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SEVIS, SEVP Portal, OPT Cap Gap Date – Updates – H1B Lottery Selected ?

There have been lot of frantic discussions on the blog with various sorts of information from students who have called help desk, talked to DSOs, what they see in SEVIS. There have been some recent changes with SEVIS and recent launch of SEVP Portal this year that make some of these changes automatic. Let’s look at the details.

Background of SEVIS, SEVP, SEVP Portal :

There are three things, SEVP, SEVIS and SEVP Portal. It is important to know the details.

  • SEVP : Firstly, SEVP is the Student and Exchange Visitors Program ( SEVP). This is the program name and not a software system.
  • SEVIS : SEVIS stands for Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)and is used by SEVP, DHS. “SEVIS is the web-based system for maintaining information on international students and exchange visitors US, which is primary software for DHS and it tracks and monitors non-immigrant students and exchange visitors.” SEVIS is used by Designated School Officials (DSO), who are also called as international student advisors for issuing I-20s, updating statuses of international students for events like CPT, OPT, cap gap extensions.
  • SEVP Portal : It is the tool that is available to post completion OPT students and STEM OPT extension students to report their address changes, phone number changes, employment changes. Either students can use SEVP portal to update the changes or ask DSO to do it for them.  SEVIS and SEVP Portal share data. Student data is immediately updated from SEVP Portal to SEVIS system. But, DSO changed data in SEVIS is update to SEVP Portal once a day. SEVP Portal sends an email from do-not-reply.SEVP@ice.dhs.gov to create an account for the student, when the OPT is in approved status in SEVIS, OPT start date is not in future and student’s email ID is maintained SEVIS.  DSO cannot directly access SEVP portal, but they manage many things like unlocking accounts, change email IDs, re-send the SEVP portal registration email, see report of changes, identify students.  SEVP Portal is very new and introduced by SEVP on Feb 26, 2018.

Let’s first look at the SEVIS system that is used by DSO. Before we go into details, one very important part is, the below SEVIS info applies to only “Cap Gap eligible F1 students on Post Completion OPT or STEM OPT Extension”, which means it applies to students who have OPT ending date before September 30th and who have filed a H1B petition.

How does SEVIS system work for Cap Gap Extensions and H1B Petitions Changes ?

As you can see below screenshot from DHS website, SEVIS gets H1B petition data automatically from USCIS and updates the records in SEVIS to show the cap gap extension.  But, systems are not always consistent with integration and data flows, there can be issues where a student’s H1B petition info was not sent properly from USCIS to SEVIS system and it does not get updated. In that context, DSO can manually request a cap gap extension for H1B petitions that are filed , waitlisted or rejected by USCIS.SEVIS Cap Gap Extension H1B Lottery Selected

What happens to F1 status, OPT end date during Cap Gap in SEVIS with H1B Petition Changes?

You have few possible options for your H1B petition like Filed, Pending, Approved, Rejected and Waitlisted statuses. Check the screenshot below and read the below section.

  • H1B Filed Only – No lottery Result indicated : If the system extends your OPT end date to June 1st, it only tells that your H1B petition was filed, but does not tell anything about H1B Lottery result. So, this state clearly does not tell your H1B Lottery result.
  • H1B Lottery Selected/ Pending Processing / Approved : The OPT end date in SEVIS system will be updated to September 30th, if it is either approved or in pending status by USCIS. What it means is that your case was selected in the lottery and is either being processed or approved.

These details are visible in SEVIS system to DSO and these also are replicated to SEVP Portal. We will look at SEVP portal later.

OPT Statuses in SEVP System with H1B Changes like Approved Rejected or FiledCan DSO Update the F1 student status in SEVIS ? If so, what can they do ?

As we mentioned earlier, not all times the data is transferred properly and there may be scenarios where SEVIS system is not updated automatically based on H1B status from USCIS. Below are the three statuses a DSO can update the system based on information provided by Student.

  • Filed
  • Rejected
  • Waitlisted
  • Cancelled

If your OPT cap gap is before June 1st and the system is not updated, you can send your Fedex Receipt and application info from Attorney/ employer and ask your DSO to update the status to filed and have your F1 status updated to June 1st.  Depending on the result of Lottery and case notice details, you can subsequently work with DSO and update these details in SEVIS.

