SEVIS System vs SEVP Portal for H1B and OPT Cap Gap

SEVIS, SEVP Portal, OPT Cap Gap Date – Updates – H1B Lottery Selected ?

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There have been lot of frantic discussions on the blog with various sorts of information from students who have called help desk, talked to DSOs, what they see in SEVIS. There have been some recent changes with SEVIS and recent launch of SEVP Portal this year that make some of these changes automatic. Let’s look at the details.

Background of SEVIS, SEVP, SEVP Portal :

There are three things, SEVP, SEVIS and SEVP Portal. It is important to know the details.

  • SEVP : Firstly, SEVP is the Student and Exchange Visitors Program ( SEVP). This is the program name and not a software system.
  • SEVIS : SEVIS stands for Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)and is used by SEVP, DHS. “SEVIS is the web-based system for maintaining information on international students and exchange visitors US, which is primary software for DHS and it tracks and monitors non-immigrant students and exchange visitors.” SEVIS is used by Designated School Officials (DSO), who are also called as international student advisors for issuing I-20s, updating statuses of international students for events like CPT, OPT, cap gap extensions.
  • SEVP Portal : It is the tool that is available to post completion OPT students and STEM OPT extension students to report their address changes, phone number changes, employment changes. Either students can use SEVP portal to update the changes or ask DSO to do it for them.  SEVIS and SEVP Portal share data. Student data is immediately updated from SEVP Portal to SEVIS system. But, DSO changed data in SEVIS is update to SEVP Portal once a day. SEVP Portal sends an email from [email protected] to create an account for the student, when the OPT is in approved status in SEVIS, OPT start date is not in future and student’s email ID is maintained SEVIS.  DSO cannot directly access SEVP portal, but they manage many things like unlocking accounts, change email IDs, re-send the SEVP portal registration email, see report of changes, identify students.  SEVP Portal is very new and introduced by SEVP on Feb 26, 2018.

Let’s first look at the SEVIS system that is used by DSO. Before we go into details, one very important part is, the below SEVIS info applies to only “Cap Gap eligible F1 students on Post Completion OPT or STEM OPT Extension”, which means it applies to students who have OPT ending date before September 30th and who have filed a H1B petition.

How does SEVIS system work for Cap Gap Extensions and H1B Petitions Changes ?

As you can see below screenshot from DHS website, SEVIS gets H1B petition data automatically from USCIS and updates the records in SEVIS to show the cap gap extension.  But, systems are not always consistent with integration and data flows, there can be issues where a student’s H1B petition info was not sent properly from USCIS to SEVIS system and it does not get updated. In that context, DSO can manually request a cap gap extension for H1B petitions that are filed , waitlisted or rejected by USCIS.SEVIS Cap Gap Extension H1B Lottery Selected

What happens to F1 status, OPT end date during Cap Gap in SEVIS with H1B Petition Changes?

You have few possible options for your H1B petition like Filed, Pending, Approved, Rejected and Waitlisted statuses. Check the screenshot below and read the below section.

  • H1B Filed Only – No lottery Result indicated : If the system extends your OPT end date to June 1st, it only tells that your H1B petition was filed, but does not tell anything about H1B Lottery result. So, this state clearly does not tell your H1B Lottery result.
  • H1B Lottery Selected/ Pending Processing / Approved : The OPT end date in SEVIS system will be updated to September 30th, if it is either approved or in pending status by USCIS. What it means is that your case was selected in the lottery and is either being processed or approved.

These details are visible in SEVIS system to DSO and these also are replicated to SEVP Portal. We will look at SEVP portal later.

OPT Statuses in SEVP System with H1B Changes like Approved Rejected or FiledCan DSO Update the F1 student status in SEVIS ? If so, what can they do ?

As we mentioned earlier, not all times the data is transferred properly and there may be scenarios where SEVIS system is not updated automatically based on H1B status from USCIS. Below are the three statuses a DSO can update the system based on information provided by Student.

