H1B 2016 Premium Processing Dates

USCIS News Alert : H1B 2016 Premium Processing from April 27th

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As you know, yesterday USCIS released an official press note indicating that they received about 233,000 petitions and H1B lottery was completed. As of yesterday,  USCIS indicated that the premium processing will begin no later than May 11th, 2015.

Today, USCIS released a news alert indicating that the premium processing for H1B Visa 2016 petitions will start from April 27th, 2015.

What does this change in premium processing date mean to everyone in H1B 2016 quota ? 

It simply means that, if someone filed their H1B petition in FY 2016 quota under either in masters quota or regular quota and filed it under premium processing their 15 days clock for adjudicating the petition starts from April 27th.  Technically, if everything was right and there is no RFE they should have a decision within 15 calendar days starting from April 27th, which would be May 11th.

So, technically, premium processing candidates for FY 2016 should receive their H1B case petition numbers/ receipt notices starting anytime from today via email.  They should ideally have H1B case number by April 28th or 29th. USCIS might take some more time to release the case number or receipt notices for the regular processing petitions, as there is no SLA or time commitment.

This clearly tells us that the number of premium processing petitions filed this year were more or less same as last year and not too many filed under premium processing as USCIS anticipated. They adjusted the dates based on the work load they have.  Also, with the push in the premium processing dates, hopefully, regular processing candidates petitions are processed slightly faster as well…lets hope so !

Also, they indicated in the press note that no changes to the premium processing petitions filed that are cap-exempt. Their processing continues to stick to the 15 calendar days starting from the day USCIS received the petition with the fee. Also, you may read the below to clarify on the processing times.

H1B 2016 Premium, Regular Processing time, Receipts Info

What are your thoughts on the H1B processing timelines by USCIS ?

Reference : USCIS Alert on Premium processing


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Comments ( 2,861 )

  1. Waiting

    Guys did the USCIS start sending receipt numbers for premium processing? Dis any one get or know anyone getting receipt number ?
    Thanks for the reply

  2. skhr

    hi guys,
    I have got one doubt, what if a single person has filed four petetions and one of it got picked, how about other three petetions,will USCIS pick another three for fillling up these blocks if no body responds for these three petetions. take the example of “Lucky by chance”.

    1. lucky

      Number of applications picking will depends on fate, if 4 are picked u can choose u r self which suits the best for u, rest they will reject automatically if you respond for a year.

      all this happens only if picked applications are from different employer.

      if picked applications are from same employer, they will reject all and you will not be able file h1 in future also.

  3. AG

    I agree to Rajat Mathur comments…people like him will never understand other genuine applicant problems….one day they will be punished in other way…it is really bad that USCIS is not doing anything on this kind of applications…if they don’t take any action, it will be a big loss to future applicants…is there anyways we can file complaint to USCIS?

  4. Rajat Mathur

    I just happened to see one guy “Luckbychance” proudly declaring his wrong deeds.People like him should be arrested the moment that enter US and should be made to clean all public loo on H1B visa.

  5. v

    Hi, I am under AD/PP. My employer has paid for my h1b and I have paid only for my premium process. If I am picked, will my check be deducted first (can it happen anytime during the day) or my electronic receipt will be generated first which will be sent to lawyer?

    1. Sandy

      The notifications are sent even before the check is en cashed. But it’s up to the lawyer to pass on the information. But then a day later you can check your bank account for check encased.

  6. H1 applicant

    I have been told by the lawyers working with my company, that I will be notified of the receipt nos 24 hours after receiving it via email. But I see that a lot of folks here are trying to guess the receipt number, how is that possible? The USCIS case status webpage does not indicate the name of the applicant, so there is no way in which one can link a receipt no with the applicant, is that right?

  7. S

    My employer will not give the receipt no. Is there any way to know what is my receipt no? Also can this trial & error of receipt nos tell me my receipt no?

    1. AK

      Dude, How stupid are you?
      Atleast have the minimum common sense to not post this nonsense here when everyone is pissed of about people like you filing multiple applications.

      1. luckbychance

        Dude..what is your prob? Did anyone stopped you from applying more applications? Don’t talk rubbish..behave properly…lastly come to real world..

