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US Visa Dropbox Eligibility – 48 months Extended Indefinitley

US Visa Stamping at Consulates usually involves in-person interviews, unless you qualify for the Interview Waiver Eligibility, which is popularly called a Dropbox Visa Appointment. In many cases, US Visa Dropbox Appointment is a must, if you are eligible for it.   

During COVID times, the US Department of State has announced a small change in eligibility criteria for interview waiver or Dropbox stamping, which will help many more applicants utilize the same. They continue to extend this eligibility criteria for 2024 and beyond. We will cover all those details in this article.

As a background, let’s quickly review the US Visa Dropbox process.

Background: US Visa Stamping – In-Person Interview vs. Dropbox

In general, when you are applying for a new US Visa, as part of the process to apply for US Visa, you would give biometrics and then attend an in-person visa interview.  But, for renewing your existing US Visa, if you meet certain criteria, then you do not have to appear for an in-person interview.  You can submit your visa-related documents at Visa Application Center(VAC) and your US visa may be issued without an interview. It is called a Visa Interview Waiver or Dropbox Visa Stamping.

Below are the typical general requirements to be eligible for Dropbox Stamping for anyone above 80 years and below 14 years. You need to meet all of them

General Visa Interview Waiver or Dropbox Stamping Eligibility Criteria

  • You need to have a Visa renewal in the same category. Meaning, let’s say you have a renewal for H1B, then your previous visa in your passport should be H1B as well.
  • The most recent visa should have been issued in your same country (home country).
    • The same country requirement was removed in mid-2021.
  • Visa was received after Jan 1, 2008
  • Your visa should not have annotations like “Clearance Received” or “Department Authorization”
  • Your visa should be issued after your 14th birthday
  • Your US visa was not lost, stolen, or canceled.
  • There were no US visa refusals in any other visa class, since your recent visa issuance
  • If applying for H, L, or R visa, it should be valid or expired within the last 12 months.  Also, if it is other classes of visa renewal, it is still the same 12 months requirements (should be valid or expired in the last 12 months).
    • To clarify, 12 months is the normal rule, this is the part that is changing to 48 months with the update

Some general criteria for other visa types, ages

  • Blanket L1 holders do not qualify for Dropbox or interview waiver. Only Blanket L2 Spouses are eligible
  • If you are applying for an F visa, you should be at the same school for which your previous visa was issued.
  • If applying for a J visa, your DS-2019 is also issued by the same institution as it is on your previous visa.
  • Children under 14 years of age are eligible for dropbox
  • Adults over 80 years of age are eligible for dropbox, if their recent visa application was not refused.

Now that we know the background and eligibility, let’s look at what has changed.

Dropbox Stamping Requirement Extended to 48 months from Expiry

During COVID time, many US Consulates were functioning with limited appointments and were not open at full capacity for regular visa-issuing operations.

  • To help the situation and avoid public risk, back in 2020, the US Department of State increased the 12 months from expiry to 24 months from the expiry of the previous visa for US visa renewals using dropbox or the interview waiver option until March 31, 2021.
  • On March 11th, 2021, the US Department of State released a press note indicating the expansion of dropbox visa stamping eligibility from 24 months from visa expiry to 48 months from expiry until Dec 31, 2021.
  • On December 23rd, 2021, they extended the 48 months eligibility rule indefinitely. See the below screenshot on the same. Check Official news at State.gov
  • On December 23rd, 2022, the US Dept of State again confirmed the continuation of the 48-month dropbox interview waiver rule. Check the below screenshot and Official news at State.gov
  • On December 21st, 2023, the US Department of State again extended the continuation of the 48-month dropbox rule for 2024 and beyond. They also added new provisions as well. You can read full details at US Visa Interview Waiver Options Extended for 2024 & Beyond.

Official News release screenshot from December 2023

US Visa Interview Waiver Requirements Extened for 2024 and Beyond
US Visa Interview Waiver Requirements Extended for 2024 and Beyond

Official News release screenshot from December 2022

48-month Dropbox Eligibility rule extended until further notice
48-month Dropbox Eligibility rule extended until further notice

News release screenshot from December 2021

48 Months Dropbox Rule Extended Indefinitely
48 Months Dropbox Rule Extended Indefinitely

How does the 48 months from Expiry Dropbox Visa Stamping Work?