DSO Options for Cap Gap Extension in SEVP System
What is SEVIS Data Fix  ?

If DSO has issues updating the system after he learns from the student, they should call SEVIS help desk for a data fix as shown below.  Once DSO calls or emails SEVIS they will get a help desk ticket with a reference number.  This can be used to expedite the request, if there are any urgent issues.

DSO Calling Data Fix update SEVP System

Now, let’s look at the SEVIS Portal scenarios, where many students have been posting on the blog that their OPT end date was updated and they got selected in lottery.

SEVP Portal OPT End Date Changes for Cap Gap Students – Lottery Selected ?

First and foremost, SEVP Portal and SEVIS share the same data. SEVIS system data is replicated once a day to SEVP Portal. So, both DSO or you will see the same information after the sync happens.  As an F1 student on OPT, if your OPT is approved and started, you would have got an email from do-not-reply.SEVP@ice.dhs.gov to create an account. If you have missed the email by either spam or have wrong email ID in SEVIS, you can ask your DSO to re-send the registration email for SEVP Portal. You can register and create an account. For detail steps, check out SEVP Portal User Guide.

After you login, you will see the OPT end date under employment section. It looks like below. You can expand the + to see details of the employment. The key thing is the Type of OPT authorization and End Date. It should be Post Completion and the end date changes reflect your H1B petition status, depending on how the USCIS system data is updated with SEVIS.   SEVP Portal Post Completion OPT

  • H1B Lottery Selected :  If your OPT end date in SEVP Portal under employment is changed to September 30th, it means that your H1B Petition is either in Approved or Pending status, which basically means that you were selected in H1B Lottery.
  • H1B Petition Filed : If your OPT end date in SEVP Portal under employment is changed to June 1st, it indicates that your H1B petition was filed, but does not indicate your petition was picked in Lottery.

Samples SEVP Portal Updates posted by Users with OPT End date Extended to September 30th ( 9/30) – H1B Lottery Selected .

Thanks to few of our readers Ash, sj, and others who have shared their SEVP Portal update with us for clarity. They look like below. Thanks to Ash,sj and others for their help !

Post Completion OPT End date Updated to September 30th.  

SEVP Portal Sample Septmeber 30 Updated Date OPT end Cap Gap

STEM OPT Sample OPT End date updated 
SEVP Portal OPT end Date H1B Lottery Selected

So, in a nutshell, if you are in cap gap scenario and have your OPT ending date updated in SEVP Portal or SEVIS as updated by DSO, you can derive that your H1B petition was either picked in H1B Lottery or not. But, one key thing, not all of the data is properly synchronized with USCIS and SEVIS and it is your duty to call DSO and update your status, if you find it out from employer that your H1B was picked in lottery or rejected. You will need to submit reject notice or case receipt copy to be able to have DSO edit your SEVIS records properly. Also, do not be disheartened that your status or end date was not updated like others as you see comments on the blog, it takes time…not everyone gets at the same time…it can take few weeks or a month or more. Until you get a reject notice, do not take anything for granted. Stay positive !

What are your thoughts ? Your experiences with SEVP Portal ? Status updates on SEVIS vs SEVP Portal ? Any other questions.

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  1. Hello,

    My H1B is picked in the lottery and recieved a reciept from my employer,this is my last attempt.The cap gap is not updated in the sevp portal and my opt extension is ending on june 15th 2018,My spoke with my DSO they told me that my sevis is not updated for H1B.So,they can’t provide me a cap-gap I20,I am little worried about this,does this type of issue happened to anyone.Whom should I contact in order to get a cap-gap extension.

    I appreciate your help,

    • This should be fixed by DSO. Send your receipt notice to your DSO.

      Did you tell them that you received a receipt notice or just told them that your H1b is picked?

    • If Berkeley International Office checks your SEVIS record and finds that cap-gap has not automatically been applied, then we will have to request a data fix from the SEVIS Help Desk. In these cases, we will have to submit a copy of your EAD card, your H-1B Receipt Notice or your H-1B Approval Notice.


