H1B 2016 Premium Processing Dates

USCIS News Alert : H1B 2016 Premium Processing from April 27th

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As you know, yesterday USCIS released an official press note indicating that they received about 233,000 petitions and H1B lottery was completed. As of yesterday,  USCIS indicated that the premium processing will begin no later than May 11th, 2015.

Today, USCIS released a news alert indicating that the premium processing for H1B Visa 2016 petitions will start from April 27th, 2015.

What does this change in premium processing date mean to everyone in H1B 2016 quota ? 

It simply means that, if someone filed their H1B petition in FY 2016 quota under either in masters quota or regular quota and filed it under premium processing their 15 days clock for adjudicating the petition starts from April 27th.  Technically, if everything was right and there is no RFE they should have a decision within 15 calendar days starting from April 27th, which would be May 11th.

So, technically, premium processing candidates for FY 2016 should receive their H1B case petition numbers/ receipt notices starting anytime from today via email.  They should ideally have H1B case number by April 28th or 29th. USCIS might take some more time to release the case number or receipt notices for the regular processing petitions, as there is no SLA or time commitment.

This clearly tells us that the number of premium processing petitions filed this year were more or less same as last year and not too many filed under premium processing as USCIS anticipated. They adjusted the dates based on the work load they have.  Also, with the push in the premium processing dates, hopefully, regular processing candidates petitions are processed slightly faster as well…lets hope so !

Also, they indicated in the press note that no changes to the premium processing petitions filed that are cap-exempt. Their processing continues to stick to the 15 calendar days starting from the day USCIS received the petition with the fee. Also, you may read the below to clarify on the processing times.

H1B 2016 Premium, Regular Processing time, Receipts Info

What are your thoughts on the H1B processing timelines by USCIS ?

Reference : USCIS Alert on Premium processing


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Comments ( 2,861 )

    1. Optimist

      Hi, I am in the same Category Category as you. Mine’s 3 attempt. Me and family is waiting eagerly. All the best. Hope you get it. If you have an update please post it here.

    2. AD/RP

      I would like to know the same.

      My petition has been filed under AD but RP. Do I still expect my receipt number by April end (if my case was picked in the lottery)

      I am a bit confused on what they mean by this – http://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/h-1b-cap-premium-processing-begin-april-27

      “On April 27, 2015, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will begin premium processing for cap-subject H-1B petitions requesting premium processing, including petitions seeking an exemption for individuals with a U.S. master’s degree or higher”

        1. Secondtry

          I think so too. Its just that Fragomen does not give out the case numbers for us to check and it depends when they update after they receive a receipt notice.

      1. lastyear

        Last year, my friend applied under AD but RP; He got acceptance in mid-June when he almost lost all the hopes, he was not even on waitlist or something. It takes a while for RP.

        This year it’s my 3rd attempt with AD/PP

    1. hgf

      Great. Found it through email? or by the cheque getting cashed?

      Sorry. Accidently I’d posted this to the previous post.

    1. All Izz Well..!!

      AD is Advanced Degree – who has done masters/MBA etc
      Non-AD – Non Advanced Degree – who havent done MS/MBA and are applying in the regular app 65k quota

  1. tammy

    Hi Guys,
    I filed under regular cap, premium processing. I was notified by the attorney that I was selected in the lottery. Good luck everyone!

  2. Hopeful

    Hello All

    Does anyone know how long does it take to get to know results of being selected in the lottery or not for AD/RP….. anyway to find out? The anticipation is killing !:(

  3. AAA

    I paid premium processing fee by myself, and it was cashed this morning.
    I don’t know whether my employer’s checks were cashed or not..

    1. Bobby

      Did some search on net, got information,
      PP fee will not be waved off if application is not selected in lottery. So, as i understand, If application not selected in lottery, They will refund Application fee, but not PP.

      Anyone have any thoughts on this.

