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Why US Visa Status on CEAC says Refused for 221g ? [2020]

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If you have applied for US Visa and received 221g Administrative Processing for your case, you would have checked your visa stamping status on CEAC website. When you check the status, you used to see status of “Administrative processing”, but that would have changed to “refused” from today, March 3rd, 2020….This has caused a lot of panic among many in 221g administrative processing. We will clarify the reason in this article.

How to Check US Visa Status on CEAC

If you do not know, US CEAC website is the place where you check US Visa status. CEAC stands for US Dept. of State’s Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC). If you are new and not sure how to use CEAC website, you can read How to Check US Visa Status on CEAC website to get an idea on how to check the status online and understand the status that are typically showed, when you check the US Visa status.

What used to be Status of 221g on CEAC website for US Visa?

In general, when you are issued a 221g for administrative processing, you used to see the status of “Administrative processing” on the US Dept CEAC Website and the text under it used to read like below.

“Your visa case is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. This processing can take several weeks. Please follow any instructions provided by the Consular officer at the time of your interview. If further information is needed, you will be contacted. If your visa application is approved, it will be processed and mailed/available within two business days. For more information, please visit US Consulate General <City name>”

See the screenshot below on exactly how it looked.

221g Administrative Processing Status CEAC Website

We have picked a case that is still in Administrative processing from the past and have is how it used to look. But, that changed today.  Pay close attention to the number to check below.

221g Status Changed to Refused for US Visa on US CEAC Website

From today, many users have reported and we verified as well that most of the 221g Cases status has changed to “Refused”, even when there was no real update on their ‘Case Last Updated Date’ or anything has changed. One key thing to note is the text under it has changed. It reads like below now.

“A U.S. Consular Officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please follow any instructions provided by the consular officer. If you were informed by the consular officer that your case was refused for administrative processing, your case will remain refused while undergoing such processing. You will receive another adjudication once such processing is complete. Please be advised that the processing time varies and that you will be contacted if additional information is needed. For more information, please visit TRAVEL.STATE.GOV or the website for the Embassy or Consulate at which you made your visa application. For more information, please visit U.S. Consulate General <Consulate name>”

Pay close attention to the bold text, it basically tells that, if you were given Administrative processing, then it will be processed in administrative processing. Also, see the screenshot below with status ‘Refused’, it is the same case number as above.

221g - Status Refused - CEAC Website

You may watch the below YouTube Video, that covers the same details

Why has the Status Changed from Administrative Processing to Refused Suddenly ?

Well, CEAC website changed the displayed status text to be in line with the form given by the consular officer, and that’s why you see this big change and the confusion. If you  check your 221g notice or any of the standard 221g forms given, you will see the text that says “Your application for a nonimmigrant visa has been refused per section 221(g) of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act…”. See below screenshots.

221g Refused Text on White Slip
221g Pink Slip Refused Text

So, technically, it was refused and the online status now on CEAC website now reflects the same. So, nothing to panic or worry.

The text below the actual ‘refused’ status on CEAC website tells clearly that if you were given administrative processing, it will be continued to be processed and you will receive another update on the decision/adjudication once the process is complete . There is nothing to worry, if you have been issued a 221g, it will be continued to be processed.

Official Communication Travel.State.Gov New Alert

On March 5th, 2020, US Department of State update on their website in a news alert that they have made the status related text change to reflect the actual change, but does not really change the case information. As discussed above, it is in line with the 221g sheet given to the applicant, when their case goes to Administrative processing. Check below screenshot, that tells the change in text. You can check Official Travel.State.Gov Press Release for CEAC Change

Adminstrative Processing Changed to Refused - CEAC - March 2020 News Relase

National Visa Center – Verified Change

We called National Visa Center regarding the status changed and asked regarding the change. They confirmed that the status text has changed for Administrative processing, but nothing other than that. If you were given a slip for 221g or told by Consular Officer that your case will be in administrative processing, then your case will be processed accordingly. The status text of the refused for Administrative processing is different from the real refused case, without administrative processing. We cover that below. In any case, you can call National Visa Center as well and verify, if you are concerned. You need to have your Passport Number, Date of Birth and Your Case ID for getting info on your case. You may have to wait for 30 to 45 min, details of Phone Number for National Visa Center are at : https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/contact-us/us-visas.html

How does actual Refused Status look like on CEAC ?

We have looked some previous US Visa Cases that were refused ( not administrative processing) and the text that displayed for them also changed. See below text. You can see that they are very different. The new one clearly tells “A consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application…”.