      Here is your answer from UCBerkeley. Posted it here because the procedure remains the same irrespective of the University.

      • hello,

        My H1b got picked current year but the sevis portal Cap – Gap was not updated. I have got the receipt notice from USCIS also.
        How much time does it take if ticket is raised to SEVP help Desk for data fix. I have got only 20 days left on my OPT.
        It would be really helpful, if you can provide some suggestions.

    • Hi All,

      my current status for STEM in SEVP portal is showing as inactive.Can anyone say why there is change of status ?

      • Hi Jagan

        I am on the same boat as you are. I noticed today. Let me know if you have any updates.

        Thank you

        • Jagan and Bhargav

          I am having the similar problem as well. My SEVP portal shows three changes have been made on May 23rd and STEM OPT status has been changed to inactive from active. I have contacted my DSO this morning and she said she will correct it soon in the SEVIS.

  2. Hi all,

    SEVP portal update on 4/27, no receipt yet, not sure if it really takes this long to get the receipt, but I’m doubting if the update even means anything. DSO doesn’t answer any questions. Anyone in the same situation?

  3. Hello all,

    I have seen lot of people reporting that their H1B petition is approved.
    Did any one of yours petition got approved for working on client side/third party? [Specifically Change of Status petitions and not consular processing]

    Thank you!

    • I started of by saying my OPT end date has been extended to 09/30 from current end date 06/09 , what does this signify. She will ask for your sevis id, be prepared to give that . After this she looked up my details and clarified your H1B is in process. This was the information given from SEVP contact list.

      When I called USCIS, I asked them about my receipt number, they were not prepared to say anything. Since I already had my receipt number from I20, i asked them to confirm this and they did so. They also told to wait until the end of this month. If not ask your attorney for the next steps.

  4. Hi all, I see in my SEVP protal there have been changes by sevis (two are relation to filed columns and one is foreign telephone) . What does this mean?
    I called up my university and they say my H1 isn’t picked.
    All these changes are reported on May 16

    • Madhav,

      I see changes to three fields in SEVP portal. My SEVIS status is inactive. Curious to know what’s your SEVIS status? I am yet to check with my DSO tomorrow.

      My STEM period ends august 2019. No changes to my end date though my sevis is inactive.

      I check my sevis status during 2nd week of may it was active. These changes appeared on May 23rd.

      • Hey bhargav,

        My sevis status is Active. So, i guess all the other fields added by SEVIS don’t make any sense .

        Hope you got your’s picked

  5. Hi all,

    I got my H1B approval but I applied for my stem extension last week with start date as october 1st due to ca p gap.

    so technically both start from the same date.

    Does anybody know if my stem opt gonna effect my H1B application?? Should I pull my OPT application back to get my H1B approved

  6. I have noticed that a lot of redbus2us users, ask some repetitive and unintelligent questions.

    Asking the same question again and again is not going to change the answer in your case, please try and look around for a similar post before posting a comment and sometimes the answer is within the question itself.
    eg. Case status was updated to “name was Updated “ What does this mean?

  7. Can I confirm that my H1B is aproved . This is the receipt listed by my school on i20 but I dodnt receive anything from my attorney yet!

    On May 18, 2018, we approved your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WAC********. We will mail your approval notice. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.


  9. My sevp portal was updated on 04/24, still I have not received my receipt yet. Anyone with similar situation ?
    My DSO sent the updated I20 and I could see the case number in that.

  10. Finally received my Receipt Notice Today , filed 3 applications from 3 different Consultancies , only 1 got picked , bit worried initially but luckily only 1 application got picked

    All the best to everyone waiting waiting for the good news

    • Could you help me with your consultancy name and how you managed all 3 applications.I was planning to do this but I did not implement it properly.

      • genuine_applicant

        sure pl post you email id , will share the details so that at least you can get picked in lottery after 2-3 Years

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        • Not sure if you received my email.Can you share you complete name so that I can search on any of the social website

    • Because of people like you, gov trying to make strict policies. Why you guys always trying to exploit the loopholes instead of working hard. Cheaters!!

      • So true. Genuine people are still waiting and people like this have theirs picked. I know several people with multiple petitions and all of them picked in the lottery. If this is the case, what use graduating from a top school and working for a top company when we ultimately end up with no VISA.

