USCIS Completes Data Entry for FY 2018 - Lottery Wait info

News : USCIS Completed H1B FY 2018 Data Entry – What to expect ?

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Earlier today USCIS announced that Data Entry was completed for all H1B Cap Subject petitions selected in lottery for FY 2018 quota on May 3rd, 2017. As written in H1B 2018 Lottery Results Final Date article,  USCIS announced it in-line with last year’s date ( for FY 2017 year it was May 2nd). Below is a quick Summary and what you can expect in upcoming weeks.

Summary : USCIS Completes Data Entry of Cap Subject FY 2018 H1B petitions :

  • Lottery Selected Petitions : USCIS indicated that on May 3rd, they has completed data entry of all H1B lottery selected petitions filed for FY 2018. Basically, it means that if your petition was selected in lottery, USCIS has entered your petition details in their online system and they would have or will dispatch your H1B petition’s receipt to your attorney/ employer soon.
  • Return Rejected/ Unselected H1B Petitions : USCIS will return all unselected H1B Petitions from 199K petitions that were part of FY 2018 H1B Lottery.  They indicate that due to the volume of the petitions filed, they do not have a definitive timeframe for the same.  We estimate that this could be around Mid July first to early August, based on past data.
  • Contacting USCIS regarding your H1B Petition : USCIS indicated that you/ your employer should NOT contact USCIS until you receive either a rejected petition package or selected H1B receipt notice. They will issue an alert similar to today indicating that they have completed returning all rejected petitions. Last year, they released press alert on July 8th, 2016 for FY 2017 quota indicating completion of returning of all rejected petitions.
  • Transferring of Petitions for Workload Distribution : USCIS is transferring some of the petitions filed under H1B from Vermont Service Center to California Service center to balance load. You will be notified, if your case was transferred to different location. This also has happened in the past and nothing to worry. This does not mean anything for adjudication of your case and will not impact it in any way. If your case was transferred, you will see the below status online and you will be notified via mail ( post) and you should contact that service center, if any issues.
    • On XXX XX, 2017, we transferred your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number , to another office for processing and sent you a transfer notice”
  • Premium Processing Suspension : USCIS reiterated that premium processing is suspended for FY 2018 for up to 6 months, and they will reject any petitions filed as premium processing.

What does the H1B Data Entry Completion Mean to all waiting for 2018 Lottery Result ?
All it means is that you can expect H1B receipt notice in the next few weeks, if you were selected in this year’s H1B lottery. It usually takes up to two weeks to receive the receipt notices in mail, sometimes there can be exceptions with the mail, where you can get it beyond 2 weeks as well. So, do NOT be worried that you are not selected and think game is over !   Looking at USCIS processing timelines, they will very likely update everyone that they have completed returning rejected petitions in first half of July or so. After two weeks, you may expect rejected packages as well, if you were not selected in H1B lottery. Here is a sample H1B rejected Petition Letter from USCIS. As per past data, we see the rejected packages shipped more in June.  If you received H1B receipt notice, read Steps after H1B Lottery – Approval

If you filed H1B in the past, what was your experience ? Share your thoughts…
Reference : USCIS  Completes Data Entry for H1B 2018


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Comments ( 249 )

  1. Jagss

    Thanks to this website and it is helping lot.
    I am currently applying my L1A Visa Extension in Premium with Current Employer and also my H1B lottery picked from Company X.
    H1B is pending with RFE and company X applying for RFE and changing to Premium.
    Please advice me whether L1A Visa Extension from current employer and H1B Visa from Company X goes in parallel.
    What will happen if my H1B is approved then do i need to resign from Current Employer immediately. Please advice.

  2. Sanath

    Hi Guys,

    After the Selection on Apr 11, the status in the USICS web site is still at “my case was received” Almost 6 months now. Anyone else facing the same ?

          1. asle

            The attorneys just received the RFE in the middle of August and the reasons is “job description doesn’t sound like entry-level” so they needed more time to consult their peers to know how they should response to this RFE.

          1. Karn

            Hi Asle, thanks for your response. If you don’t mind, then may I ask what was your RFE exactly? Because I received an RFE in September first week for Specialty Occupation.

  3. Did

    My Employer sent me I797C on July 6th which says notice type as “Approval Notice ” and last month He sent me I797A which says Approval Notice with Receipt number Hidden. It’s a deep consultancy. Am not sure whether anyone faced similar situation. Usually I797C is for receipt of payments right ?

    1. Kumar

      no chance for lottery for you this year anymore, you are not selected.
      your rejection letter also sent. contact your employer for rejection letter.

    2. Irritated

      I am in the same boat too. I have contacted my employer and they said there is no update regarding my petition so far. Don’t know what is happening……


        Do not forget to request the “Rejection letter” from your employers. This is kind of proof that your employer has applied for an H1-B on your behalf.