        1. SS

          Yeah, right. You’re the next Mark Zukerberg. And Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft applied for your H1. I am 100% certain it was from bodyshop consulting companies with no real need for H1Bs or legitimate clients. So stop pretending like multiple employers wanted you.

          You wanted to insure your chances. So you asked multiple “consulting companies” to file your H1 and paid for it on your own too. Forget unethical, it’s illegal.

        2. To-Luckbychance


          There is a thing called self respect, At least think about it. We all know the price $3000 Each for applying from various consultancies. So don’t think you are a genius or something.

          There is someone more deserving then you or your mob of consultancy (Fakers). Not me because i got my approved 1 application.

          People like you when die they prefer USA instead Heaven.Also you guys can kill to stay here in united states. Oh you still work in gas stations? BTW. LOL

          You guys are no better then people getting in USA crossing the border.

          F**k ya’ll multiple applications.

          You’ve been watched and this whole sham is going to end soon i am sure about it.

          1. To: To-luckbychance & SS

            Yeah..I am the dumb ass wid no ethics, morals, values or whatever u have…I prefer to stay here rather than heaven..is ur ego satisfied now?? Chill bros…I do have offer frm 4 diff companies and not wid fake consultancies like u said..they r all mid sized companies nly..I didn’t get my opt yet so didn’t confirm single offer…If u want to paste my offer letters I can do tht…better mind ur lang and know truths before u point someone…they offered to file my h1..I said fine..even they knew it is goin to be lottery n they don’t want to take risk…whats wrong in it brothers??? but still I wish u good luck for ur h1 and u guys ll get it definitely..good luck..tc..

        3. to everyone

          There is nothing wrong in applying multiple times, US itself declared the same in their rules, only thing u need to make sure is .. same employer should not file multiple applications for the same person

    2. SS

      I hope the USCIS finds all 4 of your applications, takes the filing fees, and reject your selected application. People like you are the reason why genuine applicants with 1 application don’t get picked. Oh and I hope in time the 4 “employers” get black listed too.

    3. Sandy

      Lol!!! Too funny!!! I dont think multiple filing is a crime. I guess people are smart and have avenues to get multiple applications filed. People blaming multiple filing please tell me with hand on your hearts. Will You not do the same if you all had a chance. Stop Cursing!! And why are u so desperate if u are all geniuses, u can well find a good position in your own country.

    4. CG

      Congrats on your application getting picked up.
      to answer you question, I dont think you can transfer the H1 unless it is active, which would be by oct 1st. I dont know how it works if you are in OPT( not cap gap). because in OPT you can still change jobs as far as your change of status is not done. However if you are in CAP GAP, then I know for a fact you cannot work with other employer other than the one you have the H1 picked for.

      You may make use of free professional advise from sources like azhar and azhar law firm. Tell them your exact situation and they will respond.

      Good luck.

      1. FeelsStupidSometimes.

        The thing is .. I used to think it’s illegal to apply from multiple companies but it’s not. I heard from my friends that it’s illegal and I trusted them, never bothered to look into it. Actually they were misinformed too. I read it personally on USCIS website, it is legal. You can google and check it too.
        I feel stupid because I had 10 offers last year from all big-shot companies. lol, anyway ..

        Congrats to you.

        Also, to answer your question: Yes, you can do it. Many of my friends did it last year. Talk to the company where you want to get it transferred, their lawyers will do it for you.

  8. 2nd timer

    Any genuine update on Non-AD PP receipts? Any idea how many (~roughly) receipts they issue daily and any pattern observed from the past years? Thanks!!

    1. hgf

      Check Emily Neumann’s blog. Last confirmed receipts were from California yesterday. Vermont expected today onwards. For masters pp. Rest will be later. Timeline mentioned there.

  9. Well-Wisher

    I’m feeling tensed and my fingers are crossed.Hopefully I will listen good news next month as Im RP applicant. All the best to evreyone hope you all get selected 🙂

  10. TurtleNeck

    Instead of a lottery I would say that there should be an auction, and the visa is to be sold to the highest bidder. Obviously those companies who really need good people and see the worth in a candidate would be willing to bid highest. Companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft etc who need real worthy people. Not some run of the mill consultancy faking an in house project and then subsequently body shopping to a third party contractor. So hypothetically what would one/ones organization be willing to pay for a H1 visa?

