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News : USCIS Completes H1B 2018 Lottery – 199K Petitions Received

Finally, all the speculations and rumors regarding H1B Petitions come to end…USCIS sticks with H1B Lottery for FY 2018 as in Regulation . They have released a press note indicating that H1B Visa Lottery Process was completed for FY 2018 quota on April 11th. Below are the Details.

Summary of the USCIS News – H1B Lottery  199k Petitions :

  • April 7th – Cap Reached : USCIS reconfirmed their announcement that they reached H1B cap on April 7th for FY 2018 quota, including the info that they received more petitions for regular and masters cap.
  • Total H1B Petitions : USCIS said that they have received total of 199,000 H1B petitions for FY 2018 quota.
  • H1B 2018 Lottery Date : USCIS Conducted H1B Lottery on April 11th, 2017. Many were not believing the checks cashed and info reported by others considering as fake…but the reality is that lottery was completed on April 11th and that’s why some attorneys were confirming that their petitions checks were cashed.
  • Masters Cap Petitions FY 2018 : USCIS also confirmed that they have received more than 20,000 petitions for Masters quota and they have conducted lottery first for Masters or Advanced degree cap applications and then the unselected petitions were pooled into the regular quota pool and remaining 65,000 petitions were selected. This is standard Lottery process, no changes. Check How does H1B Lottery Work, Process
  • Unselected H1B Lottery Petitions : USCIS will reject and return all the H1B petitions that were not selected in H1B 2018 lottery process along with the filing fee, unless they find that petition to be duplicate filing. Check out one of the Real H1B Rejection Letters from previous year.
  • Premium Processing Suspension : As announced earlier by USCIS they have suspended H1B Premium processing for FY 2018 up to 6 months and no changes here.
  • Cap Exempt H1B Petitions Acceptance : USCIS said that they will continue to accept cap exempt petitions that are typically field for H1B Extensions, Change in terms of employment for H1B workers, Change of employers on H1B and H1B workers, who plan to work concurrently on second petition.

Our H1B 2018 Predictions vs Actuals USCIS Numbers.

As per our H1B Visa 2018 Lottery Predictions, we anticipated anywhere between 210,000 to 240,000 thousand petitions for H1B Visa 2018 Quota . The actual USCIS lottery numbers of 199,000 H1B petitions is almost in-line with around 5% difference from our predictions. There were many who did not agree with this number considering New Trump Administration, Speculation on Visa policies changes, Indian MNCs not filing, etc. …but, the reality as we wrote in our article is different when you look at holistic situation.  Hope our lottery predictions helped at least few in one way or other.

What’s Summary – Long Wait ahead  ?

All the speculations of NOT having lottery come to an end…It is unfortunate to see many top notch talent and hardworking students, professionals across the globe, including the likes of Ivy League, IIT graduates, putting their fate in H1B Lottery for their dream to work in US…But, that’s the reality…Lets hope one of good H1B Visa Bills will fix this for next year …Anyways, last year too there were some checks cashed earlier for premium processing cases as attorneys informed the same. This year too same thing happened… The overall press release is in-line with last year, no big surprises. The biggest difference this year is that there is no premium processing and everyone are in same boat…The wait is going to be long  friends…be prepared ! The only way to keep one another informed is by adding your case details anonymous at our H1B Tracker.  Please add it as it is crowdsourced and will help others and You ! If you have got a H1B receipt number, you may wonder what is that number. Read Understand H1B EAC Number
[prompt type=”left” title=”Track your H1B Case” message=” Anonymously Track your H1B Case – Share and Get updated from Community.” button_text=”H1B 2018 Case Tracker” href=”https://redbus2us.com/trackers/h1b-visa-tracker/”]
What do you all think of the H1B Lottery for FY 2018 ? Add your thoughts ?  Let’s keep the discussion friendly…

Reference : USCIS Official Press Release – H1B 2018 Lottery Completed


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    • Hi,

      What is your status in TCS System.
      Mine is showing as Filed/Submitted and pending with Immigration authority.
      Do you have any further update?