        • Yes, this is very annoying. This is my last attempt, h1 not picked, now I have to leave US with my wife & kid, leaving US having a family is big hassles. These cheaters never think about ruining others life/ a family, but filing multiple applications by exploiting loopholes. I hope USCIS should reject these kind of applicants and bar from applying further.

          • Happy journey , go back to india and sit ideally and think of USCIS rjecting my application

        • Who asked you to study in Top University , and 1 more thing during your F1 visa Interview did you inform the Consular officer that you will come back to india or you will try for H1B and somehow settle in USA ?

        • Being picked does not mean that it will get approved. Before returning the not picked ones, USCIS is going to check for multiple petitions, encash their checks and reject their picked petitions.

      • when you are a genuine candidate , why you are worried if rules are getting strict , try to face them , better luck next time ( after 5 years )

    • Are you AD Applicant?

      If yes when is your OPT expiring?

      Did your check got cashed before you received receipt or you got the receipt first?

      If your OPT is expiring after 1st Oct 2018, Did you see any changes on your new I-20 in COS field?

      Sorry for too many questions.

      Thank you in advance.

  11. Finally I got receipt notice. I asked for new I20 on May 1st and I didn’t see any update in COS field. So I lost all hopes until I got receipt yesterday which has Notice date is 5/1/18.
    – AD California Center
    – OPT valid until Jan 2019 (no sevp update)
    – OgleTree denkins law firm
    My H1 packet was sent on 4th day(in that 5 day time window) to USCIS. Not sure but I think that could be reason for delay in getting receipt notice.

    I wish everyone good luck and as USCIS didn’t announce data completion there are still chances for those who are still waiting for their notices.

  12. My lawyer received a form I 797C

    It mentions receipt notice. Is this the same receipt notice people are mentioning here or is there something else people are receiving?

  13. Anyone whose OPT end date is before 09/30 and have got their receipts and/or checks cashed but no change in the SEVP end date to 09/30? My OPT end date is 07/02- no news from lawyer and employer and DSO will not give any details.
    I am AD quota.

    • Yes, My OPT end date is 09/24. My check was cashed on May 4 and got receipt notice too. My SEVP portal is not updated yet. Hang in there!

  14. Dont have update on my SEVP portal except relation to field (added commas), checks are not cashed. Does that mean there is no hope anymore?

    Please, if someone is in the same situation let me know.

      • one of my friends is into this now. If they are two different clients and employers, will they still reject them?

        I feel its high time that USCIS should curb filing multiple petitions and bring merit based immigration system. Although I got lucky this time, I see many deserving candidates not getting through and people who filed multiple increased their chances and are wasting a spot in the lottery.

      • Awesome this should happen, merit based candidates are losing because of these multiple applications. Ultimately these people choose 1 and in such a way 1 lottery slot is being lost, just in vain.

  15. Non-AD, 1st attempt, STEM OPT ends in 07/2019.
    See 3 updates related to “Relation to Field” by SEVIS on 5/14 (just like the example uploaded by redbus2us, except the Cap-gap employment update).

    Haven’t heard back from the attorney. Good luck to all of you!

  16. Hello All,
    So I got confirmation from DSO that COS pending is not showing up in SEVIS. With data entry is completed today, can I come to the conclusion that my case in not picked this year?

    • IMHO, As they clearly said, do not contact them for an update or we do not have to “assume” anything until the rejection notices are delivered. Also, just like many other inconsistent updates with this H1 B processes, give it at least a good 3 weeks before settling down.
      Best of luck everyone!

  17. If the data entry is completed for 2019 and there is no check cashed till today, that means there would be no check cashed after here for this year ?


  18. Got an RFE notice today morning, saying that RFE has been mailed and I should get it in a few days.

    Anyone else in the same boat?

    Non-STEM. AD.

  19. I am an AD applicant. I just noticed that I did not submit latest I20 along with H1B application. I did submit 4 previous I20 but not the latest one. The last i20 was generated due to job change.
    Will it impact my H1B application?