Old Text for Refused : Your application was refused. Please refer to the letter or other instructions you were given at the time of your visa interview. For more information, please visit <US consulate name >

New Text for Refused : A consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please see the letter you received at the interview. For more information, please visit <US Consulate name>

We have picked same case number for a case and had its status captured before March 3rd and after March 3rd, you can see that they are different. It is the same case number. We have highlighted the same in below screenshot. Hope this clarifies for many of you confused with the status…

CEAC Status Refused - Before - After Change 2020

What do you see on your 221g Status on CEAC website ? Share your thoughts in comments.


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Comments ( 515 )

  1. Mohamed Fawaz

    I attended the IV interview (CR1) on 25th November 2020. The interview went well and I was told that my visa is approved and I was given a sheet saying the same and they kept my Passport. When I checked the status of my application in ceac web it shows as REFUSED. But I wasn’t informed anything about the 221g by the interview consular. All they told was my visa is approved and I’ll be notified on passport collection in 3-5 business days. So what does this mean. Is anyone have idea on this.

    1. administrator

      Mohamed Fawaz,
      If you were told that it was approved, then it is very likely approved. The online system status can be misleading at times. Wait for few more days, the status would very likely change. If it does not change even after 10 days or so, then check with the consulate.

  2. Tajinder virk

    My visa issued 28 oct still passport track no status 29 oct date update 4 nov date update no passport status today 18 november but passport not return what happen anyone help me .

  3. Sanket

    Hi Kumar,

    First of all, thanks for sharing all the invaluable information. (It really helps a lot)

    I would be grateful if you could provide me with an input on my case:

    I submitted my documents via Dropbox to renew my H1B Visa at the Hyderabad consulate

    a) Documents submitted – 10th Nov 2020
    b) Application Received Status – 13th Nov 2020
    c) Refused Status with long text – 16th Nov 2020

    I called the consulate, and they said that my case has been refused under administrative processing.

    How long will this process take? I need to provide a tentative joining date to my employer as they have been waiting patiently for me to join since one month.

    All feedbacks will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. Rohit

      Hi Sanket,
      I am in same position as yours. My dropbox was on 6th Nov and today(17th Nov) the status changed to refused with long text. Please keep me updated about your status and I will do the same.
      Also if you’re interested in connecting, there is a WA group for h1b stamping –

      1. Sanket

        Hi Rohit,

        Thanks for replying, and sending me the link to the WhatsApp group.

        I surely will keep you in the loop in case there are any updates.

    2. administrator

      It is very likely that they are doing some background processing. The status changes are very inconsistent, so do not panic. Give it few days, hopefully it changes. I have seen some users have it changed to approved after 10 to 15 days.

      They will let you know, if you need to give anything. for now, stay put and do not worry. If you do not hear after 15 days or more, then you need to look at options by writing to consulate to check if it is like 221g. Do update how it goes.

      1. Parm

        Hello kumar my husband has cr1 visa first interview was 22 jan 2020 they gave him 221 .we drop off all the paperwork now they call him from bombay embassy for second interview what does this mean thanks

  4. Vicky

    Hello my husband have his cr1 interview Nov 4 2020, he’s visa was expedited for emergency I was pregnant and I have the baby 10 days before the interview they denied he’s visa and was given a 221g and he’s Passaport was given back to him because they said he needs the baby birth certificate we uploaded the same day nov 4 we haven’t got any answers yet and he’s visa was expedited you think will take long time for him to get approved thank you

    1. administrator

      It can take time. Sometimes they take longer. Keep following up with the consulate. There is no estimated time, it all varies.

  5. Priya

    This is Priya. My B1 visa interview was in Feb 2020 in Mumbai and I was given 221(g) and asked for few documents to email, which I did. Later as few of the messages above, suddenly the status became as rejected.
    But in Mar 2020, I got email to submit the passport for visa stamping (though the online status still shows rejected and last updated Feb 10) . I could not submit the passport as the lockdown in india started.
    Now can someone tell me the procedure. I am yet to submit the passport.

    1. administrator

      They are not processing the 221g related cases now. You may try to reach out to them for further guidance. Email the consulate to get more information.

  6. chalapathi RAO aluri

    Applied H4 for spouse and she was eligible for interview waiver. Submitted documents on Oct 29, 2020 and on, Nov 10th status shows as Refused with short text like this “A U.S. consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please see the letter you received at the interview”. what does it mean ?i s my spouse visa got rejected or any chance of further approval .please let me know if any one is faced the same situation.

    1. administrator

      It is sometimes not clear. You can write to the consulate..sometimes the status could be an intermittent status too…so, give it few days…

      1. Stephens

        HI kumar, i submitted my passport and docs as part of dropbox on Nov 4th. On No 5th CEAC website showes refused. On Nov 12 th i received my passport with 221 G and asked to appear on interview “After we have resumed the normal processing” .Now I am not sure when the normal processing will resume. any help in this is much appreciated.

