USCIS Completes Data Entry for FY 2018 - Lottery Wait info

News : USCIS Completed H1B FY 2018 Data Entry – What to expect ?

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Earlier today USCIS announced that Data Entry was completed for all H1B Cap Subject petitions selected in lottery for FY 2018 quota on May 3rd, 2017. As written in H1B 2018 Lottery Results Final Date article,  USCIS announced it in-line with last year’s date ( for FY 2017 year it was May 2nd). Below is a quick Summary and what you can expect in upcoming weeks.

Summary : USCIS Completes Data Entry of Cap Subject FY 2018 H1B petitions :

  • Lottery Selected Petitions : USCIS indicated that on May 3rd, they has completed data entry of all H1B lottery selected petitions filed for FY 2018. Basically, it means that if your petition was selected in lottery, USCIS has entered your petition details in their online system and they would have or will dispatch your H1B petition’s receipt to your attorney/ employer soon.
  • Return Rejected/ Unselected H1B Petitions : USCIS will return all unselected H1B Petitions from 199K petitions that were part of FY 2018 H1B Lottery.  They indicate that due to the volume of the petitions filed, they do not have a definitive timeframe for the same.  We estimate that this could be around Mid July first to early August, based on past data.
  • Contacting USCIS regarding your H1B Petition : USCIS indicated that you/ your employer should NOT contact USCIS until you receive either a rejected petition package or selected H1B receipt notice. They will issue an alert similar to today indicating that they have completed returning all rejected petitions. Last year, they released press alert on July 8th, 2016 for FY 2017 quota indicating completion of returning of all rejected petitions.
  • Transferring of Petitions for Workload Distribution : USCIS is transferring some of the petitions filed under H1B from Vermont Service Center to California Service center to balance load. You will be notified, if your case was transferred to different location. This also has happened in the past and nothing to worry. This does not mean anything for adjudication of your case and will not impact it in any way. If your case was transferred, you will see the below status online and you will be notified via mail ( post) and you should contact that service center, if any issues.
    • On XXX XX, 2017, we transferred your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number , to another office for processing and sent you a transfer notice”
  • Premium Processing Suspension : USCIS reiterated that premium processing is suspended for FY 2018 for up to 6 months, and they will reject any petitions filed as premium processing.

What does the H1B Data Entry Completion Mean to all waiting for 2018 Lottery Result ?
All it means is that you can expect H1B receipt notice in the next few weeks, if you were selected in this year’s H1B lottery. It usually takes up to two weeks to receive the receipt notices in mail, sometimes there can be exceptions with the mail, where you can get it beyond 2 weeks as well. So, do NOT be worried that you are not selected and think game is over !   Looking at USCIS processing timelines, they will very likely update everyone that they have completed returning rejected petitions in first half of July or so. After two weeks, you may expect rejected packages as well, if you were not selected in H1B lottery. Here is a sample H1B rejected Petition Letter from USCIS. As per past data, we see the rejected packages shipped more in June.  If you received H1B receipt notice, read Steps after H1B Lottery – Approval

If you filed H1B in the past, what was your experience ? Share your thoughts…
Reference : USCIS  Completes Data Entry for H1B 2018

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Comments ( 170 )

  1. WaitingForApproval


    Go thru, it provides so much info abt each receipt notice instance. Hope this will be helpful.

  2. Raj

    Need Details

    No links please if you can explain me in details i will be thankfull
    Hello everyone i just want to know details about h1b visa as i really don’t know anything about this visa so i need your help.

    I am Oracle Finance Functional Consultant presently working in UAE my wife wants me to search job in USA she is very much interested to move to USA & i don’t know anything about H1b visa so please help me

    1) What is the first step i need to take to work in USA
    Should i need offer letter or i need to file my pettition first?

    2) will it charge me anything for h1b visa ? if yes then total how much it will cost? Where i need to pay fees of h1b visa pettition

    3) where can i search for h1b sponsors

    4) where to apply for h1b visa.

    5) where can i find h1b visa jobs.

    6) where to submit my details

    7) when to apply for h1b visa jobs

    Please if missed anything please explain in briefly

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. MonkeyManas

      If u know that u can post queries to this forum then you should have already gone through the information provided by RedBus. Still if you are having queries then may God help you!