In the past, the requirement was “Your previous visa was in the same class and valid or expired within the last 12 months“. Now, they have changed that to “Did your previous [Visa Cateory] visa expire within the last 48 months.

Example: Let’s say you had B1/B2 Visa stamping previously done in one of the US Consulates in India. Now, you are applying for B1/B2 visa renewal in India on November 1st, 2022. For general dropbox eligibility, your US visa had to be valid or expired on or after November 1st, 2021. Now, with this 48-month eligibility change, you can apply for Dropbox Visa stamping, if your visa has expired on or after November 1st, 2018.  You have basically 4 years from the date of expiry to apply for Visa Renewal using Dropbox now.

Usually, if you are eligible for a Dropbox appointment, you would get a confirmation in the online system after you complete the questionnaire.

Dropbox Appointment with ’48 months from expiry’ Question in Online System

If you are applying in India, then as part of the Dropbox eligibility assessment questionnaire on the USVisaScheduling.com website, you would see the question that reads “Did your previous XXX visa expire within the last 48 months?”. It looks like in the screenshot below.

Did your B1 B2 Visa Expire with 48 months
Did your B1/ B2 Visa Expire within 48 months

If you are not applying from India and using the CGI Federal portal, you will get a question that looks like in the screenshot below and reads as below:

“Did your previous B-1/B-2 visa expire within the last 48 months? Note: Please be sure to select an interview waiver submission date at least 7 calendar days before your visa has been expired 48 months.”

B1/ B2 Visa Renewal - Expired within the last 48 months
B1/ B2 Visa Renewal – Expired within the last 48 months

Dropbox Eligibility Confirmation Screen in Online System

Below is the screenshot of the confirmation you would get on the USTravelDocs CGI Federal Website, if you qualify for the Interview Waiver or Dropbox option for US Visa Renewal. You can continue with Dropbox by selecting the ‘Drop-off’ button. (The confirmation screen changed in October 2022 to facilitate an emergency appointment option for Dropbox Applicants)

US Visa Dropbox Confirmation Message
US Visa Dropbox Confirmation Message

When should you book Dropbox Appointment with ’48 month from expiry’ option?

As per the US Department of State and USTravelDocs.com website guidance, the question reads that “you need to select an interview waiver or dropbox submission date at dropbox location (VAC Center) at least 7 calendar days before your US Visa has been expired 48 months”. In short, you need to submit it 7 days before your visa’s 48 months from expiry deadline.

Example: let’s say your eligibility of 48 months from expiry is ending on June 30th, 2023, then you need to submit documents 7 days before June 30th. So, you should submit your documents before June 23rd, 2023. If you want to be safe, submit it a couple more days before.

In-Peron Interview Waived for certain F, H1B, H4, and Others

In addition to the dropbox option for anyone renewing their US Visa within 48 months from the expiration, the US Dept of State also provided additional guidance, where in-person interview requirements can be waived for certain visa applicants if they meet certain conditions.

This new waiver for an in-person interview is applicable to anyone, who was previously issued any type of US Visa and applying for F, H1B, H4, H3, L1 ( non-blanket), L2, M, O, P, Q, and academic J visas. Read Guide to US Visa Interview Waiver for certain H1B, L1, H4, others

If you meet the above requirement, then you will not see the question “Did your previous H-1B ( temporary occupation, temporary worker, or trainee) expire within the last 48 months?“, so do not be confused. You would see a question that looks like below and then you will be prompted for other questions and then you would get a confirmation for an interview waiver. It is normal to work like that.

Do you have previous US visa issued in any class
Do you have previous US visa issued in any class

Latest News – 48 month Dropbox Validity, Timeline

December 21st, 2023: The US Dept of State issued a press release indicating the continuation of the 48 month dropbox interview waiver rule and adding new provisions. You can read full summary at US Visa Interview Waiver Options Extended for 2024 & Beyond.

December 23rd 2022: Today, US Dept of State issued a press release indicating the continuation of the 48 month dropbox interview waiver rule. You can read full summary at US Dept of State Extends interview waiver, 48-month Rule.

