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US Bans Travelers from India – H1B, L1, Others. Exceptions List

As the COVID situation in India is getting worse with surge in coronavirus cases, President Biden has signed an executive order yesterday, Apr 30th, 2021, that will restrict entry of travelers from India. In this article, we will review the US travel ban on India travelers, which US visas it applies to, who are exempt, when does it start, when does it end, other info. We will continue to update this article as we have latest updates.

Summary of Proclamation : US Bans Travelers from India

President Biden signed a proclamation on April 30th, that bans entry of travelers from India. Below is the summary of the proclamation and guidance given by US Department of State based on the proclamation.

Why US Travel Ban for Travelers from India ?  Reason?

As per the proclamation signed by President Biden, the decision to ban travelers from India is based on recommendation from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) based on the critical situation in India with the surge in cases due to COVID-19. They say there is a new variant in India called B.1.617, including the other variants from UK and South Africa present in India. As per CDC they are more easily transmittable and as a proactive measure they are restricting and suspending travelers from India to United states.

Who all from India does the US Travel Ban Apply to ?

The travel ban applies to the below list of individuals from India

Physically Present in India for 14 days before Travel

The travel ban applies to all non-us citizens who were physically present in India during the 14 days before their entry to US or their attempted entry to US, unless they fall under certain exceptions as listed by US Dept of State or they fall under national interest exception waiver.  Below is the screenshot from the proclamation.

14 days stay in India - Travel Ban to US
14 days stay in India – Travel Ban to US

List of Non-US Citizens from India who are subject to Travel Ban to US

Below is the list of US non-immigrant visa holders who are banned unless they fall under national interest exceptions or other exceptions as given by department of state.

  • H1B Visa holders & their dependent on H4 Visa
  • L1A, L1B visa holder and their dependents on L2 visa
  • B1/ B2, B2 Visa Travelers, including parents traveling on B2 visas
  • F1, J1, M1 Visa holders, unless their program starts on August 1st or later.
  • All other non-immigrant visa holders, who travel to India to US.  

List of Travelers from India to US, who fall under Exceptions

Below is the list of travellers from India, who are exempted from the proclamation and can travel to US.

Exceptions based on President Proclamation

  • US Citizens
  • US Green Card Holders
  • Immigrant Visa holders with valid Immigrant Visa (seeking Green card from outside US)
  • Spouse of US Citizen
  • Parents or legal guardians of US Citizen or Green Card holder who are under 21 years of age
  • Siblings of US Citizens or green card holders who are unmarried and under 21 years of age
  • Foreign diplomats traveling to US on A, G visas. E-1, NATO -1 through NATO-4, NATO-6 Visas
  • Air and Sea Crew traveling on C, D, C1/D visa

Exceptions based on National Interest(NIE) by US Dept of State

  • Fiancé(e)s on K-1 Visa
  • F1 and M1 Visa students with academic program starting on August 1st, 2021 or later.  They can enter US only 30 days before the start of the program. It includes continuing F1 and M1 Visa holders with program continuation starting on August 1st, 2021 or later.
  • Journalists
  • Anyone entering US to provide vital support for critical infrastructure sectors. They have not given explicit list. Very likely something related to Health care and others. You should check with consulate on this.
  • Pilots and aircrew members, others supporting aircraft maintenance, training, support entering on B1/B2, B1 and M1 Visas, including Visa Waiver programs
  • Someone traveling as an au pair (young foreign worker) to support minor US Citizens, Green Card holders, or nonimmigrants with special skills like medical, special education or sign language.  Similar other exchange visitors who provide child care services, medical research, others
  • Specialized Teachers with program under G-5, who are full time teachers.
  • Exchange visitors supporting critical foreign policy needs
  • Qualified travelers for purpose of humanitarian travel, public health response, national security.