    2. kira

      Google have all your answer. The first thing you should learn before moving to the USA is READING, Please make a research first before asking.

    3. Ram

      Hi Raj,
      we don’t have any other options but to provide links. Kindly read them and get back to us if you have any more questions

      You got to find some one to sponsor Visa for you. Its like finding a new job. Its illegal to pay for your visa. You will have to find an employer to sponsor Visa.

  3. Subin

    Can someone suggest how many days it will take to get approval after responding to RFE (Request for evidence).

    Also, is it 100% sure that we will get approval if they are asking for RFE or is there any chance for denial.

    1. Ram

      If yours is filed in regular processing, there is no deadline. You can get the approval anytime. If you have submitted the right documentation for the RFE, I am sure you will get the approval.

  4. L1B to H1B trail failed

    My attorney asked me to renew my L1B papers today. Looks like my H1B is not picked in lottery. Is my assumptions right?

      1. Sureshkumar

        Hey congrats,
        My case has also been transferred to california from vermont last friday… may i know when you got your receipt notice?

        1. sousouk

          I did not get the physical receipt but the online status says it was received on April 11th in Cali. So it took about 1.5 months for me.

      2. Ni

        Hey Congrats !!

        My Status shows.. “On April 11, 2017, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker…”
        Can you tell me when was your I-129 was received..

    1. sousouk

      Advise you all to add your case in trackitt h1 tracker get an idea of what is happening with pending cases. I personally know quite a few who got their cases approved from both Vermont and Cali, starting from 2nd week of May.

  5. Sukh

    Hello All,

    My H1B visa approved last year OCT-2016 but due to some issue, I could not go for stampping. My company sent all the documents, now they are saying to go for stamping. I have all the documents which they sent. I am looking for the below questions’ answer. I will be thankful if anycone can reply on the below:-
    1. How to take the appointment. Pls provide the link? While taking the appointment what points should I take care.
    2. What exactly documents required for H1B Stamping with family from my sside and from employeer?
    3. Should I carry photographs of myself and family?

    Thanks A lot.


    1. Ram

      check these

    1. Ram

      No worries. There are many still who don’t even know whether they made through the lottery or received their receipt number. Technically, you have time till October 1, 2017. So please be patient and keep tracking your status. All the best!

  6. Sureshkumar

    Hi All,
    I got to know yesterday from my employer that my application is selected in lottery and he sent the receipt number too. All the best for all of you who are still waiting.

      1. Sureshkumar

        It was encashed on 11th April. I do not know about the receipt date. I also cannot share my employer details . Sorry.

    1. @H1B help

      Urgent plz help,i just noticed that my LCA will be getting expired in first week of july 2017 and my amended petition is approved and valid till April 2018. Usually LCA date and petition validity are same but due to mistake of my employer it looks like they have put different date in LCA.What should i do?does this require to file an amendment petition or just my employer needs to fileLCA separately? Pls help……

    2. Applicant

      So you got to know on May 16th. Congrats!!!
      Today is May 19th and I do not have an update yet. Does that mean the game is over for this year?

      1. Fingers Crossed!

        I am same boat, this is my 4th attempt. I did not hear anything yet! Should i loose my hope… Any thoughts will be helpful.

  7. Applicant

    Can we expect any more receipts of being picked up in the lottery? I checked with my employer last week and he asked me to wait till this weekend to know my luck. Any body who got receipts this week (15th May onward)?

  8. Lost Hope!

    I have applied 4th year in a row and did not hear any update yet. Does this mean not picked this year… Lost Hope and its frustrating. 15+ years, product company + multiple patents + award winning profile.

    1. Toughtimes

      Probably yes and i am in the same boat too, but there is nothing to worry as it is luck that is not favoring you and not your talent. Hope that the in coming years that the luck will still not favor you, yes I mean it, hope for a better immigration process..

    2. Behopeful

      Don’t worry. Deserving people like you will stand a good chance when merit based selection is introduced. Just hang in there. Meanwhile try Canada. Good luck!

  9. Jen

    Hi Kumar,

    I received an email from my HR and the update given is that the base filing fee and fraud prevent & detection fee checks have been encashed but AICWA fee is still pending. Can you please explain what this means?