      1. rajat

        Thats the reason i askes here those who are assuming cheque encash as lottery selection (no information from attorney or employer) might be the case of rejected case for which PP fee is encashed since as per rule PP fee is non refundable.So guys do not pay attention to cheque encash but wait for receipt mail.RP can take cheque encash as selection confirmation though.Correct me If I am wrong.

        1. AAA

          My employer’s checks are found out cashed too.
          PP, ADV, VERMONT
          no official email received yet, but called school to check the SEVIS status, and school provided me the EAC number.
          Hope to get the official email soon.

  4. rajat

    Those getting receipts mail its confirmed that they are picked in lottery but those confirming cheque encash is it possible that these might be case of PP reject and also duplicate penalties?No intention to worry someone just a thought

    1. Sunny18

      Nope, it’s all or nothing. If a PP check is cashed, that means the application was selected in lottery. If the application is not selected, the packet and check (including premium processing) are returned.

    1. 1st TimeAD/PP/1 Apps/texas

      Mine is AD/PP/First time/1 one employer and from texas
      I haven’t heard anything either
      keep in loop and hope the luck strikes

  5. 1st TimeAD/PP/1 Apps/Texas

    TEXAS application will come under SRC?
    Or this is merged in Vermont or Calif?
    Anyone from TEXAS got receipt yet?

  6. trustandconfi

    Dear All, has any one got receipt for the non-AD and PP. when i see the receipt number that few posted say EX: EAC1513XXXXXX, which mean these are 13 Apr. if it is APR 14 and 15, will the number change. and also if any one have receipt number indicating the same.

    Please advice, there are lots of genius in the group, Please spend some time to clarify me, thanks guys

    1. Sach

      So WAC or EAC followed by 15 (year) – 133(is day of the year out of 365) so this number would change every day. Couple of years back my H1b was WAC1314450*** so it was year 2013 and 144 day of 2013.

  7. Prasad

    I found that the check I gave for premium processing was cashed last night. Does that mean my application was picked in lottery for processing? Please share your thoughts.

  8. Bobby

    Hello.. Has anyone tried to crack the lottery selection algorithm by using the history data of selected.

    Can anyone share the link for the good h1b tracker avaliable.

  9. Optimist

    Filed 3rd time AD, non-premium. Does anybody know when I can expect non premium, AD confirmations to start coming in. Family is desperately waiting. Appreciate any info. Thanks

      1. info

        Mostly they send out alphabetically with respect to the first letter of your surname. AD/RP, you should hear by end of April for sure.

  10. Heff

    AD/PP/1st attempt/single petition

    I got an email on 14th 1PM from lawyer that California Service Center has received my petition.

    Hope that helps.. and good luck for all you guys..

  11. 1st TimeAD/PP/1 Apps/texas

    Any update from Texas side yet?
    anyone from Texas got the receipt?

    Any one from Ogletree Deakins (Attorney) heard anything yet?

  12. Naveed

    My application should be filed as RP, as my employer said it will be filed, I don’t know if it was or not, but if it was, I don’t see a chance this year as well, record number of applications, we wait for long time to get employers to pick us, but then this bloody lottery just ignores most of us…

  13. Non AD/Regular Process/Indian MNC


    i am a Non AD/Regular Process/Indian MNC. when can i expect the result of lottery. i know there is a no specific date.. i am just curious about the approx timeframe…

    1. XC

      im pp adv at Vermont
      Check is not cashed, no sevis status changed
      Does is mean it’s very possible I didn’t get it?

  14. Mr. Torres

    Got receipt number yesterday. WAC15134XXXXX – AD/PP 2nd attempt, ONE AND SINGLE I94 application (one employer only – no cheats). I share this info for those desperate due to employers messing up. – they entered wrong start date due to clerical error, already working on the amendment, but the good news is my application was not rejected based on this and in fact, is in process – I may get an RFE, but nothing we can fix =) – Don’t loose hope, good luck y’all!