December 23rd, 2021: US Department of State extended the 48-month rule for dropbox indefinitely. It was supposed to end on December 31, 2021. Check Official news at State.gov

Mid Year, 2021 : The requirement to have the previous visa stamping in the same country was removed. The USTravelDocs website questionnaire does not show the same country questions anymore.

March 16th, 2021 : USTravelDocs CGI Federal website that is used for Appointment booking for US Visa is updated with the 48 from expiry change. See above article for the details.

March 11th, 2021 : US Department of State made an announcement expanding the 24 month from expiry eligibility to 48 months from expiry. Also, they are extending the interview waiver or Dropbox eligibility with the 48 months until December 31st, 2021. See below screenshot of the Official Press release on Travel.State.Gov

US Dept of State Expands Interview Waiver Until Dec 31-2021
US Dept of State Expands Interview Waiver Until Dec 31-2021

December 29th, 2020 : Today, US Department of Stat issued a press release and update that extended the eligibility of 24 months until March 31st, 2021. They are extending this to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 at consulates. Below is the screenshot of the news update and you can check official news Link on travel.state.gov

US Visa Interview Waiver Eligiblity Extended until Mar 31-2021
US Visa Interview Waiver Eligiblity Extended until Mar 31-2021

August 25th, 2020 : US Department of State gave original guidance today indicating the flexibility in the dropbox eligibity. Below is the screenshot of the news, you can check official news alert from US Department of State

US Dept of State Update on Interview waiver requirement
US Dept of State Press Release on Interview Waiver 24 months Rule Change

Common FAQs

What are the key criteria for Dropbox? How do 48 months work?

The key criterion is that you need to meet the 48-month criteria on the day of submission of the documents. Even though the system may allow you book an appointment, you should meet the 48-month requirement on the day of submission.

Will 48 Months of Dropbox be extended after December 31, 2023?

Yes, it was extended indefinitely again on December 21st, 2023. There is no end date for now on when this will expire. Unless something changes, it will be effective after December 31, 2023.

Can I go for a regular visa interview, even if I am dropbox eligible?

In general, you should not pick a regular visa appointment, if you are eligible for dropbox. The only exception is if you want to apply for an Emergency Appointment. If you want to apply for an emergency appointment, then choose the interview option on the confirmation screen and then book both Biometrics and interview appointments. Later you book the emergency appointments. You may also read US Visa Stamping Dropbox Appointment mandatory, if eligible

Is there any special process to get 48-month eligibility?

No, the process is straightforward, the USTravelDocs system does the eligibility check automatically based on your information. You just need to answer the questions truthfully.

If you are looking for community, you can connect with others in the US Visa Stamping Telegram Group  and get help from the community or be part of the US Visa Stamping Experiences Group (only repository of experiences, no messaging option)

What do you think of the change to 48 months? How is it helping you?


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  1. Hi,
    My H1B Ext Visa expires in August 2023. Since I have already passed the 48 months of expiry, does it mean I am eligible for the Dropbox (IW) ?

  2. Hi ,

    I am on H4 and my husband is on H1 visa and we want to go to India in November second week but we are not able to get Dropbox appointment. We are trying to get the at any possible location in India but its very difficult to get it booked.

    Is it advisable to go to India and then trying after that because the situation might get better till then?

    Kindly share if anyone is having same situation and what are they planning?


  3. Hi
    Does the applicant have to physically be in India when the visa renewal process is happening? I plan to send my passport to my parents in India, have them submit it for visa renewal stamping, and have them send it back to me in the US. I don’t have any plans of travelling to India but do need to go to other countries and come back to the US.

  4. Hi ,

    For Drop box which date is considered? Is it Visa Stamping date in passport or last Visa expired?

    I had stamping in passport till May 2020 and then had renewal got extension till Dec 30, 2021 and then again approval till 2024.


    • Karthik,
      The visa expiration date in passport. If you are talking about getting extension and approval from USCIS, that is not related to Visa, both are different. You should always look at the last US visa in same class that is in Passport.

  5. Hi,

    My Visa got expired on 3/4/2020 and couldn’t go for Visa stamping in India until now due to the pandemic.
    May I know until what year I would be eligible for the Interview Waiver option based on the current situation?

  6. Hi,

    I am on H4 visa and my husband is on H1 B visa and our visa got expired in September 2021. We got our renewal here in USA and now we have a valid visa till 2024.