        1. administrator

          No one knows when the consulate would be opening for regular operations. All we can do is hope that they would open the consulate for regular operations soon..

  7. Sunny

    TImeline of My Case:

    1) Applied ESTA in November 2019 and was asked to attend the appointment in US-London Office with more supported documents and info.

    2) Attended an appointment in US embassy, London on 12 Dec 2019 where the case went on ‘Administrative Processing’.

    3) Status Changed from AP to Refused as stated due “to more accurately communicate case status to applicants.”

    4) Update 28th October’20:

    The Status has not changed and still showing ‘refused’ since 12th December 2019.

    Still waiting if things could change.

  8. Husain


    Applied H4 for spouse and she was eligible for interview waiver. Submitted documents on Oct 22, 2020 and today, Oct 26 status shows as Refused with long text. After reading all the posts above it looks like I can expect to see the status change to AP in next few days. Has anyone been in this scenario of drop box and then status as Refused? How long it will take for status to change? Also, if there are any additional questions to be answered, when will spouse receive 221 g form? Does it come via mail?

    1. administrator

      It is not consistent, I have seen some users do report saying that it changed to admin processing after a week and then they got approval. You can reach out to the consulate after couple of weeks to get clarification

          1. Husain kalyaniwala

            Hi Ravi,

            Here’s what happened. Hope this helps others to understand the process.

            Oct 22 – Dropbox appointment. Submitted documents. Only asked for my latest H1 copy and spouse passport.

            Oct 26 – Status changed to Refused with long text.

            Oct 28 – Passport returned and delivered to my place with a form 221g stating to attend in person interview on any weekday between 10:30 am – 11:30 am. Good thing here was I didn’t have to book another appointment.

            Nov 2 – My wife went for the interview. Asked basic questions related to previous travels. It was done in 5 mins. Officer told her your visa is approved. Status changed to AP in the evening.

            Nov 3 – Status changed to Issued 🙂

            Nov 4 – Got the passport back with the visa.

          1. Husain


            I had applied for H4 for my spouse and she was asked to come any weekday between 10:30 – 11:30 am. No new appointment was required. Hope this info help.

  9. Ahmed

    Hi there
    I had my interview for CR1 visa my visa interview went very good I was told my visa is approved and I will get my passport within 3 to 5 business days however it’s been 2 weeks I have not heard anything thing from them and my ceac status shows Refused I am confused did this happen to anyone else please let me know

    1. Sk

      Hello it is the same for me too and i had my appointment on October 15th. I just reached out to them and waiting for their replt. Did you hear anytjing from them yet?

      1. Ak

        My husband went interview October 15th same showing administrative processing we are so worried about way the online show refused and my attorney toll me some time take long time if someone receive visa let me know how long take

        1. Ahmed

          Don’t worry I guess nowadays everyone going through this as long as visa is approved and no additional documents needed we will have our visa soon my friend who had interview on 1stOct received visa yesterday so they are taking longer these days hope this helps

          1. Mohamed Fawaz

            Hi Ahmed,

            It’s same for me as well. I attended on Nov 25th & I was told visa is approved . But the ceac status is Refused.
            Did you get your passport? Did you had to provide any additional documents? Please let me know

  10. SLO

    Hi I made the renovation process for my B1/B2 visa 1 month and a half ago, at CAS they told me that I was going to receive my visa in the next 15 days. But when I looked for my status at the system, there said Refused and the AP legend at the bottom. How long do I should wait for it to change? I haven’t been noticed why was my visa refused. I have cero information.

    1. JMB

      Hi, I’m from Mexico and I am exactly in the same situation. CAS appointment last August 25, on Oct 1st my case was updated to refused, since then, I haven’t received any letter of refusal, or any other document related to a refusal or AP. I’m really afraid of this, I’ve called CAS and embassy and nobody is taking care of the case. I hope both can get solution on our cases soon.

      1. JMB

        Hi Kumar,
        As commented, my case status was refused since Oct 1st. I called the embassy last Thursday (Oct 22) and they told me that my case is solid enough and my visa should be approved in the next few days. I checked the status last friday (Oct 24) and my status changed from refused to AP. What can I expect?
        Thank you!

        1. Chetan

          How did you contact the consulate?
          I went for an H4 dropbox on Oct 16. It was under “Case Received” till today and changed to “Refused” today on Oct 27th. My spouse’s H1B got approved via dropbox a few weeks earlier and we received that passport within a few days.

