USCIS Official News : H1B Visa 2016 Cap Reached – Will have Lottery

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Well folks, the wait is over, all the H1B visa 2016 predictions as many anticipated have come true,  USCIS received more petitions that required for the yearly cap, we are yet to know the exact number though.  USCIS released an official press note earlier today on the H1B cap reach news. Below are the details.

Summary of the USCIS News Release on H1B Visa 2016 Cap reached  : 

  • H1B visa cap for FY 2016 is reached as USCIS received enough number of petitions for this fiscal year 2016, also enough number of petitions for the master’s quota are more than 20,000
  • As there are more petitions received by USCIS than required for the H1B cap, USCIS will conduct a random selection process, aka H1B lottery, to pick the necessary count of 65,000 petitions for regular quota and 20,000 for master’s quota to fulfill the 2016 cap.
  • Lottery will be conducted for US Master’s students quota first and then the unselected petitions will be part of the general group to conduct lottery for the selecting the remaining 65,000 petitions. You can read How does H1B visa Lottery work
  • USCIS will consider all the H1B petitions received from April 1st until April 7th for  conducting this lottery.
  • Due to the high volume of the petitions, USCIS cannot announce the date of H1B Lottery at the moment, as they need to do the initial paperwork so that lottery can be conducted for the petitions filed.
  • USCIS will NOT include the cap-exempt petitions, aka who already have filed earlier and counted towards H1B cap, in the lottery selection process.
  • USCIS will continue to accept all the cap-exempt petitions that are filed with USCIS that fall under the below categories
    • H1B transfers, H1B extensions
    • H1B petitions for changes in employment terms
    • Second H1B petition to work concurrently for those who have been part of cap.

As far as I can see, there is nothing new in the press release, it is pretty standard and in-line with the H1B Visa 2015 Cap reached press release .  The big question still remains on the lottery date. To get the details based on last year, Check out the article on H1B 2016 lottery date and other info 

What are your thoughts ?

USCIS Official Tweets with Links to their articles :


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Comments ( 389 )

  1. supreme

    Its funny people say fake resumes fake profiles and fake certs. I am currently in India and interview people from all parts of the country, east ,west,north,south and can determine a cheat with simple questions. Even if the telephonic was proxy, we have another round to eliminate. This is all in India, i am not sure why US being a highly developed nation is sufferring in hiring fakes if that is waht is happening. Reality we have fakes everywhere irrespective of the place/region/country

    1. Happy

      It’s not about faking resume or experience. It’s the position itself is faked and the company earns money for faking it for people to cheat in H1b

  2. dxgen

    All people here looks to be having fun. Good to ease up the tension.

    Can understand everyone is eagerly awaiting for lottery which creates pressure.

  3. Taral Patel

    Hello to everyone,

    I have been on this website to know more about H1B process and i am surprise to see the comments here… Its not important what people are doing its more imp that what i am doing and what i believe in my life. So I hope if you guys already into US or wanted to be in US then one should not talk like this. I am a Indian and i been to US so many times & one thing i know for sure that people in US don’t talk like this and they still respect people.

    Anyways just i show so i thought to give my input on all this kind of thought share by experts in US & India…

    Its always be a good to be a good human and for that its does not matter where you are right now..

    Be Happy :):)

  4. bala

    This forum has to be modified to comment only by registered users. So that it will reduce many unwanted comments and those comments in appropriate shall be blocked…

  5. Vik

    @Andra Thop: This is the biggest insane! I know you are kidding. Point to be noted “Nobody is perfect, am nobody”. Make use of this blog wisely! Hope you understood. FYI – myself from ANDHRA

  6. Anand Krishna

    It is cool to get an offer for people who get the visa approval , better luck for people who did not get it this time, to get in next time. I was in USA from 2000-06, still trying to going back again but years goes , it is been almost 10 years to get in there again but I could not, but I will keep trying too.
    Anand .K

  7. KR7

    Hey i was from a lower middle class family, where i had struggled my entire teen age to survive,

    Almost i was working from 4years, and i got to know that h1 visa will makes me to reach my goals and dreams faster, sinse last 1 year i was working for a client in usa (they said they will file h1 for me).. almost i waited for 300 days , to watch the lottery, i had spent lot of sleepless nights In these days to surve my clinet.