    We are planning to go to India in November 2021 due to some personal reason and we will need our visa stamp while returning back to USA. We are eligible for dropbox and are planning to get appointment for that and the processing time for renewing visa through U.S. Visa DropBox generally varies from 1 day to 3 weeks.

    My question is that has there been any delay in processing time in dropbox facility due to present situation because of covid or we can go and apply for dropbox and will get our passport back in time? Has anyone applied for dropbox recently ? In how many days the passport was sent back?

    If anyone has faced similar situation ,please let me know.



    • Ankita,
      Yes, there is a lot of delay. The slots are very limited and hard to get one of them. Also, as of now you need NIE. This will likely change from November.

      • Hi Kumar,

        Thanks for the reply. I have NIE on the basis of family separation which means its only applicable if my husband is already in US and also inspite of have NIE i will still need visa appointment for stamping because my visa has been renewed recently and i will need stamp before entering US. We are eligible for dropbox facility but there is a lot of confusion regarding that also..whether we will get slots or not and if we get slot in how much time our passport will be returned.

  7. Hi Kumar,
    We are planning to visit India end of October. And have an appointment scheduled for dropbox at Delhi(US citizen kid)

    H1B and H4 stamp on passport with employer A was valid until Nov2019 stamped in Mumbai.
    H1B and H4 extended(I797) with employer A from Nov 2019 to Nov 2022.
    Employer changed in March 2020, new I797 H1B and H4 valid from March2020-March 2023 with employer B.
    My confusion is, our previous visa stamp is not based on our most recent previous I797. Will that be a problem in our eligibility for dropbox? Does that make any difference?

    According to the appointment scheduling questionnaire, we are eligible for dropbox but I just want to make sure and your opinion/experience is greatly appreciated. TIA

    • Reshma,
      It will not matter. The system only cares about the validity and I have seen many others who did transfers in the middle and later get successful Dropbox stamping. Stay positive !

  8. Hi! My last H1B stamp was in Canada but I am still getting the interview waiver. Application questionnaire does not even ask about my last stamp country. Has anyone observed this? Their customer care is not helpful at all.

  9. Hi, my stamping was valid until March 2017, but being in the US petition was until November 2019.

    Do I qualify for dropbox for L1 visa appointment. Stamping or petition date has to be considered.


  10. Hello,

    My wife is on L2 Blanket. Her visa expired and we are about to get her L2 Individual approval (I539). My visa (i797) has been approved for L1 individual (changed from L1 Blanket).
    Our question is – does it mean she is in the same visa category? Is she eligible for dropbox? In the appointment portal, it asks if you had a previous L2 visa (doesn’t specify blanket or individual). Since that is yes, it says we are eligible. But we want to know if anyone has been in the same situation.

  11. Hi Kumar / everyone – I just got my renewal i797 and I’m dropbox eligible (have been for my last 2 times renewal too and it’s been an easy process). I’m currently in the US.

    If I travel to India and to get my stamp, do I need an NIE? It’s been over 2 years since i’ve seen my family and I’m trying to figure out if it’s even worth going at this point. Esp, if I need an NIE for even getting the dropbox appointment

  12. Hi,
    Could you please help with the process to change the document pickup from VFS to Premium Delivery service, after the Dropbox appointment is done and Visa is issued. Due to lockdown, VFS centers are closed for passport pickup and there was an email sent to change the address via New Application which wasn’t clear.

    • Hello Everyone,

      Any updates on drop box application submitted between April 20 – April 30 2021 at Hyderabad Consulate.

  13. Hi,
    I was issued a B1/B2 visa ( I think had applied for B1 to attend a conference ) in Sep 2010.
    The visa expired in Sep 2020.
    I am applying again so that I can visit my son ( on F1 ) as he is undergoing some medical issues – Hence have chosen B2
    During the interview scheduling, the system is asking if I was issued a previous visa in B2. Do I select Yes – asking since the stamp is B1/B2 but if I recall my application in 2010 was B1. This is presumably for an interview waiver.
    Can anyone advise please?

  14. Dear Kumar,
    If i take a one drobox appointment for family and due to some reason I do not submit the document. Shall my family member use the same appointment of submit their documents. Please advise !!

