H1B 2016 Premium Processing Dates

USCIS News Alert : H1B 2016 Premium Processing from April 27th

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As you know, yesterday USCIS released an official press note indicating that they received about 233,000 petitions and H1B lottery was completed. As of yesterday,  USCIS indicated that the premium processing will begin no later than May 11th, 2015.

Today, USCIS released a news alert indicating that the premium processing for H1B Visa 2016 petitions will start from April 27th, 2015.

What does this change in premium processing date mean to everyone in H1B 2016 quota ? 

It simply means that, if someone filed their H1B petition in FY 2016 quota under either in masters quota or regular quota and filed it under premium processing their 15 days clock for adjudicating the petition starts from April 27th.  Technically, if everything was right and there is no RFE they should have a decision within 15 calendar days starting from April 27th, which would be May 11th.

So, technically, premium processing candidates for FY 2016 should receive their H1B case petition numbers/ receipt notices starting anytime from today via email.  They should ideally have H1B case number by April 28th or 29th. USCIS might take some more time to release the case number or receipt notices for the regular processing petitions, as there is no SLA or time commitment.

This clearly tells us that the number of premium processing petitions filed this year were more or less same as last year and not too many filed under premium processing as USCIS anticipated. They adjusted the dates based on the work load they have.  Also, with the push in the premium processing dates, hopefully, regular processing candidates petitions are processed slightly faster as well…lets hope so !

Also, they indicated in the press note that no changes to the premium processing petitions filed that are cap-exempt. Their processing continues to stick to the 15 calendar days starting from the day USCIS received the petition with the fee. Also, you may read the below to clarify on the processing times.

H1B 2016 Premium, Regular Processing time, Receipts Info

What are your thoughts on the H1B processing timelines by USCIS ?

Reference : USCIS Alert on Premium processing


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Comments ( 2,861 )

  1. all

    Does anyone knows if any AD PP/ VERMONT recd receipt via email?

    I know Cali has issued receipts, VT have been generated, not sure if they were emailed. Someone please tell me. IM SO SCARED.

  2. jjj

    Has anyone’s check cashed out under Non-ad/PP, California?
    I know people are getting receipt numbers, but cashed out check anybody?

  3. git

    USCIS should not return back rejection filing fee. That way no one will abuse the system. Also people with any US degree should get top priority.

  4. SN

    Not to scare AD/PP people but one more thing to notice is that since usually the processing goes in following order:

    and we know that California centre has already started issuing receipts number for Non-AD/PP, so AD/PP people might wanna get in touch with their lawyers in a day or two to see if they have any updates.

    1. H1B RP

      I sent a mail to my firm and they replied saying that, if my case is picked, USCIS will send receipt notices by snail mail. not sure how long I have to bear this tension..

  5. 2nd timer

    Anyone received or heard of Non-AD/PP receipts from Vermont today?? And, any estimated/rough no’s of Non-AD/PP issued by Calif.

    Thanks in adv.

  6. SD

    If we dont hear from our lawyer by 4/27, can we assume that our application(AD/PP) was not picked ? Or will there be a chance to get the receipt after 4/27.

    1. RDV

      4/27 is only for premium processing. For normal processing, receipts can take much longer, even during June or July…so, dont panic nor assume. Just wait.

    2. SN

      Yeah, you should get your receipt number by 4/27, if you don’t then you aren’t in. Though it might that you do get selected but your lawyer doesn’t inform you about the receipt number, so be in touch with him.

      1. Arun

        So are you suggesting that we can’t lose our hopes until 27th ? Why are others guys here are nervous breakdowns already in such case?
        I am new to this, please let me know

        1. SN

          Yeah, you are correct. You need to wait until 27th. According to USCIS ‘premium processing for H1B Visa 2016 petitions will start from April 27th, 2015’. Which mean if you are selected they would give you your receipt number by latest 27th, start processing on/before 27th and get it done within next 15 days (11th May).

    1. Justanotherguy


      If it was for amazon seattle, I am the person with same case.
      The centre is nebraska. Code would be LIN. In case your receipt gets selected Fragomen would get back to you by 27th April. Even I dont have receipt number yet.

      1. jeff

        Thank you! It is Seattle.

        Btw, How did you know the center is Nebraska? How we would be if we are not picked in the lottery? Do we lost our offer?