  • Filed
  • Rejected
  • Waitlisted
  • Cancelled

If your OPT cap gap is before June 1st and the system is not updated, you can send your Fedex Receipt and application info from Attorney/ employer and ask your DSO to update the status to filed and have your F1 status updated to June 1st.  Depending on the result of Lottery and case notice details, you can subsequently work with DSO and update these details in SEVIS.

DSO Options for Cap Gap Extension in SEVP System
What is SEVIS Data Fix  ?

If DSO has issues updating the system after he learns from the student, they should call SEVIS help desk for a data fix as shown below.  Once DSO calls or emails SEVIS they will get a help desk ticket with a reference number.  This can be used to expedite the request, if there are any urgent issues.

DSO Calling Data Fix update SEVP System

Now, let’s look at the SEVIS Portal scenarios, where many students have been posting on the blog that their OPT end date was updated and they got selected in lottery.

SEVP Portal OPT End Date Changes for Cap Gap Students – Lottery Selected ?

First and foremost, SEVP Portal and SEVIS share the same data. SEVIS system data is replicated once a day to SEVP Portal. So, both DSO or you will see the same information after the sync happens.  As an F1 student on OPT, if your OPT is approved and started, you would have got an email from [email protected] to create an account. If you have missed the email by either spam or have wrong email ID in SEVIS, you can ask your DSO to re-send the registration email for SEVP Portal. You can register and create an account. For detail steps, check out SEVP Portal User Guide.

After you login, you will see the OPT end date under employment section. It looks like below. You can expand the + to see details of the employment. The key thing is the Type of OPT authorization and End Date. It should be Post Completion and the end date changes reflect your H1B petition status, depending on how the USCIS system data is updated with SEVIS.   SEVP Portal Post Completion OPT

  • H1B Lottery Selected :  If your OPT end date in SEVP Portal under employment is changed to September 30th, it means that your H1B Petition is either in Approved or Pending status, which basically means that you were selected in H1B Lottery.
  • H1B Petition Filed : If your OPT end date in SEVP Portal under employment is changed to June 1st, it indicates that your H1B petition was filed, but does not indicate your petition was picked in Lottery.

Samples SEVP Portal Updates posted by Users with OPT End date Extended to September 30th ( 9/30) – H1B Lottery Selected .

Thanks to few of our readers Ash, sj, and others who have shared their SEVP Portal update with us for clarity. They look like below. Thanks to Ash,sj and others for their help !

Post Completion OPT End date Updated to September 30th.  

SEVP Portal Sample Septmeber 30 Updated Date OPT end Cap Gap

STEM OPT Sample OPT End date updated 
SEVP Portal OPT end Date H1B Lottery Selected

So, in a nutshell, if you are in cap gap scenario and have your OPT ending date updated in SEVP Portal or SEVIS as updated by DSO, you can derive that your H1B petition was either picked in H1B Lottery or not. But, one key thing, not all of the data is properly synchronized with USCIS and SEVIS and it is your duty to call DSO and update your status, if you find it out from employer that your H1B was picked in lottery or rejected. You will need to submit reject notice or case receipt copy to be able to have DSO edit your SEVIS records properly. Also, do not be disheartened that your status or end date was not updated like others as you see comments on the blog, it takes time…not everyone gets at the same time…it can take few weeks or a month or more. Until you get a reject notice, do not take anything for granted. Stay positive !

What are your thoughts ? Your experiences with SEVP Portal ? Status updates on SEVIS vs SEVP Portal ? Any other questions.

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  1. KeepTheDreamAlive

    What do people think of this? Mainly the ‘not selected’ part… I’m worried that SEVP extensions don’t mean what we think they do.

    “The extension of status will automatically terminate if the student’s H-1B petition is denied, withdrawn, revoked, rejected, or is not selected”

      1. KeepTheDreamAlive

        No, the article is about the cap-gap extension for H1B, not STEM OPT.

