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USCIS Selects 16,753 in H1B FY 2022 Third Round Lottery

Most of the lucky ones were selected in the first and second rounds of the H1B visa lottery. As per lottery selection numbers, many doubted ( including us), if there would ever be a third round. There was never a third-round lottery conducted in the past. First time in H1B visa lottery selection history we had a third round of lottery for the H1B Visa 2022 Season. In this article, we will share all the details related to the third round of the H1B Visa lottery conducted today, on Nov 19th, 2021

Backgrond : H1B FY 2022 Season – First, Second Round Lottery

Below is the background on what happened with the H1B Visa season and H1B Lottery selections so far for the fiscal year 2022.

  • H1B Lottery – Registrations – First Round : USCIS accepted H1B visa registrations for the FY 2022 season starting from March 9th, 2021 and it lasted for two weeks until March 25th, 2021
    • There were total of 308,613 H1B Registrations filed by applications as part of the H1B Registration Process
    • USCIS Selected 87,500 Registrations in first round H1B Visa lottery that was conducted on March 30th, 2021. The total H1B cap for the year is 85,000. So, basically for 85,00 slots, they selected 87,500 registrations.
    • All the applicants selected in first round lottery were given an option to file H1B on their behalf from April 1st, until June 30th, 2021.
    • In total there were about 37,000 H1B Employers who filed the registrations. Also, about 48% of all the H1B registrations submitted were for US Masters quota.
  • H1B Lottery – Registrations – Second Round : USCIS said they did not get enough petitions fromt he pool of selected registrations in first round, hence they conducted second round of H1B lottery.
    • USCIS selected 27,717 registrations in the second round H1B lottery.
    • It was conducted on the initial set of registrations that were waitlisted. In total, if we add up the first round selection of 87,500 registrations, it comes to 115,217 (87,500 + 27,717)total registrations selected so far for the FY 2022 Season.
    • Applicants selected in second round lottery filed petitions from August 2nd, 2021 until November 3rd, 2021.
  • Also, to get an idea on the overall past history, check H1B Cap Reach Dates History from FY 2000 to 2022 for more info on previous years.

Now that you have an idea of what has happened so far, let’s dive into news from today.

Summary of Third Round H1B Visa Lottery Selection News

Today, November 19th, 2021, USCIS released a press note indicating that they conducted third-round lottery for FY 2022 season registrations that were submitted in March 2022. Below is the summary of the news release.

  • Third Round Lottery Selected H1B Registrations : USCIS conducted third round H1B Lottery selection and selected an additional 16,753 registrations.
  • Total Registrations selected after third round : The third round lottery was conducted on the initial set of registrations that were filed in March 2021 and waitlisted. In total, if we add up the first round selection of 87,500 registrations and second round selection of 27,717 with the third round of 16,753 it comes to 131,970 (87,500 + 27,717+16,753) total registrations selected so far for the FY 2022 Season.
  • Filing Dates for Third Round Selected Applicants : All the applicants selected in third round H1B Lottery can start filing their H1B petitions with USCIS starting from November 22nd, until Feb 23, 2022. They are basically getting the same time as the first round and second round selected applicants with a duration of 90 days to file the petition.
  • Third Round Selection Results : Individuals who were selected in the third round H1B lottery would be informed like the previous rounds via the myUSCIS account, where the actual H1B registrations were submitted. Also, you would be able to download the H1B registration Selection Notice indicating the same.
  • Where to file after selection in Second round H1B Lottery : The Service Center where the H1B petition has to filed wil be listed on the H1B registration selection notice. You need to only submit at that respective USCIS service Center. This is standard process. You cannot file H1B petition online. Also, applicants selected should attach a copy of the regisration selection notice along with their petition.
  • Submit Proof of Masters Quota : If you were to be selected under the Masters quota, you need to submit proof of the same indicating that you qualify for the Master cap by submitting the education transcripts / degree for your US masters. This is not new.
  • You can check Steps after H1B Registration Lottery – Flow Chart to know more on next steps

Will there be Fourth Round H1B Lottery ? Any hope ?

Well, this is the first time we ever had a third-round lottery. So far we have never had a fourth-round H1B Lottery yet. Last year as well, there was only Second round lottery and it did not go past that. To give you some stats from the previous year FY 2021 season, below are the same

  • USCIS Conducted first round lottery for FY 2021 and selected 106,100 registrations. In second round lottery for FY 2021 they selected 18,315 registrations
  • In total for FY 2021, they selected 124,415 ( 106,100 + 18,315)
  • Now, for FY 2022, first round they selected 87,500 registrations and in second round they selected 27,717 registrations, third round 16,753
  • In total for FY 2022, they selected 131,970 (87,500 + 27,717+16,753)
  • If you see the difference between FY 2022 and FY 2021 season, it is 7,555 ( 131,970 – 124,415). For FY 2022, already we have about 7,555 more registrations selected than previous fiscal year.

Now that you have seen the numbers, it is pretty obvious that we already have more registrations selected than the previous year. The circumstances are more favorable for H1B visa holders now to travel to the US as the travel ban is lifted . More employers would be willing to file the petition now as the market is picking up and they can get their H1B holders outside of US to the US without having a National Interest Exception(NIE).

Based on all the above favorable factors and more numbers selected, we may not see a fourth round of H1B lottery. But, history says, anything can happen…Let’s see.

What do you think of the current selection in Third Round Lottery? WIll there be a fourth round? Add your comments below.

References : USCIS H1B Registrations Page , USCIS News Alert Third round


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  1. Hi Kumar,

    My h1b got approved. But during the contract renewal my employer and end client remained the same but the mid vendor got changed.

    Do I need to let USCIS know about this prior to going for my visa stamping? What other paper work i need to do on my end during and before going for my visa stamping.

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

    • It was mentioned that the second and third rounds were run only on waitlisted applications?

      How these waitlisted applications were selected? Why some were not selected and others are waitlisted?
      The whole lottery feels like a scam in favor for big tech companies

      • “Waitlisted” applications are from the existing pool of applicants who applied in March 2021 – i.e. *ALL* of the ones NOT selected in the first and second rounds.
        If you didn’t get selected in the previous two rounds, your application was automatically entered into a waitlist – you were just unlucky to not be selected a third time, just like me.

    • Rose,
      You can start as soon as it is approved. The reason is that FY 2022 started in Oct 2021 and you are applying for FY 2022 season.

  2. Mine didn’t go through 3rd round, hope there would be one more round:) When will the H1b cap nominations for next year(FY 22- 23) would be starting?

  3. Hi Kumar ,I have been selected,however I already resigned from the company who register for me ,can I use the selection for my future company

  4. Any one received good news after 3rd round of lottery? I am still waiting for my consulting company to update me on my luck 🙂

    • 5th timer No luck. Ppl r getting automated mails if not selected.

      The way cheap consultancies are abusing the system by filing duplicate applications become curse to the guys like me from past 5 times.


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