SEVIS System vs SEVP Portal for H1B and OPT Cap Gap

SEVIS, SEVP Portal, OPT Cap Gap Date – Updates – H1B Lottery Selected ?

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There have been lot of frantic discussions on the blog with various sorts of information from students who have called help desk, talked to DSOs, what they see in SEVIS. There have been some recent changes with SEVIS and recent launch of SEVP Portal this year that make some of these changes automatic. Let’s look at the details.

Background of SEVIS, SEVP, SEVP Portal :

There are three things, SEVP, SEVIS and SEVP Portal. It is important to know the details.

  • SEVP : Firstly, SEVP is the Student and Exchange Visitors Program ( SEVP). This is the program name and not a software system.
  • SEVIS : SEVIS stands for Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)and is used by SEVP, DHS. “SEVIS is the web-based system for maintaining information on international students and exchange visitors US, which is primary software for DHS and it tracks and monitors non-immigrant students and exchange visitors.” SEVIS is used by Designated School Officials (DSO), who are also called as international student advisors for issuing I-20s, updating statuses of international students for events like CPT, OPT, cap gap extensions.
  • SEVP Portal : It is the tool that is available to post completion OPT students and STEM OPT extension students to report their address changes, phone number changes, employment changes. Either students can use SEVP portal to update the changes or ask DSO to do it for them.  SEVIS and SEVP Portal share data. Student data is immediately updated from SEVP Portal to SEVIS system. But, DSO changed data in SEVIS is update to SEVP Portal once a day. SEVP Portal sends an email from [email protected] to create an account for the student, when the OPT is in approved status in SEVIS, OPT start date is not in future and student’s email ID is maintained SEVIS.  DSO cannot directly access SEVP portal, but they manage many things like unlocking accounts, change email IDs, re-send the SEVP portal registration email, see report of changes, identify students.  SEVP Portal is very new and introduced by SEVP on Feb 26, 2018.

Let’s first look at the SEVIS system that is used by DSO. Before we go into details, one very important part is, the below SEVIS info applies to only “Cap Gap eligible F1 students on Post Completion OPT or STEM OPT Extension”, which means it applies to students who have OPT ending date before September 30th and who have filed a H1B petition.

How does SEVIS system work for Cap Gap Extensions and H1B Petitions Changes ?

As you can see below screenshot from DHS website, SEVIS gets H1B petition data automatically from USCIS and updates the records in SEVIS to show the cap gap extension.  But, systems are not always consistent with integration and data flows, there can be issues where a student’s H1B petition info was not sent properly from USCIS to SEVIS system and it does not get updated. In that context, DSO can manually request a cap gap extension for H1B petitions that are filed , waitlisted or rejected by USCIS.SEVIS Cap Gap Extension H1B Lottery Selected

What happens to F1 status, OPT end date during Cap Gap in SEVIS with H1B Petition Changes?

You have few possible options for your H1B petition like Filed, Pending, Approved, Rejected and Waitlisted statuses. Check the screenshot below and read the below section.

  • H1B Filed Only – No lottery Result indicated : If the system extends your OPT end date to June 1st, it only tells that your H1B petition was filed, but does not tell anything about H1B Lottery result. So, this state clearly does not tell your H1B Lottery result.
  • H1B Lottery Selected/ Pending Processing / Approved : The OPT end date in SEVIS system will be updated to September 30th, if it is either approved or in pending status by USCIS. What it means is that your case was selected in the lottery and is either being processed or approved.

These details are visible in SEVIS system to DSO and these also are replicated to SEVP Portal. We will look at SEVP portal later.

OPT Statuses in SEVP System with H1B Changes like Approved Rejected or FiledCan DSO Update the F1 student status in SEVIS ? If so, what can they do ?

As we mentioned earlier, not all times the data is transferred properly and there may be scenarios where SEVIS system is not updated automatically based on H1B status from USCIS. Below are the three statuses a DSO can update the system based on information provided by Student.

  • Filed
  • Rejected
  • Waitlisted
  • Cancelled

If your OPT cap gap is before June 1st and the system is not updated, you can send your Fedex Receipt and application info from Attorney/ employer and ask your DSO to update the status to filed and have your F1 status updated to June 1st.  Depending on the result of Lottery and case notice details, you can subsequently work with DSO and update these details in SEVIS.