  10. chikki

    Hi Kumar,
    My H1B is picked in 2015 and still now I did not went to visa. My Employer is not able to find suitable requirement for me.
    I do not think that he will be able to find any requirement now and more over he is not sharing any details regarding the H1B .
    what will happen if my H1B gets Expired?


    1. Ram

      If H1B expires, you can file for extension. If you think your employer has no opportunity for you, you can transfer your visa to a different employer who can provide you with opportunity.

  11. Your friend

    Hi Saurabh/ Kumar,

    My H1B petition filed on my behalf got picked and today when I checked the case status I found this:

    “Document Was Mailed — We mailed your document for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WAC17143XXXXX. If you do not receive your document by June 9, 2017, please go to to request that we resend the document to you. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.”

    Is there a way to guess what it could be? I

  12. Indian

    Ban all H1b Dependant employer and kick out indian body shopping companies from US who eats employee’s salaries and promote cheap labour.

  13. LtoH_COS2018

    Guys, I have a question here, I am on L1B and my company filed a COS. My case got picked up in lottery and recieved an RFE today, now worst case if my COS gets rejected, I hope I am still ok and work on my L1b which is valid until 2019, right ??

    1. SPB

      Don’t worry, you are good till expiry of your L1B. Even if your H1B is denied, you can apply again next year. If your L1B expiry is after October 2019, you can apply the year after as well.. Hopefully, the lottery will be abolished by then.

        1. worcesterhome

          .In your case you can work until the validity of L1B, My quick question is your L1
          employer is same for hib filed or different employer … please update if u know about your RFE … me also in the same boat. thanks

  14. Rajiv


    i got the Case number. hope that is because i got selected in lottery. when will i know whether the visa got approved or not?

    now my status in USCIS is “case was recieved”.



      j/k. Just check your status bro. A lot of people here are waiting to even be selected. Don’t start asking questions about when are you approved.

    2. Nitesh

      Can you let me know when did you get your case number and also did you apply through any Indian employer or Desi client or US based employer?

    3. Vicky

      Hi Rajiv,

      Congratulations. Your inputs could help us. I see you posted this on May 11. Did you receive the notification before May 10? What date you received? Did you apply through Indian IT companies or Desi Client or from US company? Also what are the serious of notification you received?

    4. Hoping4dbest

      Congratz you are selected but the real waiting time begins now, dont worry if your case is geniune it will get approved just keep checking your status daily and within 2-6 months you will get your status changed. I am quite hopefull about the processing time this year as few of the people have already got their approvals and no premium processing so just lets hope for the best 🙂

  15. HJS


    This is my 3rd and final attempt. I inquired from my school today, if there is any update on my SEVIS status. This is what school replied “You are currently an ACTIVE F-1 status pending Change-of-Status. Your receipt number is WAC17146XXXX. But when I inquired from my attorney, he said ” I have not received anything from USCIS.”

    Do you think my h1 petition was choosen in the lottery this year?


      Yes, your attorney may take a while to send you the receipt or even receive it, but you are selected. Go F5 the shit of your USCIS case status.

      1. HJS

        My company doesn’t reveal that information. They just told me that, “We haven’t received any update from USCIS”.

  16. Steve

    What does this mean. It doesn’t seem like transferring to another processing center?

    Case Was Received At My Local Office

    On May 11, 2017, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EAC17136XXXXX, at your local office. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.

    1. H1b

      You application has been picked in lottery and transferred to other location for processing. Congratulations. Can u check when was your check cashed??

  17. Chikki

    Hi Kumar,

    My H1B is picked in 2015 and still now I did not went to visa. My employer is not able to find suitable requirement for me so could not go to Visa.
    I do not think that he will be able to find any requirements now and more over he is not sharing any details about the H1B.
    what will happen if my H1B gets expired?


    1. GoonerForever

      Let me get this straight. You are in the US on H1B since 2015, without a client and project to work on? How are you maintaining your status? And are you getting paid? If not, it is considered a fraud. Please try changing your employer immediately, for your own sake. Cheers

    2. administrator


      I assume you are outside US. If not, you have bigger problems to deal with.

      Another employer can file cap-exempt petition for you if the current one doesn’t have job opportunity in US.