      • Any updates for TCS?For Everyone it is still showing “pending with selection in lottery” in the TCS system..Anybody got any selection or rejection update in TCS?

  1. Hello Guys, It is my first attempt in non-AD. My cheque got cashed and I also received the receipt number. USCIS website shows that my case is received and I am likely to receive notice before 11th May. Should I start celebrating or not?

    • Mr H1b Rocks,
      Not at all required to celebrate .Picking in lottery is just beginning. once you entered into US ,Then you may start celebrate. till then not required to celebrate at any stage. you may be understood why i am saying like this.

  2. My lawyer confirmed today that my cheque sent along with application wasn’t cleared.. is there still any hope?

    3rd attempt in masters category

  3. Hi Saurabh,
    Had a query, my petition is picked up in this years lottery ( Non-AD). However, as a backup I had also secured admit for MS. Now , my college has issued my I-20( with sevis ID). Will this have any impact on my h1 approval? I am yet to pay any SEVIS fee.

    • Clone,

      If you want to pursue MS in case H-1 gets denied, then let it process. If H-1 gets approved, then withdraw from the school.

      What’s your current status inside US, or are you outside US?

        • Clone,

          There should not be an impact. I assume you would also apply for COS from H-4 to F-1 once you have submitted the SEVIS fees. Remember to withdraw this COS in case H-1 gets selected and approved w/ its own COS from H-4 to H-1.

          Does the school allow you to study on H-4 for first semester?

          • Ok great! Yes the school does allow to study on H4 for 1 sem. I plan to postpone the payment of SEVIS fee till July end or early August to avoid complications.
            Anyways thanks a lot Saurabh on your inputs.

  4. Hello,

    My DSO told me that she thought I knew that my Sevis needs to be corrected and she cannot process my OPT STEM Extension. I am not sure what she meant by that. What can I assume from her reply? Please help

    • CA applicant here and got receipt # from DSO and lawyer this morning. It’s my third attempt (2 from non-AD/CA and 1 from AD/CA) since 2013. I lost my hope last night and I was already planning my trip back home. So stay hopeful everyone and good luck with you all!

  5. Masters Student, 3rd time applicant and last chance. School informed that H-1B petition has been picked in lottery. Phew! Have not received the receipt yet from attorney.

  6. I was notified by my attorney that my check got cashed last week for non-AD category. However he hasn’t received the receipt notice yet. Can anyone tell how much time does USCIS takes to send receipt notices? Does this mean that its picked in the lottery?

        • Yes, Cognizant is a ATechnology Consulting company – Software Cosulting….It includes doing projects end-go-end by the Cognizant Team for which few ppl are needed at the Client location…Not like Consutancies which jus provide resouces to clients…

          Better study the business models and why American companies are choosing them before u post..

      • @CtsEmployee: Thanks!!! Ya one more colleague in my department has also got it. Notices normally keep coming till May end, so have hope!

  7. Hey,

    I have a question about CAP GAP.

    I am working for Employer X now and my H1 is visa sponsored by Employer Y and it is picked in Lottery this year. I will apply for CAP GAP shortly. During CAP GAP, Can i continue to work for employer X till Oct 1, 2017 or I have to start working for Employer Y from the day my CAP GAP starts ?

    • KP,

      You can continue to work for X until Oct 1. Assuming your H-1 starts w/ COS from that date, you are supposed to join Y from that date.

  8. I have not received a receipt notice yet. I am applying for H1B regular cap, non-STEM.

    Should I be worried? Is it true that the later you receive a receipt notice the less your chances are?

    • Same here… I am also waiting ….Third Timer 🙁
      You are right. From here the chances will become slim. Ideally we should have got the receipt number by now..if we are selected in lottery.

  9. Are all the cheques cashed already? Or is it still an on-going process right now? I am asking, because my employer said that one of the cheques of another employee has been cashed, but mine hasn’t been yet. They asked me to wait until they have more news.