DSO Options for Cap Gap Extension in SEVP System
What is SEVIS Data Fix  ?

If DSO has issues updating the system after he learns from the student, they should call SEVIS help desk for a data fix as shown below.  Once DSO calls or emails SEVIS they will get a help desk ticket with a reference number.  This can be used to expedite the request, if there are any urgent issues.

DSO Calling Data Fix update SEVP System

Now, let’s look at the SEVIS Portal scenarios, where many students have been posting on the blog that their OPT end date was updated and they got selected in lottery.

SEVP Portal OPT End Date Changes for Cap Gap Students – Lottery Selected ?

First and foremost, SEVP Portal and SEVIS share the same data. SEVIS system data is replicated once a day to SEVP Portal. So, both DSO or you will see the same information after the sync happens.  As an F1 student on OPT, if your OPT is approved and started, you would have got an email from [email protected] to create an account. If you have missed the email by either spam or have wrong email ID in SEVIS, you can ask your DSO to re-send the registration email for SEVP Portal. You can register and create an account. For detail steps, check out SEVP Portal User Guide.

After you login, you will see the OPT end date under employment section. It looks like below. You can expand the + to see details of the employment. The key thing is the Type of OPT authorization and End Date. It should be Post Completion and the end date changes reflect your H1B petition status, depending on how the USCIS system data is updated with SEVIS.   SEVP Portal Post Completion OPT

  • H1B Lottery Selected :  If your OPT end date in SEVP Portal under employment is changed to September 30th, it means that your H1B Petition is either in Approved or Pending status, which basically means that you were selected in H1B Lottery.
  • H1B Petition Filed : If your OPT end date in SEVP Portal under employment is changed to June 1st, it indicates that your H1B petition was filed, but does not indicate your petition was picked in Lottery.

Samples SEVP Portal Updates posted by Users with OPT End date Extended to September 30th ( 9/30) – H1B Lottery Selected .

Thanks to few of our readers Ash, sj, and others who have shared their SEVP Portal update with us for clarity. They look like below. Thanks to Ash,sj and others for their help !

Post Completion OPT End date Updated to September 30th.  

SEVP Portal Sample Septmeber 30 Updated Date OPT end Cap Gap

STEM OPT Sample OPT End date updated 
SEVP Portal OPT end Date H1B Lottery Selected

So, in a nutshell, if you are in cap gap scenario and have your OPT ending date updated in SEVP Portal or SEVIS as updated by DSO, you can derive that your H1B petition was either picked in H1B Lottery or not. But, one key thing, not all of the data is properly synchronized with USCIS and SEVIS and it is your duty to call DSO and update your status, if you find it out from employer that your H1B was picked in lottery or rejected. You will need to submit reject notice or case receipt copy to be able to have DSO edit your SEVIS records properly. Also, do not be disheartened that your status or end date was not updated like others as you see comments on the blog, it takes time…not everyone gets at the same time…it can take few weeks or a month or more. Until you get a reject notice, do not take anything for granted. Stay positive !

What are your thoughts ? Your experiences with SEVP Portal ? Status updates on SEVIS vs SEVP Portal ? Any other questions.

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Comments ( 1,637 )

  1. Justme

    I read in this website
    that if your expiration date is before sept 30th,the date is automatically extended to sept 30th if your company timely filed for h1b.
    Didn’t we all file in a timely way since we are all in the lottery?
    Or does filed in this case mean applied and selected in lottery? I am confused here…I assumed this rule started when there was no lottery and filed and selected was the same…but what about now?

    1. FY 2019 Master's CAP

      Hi JustMe,

      That’s right, Earlier there was no lottery system hence everyone use to get update upon applying, but now a days with this lottery, only the one who gets his/her petition picked in lottery and the Opt end date is before 09/30 gets the SEVP Cap-Gap update.

      I hope this helps.

    2. Hope

      For timely filing, the date is extended to June 1st for Students whose OPT expires before June 1st. For all those who got selected in the lottery, date will be updated to Sept 30th

    1. FY 2019 Master's CAP

      Hi Anjali,

      I am unsure if there is any thread for Non-AD Applicants, but here ((( )))
      you can track the H1B status of the applicants who applied for FY 2019.

      There is only one candidate who is Non-AD has updated his status as case received(picked in lottery).

      I hope this helps.

  2. Sai

    Hi all,

    I am on stem opt expiring in june.