        The quote suggests everyone is “extended” and those not selected have their extensions revoked.

        1. Keerthi

          thats a bad news then ; may be we can confirm if everyone whose status is changed to 09/30 got a receipt. Mine is changed on april 16th and I haven’t received any receipt yet

    1. PBell

      @KeepTheDreamAlive, I was wondering the same!
      since there are no premium processing this year, there might be a chance that all the OPT STEM extensions are automatically updated to 09/30.

      I am just being realistic. Until I hear anything from my Attorneys or Company, this doesn’t mean any thing.

      btw, my OPT expires on 05/31 !

      so for everyone out there, Keep the Dreams Alive !! 😉

    2. Vutcheck

      Well, some people’s OPT will be extended to June 1 (not September 30) just on the basis of their having FILED an application (see above in the article). So, I think those extensions everyone will get regardless of the lottery, which will obviously terminate if the person gets rejected.

      I don’t think the 9/30 extension is just for everyone, though.

    3. Cherry

      First attempt, non stem but AD. No receipt, no updates. No news.
      My plan B is going back for 2nd Master (I got accepted already). But is there any other Visa type that I can continue working? My employer is willing to do anything to keep me. Any suggestion? I heard there is a training visa? Let me know your opinion.

    4. Sai

      I think those whose portal got updated are definitely picked. Only h1b prosessing/approved cases are given a cap gap extension till sept 30. If its waitlisted then its extended till july 28th.

    5. Shruthi Narasimhan

      My OPT end date is in December, so does that mean my SEVP portal would not reflect my H1-B visa lottery results? (I actually did get through the lottery, and I have my letter of receipt from USCIS and my EAC… case number)

  2. Keerthi

    My OPT is expiring in mid june 2018 and I am eligible to apply for stem OPT extension. My authorization end date is changed to 09/30/2018 in sevp portal recently. Can I still apply for my stem opt extension if my H1B is picked up in the lottery and would it reflect in sevp portal that I applied for my stem OPT extension as well along with H1B?


    1) Does USCIS treat these two applications differently?

    2) If H1B and OPT are two different processes can I still work with my stem opt extension even if my H1B is not approved for some reason?

    1. Ramesh Chong

      Hi Keerthi,

      I have the same situation. My attorneys are still applying for STEM extension even though the End Date was changed to 9/30.

      1. Keerthi

        Thank you,


        1) Does USCIS treat these two applications differently?

        2) If H1B and OPT are two different processes can I still work with my stem opt extension even if my H1B is not approved for some reason?

        1. Ramesh Chong

          Hi Keerthi,

          I assume that my attorneys know much better than me. Yes, you can submit both applications, otherwise my lawyers would have stopped STEM application by now. Yes, you can work until 9/30. Make sure to renew your EAD card, drivers license, etc.

  3. hh1b

    MY end date updated from Jun 14th to Sept 30th 2018, Does it mean H1 is picked in lottery or do i still need to keep finger crossed?

        1. sandeep

          I am also on the same boat. On what date did your SEVP portal got updated? And did you hear back from your lawer by now? Did you get your receipt finally?

  4. 2nd timer

    I just an email from my DSO that my H-1B has been selected and receipted by USCIS. I checked my SEVP portal and there is no update though. My STEM OPT expires in 2019. Thanks, Kumar for keeping the blog up to date. Good luck everyone.

    1. FY 2019 Master's Cap

      How Does your DSO got to know that your H-1B has been selected and receipted by USCIS. Did s/he got nay email/Mail or change in his/her SEVIS portal?

      1. 2nd timer

        Looks like she got it notified via email or I may be wrong. I didn’t even ask my DSO. She just sent an email with H-1B information. She added saying that the receipt notice is added to the new I20 and is waiting for me to pay to ship the I20 document.

    2. anxious2

      @ 2nd timer, did your history tab change at all in the SEVP portal? Someone mentioned that you saw some changes in your history tab but no change in the employment date in regards to the date?