    1. Joseph

      Did you receive the email or are you just pointing to a random USCIS Vermont case. Several immigration lawyers have confirmed that no receipt emails from Vermont have been received yet.

  15. Curious

    This is my second year of applying for H-1B (AD/PP/Vermont). My premium processing fee check (which was paid by me) was cashed in by VSC (Vermont Service Center) last night. Does it mean that I got picked up in the lottery ?
    I am yet to hear anything from my Lawyer or Employer.

        1. Curious

          One can only pay for the Premium Processing Fee. It’s legal. Please, just try to look around a little before claiming anything.

    1. Ak

      USCIS won’t return the premium processing fee if your application hasn’t been picked. So, just because your cheque has been cashed does not mean that your application has been picked.
      Anyway, I hope you application gets picked. All the best.

      1. Curious

        My Lawyer said that they returned everything (including premium processing fee) last year when my application wasn’t selected. This time around my employer wanted me to bear the expense of Premium Processing fee. But, I can’t say for sure. Although, I am yet to hear anything from either employer or Lawyer.

      1. last attempt

        I don’t know.I m really sorry..how to know that actually? I am working in north side and my company headquarter is located at seattle..

        1. AAA

          No need to be sorry at all.
          I really appreciate your information. 🙂
          I am not sure either… cuz I thought BAL is the law firm in DC.

    1. waitin2years

      If your receipt number starts with EAC its from vermont, if it starts with WAC then California.But as you stated your lawfirm,(employer- just a guess) is in cali, mostly your application should come under california service center.

  16. 2nd attempt

    I applied under AD/PP and this is my 2nd attempt. I haven’t heard anything till now, neither did my attorney. Can I still hope to receive anything? I already have two Masters and not receiving a receipt will just burden me with the debts I made to study. I heard California center is sending it out and I would come under Cali center. Any information is highly appreciated. Thanks

    1. h1brace

      2nd try and 2 Master Degrees?! You did invest a lot in this chance. This is 2nd filing too. I have been like sitting on a fire since I haven’t heard anything about my case. I hope you and I will hear some good news. I hate this lottery, we study so hard for our future not for this lottery.

      1. 2nd attempt

        Absolutely.I did work so hard and work for a top notch company as a full timer. The company is ready to help and do anything to keep me but this system sucks.Good luck to you too.

        1. ADPPCA-Take 2

          This my second attempt too. My opt expired last year.
          For some reason I am a lot calmer this year, probably because I have already left US.

          Dont worry, if you are hardworking things will always fall into place.

          Also don’t loose hope, wait until april 27th at least. Stay positive and practical.

    2. XX

      From my past experience, it’s still too early to say anything. My friend who received email confirmation by the end of April under AD/PP last year. Still long time to go.

    3. Same here

      I know how it feels. Came to US in 2009 and have double Master’s and this is my third attempt. Still haven’t heard anything. Lets hope we get it this time.

      1. GreenCarded

        When did you graduate? I came in 2009 too and finished my MS in 2010. Applied in 2011 for FY2012 H1B and got it in two weeks with PP, since the cap was reached in November. FY2013 H1B reached it in June, so how come you didn’t get it? Did the lawyer mess up? Good luck for you all guys, this spike in H1B applications is terrible 🙁

        1. Same here

          Graduated in 2011 Summer and was on OPT and didn’t apply for 2013 Cap hoping I can apply for 2014 Cap. Since then lottery has been screwing me big time 🙂

        1. waitin2years

          Congrats mate, was yours a AD or regular petition? Also is it premium? Which service center?
          If you can answer these it would be helpful for others to estimate.

  17. Rajat Mathur

    Right now information is just about the confirmation of Lottery pick and assigning of Case number to the petitions.Case study,cross checks and approvals will begin from 27th April onwards for PP.