  15. Hi Kumar,

    With my previous employer I got visa stamped in Feb 2019 which has validity till Aug 2021 . I changed the job in Dec 2019 and with new employer stamping is not yet done and i797 validity date is till July 2022.

    If I visit India some time in July or August this year (2021) , am I eligible for dropbox.?

  16. Hi Kumar/Everyone,

    Can someone confirm if dropbox is applicable for L2 (independent) extension. My spouse (L1) is not traveling with me to India. But i want to make sure I will be eligible for stamping through the drop box.

  17. My H1 visa expired on sep 2017 with employer A now I changed my employer and my new i797 is valid till June 2022.. if I go India on June 2021 am I eligible for Dropbox

  18. Hello,
    My H1B visa stamp from 2016 has annotation – clearance received due to 221g. My second and the most recent H1B stamp didn’t receive a 221g and has no annotation. Do I qualify for dropbox for my next visa stamping?

    Thank you,

  19. Hi,

    My Son’s previous H4 Visa stamping was before he was 14. Now he is 14+ and am planning for a Drop box option (all other criteria are met for me and my family, except for this one). Does this mean we as a family would need to appear for an in-person interview ?

    Thanks in advance for the response

    • Your son is eligible for Dropbox. Before 14 the 12months(now 48months) requirement is not applicable but after 14+ the 48 months expiry is applicable.

    • Ashish …did you get dropbox for your son along with you and your family…or did you attend in person interview…I am also in same boat….

  20. Am on H4 Visa and last visa expiry is 6th March 2018 and when i try to schedule appointment step 7 I don’t see the option “Did you previous visa expire in last 48months”

  21. Hi,

    H1B Stamping was done in Feb 2016. Since then I did not travel to home country. An extension was done in 2018 which expires in Jun 2021.

    Another extension filled last week and was proved until Jan 2024.

    Can I be eligibile for drop box or need to go for visa interview?


  22. in Feb when i booked my visa , it has 24 months drop box rule and as i am out of that bucket (visa expired in oct 2017) so i got face to face person interview appointment in delhi..but .it seems in March drop box for expired visa extend from 24 months to 48 months….and now i am eligible for drop box..so in that case do i need to do anything like cancel old one and get new drop box dates or just keep it as it is…any idea…
    in new process(after cancel old appointment) i may not get appointment as per my requirement as i m flying on April 10
    so far i did not get any email from anywhere to change my existing face to face interview process.
    please suggest

  23. One of cousin gets inadmissible entry and his visa has been volunteered withdraw by CBO officer, and they put “Wd” stamps on h1 b stamps , however his I-797 is still valid , can he still eligible for drop box or he need to appear for interview ?

    • Kiray,
      He maybe…but you need to understand the complexity of the situation, he may be sent back at Port of entry or called for interview as well as he was sent back by CBP..

  24. Hi,

    My location amendment was denied once. later i changed the employer. so still am eligible for drop box option?. location amendment is considered as visa denial?.

  25. Hello Everyone

    My wife is eligible for Dropbox because of 48 months expiration period, but every time when I login into ustraveldoc and continue my appointment I am getting “There are currently no appointments available” for Hyderabad center. Does anyone have the same problem? All other OFC center is available for dropbox, but not Hyderabad.

    Any suggestion will be very appericated.

  26. My stamped Visa expired on Mar 2020 and my new 797 is approved till April 2024. I have changed jobs in March 2021 but my Visa Class remains same. If I visit India in June 2021 will I be drop box eligible?

  27. Hi
    I am planning to go to India for stamping. Due to this 48 month rule now I fall under drop box category. I am trying to schedule an appointment at hyd consulate for the month of may. When I check cgi federal it says no appointments available for the month of May. Do I call consulate to find out when they open the appointments or keep checking the site every day? any help would be appreciated.

  28. Hi Kumar,

    I have been following your blog for the past 5 years and it’s been really insightful and comforting for all the anxious US aspirants from India. Kudos to you for that. I have 2 questions .Request your response for the below

    1) I came to visa through employer A in Jan 2017 (visa valid till Jun 2019). I changed to employer B on Oct 2018 and joined on receipt (as PP was suspended). The transfer got denied on may 2019 and i returned to India. Now after 2 years my visa got approved through employer B (approved till Dec 2023) and my company has asked to initiate stamping. My query is ‘am i eligible for drop-box if my previous transfer petition was denied.? Is transfer petition denial treated as visa refusal as this question is asked in DS -160 (have any of your Visa denied in the past ?) .What should be my answer to this question.