      Let me know, and congrats 🙂

  5. KeepTheDreamAlive

    Not to be a killjoy but has the SEVP update = chosen in the lottery been officially confirmed? A lot of people are getting their hopes up it does, myself included, but as one user posted above, SEVIS updates aren’t always accurate…and we don’t really officially know how SEVP works from what I’ve read of the post – just fairly logical triangulation at this point.

    Yes, i’m probably just paranoid.

    1. Ven

      That is right, especially SEVP portal being new.
      But, the statistics say that the people getting their sevis portal updated with end dates are getting receipt numbers in the next week or so.


      I’m in the exact same situation:

      Contacted DSO -> got a reply stating SEVIS record show a COS pending (EACxxxx) -> issued new I-20. I can track that number on USCIS website. SEVP also got updated to Sept 30th.

      However I haven’t hear anything from the law firm. Check has not been cashed yet, and no receipt notice.

      Can someone advise whether the SEVIS record update is a reliable indication?

      1. peachyivy

        I saw my SEVP update on the 24th, contacted school, they confirmed the COS pending with EAC#

        Just received email from law firm with I-797C form

        Maybe give it few more days for the law firm to get notified? It does seem like the electronic system gets quicker update.

  6. anxious2

    I have a question im not sure if it’s been answered here yet

    I see in my history tab that there were three changes made on 4/16 in regards to employers but no change in the employer authorization change, and I haven’t seen any update since, did this happen to anyone else? the date still hasn’t changed yet and I was wondering if this means that the data entry for me is complete and I didn’t get the lottery?

    Let me know

    Thanks and blessing to you all

    1. Confused Soul

      I have the same question to ask everyone here. I’m on STEM OPT and my end date is in 2020. There were updates in my History tab but none of them are related to OPT end date. I don’t know if SEVIS is making these changes or my DSO.

          1. Confused Soul

            I just received an email from my lawyer that my H1B got picked. May be,(this is a big May be) ” Relation to field” also means that your H1B is picked

        1. Anxious2

          Just employer information, the old and new are the same nothing changed but there were three different items under the history tab.

          1. KeepCalmAndEatSamosa

            Same for me. Changes in Employment “Relation to field” on 4/20. STEM OPT ending in Jan 2019.

        2. anxious2

          Basically similar to what the last picture in the article look like, minus the employer authorization change in the history tab, everything else is there.

          1. Adi

            If you read what @2nd Timer said it looks he was in a similar situation like us and got a notice from DSO of H1B being selected and he didn’t have any updates on SEVP

          1. ConstantlyChecking

            @KeepCalmAndEatSamosa, what were changes to “Relation to field”, did they changed the content of the field/textbox, added something to it? Or you History Tab show that changes were made to this field without changing the content of the field/textbox?

            My STEM OPT end in Feb 2019


      1. Sid

        Hi Confused soul,

        Can you please let me know when was the change made to your history tab?

        I recently got my OPT extension approved on 20th April. I see a entry in my history tab on 23rd April 3:51PM. I’m trying to figure put if it is related to my H1b or my OPT extension.

  7. HN


    My OPT will expire on May 11th.
    SEVP Portal still shows May 11th instead of June 1st.
    Does that mean the Attorney or the Company did not file my H-cap this year?


  8. Genuine Applicant

    Does the USCIS follow any pattern in processing the selected applications? As going through multiple forums reflects that those who are AD, and in a cap-gap situation i.e. EAD ending before 09/30 have noticed their SEVP portal getting updated.

    If so, how long can the ones like me who haven’t noticed any updates can hand on to this brutal daily wait? It’s almost feels like death by thousand cuts.

      1. Genuine Applicant

        @Ramesh Chong – Not nitpicking here but I did mention those who are in cap-gap situation i.e. EAD end date before 09/30.

        1. Ramesh Chong

          Sorry, Genuine Applicant, but your wonderful, academic and complicated sentences are kind of hard to comprehend. I had to read your message 3 times to figure out that your End Date is before 9/30.