          1. JMB

            I don’t know if it works the same everywhere but there is an apart in the Embassy page and you can send your inquiry. I recommend not to send anything until it has passed enough time. Sounds to me that if your case just was updated to refused, you should wait till’ it changes to AP. Too soon to contact the Consulate or Embassy, I spent 1 month refused that’s why I contacted them. You must be patient, I know is almost impossible, but there is nothing much to do. If your spouse has been approved, most likely you’ll be as well, unfortunately not all cases are solved in the same time, even with family in identical conditions. Good luck!

        2. administrator

          Next you are likely to get it to approved. I have seen this with many other users. Just wait, sometimes it can take time. Do update here.

  11. kumar

    Hi All,
    I am little bit panic about my friend as he have gone through visa interview and there officer have asked few questions and then later they said that they have issue the visa(H1-B), And due to covid they asked to drop passport over there and he did same and now when we track the status of the application it is showing as refused so he is little bit tensed and want to know whats going on with his case, looking that some one can help in this

  12. Fahim Shaker

    Hi, this is Fahim, I’m currently residing in toronto as PR with my wife. We both applied for us non immigrant visitor visa in January 15th , 2020 and handed over the 221g slip stating that they need additional information. We submitted the information in the following day and got a confirmation reply from Toronto office that they will update us once a decision is made or further documentation if required. Since then my status remained administrative review in the website until March 2020 and one day suddenly it changed to refused with no changed date and also stating that if you are informed about administrative review , it will remain refused unless as a decision is made. After extensive research on Facebook and through your post, I came to conclusion that it’s not rejected yet but no progress had been made. I emailed the embassy once in August and once in October but didn’t get any reply except automated response which basically isn’t anything except covid alert, travel advisory and border restrictions. Meanwhile it had been 9 months already without any update, it feels strange to me that why they had to keep a file for inventory for so long.

  13. Kumar

    Hello All,

    we appeared for the dropbox Hyderabad on 21st and the case status changed to refused with short note. Are we refused or are we in AP? Is it short note as we appeared to the dropbox?

    please let u sknow

    1. Falak

      Hi my mother immigration case in islamabad pk embassy was in refused status with long text after march 3rd . Yesterday update refused with short text what does it mean plz help !!

      1. UN

        Hi Falak,

        If it’s short text with changed last update date then it means that they aren’t going to issue a visa and your application has been rejected due to many reasons. Wait for the letter with the explanation.

  14. Bestphephe

    Can someone help me with that issues please?
    My husband and I had a dual interview for a visa since January 2020, after the interview the officer said everything is fine but he didn’t keep any passport or hand over any paper to us, he just said everything is ok if they need anything they will called, but after a few days the website said, the case is in Administration processing,but in the middle of March the case overturned to refuse until now September 21,2020 I never received anything update from immigration or a letter to explain what went wrong with that case.

  15. Nabeel


    I just got an update on my CEAC with today’s date. It is now under administration processing, previously it was under refused with March 3 which was my interview date. I got 221 (g) white slip. My question is when this administration process will be complete? What is time frame from your experiences.

          1. AP

            Thanks for letting us know, did they ask you to submit your Passport yet (I would presume your passport would have been returned to you either along with 221 g or later) ?

          2. Nabeel

            Hi AP,

            No! They kept my passport and other with relevant documents. And gave me white piece of paper and told me no additional documents are require from you. It’s with them since March.

          3. Saba kazmi

            I am inquiring to find out the reason for the refusal of my visa application.
            I have not received any updates besides this my case in AP after my interview..i submit my pics and other marriage proff documents but still its in AP…almost one and half year passed my case is in AP…I am trying to figure out
            what I should do for next steps but have not been able to get contact with
            anyone to help me through this process. My Husband family’s never had an
            issue in the past and its been almost 2 years of back and forth and paper
            work with no explanation as to what I needing to do. I
            am looking for someone to help me through the reasoning and what the next
            steps are. I am hoping someone can help me get through this process.

            Thank you,
            Saba Kazmi

      1. Nabeel

        Hi Kumar,

        I got a call from US Embassy – they said “consular want to ask whether you are going to continue the same position at the company?” I said yes, I have employed on same position since 2016. He said ok.

        According to CEAC tracker it is still under Administration Process but last update date changed from Sept 16 to Sept18. What does the mean! Please respond!

        1. AP

          Nabeel: I ain’t expert but I they might wanted to confirm if you are eligible for Exception which was released in Aug. Did they ask anything else…Post here your updates here as your status gets changed.

          1. Nabeel

            Hi AP,

            They didn’t ask anything else, just that question. I did told them to look at the document which I send to them. The document which I gave them is from my employer’s immigration office listing all the criteria on why I am exempt.