  20. Hello Admin,

    If someone is on F-1 and is enrolled for Fall’18 and will COS to H1-B with a joining date of 16th October, then what happens to status from 1st to 15th October?

    One has to have a joining date of 1st October (given it’s Monday), so that F-1 to H1-B COS doesn’t have even a single day gap?


      • Hi Kumar,

        You mean having 1st October as the joining should be the case and one should avoid any gap in case of COS?


        • If something falls on a holiday or leave like weekend, it is fine…otherwise, you should try to do it without any break. You can speak to your attorney to get more clarity.

  21. Hi All,

    Those who got receipt and then “approval” (for 2019 i.e. this year’s lottery) can you share your profile?

    Major, job title, wage level, company if possible?

    Thank you.

  22. HELLO Everyone,
    I am stem opt which expires 06/18. but on may 9th authorize employment changed on sevp portal to 9/30. is this a good sign for me.
    please much needed suggestions.

    AD- last attempt

  23. Just a couple of minutes ago, I see 3 updates in the history tab of my SEVP portal with the source mentioned as SEVIS. The end date of employment authorization didn’t change though. Does this mean anything ?

  24. I have received (F2->H4) approval for my wife, yesterday. I already got receipt and waiting for my H1B approval. Is it possible that I (H1B) got an RFE and my wife (H4) got approval?

  25. I am unable to check my receipt ticket # on USCIS Case Status online since this morning. Does anybody experience the same issue?

  26. Did any non-AD s hear anything from their lawyers or from their SEVP Portals? It is almost mid May, does this mean I dont have a chance anymore?

    Please, if there are any non-AD s in same situation as me, let me know.
    Thank you,

  27. Just heard that my employer’s attorneys received the approval notice. SEVP change was in end April and received the receipt notice at the beginning of May.

    Vermont; AD; non-STEM.

    Consistent with some of the other reports of approvals posted here, there was no update to the official USCIS tracker — weird?

    • Create account here : https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ . Use your case number to check the status, this site updates the status immediately after an action is taken on your case.

      • @123ABC: Can’r recall the exact dates but estimates in the original post

        @MS: OMG, why have I never seen this before? You’re right, it shows approval on this tracker. Not sure why the two trackers aren’t linked, or why they don’t just have one streamlined one?

          • 1, but the wage itself is significantly higher than the prevailing wage. It’s also hard for anyone to argue in good faith that my profession doesn’t qualify as a specialty occupation haha

          • @badboy — oh believe me, I was prepared for the worst. Even after getting my receipt notice I refused to renew my lease until approval lol

      • Hi MS,

        What is the difference in account creation here https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ VS https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/displaySignUpStep1.do

        Any idea?


    • Your case number has not been updated on their server. Things take time and you should be able to see your status online in a week or two.

      Meanwhile you can create an account on https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ and you can track your case after entering the receipt number.

  28. Are the rejections also being sent out simultaneously? or is that done after the acceptance?

    I already applied for my stem extension and I see that on Sevp. So It already shows the date of June 2018 to June 2020. So would the 30th Sept date still show if my H1 is accepted?

    Also, how soon are we notified about the rejection?

    • Not necessarily. My STEM extension was approved sometime in Feb till March 2020. My petition was selected in the CAP lottery (received the I-797C scan from the lawyers, STEM/AD) but the SEVP portal still shows an expiration date of 2020.

    • I think so ,I have seen a similar case as yours where the date has been extended to 09/30 in one FB group page

    • Yes, the I797-C receipt was sent by snail-mail to my lawyers on 04/30. The lawyers scanned and sent me a copy a couple of days later. Receipt date on the notice is 04/20.


  29. Hey guys!

    One question regarding cap gap. My OPT was bound to expire today but is now extended to June 1st thanks to cap gap.

    If I still don’t hear back before June 1st. Can I still work until my company receives a rejection letter? Or do I have to stop working immediately on June 2nd and start using my grace period?

    I tried to ask my DSO but he is not very responsive…

    Thanks in advance!

    • My OPT expires May 28th and how did your OPT end date move to June 1st, Do we have to let our DSO know about it and would they be making the necessary changes ?