Process before Travel, if you fall under National Interest Exception

If you are subject to proclamation, but fall under the exceptions listed above under National Interest Exception(NIE), you need to follow the below process. You need to have definitive plans for travel. This is as per official guidance given by US Embassy on their website

  1. Email US Consulate/ Embassy with Details : You need to email Consulate that issued your Non-immigrant visa with the below details. It should be in English only.
    • Last name : Your family or last name
    • First name: Your first name
    • Date of birth: Your date of Birth
    • Place of birth: Your place of birth as in Passport
    • Country of citizenship: Your country of citizenship
    • Passport number: Your passport number
    • Visa Number* and Category: Your visa number and category of the visa. The Visa number is the Red Color number on the visa foil, it will appear at the lower right of the visa. Check US Visa Sample, meaning for more info
    • Travel dates: Your planned and confirmed travel dates with itinerary
    • Travel Purpose and National Interest Category that you fall under with clear justification of the same : You need to provide details about the NIE Category that you fall under and give details on why you are qualified under NIE and the need for your travel.
    • Send the above to the below email addresses
  2. US Consulate / Embassy Review – 2 weeks : The US Consulate/ Embassy will review your request carefully and give you a decision in two weeks. They say they cannot guarantee the decision in two weeks, but will try.
  3. Travel to US within 30 days : if you get approval from the Consulate, they will inform you on the same and you need to travel within 30 days. The NIE is valid for single entry and within 30 days of the approval from Consulate or Embassy.

The above process is mandatory to follow, if you do not fall under exceptions in proclamation but fall under NIE. If you fail to follow the above, you may or may not be allowed at the airport during boarding or at may face issues with CBP officer during US Port of Entry Process. Read FAQs and Official Guidance by US Embassy India

When does the Travel Ban start for Travelers from India ?

The travel ban starts from 12:01 EST on Tuesday, May 4th, 2021. It does not apply to anyone who have boarded flight to US before 12:01 EST, May 4th, 2021 and arrives in US after 12:01 EST on May 4th, 2021.  See below screenshot from proclamation

Effective Date Travel Ban for Indian Travelers
Effective Date Travel Ban for Indian Travelers

How long is the Travel Ban applicable to Travelers from India ?

There is no end date specified that tells the duration of the travel ban. All it says is until the president cancels it. It says that US Secretary of Health and Human Services has to review the situation and report in no more than 30 days. Also, they have to report to President by the end of each month, if the Travel Ban has to continued or terminate. See below screenshot from proclamation.

Termination of Travel ban for travelers from india
Termination of Travel ban for travelers from india

Common FAQs

What is difference between Exceptions in Proclamation vs National Interest Exception(NIE) ?

For exceptions in Proclamation like US Citizens, Green Card Holders, Spouse, etc. they by default do not fall under proclamation and do not need to seek any approval or anything from anyone. Unlike, if you fall under National Interest Exception (NIE), then you are technically banned under proclamation, but US State Department has determined that your entry is important for US under their National Interest, so you can travel under the National Interest Exception (NIE). This is why you need to get permission from US Consulate.

I fall under NIE for Travel to US from India, is it mandatory to get Consulate approval ?

Yes, you must contact the US Consulate or embassy that gave you visa and get their approval before you travel.

Within how many days do I have to travel to US, if get NIE approval from Consulate ?

You have 30 days to travel from the day of approval from Consulate regarding your NIE request . You will get one time entry under this NIE option.

I am F1 student with Summer Term admission, can I travel ?

As per the US Embassy in India, they cannot facilitate travel for anyone whose program starts before August 1st, 2021. So, you may need to talk to the School and get some options to defer your admission.

I have valid H1B Visa and stuck in India, does the Travel Ban to US apply to me ?

Yes, it applies to you. You can only travel, if you fall under the NIE as per the support of the Critical infrastructure sectors. You need to submit proof to consulate or embassy and get approval before your travel.

I have Urgent Travel need to US from India, what are my options ?

You need to apply Emergency Appointment, that is the only option. Check Guide to US Emergency US Visa Appointment Request India

What do you think of the Travel ban ? What is your experience ? Share in comments below.   

References : US Dept of State Official Guidance on Travel Ban


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  1. I have a dropbox appointment in June and was scheduled with family (me + spouse + daughter) .I am in US and my family had already traveled to India and I was not going to India because of travel restrictions . The question is whether my family can leave the documents without the primary applicant or do they need to schedule another appointment.

  2. I am having my marriage in a Temple in USA. Due to covid couldnt keep in India. My mom was able to come to USA, but my dad is still in India. Flight booked for May 21st to USA. but coz of USA restriction, i dont think he can travel to my wedding. Iam on H1B, Parents have Tourist Visa.