        1. Justanotherguy

          I was contacted by immigration specialist from Seattle,WA office regarding successful PP filing & it lies in jurisdiction center of Nebraska.
          And regarding the offer talks, is it possible to take the conversation offline ?

        2. Hasseeb

          Jeff! same here. Amazon/non-AD/PP, and no news till now. I got an email a week or so ago about possible placement in some other country if H1B does not get through – we should take it offline. You can reach me at hasseeb(at)gmail

          1. Justanotherguy


            One of my friend who was recruited with me by Amazon.com received the confirmation today morning from fragomen. His filing office was california.

  7. Secondtry

    All AD/RP folks should start hearing back around beginning of May and this process will continue till mid June. That’s what happened with a few of my friends last year.

  8. Avi

    Hi All,
    A couple of queries
    From your experiences, do any of you know folks who had to leave the US because the H1B (after expiry of OPT) was not selected in the lottery? Also, can a person work for his employer during the 60-day grace period?
    I’m also wondering how employers in India look at MBAs from US Business Schools (mid-tier, think rank 20-25). Any personal experiences or strategies to deal with the situation will be much appreciated.


    1. 3rd Attempt

      Need not to go to INDIA… you can apply for another master’s before the expire of our VISA (F1) and you can continue to stay in US

        1. 3rd Attempt

          As this would be second master’s we can work on cpt from day 1.. As per rules of USCIS… you can start working on CPT after at least 1 year of masters and if you are a full time student, are supposed to work 20 hours officially on cpt.

        1. Sunny18

          @ Avi – In the exact same boat as you buddy. And have lots of friends from B School who are in our situation. Not sure there are many options unless your company can send you to one of their subsidiaries. If not, we need to go back and start from scratch. Not ideal but it’s time to start preparing ourselves..

        2. cg

          Why cant you apply?.. If you dont want to do a second Masters , thats another thing, but why cant you apply for another masters?

          1. Avi

            Apply for MS Finance after MBA Finance won’t make any sense. Also, MS finance is not under STEM category so it does not give any advantage as far as CPT is concerned.

    2. h1b finally

      Hi Avi,
      I have a few classmates from B school who had to go to India because they didn’t make it in the lottery last year. I don’t recall if they could work in the 60 day period or not. I do know that one of them joined the India office of the MNC that employed her here in the US in a strategy role – similar to the role she was performing here, and another joined a large Indian tech company as a manager. Salaries however, were baselined to Indian salaries ( think 20-25 lac p.a range). Both my friends went to top 10 B schools here in the US.

    3. git

      Look into data science as second masters. Also try canada immigration. You can return back with TN visa if you get canada passport.

    4. oncemore

      Hi Avi,

      Unfortunately you cannot work during the 60 day grace period. I think that time is meant for people to sort out their stuff before leaving the country. The last day at work is the expiration of your OPT if you are currently on that.

      1. Avi

        Thanks for letting me know. I hope somebody in USCIS realizes that it is insane to expect people to concentrate on their jobs given these circumstances. I’m putting forth a bold proposition – just curious to know how many would favor a rule that says that all Masters degree holder who are already on OPT should be given first chance to get their H1B approved, and the remaining visas should be allocated to the general public, the majority of which I believe are IT folks from India. The reason being – – think about who is mentally harassed more? Somebody who is already working in India with a MNC or someone who knows that a week later, they will not be able to go to work and have to start looking for work in India from scratch? Secondly, think about who has invested more – someone who has invested in education abroad or someone who has done a BTech in Engineering from India?

        1. CG

          I share your frustration.. but think about it…

          1) Firstly we inherently feel that it is our right to work in the US after the Masters. Nothing wrong with it personally but think about it from the US official point of view. What did we all try to prove at the time of F-1 Visa interview? ” We intend to return to home country after Masters”. So we really cant argue there.

          Is the system not on par with the economy? I would Say Yes in my opinion.

          2) About Masters students getting preference.. Thats why they have that 20,000 CAP for AD. I see people( not you) BS ing about Indian IT companies….
          especially on the low wages. If that is the argument then what is the relevance of Labor certification… that employer is indeed paying more than the minimum wage for that role in that area??