          2. Nabeel

            Hi Kumar and AP,

            Today it changed from Administration process to Application received with today date.
            I had my interview already on March 3rd and they kept my passport and relevant documents.

            I don’t know what’s going on now! Lol

          3. AP

            Nabeel: May be it helps to get some clarity…
            Application Received Your case is open and ready for your interview, fingerprints, and required documents. If you have already had your interview, please check your status after two business days. If no interview was required, please check back in two business days for the updated status of your application.

          4. Nabeel

            Well that’s what is written on update status as well. Let’s wait and hope for the best. I will update you, once I receive an update.

          5. Karan

            I am in the same exact situation as Nabeel, however my last case update is 8th sept and administrative processing. I did get a call as well.

          6. Nabeel

            Hi Karan,

            What type of visa you applied for?

            But mine changed to Application Received. From what I got from researched that it will go back to Admin process again, and with few hours (same day) the final decision will be shown. I have seen 5 cases on internet where 2 people got final decision in 1 day for 2 it took 2 days and 1 person got it in 8 days. So it’s just waiting game now.

          7. Karan

            Hi Nabeel,

            It was h1. Got a call in Aug was asked for continuing service letter. Sent it same day. Status changed to AP Sept 1 then case last updated sept 2 received a email to sent the document again. Then status same Ap case last updated sept 8. Nothing since then what do you think???

          8. Nabeel

            Hi Karan,

            They didn’t asked me for letter, but I have send out the exemption letter which was send to me by my employer’s immigration office. If you got white slip during interview and no further document was required and passport was kept by them then according to websites processing time is 7-20 days.
            Also it depends on which consulate and how many pending cases they have. All we can do is wait.

            Let me know if you get any updates and I will do the same.

          9. Karan

            Congrats Nabeel so happy for you 🙂 I hope my status changes soon too it is showing AP now.

            Case Last Updated: 08-Sep-2020

            Your visa case is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. This processing can take several weeks. Please follow any instructions provided by the Consular Officer at the time of your interview. If further information is needed, you will be contacted. If your visa application is approved, it will be processed and mailed/available within two business days.
            For more information, please visit U.S. Embassy New Delhi.

            What type of visa you had and what consulate???

          10. Nabeel

            Hi Karan,

            Thank you! I applied for H1-B from Islamabad, Pakistan.

            Just be patient, I’m sure they will issues your visa too!

        2. Srini


          I got the pink slip AP for my H1B ( I always do for stamping due to my degree and it usually gets issued in 3-5 weeks. But due to pandemic, this time I appeared for interview on Feb 25th and my status online still shows the same. Refused with the long message that says ‘You will receive another adjudication once such processing is complete’ last updated Feb 25 (date of interview). I was asked to send list of documents via email in my pink slip and I did so on the same day. Nothing changed, no phone calls. Is there a thread for people with H1B visas stuck in AP. I would like to follow that and see if the cases are moving forward especially now coz there seems to be some cases that are getting processed. Coz, I emailed them twice and they said its pending AP and nothing else can be done.

          Thank you!

        3. Nabeel


          I got my passport today with stamping, but it is the normal visa not the exemption one. I heard for exemption one you usually get 30 days visa?

  16. SDC

    Firstly, thanks to Kumar & the community for sharing all this information.

    I had my H1B visa interview at the consulate in Toronto on Sep 1st, 2020. I was told by the officer that my case was approved and they would get in touch over email when my passport was ready for collection. The officer specifically said that I qualified for the exceptions that were announced to the H1B ban a few weeks ago.

    Having not heard back from them in a week, I checked my DS-160 status on the CAEC website which shows my case was “Refused” on Sep 2nd and it has an accompanying message which says “a consular officer has adjudicated & refused your application, please see the letter you received at the interview”. I did not receive any letter at the interview and the consulate still has my passport. If my case was indeed refused on Sep 2nd, then I’m wondering why I haven’t heard from the consulate yet.

    Any insight on what this could mean and has anyone else been in a similar position?

    1. SDC

      Got my passport back today. Visa was refused as they now think my case doesn’t meet the exceptions. No other explanation was provided as to what changed, which is frustrating.

      1. administrator

        Sorry to hear. Did they give any letter ? Was it due to the current Travel ban ? or due to the general issue with stamping ? It should say some number on the letter given.

    2. Tajinder singh

      25 august my interview done consular say your visa is approved but few day ago i check ceac refused short text …. i cant understand what happening with me … helpppp

  17. Ibra Salah


    My status has been updated to administrative processing (Nonimmigrant visa). It was a refused (with a long paragraph) since March 23rd, I had my visa interview on Feb 2020 and I got a yellow slip.
    What does that mean?? more AP or Visa Approval and how long will it take??
    Did anyone faced any changes recently ??