      1. Chikki

        Hi Saurabh,
        yes, currently I am in india and looking forward for an opportunity in USA. But came to know that my employer is not ready to give details as it will unnecessary will pull his name while another employer file petition.
        what will happen if my H1B petition is expired. Can it be used for renewel for some more time. How long will it be valid.


        1. GoonerForever

          Your LCA has to be filled one year in advance from the date you wish to renew your H1B again. Without knowing the validity period of visa, no one can inform you in the right way. Generally, LCAs are valid for the period of your h1. Therefore I would highly recommend you to change your employer and try for extension. If this doesn’t work out (not trying to be discouraging), try to have a valid project or offer letter from the company you wish to work for in the US, before applying for H1. The consulting companies won’t tell you anything, but you might have taken a place of someone who actually could have started to work here immediately from 2016 calendar year.

        2. administrator


          If you know just the receipt number, another employer can use it to file cap-exempt petition. The current petition is valid until its expiration date. Cap-exempt petition through same or different employer can be filed even after this petition has expired.

  18. Kishen

    My employer submitted application on Sep 30 but still did not get any response. He is saying application is in process and wait for their response.
    Can anybody guide me who much time will take Embassy to process the application? Employer is saying every thing is Ok and embassy is not asking for any additional document and case is genuine but I don’t how much time will take this application.
    If anybody have any information, please guide me, should I wait for embassy response?

    1. administrator


      Can you expand what visa you are asking about? If this is your first H-1 petition, then it couldn’t have been submitted on Sep 30 as the cap was closed at that time.

  19. Vicky


    Believe me or not ,the game is over now. If you do not wanna trust…it’s ur will.

    From now on you will hardly see positive news.

    Those who did not get receipt move on on plan B .

  20. Kishen

    My employer submit application for H1B visa on Sep 30, 2016 but still he is saying that he is waiting for decision. Can anybody tell me How much time will this application take? My employer saying that every thing is Ok in case but decision is still pending. Please guide me what should I do?

      1. Kishen

        I can’t understand what happened. Employer still saying that We are waiting for embassy response as application is in process. Please guide me should I wait still or quite.

    1. GoonerForever

      Your application has to reach the USCIS within the application acceptance period, which was 3rd to 7th April this year. He could have filed your LCA last year and that status might be pending for that (I am assuming). USCIS has already completed data entry, if your employer has submitted your petition (as he is claiming), you might receive a receipt soon if your employer hasn’t received it yet.

      PS. ☝️ is not a legal opinion but a general one.

  21. hopeless

    After asking my attorney about : “Has my cheque been cashed or not? ”

    And get the answer, nothing to comment.

    “As mentioned previously, we cannot confirm whether the case was receipted based on the checks being cashed. Our finance department cannot confirm whether the checks were cashed.”

    1. Marvin

      I would consider this into 3 scenarios:

      1. The company is too small or the HR knows nothing. They never actually filed H1B previously, and they have no experience .
      2. They are lying. They didn ‘t file H1b for you. And they are trying to cover up.
      3. The guy you are talking to knows nothing.

      Try to ask a tracking number when they sent your package to USCIS. If they say they do not have it, just be prepared, they fooled you.

        1. Marvin

          Yes. At the least it proves that they sent package to USCIS. And the tracking would tell you if the USCIS actually accepted the package.

  22. Shrini

    If data entry is complete does it mean all cheques are cashed? My lawyer just let me know that my cheque has not been cashed?

  23. FirstTimer

    I had applied for my H1B via 3 different desi consultancies. 2 of them got picked and receipt numbers were issued. Now when should I tell one of the companies to withdraw the petition? I don’t want to ruin chances of someone else who can get that slot

    1. SPB

      You have already ruined somebody else’s chance because lottery is already done.

      But I won’t blame you or your consultancies for that. The immigration system should take a note of this and make the process better.

      Good luck for next steps!!!

    2. Santosh

      You already have ruined 2 slots, and By saying this you are encouraging others to do like that. anyway congrats

        1. Pl be considerate

          @ Vicky

          True… Doing MS doesn’t mean he/she s a deserving candidate. At the same time applying 2 / 3 and 4 times (even though from different employers) is like grabbing others chance …

    3. HumanResources

      Don’t worry FristTimer:

      You and other Desi “consultants” and “bodyshop companies” have ruined enough lifes over the years with such fraudulent practices.