    5. sas

      You cannot work under 60 day grace period. In the grace period you will be just in regular status but not in a working status. you have to apply for universities and shd get admission which will give day 1 cpts within that 60 day grace period. After getting admission your semester shd start within 5 months. In this mean time you cannot work until your cpt starts. You can apply to other universities even after your visa expires.

  9. Jean

    Any regular mail receipts yet? AD or not. Curious as to whether USCIS goes one category at a time (AD/PP then RCap/PP, AD/RP then RCap/RP) or if instead they process the selected petitions as they come along.

      1. Jean

        I think you’re mistaken. Last year the deadline for PP was on the 28th, and quite a few postal receipts were received before that date – cf the following:

        1. 1st TimeAD/PP/1 Apps/Texas

          As much as i want to contact but they clearly mentioned not to contact and they will contact ASAP if hear anything.
          However, If I don’t hear anything till Tuesday, I will contact..
          Keep updated

          1. 2nd time AD/PP/Vermont

            Still didn’t here any thing from Ogletree Deakins. Please keep posting here if you see any update from them.

            Thanks, Good luck to us.

    1. Raja

      No if u r not selected in lottery …you will not get any reciepts generated..Your package will be mailed back to your employer

      1. Waiting

        Receipts had been generated, but not sending out. all large firms are claiming they have not received any email notification from VSC.

  10. receipt waiting

    when can we expect the email receipt notification for AD/PP ? My check has been encashed today morning…please let me know thankssss a lot

      1. receipt waiting

        @Raja: thanks, so once the check is encashed it is confirmed right that lottery has been selected? I mean for sure? Thanks again.

  11. H1B RP

    Any idea when will USCIS start sending receipts for non AD regular processing.
    My hearty congrats to everyone who got picked.

    1. All Izz Well..!!

      Processing time does not differ with AD / non AD
      it only differ in the time..
      Premium Processing- receipts are sent my email and application processing is done fast

      Regular Processing – receipts are sent by postal mail so takes time to reach, application processing is done gradually and slow

      but FYI all the processes have started and just takes time to reach us

  12. Nick


    My employer has filed under “Advanced Cap Premium Processing” at Vermont Center. I called the DSO of my university and she said that the status shows “H1B Filed”. What does this mean ? Can you please help me getting this answer ASAP ?


    1. goodlucktoall

      Same here.
      Vermont center/Premium processing/Master’s Degree.

      Called my school and they said my opt was extended to Sept30 (my opt expires on 6/5), but it’s not confirmed that I was selected in the lottery.

      I don’t think it means I was picked. I remember my school advisor told me that they will extend it as long as I submitted my H1B petition.

      Saw a comment of a guy who’s check was cashed, no email notice yet, but he called school international student office and told him the receipt# (EAC)..

      so my school didnt tell me anything does that mean im not picked?

    2. All Izz Well..!!

      If you have applied in advanced degree and your application has been picked your SEVIS will get updated and that is what your DSO passed you the information.

      If your sevis has been updated that means you have vbeen picked 🙂 congrats and you shall be getting your receipt number soon. you could also check if your application fee check has been encashed.

      1. goodlucktoall

        Are you sure?

        From USCIS:
        Once a timely filing has been made, requesting a change of status to H-1B on October 1, the automatic cap-gap extension will begin and will continue until the H-1B petition adjudication process has been completed. If the student’s H-1B petition is selected and approved, the student’s extension will continue through September 30. If the student’s H-1B petition is denied, withdrawn, revoked, or is not selected, the student will have the standard 60-day grace period from the date of the rejection notice or their program end date, whichever is later, to prepare for and depart the United States.

        1. goodlucktoall

          As I mentioned mine changed, opt got extended to Sept30. No receipt# tho.
          OPT applicants should call and see if they get this as well.

          1. H1B Season

            The reason i am asking because my OPT is going to expire July 2016 and i am in regular processing. Was curious if the status is getting changed for the PP or both for regular and PP

          2. goodlucktoall

            I’m not sure about your case since you’re not in cap gap period. Call your school and ask!

          1. goodlucktoall

            but they would’ve told you about the receipt# if it’s picked right?

            to my understanding you could extend your opt as long as you filed*

  13. receipt time

    Hello guys can u let me know when will we get the receipt once check is withdrawn. ..anyone here ? How many days after ur check withdrawal did u receive the receipt?
    Thanks a lot..

