than last year? Does USCIS put some extra information of the petitions in the system so later on they can have more proofs to deny fake multiple applications?

  18. Lottery

    Instead of cursing each other, US government should conduct tough aptitude and attitude test along with the technical interviews company to issue visa instead of having lottery and visa cap.This will filter the fittest and solve all the issue and will solve the purpose of h1b visa

    1. TJ

      That true…
      ban all the consulting firms and even tcs, cts, infy, wipro all these are consulting firms too which apply for h1’s in thousands..

  19. Curtis

    1. I think there are good reasons why so many software specialists/software engineers come from India. Full-stop.

    2. Gratulations to those who have more than one job offer. Most of us are lucky to have one.

    3. No doubt that there are good reasons for everyone to move to the US. Why not!?!

    4. But to tell the truth: Body Shopping of some companies is a fact, and I’m not sure if I want to work for a company that is not interested in me, but just in somebody.

    5. If I would be a HR Manager, I’m not sure if I’m interested in an applicant who just want to move to the US, whatever it counts, and isn’t interested in “my” company.

    6. It’s amazing that some folks pay a huge amount out of their own pocket to move to the US.

    7. And finally, it’s unbelievable that some folks find some ways to misuse the complete system for their own fortune.

    1. Champu


      You are lucky that you can “choose” not to work for a company who just wants somebody. Many people are not that lucky. “If” you were HR manager, you might want to follow your ideals but you are not HR manager, you are just proud to be yourself. US companies mean business. Most big US companies have no notice periods, they can fire you anytime. It’s naive to believe that they are interested in you. They are interested in business. As long as it’s legal, people have every right to follow their dreams even if they are just “somebody”. You can attack the legal systems but shouldn’t judge anyone else.

      1. Curtis

        I think I wrote a fair statement. If you don’t understand it… Maybe it makes sense that IQ tests become part of the application.

  20. Champu

    About Indians, despite all the differences we’ve, we’ve been able to stay as one country one nation for centuries 😉 Some say it’s a miracle. I would say this is how we are 🙂

    I think it’s fair to say that a person with multiple legit offers should be given a better chance to come to USA as clearly he/she is more sought after. However, when a person wins multiple visas in the lottery, only one of them will eventually go through which would free up the quota. To fill up the total visa quota, US should pick up higher no. of visas in the lottery than the quota so that they can fill up the entire 85k quota. My guess is that they already do it in this way.

    1. Broken System

      So according to you a person who has a job offer should be able to replace a one who is already in the USA with an existing job?

      PLEASE. Think before you speak. A person who applies for H1B and is working under OPT in USA. Should be the top priority. Then comes the person, who isn’t even in the USA and isn’t even working for a company.

      1. Champu

        You can debate about the rules of the lottery. That’s ok. I myself don’t like the lottery system. In contrast, I liked the highly-skilled migrant visa program in UK (it’s scraped now i think) where they used to give points for everything (incl degree, current salary, etc). Only if you cross certain minimum points, you can apply for the HSMP visa. But given we’ve this lottery system, that’s the best we can do about it.

      2. svictor9

        Why? Just because he came here to study? There are other good universities in the world. And will a person who went to a top school in the US get higher precedence over people who went to a not so good one?

      3. Champu

        and btw if you are already in US, you have done MS there? then you already have much better chance. what are you complaining about

      4. GodBlessMe

        I am with you on this! Not only they should make it top priority, they should just make those ppl exempt from lottery system. PPl already at U.S. been paying tax on income when they were on OPT/CPT. They were most likely U.S. college educated. Technically, they are just like American kids. No reason to deport them when they already work at a U.S. company!

        1. Insider

          YES. No reason to deport them and bring someone else who doesn’t even work now.

          A currently working OPT student will have a JOB, which he continues after H1b.
          His family, car, house, belongings e.t.c. Does not make sense to kick him out only to be replaced by someone else who doesnt even live in the country.

  21. Immigrant

    When the brains are filled with hatred, people stop thinking as the hatred gets over the thought process. I think, USCIS needs to address these things to handle the situation.
    1. H1B cap and actual H1B application should be two different things, if there are multiple applications through different employers for the same applicant, during lottery all those applications are to be considered as one. This will resolve all the issues. After the lottery, it is upto them to go with whoever the employer they want.
    2. Using the same client letter for multiple applicants is to be tracked. There is some mistake on USCIS part too. They are forcing the employers to apply for multiple people because of the lottery involved.
    3. A little percentage of applications are to be picked and a rigorous scrutiny must be done. If either the applicant or the employer is found to be fake, they should be get rid of forever. Even the lawyers involved are to be charged. This would scare the fakes away.

    Just a word about people shouting/cursing the Indians about the number in H1B applications from India. Of all the illegal immigrants in US, Indian illegal immigrant number is the smallest. This number tells you, how fair are the Indians. They search for legal opportunities as much as possible. It is their poverty and “crawl to wealthy class” idea that lets them desperately try for a visa. I see nothing wrong with that (Not because I am Indian too). Every country at some point in their history must have been in this state. The crime rate, based on country of origin or race will tell you how decent are Indians (RELATIVELY). I am sure, we don’t deserve to be hated.

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