    Where is everyone seeing a update to end date on sevis portal? I logged in to check, but i do see only profile, employment, account managemebt details.I dont find any history tab.

    Can somebody please guide me where i can find the sevis update info?

    Thank you!

    1. FY 2019 Master's CAP

      This is so strange that you don’t see history Tab.

      Try clearing your cash. If you still have problem seeing History tab, call SEVP service center at (703) 603-3400.

      If you are only concerned about your lottery result then just check your employment Tab. If your OPT is expiring before 9/30, and if your petition is picked in lottery you should be able to notice change in your employment tab like mentioned in this article.

      I hope this helps.

  3. H1bAD

    I have my opt ending on 5/16. I applied for renewal/ stem late march. I have two employment tabs. 1. Active opt ending 5/16. 2. Future 5/17/2018 to 5/16/2020. Will i see any update if h1b is picked?

    1. LuckyOne

      Yes, it does, I was in the same situation, active OPT was supposed to end on May 21 2018, I had applied for STEM, future OPT from May 22 2018 to 2020. My active OPT changed from May 21 to Sept 30, future is as it is.

  4. Sid

    Just got mail from Fragomen saying my petition was picked in the Lottery! 😀 AD first attempt. Applied for STEM extension till 2020 so did not see any changes in the SEVP Portal. Good luck to everyone else.

  5. Ramesh Chong

    An update from yet another H-1B petitioner.
    AD, Change of Status, California center. Noticed SEVIS update on April 17. The receipt was received on April 26. Congrats to this person!

  6. Waiting for receipt

    My SEVP got updated on 4/23, but still waiting for receipt. Can anyone share experience that how long did it take to receive receipt from SEVP update?

    1. Kay

      Hi Mine got updated on 04/20 waiting for receipts. There are few who updated as they got SEVP updated on 04/13 still waiting for receipts.

  7. AV

    Hi People,

    I have a question when will the Sevis got updated after the check got cashed or at the time lottery .

    I did not see any update Sevis on my record is the game over or still we have hope .

    1. shreejit

      Do people on 2nd masters and working on CPT also see the SEVIS update if they are picked in the lottery?

      Any updates on non AD receipt notices ? Have they started getting ?

      1. JoyInChristAlone

        @shreejit, ONLY those who have access to SEVP portal and ending date before sept 30th will see a date change.

        No updates from non AD in this group

      1. shreejit

        Thanks @Joy.

        Does this mean that they haven’t notified even the AD ones who got picked in the regular cap category. Or we can’t say?

  8. Crayfish

    There’s some information about SEVP updates only being applicable to AD. That’s not true: SEVIS records are maintained for ALL F visas and if you’re on OPT even without AD you should see an extension on SEVP (unless you didn’t need it or aren’t eligible for one).

    It’s not that non AD won’t have SEVP updates, it’s just that we haven’t seen even one such case yet. Which is truly baffling…

    1. AD

      Many most non-AD applied oversea. Therefore, they don’t have a SEVP account, and won’t be able to tell you about updates. We have less than a week to see change in our SEVP account. This race against the clock is a BS.

      1. Crayfish

        I guess. But there are SO many comments on these articles, you’d think that at least on non-AD OPT person would have said something about SEVP updating. Really…no one?!

      2. Crayfish

        Also when you say “Most non-AD applied overseas” — I know you don’t have exact numbers obviously but what gives you that idea?

        1. AD

          You need an US degree to be in the AD lot, so my guess is almost all oversea applicants are in non-AD. Given the amount H1b issued every year to Indian multinational companies, I would say 70-80 percent of non-AD are oversea applicants.

  9. H1B a lost cause

    Most of the Indian expatriates living here and relying on H1B will have to leave the US soon. Uncle Donny got us all. Peace out.

  10. Yale 2017

    The reason I would not give up hope even if your SEVP hasn’t been updated is that there’s NO WAY they’re done updating them.

    I know (or very very strongly believe) this because there are no non-ADs who haven’t had it updated yet, which means there are at least 65,000 updates left to go

    1. Genuine Applicant

      @Yale 2017 – Last year it took them upto May 3rd to send out notices to cap-subject petitions. So, yes, if your EAD end date is before 09/30, you (and me) still stand a chance.

      1. Important

        They send receipts after May 3rd as well. Data entry was completed on May 3rd. That data entry is different that SEVP portal though.