          1. Genuine Applicant

            @Ramesh Chong – You are right, going through it made me feel the same way plus the typos.

            Damn, this pressure cooker situation can do things to you 🙂

        2. Ramesh Chong

          Genuine Applicant, USCIS is still updating SEVP database. Was your petition filed with “Consular Processing”? In that case you might see no updates on SEVP portal regardless the lottery outcome.

  9. H1bquery

    My opt expiring in June 2018. I still haven’t got any updates in SEVP. I applied at Vermont service center. I heard they just started processing the applications. Is the game over for me already or there are still hope in this week?

    1. administrator

      There is still long way to go…also, your SEVP portal may not always be updated, you should check your employer / immigration attorney.

    1. Lucky11


      My OPT extension expires in Nov 2018. My employer applied for my H1. I have 2 updates on my SEVP portal. both has same date and time stamp.
      update 1 has below message, source : SEVIS :
      “This record has been converted by the system. The employment dates reflect the period of authorization and may not accurately reflect the actual dates for employment. The remarks on how the employment relates to the course work are stored with the OPT authorization information for this job. Prior to this conversion, many employment related fields were not optional.”
      Update 2 has below message, source : SEVIS :
      “As the submitting P/DSO I have determined that the Form I-983 provided by the student is complete, signed, and addresses all program requirements.”

      I have no clue, if my petition was selected or not, or what these updates mean. I checked with my employer, and my cheque has not been cashed yet. Any idea, what these updates mean?

  10. FirstAttempt

    Wondering if there’s still hope for ppl who haven’t been updated on SEVP. I’m on AD OPT, non-stem, so basically this’s my first attempt but also last. I heard lots of ppl got updated on 4/20, but mine is still the same, so kind of start to worry about it.

    Hope good news is on the way and congrats to all who already know that they’re picked in lottery! :)))

    1. Ramesh Chong


      if your company has requested an H-1B for “Consular Processing” then your SEVIP entry will not be updated unlike that of applicants with “Change of Status”. You can always ask your attorneys about the “Consular Processing” for your petition.

      What is your current EAD End date?

      Good luck

      1. FirstAttempt

        Hi, mine should be Change of Status, since on my law firm’s portal, it shows COS. My EAD expires on 6/4/2018. So I guess, if my case is picked in lottery, my SEVP should be updated accordingly. I hope they’re still in the process of data entry, and there’re still chances that my SEVP can be updated. 🙂

      2. Ven

        Hi Ramesh,

        Please reply if you know the answer to below:

        Assume the scenario where two h1b petitions were filed by two prospective employers.
        Now when the sevis portal change happens , how do you know which employers h1 picked up?

        I am sure that until last year,sevis update happens if any of the employers h1 get picked up.
        keeping in mind that in current sevis portal where it clearly shows your employer name
        Does cap gap get extension happens only if current employer h1 gets picked up?

        Thanks in advance

        1. Ramesh Chong

          Hi Ven,

          I am not an expert in the field, but looks like at least one petition was selected. This selection triggered date change in SEVP. If it was only one petition selected you will not be able to tell which one it was until you get an official selection notice. If both petitions were selected, then there is no difference.

  11. Panda

    My OPT expires on 05/30/2018. My SEVIS portal got updated with new end date as 09/30/2018. Does that mean my petition is picked in lottery? This update happened on 04/17 however I haven’t received the receipt yet.

    1. peterpain

      Depends on whether or not you are a legit candidate. Those with multiple filings from desi consultancies will be expelled!

    2. Ramesh Chong

      Dear Mammal Panda,

      this means that your application has been chosen in the lottery. Given that the paperwork is fine this means that most probably you will be granted H-1B status.

      Good luck!

    1. editor

      There is no definite date to get result. Keep your hopes until USCIS tells that all the unselected petitions has been returned. Usually this goes on till June. Good luck!