        1. kumar

          Yes, Do not forget to ask for rejection letter. Because some employers don’t file your case at all, they just do some initial processing until you commit to them and they now finally say “letter is missing in Mail, also USCIS is not answering us.” This they will say to all for whom they did not file. simply cheat. consultancies who do not show rejection letter, just ask for it no matter what. there is no chance that rejection letter still in transit. USCIS provides details of the mail because, the mail will contain docs and Cheques, so it impossible that letter will miss in transit in any case, its one of the most important package, in case they miss any one package also in transit, then they will notify in USCIS website that they missed “a number of packages while returning”…, USCIS is highly trustable and dependable. USCIS sent ALL packages a month ago and Mail will not take more than 10 days worst case also. Just insist your employer for it, they may say Sorry, don’t accept the sorry, please post about them in forums, that helps block-list that company for cheating, so that others will benefit as well just like you. this is how some consultancies survive just by cheating hard earned Indian money.

  4. Nagesh

    My petition got picked in lottery, my case current status as follows
    “Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction” , On May 31, 2017, we transferred your Form I-129.

  5. Shruti


    My h1b petition has been picked in the lottery. And the Receipt Status shows ” Case is trasferred And a New Office has Jurisdiction”

    My questions
    1) What does it mean?
    2)Is it going to be a RFE?
    3)As there is no Premium processing, what will be the time required for approval?


    1. Ram

      The status means your case has been transferred to a different USCIS office. It is usually done to balance the loads between the various service center. It enables faster processing of the case. It necessarily need not result in RFE. Normal processing doesn’t have deadlines. We will have to wait for getting an update.

  6. phil bui

    master degree opt analyst position work for client RFE looks like going to be rejected, asking for info that i can not provide.

      1. Phil bui

        Please provide details of your contribution to make client business successful.

        Provide specific job responsibility for analyst position. Programming, development ect..

        1. FooBar


          You don’t have to reply your employer shall do, its one of the common RFE hence your employer might know the solution.

          If your company is a tier a org (Accenture, Wipro, HCL, Infosys, ….) then they have the RMS team well aware also has enough goodwill with consulate to provide these documents.

          If its not then they’ll have to get something called Expert Opinion Letter, and small companies are very much aware about it.

          Not sense in you banging your energy for it, let employer handle it.

          Case you still have question then reply here & I’ll answer.

          Good Luck 👍

      1. Well

        You realize your english isnt good either , right? Why dont u you those english classes first..
        Its “please dont take it seriously”..

          1. Karn

            Hi AB,

            Did you respond to the RFE? Even I got an RFE in the first week of September for Specialty Occupation?

      1. Third and final attempt.

        I received the approval notice last week. H1-B got approved July-18-2017, but USCIS case tracker still showing status as “Case was received”.

        – AD
        – Full time
        – No RFE

        Best of luck everyone!!!

  7. SRK


    Need some info related to L1 to H1 COS, is approved H1 COS still hold valid incase if l1 extension gets denied after 1st Oct or before 1st Oct.


  8. KP

    Hey I have a quick question about H1 Transfer. I am on CAP GAP now. My H1 is picked with employer A. Can I transfer my visa to employer B once it will be approved or I have to wait till Oct 1 ?

    1. Ram

      Ideally H1 can be transferred as soon as its approved. But in current scenario, its better to wait till october 1 and then initiate transfer. As your approved H1 becomes active only on october 1.

  9. AB

    I received H4 approval notice yesterday from USCIS for my spouse on behalf of my H1B application. I hope this means an approval notice for both of us, as i don’t have any updates from my attorney regarding my H1B, i dont even see any updates on USCIS case status. Thanks

    1. H1B and H4 applicant

      Congrats! Interesting…. I thought the approval notice is sent only to the attorney by USCIS and not the applicant. Did you receive it via mail?

  10. Stuck with Visa Game

    I havent heard any update on H1b.
    I was told that only 30% was give to IT guys this year. Is this true? I have only 1 attempt left for trying H1 next year as i completed my 4 years on my L1. Little scary!!!…

  11. Akshita Puli Arun

    I want to get notified for further H1B notifications as i haven’t heard received receipt notice neither a returned receipt notice

    1. AniD

      I haven’t heard anything as of today June 16 /2017 about H1B Either selected or rejected.
      Does it mean Game Over .


  12. Foo

    Has anyone appeared for h1B stamping in recents weeks ? Wondering whats the current situation in Chennai/Hyd ?


    1. Kramer

      I went for my stamping on FEB1 two days after Trump travel ban. Chennai consulate was desolate. I finished my stamping process from footpath into the consular chamber and back to the footpath in 10min.

      They just asked me the following details.
      1) company
      2) place where I will be working – Whether in the company or client
      3) designation
      4) Salary

      And thats it. Recieved my visa the day after tomorrow.

      Just prepare the questionnaire that posted on this or few other sites and u will be fine with little luck. Stay confident is the key. Talk confidently in little high pitch voice(Don’t yell :))

  13. Foo


    Has anyone appeared for h1B stamping in recents weeks ? Wondering whats the current situation in Chennai/Hyd ?


  14. ANT

    Suppose I am working with Employer A on H1b. Now employer B is ready to hire me. Suppose I start working with Employer B and my previous Employer A dont withdraw my H1b. Now after a year if i decide to work again with Employer A, do I need to go through H1B Cap Exempt Transfer, or i can directly start working with Employer A, as it already have a H1 for me.

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