        1. Genuine Applicant

          @Important – Fair enough, but my understanding is that when they notify us of the completion of data entry for Cap-Gap eligible petitions, one who falls under the criteria won’t expect to get further updates (be it checks getting cashed, SEVP portal update or whatever). Am i missing something here?

      1. Genuine Applicant

        @Important – Interesing!

        So this is 2nd time I am seeing this. Someone on the other blog also mentioned this just a while ago. Only added point there was his/her EAD was ending before 09/30.

    2. Priya

      SEVP portal is applicable only for AD folks right? USCIS generally completes data entry by next week or a week after that. If SEVP portal is no longer updated for AD folks, isnt it game over for AD?

        1. Priya

          Wouldnt like to sound too pessimistic. But, even when the AD candidates fall under the 65000 category, SEVP update should have been done atleast by now right?

          1. Genuine Applicant

            @Priya – AD candidates falling in 65,000 AND whose EAD end date is ending before 09/30 barring 2 examples which I read of today.

  11. LuckyOne

    SEVP portal update on April 20th around 11am, got the receipt today. California Center, AD on post-completion OPT ending on May 2018, applied for STEM OPT as well.

  12. Burlip

    This whole process is stressful.

    First you wait for SEVP to update. Then you wait for the receipt notice (stage where I’m at). Then you wait for approval. Then you have to get the visa stamped in your passport.

    Anyone reading these comments just for informational purposes / research: Unless you really have some specific reason or undying dedication to be here, the whole process might not be worth the stress and loss of longevity lol

    1. edwardss

      At least your SEVP got updated, which means you have some more months to live here. For others, it is pack-up time in a couple of months.

      1. Burlip

        Not really more time unless I get approved right?

  13. Goofbolio

    Sevp updated on April 20th. Initial OPT. AD. Got receipt number on the new I-20 issued by school yesterday. Good luck to everyone!

    1. IKS

      I dont know if I am getting this right but ppl whose status updated on april 16th didnt get a receipt notice yet (including me) but ppl whise is updated on april 20th or later are getting receipts 😛

      1. Goofbolio

        I haven’t received the receipt notice. I wrote that I got the new I-20 from my school and that had the case number. I am still waiting for the receipt.

  14. Sushanth

    I checked my SEVP account after reading this thread. My original OPT was ending on Aug 16th 2018. It seems that this got updated on April 20th to 9/30. (Vermont Service Center)

    This is my 3rd attempt. So hopefully get the results earlier.

  15. Confused

    AD, STEM extension, 3rd attempt, Vermont

    My situation,

    AD, STEM OPT expired on April 7th, 2018. few days after this year’s filing date for H1B. Phew, thanks to CAP-GAP, I didn’t go out of working status. After filing for H1B, my work authorization was extended to June 1st.

    On april 16th I saw the SEVP update, the date changing to 9/30 from 6/1. But I didn’t want to jump to conclusions because all of this is new. USCIS never made any official release saying this is what it means if the date gets extended etc. And there are people making intense grammar analysis of the description on the SEVP site about how the portal works and the info about CAP-GAP. Though it seems true, I just didn’t want to jump to conclusions. I wanted to wait for the official receipt notice. As always the DSO at our college never gives out info about any change in SEVIS. So the stress levels were high!

    Today, my attorney sent a copy of the receipt notice. I get to work and that’s the first email I look at. She made my day! Such a relief.

    Now that I am an example, who ever has seen a date change on SEVP, good news is on the way! And for others who don’t have the luxury of checking SEVP status, hang in there. I know how it feels, have been there in the last 2 years. I had a back up option. My canada PR in process!

    For those who have gotten the receipt notice, congratulations! This is not over yet. I hope that the approval process is smooth enough. So good luck! I still don’t want to let go of the Canada PR. I would continue the process, just in case the approval gets all shaky with H1B!

  16. Burip

    I don’t get it — why aren’t any non AD seeing updates to SEVP?? Shouldn’t they be by now?

    I’m AD but just curious about what’s going on

  17. Soapywater

    Got receipt from USCIS today. So here are the details:
    Mine is 3rd attempt, OPT was expiring on 7/15, SEVP updated to 09/30 on apr20th.

    So I can confirm that the SEVP update to 09/30th for those with AD and OPT expiring before 09/30 is a genuine way to get early information on H1B lotttery.