      And yes! don’t worry because hopefully nobody will want to hire you ever. I’m in a position now where I decide who is going to be hired or not in a very big company (10,000+ employees). I already sent a memo to all recruiters with 3 hard statements:

      1.- If the candidate has less than 10 yrs of experience working physically in the US such individual is going to be automatically discarded.

      2.- Prevent any new hire that relies on H1B visa; green cards or other visa classifications (except OPT & students visas) are fine.

      3.- In the case of the candidate’s references, studies & credentials cannot be validated 100% using an external company due: non existence, fraud, buggy, false statements, etc; stop and ban the candidate for life to be hired within any of our brands, branches & clients.

      I’m working with new procedures to hopefully clear the air in the office of existing employees, I’m sick and tired of smelling air pit mixed with feces & curry, yuck!

      Not the best for you.

  24. NoHatersPLZ

    Hey everyone,

    This website is so toxic that I’m only here to read the comments. I come here every year during the H1B season just to read the comments. I first came across this site when I was applying for my H1B about 2 years ago. I did get picked back then and I’ve been in the US every since.

    To the folks who got picked in the lottery this year (Single/Multiple/Fruad etc). You’re lucky to get picked but USCIS is not dumb. They will track you down if you aren’t genuine and this is only the start. I’ve seen so many people get kicked out that it’s not even worth it.

    To the folks who didn’t get picked but are genuine. This isn’t the end of the road and you don’t have to be toxic. You guys are smart and if U.S doesn’t work out for you there’s always other places that you can go. Trust me it might be frustrating now but my friends who didn’t get picked have all moved on to better things in life and are happy. Your resume says it all anyways so it won’t be hard for you to find jobs in the future outside the US.

    Its sad to see people get caught up with visa issues especially when it’s not in your hands. Enjoy life and stop worrying about things like these. You never know when life suddenly become to short and you start regretting about wasting it on petty things like these.

    1. Worried

      This is my first attempt (non AD) I got picked but people are saying that I should not be so happy because the rest of the process is way more difficult and stressful. My case is genuine and I have provided all the required documents. I got the job also on the genuine basis and not through some desi consultancies. But I am still worried because of some of the comments here. How difficult was getting approval notice for you?

      1. ashwanth

        No need to worry if all the things are correct your case wil get approved, all the best and wish you good luck

  25. chennai

    Hi friends my pettion filed for h1b cab 2018 from CTS chennai..But few of my friends in the same organisation got the receipts.. can you please suggest me whether can i wait or is there any hope to get..

  26. Curious Techie

    I’ve got an email with the receipt number and on the USCIS website, the status is showing like below:

    On May 3, 2017, we approved your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EACXXXXXXXXXX. We will mail your approval notice. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.

    Does this mean it got picked up in lottery and I need to wait for further communication?

    1. GoonerForever

      Congrats mate. Your H1B was not only picked but also approved. You should receive approval notice in mail. USCIS are performing miracles even without premium processing 🙂🙂


        Seems like April 3rd are getting processed. Mine shows received on May 11th. Waiting for receipt notice now.

  27. Raviga

    If data entry completed mean that one’s check should have been cashed by now .If filing fees of the h1b petition is not cashed, before this announcement,does it mean that petition did not make it through the lottery ?My employer got receipt notice for few petitions which has been cashed and replied me that there is zero chance of further getting checks cashed. Kindly reply .


    I contacted my school this morning and found out that my OPT was extended to 9/30. They didn’t give me any additional information such as the receipt number or the notification date, but will issue a new I-20 with a cap-gap extension on it. Lastly, they told me to wait for a confirmation from my attorney. Does it mean that my petition was selected in the lottery?

  29. orchid

    My i797c contains the wrong data of birth , my attorney said that he would be filling correction request with USCIS. If this is correct would it reflect in my case status that it has been corrected?
    Is there any way to track it.

  30. H1b

    Quick question: what does data entry complete mean? Does it mean that one’s check should have been cashed by now? When can we expect check to be cashed and to get the receipt?


      Dont take my word for it, but probably they are done processing the checks. No more checks will be cashed. But it is my assumption. My check got cashed one day before the data entry was done, so we can contemplate, but can never know.