    1. Waiting

      Can anyone tell me when does the SEVIS get updated? I am AD/RP, would my SEVIS be updated now or once the receipt is generated?

      Please advise.

        1. Pharmacist

          There is lot of confusion around the SEVIS record update for AD people. How this method is reliable? How soon does it happen? Does the applicants with PP got their SEVIS record updated before RP?

          Any “confirmed” information is very appreciated

          1. sevis

            If it’s changed then you have certainly been selected. If not changed then both outcomes are still possible

  14. h1bengland

    I didnt know when I accepted the job I was letting myself in for this. England and the US needs a reciprocal visa agreement of some sort!

    1. Sunny18

      Nope applied under AD/PP/Vermont and no updates from Fragomen. I hear that Vermont is yet to start sending out emails [as of 12:15pm EST]

      1. 2nd timer please win

        I called Fragomen NYC on April 16, 5pm. My attorney said only 1 out of her more than 100 clients (vermont) got a receipt number. I’m guessing USCIS will start sending out emails today.

  15. Arun

    How would one know already if their application was picked up in the lottery? I see a lot of people posting that they got selected.

    1. John

      You can ask your attorney if they receive any notification. Or, check the bank account to see if the money has gone.

    1. Rick n

      Yup. My company paid a small fortune to Fragomen in NYC. I’m constantly pinging them with emails. The lawyers work for you – don’t forget! This is your life on the line. Bother them as much as you want.

  16. Maddy

    At last… the day has come….
    Got picked in the lottery …..
    Premium Processing – Non-Advanced Degree – California Service Center
    2nd Attempt.

    All the best to all of us…

  17. Doomed

    I don’t want to scare anyone but here is my basic math:
    Assume: 1/4 of the petitions are PP. Latest receipt is EAC1513654340 (As far as I saw). 1/2 of the petitions were sent to VT

    85,000*1/2*1/4=10,625 receipts. Receipts from EAC1513551000 to EAC1513554017 and from EAC1513651000 to EAC1513654340 already created, which makes 6356 receipts. Only 4269 receipts left for PP from VT?

    ***All calculations are very approximate and based on approximations please don’t have an heart attack****

    1. 2nd timer please win

      I don’t want to scare you either but I think those receipts include RP…because if you check on the website, RP and PP show differently.

      1. Sunny18

        And another big assumption you are making is that all those numbers are H-1B cap eligible applications. You’ll have OPT-EAD requests, H1 transfers, and other visa cases too

    1. govardhab

      Hello..lucky how much time did it took for L1B visa process?? N wat are d requirements?? As I am even trying for dat.. If I won’t get through H1B

  18. VJ

    Anybody has total counts of receipts being added everyday by Vermont and California Service centers. This would give rough estimate of speed at which receipts numbers are being generated. Also, I think so far only premium cases have been added, trying to find when non premium cases will start.

    1. Joe

      I am in the same boat dude.. I called Fragomen NYC yesterday PM and they received only an extremely small amount of receipts and none from Vermont.

      1. Killer 1

        Same thing man . No news form Fargomen.
        And what do you mean by None form Vermont? No one applied through Fargomen to Vermont center got picked?
        Cant be true man

  19. DXB Guru

    Guys , This is my first year that I am trying for H1b Under None-AD/RP and also only one application from one company . Can anyone guess when they will start sending out None-AD/RP ? This waiting is killing me .

    1. Kris

      I’m in the exact same boat 🙁 According to Immigrationgirl, we likely wouldn’t hear back until around April 27 – this is also when uscis would likely cash the non-premium/bachelor’s cap checks. She said last year, those picked (non-premium processing/non-advanced) received receipts between April21-May13. After that, they didn’t receive anything for a while and then it was only rejection packages that continued for weeks.

      1. H1B RP


        U applied for NON AD/RP and u got receipt number?
        Is it California?
        I am also NON AD/RP, I didn’t get any update till now.

  20. picked

    I got picked yesterday. AD/PP- California center. Only one application- no gimmicks.

    Anyway, for personal reasons I want to move from current job to another one and I would prefer moving before October 1st. I’m on OPT that doesn’t end before Oct (so no cap gap and all)
    Is it possible for me to move, if I can find an employer to transfer my visa?

    Also, I’m noticing that more genuine cases are being accepted. I think USCIS realizes the loopholes in the system and its misuse. So, hang in there! Good luck!

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