  10. 3rd attempt..NON AD/Regular/CA..Hoping to be lucky this time..I see ppl saying since there is no premium processing this time, it would take longer to get the result..why it is so?? I feel it is other way round..I think they will start sending receipt numbers for everybody from day 1 so we might get receipts earlier..God bless everybody..

  11. Hi guys,

    Case was received. Does it means it picked in Lottery?
    If yes what will be the next procedure. Will I get direct approval or will it lot of time.

    Waiting for your valuable information.

  12. It looks started receiving receipt for non AD. Immigrationgirl posted as they received 1% of non AD receipt today only from Vermont. Not anything from California. Hope more will come by next week. Fingers crossed. Second time.

  13. Hi ,

    My H1 B case has been filed along with H4 COS. Today my wife received I797 C notice of receipt stating that her I539 (Class requested: H4) was received by USCIS. Does this mean my H1 B application has been picked in the lottery?

  14. I’m in AD quota, and currently on OPT with the same company that applies for my H1B. Just got word that the checks are cashed and my DSO informs that my SEVIS and Cap-gap has been extended.

  15. Did anyone from Seyfarth Law Firm hear back on the encashment of checks? I see so many checks being encashed but no news for me. Is my game over? My law firm doesn’t tell me anything regarding the encashed checks. I am AD/CA only but second attempt and no STEM. Hoping for the best for hearing about my check’s encashment. Also hoping everyone’s check gets encashed on this forum. Goodluck guys!

    • I am waiting to hear from Seyfarth LLC also. I was told when they submitted my Non-AD petition that as soon as they get receipts they would email and contact me. Now, i wonder if I should bother them asking about check being cashed. I guess there is still time……

      • Nothing yet. I know some 15 people, also with EY Law, nobody heard anything. I guess the first class mail to Canada, where the law firm is located, will take time. We should expect to hear much later than everyone else 🙁

        • Hey! Thank you for replying. I know 2 more with EY Law, no receipt info on the Zoom system for anyone yet. Don’t know how long it takes to be delivered in Toronto, still waiting… Please let me know if you heard anything. Btw, which practice are you in?

          • I reached out someone within EY, they knew close to 150 people whose H1 was applied, of those only about 15 have gotten to know thru their DSO (change of status on Sevis). None of them heard anything from EY Law. So it is safe to presume that EY Law has not sent out any notices as yet, possibly they might have not received any in mail either. Will keep you posted!
            I work for TAS- Business Valuations. What about you?

      • I haven’t heard anything as yet. I know some 15 people, also with EY Law, none of them have heard anything either. I believe it will be some time until we do given how slow the First Class mail to Canada, where EY Law is based, will be.
        Do you know anyone with EY Law who got a receipt so far?

  16. My company told me my checks has been processed on April 14th and the online bank system showed this information on April 17th. My application was delivered to USCIS on April 3rd. But my SEVIS statue from my college still remain the same “active”. So I would guess the checks being processed is the fastest way to know.
    Good Luck to everyone!
    Also, can you share any information about what will happen after the lottery? I was been told there is a case review process and someone actually been rejected during it and no refund, of course.
    So, any information/knowledge about case review process?

  17. In USCIS website below is mentioned :
    USCIS Completes the H-1B Cap Random Selection Process for FY 2018

    “Petitions filed on behalf of current H-1B workers who have been counted previously against the cap, and who still retain their cap number, will also not be counted toward the congressionally mandated FY 2018 H-1B cap”

    I applied for H1B in 2016 and it is picked. But it received RFE. Emploer sent resposne. Status is still in “RFE Response Received”. ANOTHER employer filed new H1B for me now in 2017.

    Does the above statement apply to my scenario !?

    Does the above sentence mean that – even if my application is picked in lottery this year it wont be considered ?

    Please help clarify

    • Vin,

      I assume your new petition has been filed against the cap as the previous one is not yet approved. So it would be subject to lottery and you should know the results in next few weeks.