  12. BrightSide

    Mine was also updated on April 20th after 4 pm PST. I checked earlier today and had the July 16th, and now it shows September 30th. I hope this means good news, best of luck to everyone.

  13. Soapywater

    My SEVP Portal got updated today on April 20th from 07/15 to 09/30. I was disheartened on Monday hearing other people getting the sevis change. Wait till you get the rejection letter. I am still not 100% sure if this means my lottery is picked, so I’ll wait till i get a receipt from employer.

  14. DidntLooseHope

    My Stem OPT end date was updated to 09/30/2018 from 06/17/2018 today.
    Seems they are still updating the records and should happen for next couple of weeks !!

  15. Prasath

    Received news from my employer that my H1B is selected in Lottery. They sent a copy of receipt notice this morning. I have been waiting to hear this news for about 3 years. I sincerely hope all genuine applicants make it through lottery

    P.S – My STEM OPT ends in Jan 2019 and did not notice any change in SEVP portal. So don’t worry

  16. Third Time Lucky

    Finally my SEVP got updated to 09/30!!I have gone through this 3 times and its a brutal and unfair process.All the best to all the genuine candidates.

    1. Cherry

      What is AD degree? My OPT will expires 5/20, I have US master but not stem, I checked my portal but no updates.

      How come you guys get updates and change to 9/30?

  17. Major Relief

    My initial OPT end date was 06/22/2018. My work authorization end date got updated to 09/30/2018 on the SEVP Portal on April 17.

  18. H1 zen

    Do people with stem opt expiring before Oct 1st, still have a chance? No updates for me yet :(, every second hope diminishes….

  19. Relief

    I got my I-797 Receipt from my attorney today. I am AD. My initial OPT end date was 8/23/2018. On 14th April I created my account on SEVP Portal and noticed that my work authorization end date got changed to 9/30/2018 so if your end date got changed to 9/30/2018 then it means your H-1 is picked. However if not’s changed that doesn’t mean its not picked.

    1. vkt00

      My colleague also got a receipt today. He’s an AD, his OPT ends sometime in July. The SEVP Portal was updated for him this Monday.

  20. Adi

    Hello everyone,

    I know this might have been asked a few times but i just wanted to know if students who are on STEM OPT which doesn’t expire before 09/30/2018 have any of you guys seen any updates on SEVP. I don’t see any changes in mine. Not sure how to interpret that. I have only 1 attempt after this.

    1. Ramesh Chong

      Hi Adi,

      do you hold a US degree? One more attempt is a lot, so don’t be frustrated.
      If your OPT expires after 9/30 you will see no change on SEVP portal because you don’t need cap-gap extension. So you will have to wait for the lottery results just like we all do.

      Good luck!

      1. Anirudh Sridharan

        Me too opt expiring after September 30th.. no changes in status for me too so I don’t know. I am also left with only one attempt after this

      2. KeepCalmAndEatSamosa

        Do you know if your application was selected ? I too got update in Employer section “Relation to field” today

    1. Ramesh Chong

      H1zen, if your paperwork is fine, you should have no troubles. You need visa stamp only if you want to travel outside of US (but not Canada or Mexico for up to 30 days) and come back. Some people go to Mexico and renew visa stamp there. I know one person who went to Tijuana and renewed visa stamp the next day. The other person got into background check and had to wait for 1 month. However, the second person could decide to take passport back without visa stamp and travel back to the US.

  21. KeepCalmAndEatSamosa

    My STEM OPT ends on 01/03/2019 and this my 3rd & last attempt. I haven’t seen any updates on the SEVP portal so far. Is it possible to apply for H1B while working remotely outside US? Can a US company keep a person employed who works outside US in first place ( not a branch ) ?

  22. Anon

    Hey guys! Anyone got locked from the SEVP Portal for no reason? I entered my password correctly, got in the portal, but could not continue further. Then I was locked, and it said “Your account has been locked, please contact your DSO.” Anyone got in the same situation?