    1. administrator

      Many have similar situation, There is estimated time for Administrative processing. You can follow up with the consulate. Depending on consulate, many are not processing 221g yet.

      1. Ibra Salah

        Thanks, Kumar,
        They told me that the administration process is complete and my status was changed from AP to refused (with a long text) on March 23rd.Then, the embassy has been closed since March 26th. A few days ago, my status has been changed from refused to AP. Does that mean the embassy start to resume their work and they need to do the administration process again?

        1. administrator

          It could be they are working on the case. Only embassy could tell. Sometimes the online status could be just changing due to system wide changes….hard to say.


        hi my spouse H4 visa interview happened on Aug 31st and he was not given any slip and the VO said visa was approved. Status shows Administrative processing since then for the past 9 days. How long will it take to get the passport? What will the status change to?

        1. administrator

          It could be that there is additional processing. Wait for some more time a week or two and then contact consulate. There is no Estimated time for Adminstrative processing.

  18. Viridiana

    First of all I want to thank you for all the help and guidance.
    I applied for my TN Visa renewal (for Registered Nurse as a NAFTA professional).
    My work permit expires until 2022, but my visa was about to expire so I had to renew it since I live in the border and cross daily. I went to the picture and fingerprint and was told my visa would be sent via mail in 5-7 days, now my status shows as refused and all they can tell me is I might need an interview. Have you heard any other cases involving a TN visa? For what I’m reading theres not interviews anytime soon, I don’t know what to tell my employer.

    1. administrator

      If you see the long text, it may or may not be refused, but rather administrative processing. Do not worry, wait for few days and it should be fine. Do update here.

  19. Huda Asghar

    I had an interview on 25th july,2017. The consulate held my passport and issued a white letter and put me in “administrative processing”. Well, on 10th March,2020(that’s when i checked), my status was changed from “administrative processing” to “refused” but I still haven’t gotten my passport back yet. Anyone who encountered the same experience? Should I ask the embassy to return my passport?


      hi my spouse H4 visa interview happened on Aug 31st and he was not given any slip and the VO said visa was approved. Status shows Administrative processing since then for the past 9 days. How long will it take to get the passport? What will the status change to?

  20. Nik

    I went to visa interview on Jan 20 2020 with i797b that is valid only until march 31 2020,
    VO issued me a 221g and returned my passport back and asked for some documents. i submitted them within a week. In the mean time my employer applied for extension and got my extension((new i797B)) till Sep 2022. I got my new extension document on march 18 2020, I want to update that to embassy but they are closed due to covid.
    My status still shows “Refused”(long text).
    Will embassy accept my new i797b for the existing 221g? Or do I need to again go to interview with new i797b?


    hi everyone,
    My wife has sponsered me and my 2 daughter (step daughtes) we had seprate inteview, both the girls had interview before me as they are under age i had to accompanied them and i answered all the queries and at end they issued white 221g and passport held with islamabad counsalte and later after a month i was called and in minutes i was approved and afetr few month i travelled to usa got all my formalities done (Greencard) and i am back to islamabad, now the usa counslate has asked for medical again which i subbmitted and their status has been changed from “REFUSED” TO “READY”


    1. Esonye

      I had my interview in Feb 2020 for a CR1 visa, was given a 221g and my status was refused. Based on the 221g instructions I submitted my passport and other documents within 2weeks. Later in March my status changed to Administrative Processing and has been so since then. Please I’ve tried tracking my passport through their website and by mail and all I got is that they have no status on the passport number i submitted. Please what do you advice I do?

  22. Sirisha


    I have my h4 visa stuck in admin processing since Feb 2020 from Hyderabad India Consulate. Recently i heard that the consulates are processing for Emergency appointments and H4 visa is exempt from executive ban.
    Did any one know this and will they be processing my visa in this case.

  23. Sudhir

    Very unfortunate situation !! Need help.
    I attended my visa interview on 20th Jan 2020, Officer collected my passport and said, you will receive it in 4 business days once it is stamped.
    25th Jan 2020 , my status changed to Administrative processing.
    They requested to submit client letter by email & I did, they responded after 2 weeks to submit my passport , I replied saying my passport is already with consulate & they confirmed the same.
    3rd March 2020 , Status changed to refused with long text ( no Date change).
    25th July 2020 Status is Refused but with short text and the last updated date changed to 25th July 2020.