      • Thanks Saurabh for quick resposne.

        Yes, its filed against cap.
        I’m expecting 2016 COS Petition Status to “move” some time in next 1-2 months as the processing is delayed last year.
        My concern is – if 2017 petition gets picked
        1. will it cause any issue as my 2016 COS is still in process?
        2. or can both the petitions get approved as they are from different Employers? (and I can select any one employer to join)

        Appreciate your insight.

        • Vin,

          1. No impact on existing petition. If COS was also applied, then it will be approved only if you didn’t leave US since it was filed and are still maintaining the old visa status you were in at the time of filing.
          2. Correct

  18. Again this year, most of the H1B visas are awarded to Tata Consultancy Services. Here you can find the visas approved on April 10 and the same way, you can see all the visas approved since April 3rd:

      • What is fake in that? It’s the H1B visa database with all the approved petitions. You can sort by date and see all approved petitions.

        Care to explain why you call it fake?

      • I see the link I posted above was broken. Here is the correct link:


        • Does VisaPro database is correct ? I mean up to date ?
          and Why other websites do not have this information ?
          just curious

          • I see the same information in other websites too like h1binfo and myvisajobs, but those are updated bit late. H-1B visa database repository is publicly available information.

            For the accuracy of data in this website, I can vouch the salary information (once they update) and the employee title are surprisingly accurate and also the date of approval. If you are on H1B search your employer and check the date when your visa was approved – you can verify all the information is accurate.

        • These are just certified LCAs. There is only one application from my company and I see it in the link provided and I have not received any news about my H1b being picked. I am Non AD.

        • I checked a couple of them and on once I opened the corresponding LCAs, they turned out to be extensions,amendments,etc. None of them were tagged under “New Employment”.

  19. USCIS Case status “My case was received”

    “On April 3, 2017, we received your Form I-129…”


    AD- Non IT-Currently OPT Stem

    I guess this is it? Good luck everyone.




    PEACE OUT :>




  21. I usually don’t comment. After seeing all the shitposts, I think I have to. I’m from one of the biggest companies with AD in the US.

    Our company’s law firm confirmed that there’s no receipt so far.
    So just chill. Don’t freak out by the shitposts.

  22. I am thatPeaceGuy,
    I predicted that there wont be any change to the procedure than last year.
    the process is same as last year guys.
    I also told you that total applications will be around 2 lakh (20K+/- 15K).
    and the count is 199000 petitions for FY2018.
    my predictions were 95% close on no.of petitions.
    I told you that there will be lottery. Yes it is.
    The lottery date also i told you to be on tuesday., 11th April. and it is.

    • Who cares dude? Does it matter that you got some prediction right?

      Unless you can tell people if they won lottery or not, your predictions are useless.

    • that sounds very interesting. So this is my 3rd and last genuine attempt working in US on a non-IT role. Do you predict I will get through Lottery this time???

      • yeah, Trump’s victory prediction was really awesome, many not wanted him across the world. you are amazing.

        Award him (H1B) an H1B, he predicted my victory from outside US, let him into US.
        Its my executive order, he should get it in a couple of days.

        Donald J. Trump, white house

    • Hello,
      There is no as such final date of receiving recept. There is no premium process this year so it may take longer than previous years.

  23. There could be more bitter news following this week. Trump is getting ready to sign the new executive order, which will halt H1B incoming for next 1 or 2 years (whether it will impact this year lottery picked candidates or not is unclear). The new executive order is expected to be signed in Wisconsin, where Trump won last year. Theis executive order does not need Congress approval.

  24. Its not about Indian MNCs spoiling the system. It’s because of guys who filed fake exp through desi consultants from India and existing H4 , L1, L2 holders and MS students who filed multiple petitions to beat lottery through desi consultants.

    Entry level MS degree holders will be also in trouble unless they meet salary level as Tier 1 companies.

    Indian MNC guys have to look for other geographies accounts otherwise quit current every three yrs with 50 percent more pay so that at least by 8 yrs you can get a chance to travel US.