    1. Ramesh Chong

      The same thing happened to me after typing correct password for three times. I asked DSO to reset the password and they did it quite fast.

      1. Anon

        Haha thanks, but I correctly inputted my password. I was just hoping that USCIS was updating my info so they locked me out. Probably not true though haha.

        1. Ramesh Chong

          Are you saying that USCIS’s data infrastructure is so miserable that they cannot split basic read/write modes and have to log a user out before editing his/her/its/their profile? I doubt so.

        2. Ramesh Chong

          They might add the data manually for double check purposes, that is true. However, the read function from a user side should never block write function from admin side.

      2. prateek reddy

        Same thing happened to me. My DSO has reset the temporary password as well. And I have logged in with the temporary password, But while I am trying to create a new password it is showing an error. I have tried multiple times but it showing the same error. Can any one tell me the reason

        1. Daywalker

          Same thing happening with me. It showing me an error. I am fulfilling all the password requirements (because if i dont the error specifically states that password requirements were not met)
          but I am entering everything correct but it just says Error with no decription

  23. Freaking out

    Any non-AD heard anything back?
    My OPT is scheduled to end on the 28th of May 2018 and I’m freaking out. Even applying for cap gap only extend it till the 1st of June.

      1. First n Last non-AD

        Unfortunately no. My degree is Architecture but my specific degree is not eligible for STEM extensions. I asked my University and they said the degree isn’t qualified.
        Where all of my co-worker that graduated from different University are eligible for 24-month STEM extensions.

      2. Freaking out

        Unfortunately no. My degree is Architecture but my specific degree is not eligible for STEM extensions. I asked my University and they said the degree isn’t qualified.
        Where all of my co-worker that graduated from different University are eligible for 24-month STEM extensions.

  24. Isthisit

    I work at a lawfirm – attorney. My OPT ends in July, 2018.
    I have been visiting SEVP Portal frequently for SEVIS update but there is no change or whatsoever.
    However, billing dept called me just now and told me my check had been cashed this morning.

    People are congratulating, but I still don’t see any SEVP updates.
    Should I be worried?

    1. Isthisit

      Because I know how ppl are freaking out (I am still freaking out),

      I was AD (lawschool), filed to VT center. OPT ends in July, 2018.

      1. Isthisit


        Billing dept sent me an email of the cashed check.
        On the back of the cashed check, the receipt number is marked, starting with EAC~ (EAC means VT center).
        I hope the lack of SEVIS change on SEVP Portal doesn’t mean anything for now.

  25. LastChance

    Don’t want to spread pessimism, but there were no report of SEVP changes on yesterday and today so far, on this forum, and a few others that I’ve been tracking on.

    This is my last chance, and I am still hoping for the best 🙂

    1. administrator

      As said in the article, it can take time…don’t lose hope because it was not updated. Also, sometimes, it does not update automatically and you need data fix. So, work with your employer to get info on the status of your petition.

  26. Another one

    @Kumar I see you used the screenshots I posted in the previous blog. Glad to be useful! 🙂

    This is what my company’s lawyer wrote me:

    “I spoke to a colleague who works at a local college. She said her experience with USCIS updating SEVIS is not always accurate. Last year, some of her students SEVIS records were extended to 9/30 but their cases were not accepted in the cap.
    The only way to know for sure is when we receive the H-1B receipt notice or the rejected petition back. ”

    I guess we just have to wait… but I hope since the introduction of the SEVP Portal this year the changes in SEVIS status will become more accurate 🙂 Good luck everyone!

    1. administrator

      Thanks Another one for sharing, it helps ! Yup, with the new portal this year, things change…maybe better for everyone. It takes time for systems to work well…

  27. Pranay Garg

    Hi Team,

    Question: Since the info flows automatically from USICS to SEVIS, would the portal for all the Master Cap eligible students have been updated by now (since lottery happened on April 11, 2018)?


