H1B Visa 2018 Lottery Results Date and Receipts Checks cashed

H1B Visa 2018 Lottery Results Date? Checks Cashed, SEVIS- How Long?

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As you all know, we had 199K H1B petitions for FY 2018 Quota,  many of you must be waiting for the USCIS receipt numbers or H1B application checks to be cashed…While only 85,000 of the 199K will be lucky, there are many confusions around when will the H1B lottery results date would be for all applications, is there a deadline as such. Some seem to be saying “lost hope”, etc…Let me try to clarify some of these aspects.

How would you know if you were selected in H1B 2018 Lottery ?
As premium processing is suspended for FY 18, we are left with about three ways, you would come to know, if your petition was in H1B lottery.

  • H1B Petition Check cashed by USCIS for your petition
  • Getting H1B Receipt Number from USCIS in Mail ( normal post)
  • If filed under US Masters Quota, SEVIS record updated with H1B Info.

While there is no specific sequence as such that all the applications should go through the same process like checks cashed first, then receipt numbers are generated, and SEVIS record updated later…any of the above three could happen in any order…it is probably due to the way systems are setup, updated and how the applications are processed. If any of the above three happens, then you would know that you are selected in H1B Lottery.

What is the Exact H1B Lottery Results Date for FY 2018 Season ? How Long does it take ?
While, there is no exact date defined or set by USCIS for releasing all the H1B lottery results, they update stakeholders on their overall milestones such as

  • Completion of Data Entry of All Petitions filed for fiscal year
  • Completion of Returning of all petitions filed for fiscal year.

For FY 2017, they updated in news alerts that Data entry for all petitions was completed on May 2nd and all unselected petitions were returned on July 8th , check FY 2018 Cap Updates page .

Now, for FY 2018, based on last year’s data, we may expect similar dates. We can expect update from USCIS in May regarding data entry and very likely on returning petitions by mid July 2017.  You can consider up to two weeks after the announcement for full mail processing and you can expect final result (either receipt notice or rejected package ) by end of July 2017 or early August 2017.  I would say, that’s the final lottery results date for all petitions.  Until you receive a rejected petition package or H1B receipt notice from USCIS, anything is possible…

My H1B Applications Checks are NOT cashed, Is there any hope ? Is it Game Over ?
It is not necessary that you need to have your checks cashed right now along with others, who are posting comments and attorneys’ updating info, to be considered you were picked in Lottery…sometimes, you may just get the H1B receipt notice from USCIS as well in mail… As I said above, until you get a rejected notice or receipt notice, anything is possible…Your deadline is probably when USCIS informs that they have completed returning all petitions not selected in lottery.  To be pragmatic, many attorney’s suggest that you should get receipt notices or checks cashed by end of May…while, that is the normal trend, but I have seen some exceptions in last few years that fell past May.

US F1 Students – SEVIS Updates – What does it mean ?
If you have filed your H1B under Master’s quota or you are a student studying in US on F1 visa, you will have your SEVIS records updated by USCIS, if you were selected in H1B Lottery. You can check with DSO on the status. Some may be willing to share the info, some may not be willing to share this info…so, it depends…While, the SEVIS update can be an indication for being selected in H1B lottery, but not having this update by now does not mean that you were not selected in Lottery…sometimes, it may take time depending on the processing pace and systems involved…So, you do not really have to give up hope, if you do not see any update on SEVIS by now.

You can check out crowdsourced Visa Trackers – H1B Tracker  to get a sense of what is happening in overall context.  Also, read Understand  H1B Receipt Number – EAC, WAC ?
Did you get your check cashed before or after ?  How was your SEVIS update done ? Share your thoughts and experiences.


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Comments ( 89 )

  1. namks

    Anyone filed by KJ INFO LLC They took money and CEO stays in Hyderabad 365 days claims he is a business owner. They shared some fake rejection notices I asked them to show original they are not showing and not sharing anything about how many picked from them please help me.
    I fooled by seeing there fake LCA’s please anyone help.

  2. Nish

    Administrative Processing (221g) Blue slip:

    Hi Admin,
    Our H1B case is going long and long. Our I/V date was 2FEB2017 at Chennai and our case still shows Administrative processing. We actually came from US in Oct 2016 after spending 4 years in US on L1 for H1B stamping. Now we got stuck here in Chennai and no valid visa is available to us to fly.