    Don’t fall prey for the carrot given by Manager/Supervisor .

    CTS has 75 percent US revenue so chances for a 6 yrs exp travelling onsite is very minimal from next year

    TCS US revenue is 55 percent and they have more UK , Canada and Europe accounts.

    It will favor IIT and IIM guys esp who works for google , facebook, Apple, MSFT etc at offshore site.

  25. Kumar,

    I am a master-cap beneficiary, I heard a lot master-cap candidates not only got check cashed but also received physical receipts already… I talked to our accountant (she wrote the application checks) today, and my checks have not been cashed yet… So would you able to tell, by your professional experience, am I already out the master-cap lottery and have less chance to be selected right now? Does that also mean until checks got cashed, I shouldn’t even bother to check mail box for receipt letter or any other ways? Since my OPT is ending soon, and usually there would be a delay of receiving return/reject package, what date would you suggest I should think I am all out by not hearing the action of checks?

    Thanks a lot!

    • We both work for same employer.Received an email from Attorney today saying mine and my friend’s H-1B visa applications got selected in the Lottery and will receive the receipt in a couple of weeks. Masters cap, do not know the receipt number yet .California center

      This is my second time applying for H-1B.

      • What a wastage of years you will do . H1 to greencard is impossible or 13 years .
        You will live shity life California and can’t even buy house.
        Why you guys come here ? We make crazy fun of you . You are not born here . Mukesh Ambani did not came here to make wealth . Do best where you are .

        • Hello, Lisa, thanks for your loving comment. Btw, your ancestors were born there, are you sure? If we want to spend 13 years waiting for the Greencard what does it have to with any American? I am sure that Americans are not that stupid to make fun of any hard worker who is immigrant and came as H1-b and working his/her ass off to earn some dollars and respect. If all

  26. What does the last two bullet points in the USCIS news release mean – what is second H1-B position for the existing H1-B workers?

    * Allow current H-1B workers to change employers; and

    * Allow current H-1B workers to work concurrently in a second H-1B position

    • Yinz,
      It means that USCIS will accept cap exempt petitions who are willing to move from one employer to another…Second H1B position corresponds to a concurrent H1B petition filed on behalf of a worker, who wish to work at another employer. Usually, employees who have part time H1B employment with an employer chose to file concurrent H1B filing to have full time employment. All the rules and regulations of H1B apply to the second H1B position concurrent filing.

      • Kumar,

        Thanks for the clarification. I had no idea one can work part time on H1-B and that two concurrent part time H1-B s can count for equivalent full time. Was this provision always there in the program? Also, my initial thought was this has something to do with the existing H1-B worker being able to start new employment concurrently while waiting for final case approval (after the amendment petition is filed) because of the suspension of premium processing.

  27. Okay, so they get 199k petitions this year. Let’s minus the 20k petitions from 199,000 for advance degree.
    It will be 177,000 left. All of these 177,000 petitions will then be redrawn in the lottery for general cap! Out of the 177,000 petitions, 65,000 petitions will be selected. As per this calculation.
    There are 36.72% chances for the general category! Good luck.

    • This is 179k, So We have slightly upper hand as compare to last year…1 candidate will be selected in every 3 applications.

      • Well, last year there were 236,000 petitions filed for H1B FY 2017. The number of 199K is less than that…It is not fake and official USCIS released number, they cannot fake. They will need to respond to every petition they received for FY 2018 either a rejected package or receipt notice with H1B Case number…else, they will be subject to lawsuits for releasing misleading information…

    • yes it is… I was expecting more qualitative filtering of applications but you cant do without lottery if applications are this scale and they have to process all of them within 4 months. That means like 1000 applications a day. Pretty huge task. But i do think they will keep some masters cap petitions behind if they find fraudulent applications from Some IT consultancies from Indian IT companies in hydrebad & bangalore they are most abusers. There are some very good consultancies from India that are doing well and playing by the rules. Water always gets sullied by few.


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