  31. XYZ


    Quick question. I have a h1b picked this year from company A (top 10 IT US company) and company B (top 10 IT US company). I graduated in 2017 january. I am almost fixed on joining company A. When is the best time to tell the company B to cancel my petition ? Should I wait till I get approval notice from both companies and If I wait for approval notice, is there a chance for RFE?

    Please people dont judge me here. I studied at CMU and both companies are the biggest MNCs.

        1. FigureItYourself

          Why are you getting all riled up? It was said in a lighter vein. How can you assume that I didn’t get through?

          1. XYZ

            Thanks bud, I said that in a lighter tone either. I never studied immigration rules or books or have experience in law firms. I made an assumption based on your suggestion to me, if I had the right answer I would have responded the other way round.

    1. Stop H1b Fraud

      It’s because of people like you who are filing multiple petitions that the H1b program is being scrutinized and looked down upon. I can’t believe you had the nerve to ask that question and expect an answer.

      1. XYZ

        Excuse me, I am not committing any fraud here. I got through multiple jobs and I asked them to legally proceed and see if I can get through one. I also need to repay my tuition fee.

        1. kira

          It’s not illegal to have multiple employers applying for H1B. However, I believe in the USA, people with integrity are not supposed to sign in another offer letter while already accepting one. You shouldn’t mention CMU to deface their fame. I was selected in the lottery by the way.

          1. XYZ

            Why shouldn’t I mention CMU if I studied from that college. I am not defacing it, I am just putting my point forward. Also, I don’t think I lost my integrity just by applying through multiple companies, I had at least 7 grueling rounds of technical interviews for each of those companies. Lastly, congrats on getting your H1.

        2. kira

          Yes, it’s ok to apply for multiple applications but it’s dishonest (can say fraud) when you accepted an offer letter from a company and at the same time accepting another one. I bet that your companies do not know you were playing two-faced regardless of how hard you tried to get more than one job. My husband is CMU student and I strongly believe that students in that top-ranked school should have had pride, integrity and appropriate manners.

    2. BC Billi

      USCIS will deny all duplicate filings, regardless of whether you cancel one of them or not. You’re basically doomed. USCIS will most likely figure out that there are 2 applications in your name and deny both.

      1. GoonerForever

        First it is not considered duplicate filing if two different applications are submitted from two different employers (i.e. Company A & Company B).

        Second he is not doomed, as he can can withdraw one application filed from the employer he doesn’t wish to work for.

        Third is the question of morality. Honestly, how can you question that if the applicant is in desperation.

        PS: Many people are in similar boat where they have to make a choise of either doing what he did or go back. When you are cornered to compete, you would do the exact same thing. It is his luck or bad luck to others that this happens. And it happens a lot.

        1. XYZ

          Thank you my friend. I thought this forum is a platform, meant to help people get some answers to some common h1b related questions. I can consult an attorney and solve my issue. I just wanted this solution to help others who are in the same boat like me and save huge bucks with the attorney fees. While I do understand that some people may not be happy with me getting picked with 2 petitions, but, I did not ask for this either. I did not commit any fraud either. If people are angry, go and speak with USCIS, showing resent towards my result WILL NOT provide you a lottery.

          PS: I too hate to be a part of the lottery system, if given a chance, I will be happy to be a part of merit based system.

          1. BC Billi

            Lol replying himself from another handle. Cheap.

            Oh btw I’m not a cheapo like you to apply for H1B from India from 2 companies. Despo. I’m on my 2nd H1B and I’ve sent in my application for green card last year, so its you who will stay forever in India, while I’m chilling at the beach. Dumbass.

    3. Expect RFE soon

      Really wish all 3 of urs gets rejected for taking away 2 people’s chances and flooding the system. This year should be a lesson to everyone who paid illegally and did multiple filing.

    4. SPB

      Well, if a candidate files multiple petitions and all of them get selected, it definitely hampers other deserving candidates’ chances. But the candidates themselves cannot be blamed for this. The random selection process is to be blamed. Filling multiple petitions through multiple employers is 100% legal and allowed.

      Some people may say these candidates and companies are gaming or flooding the lottery system to increase their chances. But the truth is they do it because they are allowed to do so. Everyone wants H1B but not everyone deserves H1B. The process has to change to make way for the deserved ones.