    Interview Location: Chennai
    Interview Date : 2 FEB 2017
    Documents Retained: Passport not retained by VO and returned all supporting docs after two months
    Slip: Issued 221g (blue slip) by marking the “admin. processing” checkbox

    Can Admin throw some light here? Is it something because of small consultancy with 50 employees? My Petition is valid only until MAR 2018 and no premium processing option is available, Is it advisable to go for company transfer now?


  3. Natasha

    Miracle!! Can’t believe this .. My case got picked..I got my receipt notice today from my lawyer with receipt date of 06/14/2017.. had almost lost hopes this time.. Thank you all and wishing you a good luck!

  4. Jecky


    I got an email from my employer on nearly April end that my H1 has been picked. So, till how much time I should wait for the final status ?

    Can anyone have answer regarding my query?

    Your inputs are appreciated in advance.


    1. Natasha

      Can’t believe this .. My case got picked..I got my receipt notice from my lawyer with receipt date of 06/14/2017.. had almost lost hopes this time.. Thank you all and wishing you a good luck!

  5. Prabu

    Hi All,

    I have applied for H1B Visa from Speridan Bangalore. Till now i havent get any update. Is that means already been rejected in lottery or should i wait some more days to results come out?

    Appriciate your inputs.

    Thank you

  6. waiting...

    Is the lottery results out 100%? is there a chance still?

    My employer applied h1b visa for me this year. Our’s is a small company. Havent got the cheque encashed and havent received the rejection letter as well. is there any chance for me still?

  7. Jane


    My agency informed me just a few days ago that I did not get picked in the lottery, but as far as I know, they have not received a rejection notice yet. What are their possible bases/reasons on saying that I got rejected for a H1B visa? I am holding onto the slimmest hope but I also want to understand and accept a negative result for this year. Thanks.

    1. Ram

      The unselected petitions have started coming out and there are many who received their rejection letter. So rather than speculating, please ask your employer to share the rejection notice with you.

      1. np001

        Ram, if ‘not selected in lottery’ is also rejection, then is there a max number of allowed rejections? (i read in few comments below – ‘third and last attempt’, hence this question.)

        My case is that i applied in FY 2017, 2018 both years under masters quota. Last year i didnt get selected in lottery. This year as well i havent heard back anything yet, and my potential employer mentioned that the chance now is very slim (according to their attorney). The potential employer is a former client of mine and its just been dissapointing that both years under them i couldnt get the H1B.

        Would appreciate your/any knowledgeble person’s response.

        The only hope for me is that my current employer is applying cap-exempt. fingers crossed.


    Hey Guys,

    All thanks to God almighty!

    This was my third and final attempt. My lawyer shared a copy of my receipt notice today, 06/09/2017 an hour ago.

    Do not lose hope. Best of luck! 🙂

        1. Ram

          AD is advanced degree. You can apply in this category if you have a masters degree from Accredited university in US. If not you fall into Non-Advanced Degree(Non AD) category.

    1. Ashwin

      It’s July 7th and Infosys says there is no rejection or approval from USCIS.
      I’m not sure if I should still be having hope.

  9. Ramesh

    2 questions: 1) I have a MS from the US and I was doing MBA. Currently employed under OPT and employer had applied for H1B back in April. Would I have been eligible for Masters quota even though I had not finished my MBA back then?
    2) Since no one has heard back anything till now, I am assuming my case was not selected in lottery. I can apply again next year but my OPT will expire in May. I should be eligible for Cap-Gap but what happens if I do not get selected in lottery? Do I have to leave immediately?

    1. SM


      I have not received my lottery result yet while one of my colleague has already received it in early May.Is there still any hope left for me?

    2. anonymous

      If you are not selected, the normal grace period of your OPT applies so you just have to leave during the grade period.

  10. Ankit

    Friends, I need some advice for my Wife’s situation.

    While she was on her OPT (non STEM), Company has filled her H1b and there is no update yet, SEVIS has not been updated, her check is not yet cashed, neither her package is returned. Her school extended her I20 until 5/30 and said they wont be able to extend anymore. Now the problem is that her employee has already gave her last date as 5/30 if her receipt does not come by then, meaning she will loose her job. What happens if her receipt comes after that? is there a way it can be extended any further? Can she transfer her h1b to other employer in case she gets her receipt later considering she wont be employee anymore?