    Is there any way of him travelling to USA? please provide any ideas which could work. Thanks.

  3. Where my F1-graduate brothers and sisters at? I understand that the US is not letting any F1 undergrads and most master’s travel right now. But what about the Ph.D. students? Specifically, the STEM ones whose spring-summer time is kinda golden trying to get most research done. Also, what about those whose research is funded by DOE or NSF or some other government agency that falls under the critical infrastructure category. Please, share your experience here.
    Below is the link to the NC State’s Office of International Services website with a travel advisory for F1 students from India. They also include some advisory for STEM-OPT. As of now, no one got any information. Not even schools. Seems like DOS is being hush-hush and watching the situation before getting any more instructions out.


    MASK-UP, SOCIAL DISTANCE, SANITIZE YOUR HANDS OFTEN, GET VACCINATED and maybe they will let us in to make up for the precious time lost.

  4. The International Students Office at University of Texas, Dallas has issued the following clarifications regarding F-1 students on OPT or STEM OPT:
    – F-1 visa holders on OPT or STEM OPT seeking to re-enter the U.S. after August 1, 2021 are exempted from the travel ban.
    They also stated that this implies :
    – F-1 students on Post-Completion OPT or the STEM Extension of OPT, if re-entering before August 1, will need to spend 14 days outside the listed geographical region before entering the U.S. Can enter directly from the listed geographical regions after August 1, 2021

    Has anyone else come across these clarifications in any other forum?

    • Hello ! I have similar kind of question !
      One who is about to start the academics in june and have valid f1 vissa can they travel to usa after spending 14 days outside the listed geographical region ?

      • Technically, that’s the loophole. You should be able to work the system. If you must, then travel somewhere like Iceland or Greenland. I would avoid middle-east because for obvious reasons. You don’t want to get looked at suspiciously at CBP. If you just go to Iceland/Greenland, I don’t see why they wouldn’t let you enter after 14 days.

        • If our university provides online classes for summer And summer semester ends on 18th of august can we travel to usa in july as we have on going semster in august ?

          • Yes – this is a direct quote from an email from the US Embassy in Delhi:

            “F and M visa holders who are ongoing students, including those on CPT or OPT, may resume their programs beginning August 1st and may travel up to 30 days prior to the resumption of the program.”

            But if you are a new student then you cannot enter prior to August 1.

            The 30-day rule doesn’t apply to new students according to the email I received from the embassy.

  5. My father is India Citizen and hold Us visitor visa but he is currently in dubai, can he travel to US? I’m a US Citizen

    • I am afraid you have to quarantine in a third country which is not banned by US for 14 days before coming to US. I think F1 students are allowed directly who are joining their college but not Stem OPT who will be arriving to continue their job.

  6. What if you are in the USA on OPT F-1 and want to go back home to visit for a couple of weeks. Can you re-enter the USA with the F-1 visa?

  7. Hello- any thoughts? I plan to travel to India for two weeks and return (h1b holder) by May 20th. I understand that I cannot enter due to the recent travel ban. But, if I go and stay in a different country(say Iceland, not banned by the US) for 14 days and then travel to the US. Will there be any entry issues?

    • Technically you should be allowed but everytime you enter USA you are at the mercy of a CBP officer, better talk to your atttorney.

    • I was planning on doing the same thing. Turkey, Thailand and even Dubai has visa on arrival for Indian citizen with a valid US visa. I’m in India presently and I’m planning to go to Turkey (end of june) for 2 weeks and then fly to US (mid july). Will I have any problems ?

      • Hi Suhail,
        Even I am struck in India and need to travel back. even I was thinking the same to travel to Turkey or Maldives for 14 days before heading to the USA. please let me know if you get any information on his possibility. I am trying my best to get this information form other sources and will keep you updated, if i hear anything.

      • I think even Dubai has banned India. Turkey might be an option but would need a visa. I have a feeling embassies won’t be issuing new tourist visa at this moment

    • Hi Skumar, do you know if Indian passport holders need visa for Iceland? I am in stuck in India and exploring ways to get back

    • Hi Skumar,
      What about going to russia which has direct flights from india and direct flights to USA? Will that be a valid option? I don’t think the situation will get any better in india til end of June at least.

      Any body who has anyother ideas or countries list that you can use to do 14 day quarantine and travel back to USA.