    Yeah this year they filed for h1.
    i was looking at this blog from past few days,
    guys, only one thing h1 is for proffessionals, a proffessional can servive any where , why you people are afraid?? If the lottery was missed , why dont you push to any mnc with a good package, try to visit usa with tourister visa lol.. was just joking..

    I just shared my feeling, nothing other than that.

    All the best guys, stop fighting.

    1. HumbleThepoet


      The deal is lot of Indian people think USA is everything. If you give an option after they die either Heaven or USA they would pick USA.

      Apart from that, Students who came for masters are so used to US lifestyle by the end of their master and Pre-H1 job period. Most of them don’t want to go back.

      The incoming flow of masters students is so high right now and everyone gives a shot for H1. This add Up.

      1) Some of them file Multiple petition at same time(Thats why people are pissed) genuine or fake. Avg cost to file H1 from consultancy is $3000. if Mr x $9000 extra dollar he can apply 4 employers i.e Consultancy. LOL

      2) Some of them file with fake experience. This shoots up their salary. It helps for filing h1b. Lmao

      Why people are so damn pissed.

      3)Some of them just are like Glued here.


      Almost all of them have done crooked schemes. But most of them come from one part of INDIA. The bad % overtakes Good %.( That’s why people are pissed on em)

      I am giving a try too but not an desperate to stay here will try some other country or Home is always there.

      KR7 I think there are no such rules for places to be successful. Commitment is important and i see that.

      All the Best.

      1. Vaiko

        Shame on you man. U r just saying bluntly that the other state is a bigger thief considering the proportion and we are a smaller thieves because of the smaller proportion of the fakes.
        no words for you people. hopeless.

  8. gs

    Whichever the origin, such loop holes are not good. But, I am not sure what is the change we are expecting by discussing here. Any use? If you find one such case, best way is to raise it to the govt, with whatever known details.

  9. Zach

    So why companies like Infosys, TCS do not use L1B visa to move their employee to US instead of going through the H1B process?

    1. RR

      L1 Visa award ratio is 2 for 100. My firm filed Jan and Fed 2014 together 47 L1’s. All are rejected. Twist is in my department 8 L1 B’s rejects on one day with in 30 min from different counters (due to this we lost $$$$$$$ contract) in Chennai… Probably L1 might be easy this year onwards I hope…

  10. Warrior

    Please remove the below unwarranted comments that spoil the discussion as well as keeping this portal in wrong spotlight.

    1. Dhruv

      Instead of some information/news on H1b or fair views of people I am reading these bullshit from few irritating unmatured falks… and these unmatured people are continuously going on…

  11. Sekhar

    @HULK: will you decide who should come to US and who should not? The people who are fighting here just go and fight with the US government if you can, to get a better system for H1B approvals. We all know you can not do anything else apart from blaming others so stop doing that. Everyone is suffering here like you did because of the broken system (irrespective of the region).

  12. HULK

    Are you talking about IIT JEE or state level JEE?? Are you a part of the elite group of people who clears IIT JEE?? i am sure you are not else you wouldn’t have been barking . And regarding state level JEE, chuck it, no body gives a damn to go and study in the state of Sambar and Vada

  13. kijmp

    Haha. That’s the sad part that even after great JEE, GPA and offers from Facebook, Google etc your entry is thrown in a box with people who apply through 3-4 consultants or work at places which bulk file as they don’t care if A goes or B ( faceless automatons)

    1. Sekhar

      There are people who had H1Bs approved last year and still sitting in India and waiting for their chance to come to US as soon as they get a project. Even god doesn’t know when some H4 dependents would start working on a project. They tried their luck and they got it. People who are genuinely working are still struggling to get H1B irrespective of region, caste, religion etc. So where this region politics came from guys? How come MNCs like Infy, Wipro and TCS are openly saying that they are targeting to get so and so number of petitions approved this year? Are their employees such super technical? Will they work in any given technology regardless of their experience?