    • @NonADWaiting

      To answer your question, you have to stop working on June 2nd if you do not receive any indication (receipt/SEVP update) that your H1 has been picked .

    • NonADWaiting,

      Yes, you will need to stop working unless you get the receipt for H1.
      If your H1 is picked and you get a receipt, your authorization end date will change to Sep. 30.

    • @Non-ADWaiting,
      I am in the same boat except that my EAD expires in mid-May. I would wait till June 1st. We have to stop working after that as we no longer have authorization to work:

  30. My SEVP portal was updated on 20th April and my date was changed from 17 June 2018 to 30 September 2018. I received a receipt notice on 23rd April from my employer. Today my case status on USCIS website was updated with an RFE. They have mailed my employer with what the reason for RFE is. I am hoping to receive that in 7-10 days. Has the status changed for anyone with an RFE? I am full time employee and I am not working at a consultancy company. If not that does any one know what might be the reason for additional evidence? Also more people are getting RFE’s at my company this year compared to last year. Is it just because USCIS has increased the scrutiny this year?

      • @TerrificDude. Not at all. I am computer Science graduate and working as a Software Engineer. I have done my Bachelors in Computer Engineering and my Masters is also in Computer Science. So I don’t think that is a reason.

      • @Bolik I have just seen the status on the USCIS website and I am yet to receive the requirements letter by mail. I am expecting it to be received next week. I don’t have the soc code for it yet.

        • Dude your soc code and wage level will be on LCA ! you don’t know what wage level they filed? whats your job title?

      • Hi @BoliK,

        I am MS in Industrial Engineering, F1-OPT applied for H1B first time this year.
        I am currently working as a Data Scientist in Michigan.
        Received case receipt number yesterday(05/09/2018).
        California Service Center (WAC).

        LCA Details:
        1. SOC (ONET/OES) code is 15-1133.
        2. The job title is ‘Software Engineer’
        3. Occupation title is ‘Software Developers, Systems Software’.
        4. Wage level is Level-2.
        5. Total Worker Positions Being Requested for Certification – 8; New employment – 8

        If you could, would you let me know my chances of RFE or getting the case approved? As of now, I have an offer from a different company which is way better in terms of pay and location. If there is a high chance of rejection, I might consider chucking this attempt.

        Thanks in advance.

        • @Pranav Shah,
          Just my guess, but it could be that your Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering doesn’t match the job and occupation title. Let me know if my guess is correct when you receive your rfe.
          Did you do your Bachelor’s in computer science related field? Whatever it is, it depends on how strong the evidence your company’s lawyer can provide.
          Perhaps you can apply for stem opt extension and switch employer if your OPT hasn’t expired yet.

    • @NeverEndingProcess

      Is your company a fairly new company? lot of times USCIS needs more information about the company.
      They could have questioned whether your job is a specialty occupation or not (that was a popular one last year)

      Also the RFE could be as simple as sending them an official sealed transcripts (if you missed it by chance).
      The company and attorney would take care of it, no need to worry.

      Good luck!

      • Hey Thanks for the reply. Yeah it might be something really minor and don’t think it should be a problem. Just being paranoid.

        I contacted my HR team and they said that they have received several emails from employees this year for RFE’s (assuming the number is more this year).

        Nope my company is not new (founded in 1976) and pretty big with 24000 employees. Hope it get resolved in couple of months at-least given the fact that they have sent it so early this time compared to last year.

        • @NeverEndingProcess – Just wondering. Have you received more information about the RFE? Have your lawyers responded to it?

      • Mine was 04/20 and no word from anyone. Is it possible that the update didn’t mean anything (in our cases at least)? We should have heard something by now.

        • Somebody can correct my if I’m wrong, but I think asking for a cap-gap I-20 is no different from asking for a regular I-20 (say for a travel signature). It’s not the quickest, since you need to wait for the mail, but it’s a sure way of seeing the receipt number at least.

          • True. But I was told last week that a cap gap I-20 cannot be issued without a receipt notice. So I think if the sevp update does indeed mean that I got picked on lottery and I didn’t get a receipt yet, then the best the university can give me is the old I-20 with a new travel signature?

          • My attorney just received the receipt notice. All the best, CD – hope yours is on the way too!

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