    Everyone whose OPT is ending after Sept 30, please dont lose hope and wait till May end for Lottery results. Wish you all the best.
    For the folks whose OPT ends before Sept 30 and SEVP is not updated, please do not lose hope, I saw someone’s SEVP getting updated today. Hope for the best.

    This discussion has been helpful to me during stressful times, Thanks to author for the nice write-up.

  18. Kriti

    Hi All,

    My OPT end after 09/30 (this my final attempt) , but I asked my DSO about SEVIS update and she replied that she does not see any update and to check back later. I am not sure how SEVIS update works but does this show that I am not selected ? I know this is not SEVP related question but I was hoping if anyone can shed light on this?


    1. Gandalf

      well, SEVIS updates records automatically based on selected data shared by USCIS. DSO then can see that update and receipt notice number etc. SEVIS update means your application is selected, but no update doesn’t mean it is not selected.

      There is no definite timeline when all SEVIS records get updated. you can check if your check is cashed or not. you still have good chance till mid may. all the best.

  19. umair

    Hi all,

    So after reading the comments about the SEVIS update, i checked mine SEVIS portal and saw the update date on 20 April. I was really excited atsharp 4pm, i got an email from my attorney with my receipt notice. Bingo, I won the lottery.

  20. Waiting

    AD STEM still waiting.
    Guys, if you observe the trend for folks whose OPT/STEM OPT is ending after Sep 30, and if you see history tab updated as source SEVIS – may be data entry is done and not selected.
    But for folks whose OPT ends later than Sep 30 and got receipts no one had anything updated under history tab.
    This is just a trend that I am observing and may not mean anything. Just wanted to share my observation.

    1. StillOptimistic

      I saw one person who is on STEM OPT that ends after sept 30 got history tab updated in SEVP by sevis AND ALSO got receipt. So guys don’t think it is not selected.

  21. Sid

    No, he got it when his extension was approved. I got that in my account on 23rd April. But my opt extension was approved way before. I was excited for a bit but then realized I got an entry on 23rd April because that’s when I created the account lol. So my hope died.

  22. H1B

    EAD end date updated to 09/30 but haven’t yet received the receipt. Also, as per the portal it looks like it was updated on 4/17..It’s been over a week.. Now doubting if the update means anything.

    Is anyone else in the same boat as me

    1. Ven

      Hey, Mine was done on 4/20. Still waiting. But talk to DSO to get the receipt number. If there is a receipt that means it is picked up right?

      1. Kay

        Hi Ven,

        I think petitions filed under Vermont center takes time. I too got my SEVP updated on 04/20 no receipt number yet. Let’s give it a week.

        1. Kay

          I say this because whoever filed in California gets their receipt number within 3 working days but for Vermont it takes a week. I am not aware whether this is true but by reading comments and following this thread for a week I hope this may be right.

  23. Ramesh Chong

    Hi fellow petitioners, applicants and human beings!

    An update from my friend this morning. The petition got selected (congrats!!!). AD. First attempt. Consular Processing, hence, no SEVP update.

    The friend was very nervous and anxious since April 16. Being under the weather she almost ruined her relations with a friend who got SEVP updated last week. Now she is sooo sorry for that.

    Do not lose hope! My friend was very frustrated for more than a week. Yet she got selected.

    1. H1B

      EAD end date updated to 09/30 but haven’t yet received the receipt. Also, as per the portal it looks like it was updated on 4/17..It’s been over a week.. Now doubting if the update means anything.

  24. Tired of all this visa stuff

    SEVP update at 1:23 CST today
    From 07/09/2018 to 09/30/2018
    3er time
    California Center

    Are we sure this means “picked in lottery” instead of “h1b application submitted and since your expiration date is after June 1st we extend it so whenever you receive the rejection letter (if it is after July 9th) you should stop working”?

    I just want to know your thoughts, I am pretty negative with all this visa stuff…

    Good luck for you all!!!!

  25. ArseneKnowsBest

    I have not yet given up hope. Based on the dates that they completed the data entry in previous years, we are all still in with a chance.

    However, a few minutes back my sevp account kept saying that my password was wrong despite me entering the right password. After resetting my password, I saw that there was no update, but for a moment I was excited thinking that this was somehow an indication of USCIS making an update to my account.