    2) The project for which i got petition approval is getting over in the next 2 months. Is it better to get visa stamping and get an amendment (through which project i can travel) or get an amendment first and then travel?


    • Tilak,
      1. USCIS Petition denial is not same as US Visa denial at Consulate. Both are different.. Your visa was not denied as per your info, it is only USCIS petition denial.
      2. It is better to have longer duration for stamping and approval, will give more room for Visa officer to see that you will be longer in US…with short duration, it can get tricky, if there is some delay and your effort can get wasted.

  29. HI
    The 48 months change is updated in the Questionnaire. I booked an appointment, but in the appointment confirmation I am still seeing 24 month.

    H and L applicants ( -H1, -H4, -L1 Individual, -L2 Individual, -L2 Blanket)
    Prior visa in the same class which is still valid or expired within last 24
    months. (applicable for H1,H4,L1Individual,L2)

    is anyone else seeing this?
    Will this cause any issue with submitting the documents??

  30. My H1B visa expired on Oct 2020 and I am eligible for Dropbox. Do I need to renew before Dec 2021 before the policy expires?

    • 48 months expiration limit has been extended till Dec 2021 so If they remove this extension and go back to 12month after Jan 2022 then you will not be eligible for dropbox. So it is better to renew it before Dec 2021 of wait till Nov 2021 for new announcement from US state dept or embassy

  31. Dropbox appointment website has been updated with 48 months expiry in the eligibility questionnaire

  32. Hi,

    Query on stamping fees –
    I had paid the fees for appointment last week, and before scheduling the appointment, my account got locked for 72 hours. Then the news of dropbox eligibility extension to 48 months came in, and since I’m eligible for it, I initiated a new application yesterday (didn’t book the in-person appointment) to check for dropbox and it wasn’t updated to 48 months. Whenever the change happens on the portal with new guidelines of 48 months extension, will I still be able to use the visa fees already paid? Could you please help with this.


    • I am in same boat, I had an employer change and my visa from former employer expired last week. Did you get any input on whether this situation is eligible for interview waiver?

  33. Thanks for detailed article, this makes me eligible for dropbox since my last visa expired on 2017, 19th July, one question I have , to book dropbox appointment I still have to be exempt from Presidential Proclamation 10052 correct or wait for ban to end in Mar 31st?

  34. Hi Anurag, Sri,

    Did you get any confirmation on Dropbox appointment after April1st is valid or not?


    • Hi Deepak,

      I am in the similar situation and already booked a April date, but not sure if it will
      be valid or not,

      Please let me know if you found anything on this topic.

      • Yes, this has been extended to dec 31, 2021. Also, the eligibility for the interview waiver period/time has extended to 48 months. That’s a big relief.
        Refer to the link below.

        • however current system is still showing 24 month message not sure ,when it will be updated in “https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/”.
          Let me if anyone see updated message for 48 hour into system.

          • sandy,
            It may take few days, maybe week to 10 days for them to update this in system. Will update the article once we see this change.

        • Does anyone know how long it took last time for cgi website to update it to 24 months from 12 months? It is still showing as 24 months now.

  35. Hi.. my visa expired in Sep’2019 and I am planning to visit India in May 2021. Completed DS-160. When trying to schedule an appointment it was showing that I will be eligible for dropbox considering the 24months expiration period but that exception will end on Mar 31st 2021.
    How can I proceed further? Am I really eligible for dropbox? What will happen if I schedule a dropox appointment for May 2021?

    • hi sri,

      I am in exactly the same boat as you. My visa expired in Dec 2019. When I am booking an appointment now, it says that I am eligible for dropbox, but that will expire on March 2021.

      Did you get an answer to your question?

  36. Hi Kumar,

    Could you pls provide your inputs –

    My wife and daughter have valid visa till July 2021 which got stamped through my previous employer in April 2019 they never travelled to USA , they can avail Dropbox while stamped visa is still valid or only applies to Expired ones ?



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