  8. Hello,

    I will be starting my OPT this June and I have received my EAD card. I urgently need to travel to India for some weeks can I return back if the travel restrictions are not lifted to US before my OPT authorization date.

  9. Hello,

    My wife has a valid US visa and travelled to India on April 27th. Based on the current US travel ban for India, will there be any issue if she travels back to USA on May 6th which is within the 14day limit mentioned in the order ? Can someone help with the query?

    • It means that if you were in India in the past 14 days from May 4 you cannot travel to the US. It does not matter how long the person was in India.

      • I am not you are right, I think if you were in India less than 14 days (irrespective dates) prior to entering US you should be ok, they did not mention “present in India for past 14 days starting May4th”. Here is the snapshot of proclamation:

        Section 1. Suspension and Limitation on Entry. The entry into the United States, as nonimmigrants, of noncitizens who were physically present within the Republic of India during the 14-day period preceding their entry or attempted entry into the United States is hereby suspended and limited subject to section 2 of this proclamation.

        • I think my interpretation is correct. The snapshot of the proclamation that you shared says that if you were physically present in India during the 14 day period.

          • I think you are right, if you were present even for a single day in the past 14day period after May4th you will not be allowed entry.

          • Well, look at this video from Redbus2US from 1:30 mins.

  10. Hi,
    Myself(H1B), My Spouse (H4) and My Kid ( US Citizen) are stuck in india due to travel ban and our travel was reserved with qatar on 27/May. As per this statement mentioned in “Exceptions based on President Proclamation” section: “Parents or legal guardians of US Citizen or Green Card holder who are under 21 years of age”. I assume we are eligible, please confrim. If yes,
    1) Do we have to follow the same NIE process mentioned in this document.
    2) If not, do we have to wait until the travel ban clears.

    Please assit.

    • Same here, I have a son (US Citizen) in India, I think we are exception but someone has to confirm and I think we should contact (email or call) CBP and make sure they do allow, although it is clearly mentioned in proclamation.

      • Also we don’t need NIE, not applicable in this case. Here is the snap shot:

        The Proclamation does not apply to:

        Any non-U.S. citizen spouse of a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident (LPR),
        Any non-U.S. citizen who is the parent or legal guardian of a U.S. citizen or LPR, provided that the U.S. citizen or LPR child is unmarried and under the age of 21,
        Any non-U.S. citizen who is the sibling of a U.S. citizen or LPR, provided both the non-U.S. citizen and the U.S. citizen or LPR sibling are unmarried and under the age of 21,
        Any non-U.S. citizen who is the child, foster child, or ward of a U.S. citizen or LPR, or who is a prospective adoptee seeking to enter the United States pursuant to the IR-4 or IH-4 visa classifications.
        Qualifying family members do not need a National Interest Exception or any preapproval from the Embassy or Consulates.Travelers should bring proof of relationship when initiating travel to the United States.Please note that we are unable to provide travelers with a letter or other document demonstrating proof of relationship issued by the Embassy or Consulates.

          • I am also falling under same scenario. I will also try to get confirmation. Please update If you get any update. Thank you

          • I have reached out CBP Chicago via twitter message and haven’t received the reply yet. All, please update if anyone received a confirmation on this topic. Thanks

        • USAndIndia (@U.S. Embassy India) Tweeted: Non-U.S. citizen parents of minor US citizen children, including parents holding valid H-1B & H-4 visas, are not subject to travel suspension and may enter the United States without receiving an exception. Please be prepared to present proof of relationship to airline officials. https://twitter.com/usandindia/status/1389826727841460228?s=27

  11. hello,
    I am joining an university as a postdoc and have a cap exempt H1B visa stamped. I was planning to travel in the month of July. Since it is academic purpose, can I travel?

  12. Hey Kumar,

    Thanks you for helping us with your suggestions and advice,

    Do you think once the embassy opens after lockdowns are over in Delhi ,Mumbai and Chennai etc, do you think we still be able to get our H1b visa stamped even if the Travel Ban is still on and travel once the ban is lifted or travel to another country stay there for 14 days travel onwards .

  13. I asked United Airline customer care about the travel ban. They said if an H1b is already in US then their dependents are exempted from the travel ban. My wife is going to travel on 7th May.
    I also explained to them that I have an approved i-140.