    Thank you for any inputs you can provide….

    1. Ram

      If none of the Employees in your company has got a result, its worth to wait. Otherwise, the chances are quite minimal.

  11. Your friend

    Hi Friends,
    We received receipt notice from USCIS. But, there is no update after that.

    Can you please help what are the next stages and steps for me to check for?

    1. Ram

      USCIS takes its own time to take a decision on each case. So we need to patiently wait and keep tracking our case online.
      To understand lifecycle of case please verify

    1. h1b_approval_waiting_2018

      I got H1 recipt through CTS on 27th April but approval notice has not come. whereas few of the collegues have already got Approval notice as Approved.

      1. Ruhani

        Thanks for the update Ram..I do have another query.

        Have you heard about anyone who did H4 to H1B COS and wasn’t lucky enough to get selected in lottery?

  12. Iris

    Hi, I just received the H1B receipt. But the company will be sold in early June. Now I found another company is willing to sponsor me H1B. My OPT ends this month. My question is, since I have a receipt, could this company B apply for cap-exempt for me?


        Mahi, could you please tell me the exact date of your receipt received. Because I am waiting for receipt. Pl reply

      1. Xyz

        Hi kumar, I got picked in H1B lottery in 3rd attempt and I have completed second masters too. A cap gap I 20 has generated from the school showing my status extended for sep 30 though I utilized my OPT EAD after first masters. I am i eligible for work authorization with current cap gap extension I 20? I have contacted attorney, DSO, USCIS but none has proper awnser. Will you please help me out.

          1. Xyz

            Thanks kumar! The link you have provided shows work authorization for OPT candidates and I am not eligible for OPT. I wanted to know, candidates who hold F1 status and working on CPT are also authorized to work?

          2. administrator

            Cap gap is only applicable to OPT F1 students waiting for H1B. If you are on CPT, I am assuming you are still a student on F1 and not graduated, then you can work until you graduate, provided all CPT rules are met and you are eligible for CPT. Check with DSO on the CPT and if you are eligible for it.

  13. Tcser

    My employer filed h1b for me…
    But I have no clue on the status
    Our Visa tracker doesn’t show any recipient number or petetion information
    Every time i follow up I will be asked to wait
    Can someone here make a guess on what could be happening and how long more i should be waiting ??

  14. GenuineHelpNeeded

    Is it possible to apply for GC while on F1 if the employer is ready to do so. I have been with the same employer since 2015. (I applied for H1 this time which is my last chance in Masters Cap). Anyone who can help by giving an answer will be appreciated. How soon does on get GC EAD?

    1. GC

      If you are from India, EB2 (which I am assuming is the category your case if filed under) will take at least 9 -10 years). China has a similar timeline (slightly better). If you are from any other country, you should get your GC in 1.5 – 2 years.

    2. H1-Process

      Any employer can initiate the green card (Permanent resident) process for anyone, it is not mandatory for the person to be in the US or even be employed for them. Even if you are in your home country our process can be initiated. This is technically, but I have ever heard any employer do this.!

  15. Eng Civil

    I have received the receipt number for the petition.

    I have a few questions:

    What is the next step? Is there any action to take from our side now or should we just wait ?

    How long will it take until we get the final answer?

    Our current visa classes are F1 (my wife) and F2 (me), In case i’m approved for visa class H1B, how long will it take to become effective and we no longer depend on classes F1 and F2 ?

    Thank you!

  16. Sam

    I have received the receipt number for the petition filed by my company on behalf of me. So as per this article does this mean it’s picked up in lottery and data entry is pending now?

        1. Rahul

          Your application is picked in lottery, those who receive receipt now is selected in lottery. Rejection will be informed at the end.

  17. H1b applicant


    My DSO told me that she thought I knew that my Sevis needs to be corrected and she cannot process my OPT STEM Extension. I am not sure what she meant by that. What can I assume from her reply? Please help

  18. Suraj

    My company has applied my petition at Vermont and I am a non-AD(Advance Degree) candidate. I haven’t received any update about the lottery. When can I expect to know the result?

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