    1. Just a VISA

      Guys, this is just a VISA. I am sure you all will do well irrespective of where you are! You came here, got great education and work experience – I am not sure why you all are so disappointed at H1B VISA results. Of course, there are annoying things like finding a job etc., you have to do but think of it as a chance to go out of comfort zone.

    2. Darkness

      I also experienced the same issue and it said my account is locked for now. Anyways, I was also excited just like you, but may be the portal might be facing some maintenance or traffic issues. Anyways, a week will decide for me what will happen in near future as this is my third and final try. Fingers crossed.

  26. HopefulHuman

    Guys don’t lose hope, my friend got his SEVP portal updated just now. I’m still waiting and hopeful about it. It wouldn’t hurt to make backup plans though. It’s my last attempt.

    1. Hope

      I wish they come up with a Talent based immigration system. Like every other country, they should consider IELTS/Similar tests for eligibility and set their bar at 8.5 or higher

      1. Tired

        At least I still have couple of months to arrange my stuffs. I don’t mind going back, but I’m just tired of having to sell my stuffs.

      1. AB

        Yes, But one of my H1 application is pending with USCIS from 2 years. So i m confused why my end date got extended exactly one day before lottery. In my I20, issued by DSO still showing old receipt number but new end date.Not sure what’s going on.

        1. Hope

          Try asking your DSO about it. I am not sure about your situation. Let us wait for an experienced person to answer this question.

  27. P

    If there are no updates for Non AD, is it safe to assume that USCIS still has to give out results for Non AD? And there stands a chance for people who still haven’t received any update?

    1. Anjali

      Hey Raji,

      My friend and I, both non-ADs, have neither gotten the receipt nor have we seen any update on our SEVP portal…
      We are impatiently waiting for the first comment of a non-AD saying they had an update!!!

    2. h1bquery

      Hi, I am non-AD. My attorney got receipt on 22nd April. One of my non-AD friends has also received a receipt. USCIS already started sending non-AD receipts.

  28. H1dep

    Got an email from fragomen with a WAC number (24 th april) .
    Masters AD category; stem opt expires in jan 2019;Last attempt;
    Hope all the deserved and genuine people get it.

        1. raji

          @H1dep, not me but others may get disappointed. I did applied from my company and one thru consultancy with different project. Mine got picked from consultancy.

          1. SEVIS updated to 9/30

            not if it is for same role and same location. And if it is an in house project, you are sure to get rejected

      1. STEM OPT Last Attempt

        @Raji All in-house projects will be rejected! Good luck though. And you are still in the risk of duplicate applications.

    1. STEM OPT Last Attempt

      Congrats! I am on the same boat as you are with Fragomen filing for California (WAC) and STEM OPT expiring in Feb next year. Still waiting!


    My OPT expires after 9/30. Still my SEVP got updated on 20th with the employer details (Relation To) FIELD. I have not heard anything from the lawyer yet . Is Anyone on the same boat ?

          1. COOLBUDDY

            Hmmm ok . Let me know if you get any update from lawyer and lottery. I can also take a sigh of relief then

        1. Rahul

          Same here. Nothing changed. Did you guys had your OPT extension pending during this time? My OPT extension approval and relation to filed both changed during similar dates. So, I am unsure if this is due to H1.

    1. LastChance

      I’m on the same boat. “Relation to field” updated on 4/20. Nothing from employer or lawyers. DSO won’t even answer questions about COS in SEVIS.

      1. Sid

        I asked a friend of mine to check his history tab. He did not file for h1b but still had the relation to field change in history tab. So it has nothing to do with H1B being selected. Hope this helps.

    2. Hope

      My OPT expires before June 1st. So, I applied for a preliminary cap gap i20. Now, my authorized end date changed to 06/01 along with relation to field. I am not thinking it is H1b lottery related. Loosing my hopes day by day.

  30. Soapywater

    People, please have some common sense while posting your results. The SEVP is only expected to update if your stem opt expires before 09/30. Simply posting a result saying h1b lottery done but no sevp update doesn’t make sense unless you specify the opt end date.

    Press don’t create unnecessary anxiety.

  31. Rahul

    My OPT does not expire until next year. on April 10th relation to field got updated under history tab. The update is from Sevis. But, at the same time my OPT extension got approved. So, I don’t know if it is related to h1 or not.

      1. Rahul

        yes, it does say I-983 is reviewed etc… does that mean this update is for approval of my OPT extension, or picked in the lottery?

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