    Can anyone confirm what United Airlines says is right ?

    • Manvith,
      As per the guidance that came out by State Dept, it is not true. Double check with Consulate to be sure.

      • I have emailed Us travel docs to find out if they allow H4 if the current H1B holder is currently in US. I should get a reply by tomorrow.

        United Airlines still confirms H4 will be allowed. An H4 needs to carry their marriage certificate as an additional document for verification.

          • Hi Sam,

            Please update. We are in the same boat and your answer will be a great help us. Thanks.

        • My wife with H4 Visa is also in India and I am on H-1B In USA. Please do share what you find out.
          Thanks in advance!

        • Thanks Kumar for accurate information. H4 cannot fly , United Airlines also finally confirmed. I have cancelled the flight for my wife and will re-book when the travel ban is removed.

          • badluck man, i am in the same boat, hope this ban ends soon/they allow dependents on humanitarian grounds.

          • https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfbesXOJAJf5fy9qzcR_0G4ZOc1Qm3jYX8LhBH2eJ9nlOWlcg/viewform?gxids=7628

            All the H1b and h4 visa stranded in India please fill this out!

          • I did not hear yet from the traveldocs. I suppose they will also have the same response that H4 cannot fly.

    • Hello Manvith,

      I believe the above exemption mentioned by United Airlines, i.e. H1B with I-140 in US and H4B in India is not TRUE. Did your wife finally board the United airline plane ? Please share your experience to the group as many of us is in the same situation.

  14. I have an internship that starts in June, I need to be in the US to actually be in that internship program. I have no idea what to do. Called the consulates and they don’t have any response what so ever. They say anyone who wants to travel according to the purpose of their visa can travel I have an F1 and I am taking classes. Why is this so confusing?? Can someone help me?

    • Shanaya,
      The guidance is clear for anyone starting after August 1st. But, for your current situation, as per the guidance, you cannot. You should write to the consulate and then confirm, before you travel. Do update how it goes.

      • I wrote to the consulate and I got this automated reply while I wait for them to review my application.

        “Students with valid F or M visas and a valid I-20 form indicating a start date after August 1, 2021 may travel to the United States without requesting an exception. However, all other travelers that already have valid visas or ESTA approvals must receive approval for a national interest exception prior to travel.  Please note that without such approval, you are likely to be denied boarding or entry to the United States.”

        This suggests to me that the program start date needs to be August 1st 2021 or later on your I-20. I was issued an I-20 two years ago so my program start date is never going to be “August 1st, 2021 or later”.

        Upon further research I found out that they are issuing new F, M, E etc. visa with an annotation saying “NIE under PP on Novel Coronavirus”. So then I realised that anyone who’s a continuing student needs to apply for an NIE and is eligible to receive an NIE if they are travelling on an existing I-20 (issued before covid i.e. their first year in college would be 2020 or earlier). So I do believe that students can travel. This guidance is technically only applicable for students who will be starting college in Fall 2021.

        Please do correct me, if I am wrong. But this my perception of their guidance.

        • My application for the NIE got rejected from Mumbai Consulate. Below is the reply:

          This e-mail is to inform you that the U.S. Consulate General Mumbai has carefully reviewed your request for a National Interest Exception to the April 30 Presidential Proclamation restricting travel from India to the United States in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.
          We are unable to approve National Interest Exceptions for F visa holders with a program start date before August 1, 2021. This includes continuing students and those who have already been issued a visa for the summer semester. Students with a program start date before August 1, 2021 should contact their respective educational institutions to discuss their options.

          • If anyone is interested in exploring the option of travelling to other country, stay there for 14 days, and then travel to US, please let me know. Thank you.

          • Mumbai Consulate is savage. Didn’t give much info. Delhi consulate included the following:

            “F and M visa holders who are ongoing students, including those on CPT or OPT, may resume their programs beginning August 1st and may travel up to 30 days prior to the resumption of the program. No further NIE request will be necessary at that time.”

            You may or may not be able to enter on the 2nd or 3rd of July. Really depends on your luck. Maybe try getting a letter of support for travel from your school. If you are a graduate student then schools are usually more understanding in that situation. That could be a good strategy.