      1. Yes

        Yes..definitely..I think a good percentage of the IT professionals are super technical and super talented…you dont need an MS or any other degree to master something…

        Ultimately its the attitude that makes one excel in his/her job…not the knowledge/experience/degree etc…those are all secondary…Realizing that is the first quality that someone requires…I think most of the guys here think that earning a masters in US makes them super talented..thts ridiculous…cracking CAT/GATE exam in India is much much much more difficult than GRE!!

        N the IT companies…yes I will explain how it works…Visa’s are normally raised for the ones who excel in their job…now that the lottery is in place those guys are not guaranteed visa’s anymore and for the company to continue earning its business, they raise more visa’s for the ‘good to average’ candidates hoping that some of them gets thru..Now if the one who excelled gets selected he gets the priority and others will have to wait for their chance…THERE IS BASICALLY NO OTHER CHOICE..


        1. lex

          Selling people to another companies (this is what all consultants aka bodyshops do) is not a business. It’s slavery and looks like most Indians here are glad to be a slave and are glad to protect their’s owners. It’s ok. It’s in your’s nature.

        2. Sekhar

          I never said you need a MS degree to master something. Do you know how much time does it take for the people to excel in something even for the super talented? They are not gods to excel in any given technology on the fly. Attitude gives you the confidence in achieving what you aim for but practice makes you perfect. Wake up!
          THERE IS BASICALLY NO OTHER CHOICE??? So now I can say you could have done the same if you were a Master’s/Phd student or a consultancy owner. They also doesn’t have any other choice. In my opinion both consultancies and MNCs are committing same level of fraud with USCIS and using the loopholes in the system to gain something out of their businesses. NOWHERE DIFFERENT..

        3. H1b

          @Lex : so you must be a CEO huh ? well if thats how it works even 95% of the world’s earning population would be in that bracket including top level executives, World footballers etc…stop blabbering plz like your blood always has!!

          @Sekar : Yeah…its a pretty complex situation..everyone wants to get their priorities fulfilled and thats what is happening here…
          I also never said that attitude is the “only” thing thats required but definitely the single most important thing…If you think it from an IT MNC, yes, they do apply in loads…but then youre comparing the IT MNC VS MS Students…it shud be IT Professionals VS MS Students…both only get one shot at the lottery…there is no difference there…The real morons are the ones who apply multiple petitions paying out of their pocket!!.

          Anyways we are deviating a lot from the topic…Just wanted to make u understand that the number of degrees and the quality of degrees might earn you a top quality job, but doesnt guarantee top quality work output for the company that hired him!! It all depends on a million factors!!

  14. Harry

    As Said in Bagawadgita,
    Whatever happened, happened for a good reason. Whatever is happening, is happening for a good reason. Whatever is bound to happen will is going to happen for a good reason.

  15. neeraj nema

    i dont know y people fighting here and how can they write such a big note. the question here is the no of petition filed for this year so folks dont divert the topic.
    and really i feels the rules of picking a person for H1b should change as majority of talent is lost due to lottery process as this can be anyone’s pick. there should be some restriction to Indian companies

  16. Vinay

    This discussion is funny as hell. Kept of the H1 stress of me for some time.

    I mean we have masters degree or may b more. Is it really important to take it to that level.

    Its just h1B not a citizenship. Idk what people would have done if it would be?

  17. Broken System



    1. eeee

      It is so sarcastic.
      Indians believe Karma. Why do those ppl cheating in H1B application do not get the punishment they deserve?

  18. Maddy

    Dear Friends, Just curious when we will be knowing the number of counts as yesterday USCIS rolled out stating that they have received enough number of filings…


  19. Anita Hanjab

    I completely agree with you, they are the problem after they get here then their wives and family also apply for H1B

  20. All Izz Well..!!

    Guys lets keep this blog limited to info and updates and Q&A on the H1B cap Y2016..!!