      Even if they get RFE or get denial, that does not change the lottery result.

      @XYZ, to your question, you may or not may got RFE, it depends on you job positions for both employers. Your law firm will answer this better. You can check with ImmigrationGirl, if not done already. She is an immigration attorney.

      1. XYZ

        Thank you SPB. I am not worried about RFE, coz, I am sure I wont get that. All I wanted to know is if I can reject right now or reject it after I get approval notice from both.

        1. reply_xyz

          All the best for your selection.
          Don’t get cocky as its evident in your comments. You are not here for an answer and want to show off. Life has lot of turns and can teach valuable lessons during every phase of life.

          1. XYZ

            I was annoyed only because of the responses. I don’t boast upon my success, it is just that, I have dear friends of mine in my vicinity, who are looking for different answers for their problems and have no solution except to turn to a lawyer, I felt bad for them and wanted to help others who are in the same boat like me. FYI, I haven’t even decided on staying in this country yet.

          2. 👏👏👏👏

            Great… u r hav told d worst now. U hav applied through multiple employers and picked via multiple jus to decide whether to stay in this Country or not.. 👏👏👏👏

          3. BC Billi

            Wow. So first you take away chances of 2 people and then decide not to live here. What an idiot you are. Its because of dumbass people like you that we get 199,000 applications. Without cheapo despos like you, we probably wouldn’t even have had a lottery.

          1. XYZ

            @BC Billi, Did I tell you that I won’t stay here? I told that I haven’t decided on it yet. People like you make your own conclusions about others without even knowing what is happening in their background. If your green card is getting processed, who cares? If your h1 is not picked, who cares? Maintain some etiquette while you comment. Probably your parents need to care of your mental health. Some one who did a masters in US and got through two different big MNCs doesn’t necessarily become a cheapo. I might not have been ethically correct by filing 2 applications (I had to look for my financials), but, legally I am not wrong.

            If you can use BC Billi as your name, why can’t I use different domain myself? I am sure, your senses went dumb, I would suggest you to undergo some therapy.

  32. Lina

    If filing fees of the h1b petition is not cashed, before this announcement,, does it mean that petition did not make it through the lottery ?

    1. BC Billi

      You should wait a little bit more before you come to that conclusion. The data entry is complete, which means that approval notices are sent or will be sent soon. Sometimes the check isn’t cashed until end of May. So although it may be true that it probably did not make it through, wait a little bit more.

      1. GoonerForever

        Relax dude. USCIS doesn’t say you need to be perfect to get H1B, just that you need to be skilled. Don’t take out your personal issues on him.

        1. SuperStar

          I’m not talking about his H1B or skills. I’m referring to his poor English that makes Indians look bad in the US, and they judge our community as a whole.

  33. Prasanna

    I didn’t receive any USCIS bulletin that they completed data entry. Only that they have completed lottery 2 weeks back or so. please share the uscis link for the same or please stop spreading rumors .

    1. Andy

      You did not receive the bulletin because nobody sending you anything. Go to and see it yourself. Stupido

    2. Ministrator

      You’ll only get bulletin if you have subscribed to USCIS newsletter on their website. It sometimes takes a few days until you receive it even if you have subscribed.

      Here is the official link:

      You can always check the USCIS website if you doubt something. RedBus2US is a very reliable website so don’t advise them about what they can and can’t post. They’re not spreading any rumors here.

    1. Ministrator

      SEVIS is not changed until the H1B is approved. Getting picked in lottery is just the first step. Its accepted, not approved yet.

      1. GoonerForever

        Please don’t give false information if you are not sure. SEVIS status will change to pending if the case is picked in the lottery. You can verify with the DSO at your school to confirm that. However, you should note that they are not obligated to give up that information.

    2. Em

      I don’t think SEVIS change/update is always (EMPHASIS on ALWAYS) reliable. In some cases it happens, and in others it does not update. I got my receipt notice after I had been selected in the lottery for FY 2018 H1B cap subject petition, and emailed it to my DSO to request for Cap Gap extension because my STEM OPT was ending in May,2017. She emailed back that the system is not showing my cap gap status. My DSO had to contact SEVIS for them to update my status to CAP GAP before she issued my CAP GAP I-20 ending on September 30th. Long Story short, SEVIS is not entirely reliable

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