            Flying to another country for 14 days and then to the US could be risky as well. No one knows where new Covid-19 cases are going to pop out. Either way, I wish you luck and hopefully, things will get better by the end of this month.

          • When did you apply for NIE? I still haven’t heard back from them – also in Mumbai consulate. I am exploring travel to Mexico. But it is not safe- they already have a level 4 advisory going for Mexico. I would also suggest Bahamas to be extremely safe. But in my opinion, US has been very slow on banning countries in general so Mexico sounds like a reasonable choice to me.

    • I am exactly in the same situation. I am a continuing F1 student and I have registered for the summer semester (starting from June 7th). I also have an internship this summer.

      • Yes, apparently a lot of people are. If you work in critical infrastructure sectors you might be able to apply for an NIE. Otherwise please look for other countries where you can wait for 14 days and then fly out.

        • I am in the same boat. I have an internship this summer that is critical to my research field and proposed deadlines. I wrote to the consulate asking for an exemption under NIE. Please, share whatever your experience was and if you have gotten a reply from them already.

          • I have also applied for exemption under NIE. Please let me know if you hear anything. I will do the same. Thank you.

          • Yes of course. I submitted an app on Monday. I still haven’t heard from them. They said they are trying to reply within 14 days, but give no guarantees.

        • My NIE application was rejected 🙁 They are not processing NIEs for F and M visa holders whatsoever……

          • My application for NIE was also rejected. I am thinking of travelling to some other country, stay there for 14 days, and then travel to US.

        • Mexico, Bahamas, Maldives (Indians can reside in the uninhabited islands), Dubai (if you can book a private jet), Dominican Republic, Costa Rica — Indians are allowed to transit through Europe so flights should not be a problem.

    • Nareen,
      They are not related. H1B 2022 season is still with USCIS, one can work in US only after Oct 1st. In any case, even if you have got USCIS approval, you cannot get stamping until the consulates open.

  15. My wife is on H4 and her flight on May 3rd Morning got cancelled. They have rebooked for May 7th. But since she is on H4 Visa I don’t think she can board the flight. It’s like everything went wrong at the same time and now I don’t know when I will meet my wife again. I hope they add H4 who spouse is already in USA to the exemptions list

  16. My wife and I are stuck in India, not getting any direct flights to USA. We are planning to travel to Maldives and stay there for 14 days, take flight to USA from Male. We have an option to fly with Qatar airlines ( layover in Doha ).

    Are there any other restrictions than COVID test in 48 hours before departure?

    Any other suggestions to fly back to the USA?

    • Hi, I am also looking for the option that you had mentioned above for my wife to return back. Can you please ping me at +15179747345 to discuss more about this? Thanks!

    • KK,
      That is an option many tried in the past. You could consider that. It is better to double check with consulate before you make plans to be sure.

      • Kumar, when you say many have tried this in the past, exactly who are you referring to as this ban is brand new? Are you talking about people from EU/UK?

    • Hi KK, I am also exploring this option, please let us know how this goes. As per the language of the ban it is not specific to citizenship and only applies to physical presence, so technically quarantining in a green country for 14 days should make you exempt from the ban, but I want to know if someone has actually done this, and if there were any issues at the port of entry? Please update us.

  17. Hi – My Wife and Son in USA , while my son is a US Citizen. I am in India currently planning to travel on 9th of May. As per proclamation – Would I be eligible to travel.

    iv) any noncitizen who is the parent or legal guardian of a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, provided that the U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident is unmarried and under the age of 21;

  18. Hi!
    I am in India with my wife and 2 yr old daughter (who is a US citizen) on vacation. Can I travel back alone to the US next week?
    My wife can not travel because her visa appointment is next month and my daughter will come with her later.
    Should I contact US CBP or US Consulates in India on this topic?

    • I have the same question, I’m trying to find out if travelling alone is possible but no luck so far. Please post if you have update

  19. This rediculous not to consider dependents of visa holders who are already in USA. Even Trump considered them on humanitarian ground. My wife and kids are stuck in India. I have I – 140 approved.. is there any chance that they will be considered under Green card category ?

  20. Kumar, My wife is stuck in India and will not be able to travel as she doesn’t fall under any of the exemptions. One option that I am exploring is to travel to Sri Lanka or Mexico and stay there for 14 days and then travel to US from there. Any thoughts or suggestions?


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