    At this point, I am assuming that my visa is denied. But my passport is still with them.
    Could you help me with the following :
    how to get my passport back?
    My i-797 will expire in September , can my employer file an extension?
    My I-140 approved yesterday , does this effect it in any way?

    1. administrator

      You can ask them the status, if they will process it or it is denied.
      If you are in urgent need, you can email them requesting to withdraw the application and get passport back.
      I would suggest you discuss with an attorney the reason is, it can be tricky if you request to get your passport back and again apply for stamping…So, discuss and clarify with attorney on the implications.

    2. Betselot A.

      Hi Kumar
      I’m a petitioner of my wife and daughter. My daughter got visa but her mom AP. And my daughter 4 years old she can’t move and live with out her mom. My daughter visa got 28 Feb 2020 and expired 28 Aug 2020.
      So how to extension my daughter visa ?
      Thank you

          1. administrator

            You would follow the same process that you followed before, when you did first time. Check with US Consulate, if you are in doubt.

  24. A

    Long time reader, first time poster. Posting because the experiences here provided invaluable guidance, and I’d like to add my own to help others, if possible.

    – February 27 2020: Immigrant visa interview at US Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago. (Immediate relative; spouse of US citizen).

    – 221g issued requesting missing document. Passport returned and asked to be sent to embassy with the missing document via courier.

    – March 03rd 2020: document and passport received by US embassy. Case status changed to “Refused” with long text.

    – June 23rd 2020: Status changed to “Administrative Processing”.

    – June 26th 2020: Status changed to “Issued”.

    Thank you Kumar for this resource and to the users for sharing their experiences.

    Best of luck to all.

    1. administrator

      Congrats on the visa ! Thanks for sharing ! Isn’t the US embassy closed in Trinidad now ? Do update, once you get passport to your hand with visa.

      1. A

        Thanks Kumar! Received passport with Immigrant Visa today (July 6 2020) via courier.

        The US embassy in Trinidad and Tobago is closed for in-person interviews however, it is processing applications/passports which were at the embassy before its closure.

        Additionally, it recently started accepting visa interview waiver applications via courier/dropbox.

        Thank you again for your service and best of luck to all applicants.

          1. Betselot A.

            Hi Kumar
            My wife and daughter were interviewed 10 Feb 2020 and my daughter got visa on 28 Feb 2020 and my wife AP . My daughter 4 years and she can’t travel and live with out her mother . I contact the embassy oversea and they
            say AP but my daughter visa 2 month left to expired . so how to extend my daughter visa .
            Please help me.
            Thank you

          2. administrator

            You can only do it once the consulate opens. So wait for the consulates to open, she can apply for dropbox. Also, there is current ban on issuance of visas and entry for H4s without visas..so, need to wait till december.

  25. polur


    I came to Guadalajara (Mexico) for stamping. i came to visit a friend who was getting married . My First Stamping from Hyderabad ( Andhra Pradhesh, India) got Expired in 2017 so i planned for my stamping too. i had my finger printing on Feb 28th 2020 and interview on March 4th 2020. I was only asked the following questions:

    1) Where do you work?

    2) what are your duties?

    after that the officer asked if i was given a booklet of immigration i said yes and she said i need to type something and asked me to go through the booklet. after 5 minutes she gave me a white slip and said we have sent you a mail with a questionnaire please fill it and send it and retained the passport.

    The questionnaire contained question related to my addresses for the past 15 years, my phone numbers for the past 5 years, my employers and their addresses and DOBs of my parents.

    i replied back to the email with in 2 hours. The status was refused when i check in the system. later the date got updated but it was still in refused status. on March 18 2020 the date got updated and the status remained the same, but i got a mail stating i have to reappear in person. from March 18 2020 , all the embassies in mexico are closed and the latest appointment i could get is in July.

    I am stuck here in mexico for around 4 months and i have one more month to wait to go for the interview.

    My question is what are the chances of the approval at this stage.

    1. administrator

      Sorry to hear on your situation. Honestly, I do not know…Visa interviews are always subject to Consular officer discretion.

      1. Genelyn


        I just wanna ask regarding my case status I am worried of it because since the lockdown started March and I was already submitted 221(g) with my passport end of January and they have it. Now my concern is my medical has already expired .Do you think they will let me again to re-medical or they give a consideration because of COVID-19 has been suspended routine visa processing..
        thank you


  26. NKB

    Hello Folks,

    Does anyone here have instance where case was updated on CEAC after us embassies were closed due to Covid?

    And when they are planning to re-open it?

    Response will be appreciated!

    Thank you

    1. Adamna Chioma

      Hello NKB
      My case F1 category was updated on May 27th and 28th 2020 to refused status (short text). My passport was sent back and the attached letter said that my case was completed and the refusal was really a suspension because of the Immigration ban by President Trump. However when the ban is lifted they would request passport and issue visa.