  18. Marc

    I’ve been silently following along in this forum for a while now, figured I’d share my good news and give some of you hope
    Just received response from Fragomen that the petition was picked up.
    AD/PP/3rd attempt and I only filed a single petion from my company


      Hey guys just a doubt – the premium processing will start on 27th April .. How come people are receiving the receipt numbers ?? Mine is not under premium processing, when will I come to know about the result ?

      1. Marc

        The actual processing of petition starts on April 27th but the fact that USCIS acknowledges the petition means that it has moved on to the next step of the process.

      1. Marc

        I’ve heard that this is possible but in my previous attempts my DSO wasn’t willing to give me this information stating that it would not be correct to draw conclusions based on it.

        1. Marc

          you know what, my bad, I misinterpreted what the 3 digit sequence repsents , your question is valid. From another page “The next three characters indicate the computer working day of the USCIS fiscal year. It starts from October 1st of the fiscal year. So, for this fiscal year starting from October 1st of 2013, it would be 001 for Oct 1st, it increments for each working day and does NOT include Weekends and Holiday. This day corresponds to the day your H1B Case was receipted by USCIS, it does NOT indicate when they received your petition or filed.”

    2. XX

      Congrats!! Your good news has definitely lighted up our hopes. I am AD/RP on my 2nd attempt and it would be my last since my OPT is expiring this year. Just curious how could you make it to your 3rd attempt? By CPT? Would much appreciated your response.

  19. USA is a cheat

    Indian fakers and cheaters and the scam agency USCIS be happy on blood sucked money . After investing nearly 60K $ for a advanced degree imagine being kicked out with debts . Indian consultancies and body shop cheaters are the biggest frauds and should be arrested and uscis should be ashamed and investigated for its policies

      1. They don't care and like to exploit

        In a way uscis is exploiting Indian students by not regulating cheaters and more and more foreign students will be in debt

      1. Not to you mr

        Not to you maybe but to majority it’s a big deal as we don’t go to some fake university . My university is reputed and my skills are high and i am in a great job . I wish students were cap exempt and Indians workers strictly under cap

      2. iShudNotHaveFYoMoma

        Clearly you are someone who have not studied in US and also a person who sees no ethical issues in applying through multiple companies. Mark my word son, you will get down in the faster rate than you went up.

        1. Prevent Fraud

          USCIS should accept more number of people in lottery than the cap. Say 100k for 85k visas. Then hard scrutinize fraud/unethical/multiple applications and let the genuine win. This way, genuine guys will be less effected by fraudsters. I think maybe the concept of a large waiting list should be introduced.

      1. rajat

        Ehay the hell you guys arr behind Indians? You went to US for advanced degree paying 60k$ thats your choice.You chose this path to get H1B visa ans settle for ever in US? Than you are the biggeat cheat you had different intentions the moment you entered US.In the name of advanced degree yoh had been cinsumi g US resources for long time and now you are claiming for your 1 st right for visa? Why is that so? You dont have good universities in your own country or you belong to some 3rd World coyntry.Stay in your limits before spitting shit from your regionally biased mouth.

    1. H1bThirdYear

      I have been living in US for 6+ years and it’s my third year applying. And those Indians apply 3+ applications each year. I prob have paid more tax than their one year salary. and you think it’s fair?

  20. snn

    Heard from the attorney this morning! They received the automated email from USCIS with a receipt number.
    – Masters
    – Premium Processing
    – California Service Center

  21. oncebitten_twiceshy

    To all the tense people, do visit Visa Balaji temple and pray hard… good luck to everyone… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chilkur_Balaji_Temple

  22. Rajat Mathur

    “Luckbychance” will get screwed the moment his another petition gets selected.No use complaining to USCIS……its all business and even they are making huge money out of such cases.They will reject duplicate petitions (Post lottery-This proves why I am saying so,rejection should be prior to lottery) and keep the money with them.There are fools like luckbychance who have enough money to throw away and care damn and USCIS is cashing on such cows.

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