    Everyone is hoping for all good to happen..! stop fighting for all other stuff.! those things doesn’t matter at all after the facts. simply to say nothing is gonna change as of now.

    Thanks !

  21. All Izz Well..!!

    Mr. Jagdish U should well into politics rather than here…!! Come on guys everyone here is well educated I believe.!!!

  22. infy

    Multiple or Duplicative Filings

    According to an interim rule announced on March 19, 2008, employers may not file multiple or duplicative H-1B petitions for the same employee. To ensure fair and orderly distribution of available H-1B visas, USCIS will deny or revoke multiple or duplicative petitions filed by an employer for the same H-1B worker and will not refund the filing fees

  23. Rdd

    V cant generalize guys…. Its nt abt andhra people nt carrying infront of clients… Remember satya nadella is from andhra

  24. Rajan

    Leave all unnecessary talks guys…. Let us pray for each others… We r all humans n v belong to dis earth… Any idea abt number of applications?

    1. Don

      This is the sorry state of India bro. H1B cap has created a rift between fellow Indians with each and every1 wanting to pull down d oder. Feel sorry to see so many ppl throwing abuses at eachother.

  25. Happy

    I don’t hate to compete with Indian even they usually get 70%+ of the counts. I hate those ppl who pay their own money and apply through faking positions. No matter where they from! It’s illegal!

  26. KB

    So that’s your truth. You hate north Indian people. Shame on you for bringing whole of North India into this discussion. I am sure your parents will be very proud of you today. Take a chill pill and pray that everyone here gets a visa irrespective of his/her region, religion, color or country.
    Good luck everyone.

  27. Missed 2015

    I missed being picked in 2014 lottery. Was too much depressed,
    Went for L1 and was rejected in interview.
    So finally decided to stop worrying about US oppurtunities and hence started looking for European country. I hope to fly to Uk very soon without all these visa related mental depressions.

    Good Luck to All !

  28. GoodWill

    Hello Everyone,

    I completely understand everyone is anxious. Even I was there is your shoes last year. Didn’t get my application picked up in the lottery. So I am back to school for PhD and cannot apply this year.

    Just a piece of advice. Don’t get too much stressed by the lottery. Things don’t end with this. It is heartbreaking for sure, but you cannot help it. There are always alternatives. Be positive and be calm everyday.

    The more stressed you are the more your daily routine will get affected. You don’t want that to happen.

    All the best.

  29. suhask

    What does this mean?

    Petitions filed on behalf of current H-1B workers who have been counted previously against the cap, and who still retain their cap number, will also not be counted toward the congressionally mandated FY 2016 H-1B cap, the agency said.

    what exactly is cap number?

  30. Roger Taylor

    Funny how everyone thinks it’s gonna be a lottery with equal opportunities. Believe me that’s not the case. USCIS is a big black box. No one knows what is the ‘random’ algorithm, you know 😉

    1. Curtis

      Sorry, but I do not believe that the lottery procedure is a profound mystery. Assume that there would be some unknown quota, the truth will out. And you can be sure that the US courts would have a lot of to do…

  31. Zameer

    Hi, USCIS has announced that cap has reached, but what about the total number of petitions filed ? Any idea.. i think this is the number everyon would be interested to see…. By when we can expect to see the total number of petitions received for H1B ?

  32. Vk

    I second aaa’s comments. I have many friends from Andhra who tell me how they apply for H1b from multiple consultancies. They pay anything between 1.5-2 lakhs for this to the consultancies. And this was told to me by my roommate who was from Andhra. I have nothing against ppl form Andhra but having an H1b to maximize dowries is complete nonsense. And its not about competition, its about misusing the system.

  33. Velan

    Does this mean people who got rejected last year in lottery doesnt have to pass lottery?
    “Petitions filed on behalf of current H-1B workers who have been counted previously against the cap, and who still retain their cap number, will also not be counted toward the congressionally mandated FY 2016 H-1B cap.”