  27. Gabriel

    Hello All,

    I am a US citizen petitioning for my spouse. My case status was on REFUSED status because when we went to the interview and the consular said they did not have the medical results in their system (they were sent electronically). Consul kept her passport. Three weeks ago the status changed back to READY and has been stuck on that. What does this mean? Thank you in advanced.

    1. administrator

      If they have held your passport, it is good. If ready means, you would be ready to pick up the passport. Call or email them to check the status.

  28. Waleed Bashir


    I am from Pakistan and my fiance visa has been in admin processing for more than a year now. This is the reply I got from 3 weeks ago when i made the inquiry on my visa

    ”Dear Applicant,
    Thank you for writing to our office. Your immigrant visa case has been refused under INA Section 221(g) for administrative processing, an integral part of the visa adjudication and issuance process that can neither be expedited nor waived. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict the amount of time the processing will take, and timing varies based on the individual circumstances of each case. The visa application will be reconsidered when administrative processing is complete.”

    Questions :

    1. Should i wait any longer ? If yes , How can i Expedite this issue apart from Senators ? is there an email for Department of Sate ?
    2. Can i apply for Marriage visa ? If i am in Admin Processing For this ?
    3. How will i get my passport Back ? Since the US embassy has my passport ? How can i abandon the Fiance Visa ?
    4 . Would i be placed in Admin Processing again if i Apply for a marriage visa ?
    5. What is the Difference Betweem the K3 and CR1 visa ? Which should i apply for ?

    1. administrator

      All they are saying is that you need to wait and they do not have an estimated time. you can try to expedite using Senators, but I am not sure how it would work. There are some attorneys who file writ of mandamus for 221g delays, you can try that route.
      if you want the passport back, you can withdraw the application and get the passport back.
      It is a possibility, they can put in admin processing anytime…it is totally their discretion. I cannot speak for the visa types of K3 and CR1, talk to an attorney.

      1. Soniya Khan

        Assalam alai kum,
        This is soniya khan and my uncle apply vissa for my mother and me. We had our 1st interview 2 years ago but bcz of sme papers issue status was in admin process. This march they called for intrview again and they said evrything is ok they kept our passport. Since aftr the intrview the status was refused nd it said US concular adjucted and refused ur visa etc (big paragraph) now it is update and says (US conclr ofcr refused ur vissa applction plx see letter u recivd at the intrview.) I didnot get any letter. Can any one tell clearly what does this mean? Its so confusing.

        1. administrator

          Sometimes the online status can be misleading. Try calling the national visa center or email the consulate to get clarity. If the really reject, they will return your passports and give you a letter.

        2. লিংকন

          W/Salaaam. Sister,

          I think you are not rejected since they’v got your passport.
          The ban started from April 22 ( or 24th I forgot the exact date ), So if they were suppose to reject your visa , they had plenty of time to send you back the passport, right? 🙂
          Inshallah they will give you visa soon.
          – You can write to local consulate to know about your status. NVC usually gives a theoretical reply and I personally have got 2 different answers from 2 reply from NVC.
          (This is my personal opinion.)
          – You can also try filing a lawsuit depending on the situation. If you see that you are under ban of D. Trump executive order which extended till end December2020, then you must wait till end December and see if the ban is uplift after that. If they uplift the ban and you still are waiting for an uncertain duration and you no longer wants to wait more, then you should find a lawyer ( mostly they work from US ) and file a lawsuit. I heard it works better to reduce time frame. ( again this is my personal opinion)

          I myself is also waiting in the Q for my visa to be approved.
          May HIM help us all to receive what we deserve and what is good for us. InsaAllah .

        3. Mel

          Hi Soniya,

          Same thing happened with my case (CR1). Refused with long AP paragraph for past 6 months changed to Refused with the one sentence this month. Did you find out what this change meant? I hope it is just a word change and not an actual visa denial. Please let us know.

  29. Shravan


    My status has been updated to administrative processing from rufused administrative processing text on may 12th, I had my visa interview on Feb 2020 and I got pink slip. Did anyone faced any changes recently after may 10 server update ??

        1. shravan

          Today my visa status changed to issued from administrative processing. Thanks for the good information provided on this website. Cheers

          1. Nabeel

            Congratulations! I thought all US embassy are closed. Then why I’m seeing people’s status changed.

          2. administrator

            Good to hear. How long was it stuck in the administrative processing status ?

        2. Suganya

          Hi Shravan, Congrats!!!. Could you please elaborate your Case.mine also Chennai consulate.submitted the client letter on Feb first week

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