    1. Waitin2years

      what you said was interesting but lets put it in practical way. Only approx 5-15% of employers would agree for it, after that only guys with extra ordinary merit levels,15-20yrs experienced would be bought by companies and only managers would be left in every organisation other than employees. My foot…….
      Such a pathetic idea u gave lol, this is the biggest joke i have ever seen.

      1. hgf

        IMHO if an employee is not worth 20-30k in a bid, he’s not that highly skilled. Again that’s just my opinion. And I’m not taking of managers. The grunts can simply work through remote login from wherever they are.

    1. goodlucktoall

      These #s look like they’re the CAP exempted petitions.. They should be received before 4/7 right?

      Anyone here with CAP petition got a receipt #?
      saw this on the other post (this # looks more like an approved CAP case):
      Approved Case Apr 14, 2015  Reply
      Guys check this receipt# : EAC1512950349
      My colleague got it today and its approved.

      can anyone verify if im correct?

  11. need h1

    today is EAC 135th working day and for WAC its 134th.
    looks like Vermont started entering PP petitions starting today and Cali from Yesterday and people interested can check starting with EAC1513550001.

      1. need h1

        No way knowing who the receipt belongs in case status page. People say that as soon as pp petitions entered in system triggers email to attorney.

  12. waitin2years

    Guys stop fooling around with wrong receipt nos. Lottery was done on 13th april, so the rec nos which you are posting shows apr 10th, dsnt make sense.

      1. VV

        Yes, It’s fake, In the USCIS status it says The I-129 form received on April 10th. So, it’s may be cap exemption case or extension.

  13. sam

    Here is the fact – 63.5 percent of cap cases overall—approximately 148,000 H-1B petitions—were rejected for processing. A nonadvanced-degree case had about a 30.5 percent chance !!

  14. god_help_me

    Hi All,
    Did anyone received the receipt numbers from the Texas service centre SRC – Texas Service Center (old name: Southern Regional Center).?
    2) How long should we wait to get the result for regular processing whether picked in lottery or not ?

    Best of Luck to all the fellow applicants.

    1. X

      Now there are only two centers for H1 B processing one is California and other is vermont. Texas comes under Vermont.


        1. jioy

          That I don’t know. But check Vermont’s eac1513350400, for eg. No way to know if these are fresh applications or cap exempt.

  15. Girija

    Really are people getting recipt numbers and results today? My employer has applied for premium processing 🙂 then will i be getting rejected or accepted result in thsi week and this company is from california

    1. H1B 2015

      Well technically rejections come only in June, but since u are PP, if u dont get ur receipt id by Apr 27, u can assume that the chances are very low.

      Keep positive. I have also have my fingers crossed. All the very best.

  16. maddy

    Regular Receipt

    Case Was Received

    On April 13, 2015, we received your Form I-539, Application to Extend or Change Nonimmigrant Status, Receipt Number WAC1513351519, and sent you the receipt notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your receipt notice by May 13, 2015, please call Customer Service at 1-800-375-5283. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

  17. ram

    hi all..
    premium processing guys will get their receipts by 27th apr if not they chances are gone…..

    regular cases mostly will start from next month if we follow last year

  18. Hiren

    I am no master with premium case. it says i should get receipt number before 28th. if not, i am gone this year too like last year.

    1. Bennyae

      The time you get the case number is “your result”.
      Most people don’t have any problem if they make it through the lottery.


  19. Saibaba Raghav

    I don’t know what will happen.Last year bad luck I didn’t get selected in lottery.Atleast this year need some good news.

    1. Juan

      When do they tell you that you were not elected in the lottery? And what if they reject some other requests of the selected by lottery because of any problems in their documents. Don’t they take new numbers from the ones not elected previously?

    2. Juan

      Sorry, I’m premium processing. My question was if I would know in these days, or until 27th april, or until 11th May.
      Thanks and best luck for all

  20. Happy

    For ppl who already in US, I believe 90% of the selected should receive your case number by end of April, or first week of May at most.

    1. GR

      Hi Curtis, please read above news completely, he already mentioned as- “USCIS might take some more time to release the case number or receipt notices for the REGULAR Processing Petitions, as there is no SLA or time commitment.”

      All the Best.

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