    1. suhask

      I guess it means people who already have counted against past and have valid petition but currently are not in US. If these are filing again as cap subject petition then those will be removed from lottery

    1. bob

      What is so cheating about it. He might be a talented guy and multiple companies wants to bring him on board. Nothing wrong in this. I wish you good luck.Hope your application with your choice of employer will be picked up

    2. All Izz Well..!!

      Oooh Man u are so great..!! a True legend..!! I feel the update was unnecessary..!! any ways good luck bro..! hope they aren’t all through ur current enmployer.

  34. Curtis

    The H1B is like it is, and we have to live with it. But it’s something wrong with it. I’m from Europe and I have an offer (Non-IT) from a big company, and they clearly stated that they want me. To make me an offer they made organizational changes and accepted to wait one year.
    You can read in an other post that Wipro filed more than 9k petitions to get 4k cases accepted. Do they want to get someone specific or just somebody?
    I really do not want to blame anyone, I understand the motives of everybody who wants to work in the US. But it’s obvious that some companies misuse the system in a legal way.

    1. Roger Taylor

      Completely agree with you mate. Looks like India needs h1-b-india with it’s own lottery. For the rest of the world even 50000 will be enough.

      1. Ege

        Yes, it is not fair. I am from Europe and together with my friends we applied to companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook. But because of dozens petitions from India to Infosys, Tata, Wibpro we have a random picker 🙁 Wish they make a quota by countries.

        1. Roger Taylor

          Yeah that kinda makes sense. For example Indians are excluded from greencard lottery. There should be some regulation, but I really hope there is one, but hidden undercovers.

    2. KKesshav

      That’s how it is , Curtis. There is no welfare society any more. It is all about business which must go on. US has been always fundamentally capitalistic. Who do think is a better guy? US is not seeking Einsteins come on through this VISA. Don’t blame the Indian companies.

      1. Curtis

        I do not blame Indian companies! I do complain about companies that misuse a system. And this is the reason why many US do not like H1Bs, wherever they come from.

    1. pari

      Yes. you are true no one can beat. In India as well as other countries. we always rockss. But you should not cry on others. you should be sportive or you try hard. Technically we are the best. You also try to do like that. But dont blame others

  35. hgf

    All uscis needs to do is sort by compensation. That’ll weed out all the contractor/duplicate/triplicate filing crowd plus 50% of the TCS/WIPRO/INFOSYS crowd leaving behind those who genuinely apply for real jobs from companies happy to sponsor a green card.

    1. abc

      Do only green card holders as per you need to get into h1b petition works. what do u mean by elimenating tcs/wipro/infosys. even the assosciates there do have the dreams,and getting it true from their org’s..

      1. hgf

        Of course. But the purpose of the visa was not for the offshorers to flood the syste . It was supposed to be a bridge program for the most educated and the best and brightest to get to USA and eventually become citizens, not come on a 3 month Infosys project. Sorting by salary and then by giving US firms priority it can ensure that this still happens. Of course folks like you and those who apply through multiple consultants are in the majority in this forum. So the mob is against me 🙂

        1. Vaibhav

          The brightest mind and most well college educated mind should go back to India and make India a better place to live in…Why people like you are wasting the tax money hard earned by people back in India.

      2. hgf

        For eg I have 3 degrees from the top insitutes in the world, one from the US and have 7 years of experience across 4 countries. And unlike many here have only one company applying for me but which will be paying me more than 5x the avg IT offshoring pay. And after all this I’ll be in a queue for a lucky draw. Seems to be a great way to allocate scarce resources I must say

        1. Rad

          Hey 5 times pay and multiple degrees. If you think you are a Rock Star, why don’t you apply for O-1 Visa. You don’t have to come and crib on others here

        2. life_chooses

          agree …I am like you …thanks to cheap labor US companies support this and indians typical cheat and misuse another country,s system after destroying their own system

    1. administrator

      Lee, The L1 changes are not passed yet, they are in review phase. It will NOT have any impact on the current H1B 2016 Quota.

  36. Minh

    Hope they will do careful input of the petitions and deny all the multiple unethical filings before the lottery. I look forward to the lottery but I hope it takes as long as it could for USCIS to do the paperwork and figure out the duplicate filings.

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