      More time is needed to input data about picked people into USICS database. I believe this part is done manually. So not all updates happen at the same time.

  28. raji

    Hi Kumar,

    My DSO confirmed my SEVIS status changed but i don’t see the date extended in SEVP portal. BTW my stem opt expires on July 1st. Do i need to worry here?

      1. LastAttemptStillWaiting

        but the SEVIS->SEVP update happen once a day, @raji it would be really helpful if you can check your SEVP today after 3-4 pm pST and update here if you still see the update or not and can you confirm if your opt ends 1st july 2018 ? because if its later than you wont see an update on SEVP.

        1. raji

          Hello,@LastAttemptStillWaiting My DSO confirmed yesterday and still i didn’t see the updated on my SEVP. Sorry my STEM OPT end on July 11th.

  29. Charles

    Hey, Kumar, and everyone,

    I am AD, STEM OPT expires on OCT-4-2018 and I saw updates of employers information at 12:40PM, April 17, and of course no change of Authorization Date since it doesn’t fall CAP GAP. Asked my DSO and she said no change of SEVIS. My question, does the update of employer information mean anything for H1b lottery? Thanks

    Good luck to all genuine applicants.

      1. Charles

        Never know, i try to be optimistic . I checked with DSO and she said she didn’t make any change. This update of employers (SEVIS) Must be triggered by USCIS then. Who else could do it?

  30. qasim964

    what if Stem OPT application is pending and start date of my Stem OPT is May 29 2018.Do I fall under the cap-gap category and will I able to see my H1B update on my SEVP Portal ?

  31. lasttimer

    Kumar can you hlep me in understanding this.,

    Who updates the SEVP portal, is it DSO or USCIS automatically updates the site, as my sevp portal still shows July as STEM last date.

    last timer

  32. Falcon3748

    Hi Kumar,

    I fall under AD and my OPT is ending 6/25/18, I’ve not seen any updates on SEVP as yet. Just trying to be positive and hopeful for now. I’m trying to think this out logically,aren’t all AD applications that haven’t been picked in the AD category added back to the Non-AD category for a second round of lottery? If so, similar to AD, are people falling under Cap-Gap(like me) intimated first, be it either through DSO or SEVP portal?

    1. administrator

      Yes, that’s true for lottery. Well, that is only the lottery process, it does not reflect how USCIS processes the petitions and updates their relevant details. While, it may sound logical and we can speculate it, but there is no defined process published by USCIS on who’s applications are processed first and intimated….It used to be premium processing in the past, but now as that option is not there, we do not know…

  33. lulu Shan

    Check got cashed at 4/17. Got the receipt and case number this morning.
    My case processed by CA center. 2rd -attempt, Adv
    Good luck guys!

  34. Calm

    Thanks for posting this Kumar. It’s good to have a consolidated list of all the relevant information. It’s easier to share this link to confused folks than keep re-explaining things.

      1. Calm

        @Kumar – I think it might be helpful to also do a post on cap gap extensions and eligibility for the same. If not a detailed post, then at least some useful links. A lot of people have been confused by this as well (specifically regarding how long they can keep working if they receive neither lottery selection nor rejection notice even after June).




          1. Raihan

            Hi Kumar, thanks for writing the post. My initial OPT period ends on June 11, 2018. Currently in the process of applying for STEM OPT (haven’t sent the application yet). Does that mean I am eligible for Cap – Gap (e.g. SEVP portal will be changed if I got picked in the H1B lottery)?

      1. TJ

        CPT students donot have access for SEVP portal but can they call DSO and ask about there status? Will it help?
        Or is there any other way to found out about CPT student!

        1. administrator

          I doubt it, not sure if USCIS updates SEVIS records for CPT students. You can try asking DSO, but I am not sure, if it would work.
          Logically, when you are on CPT, you are still in school and have not graduated, why would someone apply for H1B, when they are in School…Also, clearly, you have to be in Post Completion OPT to see these changes…

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